The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 11, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

r w. AT WHITE'S STIRRING APPEAL TO BRITISHERS AND CANADIANS IN THE UNITED STATES If f~ **·* ·** caret ill* -.1 ·W cratinftm ii- wi/ to whpferr 111 MIDI ATXLY If fe.-'lJMtt* U *« not . -- Brig. Ga». Wkte. . ·+ LLOYD; ions lespal- ·*· in^ up luitil they threaten the service of your car, equip with Firestone Tires, Cord or FabricL Both have special Firestone features which ramiimze tire troubles and lengthen mileage. Indie Firestone Cord Tire pure um. insulation reduces friction. Individual cords are imbedded in protecting rubber so thatno two cords can touch to cause friction. The extra thick cushion layer does double duty. It distributes road blows over a area of carcass. It the tread to die carcass. LLOYD GEOBGE-3 APPEAL TO AMEJRICA. ; ' We are »t the eri*u of the irar, attacked by" an iinnenM raptriotity-of German, troopj^. Our army baa bwn fOKed to irtir*. The xetixtment has b*tn carried oat. nwthpdkalljF.-before the prettare ol a «t«»dj luecestion ol frwh German restrnm, which are suffering enormoaa lotaes. To* situation'» being ..farad with splendid ·conraf* and resohtion? Tile doned pluck of our troope luui for tb« moment checked the ceaaeleiu joraah of ttj* enemy, and the French ban now joined in the struggle. But this battle^ the greaV est and .moat momentous in the history of the world, if 'only just beginnuff. ThTougfaout it the French md British are buoyed with the knowledge tht,t the great Bep-ablic of the vest will neglect no effort which can hasten its troops and. its ships to France. In war, time is vitaL It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of getting Americnn reinforcements across the Atlantic in the shortest possible space of time. · ^fEWSOFTHEDAY AT MT. PLEASANT f c , BRIEftY RELATED Congregation of St. Joseph's Catholic Church to Raise Pole. . TIE FUG JUS DONATED , Talke ef Hartec F«mer Tatter · Tnma'JftMUMt a* tk* CWef Speaker. Courier- PLRASfJCT, April 11.--It OM weatfcer permit* St. Joseph's con- will !·«· a pole raising on * lawii n«xt Sunday. The erected by Stephen The flag has he«n pre- ·y Hwrr Han»«\' Appropriate wfll b».,condn*tecl. jBiUI J«0e» lackiag. It wa» atatcd at the armory last ·matte Oust whil« the Draft Board, No. « had received .notice of the qaota. ao far it tad no'offlcial notice nor know tbe axact date at which tine the men wonM leave. K..fP. »«**, .The w-ijtrt. of Pjtbias had. their third te«r*» put on In their rooms In ta» I. O. p. IV hall on Tuesday . eve- niac. Tm« Scottdare team fat on the decree. After the business tneetint refreabEaenU were served and the Tiilten were royally entertained. MHM IJie Patriotic; lMgo»- S*W .another mootlnl last ereninr 'when' its property caBBittee^met with'jhe property cotna»itt» of council to take steps to ttsn a fence erected around the ouk aa4 to awve tiw band stand. blown over by a storm to "a more suitable place in the park. The league is getting ready for Memorial Day, which it expects to make a red letter day. It was stated by Attorney Eugene Warden, when soliciting the aid :of council in helping Vith the park that the league 'expected to have some renowned, speaker aucu aa .W. H. Tail or Theodore Roosevelt here on that day. · ' . - · · · · · ' Given ToU of TkaaOtn. At a.meeting of the ' committee of .the,!,. E. Smith..minstrel-committee .a vote of thanks was given the J. Hunter. Gambles orchestra for its e£- ncie*ri.t' work .with them'and also Joe Siloiman. in the recent minstrel. These" names were omitted from the program -by 'error; A vote of'thanka was . extended every person taking part. '··'· - Personal. Mrs. D. C. Rumbaugh is spemiing the day in Connellsville. SMiss Elizabeth. Hurst spent yesterday in'Pittsbnrg. Pafrbniie those whj advertise. Baet aad Kerb ,Xe4Mae. Indian-medicine men contend that the roots and herbs of the field furnish a panacea for every ill to which human esn is heir. Be tha.t as it may, it is interesting to note that tie most successful remedy in the world for female ills, Lrdia B. Pinkham's Vegetable 'Compound, was compounded more than forty years ago by Mrs. LyXa E. Pinkham of Lynn. Mass., from the roots and herbs of the held, and today it is recognized from shore to shore as the standard remedy for female ills--AoV. Dunbar. D. C. .Eason for wall paper.--Adv.-- 2«ra«rt7t' ' . · . ' . - · : 'Read our advertisftments. What Have Ton fer Sale? Tell the public through our classified column. The coet is 1. cent a word. | OLD PRESCRIPTION FOR WEAK KIDNEYS , Have you · ever stopped to reason why it is that so'many products that are, extensively advertised, all ai once drop out of sight "and .are soon forgotten? The reason Is plain--tie article dad not fulfill the promises of tie manufacturer. This applies more particularly "to .a medicine. A medicinal preparation that has real curative value almost sells itself/ as like an endless chain system the'-remedj is- recommended by those wio hare been. benefited, to those who are in need of it. ', . · _ .. ./ A prominent drnsgUt-*«ys: "T*ke for example Dr. Kilmer's ·· · Swamp^ Root,, a preparation I have .-sold for many .years, and never hesitate t to recommend, for in almoot every .cae ·it: shows excellent results, as many of my custpmers/i testify. No other kidney remedy jJ»Ct I know of has so large a sale." According to sworn statements and .verified testimony of thousands who 'have used the "preparation, the success of Dr. KIkner*B Swamp-Root is due to the fact that, so many people claim, it fulfils almost every wish in overcoming kidney, liver and Bladder ailments, corrects urinary troubles and neutralizes the uric acid which causes rheumatism. You may receive a sample bottle of .Swamp-Root by Parcel Post. Address 0r. Kilmer Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and enclose ton cents; also mention the ConriellsvHle. Daily Courier. Large and medium size bottles for safe at all drug stores.--Afrt. f Daw«on. GOOD-BYE BACKACHE, KIDNEY AND BLADDER TROUBLES iTor centuri** All over, .the world i;Ol*£ 3CEIAli Haarlem Oil has altord- ^d relief In'thousands upon thousands of cases of lazne back., lumbago, acia- lica. rbluioatlam. »altaton«s, Krarel And all .other afl«ctlons of the kidneys, 3Ir«r. stomaeli. bl«dd«r and allied or- jran* It acts quickly. It does the work. ' I t cleanses' your kldners and t,urifl«» . tin .blood. It makes a new- ·rnan. » "i** woman, of you. .^ It Jre- 'quently wards off attack? of the dread ond fatal dlxaces of the Wdneys. It .'often completely cures the distrfflsing dtssfts*' of .the organs of tHe body, al- ii** with the bladder .and kiclneya. FlQOd7 · or cloudy 'Urine, sedlmertT, or ,bft»k-'wJt" Indicate an unhealthy Do not delay a minute if your )ack aches or you are sore across the loins or. have difficulty when urinating-. Go to your druggi»t at once and get 9. .bbr of. Imported GOLD MEDAL Haarlem OH, Capsules. They are pleasant and easy to take; They dissolve in the Btomacb, and the Kidneys soak .up tlie oil 1 like a sponge does water. They thoroughly cleanse and wash out the bladder and kidneys and throw off the inflammation which iff the cause of the trouble. Your druggistsw.lll cheerfully refund your money "if you are not satisfied after 'a few days' use. Accept only Ifie pure, qrleinal OOU MED'AL Haarlem Oil' Capsules^ None 6th*r renuine.--tAdv. '.' DAWSON, April W.--JTrs.-A.-J. Manning was a Pittsburg visitor Wed- ne^day. George, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur FfcWeon, is ill with ·bronchial -pneumonia. ' It has_beea susserted that a flag, pole be raised opposite the First National Bank to fly tbe Honor flag which Dawson will receive for her big Liberty Loan drive. Mr. and Mrs. W. C-Crowell and Mr. and Mrs. William Martin have returned to their homes in. Cleveland, O. Sam Coughenour has returned 'to his work as'yard master at Dickerson Run after being off Suty the past two weclcs on account of siclcness. Mrs. George Lingle of W«st New- toa is visiting her daughter, 'Mrs. Arthur Fieldson. Big Increase hi Employe*. , On December Jl, 1917,' the Bethlehem Steel Corporation showed a total payroll of 64,783 employes at its various plants compared with 47,013 in .1916. Ask yoor dealer to ahowyou this section. Have Mm pcnirtontthe superiorities that produce Firestone comfort, Firestono suly, Firestone Moat Miles per Dollar. Actual dbra Firestone Cord "Ere irtqjroveinents Itave shown the ^ray for Tnaterial advances in Firestone fabrro construction. In die Firestone F^rie Tb?e^yDUad.more.Tnbber tetween tihe fabric layers, added strendi to cushion layer and tread, special reinforcement to strengthen the sidewaH and mote it more ferrdy to the bead. Put an'vexBtkms. ingryocrnex±ti»?a HRESTONE TIKE RUBBER COMPANY AOOS, OHIO BnadM-ind D«lew Braryvhan Says His Prescription Hss PowerfulInfluence Over Rheumatism P|ae«»«.r«r Teiln Hfcrre Not t* Take Mr. Jaroofi H. AUwi stt£foied ior y«ars with rheumatism./ Matty tiniftR this terrible diaeare" loft h.lm hclpiesB and unaJl« to work . He flnally decMcd, aftor .years · of ceaaelevs study, that no one can bft IVeen from rheumatism until the -accumulated Impurities, commonly call- od uric aoid d.«po«IU. vrtrr; dUseolirad In the joints and muActa and expelled Crtm the body.. "With this idea, in mind be consulted physicians, mode experiments tid finally compounded .1 prescription that quickty and completely banished every slim and aymptofn of rbeumaticm trorn his vyfttem. He freely cave hte f discovery to others who took it.*wlth what nilpht be called marvelous, success. After years of.-unring 1 he dncided to let sufferers everywhere, .know n.boat his dis- .corery througrh .the newspapers. Con* ncHsTllle Drug: store has been appointed aseuts tor A»«TiTh,u in tMa vicinity. with .th« underata-ndLnff that he will freely' rotnrn the purchase money to all who state they received no bene.fiL --Adv. Cafe / --THE!-- . FAMSLY . KESTAOTSAHT EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOB OUH SPECIAL-CLUB BREAFA3T AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Be^- cattse They Are Homemade." NEXT pOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. Just Over the Bridge lf! ('West Sido) Patronize Those Who Advertise. DoctorsFaU Tlliwti g»-«t «c T% T«i* M S T 'J«-4GE f \\l i l i s S T - ' C R t I Wiilard SERVICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Tnvhicd Batterr Man. D. D. D. for Skin Disease , J. C, Moore. Druc^iec. ·Wat«r St.. Cormellsvnie. Pa. B«H Tlione 4SO. 218 Jf. Gth St. TRANSFER COMPANY General LiiSht and Heavy Hani- ing. Local and' Long Distance Moving. JAMES W. STRANC.E Coal and Coke. ConneUs rillc. Ladies Take Advantage of These Big Savings New Spring Garments in Our After Easter Sale. 20 to 30% OFF Women's $15.00 New Spring Coats, clever styles, at $ 9.?8 Womea's $2KOO Handsome Ne^r Spring Suits, at $14.45- Women's $35.00 Handsome New Spring Suits, at $24.7^ Girls' ^6.00 New Spring Coats, now at $ 4.95 Women's $10.00 Exclusive Trimmed Millinery,.at $ .5.65. Women's up to $6.50 New Silk and Cloth Skirts, at $ 4.75. Women's New ChiSon Hats, trimmed, now at $ 1.88 Women's New Cloth Skirts, worth $3.00,-now at...« UtS Women's $1.35 Silk Hose, now at ..;..$ .77- Women'is $1.00 Silk Lisle Gloves, no-w at $ -.89' Women's 25c Lisle Hose, now at g .15. Girls' $5.00 Confirmation Dresses, now at........15 3.77. Girls' ?2.50 Gingham Dresses, now at.. ....' $ 1.77 Brfladway Ladies' Store JTST AS TOU GET OFF THE CAB, SCOTTDALE, PA. aooocxjoooo Homer's f Clotmg § aoocxxtaooooooosiooocaociocxxs J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUftUC AND REAL E»TAT«. Ho. * South MU*M Conn«II»»tlt» na, FETFT By C. A. VOIOHT

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