The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1918
Page 4
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DA1L.Y COUKIER, CONNELLSVILiLiE, PA. ·iHURSDAT, APRIL 11, isle. 3tjf fiatlg EENB.T P. SNTD3B. Foud«r Had Editor. IMt-IVM. THX ooumisK, ":· JAS. 3. DIUSCOUU · S«e'y »nd Treasurer, Buslu««» Wan«g»r. ^ JOHN L. OANS, .,,_- w'« must -'arouse ourseJvei, equally with 'the British, aad throw all Sour force^ energy resources ana migif into' the-struggle tuat there can , ..... - WALTER S. STUOIEU ; -^.' ' ~ ' City Editor. ' MJSS L.TNNE 3. KINCIUk * 3oct«£r Editor.. \ ' M-F!VTTP.R OF: ; : * 'Aftfociatcd PreM. '- AodK Buream of Ctrcuiartcm. . ... rP«nnsylv»»l» AMocJated rallies. i Two" oioti'iiir "copy. ««e%er month; - » »ti yttz bj mill 11 »»ld in vfcnivo*. tM-td'u second cfcua m»tt«r mt the CWm«ll.Tftll«. Pa. ' oij OWNERSHIP, ..M/ CmcXJIwlTJON. etc.. o' The Daily ·Cowi*r-publlah«d-d«Ilr ..ictipt Sunday at?poim*IllTUJe, PmnrlTanla. required ' by-Act of Conirress of August 24. 1512. Snyder, Co»acllsviHe, " iEai^iKxK* or otherwise, to paid the six · month* ·VXDUOX P. KHMOCAN. Bx- ; rrance. ; T. JttJOPR, OSth iBfantnr. - V.. TOT THE 4KB TUBED.' reiy IndUCerent or a very jttiion -who does r.ot feel a tirin ot jorttle -when rudiitg toepress "repeirts ot the msnUtcent behavior of ·the Amerkmn troops under fire in the i greatest battle lo history now Tracing .in pitnce. TVl«n the Cyrmima made their Jtrst driv* towards Amiens the American "Engtoeers, : Tho werj5,.iii-doty with the Canadians in the re*r ot the Brit- liti sector, w«re hastily fonoed as pa .of a^dirifflon and brought into action to stem the-tite of 'thfl awneing · -Hunji who were being forced forward in a*svKC«ssion. p£ naves in soHitor- The Americans held their ground »tab6ornlr,.rese]-viDg their, fire unto : the 3rennans were within certain r»ng|. when thiiy poured withering '.:yoll^ra.lito"the',iite«lsrar ranks. Although *taii»Kbj:ted by infantry, anil faantt otly with rifle* and » few mi- · cntn» COD*, ttej rained » hail 61 flre JBtoib* rapidly Humming ranks ot the Ooiiiiin. tnfflcttiB tarrfUe casualties, L tbitr weaJNaa became to hot as t* one*«B. ' · pocUow. teen, tannd and be- · *galn.~' 5lio3 'they r for several daye, their ; jpdt.fdetinBtnatian and valor ;calHng H«nr ll»lllili fl praise from the offi- «n «nd awn ot the Afflo by whose iU» «b«T fimsbi. Tt the gathurtrj- of tt* iKDWnl of Anyiriram wiu held iMMk^fte BOB. adnnce, 1* ascribed the ; tnAM at haTinj fcoKented tot .enemy . In toe fint i wai the frrat' iu w**ch the liiw«.'tafc«ri»rt. -.Prewona taek;by .the Gernmcs had,, ibc«i.. re, iiatiitly repnteed,. and indahnuni the Amertcmi have ahown tlxir rmetar^arfeirful cost ti ~ tlte .arc b«gnininslto n^eet tSe"«tffl, "darfni." intrepidity and itiaggrcetnlneaa of Cat foo which win be -the deciding factor in' th(. final . In. m»*tln*,th«_Kil3er'«» onr bave ihow. -;:' imUon^Oiaf : wIU" again MBtpre ' - TOtBSELFJ ! . ''.The *l*«s.of XJoyd George, the ; Britiah Prtmlcr, before parliament, fcrlnjs vrridlr to the attention of the ; TVi|;H« people tht-«rtreme gaarRf-al | ftte military situation on"S»'Western I Tront It ought also to impress us r ieie Jn Am^ripa 'wlartJie; conviction f that, the At* i(JEufope^of, America^ s and. of political "libeny-aid civiliza-' f tion throughont the world is depend( in^ upon the? outcome of the s'tragsle j;; Germany is now waging with'-fliifd'esi B ptration of despair and all its trute- £ force. ' · -.. ·{ '· " '"" ~.~' \. :'r|To meet ttfe situation^thB;' govern^: inent of Great Britain 'proposes, rio ; take the drastic step of extep^dinV c B acription to I of 50 SJM up to 55 years 'of age. njess and courage c f;p«nle the British ., I very plainly ,that the crisis^'mast'-he i- met without ^hfsitation,^..inOv'*ni'aUer. " what hardships and sacMfioes': fre" In-- yjfbe consequence 'of finiii or com- ^^plrte German success.will toe immedi- |a|S; to Great. Britain but eventually |joit as-significant and disastrous to. ^ aieJ-Uttitcd States..-jiHfe'nce the British.'PrcmieV to his'*peoile ready for' sacrifices such_ a? r.'riofyet't'nbwn'.is' 'ad-j dressed-t6"us.- Beside the'perl man victory over tiio Aiiie^ other thinjr in life palos into J cince. trin^the'' face of tie - *: I AMERICAN TROOPS !N FRANCE IN THEIR "PARLOR "-" . CAR" AMD ADVANCING THROUGH ENEMY'S BARBED WIRE and l be no dou Jt, no nosiibilky of Pmasianian beConjljii; the: ruling power in'ite'wcrld. Az ccni ajfrd with this evsrytbiag else in h£e ^ Lusi'bfi^cciunted as nothing. . _ v Are you pri^pSiring-youjsfe f it fice the issue under the encoiiiigesrert ' and sustaining: grace of this mgh re-! BOXBAHDISfi Khakt^iad Sammies are. going cnej [ tile top" ovar^yonder almost, ffal 1 ^ [ EOK-. The,v:..jir toEsinfe Tfio 1 - te ratot| the enemy trenches;' apraxuig tae | night, patrols, in! VNtr -Mai',5 Jjanfewitk j machine gun flre; aaellln^ the enea.- I artillerj' -posts and demolisbias wire I entanglements "with' fi'eavy"-guns,'and whenever.tiio-BOcbe'skedadci-ie I before their approach" tbey arc 1 taking' prisoners. They are fast getting their atride, fo'w.g,-wiib true^Amcrican vim ^nevvh'oir falien comrades. ; of,them are giving their lives f« YOTJ. '-"-I :";.-.. ; -' : ·' · - .-»lip.t are you doing? asjts the Committee. main thing!: what are j-on : theoir'. There's no cause rnr worry about" the. men -in the "trenches. They're ^on the jc:h with 6oth feeL They 'iS'ow exactly what they're there for; they know precise- iat ! a expected: o! them.; they know what they have' to do. theiy 1 !! DO IT. must do your part. There's only one vay in ·which you can effec- ttraly do this. You must lend Uncle Same your spare cash. He neofe it for" supplying a"hundred soldlor wants. Bat Espectally'fpr the necessities of offensive fighting. / T h e Sammies have tbeir mm peculiar warn of STatlng the Hun. ;Ton must do your Ibontbarding with liberty Bonds. Delay yo»r * Visiting 1 ' until after tho Ub«rty .Bond-campaign is over 1 . The hoxw«-to-honee canva«s«rs will 'be too biiay to maJce a second call Cor your subscription. · Cbuaty Supiirintondent Carroll sitys that with, the school boards It will be a. 'case o£ pacing tho price or eoliie without teachers. This Is knowle-dee E»ined by exporlence of-a year in. trying: .".to recrait^a, te*chlngr.:^orce. ...not mere ojrinioD. Tlje air program- aetrnff-to. have had altogether too much-air in it. ' rec : By maintain Ins 1 , its, health record Camp-Hancock'has sfm'ply-'been put- thiB'.thtS boys of the Keystone Division Into condition for later making: some casualty reoordjj. for the Germans. By TKATTOBS. Some skates·· are 'thinking' treason, and others talk' tfieWsaine; In due and proper season ire'JL-spoJl'thelr foolish gtune. Tbe Eover7»n«at's interiilng some, aptelera every ?.day.. who seemed. -to hare :» yearntuar to'go the Touton ·way;'our Uncle. .Sam. will boot taem nn til his patience bIlcs, 'and then perhaps he^ll shootsthem»with,rusty nails and rocks. One cheap-' and phoney traitor will mike', a lot'inore nolae. a- ahootintr' off his jcrater, than - ninety loyal boy*; 'So'.-when...'. : we...,Hear one wheeain-;. andV jpawin^-lnyr the ground, we thi-n-k .there's lots of treason a- etretrlatliff ronnd. But when you'd coHntyoir traitors they're mlg-htj- harcl : to meet, and they have/in their Baiters th* coldest kind of feetr" I often hear of feHow« .who sympathfze with -Toats, who like to work their .-bellows Uke traitorous B^lootR; tut" when I po to find them and" 1 : read the.- 'riot act, to chide them and remina-^thein of many a--, loyal feet, ttre.Ir pi-trtotic : ' manner disarms me righ-t a-veiay: they love the apsncicd banner as much aa any jay. D«ne;^ttinior 1« so- busy, so drunkenly she swerrea. it keeps a fellow busy to follo-nt all her curves. She points to DJelc ;-and Harry, and .says they^re traitoTs foul; for. facts we do not tarry; at, once we start to howl. To blast nxaa'.s:reputation by charges Idly made won't help pre'sferre the nation, or mmlce the foe afraid.. ' ' These pbotogprapbs from the American sector in France show,abore, a bimch of our soldaera Trappy their "parlor car," 4nd, below, a detachment starting on. a reconnaissance Lhroug-h the enemas banbed wire * tanglements. ®S®®t3®®t2G«3£SX£5®5S^ WANTED --· YOUR business RENDINE'3. BABBERING t f ' ! WANTED -- WORK BY DAT. care Courier, Sa XYZ. FOR RENT--THREE FUP^VISHKD FOR SALE--FX-'RXITL'RE. MRS. A. rooms for light housekeeping. li'JC S. PIIOBST. 127. Sa.-it KalrvMcw. East Apple street. 10apr3t j Iflapr^ WANTTED--KITCHEN GIRL AT once. ARLINGTON HOTEL. 10»pr3 L WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTORY work. Apply TRI-STATE CANDY CO. ; 4-aprtfd ' WANTED--FIVE, SIX OR SEVEN room modern house. Address MK LEO C., care Courier. 6apr7t* WANTED--ELEVATOR BOY. be IS years of aec. Apply KOBACK- ERS. . lOaprSL WANTED -- AN EXPERIENCED Kitchen girl. Apply YTEST PENX TEA ROOM* - lOaprJtd WAWTED--DISHWASHER AT ONCE. Apply CONEY ISLAND LtTNCH. Trl| State phone 5*4. 9aprt* WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- wrtter. Call Bell 13-R, or Trl-Etate 38-W, Mount Pleasant. 23febtf WANTED--ONE STEAM HOISTING engine. 15 to 25 H, P.. J, N. TP.UMP. Grape alley. Bell 571-J. Saprfit WANTED--THREE. .UNFURNISHED rooms after April 15. v Address 116 South Second street. 29raar tf-eod WANTED--SECOND TRICK COOK. ages' $7,00 per week. CUPPS' RBH- TAURANT, Water street. llnprCt " WANTED-- DISHWASHER. WAGES J5.00 per week. CUPPS R.ESTAX3R.-I ANT, Water street llaprfit j POR RENT--FURNISHED LIGHT housekeeping: rooms, 307 East Crawford. l l i i p r L f d FOR RENT--I-JOI T SK, SOUTH SIDE. $14 per month. STANTON SIPlC. Both phones. ILAiirSt FOR SAJjE.--ADVERTISING SPACE Id this paper. Auk lor ra.te». FOR SALE--INCUBATOR. 1XQUIRE of MRS. M. L. CODGHENOUR, 502 Eaaf Murphy avenue. llapr-t FOR SALE--S. C. WHITE LKGHQRN mcttbator chicka. G. "W. NEWCOMER, B. D. I, Cormellsville, Pa_ . 9apr3t FOR SALE---10 H. P. OAKLAND, $200. -(S8 East Crawford avenue. 5apr6t* FOR SALE--GOOD HALL PUMP OR compressor cheap. A. TAYLO.Il CO., N'o. 211 South Broadway. Scottdalc. Pa. FOR SAuB--A TRACT OF TIMBER nnd coal l a n d s l t u u i o in W h a r t o n township, Kay e tie county. Pennsylvania. TJiu coal is the Frcfcport vein. 'Inquire ot th« uncleral^nod as to tcrma, price, etc. CHARLES C. MITCHELL, A d m i n i s t r a t o r AntiSe Auams Estate. Connellsvtile. .Pa. SaprCt Notice. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE ARE hereby notified that they are p e r m i t t e d to ncrtd patients to th; County Home j only after an investigation by one o f 1 t h e munrberi? of the Board ot Directors j of the Poor and House of Kiriploymcnt. ( By Order of the Board. 13. 33. DAVI- ' SON, President; W. H. RAXKIN. S e c - I rotary. SOjiprilt The Third Liborty'Lcan Carcpai£ii is now open. The allotment fcr Fayette County is ap- proximnteiy $3.700,000. Ou April 12ih Lieutenant Perigord of France v.-ili speait at the West End Theatre. He is loaned by the French Government to the Liberty Loan Committee; he has been decorated six times for bravery in action, and has been wounded four times. He has seen much active servica. On the JSth there will be a public meeting, likely 0:1 the Court House lawn; Scusa's wonderful baud Oi New York will be in attendance; James Francis Burke of Pitts- burgh.will be among the speak^n?. Every man, woman and child in County should buy a Liberty Bond. We believe the Fayette County subscriptions will run over live million dollars. The Union Supply Company are offering during this entire week soir.e very dainty styles in women's and misses' shirt waists and skirts. The variety is large, the stylos are very unique, and the prices reasonable. It is the second spring shipment and they are the choicest styles we will have during this season. TJI other departments, such as hosiers, underwear, gloves and neckwear, we are receiving new styles daily. The stocks are at their best--now is the right time for spring shopping. 63 Laree Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Alleghen? Counties, FOR SALE--TWO TOM ACM E truck In good condition. See Mc- CRKARY MOTOR CAR CO., East Crawford avenue. llapr:u · "WAITED -- CHAMBERMAED AT once. Wapes. ,5.00 per week. CUTPS' RESTAURANT, Water street. llaprSt FOR. SAI* OR TRADE--TWO GOOD fresh cows, aJso three other jjoo'l m i l k cows. Apply HARRY. HBTZKL. 50T West Crawford, avenue, West Sldr. I l a p r S t FOR SALE--O.NTS L A R G E DOUBLE flfH top desk. li;.,-ht oak. in excellent condition. The first $100 offer will t a k e It. Inquire DELCO LOrBElt COMPAXY. ' 29martfd Edt Gift. LIBERT! XOAS. . . . . . . . r ;LOM, _ were you Liberty Aitd not a:i oxaiapl* of jiwlsincnt "Were yoa to paas, never more to re- "W^ere ytm""tiie" last that I't Sini-l -irt»p«ia .say aa T»C parted in Ttiese ar«, t dollars that I've sahcti- Mjreee' .nreT~1flie rdoilara.' once troaarared i*»t I'-harwi offered at Ubertir'tf Bhrine: I f : I cooW count np the. money I've Oo.nnt ..erery.. -dollar and say where it Trent, Little of pride would be mine to recall. Therei TTO»W be selfishness written in , v . raiment ; t!o en able .to dollars I've ·* ; -wear,have .·alwSys'' , But. put of.-all the * w ' Incst x . w *re- thorn of this Liberty They are .'thevdoilars I've p l e d g e d - t o the truth; · '% '· :·./·'. '- ^ '' · '- pollars- I've _serTt^wHlt^our;.finest of Into thf hatclc zone,. figTTtJn^/or nie. v. voice ^speakinp-.«ver the All-., that w i t h " money I eyfer " h a v e £^nnot ^.pompStte ·with this · service! ***' there's none ... ' ·: ; !ven In de"eds that I'\*e done for "my 3£" to be classed w.ith my Libert^ '·; Loan. are the dollars,; J hallowed th?e Star''Span'ff1e*d Banner that's '".···flybiE. aboye;,:-.; ". *.. ^ :. . : · ? Dollanr- devoted.r=tp . winning-, for men' Fre'edoni and'.lauehter",-aJod grladneas again; ·'· : '-.v --^'-.They arc my dollara-'Bttll "spotless and' .clean, .; ;- -;: ;_'-.'.- r: Gained by anything- sordid and mean, . ^V-A'^ ' And they shall stand, till life's Ia*t ·. debt Is paid : . Aa. tbe -best- use of'money I; ever 7 have ' WAJTTED--EXPERIENCED MAtD. Reference required; cood urag-es to rlffht party. Call 5l'6 Loucks.* avenue. Scottdale, Pa. . llaprtf "WANTED--YOUNG L^VDT WITH somo experience for store work. Apply 153 East Crawford avenue, llaprSt WANTKD--VEST AND TROUSKR maker and scamstresa.' Apply H. J. BOSLETT, 122 South Pittuburff street. llaprSt" WANTED--YARD CLERK, 1£ TEARS or over. Apply GENERAL' YARDMASTER'S OFFICE, B. O. R- R. 10apr-lt WANTED -- ROAD BRAKEMEX, ago 18 to 3'5. Apply A. E. McVICKBR. Train Master, Baltimore Ohio railroad, Conn-sUwville, Pa. 4apr7t WANTED--JIRL FOR GEXERAI* 'housework, '^bod -\vaffC3. Apply H. L. CARPENTER.' -810 South Pittsburg street. '' ' laprtCd WANTED--GOOD GIRL FOR GEN"- eral work In restaurant and confec-. tionery store. .Apply O. F. THOMAS, South ConnellsvUle, Pa. Saprtfd WANTED--TO BUY OR LEASE small coal operation^ Prefer B. O.. One or two cars per day. Price mus^ be reasonable. Write WL, Courier office. ' 10apr2t WANTED--SEVERAL MEN FOR overhauling; and repairing cars. Good opportunity; 3-hour - shitt. · Apply MASTER-MECHANIC, -West Perm Railways shop. , - 6apr5t .WNTED--OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter if broken. , ;I pay- ?2.00 to $15.00 per set. Send "by parcel post and receive^ihack by ' return mall. L. MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia,'Pa.. ' . " Ilap'r23t" " WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRI2T1 1 - |nr, whether it Is a calling: card, suia bill or" the finest engraved" weddjr.g-. Invitation or, announcement. -We print anything----ever/tninE"--*° it. promv't7.y and do,It ; riffht Call. tne-miui'at;TII2 COURIER office. Both ."phones. 27 r t£ WANTED^--MIKE... FOREMAN - TO ta^tc. co'ntract -for driving: headings -at bottom·-of-'.iiew shaft just sunk by us for" t h e . Lincoln Gas Coal Co., near Washington, ! Pa. Machinery, and .'power 'furnished. Big new plant. Work every.Qay", splendid opportunity; new company;.hqus-es. Reply, by mail with reference's." Appointnfent- made for Interview. -THE .R. G. JOHNSON ' CO;, 1104 House Building, Pittsburg, Pa.. . ' ' : " ··, ' ' - . ' ·.';.'. 'ioapr2t." : ' FOR SALE--1017 TOURING CAR. electric light ;ind starter. Good tir^.s. first class c o n d i t i o n in every particular. Price ?400. See SCHM.ITX. TVo»t Sttlf; Gariigc. I.0o.pr2t CJiiirier Notice. XOTICK IS IIKHKBT «n r EX THAT an a p p t t c u t i o n w i l l be made by A. C- Stickel, Sar:*,h 1C. Stickol and Gact:ino ·Corrado to the G o v e r n o r ot Pt?nnny!- ! vania, on Friday. A p r i l IP. I91S, at 1« j o'clock A. M., u n d e r Uie j i r o v i s i o n t t of j an Act of Assembly en t i l l e d "An Act | ;o provide I'or II). 1 incorporation und r e g u l a t i o n cf cor t a i n corporations." a p p r o v e d - t l i i i - J l h day of A p r i l . A. D.. 1874, und i tie sup p l u m c u f f tin-re to. for A charter for tui intended coj-pnra- lion to be oallcsl F i n i ^ y v i ! ! e Gau Coal Company, t h e c h a r m r t e r and object of u-hlch is th'. jr.Sninsr nv : coal. a n l 1)10 1-nnnufn.cture of t!ie MIL me i n t o c^ke. ;ind thi; s a J f t ni" cf.'il am! dl%f. a n d *or nnjoy all the ritrhtti. heneflts n n d privllcfr^f by siiifl Act of Aspismbly. and t h e " s u p p l e m e n t ! * t h e r e t o c o n f e r red. STKRI.INT;. I I I G R K E : M A T THEWS, Solicitor, 1 *. mir2S-n.prU 4 .t 11 - FOR SALE--ONE HALF irrBREST In the Red Star Post Card studio. No.! 218 North PittsburK street. Other bus-! I ness requirinR- my attention. 1C in- · terested see S. H. HOWARD, A l d e r - j roan. Sjiprfit FOR SALE--JirST R'ECETVT-'.D C A R 1 load ri\bber roofing-, 1, - 2 .ind B p!y. Also slale surfaced roofing- f r o m S I . 2 5 to $3.50 per roll. \V. L. WHIPKJ3V. 201 Ninth Htreot, "Went Sid-:. '. ,l»apr3t-eod | AT ONCE T\VO LINOTYPE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE FOR 5AL13--O.VB TEAM Pf.ACK j cob horses. "VVeipht 1,000 p o u n d s each; 1. good workers. Price 5100 for tea in. One brown horse, weight I . l O f ) pound;;. Good all round iiorse, prico 350. STAU JUNCTION L l V K t l Y STABLE. Star Junction. 10apr3t SOMETIMES. · "A nmii can't do anything w i t h o u t rooney." "That" depends." "Depends on what?" -"The man'; If Ins. credit is good, ho chn get Into debt." L O 4 J A I . . S A L Xover was there d u c h :i demand Cor silver ILK t h e r e i« to- ·dsiy. We have a s i l v e r r n i n c -Its proven--we ha\'e tlic ore-lots of It. "We want high jjntde men tt «·:!! .stock for o u r cum- [juny fn:- the SOLl£ purpose of raislnp; n'oney to I j ' - Lo m i l l t n l s w o n d e r f u l l o t of ore t,li:it can be ween on t h e d u m p . The K-ovcrnnient w a n t s s i l v e r and so does everybody o];ie. J f you have the pep--genuine j?in- ffor--you can eni'n .?lii'i ;md more a week. You must act q u i c k . Wire, .phone w r i t e . Mr. R. O. YOUNG. -H3 Union Arcade, P i t t s .burg-. Pa. FOUR LOTS FRONTING ON FIRST STREET, SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. THESK LOTS WILL BID SOLD ..REASONABLE TO CLOSE 'ESTATE. ·MRS. MARY R. PHILLIPS, DUBOIS," PA. . · FOR.RENT--TWO FURNISHED BED rooms. 107 East iFalrvlew avenue. ·'-.FOR RENT--FRONT .OFFICES -ON second 'floor ;pf Dunn. . Evans bulld- inier."' Inquire Of HAB.RT DUNN. · -\- ' . ' ; · . · " " . . . ' SJan-tfd START ' D o n ' t -wait until you see what: it does for others. Do something for. yourself. All the evidence of proof you want from Scottdale YOUGH TRUST COMPANY people. Our Bald Head Hair Grower 'We have the nerve to say what we do because, we have the goods that speaks for itself. . . W. H. FORST, Scottdale's Druggist IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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