The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE ~DA.IL,Y COURIER, UUNJN -JL.U3V1JUI, i-J\ P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Miss vSuo Percy, who Is confined to her homo In East Codiir avenue witli n wsre ctdd, ih -Improved. Wo carry a i complete lino of valen- tinaa, napkins! ana place cards. Eveiy- t h f t i f f tor vale(nUno ni Kcstnev's Book Store-, 125 \V,j Apple htroet.--Adver- tisement.-- 2Bj|in4t. Mrs. 0. \V.I IVnrod of South N i n t h shoot, \vood, has r c t u i n o d home trom A k i o n , Ohio, \ v h n o she V.-aa i ailed tollowing an accident with \ \ h k h hoi l i t t l e Rrandson, Robert Marietta, met when his cljthes ignited f r o m a Christmas tree, which he wat burning. The child was badly burned C i o m tho r ' g h t hip to below tho 1tnep. Tho burns arc hoalins? nioely. Robert Is a sou o£ Mr. nnd Mrs. A. B. M a i t p t t a , formerly ot' Connollsvllle. Auction -tale of Wenner'n warehouse f u r n i t u r e flock, starting Friday, January 34th, J.30 and 7.30 1'. M , at Wennor'a Store, next' to Waiting Room, Scottdale.--Advertisement.--2Bjan-it. Mri. M. H. Vancp, who has been ill | »t' !-er home at South CounelHvHl'J ; tor the hi .t two weeks, is able to bo up Cor u Mioit tinip oach day. j Mr.s. John K v u i c t l o£ K.xht I'otltn- nvniue 11 turned homo UicUiy troni HmithJield, ·whqre she w a s tbc guest of lift 1 sun and daujrhtci-lu-law, Mi ,uul M i s . Iol;n Kverett, Jr. MiSiH Hi Icn M i n o r , teacher in tlic T h u d Wa-d schools,, is. spending tin- \\fpk-ciicl it her home at Noi m a l v l l l e . .Mi". K H. K d m o n d s ot Kant (ireen sttt'oJ the day w i t l i her K i a n d sun, \ V l t l i a n t Kdti'oiul , v, ho it, un- 1 - l u v i d in I'Htbhuis; Miss Mi Ida t'loyln, Uaoher In the ( f!i\\L'ord s.t hool, Wo»t Side, Is spending the week-end at her home in Htu.s ostt»u ii K a y Se Uon, l i t t l e sun ul M i . and "Mi"- ('. II. Seatou ol Sininprdale, f o i - nu r!\ t ' Uuribar, w h o U ill ot pneumonia and heart trouble at his home con til.ties to impiovc 1 . Mr. and Mih, Ho Templeton and iluiu;htcr, Mildred, left this m o r n i n g I'oi rhilat'ciphla to b p e n d u low wecku w i t h the 1'ormet'd brother-in-law and .sislor, Dr ami JVhrf. Ii. F. Colby. While theiv Mr. Templeton \ v i l l enter a hospital tot Aunt Het " H i l l y m l g ' i t support a wll'o o' some kind n t w o n l y dollars u week, bnt in t one that t h i n k s ,i s q u a t ? o' lac i the size ot u stamp 13 n v ork apron." Mrs. Scbroeder Is Given Permission' Little Son SPAFFORD LIKENS BLACK DUCK CASE TO LUSITANIA By United Press -NSW YOHK, Jon. 25.--The shooting ot three mon aboard the rum-runner j lllack Duck was "in moral principle] almost an exact parallel of the ctnldng ot the Lultaula," in the belief ot Edward K. Stafford, paet national commander OL" the American Legion. "I am neithei a wet nor a dr," Hpaftord .said in addressing a women's meeting, "1 don't care whether wo h a \ e lifeht \\ines and beer« or whether \\p have everything or whether v\e- abstain totally. But I want uo compto- Hiiaa w i t h the people wbo have p u t ! thus liiqitltous amendment, foreign to j every p t i n c f p l o for which our fore-( father*, I ought, into tho Constitution.' I w a n t absolute repeal." J Spaffoid, u former naval officer, also , commoiKled tho Coast Guard as a "line body of men. condemned to do the d i r t y t ' l i i i t i i u c t t ' l i n i fagf ' ! I P Castle, will M' I" New C'rfstlo n f x t week to see 1 ei liiisbund. Mrs iJngue, who is a Viola, \\' Va , school tea lie 1 , t-aid sho w a u l i l h a \ e iiuihuig' to sa ' u n t i l fiho had Msited her husbfind- "Jlo \ \ l l l tc 1 ! mo the t i u t h . " Mrs Hague htiic! ' t c o u l d n ' t ?u a n j t h i n g u n t i l aftei I have talked w i t h my husband." West Virgin a police weie .searching todiy for a t r i e n d of Dn^ue, vhom polu-c boilpve was the t h i r d person in tho automobil · trom which Paul was UUally I ist December -'7 along the Uutlcr-.N'e v tia-itU' road XKW CAST (.TO, I'a 1 ., Jan 26.--Two sistins oC Irei i Sehrneclor oame from WheelliiR, W. Va , today to vialt her in the LawKiico county jail. Thoy are Mrs. v Ma Uia Shauian and Mrs. Mamie J3aum Afer spend ng an h o u r or no with Mts. Schrocd- r they talked, to news- yci n story," Mrfa. Baum . "Ireno a Jn there nying to SPO her four-year old bon, Donnlo. Hhe is f r a n t i c ' o n d t o o sheriff rcfus'-b to let her Bee tin* b iy." A f t e r vis,ltt IB the j.\!I M i s . Hhanlan arid Mrs Jiai ni %\ore. refuBed permls- blon to see he child, v,.ho i» being held at the c im'thuiise by .tuthoi Ities. Mrs. liaum said thai K. It. Powell, a Y o u n g p t o \ n attorney, bah been belected by Irene- s family to act ns hor counsel Mrs. Baum S'aid the prisoner Is o ily 20 years old and will bo compelled to Accept the attorney w h i c h m e m b e r s of her f a m i l y have chosen to haadle her cade. SISTEItS KA'J'JfKK, IHKSBAMJN AM) A f j l i THK1H U K O T J I K K S 1 Dy U n l l d d Fieis OSijO, Jan. 25--Four sihler^ mourned today the- loss of t h e i r father, their husbands, and all their brothers, in the wreck o£ n Norwegian f i s h i n g winuck off Scotland. The victims numbered U Aspires lo Non-S.op Flight Across Mexico MRS. EMMA WELSH OF SCOTTDALE DIES S p e c i a l to Tho Llourlei. SCOTTDALK, J a n . 25,--Mrs. Bmin.i Welsh, 77 yesirs old, widow o£ Daniel Welsh, died Friday afternoon at lier homo on Third avenue. Sho had been in poor health for three yean and was bedfast four days before liei demist;. Mrs. Welsh, practically a lifelong j-esldenl or Sootlclaio, WAS a mcmbor of SI. John's Tlomau Catholic Church. Surviving ai'-n t h o following i-hll- d i e n : Mlsnos Kmlly and Uoroita Welsh and Joseph \Volsh, at home, Mr.s. Tlay Hath, Scottdale, T J M elsh, MonoBscn; Mrs. B. 11 Lyons, b a r r e n . Ohio, nnd MIB. John Sh.u, A l t o o n n , Thoro are four sisrtovs nnri Iwo brothers, M I B . K a i h r y n P h i i c r and Mrs. Tholnns Clark, A l v e r t n n , M i s Oot KtiiR. Old B e t h a n y ; Mi-,. A n n a Bilheimer R u f f s d n l e ; 0 AI. Brec^lo, ScotUlaU-, and Sumuel Brec'Kle, Piltsluuff. The I'n u era I w i l l be held Mond.iv tDorning. Tho cortege ivlll meet at the iato home at S:30 o'clock. At 9 o clock iiitiuiem hiKh nnifjs w i l l be coleorated at St. John's Catholic Church. Very Il«v, Father M. A. Lambing:, pastor, will otHcisUc. Intermant will bo mado in tho church cemetery. CLOTHING MAKER LEAVES $6,000,000 By U n i t e d 3'rc-ss, CHICAGO, Jan. 2"--Harry Hart, one- of Iho ''ounders of tho Hart, E-chaffuor Marx Clothing Company, loft an cstato of approximately ?(,- 000,6o, hia v,\ll on fllo today revealed Tho bulk of the estate is left to I is f a m i l y , w h i l e $130,000 will go to r h a i liable and other organUtttlons. A special t r u s t , created to exist until 3SMO, is provided to protect h f o inter- (.st.s in the clothing company, Sarah Hart, Jttlfl socond wife, is to leccfve 5100,000 o u t t l g f i t , while sh« und three chlldron will tho i esidue ot tho octal a, «ach of Lho chll- itren receiving two-nlnlhK and Mra. Hart ono-tlnrtl. Captain Miguel Color* lo, of th« Moxioan Army, hopoa t · achievo a 2,200 mile non-stop f ight from Mexicali, Lower Galifi mia, near tho north-west comer it Mexico, to Moridti, Yucatan, »t tho aouth- e»pt point of the Rep blic. Tlia ro'utc of tho flight ext nds ecrofla the Gull of Masjico, t ta crossing of one r^npe of moun aina to be made by moonlight a id another by daylight. BOXER KILLED, ANOTHER MA f DIE OF HIS INJURIES D E T K O I f , Mich., ,Ian 25.--Mickey Harmed, Pott oil I l f h t w r ght, died today nf I n j u r i e s received lost nlirht Jn his Iwut w i t h l£diilo K ipy, rtliw of Don-oil. Uannon was taken Ir the houpltitl w i t h ,1 fractured f , k u i l ollowitig; tin- hUcecKHfiil pfforiH to r c v l / o bltn in tho dreeing rooms Koppy knocked him oat In (he fifth round /lit ^ right ' h a n d p u n c h . for $75,000 Damages. PITTSBURG, Jan. 25.--A suit .iek- ng $7G,000 from the JUilUmore Ohio Railroad Company has been iiled hero by Mrs. Catherine yiaiick, Sw!«s\ale, w h o seek? tho amount n« compensation for tho death of her husband, Peter Vlaiclc, in a crossJag ciash KALAMAZOO, M i c h , , "Red" Wilfoul, l l q h l boxer from B f l f t t o Crc-e in a (.ritlcal condltiou Hospital tixlny an u resi his tl«itl on t h o floor d ing bout an, 25.-- John heavyweight c, Mich., wofi n Kalumazoo It of ntrlking ring n train- ALLUM IDENTIFIED AS IAN IN CAR WITH DONOHOE.MURDER NIGHT UMONTOWN, Jan. 25.--The name of Glenn A l l u m was again brought b e f o t e tie inquest into tho murder o f | John I' 1 Donohoo at tho hearing held Thursday afternoon w h e n Conbtable (leorge ^omo of Republic declared ho hud seen Allum w i t h the late constable- ut 1 11 o'clock OH the morning the dead body was tound A l l u m and Donohoe drove through Republic together in an automobile,' ut t h a t hour he haul. The officer do-i ( l i l t e d lie wjio positive in hiri lnvostini- (ion, in i«.miU'!i as he had once served ;t \ \ c U i i t n t on A l l u m and aloo had | known Uouohoc for Home time. STIMSON PROPOSES LIMITATION FIRST Uy LTiiUatt 1'fOis. LONDON, Jan. 25.--A proposal that t h e Loi ilou Naval Cotifeieiu-e consider h i n i t a t o n of ( rnKors, (lestioyors and s u b m a i IUPH ahead of ovory other ciue*- tion b u s boon nuido by Secretary oC Stale- l l e i n v L htimson, tho United 1'ies-i cm nod ivoni .in a u t h o r i t a t i v e . OIULO tod.ij Filipinos Aroused Over Anti Riots .MAXEL/A, Jan. 1'3.-- Widespread 111- dicn.ttnn VMS f e l t lieie toclaj as a 1 1 mil ut Callforniii'a anti-KiIipino rlot 1 - Newt-p.iiiei'!-, liosscvei, have cautioned tho n a t u e s to guard against ( O i i r f u l n i n K the attaokers ' as reprc- b e u ' a t i . o ot iiil Americans. leaders declared the nots .mother ui'sumint !u tavor of i u v Dt tho i A-'-ociatlou. | . .1 pa stble | H n t U - i said NEW CATTLE, · Jan. 25 -- While Irene Schrooder languished 1» a cell in tho Jjawrenc" c o u n t y jail hero today, her lour-yea -old son, 'IJonnle, lield prlsonei by Stale Police, akcd "If mamma |HH'( coming back today." The. blond bandit and -her coinpan- on, Glenn D igue, were braiiKht back to Pennsylvania- last night by state olEcere to st -ind trial for the murder of Brady Pai I, motor pattolman, along the Butler-New (Jatstlo road last December 27. Thousand* of persons gathered at the New Cat tie. passenger fctatkm and In the courl houtjc yard last night to get a glimph » of I he couplo which wae captured by a po«tse at Phoenix, Ariz., and three d.iys ago h tar ted on the return trip to Pennsylvania, , Pew o t j them Haw t! o blotul and her companion. Kot e \ e n the four-year-old BOJU who told nuthorltiosj ho saw his mothea "sh ot a policeman " "Whal'H It all for?" the child atked last night a*- he looked from u. window in the court 1011130 and saw the crowds gat hoi ed in the snow-coveied yard. "Theie'b lot i happening out there," ho said. Hnronef*y. DOVKU, Eug., Jan 25.--John Uarry Leo Faggo, 61, of Kast Pepperell, Maas., becarr/e the heir to n b.ironctry with the dea|h ot his biother, Blr John CliarioB f'ap^re, lato lant night. The baronet-cy was created in 1660, and Faggo \vould bi n i n t h ot the Hue. Turtlr Crpfk Has Fire. TUKTLI3 CRKKK, Jan. 25.--Damage waa estimated at $25,000 today iu the flro which last' night swept through a three-stoiy brick bnlldli/g here, forcing 150 women attending a meeting of the Shtloh Court, Wastoru Star, to flee into the street. , l/psala Ucts Tennis Jlall. UPSALA, Sweden, Jan. 25--Sweden's most prominent univeioity town, Upsala, will havo a Inrgo tonnia hall enabling Uie etudonts to train indoors during the winter reason. Fireman Killed As I oof Falls. QUEBEC, J a n . 25---Or, fireman k i l l e d and t\vo \vore i jured in tho collapse u£ the roof ol a dry goods sitoro h o i e l a t e List n i g h - The flames lor u time U i i e a ' c n e d to spread to ud- jolnlng b u i l n i n g i . Hand Concert I'o tponod. Tho a n n u a l concert o£ ttic- Con- nellavillo M i l i t a r y Bnn , which had been planned for Febri ary, has been postponed nnlil Murel 1, Uuftinesa Manager "\V. C. 33ithop aid this utter- tioou. liccgun Home J''i nn .Jamr-s J. Keegan o Evorson, a member ot Ihe St^ite Health Bureau, reUiriHn! thift mornin from JOrle, whore he wat? tr uwactli g business. Unbe Jn O'Donoi, n Home, A du.ui;htir w ai bor last night at the 1 C o n n o l t s v l l l e H t a i i Hospital to Dr. and Mrs. J imes V O'Donovac of thin city. New tTolinbtoiu) Mayor. JOHKSTOWN Jan 'J5.~Webster SayJor, f o r m e r l y of G -eenfiburg, lias been vl«;led mayor ol Johnstokpn to succeed .fosoph Cjuflie Helpful Advice to Girls By ANNIE LAURIE CONVICT SLAYERS UNDER ARREST J u U IHitU'r. s e c i e t i ' n n air;ai I ' K i n t e i ii m ' l i b u l i v to dist'U- s o l u t u i n ot I l i o p i o b l c m PliXSACOLA, I'Hii., .Tail. 25.--Two dosperato escaped convicts Irom W-ethei-falleld, Conn., Slalo Prison, who killed one Jacksonville', Fla., of Hoe r and wounrli d another in a gun battle lubt week V M O held here tor Jacl\.son- vlllo odicci today Uolami J alon 1 * and "VVsitaon Monl- thorpe biibj'H th of on-u ot th* most ex- lenyivo m i n h u n t i in United Sta eh In recent yeais, arrohted Iu e j c b t o r d a y as they w«r* Hlxnit to d t p a i t tor Mobile in a Shipping Bonn' steamer di» membwb ol the CICAV Moullhoi DU, anested first, t e a c H l j admitlod h i ^ identity and aided ofllcert in f i n d i n g Lalono, who had escaped from the learner when h-e .saiv thi officers coi .e down the pier. Lalont lal-e-r \\tit, .'i)prchoiidoi In a house In I ho lov,cr a; t Ule di-strict here, Finseipi uU of both t a l l i e d w i t b tho«e ol t i c itcO!(J-i hi the Ues m h e a d q u a r U H here. h.- i i i i t u - - t «.is l i n e to t!n lat t t h a t m o ^ t i ' \ l i u ' i i u a Kt'limio- c . i n u ' t r u n i 1 1 \ \\ ,1 l':inl l'iirt. l-'its ul a -.el H'-, i if tin ('·· t ,i i i i t u ' r « ill i" p i v o n by - \ l r a r Houl^i acuvl Heart C h u u h of DawHoii, Tut ,} ni ')!, J a i i u a i \ 2\ in social hal! I . u i u h rtiid pil/e-. al^ci ticautisu! i d o n bc\l spiead Ad- D j l l l l D l l l O IUiU THO. T A A I A Q l \, Ian "· Two ni-eu \\ OKI killed a n d t w n o l i i c i ^ \ \ P I O i i i t i t a l l ; i n n i i e d in an e x p l o s i o n oi d v i i a m i t c at i ho No '! i l l . ( ! \ . i l m i i t l o u t m i l o . I loin tin-, pi u i lixl.n \ l t , i i ()bu-- ^ c - l l ) ol CVi i l d a l i and J o h n H .11 l u i l i oi l.-u-dotd i . l i ' kill,- I lli' nf t'nrJion M n n o x l d c . l ' I T T S B ' T n ( 1 Jan I 1 r .--Said (o b.' i i u i m - i ot a r l H i t t monoxide [nn Atigclo Ah onid, Jn, a n d Altolo 50 v e r r f und do id in bed at a MJOIII tat, h t ' U - e it Mi Keos IU" k- lil,!y ANNIM L.AURIE!: I am a KM twenty-flight, n.rn nupportlne: my mother »und find tt Havel to inalca ends meet, have Imoii out of work tor anreti irtrtkn and don't know just vfhat to do. I know of a young man, a widower with two lovely children and would like to pet acqrialnted with him. I rnct him several tlmen and he looks at me an though ha would want to make frlands. When J pass him up ba looks like ho would bo bashful. He la a business man and has his own home. How can I g-ot acquainted vrith him? I don't want him to think K'H the home or monoy I -want. A friend of mine told me what a wonderful husband he was to hla wife. If. E. M R.: I tan ntrald that In your f unfortunate piedicament you are building a aeries of illusions without much causn. If tho young man wanta to make your acquaintance, he will, as mon have ever done, find name means of meeting- you. Par- haps tho friend who aeerna to know so much about his affairs, could perform the neceswn.ry office of Introduction, and win th« gratitude of you both. D KAK ANNIE 1.AU1 i have t«cn sol follow qulto a while, i Ja mad at mo over at to him. Of eourso, 1 in at him and I told him mo ho citrcd a lot for n Rood man jind I Jovo I my hea) t. Mother toll on I don't cure but I mo if I should do w old me? B C.: You should hat · the young man p JuHt whnt was said at If he i oally cares he wll not irame outsider. s If cara to do this, then yoi and try to format him 1 It may iiocm, EAK ANNIES LAU Is it proper for a her boy friand a jrieetl Is lavishly colored? C/ AUTIOUS: Whutevei JE: iff with a, nd now he le lies told i not angry o. Ho told e. He In a 1m with all i me to let can't. Toll iat mother B. C. 3 a, talk with nd ask him 1 by whom. believe you, he doea not must ignorn owever hard V-* and to whomever ta be Hiont, a lavishly i ing card in novel- in , simple card, white or H well engraved und wit) tatious design is n tiigm good breeding and taati jrirl ta send: \s card that UTIOUS the occasion the card it olorcd greet- ood taste, A ightly tinted, an unosten- ot your Home-Making Helps By ELEANOR ROSS The Smoking Stand Beautiful. SMOTCINQ stand may ha n-f-,tand, with n welsh base la the tnout prflctli topple over becausa It 1 balanced to prevent J matter how carclpsal- pushed. It always r«ga' thing of beauty, even when thoroughly or carelentily used. In fact, it can be chosen with an eye to careless handling. Most smokers develop a superb indifference to where they waft their rtaheo. And It's easier to chooap a stand that taHe-s care of such peculiarities than to reform the smoker It Individual ashtiays are selected, thsy mint needs b* the k i n d that HllfU to the tabli- or ctuilr on which placed. T l i M e urc several vai letter tvliich come ni leather snaps, to fabrics on chulra or e t c . so that they n e v e r topple off unexpectedly Or on inetu) elasps which can be cl.iiped to wooden »i4r- fares The lovely smooth a.nlitrays oT metal or stone, w h i c h u n o b t i u H l v c l v li'U' o f f B p i l l l r t c lh"lr con- t « n t s pn i i£H or 'pollHheil f i n o i b aie Ihf tci ror of fuss h o u m ' k r p p e r a For w h i c h reason an s ^ h t i a j t h a t *Unr!s on \is otvn l"e jscommend it. The h»«.vy lot to metal position aahos don't ltBi?!f r e m a i n top tray but at a ellgh dropped down aij Innor cealed Jar at the boltoi of goodly size so that occasional cleaning t loom this tvpo of fita -- It la blurcly ;.;iu tin Beitm looking. iuul Cor the l i v i n g roo"" 1 a»d tilt 4 a u l i t i o j a ' many «lmp«n and square, with lire* an. The stand Is wi ought top ta n tile table ^ tnuets 1.0 cnni.iln n-sl ran Li? llftpd o u t A! often * neceasnrv. f some pattern of th? · t h e at- ed spherical al It cannot scientifically ist that. No handled or is an upright Furthermore, posed on tha pressure are tube to a con- i. This Jar IB It needs only 'or the man's (i I i. clfti-tily more suitable i « the rnetaJ he.v come in sixes, round. small bowl*. Iron and on th a few til a U A 3 These 1 e m p t i e d a* nd tha hand- leu snmewhat isa as they kot until you drive the nev? Chevrolet Six can you appreciate what a wonderful improvement has been made In its famous six-cylinder valve-in- head engine. With its capacity increased to 50 horsepower, it has great reserve energy for sweeping up the steepest hills-for swift acceleration--ancl for sustained high speeds. Its power flows evenly and smoothly. Anci it is extremely flexible in traffic. In fact--it does everything you could possibly want a motor to do. Yet it is remarkably economical in its us® of gasoline and oil. Come in today for a demonstration. -at greatly reduced prices! StOADSTEJt. ........ 495 COUPS . . . . ....... 565 SEDAN DELIVERY . . 595 Th* J X f k C T'h* . . . .» ..... ^fcy D SPORT COUPS Th* 1 SPORT ROADSTER. . Tti* COAOIJ Tin CLUB SEDAN Th« LIGHT BKLIVERY CHASSIS. Tf * IVj, TON CHASSIS. . . .'565 2A* '675 Allfrtceif. *. t. factory, flint, JUicHlfan The I'A TON CHASSIS WITH CAB. The CHEVROLET SIX 127 West Apple Street Phone 105 A S I X I N T I I K P R I C E B A N G E O F T H E F O U R . aBATTERY w/?7/i this symbol f QUALITY »uon«7'a werth whvn bnr- tnr o Kirj»ton«, W« to- pair "r*charjr«--nd atrT* t* nil ro»Ver, Uriro la far Fr»» Injptctlun. AH tndurnnce T«ord» brokon with Klrcatona Gai»-mi,p«d T l r o f l . W' C^AtAnte* all til* anil (· ·· rjpnlrn. Firestone Service Stores, Inc. H. C. "Zeke" Haddock, Marr. 122 V. Apple St. Phone 21. a c c u m u l s t - If You Need Money for Any Emergency { SUB US ? Fayette f Loam Company ^ Title Trust Uldy., S 5tli Floor. Oonnollsvlllc, I'a Telephone 24-i - 8(50 | Bonded lo Hir- Stalo Tin) CantHsljiU'(;' "NolM" TO.V. I'n , .(all l)i!ly NoU'rf, an l l l l IHC-H Into Uio'liniulH of i no OhotMM'j H i ' i K u H T I ' u b l N l i i n ) L o m p i u i y , A\ utihiiuilun, Fcbniciiy I, ,n · t u i d l n g lo d)i L i i i n o u t H o m n i i t by JO!JD L. Stewart, ruemOent of tho- inj, Hnr SAFE-CONSERVATIVE STRONG" YEAR BY YEAR HELPFULNEJJS won and keeps for The Second National Bank the loyal patronage of hundreds of Conuellsvillc people, who are building Savings Accounts here. Th2y like our co-operation in their savings efforts, and appreciate both the safety of this 39-year oltf National Bank and the 4% interest which it paya. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 OLDEST BANK IN CONNELLSVILLE IECON The safest assurance of increasing success in business lies in sound organization. This Bank is organized, and managed to handle all banking business entrusted to it with safety ancl efficiency. Checking Accounts are invited. CQNNELLSYILLE, PA. W E S T S I D E l Patronize Those \¥ho Advertise in The Courier

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