The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 14
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PARE FOURTEEN. THE DAIY COURIER, CO! fNELLSVILI/BJ, PA, Basketball % JAMES M. MM @Meeting at Tit^W Hotel Calle To Consider 1980 iMamond, Schedule. : OUTLOOK IS VERY BRIGHT footbaU/ ' basjkotlmll, ,, lacrpss-e, ba^haU, quojts and three-card numtb coach for .the past fota ,y«ars, hi .eeeMng a .new athletic director, wj\{dh'w«3 tho ofll^ cial title of the post 'Mr. "N-uss occupied. . ' · , . ··· ; . - , ' .:-;-. Nuss will fcev^r hi^conneo.tlons -with' Bethany 'at the cloife , ; o£ the present; scholastic year to 'lafcte i job«whoro tho-ctoiig-h.'is more: ; By JOHN H, WHORIC Baseball enthusiasts of thte region will watch with interest the J torooeed- inge atfhe next metlag of the MiddW Atlantic Loaguo at the Tltlow Hotol In Unlontcwn on .-Sunday 'ttftenioon, February 2, at 2 o'clock. Uhuaual attention la manifest inasmuch, as the schedule is -exrwotod to occupy the time of the representatives of the various entries and "President Elmer M. Bailey is looking forward to a perfect rapresentatlon of all ifrah- chlse hoWors. 'Hopoful that tha same communities will retain their berths In the circuit for another yoar, fandom expectantly awaits favorable reports from the eight executives which will mean that another year oC classy organized diamond competition is 'assured for tho '.Frl-Steto Dletrlot (Western Pennsylvania, Weet Virginia and Maryland). At tho present writing thoro to one team that In certain to participate in the league next summer--If there la « circuit--and that is Soottdale. Tho t'ans o£ tho Mill Town wouldn't bo without an entry In the M. A. and they would sooner dig down into their jeans and fork ovor some gr-eenbacka before tho franchise would bo permitted to go to some other town. The sporting olo- mcmt is equal to tlio occasion and the / officials art' commended for being affiliated with the farm system of the St. Louis Cardinals which gives greater promise for a classier team it a smaller outlay of local finances. Wheeling Stogiea will entor a league and tho Smokes would prefer: tho Middle Atlantic to the Central; Circuit which epe-aks well for t h o j Dally division. Officials thore havo already made' definite arrangements. Cumberland has also reorganized for the- 1930 drive and a now president, Coloael Ke-sslor, will, have charge o f ! High School, died Thursday hi Attfctie 'Director · Bethany O6J lego, whore Nusa has bean holding forth as head ; (.emiis,- an-d lh« \vorry ;l-e38, with a corporation tho natno ot which Fur-man neglected to divulge, 'Oonsideirlns the trials and trifbula- tions which ; hav) be«n Kurman's sinew ho succeeded Katy Bust-orday 'at tho Buffalo Creek institution, Purrnan hasn't done HUC i a bad i/vl Ha has hal som-o cc sckorjack busk-ofbali tea-tins, ono or . wo Cootball olubs o£ morit and "some track stars able to hold'their own with th-o host In the section. The Bethany athletic board will probably cast seme hither glances hi the direction or graduating athletes from one of the Oig Four Institutions, Pitt, Tech, Wasl.Jttgtori awl! Jefferson. and West VirVj, inia, George Schoe-. make, Nus-s' 'pre; erit asatetaut football coach, ig to lino to got the head gridiron coaching J' l, but for n general atlotic director, t is ilke-ly tlu ischocv! will stop outsidi; Its present circle of acquaintances. "NICK" VUCIIIWCH, REDSTONE TOWNSHIP ATHLETIC STAR, DIES Nicholas Vuch-nlcli, 1C years o l d , star athlete n t tin- Jiedetono Township the destiny of' the baseball aggrega- Uniontowu Hoapi'al following tion. Ho too'sc up tho tlutiefi when Dr. pefldicltie opera!ion performed a Walk-er, last year's head, resigned, week ago , Hookor Joe Phillips will lead tho! Vuchlnlch, a junior in the academic Colts, Phlllijw, a Waynesburg native, j class at Redstone, was ono of tho stars had been piloting the Fairmont Black j of the 1920 countv championship fool- Diamonds for tho last four campaigns, j ball towrn, being -atw! as tho second Tho tact that Del Gainer has heon ! beet center in the all county seloc- retained by Fairmont gives promise of ' tione. 'Ho was at o -a basketball star, the V/est Virftlniana having another j'playing equally w - l l at center or tor- fast'nine in iho loop. Del is an ox-j" vva rtl. pommt of tho old school and ho known ! D u r i n g the. early par! of the current | the Ina and outs o£ baseball and should ' season he started a-t center but com- j be a big help to the Black Diamonds, j plained of a pain in his sido. H waa j These aro tho four certain clubs, i thought tho o.xert on was too Iloweor there aro four others that aro questioned. As yet nothing definite and ho was ishiitc ! to f o r w a r d much w h e r e ' ho played ono or two games hcforo' has been done- but It doesn't, take tho | being forced out - C competition. offtcals at Clarksburg, Charlerol, Jean-) Ha became a en-ullclalo for a l h l o l i r . riotto and Johnstown very long to getftoams at Redeloiie upon onlorlu:; tho lined up The Generate had a bad Institution na ;i t'leshmau and ;m a «oason--as a matter of £act most o£ [sophomore made iho varsity 'football tho teams did--but with tho eale of i and basketball teams as center. H o r n ) several players tho finances will bo j doubt would have ployed on auothar put Into good shape and tho club cent great .football team at Uedstouc iu out on the flekl. pharleroi won the championship oH tho Middle A t l a n t i c League and then added tho TrI-Stato laurels at an unusually big expense. Bob Rice, erstwhile skipper, has tied up with an O. P. League club and the Governors will havo to laud another manager. However this is an easy proposition once the fans make U clear to tho officials that there will bo some improvement iu the turnstile activity at tho eramea. The Babes probably present the stlHcst problem. However tho leaders should be able to work out a way--they always do.' Jeanuctte cannot altogether bo placed in tho doubtful class. Tho Jayii wore promised aid by the Montreal team and several of th-o best performers last season were sold to tho Canadian management and this b r o u g h t back a nice piece- of change. Vlnauclally the Jays aro in much better shape t h a n others and unquestionably will bo on Eho s t a r t i n g lino when the curtain goen up. There is a mieting of baseball fans at Johnstown tonight and, tho'result of this .session will havo much io tlo regarding the f u t u r e of the Flood City entry in tho M i d d l e A t l a n t i c League. Hooters there, however, have proved thomaelvea real jooshu's aiid C!OHB observers feel c o n f i d e n t that favorable action will be taken. Last campaign w h e n the J a w n s ^vere In Jiuanclal distress, the followers rallied to tho rauso of the ou'.tlt and sot tho team back on its feet. It. tit'euied us though I h o fans wouldn't, t h i n k of lotting tho I ' r a n c h l s o get a w u y . All in all, w h . J o sotno of tho club i'lvut-rs have had t h o i r ups and downs j ·V.'i'e is a gcuej-;u concensus of opin- ] i-jii in tho v a r i o u s c o m m u n i t i e s that I diamond sport w i l l he c o n t i n u e d j .'Ultithor scasuu at. least. The i U u ^ u o h a s i n s t i t u t e d an economy JIIM- ! fiT,r:!ii and (hi-; u i ! l cnj, d o w n t l i o ex- [ pemlitm'cs wiiict-. w i l l uUl i n a t e r i a S l y j i t t i.-vs-ry riuarii'" of t h « f n t r i c s . \VUt.Mi UK- moi; K U t i i o r at I ' u i o u - t o \ v n ;o d r a w u p :ltc» K f h e d u i s j t h o rea! il'/ciftion w i l l iif in ad i. 1 -- ami w« h o n e . 1S30, hal hits life b:-eu spared. Vuchlnlch did U'vL confine hie athletic ability to foutbal! and basket-! ball. lie was, a c indlduto -for t!io; track and field team d u r i n g tho spying j uionthfi, having a l"aning towards tho! weight events. Thursday mornin ;. January IU, Red-i stone Township Hi;:h School was prcs- j cented with the Pi. nn State footlmll { trcphy award nwl the same n i g h t | Vuchiuich wa« rufi:icxl to the 'Onion-1 town Hospital for an emergency appendicitis opwati u. Gangreno iset in and his condition grew steadily worse. Vitchiincli lived vith his parents, : Mr. mil Mrs. 'Mleli.iel Vuchinicli at MerriltS'lown. Thc.\ w i t h the - f o l l o w - ! ing brothers and a ijter«, Barnard -of Cleveland, Pogdon, a student in the University of Pltlsl.urg, anl Mildred, Holon, Zoda and Ma;'tha at' home, survive. Funeral arrangements w i l l he (umouncert later. HURST GRIDDERS ON_SEPTEMBER 13 aUOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 24---The complete schedule os tlio Hurst .High School of Mount Piaasnait township football team is a5 follows: Sept. 13---Trafford, home. Sept. 20--Burgettst rwu, home. Sept. 37--Clairton, home. Oct. -i--Jean nolle, ; way. Oct. 11---Scotklule, 'iiome. Oct. I S -- Graensbur: . away, Oct. 25---Sewickiey Township, horn-e. J».A.. W. K I. i LOOP TONIGHT Wlule'-ifitrafrar Toivrislilp Op- Yerncm. NORTH UNION : ALSO SLATED Aii-otaer-step toward tho championship of the respective sectione Is tha alia of three Fay-otto county quintets aa the.writtiigertts look forward. toi the competition tonight in the "Western, Pennsylvania Intere'cholastic Athletic League. TJrtioutowu tahee on Lat;robe in Section X while Dunhar Township, .op- pores Eelio Veraori' in Section XII North Union clashes wlfti Point Marion in Section XIII tonight. The first named clube in tho three con- testa 'aro the unlofeatel loaders in tho various divisions. The complete slate tonight follows Section I B'ar-Brack at Freenort. Now Kensington at Tarentum. .Arnold at Parnasue, Section 11 .Uellevuo.-at Sowickloy. ,, Ben Avon at Leotsdalc. . \\mbridge at Aralon. Section III E'lwood City at Now Gaelic'. Hutler at Mars. , Evans City at 5/c-iienopio. Section IV. Rochester at Beaver Fnlis, Now Brighton at Beaver.. Monaco, at Allrjuippa. .Midland at Freedom. - · · . Section T Donora at "West Newton. JM'Hiongahoki at MoncBson. South Brownsville, at Charelroi. Section "VT. Vaiulergrilt at JLeechhurg. Ford City at Apollo. JJothU;.Uom at K l t t a n n i n g . MclCoeeport at Homestead. D u q u e w n o at Elizabeth. MuuhftH at Olairton. Section VIH J t i a k i n at North Braddock. Braddoek at East PltUbu'rg. Tni-tlo Creek at Pitcaim. Trafford at Norwln. Section IX Carnegie at BridgevilJo. Mount Lebanon at Graf ton. MoKee« Rocks at. Coraopolis. Borrnont at Stowe. Section X Scotldale al Coimeltevlllo. ! ( i c e e n a h u r g at ( " n i an town at Latrobc. Section, XI Afipihwall at Btna, K]gowood at Swissyalc. Oakinont at Wllklnabiirg. Section XII .Dunbar at Bella Veirnon. Perry at JSaa-t Huntingdon. Hurst at Sewickiey Township. Section Xin Redstone at Brownsville. South Union at Gorman. CJ-eoiKei at Curmichael.s. ' " North Union at Point iMiirion. .Section lYIY Cecil at Oakdalo. Uurrettslown at. McDonald, Section XV. Clay.ivillo at Canonsburg. Waynesburg at Trinity. Washington at East "Washington. : 6LAS r- \OoA3T Ll^rr(f_., ByJACKSORDS Oanttal Fret* Bportu CartoanM-'Writcr. TWa is a ftariS, Ions % -inter for Glenn "Wi-lRal, th» Brooklyn shortatop with tho alllnff arm. ' it allowed to touch n. baaoball until he roachos traSnlnK ciunp at C!eanvi ter, Fla., noxt month, tho former Pirate la In th* dark an to whiit tint fut iro holds for him. But Glenn'n hopes are hlffh. At hia homa in HurrlBoi vllle,- Sin., he plays eolf and tennia without tha ·lightest pain to his "aou per" and bellovos tho same old zip will return to bis arm If ho takes care f,It !n tho south. ' IE hia arm falla to re; pond, Wrlfrht Intends to convert hlmnelf Into a Boutlipaw and is I'onflden- that within a short time he will bo able to throw (uat aa weJl from the oth- r aids. Action Galore Promised Next Tuesday Evening at r»7 « j fjr yjr r*« y « /T J Mamsh nail right Lard ©-- SWEEPS EAGLES IN" "What ardent follower o notiana oes not cntve action? What real dyod-ln-the-wo 1 boxing in doesn't have an itch tor r -al thrills rom the principals in the square-, osin-covored juena? Why shoil out a day's wa ;?s for,a ucat to aeo tv.-o ham and ej ij profeB- lonala kiss and IIUR «ach thov for j several rounds wh»n you ca i got tho real goods from n. pair nf. wll ing ama- t e u r scrappers for the pric J of .a couple of good clgare? Tuesday qlght will ftnd th Slavish Hall on the West Side the « ono or a program of siuaon-puroo prov? ling real SPOJBTS GLEANINGS J Tf the North Union Township High School baakotball team wlna tho championship of Section Thirteen In tho -W. P. I. A. Lisaguo and goes to Fltlnburg for the play-o£f, it will be headed by Ray Wohih, coa«h. Ray was a m ember of tho Jirnt Coimella- ville Hig'b School team ever to win a league soct.lona! title and his club 'defeated Tarentum High clash of Iho play-off. In tho first Tho League of Natiorm won throe .--(.raiglr: gamca I'-rpm the City Bowling- high with a match. . The i euros: 1'. OppM'maa Kaulh S pi; nee .VTcN'iilly K-oni-ii .,. total o£ 137 - 144 108 in tho Kdwar-d« was ·177 for tho 113 1C'8 ins 110 111Y 110 IflS ItfS 828 Totals .J,EAG ; UM Kurtz 638 IU5 BUT OF NATIONS. 153 Xov. NOV. Nov. .Nov. I--You UK \voori R --.Mount Ploi 15.--Open. 22--Kasl H u n t "7--l)wr\- To* a w a y , ant, home-. iiitdnn, A'.vny. i i ^ h i i i avvuv. K d w a r d u .Me d vie ... I .'VndursUy Pittsment Qvtiiiu · Totals 135 1^8 _ 122 ! ......167 140 1G7 124 120 146 .140 175 IDS 120 143 443 477 3«0 122 ·125 US!) entertainment for this a d h e i m t s : ot (Ifiticdom when the CVnmolhn illo Athletic Club sponsor;! anoUicr of Ha headline carte. Already elx of tlio seven b ate have been drawn np and iheso principals, all of whom could claim wit. o n t . a n y j fear of contradiction the ca tion of Hoar lent} battlers,' are guttlns primed for a tough evening a n d who , a wow this will be for the seven hu tdred of fans who will fill the auditor um. A perusal of the names oC (.1 OHO who already ari echeduled will v- uoh for tho statement that there will I 3 plenty of action and fiomu real light! £ when the hoye climb through the .ropes. Thosa on tho bill aro Jolmn . acketts, Te-d-cly Mancuscci, Sammy As o, Peto Sherman, Eddie McCufferty, Johnny Rock, Russ Sickles, Ike Rul i, Pad Vlsita, Charles (JvnvaUa, Kid Jrawlay and Joo Vargoeky. Billy Carter, matchmaker ati J trainer for the Coiutcllavllln Aithlol c' Club, in h-o])iiig to l i n o up 1 wu mo '6 j^ood boys for the ueventh bout. An lounce- m e n t of this will bcv. nuido late · In the week. The- doors will he ojie-nccl ii ani)le lime for the crowd to get soi icd lie- for-e the c u r t a i n goes up on the :inaugural bout which 'will bo p. omjnly at- S :15 o'clock. · Officials will bo announced 1 ite-r. Pitt and Carnojvle Tech, city rivals, will clash on the Stadium basketball floor tonight. 'Jack Johnson, former uo^ro heavyweight champion, lost his ever-rendy smile momentarily at New York's bar of justice ymntoTday when he was lined ?25 for MAIN OVER POLISH TEAM IN CAPSTAN GHOUP The .Main Office defea.ted the Polish Departinont; in t h o Capstan Glass Leaguo at Biles' Allays. .!. lArbrleco was higli with a - t o t a l mark of f 12. The scores: Polishers '. 70?) 705 605 2115 ,Sei'!i is '"·', Suts* .' 'U'iion you , i» Th-o Dulf C4: small, vc*u!t« sve O W i l l vigor and c\t .He :·!( veil whilo men \v iast. nl=;ht aa b u s l m «·;·- v i l l o joined w i t h oi'it l l i ' v r a r o v l i f H r u l t i f - i climax. \V«tU»y-rluy \ k i M l n ^ - o f a K i l i i i i M i ' . the C'-hi I'aris Hop Flanned By 'I K10 D-J J A N K H T O . Jan. 'M.--A. flight f r o m B u t - n o s Alr'cs to Paris in an 1ml- .lan l i y d T i ' i i h n i o in p l a n n e d by ijpr- J)H;.K;U! f-lioi'dy, lio annouiK-ed I Uiii.s Uv.H HU'.iU. 'DugpiiU Paid l)i^ p r - : por-uHi (o u:ako two liioij-x. ' Pitts menl: J. Ambrisco Shipley Hudock _ Motcalf Dummy ,..'Hi'i .... 376 ... 1-15 ... 157 .... 85 146 201 114 126 106 So To tals 823 I»Sn Office i ' a n g u a Clienkod '"J'lir-y cim l i i u a u u t mo nil they «-:im lo :"!· bflln' tongue-rled," says (.Id I'.i'ti W i l l n - i r ) , " l u i l It's bt'ttcr'D be-In' Iiioso-t.finrijt.ii1 lite snrne folk*."--Ftinil H!n1 Fl/v- 124 320 ..U7. ,S7 ir.s i li. V o i i i i U l a 15!) 1 7 U 150 14; - 452 13i - 512 14f -- 406 12! -- 412 lie -- 318 8 D -- ^55 7i5;! -2354 1-10 -- 4'.','2 1-23 - .431 10r, - aas 183 - '.113 144- - 4 1 4 Tho giajit Italian fig h tor--Camera -7-malccii his American dotmt tonight, meeting Big" Boy Peterson ot Minneapolis. Tho Madison .Square Garden .has been sold out. * H * . Tho California Teachers College won a close- encounter from .Waynea- burg last night at tho tormer'a floor, 40-39. * , * ' , - » , Johnny Buckloy, manager of Jack Sharkey, has declared the heavyweight's bouta in 1031 will be.ferf the Madison Square Gardc?i only. ; * * * Henry Opperman, manager oE the Unity Fraternity base-ball team, saya the trophy which was not awarded as a result of the uncompleted Reason last fall, will bo offered the winner of the City, League title when the summer schedule is played. * * * "Walter Hag-en, who stilt retains the British opon goIE champ! on ship, b u t who has been going- badly recently, is talking o£ retiring. The golflnjj world aa a whole would not Hits to see tho colorful c h a m p i o n leave th limelight. * » v Redstone and Brownsville havo postponed their basketball gamo, scheduled for tonight, owlm* to the death o£ Nicholas V u c h i n J n h , i» oi the Republic quintet. * * * Not t h a t it matters but---Red Mason, Pittsburg manager, and lire Me Fowler, Johnstown box-er, have heou (suspended Indefinitely from the prise r i n g by the State- Athletic GommiKakm. Conflmence GONFI/UJCNCM, J ; ( t i , 24.~Mr. nud Mrs. H, A. I'nrbciitKh ot l l a r n c d a v i l l t i w t r o viaitors In town y-pntwdiiy. Calvlu llecknoi' of .loluiHon \vnfi i i t u u i i f j t h o b u s i n e s s v i s i t o r s b u r n yesterday. '' (1. I.' 1 . KniKiMS wtiH iv recent buHlui'SN v i s i t o r to riUsbu'.'H'. j Jacobs) SlhiiHs! 01' Hockwooil w a n I u j i f n v i i y o n t i i r d n y t r n i i ^ a i ' l i u i : btuslnoiiM. IJf. K u r l K , .Jr., olio "C our jv.ipulur Ult.'l'cluiHtH, WRH U I'ClHUll. I) visitor t i OouiHvlifls'tllo, Mrs. B l l n o r K r e K u r lol't, 'n f u r 11. v i s i t l o .SonievHijt, j M r a , C, F, ITensi.-! of I . · i M i ) i n l ! s v l I l « , \va« a v i n l i o r with 1'rli.inris in t u \ v u j JAWTJAKr 2 4 , Basketball MasontowD. Outfit St0ps leagy Five . , In"Eievfflth Game Th6 .winning sprei of the Keagy Corner uasltetoera vas shattered last nlgrht When the Mawtitown Collegians chalked up i 31-21 decision at the Masontown All 'Saints J]igh School gymnasium.,' Kalliee in the aocond and fourtli (imirters caused tho downfall of the Connellsvillo combination which in tho ijrat period, "however, had out- scorod 1 tiho Masonto^rai olub. Tho Koagy Coruor quintet had disposed o£, 10'opponent ! ; ln a row before the- reversal. . ' - . . ' · Ilalston was tho -JutHtanding performer, ge-UJng, eeyea fteW goals to carry o£C a.coring honors and lead tho Mason town team to'.victory!,' The line-up: 3 /.. K angy' Corner--21. Public Interest Aroused Annual Clash Between Old Rivals. .. Ploto Miller Guyun Baletou. _ : F Andrews.,_ ...V. Bartock ^ 0. VanGordor G_ Rocks .,,_ G Bergin Substitutions--C. Howard lor Andrews, Geosg'e for 0. Howard, Fagler for VanQoixIer, Soi«8on for Floto, Sellers for Millar. Field goals--Ralsto:i 7, VanGordor, Faglor 2, Rocks 2, Flcto, Soisson, Mil- lep, Sellore, Guyun 2, Bergin 2 Foul goals--Alasont'nvn, 7 out of 11; Koagy Corner, 5 out f t 1-1 Score by period*: Masontown ,' 10 i 10--,')! Kaagy Corner ! i 2 5--21 Heforee--J. Howard. SUPERINTENDENTS DOWN PACKERS IN CAPSTAN CIRCUIT Tho Supor!ntenIent'f Offlce won the odd gamo from the Packing Department In the Klko allejs last night in the Capstan Glass Dujkpin league. Sherring with 440 w.-ir. high for the three; contests D Tho scores: 3OTT. OFFrCTQ. Dushaw S6 J.2!) 1-1D B Yownkln _J 198 .17 145 McNamara 124 MS 138 Rltenbur 120 :45 131 Moorman .,.. 7(i . " B O 133 Sheering _...132 370 12!) MANY COMING WITH VISITORS Thera'll bo a hot time In tlio ok: town tonight. Tho annual ComaoUsvlHe-Scottdalr. High School basketball game at the local gymnasium vrill get under way at 8:15 o'clock. That alono is the signal lor plc-nty of notion, aud tho £0.1113 know it. With Its limited capacity, tho gym- nasiuni will be packed and there is every indication the largest crowd of the season will attend. Tho doors will -open early an-d this choice scats will go to tho early arrival. Tl-.cso will be uumorGus, and from advance information there w i l l be a generous representation from t h o Mill Town to keep the-Bluo and Whit a passers iu a lighting mood. Coach DoUlo's proteges are- all "popped up" for tha visitors. After t h e i r showing ag-ainst; Mount Pleasant on Tuesday night the- outfit is desirous of checking in with another win this week and avi outstanding thriller will be offered. There will be a preliminary gsmn at 7:15 o'clocjc to keep tho early arrivals Interested. PARAMOUNT DOWNS AUTO WRECKING IN Paramount, won tho odd game from tiie Auto Wrecking team in f.ho Cilj Bowling Lcagao at Klks alleys. Rigger was high w i t h a totnl of H5 fm three garn-ee. Tho scores: A u t o Wrecking McGrath _ .................. J.73 S-t Yatoa .... ...... -------- · ...... 117 121' Swallop _ ___ , ______ ..... 157 Daniels ___________ !).( Dutnmy ...... ______ 100 Ixiwdon ....... ------------ 1-10 102 100 10S-- 3H3 119-- ,t31 116--- 412 ^^n. o .'»s Totals.. 6U 047 530--177J 3G4 ·too] 380) 405 359 440 Totals, (585 f 33 825 2348 PACKING .DEPARTMENT. Kaylor 126 111* 172 408 I.andcrffilt 10G 130 104 340 King 105 .... · 135 230 McBlhanuy -140 02 82 320 Durhin .... _i07 14-f ,104 355 G Miller 144 Hti 123 413 E. Miller .,j - 110 _.. 110 1 Totals ...733 7 !3 710 2176 Venosk-y Wagner ... L.. King ..... Gallagher lUgger I'aramoanfc ------- 145 LB4 las..... , 107 104 134 3.20 126 16-1 108 118 75 115 181 I-}. 1 ) 3'U 418 30-1 443 Totals 801 CgS 050--1934 THor Safo In Crash. BOCHESTER, Jan. 24.--An experU uiental Hurd monoplane · piloted hj L. If. Barr, Detroit, was -wrecked in a forced landing near here !a«t nigh) after tho craft had lost Its propeller in flight. The pilot was u n i n j u r e d us tin piano crashed into an orchard. I'OllCC HUHt (rfl-l. CHICAGO, Jan. 24.--Special police werp asfligried late last night to h u n t Barbara Lebau, ·!(, wb» disappeared Monday on her way to school. Hor mother and authorities fear she, was kidnaped. Widow Acquitted In 31'urdor. CHICAGO, J a n . 'U.--airs.' O'Brion, U, was Acquitted by a late last n i g h t oi: connpiracy with Saaiuel Howard Don- to murder hoi husband, William O'Brion. Dorr recently was convicted of tho shooting and given ljf. Th«y . Use Classified reauiW.8. Nosed Out By Gene Sarazen ad vtit'llsor i:u-l.s.

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