The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1939
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 1939. Basketball SPORTORIALS +^ By JOHN H, WIIORIC, Sports Editor ^^ BERTHA LUECK MAKES 230 : DUCKF1N SCORE ; "Bowling in a match ngamst the formidable Lntrobc Paramount lassies, Bcitha Ljcck, captain of the local Varsity Girls team, scoied a sensational 236 in one of her games and recorded what is believed to be one of the highest marks c\ er turned in by a female bowler in this district," writes Louis P. Graham "Since Octobei, Miss Lueck has scoied 230 or better on three different occasions--231 and 232--and Monday night at the Mount Pleasant Recreation Center she led oft with eight straight stakes to pace her team to vjctory by bowling a 23G for one game. "The Varsity Girls boaat the most enviable record in this region and their manager, M. R. Santora, of the Recreation Center, issues a challenge to all girl teams m the Fay-West region. The club includes Maiy Fionck, Eleanoi Ramage, Betty Ramage, Bcitha Lueck, Cecilia Mondnlek, Gladys Albright, Atlanta Albught and Peg Miller. 1 " Editor's Note--Dear Lou H Miss Lueck has the time, we'd be glad to ha\ e her bov. I m our place on Tuesday nights in the City Industual League We expect to «in the second half title and won't mind a bit using a ringer or two). BITS HERE AND THERE Monte Straiten is senous about wanting to pitch for the White Sox this season dispite the loss of his light leg m a hunting accident in Texas. While he might be able to get away part of the time, the opposing clubs could do mahcm by "layin 'em down" around the pitcher because Monte couldn't expect any meicy when the season gets under way. He might come in handy for batting practice, however, if he insists on earning his keep . . We still believe theic's time to organize a city or district baskctbal' league. . March of Time radio piogram has settled with Jack Goffcy, Fordham's graduate manager of athletes for 51,200 and a letter of apology for depleting him as the "mug" in its dramatization of the introduction of the new yellow ball in college baseball last spring. . . Until defeated by Princeton last fall, Yale had never lost a football game to an opponent scouted by Greasy Ncale, formerly of Mountaineer fame, who now helps Ducky Pond. . . Paul Derringer, the Cincinnati twirler, Ins not hit a batsman in the past two years and has uncorked only one wild pitch Tommy Fair has been offered $25,000 guarantee to fight Len Harvey, English heavy king, in London Mny 12. Promoter Armand Vincent also of fried to pay the line of 53,750 which the British board of boxing control/ imposed on Fart when he refused to defend his empire crown which Harvey eventually acquit cd. A uniform ball to gi\e pitchers a better hold has been adopted by both the American and National leagues for 1939. . . Mule deer or Rocky Mountain "black tails" are also known as the "jumping deer" because of their stiff-legged bounding. . . England now has 1,000 amateur baseball teams on the field Jock. Sutherland, Pitt coach, says Len Eshmont of Fordham is better than Red Grange was in his first year at Illinois . . When a baby eel is a few inches long it is as flat- shaped as a piece of ribbon. . . Next to tne sage grouse, the dusky grouse or fool grouse of western mountain range is the largest bird of this genus m the United States . . Gene Tun- ncy says Joe Louis will rum himself eating too much fried chicken. That's a nice way to do it . . Canadian geese may be identified by their large size, jet-black head and neck and by the conspiuous white crescent encircling the throat. . . Sid Luckman, Columbia University's great football passer, lost 20 pounds during the grid season. He says Ken Suong was the most polished player he has ever seen. Ken is playing for the Giants. . . In their wild state, moose are practicularly fond ot the following browse Birch hemlock, alder, spruce, aspen, willow and maple trees and saplings TEN PER CENT OF HUNTERS IN PENNSYLVANIA Ten per cent of the hunters in the United States lives within the boundaries of Pennsylvania. "This means thit over a half million sportsmen spend pait of each ·ear in the woods and fields of the Keystone State," Dr. Logan J. Bennett, in charge of the cooperative vildMe rcseaich unit at Pennsjl- vama State College, declaied m a recent appearance thcic 'Many more thousands, including persons of all age, like to be out-of- doois to enjoy the wild creatuies vholly from an aesthetic \iewpoint. This interest in wildlife has brought ·ibout the necessity of learning moie ibout the environment and lequuc- nenti of the vaiious wild ipcues so hat M e may woik out better methods for their piescrvation, incieasc and use." It was foi these icasons the Pennsylvania Wildlife Research Unit was organized. It is financed equally jy the United States Bureau of the 3iological Suivej, the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the college. ' Wildlife management is a part of nd management," Dr. Bennett declared "In Pennsylvania about 40 per cent of the land is devoted to forests and the remainder to agriculture. In both forestry and agriculture we find game and non-game ,pccies of wildlife that arc of general interest and value. In all cases, these species arc a by-product of the land and their perpetuation depends upon wise land use " Parochiais Lose To Georges Quint Unable to score in the fust period Immaculate Conception High quintet managed to hold Georges Township to six points but the second quarter found the home team on a rampage to rally 16 points and then completing the rout of the Owls in second half to win 55-18. J. Andna and Barton featured the townshippers' attack, scoring 12 points each. Gcigcr and Scacchi lee the parochiab, accounting lor a tola: ol 11 points. The line-ups: Immaculate Con. G. F. Ptii. Orbm, i 1 0 Flynn. t 0 0 F. Porter, c 1 0 Sidow, g 0 0 Christopher, g 0 2 Scacchi, t 2 1 Hoyc, g _ 'I 0 Gcigci, g 2 2 Totals Georges Wilson, f Goode, f J. Andria, c -Barton, g . Scpic g Kotu.i, I 7 G 1 3 . 5 .- 4 5 19 F. Pis 1 "HEADACHES FOR MONEY" Ralph Guldahl won the National open golf championship at Denver last summer without knowing it. Illustrating how the intense thought involved in winning some matches can place the player in a trance, Guldahl confesses in an article, entitled "Headaches for Money" m a national magazine, that those pictuics taken of him right after he'd emerged the winner of the National Open in Colorado showed him with a blank face because "to tell the truth, I didn't realize I'd won the thing." 'A crowd rushed around me thT instant after I'd holed out. I had the nutty idea that there was a big fight or a fire or some kind of a panic going on. I kept asking for my wife," Ralph penned. "I don't let her follow me when I'm playing golf. I'm apt to get thinking about her, then, and it takes my mind off the shots. "Some people got her through the crowd. She kissed me while a bunch of pictures were being taken. I was punch diunk from keeping my mine all set on my golf. But with all that picture taking I came out of the fog iar enough to ask her who'd won She told me later that I must have asked her a dozen times 'Who won? She finally told me to snap out of it and must have said it like I was just a husband instead of a golf champion because I did get myself together and it da\vncd on me that I was 'in'; 'in* as the winner of my second National Open title and, all in, physical!} " Aiverton Loses To Ligonier Five East Huntingdon Township High suffered its second reversal in Section 13 last night at the Alvcrton gymn when Ligomcr, paced by its ace forward, Donato, tallied 15 times from the field to win by a 30-16 score. , Donato personally accounted for enough points to decide the battle hitting the cords for 10 doubledeck- ers. Johnston, another forward, .me Ramsey, center, were the only other members ot the visiting aggregation to get in the scoring columns despite the fact that Ligomcr used 11 players in the game. Petro and Clausnei topped the Al- vcrton point-getters with five points each. The line-ups: East Huntingdon G F Vis Novotney, f 0 1 Clausner, t 2 i Bales, c ., 1 1 Ottenbcrg, g 1 o Pytlak, g 0 0 Petro, c 2 1 Totals - . 6 4 16 Non-scoring substitutes -- Thorn and Precosky. Llconicr G P ] Donato, £ . 10 0 21 Johnston, f 3 o Ramsey, c 2 - 0 Kozar, g o 0 0 Snydcr, 5 o 0 I Totals ... 15 0 30 Non-scoring substitutes -- Wu- china, Burns, Hass, Hunter, Mclvilli and Hantz. Scoring by quarters Alvcrton 0 5 1 4--16 Ligomcr .. 12 6 1 0 2--30 Referee--West Guernsey Sold to Pearl. SMITHTON, Jan. 7--A registered Guernsey cow has i ecently been sole by M S. Crise to I W. Pearl of Con- nellsviUe, Pa. This animal is Master Bloom's Rosebud 430863 according to the American Guernsey Cattle Club Peterborough, N H Radvanskp, f ,, Verbus, g E Andna, g 1 0 0 0 13 55 Totals . 21 Scoring by quarters: Immaculate C o n 0 6 8 5--13 Georges 6 16 22 11--55 Bcfciee--Zoietic. CONNELLSVILLE BOWS TO JOHNSTOWN Football : LOOD CITY MAKING BIDS FOR HONORS Cokers Put Up Good But Futile Fight in Second League Game. NORWIN HERE NEXT TUESDAY CannclKvillc High School basketball quintet p ajed one of its best ;ames of the cm rent season last night at Johnston n and extended the Flood Citj team to the limit ihiough toui qoailcis of play before losing 27-.JO enabling the Johnnies to take command of the Section 9 race The CoKcis aftei a slow stall in the Hist quatcr in which the home club established a six-point lead began to sink their shots from the Held in the second period and cut ihc margin to four points at half time. Ellsworth, Johnstown forward, \vas the only pliycr who consistently penetrated the Cokcr defense and his accmntc ihootmg decided the battle Furtncj, McCoy and Reed did the bulk of the Orange and Black scoring, totaling 10 points i The Doldomen presented a clever passing attach and m this depitrtment of tile game at least surpassed ^thcir larger opponents Next Tuesday finds the Cokrrs back on their home court with Norwin High who lost to Greensburg last night as their opponents The line-ups' Conncllsi Illc G F Evans, f 0 0 Reed, f 0 0 Soisson, c ~_ 2 1 LC\MS, g -- 0 1 McCoy, f. 1 3 Furtncy, g 3 0 Glass, f 0 1 Jones, f _ i o Pts. 0 0 5 1 5 6 1 2 Total-! Johnston n Ellswoith, f .. Weaver, f Gates, c -Bolt?, K Longacrc, JJ Fitzpatnck, g Rizra, f Horncr, g G _ 5 1 1 _ 0 0 _ 1 ._ 0 . 2 6 20 F Pis. 7 27 Totals _ 10 Scoring by Quarters' Connellsville 3 9 1 7--20 Johnstoun , 9 7 3 8--27 Referee--Kennedy Caseys Defeated In Overtime Fray In one of the most exciting games ever to be played at State Armory the Casey basketball quintet went down to defeat before the strong West Virginia Collegiate All-Stars 45-42 m a struggle which required two e\tra periods The contest was fast and the large cioud were treated to thrill after thrill. Eddie Spotovich, former Pitt star, led the field in scoring with 17 points, while D'Orazio, dimumti\c forward of the Mountaineers, was next with 14. The visttois gave an exhibition of ball handling that has seldom been seen here Their passing attack included passes behind their back and between their legs that sent the ball true to a teammate and enabled them to get a player unguarded for a shot at the basket The score at the end of the icgula- t'on game was tied at 36-36 This was made possible through the accurate foul shooting ability of Spoto- vich who stepped to the free line with the home club one point behind and sank the toss in the closing seconds of the contest. Eddie had tallied a field goal when fouled but the officials refused ' count it ruling that the uhistli? for the foul had bloun before the ball %vas shot Tile line-ups' Cascys Schrum, t . W Miller, f F. Miller, c Jones, g Blasey, g . ._ Cartwnght, f Spotovich, f -Huff, g Hasson, t . Totals . West Virginia. Colcbank, f D'Orazio, f Sowers, c Marcus, g . Meranda, g G. 6 42 F. rts. 3 13 0 14 Totals , _ 19 Scoring by quarters- Caseys ... . 6 8 13 9 4 W Va 12 4 10 10 4 Referees--D. George and Logan. 0 4 3 13 1 1 7 45 2--42 5--45 Wl'A Rolls Show Decline. WASHINGTON, Jan 7--Colonel F C Hauington, recently appointed WPA administiatm, icported that during the week ended December 24 the number of WPA relief woikers declined m all states except Kansas, Mississippi and Montana. On December 25, WPA \\oikcis numbeied 3,112,3^2, 01 62,711 less thaix the picvious week -May- 1938 SPORTS PARADE -By JACK SORDS- TOOM BftsMEy EOSJ y^. "ISLA«PciTy,M.Y KVNC ItATUttS SYNOICATC. It -Star Revue Coming In an effort to raise funds to pay for ti ansportation of a band to lead F. cttc and Westmoreland county marchers m the parade at the mauguial of Governor-elect Arthur H James Jnnuaiy 17 .it Harrisburg, Billy Bishop is bringing to Connellsville Thursday mg'it Paul Gannon's KDKA Revue, an nil-professional stage show. The show will be held at the Or- phcum Theatre and start at 815 o'clock. Supported by in all-star cast, in- c'uding the Car family--Kay, Goldic, Maude, May, Algo, Dorothy and Helen--Pennsjlvam.i's Bobby Brcen, Eddie Holiat?, Billy Mang, Roy Lee, Ardcn Cavctt, Jimmy Berry and the Scottdale Wins Over Jeannette Seottdale High cageis e\ened then standing in Section 9 last night v, hen they defeated Jeannette at that place by o 42-35 score. The Mill Towncis jumped into a big lead at the start and were never headed. Ross with 15 and Hams with 10 points led the victois' attack but Tragcsser of Jeannette was high scorer for the evening, accounting for 16 matkeis The line-ups. Scotldalc G. Zearley, i 3 Ross, f G Akeis, c » -- . 3 Harris, g 3 J Randolph, g _ 1 Province, e 0 boy and girl wonders, Dorothy and Antlionj, the show promises to be one of the best ever staged here In addition to the stais mentioned above I'ttle 13-yu-old Dorothy Gono who sang for Eddie Cantor will render three selections entitled "A Heart Tint's Fiec,' "The Italian Street Son;,' and "My Own " Billj Bishop is secretive about a "surpnsc act" in store for those who attend but he promises it will be good and urges all who enjoy a really good, inte.estmg show to turn out and accomplish two things at one time--have an c\enmg of fun anc cnjojmcnt and help scrd a marching band to Harrisburg to represent Con-; nellsville F. Pis. 0 6 3 15 Totals ,, . Jeanne tic Tiagcssei, t Lander, f _ Hohn, c Sterner, g -Ryan, g Baughman, g -.16 10 42 G. 7 3 1 ._ 3 .. 0 __ 1 r. Pts. Totals 15 Scoring by quarters: Scottdale - - - .18 11 5 8--42 Jeannette _ 8 7 12 8--35 Referee--Anderson. Overholt Swamps Large Passers Overholt basketball quintet opened its 193D sc-son with a one-sided victory over the Large ilve last night at the- Scottdale gym. The score was 61-23. l"rom the beginning Oveiholt prcvcd its superiouty, jumping into an eaily lead which was steadily in- cieased The line-ups OvcrhoH G. Joe Tulley, f , Rmgler, f Brooks, f Sagci, f Foltz, c . . Rushton, c Pa'racca c McCoimick, g Collins, g Hart, g . . Bayha, f Totals Non-scoring Ms 15 2 3 24 13 bl substitutes--Sproat, Hurst Noses Out Mount Pleasant In League Tilt A foul goal scored just before the final gun ended the contest was the margin of Hurst's victory over its close rival, Mount Pleasant High School, in a Section 13 game playec at the Huist gym The Bobcats held a tour point leac until the last few minutes 'of play when Jagoda and Vikertosky sank Held goals in quick succession to tie the score at 23-J3. Pushkar was fouled with only seconds left to p'lay and he stepped to the penalty line to toss in the winning point The line-ups Hurst ' G. Jagoda, f, 'L Sibel, f 0 Hogan, c . 1 Vikertosky, g 4 Rutkosky, g 2 Pushcar, g 1 F. Pis 1 0 0 1 1 1 Tot ils Mt. Plcasint Rudnik, f Lcntz, f . . Keller, c Czechi, g ... Ccrnuto, g ... 10 F. Pts 11 23 Totals , . 8 Scoring b quarters- Huist _ 4 4 10 0--24 Mt Pleasant 4 11 4 4--23 Referee--Barbei o. Howitzers Soon Will Have New Overcoats Members of the Howitzer Company will soon be issued the new stjle ovci coats, the same as worn by the regular Army. Among othci item 1 ! of equipment being repaired or replaced for the local guardsmen are the gas masks used by tho organization for drill purposes. Jim Tulley. Large Lc-uifsk), f Toth, g RigS's. f Chortos, f, Choiios c Atkinson f Totals G. _ 3 . 0 5 , _ 0 0 1 F. Pts 1 o 1 0 1 0 Non-stoi ing Julian, Choitos Referee--Gordon 9 5 23 iiibstttules--Matich Dunbar High Upsets Belle Vernon Cagers For Initial Victory W. P. I. A. L. CAGE SUMMARIES w. r. i. A. L. Section Four. Yesterday's Results. Monongahela 27, California 24. Monessen 40; Brownsville 14. Standing of the Clubs. Charleroi VIonesscn Monon jahela 3rownsville Donora California Games Tuesday. Donora at Monessen. California at Charleroi. Section Nine. Yesterday's Results. bcottdalc 42, Jcannettc 35. Greensburg 30; Norwm 20. Johnstown 27; Connellsville 20. Standlns of the Clubs. Johnstown . recnsburg Jeannette Norwin -Scottdale Lntrobe Connellsville W. 2 ...1 Pel. 1.000 1000 500 .500 .500 .000 .000 Games Tuesday. Johnstown at Jeannette. Norwin at Connellsville. Latrobe at Greensburg. Section 13. Last Night's Results. Huist 24, Mt. Pleasant 23. Derry Boro 25, Youngwood 22. Ligomei 30, East Huntingdon 16. -eisennng T u r n s on Heat to Score First Win In Section 17: ATHERMINIE GYM TUESDAY Dunbai Township High School basketball team turned on the heat to chalk up its first triumph in Section 17, W. P. I. A L , last night at Jie Leisenring gym defeating Belle Vernon cagers by a lop-sided score of 62-13. The visitors started the scoring and were in front 5-0 before the home club found the langc but once they got their offense going the township- pers soon snowed under their opponents who were held scoreless until the third period. Pavlosky, Herchko and Hcrtznell led the Dunbar attack scoring a total of 39 points. The easy victory enabled Coachi Bruce M. Shearer to use two full teams in the fray and all tallied one or more points except Goodman Next Tuesday the Mules play Sewickley at that place in its third league battle. The line-ups: Dunbar Tnp. G. F. Pis. Herchko, f 6 0 12 Pavlosky, 1 7 3 17 Hertznell, e 4 2 10 Husband, s 3 Kontra, g 3 Sepcsi, f 1 Romanko, c 1 Gmiter, g 0 Uhazi, g 2 Standing of the Clubs. W. Ligomcr . ,, 9. Derry Borough 2 Hurst _ 1 Youngwood . 1 Derry Township 0 Mt Pleasant 0 East Huntingdon -- 0 L. 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 Pet. 1000 1.000 1000 .500 .000 .000 .000 Games Tucsda, Youngwood at Ligomer, Hurst at Derry. East Huntingdon at Derry Twp, Section 15. Yesterdai's Results. Redstone 44; Bcntleyville 28. Ellsworth 36, East Bethlehem 35. Standing: of ihc Clubs. W. L. Pet. Redstone _ 2 0 1000 North Belle Vernon _1 0 1.000 German 1 0 1.000 BentleyviUe 1 1 .500 Ellsworth 1 1 .500 East Bethlehem 0 1 .000 Centervillc 0 1 .000 East Pike Run 0 2 .000 Games Monday. BentleyviUe at N. Belle Vernon. Centcjville at East Pake Run. East Bethlehem at German. Section 17. Yesterday's Results. __Perryopolils 37; Fayette City 30. " Rostraver 31; South Huntingdon 15 West Newton 37; Sewickley 29. Dunbar 62; Belle Vernon 13. Standing; of the Clubs. Rostraver ·__. 2 West Newton 2 Fayette City 1 Perryopohs , 1 Dunbar ! 1 South Huntingdon 1 Belie Vernon 0 W. L. Pet. Sewickley 1.000 1.000 .500 .500 .500 .500 000 0 2 000 Games Tuesday.. Fayette City at South Huntingdon. Rostraver at West Newton. Belle Veinon at Perryopohs. Dunbar at Se.vickley. FAYETTE-GREENE LEAGUE Yesterday's Results. South Union 31; Mapletown 22. Georges 55; Immaculate Conception 19. Point Marion 47; North Union ?6 Standing of the Clubs. Geoiges Point Mai ion South Union North Union Immaculate Con. Maplelown Games Tuesday. Sfiuth "Union at Georges. Stir Granted Divorce. CHICAGO, Jan. 7.--Mis Constance 'ialmadge Nctchci, foimer star ot the silent screen, was granted an uncontcstcd divorce from Townsend Nelchcr, wealthy Chlcagoan, in a 10-mmutc hearing. She alleged desertion Totals 27 8 62 Non-scoring substitute--Goodman. Belle Vernon Tesi, f Grant, f Ferguson, c _ McNeil, g __ Greco, g Oliver, f . G. 2 . 0 . 2 . 0 . 0 . 1 F. Pts. 0 4 0 0 Totals 5 3 13 Non-scoring substitutes -- Basilc, O'Lcary and Dawson Scoring by quarters- Belle Vcmon 5 0 5 3--13 Dunbar Twp. 12 15 15 20--62 Referee--John. Perry Winner In Section 17 Perry Township made a great comeback in the second hall to turn back Fayette City 37-30 last night at that place and win its first league battle ot the 1939 season. Trailing 17-12 at the intermission, Coach Hist Stimmel's lads spurted in the third period to knot the score at 24-24 and then continued their spectacular playing in the final frame to gam the victory. The line-ups. Perryopolls G F Pts. Buttcrmore, £ TM« 3 1 7 Wilkic, t 8 1 17 Halvonik, c 1 0 2 Marshall, g 0 0 0 Statzuia, g 2 1 5 Frency, i 1 4 6 Totals 15 7 37 Fayctle City G F Pts. Johnson, I 2 1 5 Ridgoway, t 4 i 9 Russell, c 3 1 7 Butler, g ,, 1 2 4 Henry, g 2 1 5 Totals .. _ ._ 12 6 30 Scoring by quarters' Perryopolis . . 9 3 12 13--37 Fayttte City . _ 6 Jl 7 6--30 "Re fcrec--Dicfcson. Including Gastritis. Gastric Ulcers, dropped and eroded Stomach* Piles, itchinir. blecdlns:, fistulas, tlssurcs, rectal ulcers treated without operation or loss of time. Lumbago, Sciatica. Liver. Gall Bladder. JHsh or Low Blood Pressure, Kidney. Carbuncles. Bolls, Blood or Chronic DU- eaws carefully diagnosed and Treated. We Never Guess, We Must Know Before We Treat You Nurses for Ladles. A reputable practice of 35 years «ur guarantee. Come to the original, most modem Institution in Pittsburgh giving regular (S examination. Including Blood Pressure. Uranalysis. Diagnosis and tfUJOROSCOPIC X-Roy Examination hjslciunv Surgeon 1XSTITUTB Licensed Service at Penn A\e. rjjcw Theltre BWf. Pittsburgh. p. Entrance on Penn Av*. Dally, 10 to S Holiday;, and Sundays 10 to :. If \ou Can't Comt In Now s»\e Tlilj A*.

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