Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 6, 1972 · Page 73
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 73

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1972
Page 73
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TV Movies Tueiday "Rung Fu," 8:30 p.m., (B O with Barry Sullivan and David Carradine. * * * "Three Bites of an Apple," (1967) **, 11:30 p.m., Q with David McCallum and Sylva Koscina. "Fort Dobbs," (1958) **, 11:30 p.m., |B with Clint Walker. * - * * "Ashes and Diamonds," (19S9) ***%, 11:30 p.m., O witfr Zbigniew Cybulski and Eva Kozygewska. "Wild and Wonderful," (1964) **, 7 p.m., Q with Tony Curtis and Christine Kaufman. · * * "Tribute to a Bad Man," (1956) ***, 11:30 p.m., O with James Cagney and Stephen McNally. » » » "Bad Seed," (1956) ***, 11:30 p.m., |B with Patty McCormack and Kancy Kelly. "The Fly," (1958)«""", 11:30 p.m., O with Al Hedison and Patricia Owens. Radio Classics Classical music scheduled to be broadcast over radio stations WTIP and WTIO- FM at 5 p.m. today Includes: Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 36" with Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. At 10 p.m. the stations will present "Collector's Treasures" featuring J*- anette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. "Subways are for Sleeping," starring Sidney Chaplin and Carol Lawrence, will be broadcast at 10:30 p.m. BRANHAM-KINDERJnc. 1000 Chorlrj A V C . , Dunbot, W.Vn. Brodv C. Brnnhom Prei. 7 6 8 - 5 7 4 1 August 9 MORNING INQUIRE ABOUT OUR MOBILE HOME LOANS Steve Allen will fill in for vacationing Dick Cavett at 11:30 p.m., Aug. 7 to 11 on ABC- TV. MONTGOMERY, W.VA. *-- ^~ ~~ f ^^ ^ KERSTEIN League owners eyeing cable hook-up for sports events MII WVIIMIIIVIIIII; Special By Jay Fredericks There are r u m b l i n g s abroad again that this may be about the last season you'll be able to watch the World Series or professional football on television for free. Unless, that is, Congress enacts some legislation to prohibit money hungry sports moguls from moving their attractions to a pay cable operation. The lure of all that cash, Just waiting out there to be harvested, is getting too much for some team owners to bear. The plan is this: Instead of getting the games on network--or free --television, the games instead will be tied into a closed cable operation. If you want to see a game, then you'll have to pay for it. The going figure they're talking about at the moment is $2 per game per set. And with several million television sets in the country- well, it doesn't take a certified public accountant to figure that it all adds up to a large potful of gelt. No wonder the sounds of cash register bells already are ringing in the heads of the team owners. The only reason the games aren't already on a pay-TV basis is that the owners are fearful of Congressional reaction. The legal position of sports in the United States is balanced on the good will of the legislative branch which continues to regard professional baseball and, to some extent, football and basketball as sports rather than businesses. This benign attitude protects the owners from little things like anti-trust laws. Should Congress turn nasty--and it just might if a lot SHOW TIME. AUGUST 6. SUNDAY SOLO of voters wrote their representatives complaining about having to pay for football games they were getting free--tills protection would be removed and the owners would be left out In the cold, legal world all alone. Except for batteries of attorneys representing players suing for more money That's the catch, too. H the owners start making these extra millions from. pay-TV, the players are going to start demanding-and rightfully s o - t h e i r share. After all, it isn't tine owners who go out there every Sunday and butt heads. When the move toward pay-TV begins it will start with the "spectaculars"-the World Series, the Super Bowl, the basketball champ i o n s h i p playoffs. Then, spreading from there, it will move down to the regional championships and then to the individual games. Some people say, well, If we get it without commercials it might be worth $2. But there's no guarantee you're going to get it without commercials. The owners are trying to figure out some way to have their cake and eat it too. And if past performance is any indication, the odds are good they'll find it. * * » I'm getting more than a little tired of that lady who shills for Oxydol and cow parents into buying white clothes for their kids. Somebody ought to stick her into a washing machine and send her through the wash cycle several times. 438 INSTALLATION AND DELIVERY EXTRA k«nir\iTirv INSTALLATION AND % ^ AND IT S... DELIVERY EXTRA ^ 5FEDDERS; Outside Condensing Unit Evaporator Coil (Mounts on top of Furnace) Heating. uw Voting* ^ ThorL?et»» Panel Included V Thermostat you get I % FREE HOME SURVEYS-LONG TERM ·? FNMNCIIK! ACCEPTED S KERSTEIN ENGINEERING CO. ^ · 13 Tenn. Ave.--Charleston ^ Op«n Daily txceptSviHlir'tH 5PM i Open Warm Monday nights-Hun* for ctnfirmatta f| Telephone 342-5118 ^ tmr 3M ftir making HHtOOt HfUTHlt-ltTm 15 ft. of Pre-cliarged Tubing 6:30 Q Bible Answer* ID Today on Farm O Town £rier © Religion 8:45 O Corn Cob 7:00 Today QONews O Religion (B Bullwinkle 7:30 Q Sleepy Jeffers IB Underdog O Farm 8:00 IB Zoo Revue Q Q Q Kangaroo 8:30 |B Jack LaLanne 9:00 Q Bess Myerson IB Peyton Place O Films Q Q O Romper Room |B Daniel Boone IB Jack LaLanne IB Phil Donahue 9:30 Q Consequences Q Coffee Break O Artie Levin § Flintstones My Sons IB One Lite 10:00 Another World Q O Secret Storm IBO General Hospital 3:30 QQ (B|B |B Return to Peyton Place QO Edge of Night 8 Lassie One Life 4:00 Q Batman O My Sons IB Flintstones f Love Merv Griffin Perry Mason Q SB Sesame Street Q Cartoons 4:30 |B Password IQ Virginian I Jeffs Collie Movie IB Andy Griffith Green Acres 5:00 |B Maverick 8 Big Valley Dick Van* Dyke IB High Chaparral Q3D Misterogers 5:30 Q® Electric Co. IB Marshall Dillon ID What's My Line EVENING f Dick Van Dykt America Sings O Lucy 10:30 O 009 BO Concentration HI O Hillbillies IB Split Second O Religion 11:00 fJQ IQ |B IB Sale § O Family Affair Love Friends, Neighbors 11:30 ollywood Squares Love of Life Bewitched AFTERNOON 12:00 Q QIDIB Jeopardy Q Contact i News isword Where the Heart Is 12:30 C| Q |B IB Who, what, Where Q O Search Q Split Second IB News 1:00 Q News Divorca Court All My, Children Somerset rama Jeopardy IB Me Too Show 1:30 Q QfQ (BIB Three On a Match QO As World Turns IB Q Let's Deal 2:00 QO Splendored Thing Q Q IB IB (0 Days Li ives 6:30 News Dream of Jeannie Stock Market Yoga O Waiter Crontito News Psychology Bridge 7:00 O "Wild and Wonder* l" Hee Haw IB Consequences Mayor's Report My Line Kreskin Wild West Arthur Smith Progress Yoga 7:30 IQ Tell the Truth IB Mayberry Q Dragnet O Let's Deal 8 Simon Locke Episode Q Vanishing Wilderness IB Lassie 8:00 8:30 9:00 I 9:30 10:00 IB IB Adam 12 David Steinberg Super Public Affair fB IB 40 Movie Corner Bar "Intimate 8 Med Center Comedy Hour Kopykats Night Gallery Q Q Mannix ® Q Soul 10:30 |B Newsmakers ~~ Public Affairs 11:00 Newlyweds 2:30 Doctors QO Guiding Light IBQ Dating Game 3:00 iQIBOQOID News Q "Tribute to a Bad Man" "The Fly" Dick Cavett Bad Seed" J.11CLL1 § CHARLESTON, W. VA. 5s

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