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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 25, 1930
Page 5
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JANUAKY UAiJjI PAGE FIVE, / One Incomparable Sermon/ Brass Tacks'* on the Sunday School Lesson Looking Backward thew $ »8. are th-j pure in Ho»rt for thi»y ihull ··· Go4.'*-- Mat By DR. ALVIN 3-5, B13LL The number "uovtn" is repeatedly used Jn Scripture as ,t .-symbol of completeness and pe-rfeUlovii. We are not surprised, therefore, to find In our anajsls of that one Incomparable s-er- mon of tho ages, tho Sermon on the Mount, that It is a set en-fold sermon upon seven te v t.j setting forth the fundamental principles of the Kingdom of Heaven whioh Christ as rang was offering His nation, much as a candidate for the presidency formu- late'i a platform embodying tho principles and poll'-iies he proposed to follow if accepted by the people. This Kingdom Plattorm 1« found in Matthew--Chapter 5, G and 7. Tho first three of those texU are iloalt -with in this week's lesson. The last four will ho dealt with In the lessons of the two following Sundays. The 'af«re of the Kingdom. The most Important announcement Jeuis had to make concerning Ills Kingdom was that it was to be purely spiritual In nature and in no sense political or material. Ho never quite succeeded in getting this Idea across even \vlth hl.s dlaclplos. ICven at his ascinsion they asked him about re- -torliiK tho Kingdom to Israel, and tie jiolntod them to the spiritual power of Poutccost. His llrst "beatitude" lefined tho n a t u r e of His liindom as spiritual and utterly different from that of tho kingdoms ot this world: "Bloauwl a i o tho poor In spirit for She'rs is ihe Kingdom of Heaven." All uf the other "beatitudes" are the de- t clopment of this a^ text. Those who in no spirit of wlf-righteous satisfaction feel t h e i r poverty of spit it will mourn to God and 1o comforted; thoy will DO meek toward their feUownien and yet Inherit the earth, they will hunger for the righteousness ot" Ood In which they fool no poor and shall lie tilled; they will bo-merciful to their lellows and receive mercy la return: JTATE CONVENTION OF PASTORS OPENS MONDAY AT HARRISBURG CHURCH flAKRISBtlRG, Jan. 23.---Tho prep- u u t l o u s for Ibo Pastors' State Con\ r n t l o n , Monday Tuesday, Janu- u y 27, 2S in the Grace Methodist Kalacopal Church, Iliirrlfiburg, are iiw completed and an encouraging at- t e n d a n c e ' H expected from 20 detno- mlnatlons representing all sections of t'wnsylvania. Tho olllclal delegates i;x on the basis, oi.' two ministers for *\ery 5,000 commuulcint members, or nmjov fraction thereof. Besides these jlok-gates other inlnlste-rn will be wel- oine with tho prlv ilege ot debate hut !iot of vote. Among the prominent speakers will do Kev. Dr. Floyd \V. Tomkins. rector if Holy Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, 1'hlladolphia, Jlermanu K. Morso, IXD , (Hrei tor of survey of Home Missions Council, New Yoj-k; William II. King. O.D., executive sec- mtury cif IIomoMssions Council, NVw Vork: JJlswop J.imea II. DarHugton. Dloctsso of Harrisburg, Piotei.taut t'',plscopal Church; Colonel Ilaymonc! Kobliif,, iutwnattoual loader and lec- 'uror on world -ioaro, New York; $l«,hop Wlliam F McDowell, Meth- · Kplscopal ( h u r c h . Washington, O. C.; Kcv. John McDowell, secretary f the Board of Missions of ho Presbyterian Church, Xcn- Y o i k ; Utthor A. ^V^·lKl^ 1 D., doan of Yale Uivlnlty Schooi. N-ew H.uen, Conn.: \. Karl Kertnhait. 1 ) 1 ) , e\pi icnced r-jraul7er and (I rector ot l i m i t a t i o n ·vanijellstic l u m p a l g n a , Washington, 1). C.; Bishop Ikbe-rt L. Rudolph, Re- lormod Episcopal Church, Philadelphia; John T i m o t h y Stone, 1)1), pastor of Fourth Presbyterian C h u r c h , Phlcatco, and ex- nos.lor.Uor of General Assembly oi the Presbyterian Chuich in U n i t e d States Among the imiwt.xnt subjects to bo .-otisidorcHl \ \ v l l ^ the tl\»-point pro- K i u n i of th* v Pci n s h a n t a . Council of Chiirihos, Itu-liH luj; cviuity ami -ioii--, icl^i'iu-. i i h u a t i o n , hocia! aerv- ( . , r i t e i n a t m i i a relations v.Stli ^·ii^iii as lh«» jM'ovuUlug; motne and i" will be placed on th* they will he pure in heart seeing Cod as their blessing; they will be peacemakers among their fellows and be recognized "as Gc-d'a children; they will bo willing to be persecuted for righteousness sake becauso their reward is aeauTgd In heaven. Tho Purpose of the Kingdom, The purpose ot the Kingdom Is not to coeice the world but to transform it, preserve, sweeten and 'irigrhten It. It Is put into the earth PS salt and light. "Ye are the salt of the earth: ye are the light of the vortd " As quietly and Invisibly as salt the kingdom Is to preserve the wond from rottenness and decay; and as quietly and viedbly as light the kingdom Is to btighten and. enlighten a world lying hi darkness anrt the shadow oC death. The King declared his policy and attitude toward all that hurt preceeded Him to be a policy of constructive and perfecting harmony and lot destructive and subversive. "Think not that I azn come to destroy the law, or the prophete; I am not com * to destroy, but to fulfill." Thus He made the commandment "Thou shall i ot kill" apply to malice of the heait aa well aa violence of the hand, and the commandment agalnet adultery He applied even to the lustful look and inner desire of impurity. Ills idrils were not lowe-r but in every sense higher than those that preceded, ev«u to the perfection of God iis the itloal: "Be ye therefore perfect, even a' your Father which la in heaven la perfect." (Tho International Uniform leeson for Jan. 2« Is Matt. 5:'-IS. Golden Text: "Blessed are the pure in heart: fcr they shall see God." Matt. 5:8.) (The Daily Bible readings for next week's study are: Mon , Matt. 0:6-15; Tues., Matt. 0:19-25; Wed, 1/uke 18:19-25; Thurr., John 1-27-38; Frl., Acts 3:1-10; Sat.. Acts 21:7-14, and fa'un , Psalm 145:1-13.) JANUAJIY 28, 1880. Norrie Dawson is appointed as special night policeman by Town Council, the borough to pay half ot his ualary and the merchant!! tho other. Two freight engines collide on the Baltimore Ohio Hail road near Broad Ford, tha locomotives being slightly damaged and the crew escaping In-' jury. Sixty-five coke ovene arc to be erected by the Dunbar Furnace Company, miikng a total of 1.50. A po3tofflce la established at Fairchance and Rohei t L. Martin is designated as postmaster. The third Institute of the Upper Tyrone township toachers is held at Evereon. Two new freight engines have been added to the rolling stock of thia division of the Baltimore Ohio Railroad, Petitions asking for the canalization ot the Youghlogheny River are being circulated and Congressman Wise expects to present them in Congress to f l u p p o r t h i e measure asking f o r $130,000 to Improve the stream. , .TAN DA BY 17, 1S90. Detailed report ot the Conuellsvilln coke trade for 1he week ending January 11 shows «. total of 14,531 ovens in the region o£ which 13,674 are in blast and 857 Idle with an estimated production ot 138,4-85 tons, Wesley Francis, a former Connolla- ville boy, a son of the late Rev, Isaac Francie, is fatally injured by tho ox- plosion of a boiler of a steam ehovol at Falleton, Beaver county. Marriage licenses are Issued in Un- lontown as follows: Aggie Banks and Bessie Clark, both of Leleenring; Dominic Gallagher and Nelllo Forker, both of New Haven; Robert Dawson, New Haven, anl Ellen Anderson, Con- nellsvillo; Joseph Fisher, Layton, and Martha Forsjl'ie, Georgea township; S. A. Miller, S.iHllck township, and Susanna Sheet-;, Bullflkin township; Charles Harris and Eliza Dyor, both ot Qunbar township; Thomas J. Hoopor, Unlontown, and Rachel E. Cropp, Dunbar townehlp. Clwrles L.. Gray takes a position as night foreman at the Penneylvania Railroad engine house at Kveieon. The Catholli 1 Mutual Benefit Association electe i h e following officers: President, Pelw Fagan; flrst vlce- preflident, W. H Soisson; second vice- president, George Egm; corresponding secretary, Frank BY lei, recording secretary, Laurence Doncgan; treasurer, W. F. Soitson, and trustees, Hugh Coll and P. J. Tormay. spiritual preparations needed for tho atinh-orsary of Pentecost. The State Mirvey wll 1 also bo presented. Thirty-six couniies have been studied to correct oven hurcMns; and nriderchurchlng and many nituatious have been discovered wthfrh aiiow how futile are the dh Islons among the demomfnations of ihe Protestant churches. These shun lions will be described and the- pra tlcal remedy au^ested. Tho Pennsylvania Council of Churches la composed of 1C denominations, 32 ecclesiastical bodies and 1,550,000 communicant memibers. In addition to these these are 250,000 communicant membeiii \vho are affiliated making a tot U of 1,800,000, This practically repre ents a United Protestantism as tlnsro are approximately 2,000,000 members In the State. SPECIAL SERVICE SUNDAY EVENING AT M. E. CHURCH A fine musical program will be rendered Sunday evening at the First Methodist Episcopal ( hurch. J. L, Miles, an exceptional! v fine cornetlst of Scottclalo, will plav a number of solos. There w-tll IMJ special numbers by the choir. Tho pastor, U r . D. II. Graham, will b t i u g an evansftllslic message on the subject, "The Three Circles." At the morning- sen ice the pastor's subjeol will bo "Kxre-s ,l\-» Victory." Stork Visits Coll. SHANGHAI, .Tan i5.--A son \\as boui to Mrs. Ylug Ktio, wife of the ex-conmil ixt tan Francisco, yesterday, In the Soocho\\ juil w h e r e both ure waltinjj results of appeals from convictions of smuggling opium into tho U n i t e d States. Officers of the Methodist Protestant Sunday School arc elected «B follow*: Superintendent, J. I). S till wagon; assistant, A. B Shaw; librai'lans, K B. Cameron, Charles Long and James Rusell; eecrctary, Miss Margaret Franks; treaurer, George W. Bryner; organist, Miss Nora Shaw; chorister, E. n. Cameron, Mre. Clara B. Mansell, wife of Dr. R B Manse)!, formerly pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church here, dies at McICeesport ia her 40lh year, Mra. Eliza Mestrezat, eldest daughter of Judge J. TJ. Mefltreznat and wife of Attorney S. L. Mestrezat, dies In Unlontown. 9, 1900. Detailed report of the Connoll.iville coke trade for the week ending- January 13 shows a total of 19,902 ovens hi tho region of which 19,190 are in blast and 796 idle -with a total estimated production oC 205,233 tons, Charles Hehiflbauer, fireman at the Ijfrlth plant of the- H. C. Frick Coke Company Is killed when a fly wheel bursts. Edward CaldweU, veteran of Company D, 10th Regiment, loses two lingers whilt* coupling cars at Mount Braddock. Forsytho helr-5 at Red Lion cell 178 acres of coal to S. R Wilson Of-the Plltsburg Coal Company for $42,055. Charles II. Jones of Alice mines, who served w i t h Company 15 from Mount Pleasant, Ie killed noar Mullen works. IIo is tho eighth veteran of the regiment to lose his life since leaving the service. Patrick Ilughee, miner at Lemont, IB killed by a loaded trip David Llnderman, employed by the Indian Creek Tie Lumber Company at Indian Credit, is killed when ho IB blown by wind from a bridge ami falls 33 feet, lauding on his hand on the ice, The Fairmont, Morgantown £- Pttte- burg Railroad and tho O. B Short Lino aro added to the Connrllsvlllo Division of tho lianimore Ohio Railroad under Superintendent J. S. Norris. Gxrgo Shulb: ot Coime-llsUlie, a railroad brakemaii, ii killed in a w r e c k near Falrchance Marriage llcenaes are issued In Uniontown as follows: William T. Carroll, Scottdale, and Cholera K. Trax Unlohtown; Ira Blali, Porryopolls and I/uvada Jankin», F r a n k l i n t o w n ship; J. Haxlott L a j b o w and Sarah M j Davis, both of Vancen M i l l ; lOmersor i Arnold, F r a n k l i n t o w n s h i p , and An j nette J u n k , North Union tawiiohip W llam L. Gans and Lucy C. Brooke, bo h of Uniontowh; Wiley Taylor ami A) ce Rose, both of Elm Grave; Rober D, Curry, Laurel Hill, and Ida Si rfnger, (Unioutown; W. S. Blaney ai i Alice'Hoover, German Townehip; E win T./Joneo, South Connellsville, ai d KaUe r Walker, Martina Ferry, O. N'ew buildings projected for the yeai" Include- the Title Trust Bank, the Rlivlah Catholic Church, South Side B ptist Church, the residence of Mrs. .Ii an H. Gutellus, improvement to tha T 1 ttsburg Brewing Company and F. T. A lama wholesale produce huildlng. JANUARY 13, 1010. j Detailed report ot the ConnoHsviile c ike trade for tha week ending Jan-, u iry 8 ehowa A total ot 39,219 ovena in t ie region ot which 36,286 are In blast a id 2,933 idle with «, total estimated I reduction of 454,007 tons. The annual coke review of The ( ourier for 1D09 shows a production i r the year ending December 31, of 3 7,735,832 tone. The average price for t ie year was $2. Mrs. Dalsio Collins, wifo of John F. Collins, dies of pneumonia. Samuel Tuck, well know Jew, tails . n the ice and dice on the- way to the Io«pltal. JAJS'fJARY 22, 1820. Detailed report of tha Connellsrllle xike trade for the week ending Jan- iary 17 shows a total of 36,734 ovens n the region, of which 22,690 are in olast and 13,144 idle, with a total estimated production of 241,491 tons. A. A. Mitchell, for the poet five years superintendent of the Forest Hill and Paul plants of the W. J. Ralney, Inc., ta transferred to Revere to succeed Clarence Patterson. The Novely mine of the H. C. Frick Coke Company Is reopened and the Morgan ovens are flretl up by the CorradO' Schenck Company. Mount Pleasant relatives of the late H. C. Frick are left ?50,000 each ot the estate of tho coke pioneer. Luthor B. Collins, 3G yoare old, well known Connollsville druggist, dies at his home In Morrell avenue, Greenwood. Jamofi Harbaugh ot Summit, track walker for the Baltimore Ohio, )fi , killed when run down by a train near ' Confluence. i J, A. Shutsey, Leisenrlng merchant; Who went to Washington with a dele- Ration ropreeentlng the Hi ing Back t b o Soldier Dead League, writes that the dead will be returned to their home communities beforo long. Killed On Fir4 I'Ug-ht. j SAX IMEG-O, J in. 25.--Robert Glenn. La Mesa, was k i l l e d and K T. Shotvell, pilot, was eriouslv Injured late last n i g h t when the a i r p l a n e in w h i c h thc.v \ \ e i e i l i n g crashed at Kl Centre Tho fiig it \\as the first for Qlotin TRINITY LUTHKRAN, Fnirviowj avenue, W. H. Hetrick, D. 1, pastor -( Class in catechism, 3 A. M. Sunday j school, 10, leseon, "Standards of the ] Kingdom." Morning worship, 11. Holy Communion will txi administered. I Bapttam and lecepllou ot mwnbeie. j Luther-League, OHO P. M.; subject, j "Luther League in Porto Rico"; leadf-r, Mifls Evelyn Zimmerman. Kve- nlng worship, 7.30 Holy Communion, sermon, "Ninth and Tenth Commandments." Last In series. TRINITY RRFORMKI), Pitt - burg and Groen f-treela; C. G. Shupe, patitru --9:45, Sunday school, S. C. Witt, superintendent. 11, sermon, "Stewardship of Lir?," G : 4 5 P. M., Ohrlstlau Endeavor. 7:80, sermon, "Faithfulness." Special announcement: Monthly meeting of consistory, Tuesday, Jaruiay 28, at 7:30 P. M. TUINITV EPISCOPAL, Cation L H. Burn, rector.--Church HC'hool, 10. Kve- nlng prayer and Hcrmoii, 7:30. FIRST IfiVANGBLIf'AL, South Connellsville, M. R. TVHOU, pastor--9:30 A. M., Sunday school, Mrt. U. Shoemaker, superintendent. 10 15, worship, in charge of I*. G. Hoover. 7:.'!0 P. M., ser/leo in charge* of tho pastor. Wednesday, 7','30 P, M , prayer- meeting. PAYNE A. M. E , West Bide, W, S. Amos, pastor--Sunday school at 9: -15; W, F. Thompson, superintendent. Morning v orbhip at 10:45. Evening worship at 7:30 by T, J. Askew. Young people's, G.30 P. M.; Oladyb JVTorUla, pees Went. Rev. T. J. Askew, tho presiding elder of tho Pittsburgh district, will preach at 7.30. Tho Lord's Supper will be administered. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN, South Pltltburg and Morton avenue, G. H. Krupp, pastor--Bible school at 3:45 A. M.; Charles E. Caison, superintendent. Monitig worship at 11; "By Grace Through Faith." Evening worship at 7.30; "Your M a p " Intermediate Y. P. C. U. ut G:30. Senior Y, P. C. U. at 6:43. Wednesday at 7:45, ink!-week service oC prayer and pi also Friday evening at 7:45, prepuratoiy beivlce, Rev. Laiaberlfion of Ihe Methodist Protestant Church w i l l b i i r K t h e m e s sage. Communion next Sunday at the morning service. CHURCH UF THE BRETHREN, Vine and Newmyor, Ralph E Shober, minister--Bible school at 9:43, Mrs. Paul V. Lepley, supei intendeiit. Morning w o r s h i p and sermon at 11 o'clock; subject, ."The Doctrine of God." Evening at 7, Y. P. P A mifelon:u play- let w i l l be the s p e c U i l .feature at 7,,'JO, honuon, sufojject, '"rt h a t K^epo U.s Ti ue '" Pr.ijor meet ing \\ eil'iehdav e v e n i n g at 7.30. Alice Ridgwny, leader. PRESBYTERIAN, Dunbar, Leard I. Wylie, m i n i s t e r -- S u n l a v school t 3:'f5, I'ptou U. Hpecr, miper nlendoi t. Won, lilp at 11, «ubjject, "Tho Gc*ip '1 for the Times." C K at G 45. Q * f. Greenwood, leader, topic. 'What c ur Church P l a n n i n g Tnl.i V«iir ' Kve ting preaching at 7:30. FIRST BAPTIST, V,. if fiteve 8, minister--Church school, 0 : 4 3 , loss n, "Tho ChrU,tUn HH Defined 1iy Jesu " Morning worship, 10:^5, eornou, '"I vo Gospel hi A/Ham; story of the ex n- rerflkm of head-hunlws." Meeting ot (ho Juniors Sunday afternoon at 2. Kvonlng worship 7 30. Hf-rinoii, "1 he Grope! In C o n n e l l b v i l l c " F I R S T PRESBYTERIAN, .1 L. Proud ill, 1). D., minister--Suu ay school, 9.;10, II. W. McRobble. em jr- Inlendent. Morning worship, 11, Ci m- niunion of tho Ix]d'f. Suppor. Yoi ng pooplo's meeting, (i:30 o'clock. K m- Ing service, 7:30 o'clock. Dr. \V. S- ott .Bowman w i l l preach at both servl es. W-odneMlay evening prtiyor rn-eotliif at SALVATION ARMY, corner of burg etreot and Oallatin avenue, Captain C. J. Fox, officer In charge-Meetings Sunday, 11 A. M., holiness meeting; 2:30 P.'*M,, Sunday school; 4 P. M., young people's meeting; 8 P. M , evening service. Meetings TUCB- l day and Thursday night exch week at 5 o'clock. Kverybody welcome. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY, ( M c C r o r y Building--Sunday morning fiorvtce at 10 I5 o'clock. Sunday j School at 3:30 A. M. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting «1 8 o'clock. Reading room is open daily excppt Sundays and holidays from 2 to 4 o'clock, where all authorized Christian Science literature may bo read, "Truth" to tho siibjject of the lesson sermon to bo reed in all C'hurchas of Chrst, Scientists, Sunday, The Gold-en Text !«, "Tho truth of tho Lord enduroth forev-er, Pralso yo tho Lord " 7:'(5 o'clock. FIRST CHURCH OF THW U N I T KD BRETHRKN IN CHRIST, Lincoln ve- n u e and Itaes street, Elmer A. Sh 11?,, minister--Church school, 9:15 A. J f. A class for evory age, Harry G Witt superintendent. Dlvh.e worablp. 11 A M. Spbeial nftwic. Sormon, "Tho C) rls- lian Adventure." Senior Christian Endeavor Society, 6.30 P. M, T .pic, "What Is Our Church Planning for This Year " Leader, John M. Kr lley. J u n i o r Christian Kndeavor Soi ioty, 0:30 P. M. Topic, "What Is Our Church Planning Thin Year" I^e dor, Jean Osfaiwlse. Evening nor vice. ':80, Special sorvlco to hegla Chrietlan Endeavor Week. .Sermon, "Amofi and Andy." Mid-Week service, Wei nee- day at 7:30 P. M , preceded by Fe low- ship Biippor at 6.30 Evangelism t -ain- Ing clahb, 7 - 1 0 P. M. FIRST CHRISTIAN, South Pitt' burg street, Rev. Eugene N. Duly, ml! later --Cnurcli school, ,9 80 A. W., Wai er S. Stimmel, superintendent, ('lasers for all ages Communion and v"ir«I ip nt 10:40; subjeel. " T h e H p i i l t Mlled Life." Setiioi ami Inteinic(IUi.le ln-Ia- tian TCndeavor, G:;!0 P. VI. \Vo'shlp, 7:30 P. M., subjecl, "A Live ISHI e." A speaker fro/a Ihe Anti-Siloon L ague B'll! deliver the mestjage at thi service. Wednesday at 7:30 P AI., ; i n i d - j week pause to think of God A fr endly ehurch Invites you to all of its services FAYKTTK U. B CHARGE, B 3V. R. H A r n d t , pastor--Preai hliiR ; t tho Mooi e Meiuaiial Church ac 10 \ M.; TCast Kn) Sunday, 10 A. M and p -each- ing, 11 A M C h r i s t i a n Knclce ov at 6 ;!0 P M M o u n t O h v p .Sundrij -.chool at 10 aA. M , L'ndeavo , 6.30 P Vf nvaufthtiiir 7 · 'Jtl X " FIRST METHODIST PROTESTANT, Wen Apple street, J. H. Lamberteon, minister--Clen.a meeting 9 A. M., leader (Jeorgo Swa)!op Sunday school, 9:45 A. M., T. H. Means superintendent. Morning worship, 11 A. M., sub- |ect, "Peace, Joy and Optimlom of Jeiuifi." Junior C. E. 3 P. M. Inter- dlate C.' E. 6 P. M., leader, Miss Wanetta Ycxler Senior C. E. prayer- meeting at 6 15 P. M. Topic, "What I« Our Church Planning This Year?" In the evening nt 7:30 tho pastor's theme will bo "Whieh Is Your Answer?" At the regular Wednesday evening prayer meeting tho Christian Endeavor eocietkns will have charge of the service. They will also attend in a body the Sunday evening service February 2, and take- part. A cordial welcome to all. SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE NOW AND A YEAR AGO 89 91 The following tablo compiled by the Connellsvllle Mlnlaterial ABeociation shows tho attendance in tho Sunday echoola of tho community last Sunday uid a year ago: Church of Brethren xChurcb of God Covenantor ,, First Baptist . ... First Christian . First Evangelical Methodist Episcopal Melhodlsl Prolealant xPreebyteriau United Brethren xxUnltod Pipobylerlai Greenwood Methodist xllighland Baptist Mount Zion Baptiat Payne A. M. K. . 42 \Rocky "Mount Baptist St. John's Geiman Lutheran . M Salvation Army xTrinity Episcopal Trinity Lutheian Trinity Rct'otmed Trotter Commutiity Union Baptist ·?! x Indicates no report received xx imllcateb no,t available 60 212 -14.6 ~ 137' ~ 25 1 .183 21S 207 .107 53 - _ _ . 55 .. - 317 . ,, 09 29 ES 194 143 150 319 25H 2SG 129 «3 4S 45 30 447 70 31 40 Power of Gospel Among Head Hunting Savages Is Revealed by Dr. Longwell TVa-t-t^frmTWIvirf Ttnwnr r\f - f l i r t .-M n rc.iv. H * i n n ninnnn* the heAd hunting "Tho Transforming Power ot tlio G-ospel" was vividly illustrated by Dr. Robert A. Longwell, missionary of HIP Baptist Church jn Assam, d u r i n g hid fiddross at the closing session Thursday ovoning of the mid-winter meeting of the Monongrahela Baptist Association. It seems hardiy possible, buf never- the less is true, said Dr. Long-well, that children aid grandchildren ot savage head hunters of that region are now graduates ot colleges and universities and many of them engaged In carrying on missionary work among their people aa a result of the- prea«'h- ing-of the Gospel by Dr. Longwell a n d other missionaries, amon;* whom v as tho late Rev, Rlloy Bailey of Mill Run, this county. It Tv«e a thrilling recital of the c xtt- version of the head huntore and otiar savagea and the results at the end of a generation. For instance, in this region, about Ga.ub.UI, where Dr. Longwoll's headquarters are, he c ted a hand hunter who boasted ho had at his liotne the lieada o£ 51 persons he had slain la combat. There if a among the head hunting savages that Hie spirit of every one whose head the individual possesses will be hte servant In the next world. Therefore the urge to get as many a« possible. Gradually, through the work of the missionaries thie superstition is beinpr overcome. Dr. Longwell has spent more than 25 yearns In the Assam field, where for 20 years he was associated with the late Rev. Bailey, who had many relatives among the Baileys ami Dulls of Connellsvllle ami this section of Fayette. county. Dr. Lonswel! received his education at the Mount Pleasant Classical and Scientific Institute and during his etudent days preached at the Penneville. Baptist and other churches In Western Pennsylvania One of the persons who came Into the Pennsville church during hta min- tetry, ho eaid, was Mrs. Charlcti Det- wllor of near PennsviHe, who was at the service to greet him. Dr. Longwell and his wife are now on a furlough of a year, at the end of which they will return to the mission field. Young People Will Have Full Charge of Services At Dawson Church Sunday DAWSON, Jau. 25,--Tomorrow will be observed as young people's d r y at the Presbyterian Church. Tho y u n g people of the Sunday school will Iiave charge of the school, replacing the superintendent and offlcerii. Se/iral ot the classes will be taught by members ot their'class. J. C. McOlll, Jr., will speak to the Dr. Bell Bible Olabs and Mrs Sarah Bradley will address the members of the Naomi Bible f l l a a s . The evening- h o u r of worship at 7:30 o'clock will be conducted entirely by the young people of the congre- gation. The boys' class, the girls' class and (ho Westminster Guild will render anthems. Four young people, Leonore Mediae, Dorothy Gruen, Julia LauRhrey and Catherine Edwards, w i l l speak. Others participating in the program are Misses Annagrace- McQill, Nettio Leah Whipkey, Olivia Beors and Janet Henry, and Clair MeCIintock, James Goldsboro, William Stevens, Samuel Inks, Jr., David Laughrey, Doulad Whlpkey and Edward Goodman. CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH WILL OBSERVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY UNIOXTOWN, .Tan. 25. -- Sunday, January 26, 1030, will mark th- 40th anniversary of the formal organization of the Central Christian Church, South Gallatin avenue, of t v h l c i Rev, W H. McKinney IB now pastor Tho church began in the orf aniza- j tSori of a BIbl class at the home of j T, M. Cochrat!, October 21, ISfS, fol- j lowed a few days later/by the organization ot a Ladles' Mission... ry Society. The preecnt church auditorium was built in 1890 and enlarged T\ th the addition of tho Sunday fechool rooms in 1906. The local church has had a steady growth and has been the mot ler of four additional churches: H i p wood Christian, New Salem Christian, Ke- public Christian and the Brwnsvilla Chriritlan. It hna also had a largo share in the establishment oC several mission churches in^ both Fayetto and Gx-eene countes. Following la tho o£ charter members: Mary B. Craft, M. M. Coch-, Emma J. Coclirau, Myra S. Hied, J. C. B. Stivers, Kdlth M. Stivers, George Newmeyer, Catherine V. Xc«- mever, Mary A. Cochran, Vlice C. Belghley, Matilda S. Craig, D l£en«h«.w, Mary W. Colhurn, Hlfct, Olive UloMer, Carrie E Emma J. Gad, Joseph II. Add J. Addis, Hugh S. JDarsie, C!. Daraie, M a r t h a M. Pleminjc, Selina Fleming, Samuel Shipley, Klizabeth Shipley and John F. Hist. The list of pactore who luue served the Central Christian Church eince its organization are: J. C. B. Stiveit,, Charles II. Plattenburg, W. .!. Cocke, Herbert Yewell, J. W. Carp liter, II. Maxwell Hall, Cloyd Goodnlgnt, G. W. Watson, Joel Lee Jones, S. A Pail- dock and W. H. McKiuuey. COSTS WESTMORELAND NEARLY TWO MILLION TO OPERATE IN 1929 R. A. II. HouHell, Euimii Malinda KENDALL INTRODUCE BILL FOR MONUMENT AT FORT NECESSITY WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.--Representative Samuol A Kendall, Republican, Meyersdale, P a , on Friday introduced bj.Hs which would authorize erection of monuments to commemorate battle^ in 1754 at Fort Necessity and Jumohvllle camp, Fayotte county, at a cost o£ $25,000 and 51,000 respectively. It is planned to erect t h e monument at fort Necessity and p l a n ) a tablet at Jumonvllle. t iiruvan 8 Meets l-'rKta). GKKLONSBURG, Ja». iio -The annual meeting and smoker of Caiavun No. 8 of Syria Temple will be held Filday everting at the Central HUSP House. The election of O'flceJs will be followed by an entertainment and lunch. J/uoMni; for Barpalm T if so, read the ad-v-ertisdng columns Father Valerian Winter Dies. JOHNSTOWN, Jan. 25.--Rev. Father Valerian Winter, 51, assistant pastor of St Jofecph's Church, formerly ot St. Vincent College, where for 15 vears he- had disuse of th" music department, died last n j c l i l in tin.- c h u i c - h lectoiy Use Clussiikd A d s . Pjwiiijlrfa nnij-Jtlrl v fVvU/iyj, GR10EKSBURG, Jan. 25.--Interesting figures on tho cost of the upkeep of the various departments of Westmoreland county together ·with fee^ from the several offices are contained in the 29th annual report filed by tho office of County Controller G. A. McDowell today The expenditures for maintenance and construction of roads wof |1,05E),- 987.18. Till ere remained in the generJl ftiud on January 6, 1930, the repci ·,, shows, a total of ?85,923.76, In the road f u n d there remained at the same time $390,593.60. In departments of the county $31.157.10 wa spent for maintenance in tho county JaJl. Elections coet Wesl- moreland county a total of $60,455.3B including primary and general elections in 1029. The county paid out for liquor analysis of booze seized in. raids ,i total of $5,050 in 1929. It cost Westmoreland county $1U1,- 110 to maintain persona in peual, charitable and Insane institutions last, year, the report shows. A total of $16,860.04 was spent to pay jurors last year Including grand jurors, petit and ti averse jurors. Tho total expenditures for the year 1929 were $1,827,970.35. Cash on hand January 7, 1930, -\va^ reported as $273,491.02. A m o u n t s paid to the county from Vdrious sources last year are: From clerk of courts fees collected weVe ?S,042.77. Treasurer's office, $G,239.58. Recorder of deeds' office, ?23,945.S«S. Register of wills' office, $22,06631. District attorney's office, $16,536. ProUiouolary's office, $19,865.10. Sheriff's office, $21,388.58. Coroner's oflice, ?J7. The receipts from all sources in 1929 w e i o $2,502,018.31. The parole office collected f r o m court sentences since J u n o 1, 192S, when the office was started. $1,658.79 costs and $34,843,50 for support in desertion cases. A total o£ 273 cases were handled by that office last year. There were 101 children, of both sexes before tho juvenile court ia 1929 and also 103 additional cases for personal supervision. For maintenance to juveniles in Morganza tho C O U D I J paid out last year $30,053.97 and for maintenance iu tho Huntingdon re- tormatory $7,642.52. Ruffadale RUFFSDALE, Jan. 25--Mrs. J. J. Houser entertained a number of her friends at a prettily appointed dinuei at her homo here Thursday, The Woman's Home Missionary society ol' the Methodist Church held its m o n t h l y meeting m t h e church Tuebday overling. Menibws of the Methodist Eplficopul Church held" a prayer-meeting at tho home of Mr. and Mr-s. Robert Cole Friday evening. Mrs. Lena Poolc and Mrs. Elizabeth Stec'e attended the luueral o£ their brother, Rev. H. S. Myers of Scotklalo Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Craig announced tho birth of a daughter. Mrs Mary Kcllcj of Hunker visited her mothoj, Mrs Reoccfa Houber Thursday Mis. M. A Lou;' \\Ub ['ailing m M o u n t Pleasant Weiliichday. Mtb. H. R. Ragor Is confined to h«r bad in her home naar Tar*

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