The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 12, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1918
Page 6
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'--fe-- FRIDAY, '" 191 S;V 0NSLSPENT , ON COAL AND COKE PROPER11ESIN1917 Subsidiaries of the United States Steel Corporation - for ImproTemcnts. ILOWER CONNEUSV111E pHaats Adapted to Shipping Coal ~iJ ($·' XiTer'to the 'ew IST-Frodoct OTCBS !|: at" Clalrtom;" luge PareliMts of ||; Coal Land made D«rii5 .*« Tear. interest of men in the Connells- region in the annual report, of United States Steel 'Corporation li«3.-cb,iefly.. in the data furnished in ^relerence to .the mining and.- cote making activities o£ this great;it;ter- SSjest That of largest importancij is fegiien In brief: as.'lollpirs:, ,. ~. .'.;';".' $V_ Durins tie year tiere -was expendr. ]j?ii4L: : ''tat .maintenance.-' renewals ^and ^extraordinary replacements ; " on .the jjgcoil and- coke properties $7,3-11,623. an ^increase or $1,862,269 over. 1916;., Ot §{hj». ja,63i,711 was sjent:-in enlarging pwi,Improving the mining-ana" «fclP? %tfit·. facilities at -Palmer; "Dilwbrth;. jj|M*iweu£'. Bales, Laanberti^E^nl^artf,- 'Sl*ieltronei';" Roncp- "·.atid-.^JBrSJgepbrt Smrnes. '.These addttfons-aritior' the :ol Increasing' the output ot Scoii '^that ;will be required * by Uie ftCniirtOB...liir-]'roduct coke piant · -The fetotil'capltal expenditure-- on-the ; co*l: 4azd coke properties were Jl7,131,042,- , .·::· : ' . - . fliancial transactions relating ytdvthe mining! .companies .embraced ?th« retirement of ?Sl : ,(XJa of first mort- |g*C* bona'i of r the H. C. Frict Coke ;?589,00( Pitts-burgh-Monpn- |gajkel:i first lien purchase mpnej amqrtJEase J»nds, and $37,000 of CoTttlr; ln«nt«l Coie company purchase numey. Bmortsage bonds, OT a. total retirement lpf-H."C,$ Flick Coke company 1 fbl; $507,000. In addition $70,000 ot Bojstett.eji6nnellsvnie Coke comimnr ;..ii6iftgage and $30,000 ot Sharon |Coke company first mortgage bonds land JSS.ijW plponntnsviUe Monon- ahela tlaiiway:. company first mort- age boa'di were retired. Among-the bonds issned, 'sold and assumed by ^subsidiary companies 'during tie year, fewer* 417,673,000 SOT the Pittsburgn- JlMcraonsaheli coal purchase. !ff/' : Tbere"~were 31,496,823 tons ot coal ijmlned dnring the year,-ot which 24,- §554,525 tons were used in making coke g(ia»d 6,942,298 tons were for steam, $|sas and'-'bther'purposes. This was a jtflecrease of"1,271.558'tons, or 3.9 per jjeeirt., from the tonnage figures in %1916. ?The - coke manufactured ^amounted to^ 17,461,675 tons, as com- ipsied with 18,901,926 tons in the pre- fjvioiis year. Of the coke production n477^4f tons were made! in ,beeliiv Ebrens and 6,284,428 tons in bT-product goVens. as compared with 12,479,160 £awt 6,422,802 'tons respectiTely -In Sl9J6. ^.t the close of the year the l, colce^an'd other fuel on hand had inventory valne of $6,768,898 ts at-the closn The northern coal and coke property, owned" and leased,' . consists' of 1:321,128 acres of coking'coil, 100,987 ir«cres of steam coal, 77,281 acres ot § surface; '6i1«ehivie:~c6ke-plants;: 21,- S1ZF be»ht»*. :erens,; 2,430 fby-prodnct , and.31, coal plants, not corj- _ l.jrith .coke .plants. .. £l;The southern coal and coke jvroper- Ety consists of 187,737 acres of mineral Slnfti;ests '-*rid, ! surface; ?146;W6 acres -Siimraf interests only;!tia-az.807 'aewe of tnrtace only,* lo- ''aiUd · on.;develojed sections/; of;'- jthe ibero property nine coal mining lpl*nis, comprising 21 operating mines. co*f w'ialrtBg: plants 1 »nd' i*rtS ; cokrn g nlants, tie" latter; compriiinr ·« total B«eliive.cp]MpoY.ens;t;.! ,v-:« 5 The employes of the coal 'and ,coke ies^ot the corporation ..nuin- ^on'_L. December^ 3]ri 1917i"as 25343 1 in 1 1918." f ' ! ; ' :; The n«nr by-jrcxlnct coke plants un- 'dor construction'IneluileTthat-'of the [Clajonon By-Product Coke -cpmpany. at "'"S, Jj4h5vens, with.'a'Jbenitjl.'re- TM..., pbmt-'upon' wMch"'iT,9'fi l ,22?r.- 38 ? *as ebipendeVJ -"during' the" year,' not [epUEtvng j4T7,S4i;4i spent on^tte"con- :st*u-3tlott-oi- a^pipe. line - for. conveying- oren gas from Clairton to Homestead, E*«:lii.ThompJOn:"an'd Duquesne'i stre! [works. On account of the construe- ition of the Clairton branch of -the tMonongahela Southern railroad from ^·^cbnWefiori'af 'ftin"nrjr io ihir'new" Irbren plant atrGlairton;'tte sum of ' : '*"5,4pl.was J expended^ ;_ ,;5W; j£etadSftloa-,o'fil4i 1 ov«nS;.to"''ihe --, ^iH^'feftt^jf$ as OJIHA. Lruni na'uiral gas ~yna a ; iiew in"whi'cu "?S8Sl7.02 was rapendad. d,j Al£," there is'located oiie ' coiejppiant' consisting of ovens, also a benzol recorery :pjajit, operated in conjunction with |t6e Ensley-blast furnace.- .J.The "northern by-prodnct plants of :.the corporation, built and building, all Jpteited at .blast furnace plants', now idujnber eight and-'' comprise 2,130' as fpllqws:' JTarrell, Pa.-j.2t2;' iiwood, TfUyaoj 120; Clairton,-610: iorain. 0..-.20S: Cleveland ISO:'Joilet; 10; Gary.; 700 -and Duluth, Minn., 90 =; : Iuring thft^ year there were pur- ^--pd by -snoWfdiary companies 57,- aores .yeti .area "93,784 acres .of jklng coaiyrnqhiaing; 48.884 acre? pi jgyface. loqatsij. (n.-Lo^n and-Jitingo L ':ihties, \V: ';"Va.; '·'ajbft* Letcher and rlan counties. Jftr.'. '.This. coal i;-. of :;de-and' iiualttyy.piirticularly well ,_)pted fps^ripixtiLredcitli "Pocahontas nil Illinois';.coals for^ui.In -by-pro- uct. coke-:plaDfcs.-cf'^;tl!fe^..5ubs!d!ary p'npartSesflii^jhi'-'icfoferri Ohio. Chi-' and MJjttlKtljstricts. Work is · vigoiloiBfj 1 .ijusired in the'.devel- tptaent of^Uj'e^ Keniiicky prpperttes'." panty t Pi. in additional 2,07S";a;res t -. steam ^c.o5t.__.,pne'"hnndred and rejve acres of'coking coal.-and'3,923 res of surface.and DAVIDSON'S The Store Ahead. ; Highest Quality.! -,_ . . Lowest Prices. "'" Qrir. neVjpian-of'doing business has been in: 6pera; ; tion for 30 days, and we are very, much pleased with the. results, and our patronsjniore than satisfied, for they, see that by bnying on a "Cash'basis; ; and paying for the service that'they may -want; that-they-can-and do save money. . 'Give our plan a 30 day tnal and we know you. will not go back to the old-way of Free Delivery and High Prices. We Will Save You 15 to 20 Per Cent. 25 Ibs. White Satin Slbhrjp.15 10 Ib.'saok Corn Meal -, tSe: Fancy Head Rice, per lb:; ^.-·lie- Extra Choice Rio Coffee,; l.b. 18e : Extra Choice Santos, Soflee, Ih. 20c Fancy Haby Blend Coffee,' !b."S3c Pure Cocoa, (loose): lb..' -. 22c- Vanilla or- Lemon Birtract, ; - ·--" - bottle. -- 10c ' Jell-O,' ail flaTo««,:pcks.--' ^Sc Jiffy Jell, all flarors, pckg. _ llo Large, cans. Tomatoes lie Small cans Tomatoes '!_ ' J3e Alice^Baked Beans, large can. l»c Durkee Salad Dressing, boL'25c . Large bottle Catsup 1 15c Quart Jar Mustard' --'T-»SJ.J ' Large Tumbler Mustard _£ JoVfc Large can. 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Green Stomps With All Purchase^. quired "iii""the" Conhellsvini region. '.-In-abMitlon" to"-tile 'alterations' and improvements at" mines which will be set aside'fo'r.'the production' : of: coal- tor the Clairton by-product'plant, betterments; :were made 'in the Cprmells- vjlle region as follows: equipment installed for operating, the mine.' ! Coke · drawing- machines were installed at Redstone, Continental Jfol 2, Colonial No. 1, Leisenring Nos. 1 and 3 mines, also hand drawn ovens were, changed-.-to ; permit....machine, Continental-"No. 2, Lerhont, ungstown; Colanial -No.' 1 and Leis- ^ing.,Np. 3,,rni'nes. A new air.and escapeiway shaft, is.being "constructed at Lamoert mine and ven(jiiiting:fans in^talle'd'at Coloniai^Nos.':! and 4. An electric pumping'.sfa'fion for" Colonial No.. 3 mine and pumping equipment for Dorothy, Collier and HecJa No. 3 mines are-- being installed. Three boarding houses. 129 tenements- and 47. cottages ..costing $239,566.45 were constructed at' various works, 584 standard 7 gauge steel hopper cars, 602 steel:7and- '678, wood mine cars were purchased,.:'-jThe sum of $171,365.05 wag'.eicpen'dgd for 71 mining machines, and"-: insij'iaify facilities. Tliere · was completed a't'Sygan, Pa., a new shift at. mine: Ko.-2 -and electric equipment' for.-the'pperjatipn-of these mines.; in' the'rPocah'ontas -field, Vest: Virginia, 'Uie : -lrnproyemeat. and- additions Incjuded: i th? : ,:foll6.wing: 130 tenements and, additions foir the welfare of eoiplpy'es,''. $242^519.]60";'. equipping Mo. S e w^c|rJ^f:'-.tri:j';uce coal for/the byproduct, cokei-plan'ts at'CIevelaid and Lorain, 510^,144,35 REAL SERVICE .. . -. .Eor,, 42 . years ' . this . .. bank . has /-endeavored -to-make its service of - rital yaiue to its. patrons. · : . . 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