Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 6, 1972 · Page 74
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 74

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1972
Page 74
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Page 74 article text (OCR)

August 10 MORNING 6:30 Q Bible Answers flj) On Farm g Town Crier Religion 6:45 8 Corn C°° 7 : 00 O CD IB CB Today Q O News IB Bullwinkie Q Religion 7:30 0 Sleepy Jeffers IB Underdog Q Farm 8:00 Q Q Q Kangaroo IB Zoo Revue This log is based on information provided by the stations, tuho toarn programs are subject to change without notice. 8:30 C0 Jack LaLanne 9:00 O Bess Myerson O O O Romper Km. flj) Daniel Boone CQ Jack LaLanne © Phil Donahue § Peyton Place Films 9:30 Q Consequences Q Coffee Break g Flintstones Artie Levin O My Sons fB One Life 10:000Q(0©© Dinah 0 Q Lucy 8 Dick Van Dyke America Sings 10:30 00(0(D© Concentration 0 Q Hillbillies fB Split Second Q Ladies 11:000© £0(0© Sale 0 Q Family Affair g Loye Friends, Neighbors 11:30 0Q(0 (ft CO Hollywood Squares 0 Q Love of Life CB Q Bewitched 4:00 0 Perry Mason IB IB Somerset 0 Cartoons (0 Men* Griffin 0 Batman Q My Sons Q) Flintstones O Love, American Style I O © Sesame Street ! 4:30 © Jeff's Collie j |0 Andy Griffith | 0 Green Acres j 0 O Virginian ! Q) Password O Movie 5:00 0 Wagon Train 0 Big Valley IB High Chaparral IB Dick Van Dyke IB Maverick Q © Misterogers 5:30 |B Marshall Dillon Q© Electric Co. Q3 What's My Line TV Movies Thursday "The Alphabet Murders," (1966) ",2, 11:30 p.m., 0 with Tony Randal! and Anita Ekberg. * * * "The River Changes." (1957) **, 11:30 p.m., 09 with Rossana Rory and Harold Maresch. * * * "Espionage in Tangiers." 11:30 p.m., O with Luis Davila and Jose Greci. EVENING AFTERNOON 12:00 0 0 03 Q9 Jeopardy 0 Oblinger Q Where Heart Is Q Password 12:30 0O £0© Who, Where 0 O Search Q Split Second 03 News 1:00 0 News 003 Somerset Q9 Jeopardy CB Me Too Show 0 Divorce Court O Panorama CBQ All My Children 1:30 0 Q Q3 09 09 Three on Match 0 Q As World Turns 09 O Let's Deal 2:00 0003CBfB Days of Lives 0 O Splendored Thing Q3 Q Newlyweds 2:30 0 0 {Q 03 IB Doctors 0 O Guiding Light Q3 Q Dating Game 3:00 00 0303 CB Another World 0 O Secret Storm 03 Q General Hospital 3:30 0O 03 CD CB Return to Peyton Place 0 O Edge of Night § Lassie One Life 6:00 00QQO((!) CD © News CB Jeannle 3D Yoga Q Lipreading 6:30 Q Psychology CB News Cronklte _ !uitar 7:00 0 Let's Deal Q Arthur Smith £0 CD Consequences © Jubilee 0 My Line O Geographies fB Wild West S Judy Lynn Our Times Q Yoga 7:30.© Hollywood Squares Q Let's Deal CD Tell the Truth CD Untamed World 0 Dragnet gB Chapter 33 Q Insight Q Death Valley 8:00 00ifl3CBCB Theater 0O My World 03 O Smith and Jones © O America 8:30 0 O My Sons © Jazz Set Q Handsful of Ashes 9:00 00CQCDCB Ironside OQ Movie 03 Q Longstreet ©O "Enemies" 10:00 00Q3 CB IB Bobby Darin § O Owen Marshall John Doe World Press 10:30 Q Jazz Set 11:00 News 11:30 00 Q3 03 CB Tonight 0 "Alphabet Murders" "River Changes" _ Dick Cavett O "Espionage In Taagiers" Serving th« Hard of Hearing for ever 20 years Jo« Mirogliolta Before you buy any hearing aid, investigate Sonotone. Come in or phon« for a hearing test in private, No charge. No obligation. S O N O T O N E HEARING AID CENTER 11* Altai IMf- PHONE 342-5429 Friday "Kill a Dragon," (1967) *, 8:30 p.m., 0 03 CD CB with Fernando Lamas and Jack Palance. * # * "Seven Thieves," (1960) ***%, 9 p.m., 0 with Rod Steiger and Edward G. Robinson. * # # "The Black Knight," (1954) *, 11:30 p.m., 0 with Alan Ladd and Patricia Medina. * * * "The Tali Men," (1955) **, 11:30 p.m.. Q3 with Clark Gable and Robert Ryan. "Sins of Rachel Cade," (1961) 11:30 p.m. Q with Angie Dickinson and Peter Finch. Banquets · Sales Meeting: Picnics · Private Parties · Wedding receptioni The Contour Cuddter... An experience worth sharing Gentle head to to« body support that cradles you like nothing you've ever tried before. The Contour Experience can include automatic powerslide positioner, viveration massage and thermonic heat. Archie's cousin. Maude, getting her own show By Cynthia Lowry NEW YORK-(fl-"All in the Family," CBS's smash comedy hit, starts its second full television season next September, far and away the most popular series ever to be on the air and, still, the most controversial. Norman Lear, the gentle- voiced father and midwife of the series whose persistence and Intransigience got the Bunker family into the channels, is still spending almost as much time today defending the series as he was when it hit like a bombshell. The series, since it began as a midseason replacement during the 1970-71 season, has collected a shelf full of awards--six Emmys this season alone, Including one for "outstanding series-comedy" and one each for three of the four leads. "All In the Family" topped almost ev- CHRYSLER AIRTEMP Central Air Conditioning Let us give you 15 big reasons why Chrysler Airtemp Central Air Conditioning is your best buy. And it could cost much less than you think ... Choose Chrysler Airtemp with Confidence FHA Home Improvement or Bank Financing Available Aerodyne Corporation 1325 Dunbar Ave. r Dunbar. W. Vo Hrtemp PHONE 768-0066 ( AUTHORIZED AIRTEMP DEALER CHRYSLER CORPORATION 6s CHARLESTON, W. VA. ery Nielsen list this season, usually with a weekly audience estimated at 50 million viewers and s o m e t i m e i shooting up to 60 million. That is the television stratosphere inhabited only by the Oscar awards, Bob Hope's Christmas Special and the Super Bowl--new territory indeed for a half-hour situation comedy. Lear has the satisfied air of a man whose big hunch became reality. The genesis of "All in the Family/' ts is well known, was in a hit British series, "Till Death Do Us Part," aired about seven years ago on the BBC. The Bunkers were, in the original British version, Alf and Else Garnett, two tight Cockney islands of prejudice and intolerance. Impressed, Lear bought rights to the show and then went to work transforming AH into Archie, a Queens County, row- h o u s e , blue-collar bigot. Else became Edith, naive, vague and generous and with an occasional flash of insight that clears the air. In the transformation, Lear deliberately created a pair of appealing, almost pathetic characters, and very funny ones. "I've enjoyed it all so much," Lear said. "I have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. And I've got the best ensemble of players in the world. . . " Even the controversy does not bother him much: by now the familiar attacks on the show have become stereotyped. While the overwhelming numbers of viewers in all age, economic and social brackets love the show, It has its critics. Crux of the criticism, as strong as the paeans, is that Lear and company have created a sympathetic monster in Archie, a middle-aged Mala- prop with a vocabulary of abuse for just about every minority--ethic, religious and sexual--around. Sixty million viewers obviously can't be wrong about turning to the biggest hit in television since Uncle Millie jammed neighborhood SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL taverns and created pedestrian traffic jams in front of appliance stores. But not everybody loves Archie. Some of the leaders of assorted antidefamation organizations and technically based cultural societies find Archie's bigotry and language offensive even in the Bunker context. Some maintain that, because the program is seen early S a t u r d a y evening, small children are learning to call names. Others find the constant wrangling in the Bunker family abrasive rather than funny. But the pro-Bunkers far outnumber the antis. Some find the program objectionable because of some of its themes. In the past year, programs in the series have been based on subjects rarely attacked in TV comedy. The 50-year-old producer is himself the son of an orthodox Jew who had some rigid ideas about people. Lear has admitted that there is some of his father in Carroll O'Connor's portrait of a hard-shell bigot. Before "All in the Family" took off, Lear had been a successful creator and producer of TV specials with his partner, Bud Yorkin. Their company, Tandem Productions, handled the original "Andy Williams Show" seven years ago, and some of their specials included "Another Evening with Fred Astaire" and "An Evening with Carol Channing." This past season, Yorkin has been in charge of launching another British adaptation, "Sanford and Son" for NBC. In September, Tandem will be working on a third series, "Cousin Maude." This one emerged from a script in "All in the Family," in which a swinging, liberal relative of the Bunkers turns up for a head-on collision with Archie. Cousin Maude is the other side of the Bunker coin," Lear said. "I think there are as many avenues for exploration of liberals as we are finding with Archie." Whether Lear can find enough hours in the day to devote himself to two series is a question yet to be answered. "I'll still be spilling my blood for 'All in the Fami ; ly and working with the new series," he said. "Yorkin has Sanford and Son." Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton, who so convincingly play Archie and Edith, are bustling around making appearances on talk shows, playing in game shows and doing guest shots on variety programs. It is part of their efforts to let the public know that they are really actors playing roles and that they are not really Archie and Edith off-camera as well as on. "Sure," Lear said. "They know that their careers must go on after our series is finished. Naturally, they are both afraid they will be caught--trapped, really--by the image." This week At Sunrise Charleston's center of arts and education is open to the public free of charge Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday 2 to 5 p.m. Closed Monday. PLANETARIUM "The Gaspe Eclipse," 2:30 p.m., Sunday and 1:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday. EXHIBITS Woodland Indians, Listen, Discovery Wall, Live Animals, Galaxy Room, Serpen- torium, Museum Graphics, Tri-Cycle Trip, Antique Pottery, G r e e n b r l e r River Campground and Civil War. SPECIAL EVENTS Storytelling at 10 a.m., Thursday. ART GALLERY B o c o u r Artist Colors Collection and "One Man Show" by June Kilgore. GARDEN CENTER Decoupage class, 1 p.m., Tuesday. Vyacheslav Tihonov end Ludmila Savelyeva ttar in "War and Peace" at 8 p.m.. Aug. 12 onABC-TV.. SHOW TIME, AUGUST 6, 1972 ELECTRIC I I EACH A $21.95 VALUE YOUR CHOICE ONLY9.95 ShopCraft* % w SINGLE SPEED DRILL KIT Kit contains %" drill, back- Ing pad, polishing bonnet, adapter, sanding discs, twist drills, paint mixer and carrying case ShopCraft* ORBITAL SANDER · Sand paper Included · For rough or finish sanding or polishing ShopCraft* %" VARIABLE SPEED DRILL · Auxiliary handle included · 50% mo re power than W drills *T tools to pick from! Each Is a $21.95 value! You pay only $9.95! 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Divorce Court Panorama All My Children 1:30 On a Match 0 O As World Turns Let's Deal 2:00 2:30 Jays of Lives B Splendored Thing Newlyweds [D O Guiding Light tors ID O Dating Game 3:00 Q O Secret Storm IB Q General Hospital Another World 3:30 QB Edge of Night 8 Lassie One Life Q Q 09 fB (3 Return to Peyton Place CHARLESTON, W.VA. 4:00 Q Cartoons O p erry Mason Q) Merv Griffin IB IB Somerset § Batman My Sons §Flintstones Love American Styfc © Sesame Street 4:30 Q Green Acres IB Jeff's Collie IB Andy Griffith QG Virginian IB Password O Movie 5:00 Q Wagoir Train Q Big Valley IB High Chaparral fB Dick. Van Dyke 8 Maverick © Misterogers 5:30 fB Marshal Dillon Q © Electric Co. OD What's My Line EVENING News OD Jeannie W Yoga Q Bridge 6:30 0 O Cronkite IB News French Chef Blacks 7:00 CIQ Porter Wagoner Consequences Jones What's My Lin* Circus Wild West Hymn Time gB Masterpiece Theater 7:30 0 Green Acres Adam 12 Q3 Dragnet Lyrics C0 To Tell Truth Rex Eleanor Voyage 8:00 ft Baseball 3CDCB Partners O'Hara Brady Bunch ook Beat Washington Week 8:300 fD CBCB "KU1 a Dragon" © "Space Between Words" Q Saga Q3 O Partridge Family 9:00 0 0 9:30 "Seven Thieves" Movie Room 222 O P dd Couple Goofing Off Evening at Pops 10:00 3D R°n Dellums 4BO Love 10:30 0 CD Simon Locke 8 Your Life Peyton Place © Rollin on River O Gov. J. J. Q "They Came Singing" QD Washington Week 11:00 000DOOQ 03 CB News 1:30 00Q903fB Tonight 8 "Black Knight" "Sins of Rachel Cade" 03 "Tall Men" Q Dick Cavett

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