The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 11, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1918
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311Ti. Connelliville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,603 VOL 16, NO 129 CONNELLSVILLE PA. THURSDAY EVENING APRIL 11 1918 TEN PAGES ARHLLERY AND MACHINE GUNS ATTACKING ON TOE SECTO ATTEMPTED ASSAULT COMES * AT DAYBREAK AFTER THREE DAYS HEAVY BOMBARDMENT Eight Hundred Sally Forth, Say Prisoners, i CONNELLSVILLE But Comparatively Few Reach the Amer- ASKED TO RAISE ican Wire Entanglements and'Th^are $848,100 LOAN Put to Utter Rout by Infantrymen WitbJ m . I . f, i r»-fi A Official Furore 1 - Received Machine Guns and Rifles; Attackers are Distribution Among Especially Trained for the Assault and are Led by Some of the Kaiser's Shock Platoons. ^. TEUTONS FAIL TO ENTRAP A SINGLE AMERICAN By Associated Press WITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES IN FRANCE April 11 - FIRST-AID STATION IN THE TRENCHES The Germans attempted an attack agamst the American positions northwest of Toul just before sunr«e this ···ere completely repulsed morning and Two German prisoners said the enemy planned the attack DAWSON OVEN SURPRISE Instead o-i Being $94,OflO, Dutrirt s Allotment is OffinallT Announced to be SI96.000 Total for the Wnnlc County Is Fi*ed at with a force of 800 men, but that it wa stopped la its strength by the effective fire o£ the American artillerj Official figtires cm the amounts the several districts in Fayette county -ire asked to raise in the Third Liberty. Loan received jesterday at head ' quarters in Lniontown show that , Connellsi ille s allotment is J84S100 full [This s divided among the seven banks H OF IMPORTANT CITY ON THE NORTHERN BATTLE FRONT V i o l e n t Fijjbting Continues All the \\ aj From IvaBassee to the Ypres Commes Canal, United States Lands | Guns for Fortification of Base foi Subma- j marines ana Aircraft on the Azores, iny Has Secret Wireless btatiomn \ncles Mountains, is Belief. Thi-, djgouf m a treacb beJd bj The Amerit an r orces Q a A dressing station bj tne bos division The Amencane lost no prisoners One of the German prisoners died later of wounds . ' For 72 hours before their effort the Germans liad oeen firing an increasing number of shells at the American positions and making extensive use of gas shells At noon yesterday the enemy began a harassing fire against one xf our strong points and kept it up throughout the night, dropping hundreds of shells of all calibre on both front and rear positions The American artillery replied vigorously the men in some batteries working with gas masks for two or three hours at a sin, v,h The attackers, uho were especially trained for this operation, were selected from the best men in three regiments They were preceded by shock platoons, but the American barrage caught them before they were able to reach our wire entanglements. A terrific fire against the advancing enemy was kept up bv of the city as follows First National --. ,, Yough Trust -Second National Citizens National Title Trubt Colonial National Lnion National ,-- $2-2 DOD _ 137 1 )0 _ 132000 _ 320 7W _ 83 000 _ 5D 950 _ 42 350 WEST PENN TO ! UNIONTOWN TO BE INCREASE FARE HEADQUARTERS OF TO SIX CENTS, THE RED CROSS i OFFICIAL NEWS RECEIVED^ SECRET ROUTE B^ Associated Press LONDON April ] 1 -- The British b a / p \ M t h d r a ^ n from Arnipntinres on the northern batUefrom thf* *ar nfficp an- nouncos Violent fight i np; continues all along Uu front Horn ihe La Basse? canal to t h e \ pres ( omincs a i M l "" * Tbe iigtii n g wa; eou in IID^, this TCAMC TA r A K K / A ^ C ' raornins n o i i h 01 \ r m c i irrcs with, i JuAifiiJ IU vAIi VAuw tho Br ti^li 5t)!l noloing i es^inos ridge riTV CAD T ID CD TV '" i n 1 " VST! - Ilcu which -vcs rdav chang- l/ll I rim LJDblYi I , e d hands several times .During the da^ ifao cnoni uc- coocitd n enionng -jot onH thc^e posit ous bu I«uC rechc Nipppt and Hoi | lohcke \ jgoious rountu attacks i leot lirfo*. and f y c r v ^ ird foroa the cne m firmi ali hc^e Hi ^TstcmatiAlIj ( o\ pliop The G e i m a n s tbi^ morning \\_rt, in )sscbion of about half o r the M BONDS ARE NAMED Instead' of being $90624 the allot merit for the Damson district chart; ed against the First National bank of Dawson IB $196 OW The district has I to Jiis tme been credited with far o\er-reaching its allotment the fi-jt day of the drive. As a matter of fact, j it did almost reach the amount and while chagrined at the official change of figures the people of that commun- ,, . . ity are no less proud oT "writ they luroD K' 1 Proposal to Thus Add to K ve- Counells\ille and C o u n t y mies is Filed M ith Public Bepresentatnes. Agree Sen ice Bodj. to Merger. , , , , ,,,,_ ^, . t, ,, have done The total report! d cs the American batteries The Germans probably suffered severe, terday ^ the hea dquarters from Da* casualties as several bodies were seen hanging across the barbed 'son was ?104 ooo which was a him wire after the enemy retired dred thousand m excess of aha! the As soon as the American barrage lifted American infantry- district was presumed to be assessed men climbed from their shelters and attacked the enemy with and less than * = 00 ° mA " the ° m heavy machine gun and rifle fire, driving back those who had C!al allotm(;n 'not been dispersed by the artillery fire TO BE EFFECTIVE MAY 11 BROWNSVILLE IS OPPOSED ( o l l p c t l u i ^Tsttm Ki-cmtlj -iicd l \ i l l M m p U t r Making (ImiiKC. Incren^-e-d to'vt (ii O i n r i tion (Jxn it-s the Reason I or jtaiku lim ( itj- H i l l Locftiiii l o i n l Ii ISnTTUMl!l( lliu-un f o l c r W i s h mid to V I oint The West Penn RLIIT.\TU. today Ckd app ication v.Hb ihe Public Red Cross th ·ill be trged BDl TO CURB DISLOYAL ACTS AND ITERANCES IS PASSED BY THE SENATE lro£s to House Wiere Final Inaei- ' ment Is Erp»cted Soon; TTm Pro- Tide Brwtic Punishments. B? Aaoociaxed Press NVA3HDWTON, Apnl 11--The setktion Dill prohibiting under penal- ti of 20 years imprisonment and $10 000 fine for lneuige or acts of dasloyalty or obstruction of the army draft and liberty loans, was passed by the Senate yesterday without a *e*ord vote It now goes to confer ence between the Houte and Senate, and final enactment is expected soon Protracted and bitter debate mark- d consideration of tb measure, the jessage ot Thich, had been strongly urged by AdminJbtraUon. officials to permit tne goTermnint itself to deal with, disloyal agitators and check the growing dangers of mob violence Though, modified to meet the cbjec lions of .Senators -who laimed the original draft would curb legitimate freedom of speech, the bill retains the broad inhibition of words or acts which support or favor the eauie of the- German Empire or its allies · * " ,'or oppose the cause o* the United · States f It ai=o wonld punish wiitful and * disloval, profane scurrilous con temptuous or abusive language about the American form of government. MORE MEN TO BE ADDED TO NEH DRAFT TO BE CALLED APRIL 26 This \Dmlx!r Exclude of the 150,000 Already Called: Tolontary Induc- hon Into Serrice Fermttted. ^VASHI,GTO." April 11--Twel\e thousand selective service men in ad dijon to the loOQOO already called will be called to start for training camps on April 26 Provost Marsual ' General Crowder announced yester | 50 t e i s of tje counlv T h e u e u u g of t h i_ Officials figures o'other banks show Service C omniisiion foi permission to count chupiLis held in Loiontoun tne following | increase the tait. ran. from five cents jcsturdaj bi ordei of ihe National Dunbar--Central 511900 First Na I to sli cenk cf«.tue "Uav J X The Ueadquarais was ittendLd onu t tional $29650 toUl $11 ooO railways companv claims, hi raise to repii. tnlatnei of C o n n e l U i l I e and Vanderbilt--P rst National 52^950 I ^° necess rj or a-cxouni o higher U n i O D t o u n 13'o«ns\ille to u m u n i Pom opolis-- First Niuional |130 | «ages and increased cost of operauon cated u\ letter aiid Poini Manoo w is Vatices of the Application for toe m not nnard f i o m It u j s decided th t crease uere posttd [odaj one ^eing * - o n n e l s \ i l l e and l D i o n t o \ \ n \\ould placed in p e i \ cai The raise v.111 bt norgc howwei under iln ead of a genera! o^ei the enure \\est Penn 535 count c aptei w i t h o u t either of the tern other iwo touris unless thei decide to .K the six ( e n t r ire sroes into e feet entei t nlonto\\n w n be the head the v a i ia\ wnl be applied on sli fare l u i r u r s md ronnells-iille u 11 likely rones instead o( eight u, it is now ue tnt - distributing point of raw ma The through f a i f system will make the collect on of the ncreased fare more simile The ti -n anncuncem^nl of he ap- Uniontown -- Citizens Title - Tru=i. 3342 ooO Farette Title . Trust J'S7 5oO National Bank of Fayette Conn ty $379750 Second Na lonal ?2o 400 total 41 136 2aO Bellevernon -- First National S5L- bOO Vallev Deposu and TnisL ?92 800 total t!44 100 Brownsvjllp -Monongahela Nation al $208 650 National Deposit ?34" 900 Second Vational $"3 200 otal J629 750 Fairchance -- First National ?22 ter ils o u i n g to th t excellent faciii ties for recenng shipments The meetint, was attended b\ Rich ard L \\iNon assistant dnector of ^ 1150 The estimate of the number of men j- p a -vpuf City Citizen" of siweial qualificatonb is only ien !p a -vett( Cn National lative and may be increased to loOOO^total $1 5450 *"1 6^0 ilOl !00 phcat on 01 thi increased rat( was lbe Bure -i» of Dexplopment w h o a an-ouncod this n ornm? Thtrt has ,2 V C ?__^ e s t p r , d a % f r o n i pbl]a de pbia lile the Nitional t-he authorm 10 or more before the end of the month aa military needi-dlctate As is usual when calls are made the votuntarj induction system will be used so far as possible Any draft registrant falling within the desired category will be given the opportun ity of volunteering o his local board for service but if the required number is not obtained by this method local boards will indttct enough men to fill their qnotas * be"n no tit rniUon tha Lho rates t would he i icrcast. i but he cos o' op erat ju uas stoadi \ mot niL 1 * accord ifl{, to raihrav ol nuK I H "\Iisontown--Firs National $-1" 350 Vasontown National ?60 "00 total S114 OoO Point Marion--First National Siria 700 ^eoples Nation il $3t]00 total ?144 800 Republic--rrst Kinonal J21 050 Smithfie d -First Naticmil $41100 The total assessment for the county is St 186 100 Rev W J Everhart and I I Kurt? | will dphvei addresses it a 1 ibprty WILL LECTURE HERE lieutenant ( II Jrfodt r W i l l SpcaL. I nder iusputs 01 tin Itul ( ros I C c o i ^ e Li Reodei Cor nterl\ aUacliLt! i Ihe French 11 m^ i\i!l give a Jet tme in the high school Ludtiorn m tmdei the luspiccs oi the Red Cro^s on Pi id i\ April 11 on Oui "\\ ar I ridav rnoining he T.\ 11 ia ncd that H t a d r u a r u r b ha J f o i c T coimoiduion n the coi mv »nn u tli ' } oi p r efe- r to use sur i me hods The \ationa! ( oniraiuec Lche\e t 3 l i o w e i e r (Uat (Cnntinuc/l ( n P i countj o -- ' j c i ( aptuin** erert Next lltek. V meeting of ihe captains nf the various earns w h i c h v. 11 inako d hou=e 10 bouse cai\ass in tho Liber v Loan campaign to be sorted, in the n v earl\ next, week i\a-» he d in the "*irst \ationa Bank tfai^ morning and Seat the (ommittee* to aid t h _ n selec ed The eni re ut% ^sill be tr-oioughlv gone ove "VUth the xeains selected this r'istncts foi Lie \ TMll be detei n u n t f 3 on ind oen. person n ih t itv visited T i e f o l l o w i n g coiimii ees were De- lected ^ I ^ r O ht captain V 0 ·Vdr in ^ M Ha nes i 1 Schick \\ P Sti t.nci I BLfano T 7 Koell or S F Goldsmith Din el Dur R L I^ins Robert L C nmm H C Fr · bet "tt \\ Ldie 1 } Markell J ^ M:C aren anc 1 J I Proudfii N P Asbe cap am ]1 George "\ a^ M Va^on i R Hoio \ Tied Kohack ^ T)i\ d "Wiri-heiniei J "\\ Ralston Home) Divr; Gram Dull J I led l\un/ mo Dr J 1 Cot.hriT 33 0 KcagA captain R ^ *lat h e w « C I Cottom J D Ponei F D Poriet ( no m t n h^mc ^ Bufano J M G i m D Harn Hor on Di H e Hoffman 1 T Aaam^ "ft R !xng A"\ I Micr M B *r%ce captain ^ V R« e * M Good nan P J "\\ al=h H M Kepbart Paiil B D c) T B DODUP! h AS 1 So SBOU Frank O Conno Jr \S orlh Kiloatrick Logan Ru c h Charles Davidson Otto KoehJer 4 S Cox And\ George R \ Neville BOD p t k e r n e l Him Cook A A Straub R "ft Le berger Ham T ppman \ 0 B \lei ciptain U "\laitetta T H Hai me img Gm Con ado I Kir] Rennei S ^ ^nador Aiex Hagoi D Shernc] \S H Sois^on John N )cCo\ "\\ilham McOormick i r Ke\nolds Jes^e Barne= lotin "\Vikicr captain lo^n Da\ ^ 1 s BiniPi P R "^emei I \ f?M re/at \ Kail 1 lage 01 Ploegstoert and Ploeg^tepri. vrood on the Flanders baitlefron« just to Uie norh of Armcntiercs I S FSTiBIT^HFS IUSL 0 V/ORFS. \\ \3HINGTON April 1 -- l o r the protect 101 of the \tlantic trade routes to southern ] urope the L n i ed blates \\itL the con^en of Poiiugal, has es ah ibhec 1 i na\al base on Uio \^ores islands Guns ha\e been landed to beg n fortification of tne station wh ch in idd tiou to be being used as a naxal ba^e for A.mencan c ubmannes de- strne--, and oil er small craf alto w i 1 be used as an important bommg '-la ion for ^mei C'-n ae T Tplanes a number of which alread\ have been assembled there GER11 V N rs BLLNOS \1RLS cons dtred Q\ idencc PI ANT HS HFLH.F. pr I 11 -- \ \ h a t is that _hei e is a I h dden wi'eles*- plant =omcwbere n. South Ajrer ca is he fac thai a Gerin in newspaper in Bueno«- -V ies da Iv reLei\e i 5 at o clock m he afternoon the Ge man communication w h i c h a i - mes at midnicbt to caM The dispatcher are ^air 1 to be receded from t tf \\ c* coa*n and t h e authorities e\P es= the belief i r a t here i= a \ ic , Jess station t -omL\\here m tJie ^ndes iinounlams CONNELLSVILI.E TO ENTERTAIN NEXT S-J^ CONVENTION TM uni, iei i C * C Rll e Kctle D ^ ncla i V Armstrong R s Bnrei ^ fti! um Jen How-lid Hen \ Downs capta backpl r F L R (\oosei \ I h 'W R Scott n J M 'ioon V o u r k i n Ha B Hood Dr H J M^-S l H f 4 D O r CVBLFS. 1 M O V T l - M D r O Lrugl^ Xpnl 11-1-1 Telegrafo n its ss le of todav, chaiges tLat an mfluen la tu=mess man at ihe head of the pio-Geimau movement in L r i p u a \ n close comnunication \\ th t le Cermar an I t h o r t e a and that d u r i n g he i eccnt Ce-nian offensne be ha been achiscd of German s ucc . eq=ps ,,, at }, nnce of In'oraiation --eaching he newspapers The ( new spaper assorts that it is be l l i e \ e d t i e idnces a r e i c c e i e d I through seeiel wireless stations \ N Coil Stone I B Mm and Chai-!e= DEATH ACCIDENTAL Reports to tie proost marshal gen- Loan rillv at the Poplar G r o \ e scnool give a shoit talk to he algh -chool era! will b« made about April 29 it ' house Fnda evening a 8 o clock jstudcats d u r i n g thn chapel e\erc c was slid, and the call is expected tc The public is asked to all the house Mr Roeder carries one oi the larg follow within a few days 'or this occasioT est collections of \ a i equipment ou u ed a this _ o u n l [ \ He will gue demonstrations of si oh t n n g = as gas masks and hoimcts w i t h the aid of Bo Scouts The foi o w i n g comnn tee is in charge ni ihe lectuie and Enli of t rkets M i s \\ j Bailee chairrran M i s M o t r s Sm th M i c ,, .. ... ., ames B St-idei Mrs J \\ ·SViley nellv suffered BBTere cuts on the wrist Sale E«ported to (onrt in Dniontonn M 1 '" ' T Notion Mrs I dm J and cheek today when the brakes on This Monmig Bj Tht IBrendel Mrs \\illiam Sturgis Mrs, I Skep HIT BY RUNAWAY TRUCK lUrie Donnellj Snfters Bail tnt»i Constitution, mihtarr or na\al firces j ^nieii HDrled Throoph TIjDdow I flag or uniform and aillful utt'ran i ceb designed to curtail pioduction o' war materials Marie Donnelly 13 jears old daughter of Mr and Mrs Harrj Don THREE UNITED FIRE BRICK PLANTS ARE SOLD FOR 5180,000 Verdict is R«tvrned a1 Inquest Accident to Timer Pirl. ^ Followinc; an mque^ conducted i-ibove Brimstone corner into the office last night b Ooraner S H Baum of O f the Tonnellsrille Laondr^ com Inioniown. into the death of F l m e r i p a n v She was taken to the office of an automobile truck owned bv Gari t RecelrcrB baldi Femello failed to hold while Sal£ of the t,hice plants of the PenieUo was in an East CrawEord iLnited Fire Brick corapanj lor $180 avenue shoe shop allowing the big 000 was reported to couit in Union machine to back down the incline ^ust town this morning 07 the leceivers, I B ren del t" )j Carbon Vimiml I mil is Scheduled mi jiinljer i^i intl I'l tint. Prot;r in flic Making Cornelis\il e wi 1 en o ojil Fayette Counu S ndaj Schoo vocation a i s nejtt u nnt al conven ion i^epieaiier IS and 19 This v,d-s decidxd a a confeience laet e v e n n g at tac First Baptist c h u i c h at w h i c h seien of the 1 Sundaj schools and "hurches of tbe cm w e i p tepresent Tipprran M - J It « 11 be this c t y s u i n to P H/ c Stauffc J 1C 1 v,oik oe DB d i r J Hoopoi ^ DcBolt e r , iir Pirl assistant foreman on the repair \Dr H C Hoffman where four stitches tracks of the Baltimon , Oato rail i-oad the jury rendered a \erdict of accideotai death Pirl was killed in tbe yards last Sunday afternoon The inquest was he" d at Funeral pirector J E. Sims parlors witb the following persons serving on the jun U L Marietta Prank I radford John DeTempIe William Vci-ormici Noah \ndereon and John Campbell were put in each wound Tbe girl dodged into the doorwav to escape the trucks and was hurled through the plate glass window Boys Scottdale Propertj. Mrs Myrtle Richter of Scottdaie has purchased a property in Seotldale from Sylvester and Cora Taylor of East Huntingdon township The con sideration, was $3,250 Install ire Hole. Six reels of fire hose wer» hung in the high school halls toduy two on each of the three floors The connec tipns have been leady since the com Murphy avenue was admitted to the pfstion, of tbe building hut the hose Cottage State hospital for an opera uri not arrne nn il tod v uon V ill Dndorpi Operation. Francis Berpn eight years old, of T B Palmer Ham Mlivtl and r I Markell The Uniontown Real 1 stale com Girl I'nralj/et Miss lean liaddork daughter of JMr and Mrs John Haddock of Craw Iforrt avenue West t,irtp is cnllralh [ i l l Mlsn H i d d i r ^ s ifterert an it I lack of lonsihtis uul Klei ninnsv host Where the contention w i l hole las no been detcnn ucd Cou-t Secretary Joseph R s\ the Iras lines, ou Tor some talont for the speaking and programs M '~ \\ H Kenne3 captain ^ D N c G nn s C D Bailee V \A feniilb ) \ ^IcCroari G C Brown A \\ Bis lile hop J I btader 1 M Lecil H 1 Blown I N Stan] L 1 Hankison Ired Barker C Roi Hel^el C A C i o w l e i captain C \\ C i m p b e l l C C Mite icll \ M Sloan H 1 Si co\ (^ \ ^ agnei Ttlw ard Dug^an H L t a n p n t p Joseph Roland H S I PC J-n Rappo-i 0 H S lco\ For good music A Clarke I cipta n 1 ~od lob i Du^an P Lambc I s 1 ! = O 1 J TJoislicMH t- Fajlc^ F N a n r m i \ Os MnoiC S 1 01 pans becomes owner of tile D u n h a r | a n d poisoned lini sjtem She is plant of I 200 acres foi $125 000 Daralyren* "rom tho waist down George Wbyel bought the two remain I -- ing plants one of T50 acres at Pair f '-- --^ chance and Jie SomersoL counu other at Pai"hope Af OTflEU WOW V CAKRIPJl. This Anlo- One J ttrnishes Her Own mobile IOT Purpose. Another woman lias stepped into m a n s clothes at Mastmtown Mrs Edwin SUlwell is delivering mail on rural route leading ont of: that to»n using her own automobile Mrs Stilwell was 'ormerly Miss Nellie Coldren daughter of Mi and Mrs. W K Coldieu Generally fair ou glu and I ridiy Is the noon wealbnr forocist foi Western Pennsylvania Tompiratoro Ktcord 1918 1117 ·Wasimum , 45 Sh Minimum "0 Jl Mean . T 14 The \ough n e r fell duiin; night F iom 4 0 feet to 4 iO feet. S tie ratber'fc 1'lia Sines Him 0 the piea of tue father lain s I.owe iv o liaa alnarty given one son m th» service ud has hrco others waiting ordeis Hprry l u w e r o i i v u t ed of larcenj al t i n March lernj of | court was paroled for i ponod of three yea s -Lftei the court m Union town, had mrxo«l a sentence of one yOcir in the counu Jill Lowi was convUted ot robbing Joseph ike neai rairchance whom the tustim nj show ed w j s par la 1} intoxnviled at the tme \! rf borne | H \1 ren | 1 R Granam ( a p U i n brcrhl K K Krame h N Bio Ir y ilium Splleis 1 I Diisroll C Norioi John li-svin \ s ^5^0% 11 K Dirk ( tt A l e f l e l l a n d H J I DeBoll ^ X Let lie c i p a i n H P Schenck J M Do^lp \ B i k i i o n e O O Obl»r wit,e \ B Knrti Hen Rhodps I ( 1 01 g I' H PeiUllcj Hcv H Vo\ ivo 'W N 1 11Kb c-\ b B Dull The e\ecu ivo con nnttee in charge of j h e ear\ass consibls of Hoben No ris chairman ] "\ U right J 1 ] vins and J L An^le LLOYD M'CRUM COLONEL I oniicr I n j i i n t o w n Man i n Clnrirp of Hock Kland Irsonal. l l o i d G McCrutr d L oal operator 01 Soiner-,01 ind Now 'i 01 k has re- tened UK ippomlnien ol icu snant c-olonel in ihe Yauord! irnn and » i l i repon foi dim dl Kock Ibland I 1 w l c i p he wil become general mana gei o r tat ROCK ! lind arxenil The ai"-enai is the largest nst union of ihe kind in Uie world at piescni en gaued m ihc manufH.c(iiie of small a-m; and na%\ cquipmont employing i force or l JOO men which w i l l b» J a p j d h m reaped to _o 100 Colonel MrCriirL f i i n i e r H ]";]din n I unn own anr is k n o w n icro Ht- was once criploM i as a eior «i Courier on Tna Ciininutteil to J ill Lriwarcl "\Vhlte charged w Ln ]ar cen ind malicious mischief bv Mayor John Duggan was given a hearing before Alderman Fred "\ un* this morning aud seat to jail PERIGORDTOMORROW Frpnclmian U J I T i l l \ mil xtarj ol fin Great 'Nar. The lonna! opeDlrg of he Thud L 3fr ^ Loan tuinpa gn m ( onnnlls- rille will b m^rktd bx an adriruss bv Lie^lenan Paul Pe-igord t io } ren-h nero icrnonow a l rnoon at 2 oil o clock in in high school auditorium l i e u t e n a n t Pmgord w i l l irrne in ( o n n o n £ % ] i l e Lon onou 10 20 o c ock morning at Her 'siskr II! In reiponse It) A elegram noilfj ing her of the illness of her To Honor Ihur I (hers. The numlurs of the 31'ith Imantrr at Camp Lee to w h i c h a number of men from dislncts Nos _ and 5 be Miss Martha Tumpson Mrs S R long will hold e\ercises around the Colrsmith will leave ton ght for the regimental baad stand Fudaj after- Tuinp 01. home in New lo-l. City noon

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