The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, .WNTJAUY ^55, THIS DAILY COURIER, CONNTULLSVIULfl), PA. l ' A ( ! J O H I K E R on the ice its · r , . V*#'\iM in a cigarette its rp J. HE easy graceful swing of the skater has years of training behind it. Equally, the smooth sparkling yest of Chesterfield is no chance affair. Tobaccos are chosen for mildnebs, for fragrance, for wholesome flavor--then patiently aged and mellowed, cxa:tly blended and cross-blended. And unvarying good taslc is the constant result--quite naturally,, w'acri every step of every process has good laste as its goal: "TASTE above everything'* SUCH POPULARITY M U S T B ~ DESERVED © 1930j LicGErr MYERS TOBACCO Co. MILD, yes . . . yet THEY SATISFY The Paramount 'FooiHAhts and Fools" thi newest ;i( Colleen Mooie'b cntei tainlng btrecn , stories, anl the. lliet of her dialogue rictur.5 to i n c l u d e episodes in Technicolor, ir the feature picture at the .Piiin'. i n t . This ViUphono special offt-is the popular little sUir ti wide «copo for b f r oroptlonal Ulent In characteriza- t i o n , for her role Includes highly In- UM-Gbttng vrn latloiib i-ilio appeara at, i supposedly exotic 1'ieuch actress, sMth 171 Intriguing P.usian accent, in. part of the story; i impersonates a i-iaugy Broadway ohoi us-girl in another epLsodo oC tlic plot, end playe (ho freator part of IHT characteriza- t i o n in her own charming personality. Although "Footlights ami Koole" re- c o u n t s the humorous £nd dramatic adventures of a Broadway r e \ u c star, It ih not solely a fctoiy of backstage life, Mtes Moore'e t w o leading men, Raymond Hackott and Fi-utlorlc March, do not -portray thoatiloel charactore, and the plot is built around a three-sided romance, with the eventual vinncr of Colleen not Iwiug disclosed until the html moments of tn« pictur ». Teclmicolor has been employed to enhance the beauty oE fcov^ral btag« nuni7}er3, In which Colleon H eupport- «[ by a huge ensemble of 72 brllliautlj cofctumcd show girls and d acers. AH all talking aerial, "Ato of Scotland Yards," a news and Vitaphoao act, "Pig Skin and Troubles," featuring Born and Lawrence, Is also shown. Monday, Tuwday and Kichaz-d Barthleiress -will bo soon in. "Young Nowherpe." The Orpheum Hal Skolly, star of "Woman Trap" the 1'atest Paramount all lalWn^ plc- turo at the Orpheum tuoatre has reached stage famo only fitter a long hard battle Irom the ranl.o. Skolly ran away from liis homie- in Davenport, Iowa, when h s was a boy of 14. Ho first joined a circus, then gravitated to the theatre aa a singer, dancer, comedian. Hla role ia "Wom- an Trap" will ba the first in. hia lift' lit which ho is not called upon to du tho eccentric etepe that havo holp«l to inako his tiamo a Broadway by-«o!d t Bkelly'c career traces up Irom tlic circus to carnivals, medicine shows, ch-cap munical comedies, lurlesciu«, vaudeville to Uroadway and "No, Jso, Nannette," "Th j Night Boat," and many other say and carotrc-e. productions of that «o: L When in 1927 Arthur Ilopldne offcrC'l him tho sorlo-c-oauc ·part of Skid, central character ia "Burl-esquo," then was tho 13ret time that Skelly over looked upon hlmsolf as an actor, a? differentiated from a musical cotn-ody star. Hi6 film caroor started when Paia- mount brought Wm to Hollywood to play Skid in " rn he Danuo at Lite." lie remained undar long torm contrac! to the producing company. The program also includes an all talking comedy presented by "Our Gang" colortone revuoand sound news roe-1. Fash ions M i l t Tlft n\ rri tnim I n f ' r i o r ' t l C o m p l e x Tlil'i teTso i JET TEACHERS'- COLLEGE DEGREES AT CALIFORNIA · H « · Hiis « · · « · B e a\m TH ir TODAY . BROTHERS! ' [Bj [¥] [il Yet oftch the other's Miemy! OHD [H] ® 11 II I) 00 C«3 Oil OH HI Fil I II ® in IE 19 sn i inco meat, btars in \. uicat icture! Remember Skelly in "The Dance of Ldfe," Cheater Morris in "Alibi" and Evelyn B r e a t iu "Interference." Here's one you'll never forget! Also Our (jang All-Talking Comedy, Color*~"« Revue and Sound Ne x ,vs Jtf The OrphevLm SSiBgfoM's "Glorifying tho American Girl" will open Monday at tho Gr- pheuin Theatre in all tho gorgeous splendor Dial ono would expect from any production, stage- or screen, bearing the magic name of IHoicn* Xieg- feld. With, many of the spectacle SCOBPB rtrproducod !n full colors by the 1m- prove'd Technicolor Process, with scores of stunningly beautiful girls in the singing .ind dancing ensomblcs, with lavish settings, with comedy, drama and a heart-gripping story thla moving panorama of womanly pulchritude moves across the all tallrfng sllvers-creen iu a continual parade ot hlglily absorbing amusement. Mary Eaton, dancing »tar of Zleg- fold allows on Broadway, and lately the leading woman In "Tho Cocoanuts" with the Four Marx Brothers on the talking screen la the aratutfouB joung dancer who finally makes good and becomes a glorified "beauty with. Zi-egfeM following a series of glam- tfrous experiences. Sne Js adequately supported by Dan Healy, Edward Crandal, Ollvo Sh-ea, Kayo Renai d and Haraili Kdwards--all o-f them well known Broadway performers. In a ep^tal revue scent--a show within th-e. foig show--audiences ai«e treated to tho Inimitable ]iertor- manoe of lldle Cantor, who apears in a Mlarioufi Bkit; ^felen Morgan, who slngB a typical (blues sons; and Xtudy Valee, who croons HI the beiit Valle-e manner, aoonipanied by liifi band. It is al) too go-rgeoiia to attempt a description In thla limited space. But it is a sale bet that anyone who sees ami hears "Glorifying tho American Girl," wli bo a Zlegfold fan from then on. It is perfectly marvelous enter- Ry FKVN'CUS PAGKT Copyright. lOHO, by bt}lo Sources NEW YORK, Jan i.. Tlio latest ·MitiAHt in Hie ·· a.i KI nip ot fashion w i t h fl.ireb i . liv - p r l p g Hint. Un«iiM 1 fit ion ably it i^ t h i n parti* t h a i is giving ,i I l i l h p to the such, as it luis not had in a long Urn* 1 . This new tci m in f u l l 8 t j l B h w h a t wa-s to havo teen e\'p-cted, -since everything oliio thai eonf rlfoute* to the Bllhouolte is planned on flared lines, "but the Bint., that u«i, the hhort jacket type, was the List to LBkc it up. It develops that there arc two vor- hlons oC the short jcU'k't flilii -- lh f l)olted, wliU-h ia alre.ith f . t m i l l n i , n u tho newer ono under ti scussion hei the flaied, which al^o m a j be bolted. It has been a long tlmo (i r ii,o iv« ha^e Tjeen a'blo io iih t h i s wor "piiiunnt" to describe stiil.1, but thi season It is not only pprnils (ible bti in roteirniK to the model i with .jacU-ets about wrist longll , curbed out to what la almost flare Tho c-urv-ed waistline ind boc v go band In hand with (he flarii Amoiif I h o s ^ w h o recoived teach^ia Lollego l « i t l f i « d t c b at tin* S o u t h w e s t - ern h t a l p 'Poachers College ni)d-car graduatiun o\oiciss a( C a l i C o i n i a jcstcrday woi c S I! I l c n o and Doroihy Hoover, (.'onneUsMllo, H-idn llniclav, Ai-nic. V!,U!on Hell aim rc.rl Pvlr, Somer^ e t Lauia Uis vcns and K m i l y Kranks, U u i o n t o w n , Edward M:n tin, M o u n t Dratldock; J o n n n o t t p M i l l e r , Boswoll, Loulso Ivrdr, Drownsvillc, Levina MonlRome'-y, Fain hum e, ^dli^ab^it!^ Sillaniore, Ktiffsdalo, Florence Nesblt, Unity Bachelor ot sclcuec J.n(i secoudaiy education degrers were c o n f c i i e d on Kathcrlne Hayes of Donora, Joaii Douahey of West Hrownt-ville and Charlotte Ilorst of Charleroi ]Jr. Hobort M Steele, prusiclout of !ho college, conferred t h t degree"? on the three graduates «ind presented cortihrates to 2G o l l i e i s J ) r Robert Mni Gowan of tho rjcllt-fielcl I'resbi- tprlan Chinch of P l t t s b u i g d e l u d e d the addie'ss Great Britain Launches Move to Study Cancer LUNUON", Jan 2 r - ( J n a l Bnlai i is l a u n c h i n g a- new WAI on i,ino«'i Between nou ami noxl SepIeJiibf] ''i (iftfl docfora in E n g l a n d , Wcilrn arul h c o f land w i l l keep a bpocwil w a l i . l i 01 .1!! candor ca^es which coine u n d f r iheu care and Iheii send in o x h a i i s t i \ re- porte to the British i m d k . i l afio-xiti- tlon TliP valuable I n f o i i n . H i o n t l i i K o b - ^ tamed w i l l be- collate*! dixl M f N d 111 j the liope thai now l i g h t w i l l no tli on u j on the di-sea^o w h i c h lost \ ( » n ; i - . til over "iO,000 victimn in Engl UK uni , Wales, alone. a n d f l u Al Iron Bridge IRO.V 15RIDG15, Jan. 2 i - - M i e n d Mrs ^S'i^iarr^ Bungard a t t e n H e l tl)p f u n e r a l of M i . Bunganl's niothei Mi c . Barbara J i u n g a i d , w h o iheil ,it \ l o u n t Plnaeatit on Sunday. Tho sorMt e- w is held at Mount filon C'liurcli of (rod .it Indian Head ou Wednesday a f u n i o o n .it I !0 o i locK w i t h s n i c i i n r - n t hi tin linn u u met"')} A!i (in! M t - Will),in) K p n l j r f l j n l i i i l i l i c n ot Sc otuiaie h|» t i 1 the *?"}. eiil tjprc w i l h i M i s Kr^l.n'n p.irciU Mr nix! M r s S n i w o l l "\If( oniU'll Q u i t e i n u m b e r of f t t t r n n ^ p u p i l - of iron H i i v l R o ,ilt-ei!lci pl.n, ' M a i t j i t i K T i l . i i i a i i , " a t t n e v c i t o n H i g h School on Monday aiT 1 u » t ' K i j eicuineft. T h e play W,IH w e l t l o u d e i e i l oncl largely .utenled. I M w a r d P'MihOii Si , w a s a bi.M iifsi c a l S c i it S « o t t l i l e P.itn'l.iY. M r rind M i s J l u n e v MrCoiini'll .in-1 d n n g h t P i ^. K'iith ami B e t t j , wore b u n d,i M s i t o t s of M)v- M f C o n n e l l ' ' ) p n i nt*, N i l and Mrs Stenett Gjwat'ild ot -icdi Pennsi HP, Sunday K d w a n i ,\oyoi5 jf riiarleroi w at. i nuslnesh -MMfoi h f i o on Moniliy l l \ \ a u l Senois ol Mount Ple.iti.Mii Wji'i c a l l i n g on t n e i u l s h c i e M o n d d j M i p . t' Hlne« of ScotUl.lit 1 V-'i l i o i o Wr'(lii'"-lnv w i t h liei p n i e n t R , M. .ind "Mis Alli^it H i n d a n i f r . Sr J o h n f KalL'i «^is ,i C'oi)ii«ll n-jlii busincFis ^sitoi on Monday Geoi ge AS" Gordon of Soottdnlr \\ ,i a business usitor hero on TiiPbdaj hlpllno, which may fcuggnst » peplin t. They jeprosent n more- dieifir i - torprotation of witj wlin-h, of conrf \ follows along wltli the nianlf-es1ati u of interest in that type (his past fa I While tailored detail is pail a d parcel oi tlioir pernonaltty, they i i- clicate a moie softeneit idea of what a suit sliottkl IK*, particularly if they a re lur-lTtavmod or made of silk, The flared eklrt contrlbatefi to I IB definite empliasls on a flared ailhoue to for this type of suit, tubscrllnng t a length that is ju.vt about oqulvalond to the leiigtlit approved In the reg-ulat on afternoon dress Very ocasionr!ly they show an oxtiomp-lv gradual ip- piiig At tho back, w h i c h 1 ^.vell In keeping with 1ho Hue of tho jac~ et, stnee many of tho jackets ban a curved-up towa-vrt tho wallllne ni ve- m-cnt at front Yon T^Ynnt Use the ClassiRod AUei tibeme-r ia. Perryopofis PtEiRllYOPOIjIS, .Tan 25 -The midyear -examinations were given at tho Perry High. School Wednesday, Thins-' lay and Friday. 1 Hiss Amanda Baker, a teaoh.T in the Perry grade -school who hae been 111 at her home here lias lesuiood her woiU. ftlrs. Margaret Kprus of Star Junction had 'been s u b s t i t u t i n g in her place M,iss Oonoviovo Buttermcne spent Thurbday evening with M i . and Don Butterraore of Fayette City Mrs G l e n n Hough spent Monday arid "Wednesday in California, P a , where- Mrs,, 1/elah f l o u g h lias p" r chah- ed another d i n g store. The 5'eri 1 } ITIsb faculty wns e n t e i - tained :it the home of Miss JVfai-garet Sliaw r , a member oC the fa ulty, on Thursday evening. Shaw will continue her teaching here but her parents will remove to Pittfburg. Al {-Talking Action-Melodrama ftM. SKSLCV tVSCtTM BREttf CMBSITO a Sh!p TraToI Oio Safpsf, Travel by Btoamehip ia foi' safer than traiol by airplane or hv fraln, ! according to a recent accident report by the United States Bureau of Steamboat Insjmctlon. The report shows that for every 7,000,000 paaeengsra carried by steamship ciuNtig ten months cf 1929, only ono life wafa lost-, while ore Ufa wa« lost for every 150,000 passengers carried by rail. T i n\* nn il Last J ime i oday COLLEEN MOORE 111 "Footlights and Fools" Vitaphone ,ct and Talking Serial Monday, Ti esday and Wednesday Richarc Barthelmess in «YOUN-3 NOWHERES" [ ^f^f^ft^f^Kf^S^f^^f^^^M Ta Ik Ing--Singing--Dancing -Aont H-L j o u X.IL t x t n \ aK m -uo-iuin.)!)' 1 ", "(loi if t h o A m r i u an ( . i l l ) NARY EATON O. Qtiromount picture Uso .

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