The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 45
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 45

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 45
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Page 45 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1964 lima.... WUWIVIM Glazed Qnions, Savory Pork By N0RAH1 CHFRBV t..tJt, S? ove,n--oasUil pork butt roast Is the if 018 T111 cou 'or thU weekend. Serve U with horseradish sauce, glazed onions and yellow beans. Lettuce wedges with chutney dressing forms the crisp note. Fruits In season drenched In chilled glngerale are a refreshing dessert. WEEKEND MENU ; . I Chilled Fruit Julte bine with barbecue sauce and Ovta Roasted Park Butt Roast' water. Pour over meat. Ad-' New Potatoes Jut cover. Roast V, hours. Defatted Gravy Horseradish Sauce Crisp Gland Onion Rings Wai Beast V Peraae Lettuce Wedge with Chutney Dressing Frult Cup , . Cerfee . The pork butt roast cooked until well done. It I made savory with onion, herbs and drenching of barbecue sauce diluted with water. ThU roast U equally goad hot or cold. When served hot, take the fat off the gravy by skimming with ice cube In I cloth, then , reheat to serving tempera-' ture. This gravy Is splendid with new- potatoes cooked In their jackets. ' OVEN ROASTED PORK BUTT ROAST I Jb. perk butt rst I cup finely chapped anion K teaspoon marjoram teaspoon thyme cup barbocaj sauce 4 cup water Preheat oven to 3SS degrees. -Wipe roast with damp cloth: place in heavy Dutch oven roaster. Sprinkle with onion, marjoram and thyme. Com- Gives a hot dog status Crests Soli is s desieiooaly mtm try res' bote we nude treat Frsadi I greoss ro is Sisters, , KSp TAJ3LE WTNK tOIUM DPty lfi'mt If Shop Friday 12.30 to 9 - other days-' 9 a.m. ro 6 p.m. 1 or until meat tender. Remove meat to hot platter. Strain liquid; remove fat. Reheat to serving temperature. Serve meat with hot gravy and chilled horseradish sauce. Yield: six servings hot and enough for cold service second day. HORSERADISH SAUCE I cup thick canned applesauce ' .,' I teaspoon lemon Juice - Jt tablespoons grated ' , , Dash of pepper ,,H cup dairy sour eream ,, Combine applesauce, lemon Juice and horseradish. Stir In pepper and dairy sour cream. Yield: 1 cups sauce or 1 " servings. Note: keep sauce chilled until serving time. CRISP GLAZED ONION RINGS t Spanish anions H cup batter -; ' ? ' W cup' brows sugar ' Par and slic onions Into ' W inch slices. Melt butter In heavy skillet. Arrange onion' slices; sprinkle with half the brown sugar. Cover skillet. , . Cook over low heat 10 min- ' utes. Turn onions; sprinkle with remaining sugar. Cover, cook five minutes. Remove cover:' turn:, cook five minutes longer. Turn; cook five minutes longer. Yield: , six-generous servings. ; VAX BEANS 'IT PECANS IV4 Rw. yellow beans 83 mortgage ; If yon hiya a largo equity in your borne, yoo can jntkt good use of that inactive money, Here is the t ecoioinicil," eonveiHM way " to go about . .V. -t Combined ; awrtgigt fee 2 ' of , the anmuat bonowetfl . .v , j-....' . Far ftmfUH expistning full cWaQ. write or telephooa the Royal Trust or Niagara mortgage office to jour tocality. . , ' tOTAT1rUST ' wskwha-m-uii ... trnueiNED.v v. mOKTvJAQC plan ' . ..w. iwrt-firs. NUOABA at L1MI1 ' trin iswfiiUi at--ns- NUUA MALTY -'.'-" 1 snooooi.-jssois ..z. w : . 1V4 cup boiling water I laaspoonful salt ' 1 lablospooM butter . , Dash at pepper , H cup toasted pecan halves Top and tail beans. Wash and pat dry. Cut In thin lengthwise strips. Bring bollf ing water and 4 teaspoon salt to brisk boil; add heaps. Cover. . . -.. . . J Cook over low heat 11 to II minutes or until Just tender crispDram. Add butter, 14 teaspoon salt, pepper and toasted pecans. Toss lightly. Reheat one minute. Yield: six servings. CHUTNEY DRESSING Vi toospooa salt ' tt teaspeeo) pepper Vi teaspoon sugar . H teaspoon dry mustard H teaspoon paprika Vi cup salad oil I tablespooa minced green X tablespoons fresh Urn , - Julca ,, . ., 2 tablespoons temate or plum chutney I tablespoon minced ' parsley In small Jar, place Ingredients In order listed. Cover Jar. Shake until well blended. Chill for several hours: Shake again. Spoon over lettuce wedges. Yield: eight servings. FRUIT CUP ""i v 1 cup green seedless grapes 1 cop sliced peaches 1 cup diced fresh pears 1 4 cup fresh raspberries cup king sugar I IW at. bottle glngerale, chilled ' .';-,.':V . . Combine fruit In bowl; sprinkle with king sugar. At .serving time ladle into sherbet glasses. Cover with chilled glngerale. Yield: tight servings. Learn to Relax There art many very clever saboteurs waiting to rob woman of1 'their good Hooks and verve. Some of- these art hurry, tension, t poorly : balanced meals eaten hurriedly, lack of, exercise, too . Ilttlo sleep; inadequate cart of the skin and hair because of rush .and wotrf." r ,. ' You 'do not notice what these undermlner art doing to you, day by day. Instead, all of a sudden, -you may roallte that you have new wrinkles, tht you Jump1 when ; the telephone rings, pat you art not a gay as you were,, that your hair looks dull and . that you art tired much of the timt. ' , , Don't, let them slip lip on you. Do yo get two glasses of milk (skim or powdered fat fret milk if you have a weight or cholesterol problem), fresh vegetables , and fruits, meat and seafood, whole grain products and eggs and cheese In your diet? . Do you exercise regularly? Have you beta giving your akin adequate care? Do you get seven to tight hours sleep usually? v.-'.; Most important, havt you learned how to relax? Havt you learned to slough off or Need cash for .,' .-'v hometoptovementsr fl.M'ronsounu-. rXfet an adjust to problems you cannot solve? Have you learned to take yourself lest seriously? Do you havt any real fun? . Artificial aids can promote a restful atmosphere which Is - conducive to relaxation. There is something very relaxing about water. If you cannot ' float on a rivtr or listen to a babbling brook explore the possibilities of your bath. By all meant use tnt of the per- ' fumed oils or bath salts and be leisurely. ' Keep the sprinkler going by the porch. Keep - your akin freshener In ths icebox. Rest with Ice-cold cotton pads oa your eyelids. Don't hurry.: t Don't worry if you can help it The old world will rock along. Birthday Club AUGUST M Robert Brydges, tgt I Kim McNeely. tgt 4 Michael McNeely, age I . rat Journal, ttrthdot Miliar, Ottawa, OnL : PIm enroll mt ta rat Journal Btrthdag CM. t mm oa . .. peart oid PLEASE PRINT NAME ru. 'Nwi tiimo BUMe ' wtrr not bo sMSDOMtttaiir sorrltt iro Mr bv mm ThM XII ko ovrted oolr wbon okiMrta II ant rounM.I SHOP AT , tlRESGE'S For Better Values ntlDUOST. - ' WBTCATE SH0PPIK6 (BUM ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL .45 1 r , i ; ; - a t ft ' CAMPUS WEAR AFTER-HOURS Over "coffee cups In girls' dormitories, campus queens talk into the night wearing pajamas and aleepcoat&Jn old-fashioned comfort This matching set-for the modern miss was designed in cosy, brushed . Terylent tricot, requires no Ironing and can be washed by hand by the girls responsible for their own laundry. . NAME ORIGIN words which art "art" mean- PHOENIX Arizona's state ing smaltrmnd "sonac" mean- name comes from two Indian Ing spring. ' dV I REQUESTS QUEEN'S HELP I -SANTIAGO. Chile CAP) Chile sent a diplomatic note to , Argentina Monday night and re- j quted that Queen Elisabeth j act as an arbiter in a frontier, dispute. The two countries have 1 been argu ng about M.000 acres' dealt with a Wl treaty in which ; Britain was involved. J GREAT NEWS FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER FROH ' HEARTBURN ! BLOATING i INDIGESTION 1 HYPERACIDITY rtow yoo caa twv th lost nltcf m wui traoi dmrsMlns eisoosa-Tort of ode stonuck or cxowi au. Tskt olMuaUr tUvsurae Sylocui tablet with orw dlnlcolly lout MS m Dundhyl Polyutoiano 10 rviMvo roar uiierins- i nuj mmw IfiBTceliMit work, lnsUUiUy break up and retou a kubWos trapped la loamy mucus la tba stomach and inustliul tnev If yoo suffer bcortburfl. tnti-tnttoo. kloaUnt or Hyperacidity eauaed by faulty Slot or averM- euismot or looa or anas, try Bylada tablets today. Strip poek-sd for pocket or pone, SyUcta uteiefs are always may w u at drug eouaurs eerjrwaeto eVDVT. Atomic Energy-Ace Detective Tha only clue was a strand of hair in the victim's hand... yet the murderer waa found! A remarkable new method of criminal identification has been developed. Read about this amazing proceat in September Reader's Digest It prornisea to be the moat effective weapon againa crime since the fingerprint system. Don't miss " Atomic Energy Ac Detective''... get your Readert Digest today, advt. rrr" r HOT J Box 199 SMftKS Mt BUI LAST 3 DAYS FINAL CLEAROUT LADIES' SHOES Values to 21.95 AAAA's, AAA's, AA's, A's, B's SELBY CLEAROUT Black or Brown 1 0.95 Were 21.95 ; i . . . " . 7 7 1 Let us unite around a single Maple Leaf: The true symbol of Canada MMy Canadians hare ex 3. We believe that an easily recognizable the New Canadian Hag display A SINGLE SINGLE MAPLE LEAF is preferable artistic- MAPLE LEAF and not three maple leaves, ally and would make possible a more attractive A group of Canadians who are not associ- m which all Canadians could take pride, ated whhany political party are publishing " aottomilld of ft tiat tne toiiowing statement for the consideration of all concerned before a final decision is made on this vital matter, v throughout the world on every gravestone of a Canadian soldier there is carved A SINGLE MAPLE LEAF. 1. We endorse the idea of a new and distino 5. We believe that there would be a much tive flag for Canada. y better chance for the greatest number of 2. We believe that the new flag should display Canadians to um wholeheartedly under a flag ' A SINGLE MAPLE LEAF because this is designed around A SINGLE MAPLE LEAF. ' the strongest possible symbol of Canada and Respectfully submitted in what we sincerely Canadian unity.. believe to be the best interesta of Canada. , Gtizens Committee for a Slnjle Maple Leaf ' ; . ' 1 r . 7 1, k afeaoglhMsVaMlsMA WA.twSb4Va fc., AJS A.JKV. AAAal I An assortment of Spring and Summer Shoes Dress Shoes, Walking and Casuals All from regular stock, all ONE PRICE! Buy several pairs at Great, Great Savings Open Friday Night Till t pjn. L H. WTKKtt t SOI! 199 SPAMS m UIB .Y, '

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