The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1930
Page 4
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FUUK. Ht.NRY I' HNl'DKH, P r e i l d c n t and LcllUii iS70-1016. AtUb K. M ..'.1 UER. JAMiirf J VUl OOI-L, a n d ( · c u i i i l Mauagtr. P C KDMIWOSON, MISS A. DONEQAN, anil Tioauurer. .TOJIN U CANS, Kdltor. WAJUTBR H STIMMJJJI* City Kdltor. MlS LYNKU V KINCE1.U Soclct/ KcUtoi. MEM BUR OF American Nosvspapci Publishers to talre out license s'id 1 duplicate for eac-h p l a c e wu-ei · t*, ·jfilc-e Ks iiinlntuincd On yi I h ' t f officer's w h q a ' t ,i.s b t o k t t / n i o i' quired to protritic a license A bro'c( j' transact business f i o n i a in i ' J 1 ; o wltliouL a sij,n so long a ! ·· m tintaliif, an office in the lib t,U m r u in; of that term, St-pnogrunh-or-5 ai ii office JfvSi'i-tanl'g do not i - T j u l i " i llconso unlest, th-ey i\a!t upon ci s tomcrs of tho office S.ilo nuei ca ployed, on a salary must b l l r nf e- A juitlco ot t h e peace doe 11 nol hin · to tako out a license, but si lesT IP" 1 i hi« omptoj must do ao I E '!fO/gi ' aro pv-efeirod against au apihc£i(, fi ! ' a license It must be- r e f u s e d ncl a hearing bo held, fiom the leci. ! on f which tho applicant has the rl'jht o appeal to court, Tho whole object of tho law Is l,i g l \ o bettei piotectlon lo cua and tK^ raise the standards of i engaged in selling a--eal" 'T THIS DAILY CO U^IEIl, CONNFJLpBVIL,L,E. LJ_J_ PA. mm W. JANUARY 26, 198$. ^NUFF! A u d i t l i u i t a n of Circulation. Pennsylvania Nawsp«ier J'ubllshors Asatit-latl m. Two cents per copy BOc per month; .fS.OO per year by nfia-il if paid ifi au- ^·lll·*. U' jn;r -week by cai rlcr. s m o n r t rlvs.3 matter at the i:i l / i o d iit jfllcc. SATURDAY EVKNIM«, .US. 25, IftSO, TO F R H ' K SAFl.1'1' For the- H r - t ttmo the a n n u a l safety banquet of tho You ;li and Nortborn division ot th-o H. C, Frlck Coko Com- IKiny will bo held in Comiollsvlllo tonight. Hei-otofoiei I Us a l w a j s pleas- a n t and profitable f u n c t i o n has beon hf-ld at tho Pleasant Valley Country CluT. This te a ConnellsviUe institution, b u t l t is not as close to the heart of the city as tin* Methodist Episcopal Church, wlMMQ tho function takes ptece this evening, , Bat wherovw mav be" tho place ot mooting tho sujx^lntonclents, mino lore-men and other officials Of tho mines will bo gladly uelcomo to our city. They di e ongfigert in a great undertaking-- etrh Ins daily and by every moans In their vow or to reduce tho Inwards of mining a-nd to lessen the ,K detent toll. They aro accomplishing results, but not to Uic o.xtcnt thoy dchiro Knoour- a ;el by tho records ot tho preceding j r a r they press on to the- attainment of still bettor in- the future. May thoy aeiiic\o the dogroo of success that will amp.ty reward them remitting efforts. WHY TAXES T0 NOT That the vases collected by uunici- pul governments in th-o Unite* Stat-ci nfountod to $1,630,000,000 In 02S, an ncreaeo ot 5263,000,000 ovt^r ID !7 ; tlun State governments collected 11,46!;,000,000, a gain oC ?HO,000,OOi mav 1927, ·while tho Federal t«3 B» le- ueased $163,000.000, from $3/37,000,-, 000 la 1927 to $3,134,000,000 i i 1928, explains why the grand totn o f . a l l axo3 hUTtMsed $230,000,000 Ironi $8,0-59,000,000 in W87 to *9,2S-KdO-0,000 m 1028 These figures ji'-ao tna! e j am the fact that' local and state ijovc nmon'fo constitute tli-e bnlk of tho mml-en under which the ta-xpajerfl are laboring. It also reveals the- urgent uocoas ty foi economy in local and Stat i admlalstrn- lions in order that, the iwne-fltiH from reduction In Federal tax itlon may bo enjoyed by the people. The former are direct taxes, the effert ot the payment o£ which is felt :y all citizens. Federal taxes are in- liroct, hence they are not appreciably felt, but noticeable relief can not coma until local and State taxes me made lower. for theiir un- m: BAM8AY, FJUEMI) OF EDUCATION. The name o£ KrsWne Ramsay Ijaa lifon so intimately associated with Mount Pleasant that it Is destined to no pwpeluaUxl for all timo, ass ^Yell as being held in grateful remembrance by the clllzenb of. that town. H1 unstinted poneroslb in providing for the erection of tho Rameay High School is fen expression of hi Interest in the town of hia youth and j c u n a : manhood Fortune having ·imllocl upon hit) efforts he is both happy and glad to perform this service. A friend of education, and appreciative of Us value, it, baa become a g e n u i n e pleasure to him'to be instrumental In rnaldng its UclUtlet available "to o u n g people, both in Ins adopted home in the southland and at Mount Pleasant. His good work in thl* particular Isi certain to bear frut through many generations and alwa to bless his name. CONXELLSVlIJJi B01"8 US' OTHER FIBLDS. All except a 'ew ot bis former associates and f i i e n d a in. this e-eatioii ha( lost trauk of H. JVIurtlu Lee, bettci Known as "VeoK", until a Courier reporter discovered him. They will therefore, bo surprised to learn thv ho Is now county detective of Law- 1-om.o comity and in that capacity wa a member of t h e party ^that trough tho "Btondo Trigger AVomau" and hoi companion from Oklahoma to Nev. U.istlo to xns* for the murdci o Corporal Bradv Paul. Tills act Is merely keeping up the reputation of Cornier Oonuellsvlllo boys who, aftei leaving the homo nest die making good in a wide variety o lines They 110 doubt bear the oh town in kindly lernomibrancc am have gratitude that they here lcnnei mulch that h a i been helpful to then in their later life. T A K I A G CARE OF BIKI) FRIENDS. The continued winter weathei, with its snow covering up Hie sources of 'ood for birds and small game, Deputy Game Warden Brown 1 1 Scottclale Is employing his time to gnod advantage in aiding in making a supply available lie haw enlisted tlio Boy Scouts and oth-era aUcl then- e f o t t s are sewing to relieve the thu-Ucnod starvation of many birds and rabbits. Aside from the pra tlcnl value of preserving bird and small game life, it is a uumana act to furnish them with tlve means of 8ii l itenar.p when thoy are prevented f r c m procuring it themselves. This the/ TvllI bs able to do when the ground is, free ot snow and ice no that the rtforts need not bo continued after tin snow hue disappeared. Whatever is dono to aid in caring for them at this season wi) 1 bo amply repaid next Mimmer and fall, Transforming a cl ty rnlne i n t o a moonshine- distilloiy is getting out of the sunshine, but it is form of mining not recognized aa a, useful art It however, subject to inspection and the removal of tho parth Ipants from the possible dangers of underground operations. The experience of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, in banliitiL will probably convex tho lesson that In labor organizations, as in othel lines, it is well to Hick to a single track. * -t- It is becoming more and more ap parent that a Byrd relief expedition will next be In or'ler, which woul aeem to be a contiuroncy tha two-pole explorer had not t.iken into aocoun in his otherwiao complete prepaid, tions It Chicago were to make a levy on the hl-jackois, gunmen aiwl otho mombers of tbe "big biiHinciss" clase among Its nutnerou i colony of crooks It might be helpful in relieving th city's 'present financial stringency provided honeet people can be secured to alinlrilstr«' the collection, and disbursement Of the f u n d s J'roin source. g-lr! f h o u g l i t r j i i K h l j The d!"·- »uld not br c li'«iwl irui i ^ i M ' t t v l H u t hi'i (ye- l o l l on IKM- m o l h e i ' s in svly I u n c n i u s i l l i ( U t l . t l l l r IJo« I! l!|('\ ( line iind iioi ' ( i n i d i n Ilcw i n t o UK in V i l h iii i f( N\ i m n u l r t i DIMV d n t - i ^ luul lip-en L i i ^ . i f ^ i UK! IHT (nicer bopioi It \s I T noL in iiu j i i i - , h i l c i Uul shr d u p l i c . j l v | t h e hriinip i j , a l -- - b u l Ihb:, t i m e loi t h o K i c - d i Lilli Lehii i n n , wlulo tlu* st.ii' b u n ^ iinxioiihly hei "ihouldr-i .ijud i\cw Vw woit^t! uup-ujustly toi tlio Met)'( uoli- tan t i t (am to'p|w up. On tlial occ ifefon sho 11 oalPd lj(!hm,inn'6 coslnm^ .is "IfiiiMo" in fait ti}i!t an JIOUL i\ 3 uuiiit'U'v (itpssnuikpr is M a d a m o K r e l b l n ? e v Will] !',2 hclpeiu blu cos- fumed her fjret opeia, "Akla " n less tlian Jivo w-ecks--d Diminution c illiiiR foi more Hun 200 p*r*oiT5 in t!u casl, w i t h several fhdnijOB'ot lostumc And IMPORTATION OF PARROTS BARRED BY PRESIDENT her -Ui» and lni i l t i t i i a h,ivo been growing and m - t t l n # swell cmi rgon- c-ms t,ln eo 3he Us the-opera's leio-n- n l f t l fllaf. Sfngera come and * o, all "Inging Ji«-i" praises, hho saye; "Ruroly 1 to i-OB hi mo for tho oiwr.i Is just su wonderful ae t-o 'sing a song," for h^molt', Oregon and Wyoming Lands Are Of feredl Yets \ V \ S H C M G T O X , J a n , 2Q-,Clabo to ami Loir Bird in Tropical Birds Under Ban. DANGER OF FEVER IS THE REASON Ry \ V A S r I l N U T O N , ,)nn 25,-- -Tho brll- l l a n t p l u m u K e of the parrot, parralcet, love b h d and some 40 or 50 oth«r morabets ol' parrot family mav 7d oou a«ies in Lukt? and If roun- l i e Oregon, will be opened to homc- outi'y begin- s(o,i'i and (Ic'hm t n i n g Fobiuary 7, it Aves dm outiccd tit the IntfHor, The terrlory \ is, openeH ioi fiettle- m e n t January 2t ( when 'the department aleo obout 20,300 acres o£ unappropriated land in "VVae- Uakle county, Wyotning, available. Ninety days is retjufxed for World War ex-gervicd men to settjc iho land, Wets Want Diy Law R^l Issue At 1930 Congressional Election j TROUT NUKSJ5IUES. If, as Con jressinau Kendall sug- go3ti, the spoitttinon of Fuyotto county revlvo trout nursery ·activities, there- seems to bo no reaou why h u f f l t l e i t t fln(,'erhngh would not be available to thoroughly stock all the streams ol tho county wt'thln tho nest two yoara. Th© stocking could be mudo ao completo that tho"Vaters of Kayotto coimty would provide Hport tor every pet-boa who may acquire a taste- for fishing. The OovpDiment being so abundantly equipped to supply nui series with oung trout, and the art ot' rearing tiiem to p i o p c r slzo for stocking hav- mg been t u l i y ilei'eloped, it should bo tho flesh c of aU'loveis of t r o u t fibbing to .ivall themselves of tho facilities lietc at home It is not every tlshonnan w i o can tnko long Journeys wellkuown (rout stl earns lu neighboring or tar distant states. streams ouf,ht to be so Our local stocked t h a t opportunity will be provided for ,v good day', sport n IthJu easy reach, i Tho early ospeiieuco at tha Breajc- iJeck nursery was unfortunate, but p r o f i t i n g bj that experience it should ix ioj,aibl6 to c o n t t u u a the ntir- y \ s i t H highly sattstactory Jesuits. It will at KIM be w c n i h tlio cftort. « i : \ L ESTATE Mh. Tl.o i x i ^ t t i u o ot u Uuv iegutUing tlu 1 , i i i i i t h s; ol h i t n s t H to j o a l estate b i o K « i s m ij" not be gont'ially kni\vn. Stu M. a l a v \sus pasie-d bs the l.f^ .ilatiiw and is now In effect Its tiro 'Slou-* ha\*.- Isecn intoipivtcil bj ihi* IH x partm-ent ot .Iu-,tlre ThU op nloii, t'^on to John A II Bringing outt apainet a phurch for salary may bo an unusual proceeding, but it ehows that a pastor lias tho right to make application ot the Scripture that "the laboier Is worthy of lily hire," even it he is not enjoined by th-o same authoriiy to go to law In establishment of Me claim Hollywood Accepts The Lonjjt Skirt But ' Witn Reservations "WUt Hollywood accept long elclrta? This question 'hat has kept a few hundred faahion nuthorittee and a tew million American women waiting expectantly for mouths has finally been answered by 30 outstanding stars of tho film colony-- a group wWch probably exc-rts a greater influence on the dr?«a of Ame-rlc ui tnminlo than any other. And tha a n s n o r aeeme to'bo a qualified and h«f Itsiiil ' Yes." Almost all f.'vci long skirts for evening wear, anil a majority will wear moderately l o n g afternoon, frocks, but-They are evenly divided lor and against the attempt to lengthen tailored street dreeee s, and nine out of ten insist wear. upon short sklrte ior sports Ho Prefers the Air LOS ANGlflh IS, Jan. 25 --Paul I. ter, a member of the staff of the AGIO Coruoi itiou of California, Iuw owned ilufre ai- planes and never haw had an automooilo 110 Is u licensed tmiwpoit pilot but luii not a C U i - loinia driver's or A n DION FLEET, KtS'.ex, line, Km J6- K « i f h , buVciiuteudoni ot tho Depart- j Tlto x ieur " ( t wC'TaWiu I n s t r u c t i o n holds · o n i l r»r» i o r t \ \ v l i h i i i i i !HOU.» OtH en. of r f i ! *· t s t v t'orpoi aliun ' iii« is- d u r i n g t' ic J * % st os I is \» Hi -- tru v h t m i a t c s that mm i mijo- ,i mnn it hi f .lUMM t!) 000 MI t M ui 'nmnH CHARGES P. W*»bln£ton Correspondent for Cantral Pro»«. WASHINGTON, Jan 2 5 -- Wets want to make Prohibition as nearly as pob- sbUe- the sole issue at IVilK yaar'n election of United States SwuUorfa and Reprc«entatlvos This te the explanetion at their attempt to force vote* in both Uouseo ot Congress on a proposition (o rej;t.a! the ISth Amendment, They fully realizes that It «i!l bu beaten overwhelmingly. Hawmer, almost all the present Representatives and 28 of tha 32 Senators wlioee terme aro juet expiring will bo November cand Utoa to succeed themselves. The w\ laadem aro eager to put, every one ou yr.p-rd, ihat they may know juet who* to fight aud whom to help henceforward. * + · Considering how long and how violently ProhlhHkw ha-b boon argued, its astoniahinp how many lawmakeru have managed to keep astraddle o£ the biibject thus far. Among tho Reprosento-tives, perhaps 100 out ot the 436 total liave contrived to avoid expressing themselves definitely. A* Senator is too coneiilcuoua to renrain on tho fence So easily, but concerning several, even of them, tbaro 3« uncart'ainl. Tho wets concede t h a t a great fir*.' more than half of tho doubtful clement %vill 01100% tho lry side If compelled to make a selection, but the two group*, will be sorted out at any rate, Tho -«et strategists then will have at least one advantage--they cannot vcvry Well be' nmcli w-dnso off. OutiiUnibered two or tlireo to one now, as they estimate, a little additional loes will hardly matter; if they gain it will bo noticeable. * * * While hurling the hypocrisy charge against tlio drys alnce tho dawn of VolBtadiem tho wet leaders have seennxl entirely unconacloue oE the amount of bunk which they,themselves have been broadcasting.^ In order to understand their plans. Of today 1t is necessary to recognize the complete Insincerity oC their 10- p«atHl denUvla of any intention to ilulllfy the ISth Amendment. Its nulll- fleatioa te, of touiw, ossenUal to their program's succea Th?y personally may do none of tho n u l l i f y i n g , but someone ijiU6t do U or fhohiblUon will bo t r i u m p h a n t and t h a t will end the couirovoray, Tno moie Int-olligo-nl ·uctv, ai-o coin- Ing belfttedly to admit aa much, which clailfles the situation onalderably. The rest, evn though pictoudlng not to see t h r o u g h it, aro proceeding as if the / did. * * 11 The latest idoa, then, is ,i supe-nloe of nullification. srany dryfa at last not only concede that enforcement has "be-mi unsatisfac- toiy thu^ tar, liut some 01 them, Hko Senators Borah aiad Han'iH, are pt-o- clclming it veliom-cnUy. Thoso of thu wets "Who really huvo tho coinage of their copvictione favor thOj thoioughest imaginable strengthening of I he d i y machinery. fUot as thefif imps ovements a t e boin^ Installed thoy hope, ty iormid- tiblo wot congiuuhional gains, to throw the- ·noibt \\ron U vet into tli l i v m'·f'htiinsin, h P l i c \ i n i t b e v c a n b i M K it d o w n i i l l c r l j ' * * Tin i l i o i is ilitit Uio wettest iwnioil the i o u n t i v bat, exponential up tr date, umler the d n f s i AdnilniflUa- t i o n .uiri d i i p f h l o l l i i ^ i i i - ; a nuiM- [ ir i i t j i i n f o i c c-niiMil o l l i n t \ \ i l l ^ i e i . k j i 1 imblk l o u i i d v m r in tin 1'ioliibitiou experiment's future, and maybe lead to a wet Congress' oloctkm in lo; 2. The wet manage!^ are not so pti~ mHtic as to look for an anti-Vol itead m a j o i ' t y In 1ho next Congress Thoy will groot tlio capture (it they can accomiJlirih It) of five r e Senate scats and 20 or .'SO In the toueo ot Kepreeontativei! as u treme idous victory, calculated to dlerup 1 dry moialo w n d bopelusely e dry enfoicement during the ensuln ; t\vo Mating of Business len With President Will Be Helpful In "Bnlldlng Up Conf dence That Business Has B en Growing Steadily. By DAVin L,A.WREJNCr (Copyrlg-ht 10,iO by Tho Cou Ur.) WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 -- Just w h a t tho Presldent'o comntl tee oS business men can do to brio j; about greater business activity maj bo difficult to assoss, but the ps 1 eJiology of the meetings hold here by lualnesR executives is expected to lit p build up tho confidence in the bueli eaa Outlook which, baa bo.en growlu, steadily elm e the llrst of the year, t Reports from all parto of t ie comi- try fndicato that the revival han begun, but It dooB not extend by any means to all liners, nor li It inytaing but a gradual and gentle i/pturn o£ the buaiues curve It is he fact that the curve is upward, however, which has brought a feeling of satisfaction. Ernploym-ent figures were tho first sign that a change for the 1 after had tiik-c'n plauo, but the ne-ww hat ateo) mills woro running at a, h ghor capacity than tho last tow -w lelca perhaps had tho greatf-sl psy hologlcal effect of all, for atecl is coi sidered a good baiomete-r of I n d u s t i i r l actlvily While (o A certain extent Hie figures on. prospective c-onstmctloi aro dls- roiinted as hopes l a t h e r t h a n as n t t - stircd plans, n^vertjielcsifi, tii-e construction business has taken a spurt and reports «from various centers whero unemployment has been a lite ar« that the building activity 1s tafc- ing; u p ' m u c h of the slack already. Tho committee which told the President that business needs uo stimulus, reversed some of the psychology of last December by pointing out that the recession was being taken cart 1 of through Uie normal recuperative 1 powers of tbe country. There were many people of prominence In business who commented adversely on the impression of distress which the earlier business meetings in. Washington gave, ao it wa.s natural to nncl the January meeting of the chief executives of Juduatry declaring that the situation Is well ir hand. · ' As a matter of fact thi same 1dm' of an estimate was not possible in December because all the facts vou not then available and also thero v no means of comparing- with preceding months. Now, however, tho data on Dccern- bpr shows that in many lines tht. variation from th-o year before is not sufficient to cause any real uneasiness. Tho fact that a depression began last autumn after tha stock market crash, and that the psychology ot hesitation which s-H in did more daraago probably than the decline seQuritiei Is now beginning to be referred to as a cutlous phenomenon of the October break. What is significani now is that business men expect the emve to n,sc steadily and that tlio curative proc has set jn. so Intensively that no stimulus of an artificial charactei Is any longer advocated The tone is omj of cheerfulness, for jt is f the country haa auSioient waaltb and credit capacity to weather the disturbance it encountered, last au- turnu. Abe Martin Ti'lsli 9'r»nty · 13UHLIN, Jan. 25~-Sttt!5tect:ry pro- '^ioss is being made in tho preparation ai.' trade treaties between t! e Irish Free Stato and foreign count -ies, and I is expected that these will be com- il-e-fed ahoitly, An agreemdiit \\m ·econtly ooncludcd with Port igal, and jQvernment officials aro continuing gotiatioiiH with the Unlt-e-l States, Germany, France and Turkey. Looking for Biirgalm ? 1C so, road the advertisdnp columns of Tho Daily Omwier. foeconvo an unfamiliar Right in tho United States during the no-st fev.- years. Tho outbreak of psiUacosis -- parrot, fever-- which has Iroublod the nation d u r i n g the past month, reached its climax yesterday when, Preside:! Hoover sifrned an order i'orbiddlntr import ation of tlio new distrusted birds. Tlie embargo bocomei? immecliatclv effective and parrots n?ay not bo aA- mitted here again until tho President revoke's the order. All riuarantino of fleets have be^n Infoimed of t h e action and will jncveiii f u r t h e r impoi- talion if the birds. Tho PiPslde-nt'fe decision wit; reached after a, conference Surgeon Oenoral Hugh S. Cummine; and his assistants. Gumming had r«- ceivecl reports of the dibeaso in raoie than 10 states In the cal and jjilddlo west, most of them traceable to two Hhlpmcatg of birds (o New li'orlc f i o m Panama and Colombia. Secretary of Treasury Mellon ha» been given administration of f h o ·order, and, upon, recommendation of dimming, will prescrlbp icgulationq necessarv for Us enforcement. Don't Tie Mnlo to tt. K, Trach-i HOLL'j SPRINGS, Miss,., Jan. 25-Never tie a white mule to a raiirojd tiacl! Vanna Ford and Barney Weelw, n-groe« tied it and now t h e % are sorry. Ford and "Weelia bought a white mule for $5, and tied him to the tracks, hoping to collect damagct, from the railroad. H , h i U en nifji Li Kil homolSilu* i cil la m e n t i o n i oil in' OIIP Linn,, Ii I'l'oKRf nl ,ii Iti- IM'\ i li.i ·· i f e i I ' t Great Dressmaker Has Garbed Opera Stars and Elephant Tho greatest dressmaker in Amerca la one of whom you'vo probably never heard, for eho lias no salon on Fifth Avenue, noi is hoi name flprinkled through tho pages ot I IIP smart iashion inago.?' os Sh is Madnni-c Jilsic Froihinger, n vital, laughing IHUe \\onian, p-ast VO now, Avho liaa costumed the casts of tho Metropolitan Opera tor 40 youiv, from the tluyfa of 1'atti and Lri!H I,ch- manu,lo tho days ol' Joilt^a am! i\Tan T/owte. She dp-signed Mr-' VdiulorbiH'i, bal! gowns lu the dayb \\hen thol grando- daaie ruleii New York socloty with au Invisible woptpi--and fcho crodtcd tho o n l y «3c\elod etomacher ever worn by an elephant Cor Bar- mini's tamoiw Jumbo. Tolling the h t o i y oC hei life in Hie cuuent issue of G-ootl Hoinsekeeping magaaine, Madame Frelalngor maintains that tho gieat dress, designei, along with tho great artlsst in any field, lo born, not made "Ach 1 Don't ask me how I cut it," she ways. "How bhoitkl, I know i ] \vnh born k n o w i n g hov. to' cut a dros=s " But the caieer that has biought opei'.i and elage btars to i-lng her praises fiom Klo to Rome all began \ \ l t l i au accident, -lie relates, \\heiL.sba ami hei slstoi \ \ D i o p i o p i i r i i i K f o r t l i e l r first, ip-ul p a i f v Hfai ly DO VPIU*. ago in H«-iJin Thoii ti*asiiH»d miuslin JVe^vs, larel'ully pu'tssivl, « f i r- huiiKlnw In thc-tr closet--in they fhou!?!lf t h e v were, liut vvlwMi, tiugline, with oxciie- meut, they went in to dio^.-,, they t o u u d the house flog had d i a g R o d «no d o w n I«J n i t i K " i bnd fn H i n e w l y at i i i o d i i n p p n i 1- rtiiiu i i ' i t i t n i tbi h i l l ' l i ui ui ON TIME You arrive at your shopping engagements on time, for traffic and parking evils don't make you late. Try die electric cars and see how quickly and conveniently you can arrive for your appointments. WEST Rail way* PENN n the Best one Too Good At no time would the ear owner more appreciate good, depend; blc lir2 than in whiter with iti5 severe cold, biiow, at'd sluIi. Frtiedom from "Lire tro-uble" is then most comforting. You cannot buy better ttreo (ban those of the largest and best known manufacturers. At our '".lores you will find only the best known brands of tires--no unknown brands, at ridiculous prices, which aro high-priced no matter what price you pay. Our prices ou these standard brands will be found lower than t h e some identical tire is sold elsewhere. Maximum volume purchases means lowest possible Ijricps, which advantage we extend to the consumer. Make }ur winter driving safo with chains. We carry thorn, together w i t h a full line of other motor i^s, gasoline, oil, grease, etc. Sixty St MVS in Mne (Jountlos of I

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