Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 12
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 12

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

ISA -July 27, 1975 (*MtieJUaif ABCsOF HEALTH What You've Been Drinking May Be Eating at Your Nerves By Marion Wells American Physical Fitneti Hwearc/i Inititute When was the last time such symptoms as unexplained irritability, nervousness, digestive discomfort, insomnia or palpitation of the heart left you looking for relief and anxious about your health? In some cases, part of what's eating you may be what you're drinking. If so, giving your physician this important clue may suggest a simple solution which ends up saving you money, medication and misery. The tipoff is how much caffeine you consume in a day. Caffeine does have recognized therapeutic value when used as prescribed. Nor do many physicians generally condemn moderate consumption of caffeinated drinks. However, as one authority notes. "In this age of excess, the waking hours are passed by many with a continuous oral infusion of one or more of these beverages." How big a dose of caffeine are you getting? In this country, estimated coffee consumption tops two billion pounds a year, and the caffeine count doesn't stop with the coffee cup. A certain amount also comes in tea, cola beverages, and even cocoa, chocolate and certain nonprescription medications. John Greden, M.D., former director of psychiatric research at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, pointed out that " . . . three cups of coffee, two. over- the-counter headache tablets, and one cola drink consumed in one morning approximate 500 milligrams of caffeine intake. Among heavy coffee or tea drinkers, dosages frequently exceed this by gross amounts." It's also worth remembering that the same dose of caffeine may affect different people differently. Writes Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., "Anxiety symptoms can be brought about by coffee-drinking not generally considered excessive." * * * WHAT EFFECTS may caffeine have New Books At Library These books were among the titles received last week at the Kanawha County Public Library: Adult Fiction -- Brooks, Gone Away; Calmer, Late Show; Gary, The Enchanters; Gleason, Santeria, Bronx; Hunter, The Survivors; Hamsun, The Wanderer; Harrington, Scorpio 5; Heaven, The PI ace of Stones; Lukas, Slereoticon, Ogilvie, I mage of a Lover; Pollitz, The Forty-First Thief; Rayson, The Crows of War; Simpson, The Maze; Weaver, Given Him a Stone. Adult Nonlidion -- Alcock, Animal Behavior; American Academy of Political and Social'Science, Philadelphia, General Revenue Sharing And Federalism; Ancowitz, Strokes and Their Prevention; Anderson, The Wild Man From Sugar Creek; Arnstein, The Roots Of Love; Ashby, Portrait of Haldane at Work on Education; Bailer, BedWetting; Banes, Sweet Home Chicago; Beer, Reader, I Married Him; Benchley, Humphrey Bogart; Biggs, Special Effects; Brooks, How to Buy a Condominium; Burns, The Answer to Addiction; Cable, The Little Darlings; Chapman, Early American Design Motifs; Clark, The Grand Jury; Clouser, The Most Wanted Man in America; Cottrell, Lost Civilizations; Craven, Object and Image; Crick, Crime, Rape and Gin; Damtoft, Here's Help!, Davis, The Cold War Begins; De Francis, Child Abuse Legislation in the 1870s; Douglas, Benedict Arnold Slept Here; Dumazedier, Socoiology of Leisure; Evans, Karl Marx; Ferrante, Woman As Image in Medieval Literature; Fields, Getting Married Again; Fryer, Whole Foods for You; Gay, The Complete Book of Heating With Wood; Gilbert, Antique Hunting; Greiner, Wager With the Wind; Hamilton, 20,000 Alarms; Hartman, The Fate of Reading and Other Essays; Honig, Baseball When The Grass Was Real; Huson, How to Test and: Develop Your ESP; Klonsky, The Fabulous Ego; Kramer, Thomas Hardy; Kropotkin, The Essential Kropotkin; Laxton, Using Constructional Materials; Leland, Mental Retardation; Lemond, No Place toHide; Levin, Violence, in Society; Levitas, You Can Beat the Odds on Heart Attack; Lewis, Notes on the Puerto Rican Revolution; Littell, The Crucifixion of the Jews; MacFall; Gem Hunter's Guide; Manning, The Link Marland, Career Education; McCall, How to Keep Your Teenagers Out of Trouble; McDonald, The Game of Business; McPhee, Pieces of the Frame; Medvede, On Socialist Democracy; Minear, I Pledge Allegiance; Morgan, Noah Webster; Norton-Taylor, The Celts; Nozick, Anarchy, State, and Utopia; Park, Earthbound; Paul, A Marital Puzzle; Plaisted, Wilderness Adventure; Pollard, Tied to Masonic Apron Strings; Poulin, Contemporary American Poetry; Raines, Illusions of Success; Reseck, Scuba Safe and Simple; Reshetovskaya, Sanya; Resnick, Sun and Shadow; Rhinehart, How to Make Men's Clothes; Rhinelander, Is Man Incomprehensible toMan?; Rose, Charlie Hustle; Rothbard, A New Land, A New People; Rush, The Stitchery Idea Book; Sommerville, The Peace Revolution; Steadman, Nursery School Daze; Switzer, How Democracy Failed; Taylor, Community Worker; Terrific Tomatoes; Time-Life Books, Delicate Wear; Time- Life Books, The Expressmen; Tim?Life Books, JHow on your health or your children's? You may want to consider the following findings. Heart specialist Lawrence Lamb, M.D.. notes that caffeine "... is a powerful stimulant to the nervous system." He explains that "Just as chronic cigarette smoking can contribute to the persistent elevation of the resting heart rate so can a chronic large intake of coffee, tea, or Coke. In young, healthy, active males, resting heart rates in the middle eighties may decrease more than 15 beats per minute when these excesses are discontinued." Do you have a tendency to low blood sugar? Experts report that caffeine has the potential to trigger or aggravate low blood sugar symptoms. Those "10 a.m. jitters" may reflect your body's protest against a poorly balanced, high sugar breakfast washed down with coffee or tea. Such a combination may temporarily send blood sugar levels rising, only to "... plummet some two or three hours later, just in time for the midmorning coffee break." Is your digestive system feeling uncomfortable about your caffeine intake? Not only may caffeine increase digestive se- cretions, it may also prolong and augment the effects of other digestive stimuli. The pharmacological basis of therapeutics reports that "even decaffeinated coffee stimulates gastric secretion to a limited extent because of other constituents of the bean." Especially in excessive amounts, the essential oils of coffee may also be somewhat irritating. A common symptom is diarrhea. Anyone with a history of peptic ulcer should ask for and follow his physician's recommendations concerning ingestion of caffeine. Even an individual who felt no digestive discomfort from heavy coffee drinking in younger years may find overindulgence in caffeinated beverages causes digestive problems as he gets older, cautions John Eichenlaub, M.D. The equivalent of three cups of coffee daily may be enough to cause discomfort in sensitive individuals over time. "Digestive effects are slow to appear and slow to leave..." If caffeinat- ed drinks are suspect in your case, try dis- continuing'them and see if you feel better after a few weeks. Authorities say children are more susceptible to effects of caffeine than adults. . What's more, "... the use of tea, coffee, and cola drinks by children tends to crowd milk and fruit juices, with their essential food elements, out of the diet." Remember, continually overdosing on caffeine isn't apt to perk up your health! SUNDAY-MONDAY E.OJL SALE E.O.NL Sale End of month" means big bargains for you at Wards. CLOTHING CLOTHES CITY 210 Capitol St. A I c** 1 ?,! A, 00° tie** fl^ 50 , **t^* --^MEN'S FLARE JEANS COMPARE UP TO MO Popular jean styles with flare legs. The choice of men or young men for comfortable casual wear. Sizes 28 to 38 waist. domof Speech and Press. Reference -- Atlas of Japan; Gladstone, Handbook for the Medical College Admission Test; Hochman, American Film Directors; Scott, A Dictionary of Building; Simsova, A Handbook of Comparative Librarianship; Steinberg, Five Hundred Years of Printing; Taylor, How to Write a Research Paper; Tver, The Gulf Publishing Company Dictionary of Business and Science; Usher, A Dictionary of Plants Used by Man; Yaller, The Health Spas. Juvenilt Fiction - Alexander, Trouble on Treat Street; Annett, HowtheWitchGotAlf; Borland, Good-By To Stony Crick; Brenner, Cunningham's. Rooster; Cleary, Ramona the Brave; Coombs, Molly Mullett; Fife, Who Goes There, Lincoln?; Fitzgerald, The Great Brain Does It Again; Haines, Fire; Haywood, Eddie's Valuable Property; Himler, Little Owl, Keeper Of The Trees; McHargue, Little Victories, Big Defeats; O'Brien, ~L For Zachariah; Parker, Three By Mistake; Peet, Cyrus The Unsinkable Sea Serpent; Raskin, Moose, Goose, and Little Nobody; Rock, A Dream For Addie; Rockwell. Hiding Out; Sharmat, Walter the Wolf; Sypher The Spell of the Northern Lights; Thrasher, The Dark Didn't Catch Me; Vestly, Hello, Aurora; Wallace; The Secret Summer of L. E. B.; Zolotow, My Grandson Lew. - Juvenile Non-fiction -- Alderman, The War We Could Have Lost; Asimov, How Did We Find Out About Vitamins?; Branley, Measure with Metric; Courlander, A Treasury of African Folklore; Epstein, Jackie Robinson; Gerson, Why The Sky Is Far Away; Hano, Kareem!; Hawes, Spring Peepers; Hill, New Coasts 8, Stranger Harbors; Hoke, Aquariums; Howard, Pantomimes, Charades, Skits; Johnston, Between the Devil and the Sea; Limburg, Termites; Lipman, Bob Gibson; McCall, Your Career in Parks and Recreation; Naden, The Colony of New Jersey; Sullivan, Better Softball for Boys and Girls. St. Albans Man Is Honored FORT BELVOIR. Va. - A St. Albans man, Douglas C. Conley, was honored recently at the Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center here · for earning a master's of science degree in electrical engineering from George Washington University in Washington. D. C. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Conley of St. Albans and received his BS degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia Institute of Technology. Bible School Planned By Wesley Methodists Wesley United Methodist Church on Bigley Avenue will sponsor a two-week Bible School from Aug. 4-8 and 11-15. Classes will include kindergarten through junior high school. Everyone is L. welcome. ,^ fts/£? r **'« *-'.?°"v. fei , . «.,,,,:£""'. "· 5. l MEM'S , DOUBLEKNIT lor men's sizes on our second Hoo SECOND FLOOR r~i DISCOUNT MENSWEAR 210 Capitol St. OPEN MON. FR1. KITES'TIL9 25% OFF! WOMEN'S SPORTSWEAR, COORDINATES, BLOUSES, Pants, Jr. Dresses Reg. 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Deluxe model--8 speaker system, 2 storage doors, 4 channel chassis. One only, floor model 138 16.88 S 1.00 '144.95-40 GAL Gas Water Heater 129.88 TBRICK-lleg, 1.49 sq.ft. White or brown Hurry, now REG. 251.96-9" BENCH SAW With 2 extensions and stand REG. $158 CONSOLE STEREO 8-track turntafcle, AM-FM radio. 1 only, floor model . ... REG. 289.93 COMPONENT STEREO SYSTEM Deluxe matrix systems 2-door,stand included ---- REG. 299.95 COMPONENT STEREO SYSTEM Air suspension speaker $0/10 system, custom stand included.. fcTO 000' CC ZO J.DD REG. 15.99 8-TRACK STORAGE CASE Holds 24 tapes Carousel case .9.99 FOR SHOPPING GQHVEKIENCE, JUST SAY "CHARGE IT!" Sale Starts 1:00 PM TODAY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE "OH STREET" PARKWG TODAY MONTGOMERY '/YRD aUt *rvl *Je--*fwidt -** #»fKo**Q»* ^fr'flir kg ··· fHfl'-Q* '»'

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