The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 11, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 191S. COKE MOVING MORE QUICKLY BUT SHIPPED IRREGlpRLY mi Beof TanaeM Be. lecto Conditions. ' PUNTS '*«·» to CMM tmto Oyentkw Wffl p. -\ TmHe Abc«t 1MMM* T*» Weekly to- C Deptaitat Upoa Begioa f*r Agril 10.--A *t* lr it-eo. -_Vafl*J-7l *··*·-.- furnacec- were "bank** late laat -week and only re- ^mnud jwtejdft7 and todayv Then T^MrtiM npflles of coke ajoeared. Til* waa a. refection of irrejular Load- aad lblpptni._from the region, «c than of delays after the coke Miad left tke railroad-.jardiln the/re-! ' " " - - ' ' IB jenerai? furnace 'interests ad that t»e movement is fairly fast, Oiaja not iwto-old time standards. cvuiderable percentage of coke has been niovtng to the Valleys in 'tour dftj*' time, which i» very quick ed witt last winter's averages Jy aiow ai cinaffXtA with prac- ~tic» two y«ara a*o. : ; MiKMn have recogniwd qnJtc a ^ of additioBal caca' in the ser- ^rtra-lm tlw jut two;or three we«k3, b*iaj presumably the care that Drer» promised, jnpre.than a; month j:tiiib ; torb»"aad«d to the Tnoreraent, be- Mieaaed by the partial clearing ot ixncMtioa in tie'east "It Is howerer, that the major porr oif" th» cars released'In'the east tsg L the" by-prodnct cok-. .5 iiitjwaljio»etneiit 'rather, than in the ' ' m. ''"'· There arc scarcely- aay offerings of iEeoM k-tb* ocen market, ;Many brok- ' looking: for · ;snch - offerings. . tfce fnil '^orernment price r limit; ai they" hare friends for whom C tl»7 would- like' to aeeure coke even C it ta*rc ii no profit in the transaction. A» tk« TOinme of sntA bwtoesB would b« Mail at beat it Is evident that of- ttli*rt are very limited. A Email iuJMUBt of'cok* per. week would cover all that brokers would be willing to « witaont : pront._The occasional do not come out are" In fontdrr coke, and more than not they are in restricted The -market remains quotable at llnritm. as - .. TJ-fcoor Mtoctcd ..:'.-. .JT.OO r*r 1-tBCH . .- ........ ;: J7.30 ; Tit* P*I iron market has not liecome ja«*W»et»»«.^nier«1» coiaideraWe In- O«)TT but th* offerings are very limit:V «d. Tnrnaeas sot very badly beltind in during the irinter. Their Inereaaed · shipments would tkiim to catch up with custom- era* reqatrenents, were It not that re- of eoannners havv also aa they are supplied wltk sore eoa! -end ' transportation. iBMiry 1» heaHwt for basic iron, wkU* fPUlidrj and forge grades are te'laMt *nmnd. -Tke market remains at. the jo»enunent: limits: '-= 'iW.frieaa are f. o. . b. Jurnace, fralgrt ia th* e»»: o£ the Valley* :be- hlg »» C4BU to Fiaabnrg: - ' . : Tkra* by-prodoct coke plants be- inj built by the United States Steel Cot»eraOo» -are expected ; , to begin makter coke some- time in Jnne: ClaJrtoaTTrtOi 640 oreM,.an adjunct to tlie Cara«»le Steel company; Lorain,: wHk 2MoTen»,*n_ adjunct to th.e-.Nat-. ioaal TOk« company, and Cleveland. wltK 1» own*. an;adjunct to the Am- iirTcall Tti'rl"l 'TTI-r Trnrpirr These flalli aboald be operating at capacity ·aewatteir making tbeir first atari and th«y wflrtJwt make abont 86,000 ton* D* ,«e*«,;-a -week. 'OoUide of these scjiuumY. BiTing malnt»ln«d for Uirec eoiueoatiT* Amy* »t th« b«ein- nine' ot tb« preMnt week a car . supply "of 100 p«r cftnt on an the railroads scrriiia- -the icblce re r Cion, except tfct Baltlnon A Ohio "wUich hu IxM to M mr cent, a record ha» been made which "has not wrerioUBlT- .b*e° attained nnlMB we «o back lato hUtbrr two rears or lonccr. .The reffion l3"cenerally lesi concern- °ed in the caaiw of this marked Improvement "than it is .In .the. mere fact'that It haj come about. BeUerad.trafflc eonditloni 1« perhaps the real caiue. but the -p'ermaaance -of- the cbanffe l«-not . asavedc:" In", fact;^ there ' ia erea' noi^-jDdication that Ae bl«h tide In ear supply has been rea«he4 this week,, the statement navlnf. been made yesterday that only 30 pel- cent will be available for today's loading.' "Wliile a receMlon irlll not be surprising-It. Is believed that the supply will · ffradnally aMarne such proportions a? will presently make possible the shipment of 400,000 tons weekly, which will .fully supply all present or im.' mediately prospective coke con- 'siimin'r needs. 3*lie traffic conditions along- the main line -of the F. B. eastward have cleared to'the extent that '' the restrictions imposed upon . the quantity of . anipments have been removed but others haw been ordered requiring that eastbound shipments be made ex- ·cJusively in p. Jl. R. cars. Shipments .totalled 322.238 tons last week, brlnitnft the region to \he 'average of the past .six -weeks. TUver 'shipments- held up ".W611. the tonnage betoic: H.500. there arc nearing^ completion three plants of new construction, 60 ovens ai -SteeKon, Bethlehem Steel cd pany; 102 ovens o[ tJie Youngstown Sheet Tube company at Youngstownj O., and -a k SOroven pHuit at Ironton, the total of 222 ovens having a capacity, .of^close to. 20,QOO'tons of coke a weet" J TbuS before long there will be additional by-product coking capacity tor furnaces that have" been more .or less dependent upon the Connellsvllle region to the extent of about 100,000 tons of coke a week. . ; The coal will be drawn very largely from the Connellsville region, bat in the case of the Clairton plant 'the movement will be altogether by water, so that the rallroade-win be correspondingly relieved. The total ship ments out of the Connellsville i -aion of coke and coal, will be materially increased. '.. It is believed in the trade, both by 'reason of actual experience and : bj reason ot the declared attitude of the authorities at "Washington, that when circumstances' arise whereby, there an issue whether a by-product or a beehive oven will ^operate, the influence of the Washington authorities .will be thrown in the scales in favor 6f the by-prodttct.plant,, aot because by-product coke looks different from .beehive coke, but' because .the government' is interested in ma-rtm output of the by-jMrodncts. Hence it is expected that the bf-product ovens will run full, unless there are very serious transportation difficulties. STRIKE IS.ATEKTED. Central Pemaa. JUnjers Consent to an .Investigation of rTage Condition. The threatened strike of fie coal ·mine workers, in .^CeoiXra! Fenaay*- .vania.has bees: averted by a proposal that the Fuel Administration, investigate wage condition!) in the district, the-miners to have representation on the investigating-. coEimittee. - The adoption ot this plan was (brought about by John'P.-.White, formerly president-of * the miners, union, but now labor's representative in the **ael Administration. ' " ' · . . A cnlan bani'nre of 30-years' standing at the Golquitt colliery, near Donaldson, Pa, Has 'been 'extinguished.' pARAMOUNTTHEATRE --«HJlT-- "WILLIAM;A. BHADT. PRESENTS ALICE BRADY .IN "THE SPURS OF SYBIL" 'WOBID PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS, EVENTS" SHOWING AM,' THE LATEST OTTWS." -- - '· --FBI01I JOS SATOBBAI-- -- - JOSEPH M.' SCHENCK PRESENTS NORHA TALMADGE.IN -, "The Secret of the Storm Country" i ;:.:'··-.. , TTONDERFoi PRODUCTION IN 8'ACTS. .; ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. ' To'wear Safety First Guaranteed Clothes, always (P-| /V Save the middleman's profit of $8 · ,(J)J_U ,and make it your first payment cm a Liberty Bond. Meyers Bros; Inc., . . PhHrndelphia, Pa. "See:.war Special Representative at Sample Room, l; week of April 15-20 from 7 P: M.'to 11 P M. ' Gold Bond Stamp* Pay 4% on What You Spend--Get Thejm With Every Purchase of lOc or More. What He Gives- The_ American soldier is giving up his business position; he is severing his home ties; giving np home comforts; leaving behind those who 'are dear to him. He knows that " he may never come back and that if he does he will have to start business life all over again, perhaps handicapped by. wounds and sickness. YETHEGQES Knowing what he is giving up, doesn't it seem a very easy thing to you to LEND your money to the government so that he will not need for anything that money can secure? Buy Liberty Bonds and Buy Them Now ·' · "\ · . ' White Cotton Dress Fabrics Some for Underclothes Organdies, chiffon voiles, skirtings, and all the delightful white cotton goods one can think of. ORGANDIES, which make up so Tell and launder so dain- . tily, 45 inches wide at 65c and Sftc the yard- ' · , ..COTTON CHIPIPN VOILES of fine double tvnat cotton yarn, 45" inches wide, »t SSc to SSc the yard. . SKIRTINGS, "plain, «attn striped or plaid' effect gabar- ' dines, 36 inches wide, «t 85c to $1.25 the yard. ENGLISH FINISH LONGCJ^OTHS and NAINSOOKS in 10 and 12 yard pieces. 36 inch Longoloths in bolts of 12 yards at |iSO to W.OO abolL In bolts of 10 yards at 52.15 to $ZJK the boll- Nainsooks in bolts of 13 yards at $2.50 lo S-t.OO t h e bolt · . . . More Children's Stockings Have Arrived to Keep Our Stocks Complete . . . Timely arrivals keep our stocks in- tlie complete condition, it has always been our pride to have them. Mothers have long known the attention we pay to this department and will appreciate the excellent values it offers. --Misses' Fine Bibbed Cotton Stockings, with double knees, heels and toes. Mack. Sizes 6 to 10. SSc the pair; '3 pairs $1.00. --Boys' Heavy'Wide Ribbed Stockings. Made strong for sturdy boys. Sizes 7 to 1014. SSc and 50e the pair. Also H5e the pair: 3 pairs $1.00. --Children's'Fine Cotton Stockings. Fashioned feet--made of host quality yarn--suitable for boys or girls. Sizes 6 to 8. 4Qe and 45c the pair. Black or white, sizes 8% to 9%, 45c tie pair. The Authentic New Spring Styles in SUITS A Most Unusually Fine Showing at to $79.50 Every suit in the entire display is properly cut and tailored--representing some distinct .style 'motil for a. woman or a miss. All new fabrics. All colors. And an Equally Attractive Showing of D R E S S E S Featured Prominently at $13.5b to $79.75 Here, in splendid array are all the newer effects in serge; .Tool jersey, foulards, georgette and a host ot other popular materials, models to nie«t every." style and price requirement of the TTOman or miss in quest of» smart frock, ior street and afternoon wear. · ' Specials! 42x36 inch. Empire PiTlow Cases, seconds of Mohawk, regular 40c values, 32c. · 72x90 inch Secui'ity Sheets, . extra heavy weight, regu- ' lar $140 rallies, $1.25. These New Sweaters Have Just Arrived They include many'pretty examples of the newest ideas in slip-over styles in addition to coat effects in notable variety. There'are styles and sizes for women and children, s'ilk or wool, in striking colors and combinations. --Children's Wool Sweaters, $3.50 to $10. --ladies' Wool Sweaters, $5.00 to $15. --Ladies' fibre ' Silk Sweaters, $5.00 to $16.50. --Ladies' All Silk Sweaters, $1'B.50 to $35. Special! 150.pairs women's $1.35 and $1.60 Silk riose, composed of odd sizes and colors, and including pink, maise, navy, gold, sky, Nile, heiio, rose and a few fancies. Save 46c to 61c on every purchase at , 89c Wash These New Waists as Often as You Please They're just new--many of them--and represent the choicest collection of dainty and serviceable .wtish' materials the waist section has boasted of tor many a day. Simple, little styles in striped dimity; more elaborate effects in charming French voiles; and lawns in patterns to satisfy any taste. Luces and embroideries used in .many new ways as trimming. Prices 53;50 to $7.50. Silk Waists The finer quality waists offer most satisfactory choosing as to bota style and color. Georgette crepe and crepe de chine were never used to finer advantage in obtaining smart effects. . T r i m - mings of lace, embroider}- and beads complete the artistry. All sizes at ?3.75 to $19.75. Special! --36 inch Chiffon. Taffeta in the following wanted plain shades -- canary, lavender, mastic, nivy, black, copen, taupe, ivory,. Nile and light grey,--special at $1.65 yard Every Draftee Who Left Connellsville last Thursday eveningj wore ' a khaki Sweater knit from Minerva Yarn and donated by the Red Cross of Connellsville. Minerva and other yarns are here, in all the .most wanted new spring shades for knitting sweaters, caps', jackets, .afghans, etc., as well as soldiers' garments. -.,.. New Spring Neckwear Pilet lace collars, square, round or Tuxedo shape, $4.50 and $5.50.- Georgette and Filet lace trimmed collars, $1.25 to $2.50. r--Sets in white .with colored .edges $1.75 to $2.50. '"':. --White Organdie Sets, lace trimmed, $1.00 to $2.75. --Pique Sets in various shapes, $1.00. to $2.50. Your Spring Suit Is Here-- A noteworthy collection of the newest ideas direct from the foremost style creators--a showing that is 'possibly the largest and most varied in our history. Everything you want is offered in greatest measure here. Stripes, checks and novelty patterns in .-navy, blues, myrtle green, browns, greys and mixed effects in hundreds of new spring styles. . t · , Young men who dress carefully and appreciate distinction and dignity in smart . style; college men; high school men; business -and professional men; here are the 'styles you seek. ' -Here are SUITS for men and young men in the new spring and summer styles at $15 up to $45. Here are the correct Topcoats for men and young men--suitable for Spring and Fall-at ?15 to 540. But price means little until qualities are noted --then in each case it will show a distinct advantage to be enjoyed by those who buy their clothing now at this store. Come Now While the Assortment is at Its Height Featured Exclusively at $4.95 $5.95 $6.95 We know what the verdict will be when skillful and experienced shoppers compare the hats offered in these three special groups with any "at similar prices offered elsewhere. Unusually £ood even for this store which has' long- been a leader in medium priced millinery. The Hats themselves offer choice of a wide variety of becoming new designs for both women, misses and . children--giving full representation to every p good color and trimming of the season. : If you choose early you may choose from leghorns, mushrooms, sailors and chin chows --new- this season and high in favor. Our Display of Pattern Hats Now at Its Best Regular, Extra and Odd-Size RUGS in New Spring Patterns and Colorings Extra Size Rugs at $35 to $98. Good quality Brussels, Body Brussels, Axrninsters and "Wilton Rugs in sizes'12sl5 ft.; ll-asM ('-; 10-6H3-6 ft.; 11-3x12 ft.; 9x15 f t ; 10-6x10-6(V 9x9 ft. p · 9x12 Rugs at $20 to $85. In choice of Wilton, Body Brussels, Axminsters, Velvets and Brussels. 8-3x10-6 Rugs at $22.50 to $58. In. choice of Wiltons, Body Brussels, Axminsters- and Brussels. 6x9 Rugs at $12.50 to $35. In choice fo Wilton, As- minster and Brussels--new patterns. 4-6x7-6 Rugs at $8 to $13.50. In choice of good quality Body Brussels, Axminsters or Brussels. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY Benjamin Clapin In "My Mother" the FJrst of the Series ' 'fTHE.SOJf OF DESOCEACr 1 " - JIARY MILES MINTER Gets Into all Sorts of Trouble When. She Prints "What She Thinks in TO WEBS THAT PREI* --FKIDATC AXI) SAXURD v- · . · . . MART PICKFORD In "STEIiA MAimS" An Artcraft Picture of William J. La*jB'3 Story. Big 15C Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening · Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. MERSEREAU'S SUBMARINE GIRLS In the Pretty Musical Comedy /'HOTEL DE ROYAL" On the Screen--"Vengeance and the "Woman." Today--"Election day ia Splivensville;" Coarlie^ Chaplin on Connellsville's Own Funny Fellow --and the-- PARAMOUNT COMEDT SEfdhrG FOUR.

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