The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

iFKTDAY, JANUARY 24, 1U3U. VAJ.Ur CO DRIER, ,} WlL,LiBS, FJC, PAGH5 THIRTEEN-. ER ofl MON BY ROY VICKERS A WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE, LAN BRENNAWAY, 35, haa made a fortune. H« asks Shirley Dane, beautiful, young, society girl to marry him. She refuses, being secretly engaged to Roger Keltoa, young lawyer, in whose car* t/he has placed her inheritance. Unknown to Shirley, Alan lends Roger half a million dollars to savo him irotn bankruptcy, after he learns that Roger ia the man Shirley luves. Alan takes as collateral wortliless shares in a Macedonia development which Roger agrees to investigate. After Roger and Shirley are married. Roger tells her Alan is a client of his and, thoreforc, he cannot refuse to go to Macedonia. (NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY.) CHAPTER XIII. faelf sound. Cynaz, Gorston--they -- a thousand," ho ro- peatod uneasily. "1 must say 1 think that that wallpaper isn't at ill bad as it stands." "It's a very good wallpaper," agreed Shlrle-j. "But wallpaper tells everybody who comes here that we can't afford paneling. And that would cost us a great deal more than a thousand dollars." "This policy of yours, you know --ray father had it to a point and I'm not altogether sure that he made a success of it." "He hadn't the nded to study tt might or might not believe in the solidity of the house tnd the cars, the holiday at Southampton, the careless anjoywent oi everything, but they pretended to believe. They whispered to Roger as they did to each other and the immediate result was fifti-en nundred for an outlay of less than five. To be with the rig 1 !', people at the right time. It h'ld been her fathers creed. It had become hers. It was not, of com so, Alan's. It was B very good thing she had refused Alan. One cannot live on the heights, and Roger at worst would be very manageable properly," Shirley pointed out. through 1 his weakness. %Iy father had to do it well. We She spent the morning d didcuss- 13J.y J U b l i V A ti«2V4 ww «" «- · · - · - · I . « .. i, ,, u * . .. had only the fifteen thousand I've) iny tho paneling, finally giving the got now and we went everywhere -- everywhere. Don't you remember what you said about Southampton costing a lot? It didn't coat us 600 dollars, and how much did you make over taking Gorston s advice?" "Nearly fifteen hundred In nine days," he answered proudly. "Cynaz appointed you to three companies," she went on. "If we hadn't spent ihat money on Long Island none of that would have happened. So what about leaving the domestic arrangements m my bands, Roger?" He looked at her, doubt in his eyes. She saw the doubt dissolve and give place to consciousness of her morning-f;own. Keeping his eyes upon hei, he flung his cigarette into tre prate. "Have it your own way, sweetheart," he lixclaimed. He strode towards her. His hand played over the lace.t at her throat. "I suppose I'm a sort of idiot sometimes, but I'vp only to talk to you :\nd I'm ready to tilt at mountains. Givo me B kiss before I go to the office -- no, no, no, don't run away -- you shall, you darling, you shall." She had bf en kissed. He had left her in the utmost good humor, not knowing that she had not wanted to bu kissed. Now she camo to think of it he never noticed whethei she wanted to be kissed. Perhapa it made no difference to him. Perhaps 'husbands were like that -- unless one mambd B man like Alan, who, of course, would be quite impossible in every oth*r way. She turned to a mirror and looked at the morning gown that had diverted Roger from his doubt of her policy. It was of soft thick Jsilk, tho color of honey, opaque and sinuous. Lace was used lavishly on it -- old lace, a genuine point de Flandren that was yellow with time. .Shirley couldn't quite remember wh«t the price of the gown was going to be ; the bill had not yet been presented. There were many other bills that had not yet been presented. In her mind, SI irU-y wandered over her house, inspecting, approving. Color and light had been added everywhere; luxury had been suggested only elusiyely -- an elabo- · · "I've been shopping and 1 want my tea. Good! Here it la." "Go on btin£ tired and let mo pour out," he invited. She watch ad him pour out tho tea and was surprised at his deftness. She hid always thought of him as fumbling at small things. "How can you know I don't tako augar?" she asked as he handed her the cup. It was on tho tip of his tonf*u« to tell her that ne remembered every incident of the tea they had had together over seven years BKO, but he made no answer. "And now tell me all abouti everything," he said as she leaned back with a sigh of contentment. Sho read TUB thought and laughed. '·Vow dori'i really want to hear about all tho hotels, the scenery of Norway, the fun at Southampton, do you? Own up." "No," he laughed back. "Well, I think I'll tell yon what you really w^nt to know. On tho whole I think I prefer being married to being single." "Good!" he ejaculated. "I was really livung in cotton- wool with Aunt Marion. But now I have to buckle to and think things out. I've apent three hours He left her in th« utmost good humor, nc-t knowing tltat she htid not wanted to he kissed. rately lighted picture brocade-arch hung there. Everywhere there was that perfection of choice that cries .iloud of wealth. Shirley, shrugging a little, did not for a moment doubt her policy. For one thinjf, it was so familiar to her; her fither had reared her on it. For ftrothr r, it had, oven in these few short weeks, proved it- tired." order. She lunched out and did some more shopping. When she got home, 'Alan wae waiting for her in tho drawing- room. g^Lgain AJan was .-onscious of changes in Shirley. It waa as if further touches had baen added to a still unfinished painting of her. Bfffore either of them had spoken he knew that all restraint between them had vanished. "You look as if y u had been expecting rne," he said. "That's how I fee!," she said spontaneously, and added: "I was not really expcctirg you, of course. But I've b en thinking about you today. I want to have a good look at you . . . You don't look ill." "I'm not. · I'm simply undergd- ing a rest-cure, which I've broken for no other reason than that 1 felt J must have a glimpse of you bo'h. You, by the way, look this morning talking to a stupid artist about tho paneling for the dining-room. At Southampton 1 planned to gel up to Pineclfff certain particular peopie 1 wanted." "Are you going to make a house- party of it, then?" "Not u n t i l the fifteenth and we're going up on the first. Roger thinks I neett a bit of re^t, se weVe going to have a quiet fortnight. Youi chance to be sociable, brother Alan. I krow there will be no dragging you there once the others turn up.' J "Because I didn't behave raysel/V nicely at tho Westburys 7 " "Because it isn't your g-iune," "But it SB still youts, eh?" "Need yoa ask? Look at this house--and we have only a little over four thousand a year between us! Of course it's still my game; if only bci ause nlroady it has paid." ,(To Bn ConlmuBtl Tomorrow.} THE OLD HOME TOWN Stanley ' T H E 1DEA-VOO TELLING, MS HOW TO HANDLE A QABY r BUGGY- THAT WOMAN ) RAN INTO ME, AMP ) SHE SHOULD BACKv, / UP - i WONT l» ^ X ,*.v rf^^MHKr)-"^ /*"VoU OLD MEDDL.E5S, SHE BUMPED JNTO ME-AND SHE SHOULD BACK U P -- ) WONT BUPgE AN INCH-- MARSHAL OTEY WALKER COULD EASILY HAVE UP THIS TRAFFIC 4AM,, WHEiM "THE TWO VEH1CLE.S LOCKED WHEELS - BUT THE HUMAN EL.EfVIE.NT PROVED TOO MUCH FOR OTEY. DETAILS »N TOM O Kfft O NN S PAPER.") . TRY OU1R CLASSIFIED ADS.--They Bring Results! ajUkjhau»euu»nnAA aiming ; at YVilT He Made on Tri-Motor iUaehine Plyiugrj Region and (iupltal. JOHN J. BRAPY KiWANIS SPEAK! iR Special lo The C(vu."l«r. M1OTTNT PHEASANT, Jan. 24.-- pestoSlce l'or:e held ibi monthly 11 Ing in tbo post ofllco last evening ivhic'h. time p balcod ham supper served. The emplojes decided to a trip lo Washington, D. C , In rthe niolor .plane malting trips to place. Tho committee in ohargo was B up o£ William Andrews and Cl. Harrer. Present at the nweling i Postmaster William M. Ovcrbolt, J nuiclay, Edward Kurt/, Ifc-ra Sun G B. Kiliodt, Rar Bliifilmni«in, Ho King, Claude Ilarrer. Ctobmou E William Andrews, J. A Lawuon, J W. Dodon, employes, arid tho foli Ing guest H, William and Edward .Ki ,lr., WilHiim McGregor, John Oopo David Berg. ITanlon Addresses Rotary. Borough Solicitor I'.upeae Wai was tho speaker at tbcs weekly liu con o£ tlie Rotary Cliilb yesterday, dressing the club on "Tho Gr«c Object In Rotary." .lolin J. Brndj' SjieHks. The Klwanls Club, at its we dinner, celebrated (he 15f)i annl «ary of Kiwania, wihh John J. Br secretary of Conuclliivlllo Klwani! tl(e .speaker. Mr. Brady talked on K l w a n t b birthday. JLit4 Giajc-o C) BOH V.'«K Die soloisit for t'ie ever Tho meeting was in charge of Vavaris and Samuel S.mie". Throat Operation. Mibs JTury Url.ino\sski of Ke hurg, underwent a throat oporatlo the Memorial TI-o/jpiLa! y^rt^nlay Mora for Clock Fund. Tlio Alpha dabs of tho L"i) alk-o tri- hal ore W. my, ert ri-/., cH- attest My or- Ay, aa the iw- hs- · at tod thrett Church lioltl ids rponllily ·ting at lilio 'jhiiveh .last ov-oniiip. busiucee. m-eoUug (bo class do- to gh"0 $100 lo tho town do civ f u n d . \ social h o u r followo'l with ~Mrn. 'Frank Nosi and Mrj. Shaw as Institute Holds Tfccital. A recital will be held at the Mount Pleasant Instltxvf-o on Thursday evening, January 30. The public i» In- vlbecl to attend. Tho following program will 'bo presented: "Baillade," Gilbert, Herbert Rac-feoff. "Mistress Marguerite," I'onn, Una Smouse. "Seranata," Moskowsld, John Rusnack. "Shl-ps That rase in the Night," Wilkinson, niul "Spring's* Blue Byes," Franz RclB, Nello Wallter. "Drear ling," S-ouumann, and "Prelude C. M.," Chopin, William CHffln. "Dusky Lullaby," Gilbert, and "The Brooklet," Catknan, Mrs. W. B. Bain- hart. "Serenade," Shubert, Uavitt Gerg. "Holyoek," Bowl, and "In the !MX- emberg Gardens," Manning, Theora Bi cher. "The Rising Sun," Tojufcwjn, Annabel Haas. "Berceuee," Goctard, and " Hungarian Dance No. 6," Braibirn, Harry Collins. "Starry Night," L)en c moro and'"Ix»va Is a Riddle," Sott, VTHzaboth Hoctooy, "Poupee-Vdllsanitc," Poldlnl, and "Canzonotta," ScliuUe, Vivian Hosi. Is AffnJn In Distress. NOIUTOLJC, J a n . 24.--After running aground, floating hertelC «nd resuming her way northward, the steam dredge Corozal, of Baltimore, with 29 men aboard, was In trouble off Cape Hatterats laic last nltfht, and a coeat guard, cutter was speeding (o her as- Who to Pnfroulre, Those who advcrlieo lu Tho Bally Courier. Is Ol'tk'inlly Inorprcted bj I)o- parfniont of .Jiisic«- in LVn Opiniuu. Special to TMir Coiinrp. IIAJftHIBBUHU, J a n . 24 -- Sevoral qtiestionn In regard lo the r sal estate liconso act of 1020 have been paFfiixr upon by the Dcpar'mont ot Justice. Tho department, In an opinion to John A. l\ Keith, bbperlnton- dent ot Public Instruction, h"ld as follows: 1.--An auctioneer may ·jr-ll real estate arid personal propcrt/ at auction without a broker's liccrwe. 2.--A porbou wlio i« an jifleor in eevio/al real citato corporal ons need not take out more than on broker'B lioenae in bis own name if tho several corporations transact IjusinewH £roai tho baino address On tho other hand, if thu corporations hav ocparati; places of buslnotis, a d u p l l c a e llcenne Is required for fach In exec « of one. 3.--A hiokci may transact ))Uf!inr'-h from a pnvcUc ievidence w i t h o u t lii- playing a hiKii, aa long as ho maintains an otfjro in tho u s u a l ficnse In which thai -word is used ·1.-- An employe 01 s t n n o K i s p h e r "who merely givos :nlonnntion 1) the absence of a broker -does not 'equire .1 salesman's license, but a person employed for ponerai work, Including waiting upon the public, in let have such a license. 6.--Until the question as tt whether a broker may phare his commisfllon with an uttoi ney-at-iaw, just ce of tho pence, etc., actually COTOMJ u j in practice, the lepa» tment will n-it giye a decislvo answer. . 6.--Only thofio offircia of a rorpora- tlon are required to takeout a license who are desirous tif acting IM a renl estate broker in c o n n e c t i o n w i t h the buslnhh of tho corporation 7.--A salesman employe by an owner to hell leal estate on a salary banta, must f a k e out feueh a 'ironse. ? A juritii p- of tho peace «i not rp- qil',red to t a k o out a real eatite biok- TRACKSNSNOW LEAD TO FINDING OF LIQUOR PLANT to Tlic C o u n c i .) tliort clis- d-, on tho Jumonviil** ycsfwdav, \Villism '\ . ami men nnri antl I'NIONTOWN", Jan 21. foot Uac,kH In the snow trnico buck i n t t t lu wiio Arensbui q; f.inn on Hit 1 roatl, ibove I'oolsprin'- Special Countv Dclcclh". W a l k e r .nid I ' i i \ . i l c l l . J i m o n Maurer, ot I h f ^ U i l elaJmed to h.uo found two o-peratliiR a TiO-gciIIoii wiilh-Uy Tho men, [[.irrv \V1Itrout, 3fi, Kav Kennedy, -7, \vo-re talwn li Alrloi man Itohert K. C o l l i n s ehiiigeil witli -violating the lin.nor litws. They waived a 'preliminary hearing lor court a n r l are 'being held in default oC $1,000 ball, each, in tha e o u n l y jail. Besides the M i l l , .^aid tt have IHWMI In f u l l operation when Oho officer:arrived, ten gallons of, mash, a n n m - lxr of ·\arJous siaed kegt, two coipef boileis and other "acces-sones" wer« conli.scatetl, officers say The Arcn*i-burg fann i.i Iw^tlei 1 k n o w n to local rcsIrlentH as tin* Wi (h Miller sum me r homo and in oocuplaii hy W i l t i o u t , the officers report. er'$ licenf-e, but salesmen employe 1 bv him must tuke out mcli a license, 9--The department of public instruction niii'it refusr; a licenno il charges are preferred against the a p - plicant, in whch ca/*e theru bhould ln a hearing. The applicant, i* w a ° pointed oiit, may take sin appeal (c tbe Court of Common Pleas Try Bi-Rex once and yoall u« it always. Physieiajis prescribe Ei-Hei because it gives qaick safe and pleasant relief. We aeli Bf-Rpt on a monev back guarantee. Try It ! f'ompiinj. Over 200,900 Cutnn Csr-d^^- -- . _ -- ~-- ------y -- - - --~ . -- -. __ ~ ^1^ _^-JH1 WMtfMfWMWVVtW Our Sfamlinp: (iuaranlcc--SatisfacUou or *\ unr Money Back. * Children's Vests-Pants; Children's Plaid Hose Made of soft, warm tot- tort in white, cream, e ;ru and black. Formerly prl ied at 55c a, garinenl. Choose sevei-al pairs from tills array oC colorful plaids. Made of tine quality yarns. I! ! OUT OF "/HE ORDINARY! Tliis phrase aptly iloscribos the exceptional value oC these smart shirtf. Mai e of broadcloths, madras and percales. The patterns ar · new, with small figures, checks, clots and stripes. All a e full cut and roomy. Colors are Blue, Green, Tan and H ;lio in pastel shades. Work Shirfc; These are very full cut, coat style shirts made of longwearing blue cha li- bra y. Triple stitched or added service. Unexcelled f o r a 1 1- around use. Made oi' khaki only. Webbed bottom and cuffs. Regularly pi iced at $3.00. 72x80 part wool dou ile blankets. W i t h stitcl ed edge or bound w i t h sateen binding. Choice of plai Is. Tlogulat $5.95. 761 wool blankets-Regularly priced at $8.95. Extra large, 72x80 inches. Plaid blankets with sateen binding. . A «#y«niesW«*ff Sty teg) · T-warm-of fine quail ty material--ttu» gown it tare to plcaic. We ha-»c In fim tfilet, jo." M Uluotrr tcsi-four paxe! »tHp*» antl our nil white This gown i» i*c!i raadci rise foV.e.-, and d dntf touchej of hand embroidery. hem*drd,lnj! *nd ribbran add much to the beatify of with eow» A OmWtwtfcns XX Ptei Selling RE4SUS.AS5. That Tub Beautifully JNNINC- l i t f l e frocks ior girls 7 to 14 years. ciplly priced foi tomorrow's sell hit; o n l y at icsc are l i f t aro rnu;ular] priced ;i( $1.2r a n S I . 10. K \ c r y mi is desirabln. and ,irr exceptional values. W i n t e r Dresses

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