The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

PAUE TWENTY, THE D U L Y COURIER, f'ONNE UUSVILLB, PA, FRIDAY, J A N U A R Y 2;J, T.K:- Street 5irSHrEYER.. ··"- TO PICK UP MA1I/ BAG FROK ROOF. OK TOM/I.' ST. BUH/DJLNTG,.** r AILING YOUR LETTER on the roof may soon'be an ae- c-.omnli.Hiod fact in the big business woi-lcl t h a t has its bciiiff amid the canyon.* of downtown Manhattan, · The Post Office Depm-tment is keenly interested in a new pick-up device that will permit a flying plane to sweep up sacks of man from the roofs of skyscrapers and KO further expedite the handling of air mail. The daring attempt to pick up the m a i l will be made by Captain Philip Watson, of Roosevelt Field, who v/ilt seek to disprove (he theory that the varying nir currents among tall buildings would cause a piano to crash i n t o the sides of the skyscrapers that "abound in lowt-r New York City. The load of tent mail will include several mail hacks weighing: 40 pounds, which will be set into a catapult devicfl, which la to bo sot up on the f l a t topped tower of No. 120 Wall .St. The top of thin building rises four hundred and forty feet nhovs that narr,ow thoroughfare, and is surroundod by other gigantic structures. The air m a i l catapult i« to bo adjusted by A. W. Card, one of the designers of the device. E, Bushrneyer, tho other inventor, will accompany Captain Watson in his daring attempt. Several practice pickups p/ili first be carried out before the amall plane finally swoops down cut of the clouds and 'carries tha mail to Hadley Field, where it will be loaded on the regular innil planes. Ths Post Offics Department has assign ad photographers to record the full details of the experiment, in which the Department of Commerce is alao interested. If the test is succeRsful, it is believed that soon heavy fnafc mail planes will throw out hooka to pick up loads of financial mail intended for branch houses of various brokerage houses, and so add still more speed to n. buniness to which time and speed is of vital importance. It is thought, too, that once the device is workable, mail will be placed on the roofs of Manhattan's skyscrapers to be dropped on the decks of outgoing llnent. Soup as a One-Piece Lunch on _ ·,,. .Days When Appetite Lags K f l K ard days when one wants- lust a ilttln for lunch--lll.tle to t and llttlo to nerve. And yet n p o o t t t f l demands something with HUb.stii.nco. A c l n a n of m i l U u n c l - a ri'iicki-T won't do. Nor the ubiquitous Kandw, loh. But n nourishing soup might fill ;ViP Iv.ll. Not a t h i n cup of bouillon or consomme--which arc merely np- l«tlj:erB anyway, and contain very l i t t l e food value. But a tNlclt woup. u u f f t c t e n t in lt.'ielf to be a onf.-plece rueal. On a «10 clay such a soup In appotlKlng, warms one nicely, and also if the i-lglit Ingredient« are chosen, will be us satisfying us somo of the nu-at or other heavy dishes. (Jlmwtlora of fish, oysters, clti ins or ;i c o m b i n a t i o n of till three with V«K- "iiiblca and potatoos. arc made easily o n o u f t h . and Unit an hour of pr^para. r.lon a-nd cooking Is all they require. The thick cream aoupn. with a btuais of a cooked veKetablo pliis milk and MilekanlriR. may take longer. Pureea of beans or pens are the most taaty of all the nourishing soups. How- evir, since tho dried leRuniKs are used t!«ey have to be soaked the stfdil '«t»foro. thmi cooked for throe oar four hours. However. thna« baan or p«ft soups- fire both wholesome and a-ppetlsing, and worth the trouble ijf the-lr prep-- nratlon. A large quantity cttn be cooked. Bnougii for more than one men). It won't bs wasted! SpiH FOB Soup. 2 cups dried pe-" 1 " 4 quarts of water 1 onion 1 stalk cflerv 1 cup tonmioes rfresh or cantitKt) J /4 Ib. naif pork, or 1 hnmbona. 2 tablewpoona butter 2 tableapoors flour , 'A teaspoon iioppor Pick over tho'driod peo.^ carefully, discarding a n / that are spotty anil waah in several waters. L«t soc.k oi-ernlffhc in nlonty or.trnter which should be thrown awtts'.'hext morning. Then place In a. larjfe saucepan, add the four q u a r t s of coM water, and Lho »alt pork, or a hambcmo. I^et simmer for th;-«o hours, thon aid tho onion, celery and tomato, und continue cooking another hour. Strain through a f l n u sieve. Mf1t the b u t t e r , add the flour and seaaonlns, a.ri-1 the peas pure, sttrrine conatantiy. Jook alowly for another r The Home Kitchen BT ALICE LYNN B A R R Y half hour, and It Is thnn ready tg servo. If th* mixture IB too thick, It c*.n be t h l n n o d by adding some hot water. Or Home scalded milk. ThU i»up can be served with croutons, or lai:ge pilot orackorn. In th» 3««Tfian restaurant!) whnr« l«ntens tire uaed more often ttiwi split p*an, but oooked. thin way. Uio »oup ia frequently aervod with, n tovr neotioiia of frankfurter SHUSH*go flouting on top InBtead of croutons. And very gooft, too. Any kind of bea.n»--HmaB. navy bena, pbaa, lehtwie, cnn b« Uiscd Vegetable Chomfor. 1 cups cunned corn 1 cup pea», cooked or cfcnrnnl 1 gr««n peppar \ onion 1 cup mushrooms 4 cup* milk 5 tablespoons buttisr 2 tablespoon* nour 3. teaspoon nalt 4 taaupoon pepper P'lnco the buttor In n. lurjfe seiici 1 pan. oWl the sliced onion, pepper n n « mufthrooma cut up. Cook a few minute* until tondor. t h e n add rnlllt and flour mixed together. ln«t the corn, pcaa and sen.mntriB. Brjrur to lha bolllnt point anO aerva *t once. SES; m$883Xffiffl%SIS3888SSS3am (\ pecials for Friday and Saturday Lavishly f t i r - t r i i n m e d ! Black coats that Hare! Brown coats with standing collars sweeping into Jong shawlsf Glossy wolf on hlat-k. Itroad- rdoth. Honny dyed l a p i n against dark brown. These are only examples of the remarkable coat values- ottered in t h i s event. They arc coats that have been priced a great deal more and show their w o r t h in the fineness of m a t e r i a l , fur and w o r k m a n s h i p . Women's and misses' sizes. KwK^ufMvaN* \ O TH stock of home remedies is most complete. We carry every t o n i c and Ihmnient which is of recognized benefit. \o m a i l e r iv Jin t you ivanK just come in and «sk for it. We lune u liollle ivniiinc: for yon. Order by phone. Our hoy delivers to all paHs of the city. 75c, $1.50, $2 U 00 Stationery Kim-si (|iiaii(y linen ' papci and envelopes, hut. boxes ar s l i u l i t l y soiled f r o m h a n d l i n g $1.25 Creomulsion S.")f K r i i s c l i e n Sails 72% $1.50 Kln.sli 98c Kntiro Stock Ivory Toilette Articles Jergen's Soap I f i r l y pricod lit l.Sf. 3 Cakes 29c Chocolates 49c Lb. A IfeaJ Value! TOOTH 'PASTE IPJ.20 Yinol 98c TOOTH B I t U M I I it nd JJ.Ii: '811 HOLD Kit vahie, A l l for $4.00 Electric Percolator Complete. 8-Oup Cnpacity. Mineral Oil One-pint b o l . t l o H . Rpgu l a r l y nricert at 75o-- y's Powder shndes. SB1.00 v a l u e $1.00 H o n b l o ( ' I n a n s l n i r Crpiun You'll Find livery Ne-w Shape and Color Here Hfthn and Felt! nnllibuntl nnI Felt! rarymar Stnuvs! Xovi Ity Hralds! Slniw with Foltl 'Hula B r o w n ! -!an Marco! Black! Violet! F i r e b r a n d ! Past rai. Green! Waikiki! Others! Special Sale Charming-frocks in t h e new modified silhouette . . . that features every new and important fashion decree for Spring! There are stun- n i n g frocks for every fashion occasion as well at- a wide choice of new styles for husiness wear. A fascinating group from which to make your selections and the price is so moderate. All flip TVeiv Slmdes for Sprintr! Every ]Veiv Silhouette Style for Sprinpr! Styles for E v e r y Spring Occasion I Special Loit ·J: Values - o $10. Ail Colors ind Sin Girls' 2 to 6 Broadcloth V a l u e s to $«,(),") OPEN ALL DA Y EVER Y SUNDA Y Conn.eJUvil.Ie. Pa, Jo'aph P. OoUon, A c t i n g Secr«tnry of Statn ( l e f t ) , and Enienl I,. J n h n c k , , A c t i n g R- rvfitrfy of lh« K n v y , w U I attend ny.ct.nps of the P r e e i d c n f a O a b l n c during tho obsonr« In B-urope of e r r c t a j y of Statn Stlm-on am S e c r e t a r y of tho j'.nvy W i l b u r , b o t h of whom era i n ' L o n d o n fo the 'Naval Disarmament Confrrpnc»,. HE J M I C K S S A K Y .l-M'Mt COOT) HEALTH PLATES -- BRIBGEWORK AT K O C R BOTTOM F K . I C K H D a i l y , H o u r s S) to s No A p p o i n t - inents N o ?se\v '3!'p(,'rory VVn'HOI.'T F A I N irifi' W h e n OlhtM 1 ^Vorli Is EASY PAYMENTS P h o n e l v v n u - . Pn.

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