The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 11, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1918. uu0H.liSK, CONNELLSVXLLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. DHL AVERAGE CITIZEN-DO YOU PRODUCE AS MUCH AS YOU CONSUME Modern Society Founded on Principle of Co-operative Effort of AH. COMB SAGE TEA IN HAIR TO DARKEN IT It's Gnndmothei's Recipe to Seep Her Locks Dark, Glossy, Be*ntifil; The old-time .mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur tor .- darkening gray, streaked ·' and faded hair is Brand- mother's recipe,' and. folks are again using it to keep their hair a good, IMC ncociirv nu r APLJ nTUCD ! eren color, which is quite sensible, as \ Wt UEPENU ON EACH OTHtK we are living in an age when a youth- ng in an age wnen a yt fnl appearance is of the greatest ad- Slmpl« Ltt*on In Economies Provci I vantage. That Indwlry l» th« Sourc* of He: t*6wadays, though, we don't have liM.' Comfort* and Luxuries. I t n e troublesome task o£ gathering the 'sage and the mussy rnlxthg at home. All drug stores sell the-, ready-to-use product, improved by the addition ot oiher ingredients, called "WyeUi's Sage 'and Sulphur Compound." It Is Indiv'vlual Has Debt to Organization. Can you picture an arerage American family stated at a table In the average American home about to par- j very popular because nobody can dis- _ Jake at the average American meiil? cover' it has been applied. Simply It la a familiar enough sight. There la the table covered with its white cloth, the nteusils made from porcelain, steel, glass and silver, and there is the food--bread and b.utter, milk; tea or coffee, suit and pepper, sugar, moSstm your comb or a soft brash with it and dra.w this through your hair, taking one small strand at a j time; by morning the gray hair disap- j 'pears, but wi;at delights the ladies I with Wyelh's Sage and Sulphur Corn- meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. But ' Pound, is that, besides beautifully! scarcely anything there !· the direct darkening the hair after a few appli- ' -- ·-- · ·· · - that soft 'cations, it .also produces- lustre and appearance of abundance which is so attractive. This ready- to-use preparation is a delightful toil- j et requisite for those who desire a j more yautiitul appearance. It is ubi intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease.--Adv. 4,000,000 TONS result of the labor of anj person who sitr about that table! When yon sit down to « meal di you «TCT think who provided it? Do you even know. In most cases, where the different components o£ that meal came from? Old the salt and the pepper drop as manna from heaven? Did the flax or the cotton which forma the tablecloth grow upon the home plncc? .'Were the fibers spun Into yarn by your housekeeper, and was the cloth woven on the household loom? Did jou rear -"or* of Coal Expected from Western the animal which supplied the roua: . ' IN-nnn. Sines This Year. I for the repast? Did the fruit come | .4,1 a recent meeting with the coal! from your orchard? Are'the; rnilfc and ! operators of }Vestern Pennsylvania,' the batter the products of your cow? I they were told by A. W. Galloway, di- i Who delved Into the earth for the sil- (rector of bituminous coal distribution,; ver^the steel, the lead, the clay which j that at least 4.000,000 tons Increased ; have been used to make up the utensils ! production will be--expected of them 1 necessary for your most simple meal? i this year bjr the Fuel Administration ' And who change,!'those raw products j aad Bt consumers of this section! Into the knives nnd .forks and dishes j w i l l bc rcquired to consen -e at least i r x°" S ;; ,.:. , ,.,,,,,. " 4 .°".»0 tons to help win the war. ! Galloway said 100,000,000 more' thoughtful, man can consider such questions without being tremendously impressed with the utter dependence of even the most Independent man ta OOT present civilization, upon the co-operation of hundreds of thousands of his fellow men whom lie has oerer met and probably never heard at, largely engaged in . some occupa : Hon different from his own and Bcnt- f tered about! not only all over his own »untry, but many of them located in fa r distant parts of the earth'. It makes no difference what vocation a roan follows. He may be a farmer and cause two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before. He may te a manufacturer, a retail merchant. mechanic or a banter--no matter irhat he is, he depends for his very existence, not only upon those who rill the soil .and deal In its'products, but also and to the same extent upon the ?reat organizations of manufacture, triinsportatlou, communication and Seance which are scattered about all aver the earth. It bas tafcen .the combined efforts. Ihe^co-cperatlon of thousands of ]KKpli: and organl7.atlons concerning which thft average individual may know, nothing, to bring about the development of what.we call oar modern civ- ilisation. The economic value of yonr efforts and those of your employee or of your employer, as the case may be, both depend upon the /value of the efforts of millions of other men, and the economic value of one cannot be damaged without impairing the economic value of ail. tons of bituminous coal arc necessary I this year. Of this amount Director ! Garfleld insists that production be in- ! creased 50,000,000 tons, and 50,000,000! tons shall be conserved by private and industrial consumers. Canada has -. asked for 2,000,000 tons mor,e this year than were received last year and has.been allotted 1,000,000 tons less^ than was shipped in .1917. Approxl- : mately 17,000,000 ions of coal were '' shipped to Canada in 1917. . i HAVE STROM TEETH AND HEALTHY GUMS Cbambt Claim.' Formula ior P.vor- rtinr* Heals Sore, Spooer f.nms and .llnkes Teeth So Finn That fating is a Pleasure. ;:road minded doctors, dentists and ;]h:irmaclsts «rho have griven Ginginol, aighly concentrated pyorrhoea formula for 'Useless Salaries to He Cut. Director General McAdoo' Issued or- j ders for a definite study of expenses with the view- of eliminating useless j salaries to highly paid officials, re- j tired officers still drawing large sal-! aries, lawyers whose time has not' been particularly applied to tie work '. of the railroads and othcvr services' "not reasonably required for -the op-: eratian of the railroads." Heary KivtT Cnal 3fOTejnpnt, ! More than 11,000,000 bushels · at \ coal passed through Lock 5 during! the month of -March. i PIG IRON AND STEEL, SHIPMENTS HOLD TO ABOUT 90% CAPACITY Increase !ore In Commercial Than in Vi"»r Material: Tlnte .Sitn»tion One of Allotment and Distribution. Special to Tha Weekly Courier NEW YORK. April 10.--The Ameri 7 can Metal JIarket and Daily "Iron Steel Report will review the steel and | iron trad* tomorrow as follows: ; Shipments of pig iron and of finish- j ed steel continue at the rate o£ about | 90 per cent of capacity. The increase, j as compared . with conditions in Jan- I uaryand February, is much more in ; _ _ . _ commercial material than in war ma- j disease, a f l a ' j terial, and eventually the larger "ship-j ai-e^a|tonwnea a.1 me .quick results Ob-j m e n t s shoul( j make an j mpres s Up- j ' "it" seems almost unbelievable, b u t t o n the situation and make it easier to U is a fact nevertheless, 'that one buy. Thus far no such result has' home treatment make the gums occurrel j. Pig i ron is a5 scar cc as f«e! better and reduce the soreness. ITsed as directed for a few days a decided Improvemnt Is joyfully observed. Continue for a few weeks until' the gums : are healthy, the spo::Einess and sr-re- ^ ness all ffone and the teeth are firm : and immovable. / GJnffinol kills the dread pyorrhoea germs; that is one reason for Its re- maj^able success. It Is easy and pleasant to use and the chemist who c-m- '-. pounds It announces 'that he does not want a cent from any sufferer unless Glnerlnol proves of great benefit. He publicly authorized the ConneUsville ; Dctiff Store and all first class pharma- ^'"- cists who sell Ginelnol in .the small, original bottle to return .the. purchase prl«:e to anyone who does, not notice '.. a decided Improvement after the use ' of on bottle.--Adv. at any time, * speaking marketvrise, and as shipments are much heavier the only conclusion is that the improved traffic and other conditions that have brought about heavier shipments have likewise increased the ability of consumers to coastline , the iron, . In the. case of finished steel products it is probable that in a few weeks the heavier shipments will re- much easier conditions among jobbers and manufacturing consumers, but nothing of this sort is noticed so far. buyers beir^ as eager to receive nraterial as they were 30 days ago. "The Big Store" Conhellsvilla's Shoppin "The Big Store" Has No Equal for True! Value-Giving- jStatement Every Day in The Week. $1.39 $1.30 Pure -Silk Hose Phoenix.full fashioned thread Silk Hose, in khaki, new grey, brown, tan, black and white, at 51.39 the pair. Children's Sue Hose 21c Children's fine -ribbed Hose in black or white, sizes. Special, the pair 21c. al! "Sc Silk CJIoves 59c "V^omcn's pare Silk Gloves, double iir.jsvr tips, all sizes, black or while, the pair 49c. B»ys $!·:*» IVash Stilts 95c New Spring styles, combination colors ar.d .-military effects, sizes 2% to 8 years, at the suit, _J5c. Our Underselling Ability Forcibly Demonstrated m this sale of Women's and Misses' New Tailored Fancy Suits Actual $22.50 and $35 Smart Suits $18.50 Many models to choose from, including stunning flare effects, pleated models, youthful sport suits and braid trimmed styles, many with silk waistcoats and over collars. Serges, poplins, gabardines poiret twills, etc. Regular and extra sizes at' $18.50. Regular $29.75 and $32.50 Suits $25.OO DiBtincUve models In a choice variety 'of tailored and fancy effects, found only at "The Big Store." Smart braid" trimmed suits, straight line or ripple backs with pepluims. Misses sizes, 14, IS, IS; ·wo- men's sizes 34 to -JG; stout sizes 42^ to New Spring Dresses, U1 Q 925.00 to $29.50 Vahies «PiU% Georgette Combinations, crepe *de chines, fiuo serges and smart taffeta Dresses. A wonderful collection at $19,75. $10.00 Smart ifew Dresses, $12.75 to $18.50 Values Clecer new styles in the most popular colors and combinations are here ready for your selection at Che popular price of $10.00. While we have Suits at every price--Coats at every price and Dresses at every price--all of which represents the utmost in value-giving--the very latest styles and the largest varieties In the county--we -wish to call your special attention to these special which we have selected--knowing that the values are extraordinary and that every woman who is thinking of buying a new garment will certainly be well pleased from our immense assortments. New Spring Waists That Leave Nothing to Be Desired in Style, Color or Value. Indeed so complete is our showing of new Spring Waists--so many attractive models--so many smart, color combinations--such excelleut values--that every woman's fondest desires can be fully realized here. Prices range from 98c up to $15. Specially mentioned are Waists at 98c Simirt styles in Tollc, Lawn and Organ, dies, $1.25 Talnes. 9Sc. $2.95 S!UO anil $4.00 TVaists of Georgette, Crepe de Cbine and Striped or Plaid Silts, $2_to. $3.95 $5 \Yuiste of. (ieor- geU« Bonded and hund embroidered, also crepe de chines and silks, $3,95. $5.9O Clever Waist of Georgette and Crepe dfl Chine. XOTT models, 8S.90. 69c Pink Silk Camisoles . 'Wash silks, neatly trimmed with 48c Girls' $10.00 Spring Coats -- $8.90 Clever nev,- models for the little tots. Women's $1.39 House Dresses . Full size, well made of excellent quality percale. '' Boys? 75c Wash Suits Spring styles, excellent values, Cor boys 2 3-2 to 6 years. The "Lillian Hair Jfets Made of natural hair, cap shape, all shades, Jl.OO the dozen, or lOc each. 88c '.ruble Linen Special, yard . Beautiful floral patterns and new designs 71 inches wide. The Fad, Laundered Collars Semi-Iaundred collars, in new models as "Paul Kevere," "Ideal" and "Joan ot Arch." 20c to 50c . . Also cuffs to match. 98c 59c lOc 79c Follow the .Crowds to the Millinery Department. Prettiest Styles and Varieties Here to Select From--Speci- . ally Featuring The Big Store "Leader" Hats at Our Clever "Wonder" Hate at $4.95 Eyery one .a Jfew Snnuncr Model that would sell regularly for $2 to $4.00 more. There are Picture Hats with facings of crepe and flower trimmed, stunning Liseres in black and black and white effects, new suits Hats in Poke and Sailor shapes. Picturesque Floppy brim styles with, geor- geous silk facings. Many new styles to choose *rom and no two alike. ' *" We Will Save You Money on Stylish Footwear ^8.95 $5.501 $6.50 "Women's $10 Grey Kid Slices Fine fcid stock, lace style nine- inch top--Louis heel, imitation tips. "Women's $7.50 Black Oxfords Very new, black calf lace oxfords, new military heel, special at 55.50. "Women's $8.00 Black Shoes · Black kid, lace style boots, Loois heel, imitation tips, at the pair, $6.50. Misses' $3.50 fl»O \ £ Gun Metal Shoes «P^.'*O Gtm metal calf shoes with doJh tops, button style, sizes 11 1-2 to 2, at ?2.«. Boys' $3*0 Gnn Metal Shoes Bluncher. lace style, sizes 2 1-2 to 5 1-2, special $2.79. Children's $3.00 Shoes Gun metal leather, cloth, tops, lace style, sizes 6 to S, at $1.45. $2.79 le, sizes 2 1-2 3. $1.45 Get back of Our Boys "Over There"--back up the boys now going and soon to leave--Buy Liberty Bonds--then hustle around and see what else you can do to help win the war. A distorted view of the plate situation as relates to shipbuilding has been given by the major portion of the dispatches . from Washington. There has been very little difficulty, and such shortage as appears is largely on paper, representing poor assortment of plates at Individual - yards. It is a case of allotment a n d , distribution, not a question as to whether there, is plate producing capacity sufficient to' take care of all the ships that can be built. The present effort is to produce a 'supply for 30 days or more at every shipyard, and this end can. be attained in a very few weeks. The plate rolling capacity is several times Uie current consumption of plates in shipbuilding. Ferrom'angaaese is now being generally quoted with 70 per' cent man- ganese content instead of 80 per cent, but the price is .kept at the old one of $250, delivered.' The Spiegel standard has been reduced to 16 to 18 per cent against IS to 22 per cent formerly obtaining and the common qnotation is $70 on the new standard. n la Bed and (**Jd l»-c!. K«Irt Tako so oUi · ^ Q ---*YTM""' "·"*;»« rijjiirt, fa* ttf SOLD ByOTfioi'sf?ErewiwiaE "CAP"STUBBS SPEAKIXG OF "JTKIGrHTFUMiESS!" By EDWDTA \»-»E BIB N'T 5ftLUTE'. WOT'LI. WE t ' ^JO WITH HIM. FELLER OFFICERS'.! NftW- H KIN HHXP «"»/S H«WO- OUT TH 1 CLOTHES AW THEN MOP OP TH'KITCHEN FLOOR, HAVE TER: R NOT S'LUTIN* A OFFICER

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