The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1918
Page 8
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THJB DAJX.Y COURIER CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 191S Will PKHB OF5POBT The Central league will operate «3 a sit-clnb circuit. Cornell university has five crews at work, di-ect»d hy Couch Courtney i * * * Biggest h»wl o\er the baseball war tax will come from the guy with a The Pnivirslty of Michigan baseball nine maj abandon the usual southern trip this yea- * * % Players who get sore at the umpires this summei can tell 'em "to go to the International league." · · * * The Buffalo International league ball f park has been sold in bankruptcy court to satisfy the creditors. * * * Interviews with Connie Mack on tip player situation are as full of blanks , «s » letter from Europe » · » The University of California football eleven "will play Oregon Aggies at Berkeley CaU Saturday, November 18. * · » Thirteen games are scheduled for the Purdue baseball team Only two fames wilt be played on foreign diamond?. * · · A dtepatch from IxralsriHe says that "unofflcially" it Is stated that Ferdi, Schupp's -salary Is to b« *- Msaoorl Intercollegiate A. A* may we Jake B«ckley and Sid Nichols as mpires In the organization baseball l this year varsity when the war la over First Lieutenant Robert A Gardner of the same regiment won the national golf title in 1815 and took the Inter collegiate pole vault championship for several years his record as a pole vanlter being 13 feet 1 inch "Chuck' Laun now In training at the officers training camp, and a selected service private was the almost unanimous selection of western critics as a member of the all western and all conference football elevens last fall, he f a t i n g plared on the Iowa team Lieut. Virgil Rector, \vho plavs center on the officers basket ball team can do better thin 12 feet at the pole vault is a crack high jumper and TM on his letter at Dartmouth In football basl et ball and track Oipt. Paul R Morrtssey divisional insurance officer Is holder of the reg ular army championship as a swordsman, which he won in competition la 19ir He holdsthe highest pistol shot and rifleman mark When Mike ODowd of St. Pan! arrives at the camp 1 ite this month the division v,ill have the two leading mid dleweights of the countrv in 0 Dowd and Mike Gibbons boxing instructor Pitcher Sheehan, formerly a member of Connie Macks Athletics, Is an en listed man in one of the medical units Art Ewoldt, Western league third baseman and member of the Des Molnes championship team of that circuit last son mer is another Camp Dodge sol- aici First Lieutenant A. C Potter of 'the Three Hundred and Thirty seventh field artillery is a crack tennis player a former holder of the Nebraska title Omaha champion and runner up for a period of several years and tvell UP among the first 50 player* in the couc- tzy in national ranking for several yean. The Great Western Trotting assoda tloo will award purser aggregating x $1*5,000 at the eight race meetings 3aly 31 to September ZL · » » Inexperience Is blamed for Fred Fu! ton's previous fiascos Tes, and Heinle Ztm dWnot know Collrns could run so ftwt We all ronst learn. ·· 1 · · * *" Jack Ijelivelt, former American ^ leaguer has been signed to play first base and right field by the Louisville ^American I'ssociaHon team. V "" * · · i- _ t- While the war has proved a detrl ^ m«nt to many sports. It has greatlv aided trap^-hootlng and helped placi» it la the front ranks as a sport. · · * ? Ietrolt yachtsmen -win bu Id a Miss ' Eetrolt m to defend the geld cup at the raotorboat carnival, to be held on the Detroit river next summer "* · * * Brooklyn Polytechnic preparatory swimming team has been Brooklj-n scholastic title holders for four rears, They promise to repeat this season. » · » Bill Kit'er, pitcher, Is lost to the Giants, a« he has signed a contract ·\\lth Lad* 1 Sam and will hurl gren idea in a greater league than the big ones here · · * BobjEmslie the -veteran National league baseball umpire is the presi dent of th St. Thomas, OnL Gun club ^ and recently promoted the Internatioa 7 ai trapshooting tounnment. · * » ~Ir PaU Wlthlngton, who coached the University of Wisconsin football * team ha» been commissioned a captain la the army Wlthington Is stationed it Camp VnnstQ* Port RIley Ark Mns«r the new pitcher of the Chi igto White Sox, was a strike-out qe In fbe minor leagoefl n * c ' *" ___ Oft recount of war conditions the V^"*» patriotic day marathon race ; TrtH not be held in Boston this year j · * * Vke Azooican Amateur Trapshoot .-««·' AModatloc has a membership ot CUJOO rt»t* made Tip of 100000 mem- J,**. jMk Fllec, the former champion ( KiH«T. 13 mm doing duty as athletic - Anetor souiernlmi; behind the lines in Jtonrj Smltt. substitute Inflelder of th* 190w Tork Giants, has been sent to . Jmlun to complete the recent Herzog deal BIG TITLE HOLDERS ARE AT CAMP DODGE j AMrtet of Renown at Iowa Cani tonment in Service. Irim \\lll IntrLiisr tht sircnKlIi of ^^^^«»l* 4 HuB-donn I'* c ] U i" I »( | \\crkn lime in I uij C I - ^ H ! 'nc prlinee -, t.nout;h to tfl! vrh h people h a \ L u on h th( t M o i d t h L ire t h e OIILS tint tlo in d u e Tht Q t h n s ire n ihc \\eitk Inp; claa-i blL(*plQb*« life its s t-it \\ rj ins over ·*upi osod a ImenH c nst int dosing H ith h Lbit fo mm;, Ui uf,s intl n ir cotii-s md usele ?» ittr np ^ to limcc up ^ I t h btronf, c o f T f e or ( t cr stimii Hits ire w h a t k cp them -urr i n p intl \ j . i n l j lonpinB to bt s t i n n g r Thei , re^il t r o u b l e is lack of ir i In he t,blocd \V chout I r o n the b ootl has n o ] p c w e r to change food into Ii\ i n p t s j \ ^uf; md thcrof ^-e "othuiR \ ou cat lo^s j j j o u pood j o "* don t pet the strength j o t of it M hen ro b supplied it enr c.hps the in p o v o r U d blood an 1' g i ^ f s the bodj Kf f i t t r r si=tance to iv ird off ttisea *» V u n bet of nerxou 1 ? I run d o w n people hn v e t o *U f n ^ ill the w h i l e h ivo most i t i n i * - h i n p \ v n c e L^cd their «* rrnptli m l n d u r a n t o y i m p l j b takin., ir n n the proper fn-rn ^\nd th ·? a f t e r ih \ hid Jn ^on e cases been polnfc on for mcntlit v ithout g:et ins benolH from anthini, U 3 ou rt not st-ong- or u ell \au oft it to jourself to " akc the follow npr tcfat SCL how long 1 you c m v, orl jr ho\ C-\r j ou can wilk iv thout bf C L i n l n g t red N e x t take t w o ft\ H nn tfihletM of Nufi-tod Iron thrco lit os per daj aftei rn \ \ t e k i . Tli n tent our id h a \ e ki i pood \ nur Toi ^ o n self rherc for tni,tli agr°in I much t ou i notl inp llkr old Ir n to hc-ip put i h f e k v and **oxind healthy ilh bnnn'; But nu mu«t Tron in f rm hit cin br oisii ^rrl eel nd 'X^ t - miHted 1 ke N Iron i f \ on w a n t it to do ^\ m riesh *cate 1 anj pond o t h e r w ise It ma pro\ e -worEo th in ufelo'ts Van if xotureri N o t r -- N u ^ a t t * I Iron racorumenilort ibo\ c H one 6f tin 1 new r orff t r i e iron c o m p o u n d s L n l i ^ t . tho o l d n r i n o r ^ n n i c produc ti it li e i g l l j asstmlKte docs not i n j u r e he testh make Oiem black nor up«et thi- stom irh The manufactu-vrs p larintec succe* f u l and en I r n l j ^-UNfactnrj r? su ti to e \ e r j purchiwor or t h o v \v II i c f u m l j o r monr t is Hspensod; in this ^it^ bv ^ V Clarl e and all other Pechin. TM nf ficls Slx rontlLS * Leroj Darn colored chi-serl with -, . , ~ stealing nionm From iho clothes of i Robert Adams of Hlll.a.m * bo Had ( , s ,, cxamme( , tt ronnell£ . ! been hurt two months igo is able to | u ,, e was be ° tencod 5C stcrday m Un- I be about his uortc 1s a !n j iontovra s ^^ ^ i Mr and iMri Jamei. ^ ngrovc and J 1 son Marshall of Fprgu'-on, mo\ert I ' I from Beoson Mill to the Holtan house j Hod in I umhtrlnnd. Keflers station Tuesday ' Samuel B Oliloy of U cst NoTrtou and Vera Blanche Reynolds ot Scott dale were granted a license to wed la Cumberland. Try Onr C'aA'rncd \iU. One cent a word Is all they cost- Cllimploni of Varfou* OcacrtptioM Would Mike Hard Proposition In Almost Any Kind of Dual CcntMt--Caddock Them. i Clmmpions cl various descriptions * are becoming so numerous at Camp | Iifidge that one more or less no longer ftttricts ittentlon ' Earl C. ddock, wno upheld his claims as e'inmi lea hca ;yweight wrestler of J Hie world In his match with Zbyszko j rectntly is only one of a galnij of stellar athletes at Camp Dodge, and ^ the caatonment would be a ha«l propo- sfUon *n Uiaost any kind ox a dual con- Capt "Malcolm Baldridpe of battery " FTThret Hundred and Thirtj-eighth ^ ffi-lcl a"t Uerv is the holder of the f'eas ern IntercoHeKiate hea\ weight 1 t\rcstl nc chimpionship which has not $ been coi ipeted fo- since 1017 when t Bnldridt; clinched his claim against i* fthe be^t meu or Hanaro Princeton, renus-K anta Dirtroouih and other ! ^ M«tern -.chools He * a Yale man P |^a\etl t! tkle on the 191b eleven, and HUM Is eligible for another jear on the IJBELL-ANS ^'Absolutely Removes ijlndigestion. Druggists efund money if it fails. 25c KEN I Cir SOME GROCERIES FOR EGGS, TUtlK fKESH RlOhT FRO"! ME OWN TAKE THAT JUNK BACK TO T»t 1.HT1E AT HOH£ Wg OXi-f TRAM FOR CASH Two V;EKS M ARE YOU SPENDING YOUR DOLLARS AT HOME? Every dollar that as sent out of your home l o u n is a do'lar that ri£;htfull} belongs whree it has been earned It may be but one do"ar but if several hundred h a \ e the same habit, it means many thousands of dollars p o u n n ^ into the mail order house^ f i o n v,hence they never regain circulation in a legitimate vva\ Heie in our o\\n community -uo are entitled to credit, exchange or anv other legitimise commercial transaction We belie\e that every possible exchange should be made within the confines of our community and this accomplished we join in spreading prosperiU among onselves rather than further aiding those who have already become rich through the dollais appropriated bj thousands through catalogue invitation MORAL --The dollar you spend at ho ne is the dol'ar that finds its way back to jou A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. COMPAT Fornitnre, EUKS. Stores 154-1JS V. Crawford Arc. V, Ik. 1ECHE Dry Good's 12"! IV. Cramord ATC. THE HOEJER COMPANY Men's lear 10( \\ Crairforil Ave. COLOX1AL iAIIO^At BAiK Corner 1'ittsbnrs Street and tranford Arenne. aicDOJNALD 3HJSIC A3«D ELECTRIC CO. Kojal Hotel BlocV * i. Fittiburg St H. KOBACKEE SOJSS ·T?he Big Store" . Pittsburg St. C. TV. DOTY^S Footwear lor Ererybody 127 Jf. PIttsbnrg St ESI) MARKET Leading Grocery Stores 136 and 313 Pittsbnrg St. AIsDERSOi-LOUCKS HARDWIRE CO. Hardware 116 M. Crawford Are. CHARLES T. GILES Jeweler 111 fl est Crawford Are. BROTVSELL SHOE COMPAM Slioei Alcst Crawford Are. CO»"ELLST ILLE DRUG COMPANY Drags ]3D West Crawford Are. PETER R. WEfflER Pianos and Puonotjrnuhs 12-129tast Crawford Arc. , A. TT. BISHOP Jewelry 107 West Crawford Arc. THI AARON CO. ··Home Bnilder" H,! ». Fittbnrg St CROWLEY-MESTREZAT CO. Shots foi tlie Nhole lamilv 118 yi. Crawford ATB. ARTMA »ORK China and flail Paper 147-151 1. 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