The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 27
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T . Dawn's Early Lasht V I V Billy nene Brewer Vote. 1 Sprint . Timothy Mrado Hlfk TM Direct Alherl Hal . .. aacoN BACK, raca. I fat .Bidden a a a i a a a a 4 I 7 elace Jalr 1. Pane SIM ear pro of tha U . golf drcirlt, fc ; a youriger brother' of Ralph ford, ,otw time University' ef Ketetecky Air- America Basketball atar. . '" . .. . 1 mac, although winner of its last twe raeea, -gaae at-odda of 13 to 1. " ' - : i ,"! J' r - --.,11. . :-. .. , ... , The eighth ii a one-mile raca ; " ... ';. IBUBSDAY V - nil BACC. Past, stilt. Nea-wlaatra ef flee ica aaaa i. rerae HN., miiwaia a. . .. a. Baauwi r. Carnahaa . Williams C. Mivila Y. Demera St.phenaoa n MrUin e-l 7-1 S-l e-i t-i a-1 n-i a- a a at. i4 lit. Hat)- wtsuaars at ' 1 .-.-a- Sua Potomac W. . 1.1 -l-'t tkMalK jit 4 Nancy Jo ....i. it ;4 a KtiiM . 4-1 Jeruiy Alani t'T I S .Williams ' -l 7 Boee Lea Ahha . . a 4, a CLarWak i ' -i TatTl Lee Ana . 5 1 T W. Dulord . S-l ... ,.j,,t a r. uacaatar a-i '..j U 7 y Hoc Mm v a-i J a) T ViO. Roddick 10-1. THIBD BACg, Pct.saU. -tfan-'i. Innart of lis state July I. Parse SJee. . a?ll' .4 Mlfhty Rhyrtm Victory Law Jr. Burt Direct -. . Utile Jdknny Can 7 ', . fWlliems''li Port Hope Bo-.i? 4,7- v rarace - Dram Parade AerU H. Dora's Girl Jay Walla . Molly Patch J Gauthier 11 V Luunan S. 7 ".. Adams . Baue C LaBuah 4 a-i 4-1 a-t 13-1 Volo i..' 'k 4 a J.BoMrlaon 14-t rollBTH aACB, fata. mile, asea aUlaaiai. rarte jaa. avntuj. t- ' . - Dandyworlhy a a Tnreotta r.'. - , Kaihlaen Pointer -a t ; O. etwee 7-1 ' ie Marquis ... v. a, r t n Qinaras. a-l MoonUln . tapraas.. B. 4 "a B Ptuie .r a-t Itlak Joe . .A i i -v.- Wehaier v e-l Scotch Tropica .;; l C.XaBatk 1 a-l Muncyana a 7 a I. rare 10-1 Bay Counsel . . .. S 3 4 I. rare 13-1 rirTM BACK. Tral. a mUa. Nee,wlnaar of 4ae-. ere July t. Pane Sletl i 't B Tinar Bom ..i. a rt Boyel Scott 1 I 1 He Won K . ... e '-'! Petri 3 3 totman f.-l 1 G.' Roddick 7-3 a C. Mivilie 4-1 -p; Been - e-a a I a M coiiton ia-l open to patera and the atroag field Includes Barbara's Jamie. Mighty Direct.. Tawney Van. Joe Hunt. Joe Dares. Sharon's Abbe. Atomic Carl and C b r I a Eden. . 1 ' The opening race on the pro gram, for two- three- and four year-olds, brings together at the starter's gate. -Spod Rico. Roya K. Scott. Jimmy Chief Jr., Uncle! Ben's Girl, TufTy Johnson. Reddi B Cash. Dr. Adioa W and. Patsy C Lookout. u-Carleton Entries SIXTH BACK, race, I aille. Meatruwera af SMt stace Jaly I. Parte 1M. a Jane Olden T " Deana Kin 1 t Hone Bun C 4 t Dawn Atom - - " . S Carrie Lee. Chief I I Denny Hal t a ' Damon. Express . I a fata Cam 1 i a WlUlama 7-1 M. Pyke Sr. 4-1 I. Barnes ' S-l v.. Webster s-l P. Denis , S-l C. MlvllM a-i at. Prltckar S-l C. Primeed 11-1 " '((VBNTat BACTL race, a, .lit. SI 4se ctslatlfci Pane ataa. QUiNBLUt. 1 laatia Ben : f Blrnhe Chief - 1 Molly O I I 1 J ? t ' audaaate ..- 4 4 I. Ken mace $ 11 t - Shirley Brook, a 3 Booby ' Olr) 1 a Uncle Jeaate'a Star a 4 S E Norrla S-l 1 Tureotta ft. a-s V A. McDouaall S-l a C Laltuak S-J 1 J. Locke . ia-l 4 R- McLean la-t a L. Dunlop ta-1 a A. Pyke ie-1 (ICHTN BACE, Pace. salle. Early Cleaar Ne. a. I Sear Olda. Pafaa St.SJl. . . Piamtnaton Worthy a 1 Barbara O. " - a Cirandpa Jack 4 Kama Mark' Batn'a Lad V Heather a lt Prima Suae , . Mtta smaltt in - a $ a t 4 a ? 3 B. Mad. II 3-1 A. Percy S-l W Grant 4-1 W. Horner e-l K .Mormon ia-l H. rillan 11-1 I. Pare - - (S-l D. Moule IVt NIMTaj BACE, Pact. llt. latHatlenal- rarte uh, !",.:' . - ' wee La Sail . B 3 I K McLean Billy Bhthm ... a 1 4 - B. Sauve a Peler Bomb .... . 4 a 3 C Baker ' 4-1 a -.Canada Bass a - a ID Cameratr . 4-1 3 - Souther Town : ' 1 a -3 O. McMillan ' a-l Vlneaar Bey S ' 3 a c: Berkley 10-1 i Affareaaion 7 3 3 O. Knifht 14-1 S Poplar Ota Hon . 7 7 4 G laBuah lS-1 ,t'TNTB BACB. Pace. I mile. Xan-trUaars af lit alace Jaly 1. Parte 43tt. EXACTA. .fc . t Slater Chief M. -. 4 3 4 Ctertjettaaka ' S-t 1 Boxer Hanover . ., 7 7 O. Bay 7-1 Nancy Chief C... 1 3 C. Cake - 4-1 at Mem Plner S 4 B. Kennedy S-l - Joaeealt '.AllacreV e-3 O. LaRueh a-l.i-a Bandy OraUati .. 1 3 1 V, Bias Sea a-t .nera. tteeover f aaa .w. rm sr. a-i I t aenaior itonaaa !,.. Amour a-l J LOUISVIUE, Ky.' (UPI) -if, OLVMPM FIELD, III; frank Beard,: the youthful tw a Doctor suecnie-I as r miucti .. la-i 3 BIU Johnaten . 3 t Dr.Caewtrtm 13-1 r WirT barber became the old- maa aver to wla a Biafor 11 golf cnampjoflsrrip when he captured the 1M1 PGA Championship here at the age of 45. (UPl)l TORONTO (UPI)-A1 Balding II . 1 .... . 'k WW-, - - - ..... - - . t was the ftrat. Carutdiaa golfer ever to wta ' tournament on the PGA tour.' The Toronto Ba-tive won the Mayfair 'bio open at Sanford, Fla, In December of 1955. Furs to Furniture, Diamonds to Dia- 'ii on- .. . ... - ' v WEDNESDAY, AUOUS26, 1964 ' tHE OTTAWA JOURNAL ,27 ' Invitation Trot Features Rideau Carleron Program Hameee racing , retumt lo Rideau Carletoo Raceway fl night after a one-day layoff and Jeatnre avant on tha IS . raca card la tha ninth, an Invitation Wot over tha ona milt distance. 'Tha event, for a purse of 1500, ha attracted many of tha top trottera on tha grounds. Favored ia Seattle TJ at 3 to I fol lowed by Happy's Jack at 7 to I. Guy Larush, the leading driver to date, will be holding tha reint on Happy a Jack, Seattle D won the last time out ' while Happjr'i Jack -has been Just falling abort at tha wire ia the last three outings. finishing "tecond twice and plac ing lovrtMa-the other beat. Completing the" field are Wild Indian at 4 to I in the morning line. Misty Wick, Even Clow, Titan-Scottvi Safety Thln Man and Dark. Potomac Dark Poto Montreal Bowler Upsets Champion VANCOUVER CP A com paratively youthful Ontario team had a commanding suc- ooint lead In the over-all standing! today going Into the Anal rounds at the tanaaian lawn bowling championships The Ontario players, irith an average age of 37, had 26 oointa compared to 20 lot Quebec. IS for British Col umbia. 14 each for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 12 for Al berta and four for Nova Scotia competing in "its first cham pionship. . Ontario had Irtst only two matches out of IS up to Tuesday night. It clinched the fours ehamoionshiD with a perfect 5-0 won-loai record and was 4-1 in the paira and aingjes. Quebec-held second position; laraely on- the efforte of Johnl Henderson, of Montreal. whoj upset defending singles cham-j pion Alex Houston, 70. of BCl Tuesday and who had a 5-0 perfect record. 1 Despite Henoereone icao in Barry Jackson Wins Regatta Barry Jackson, with wife Sheila as crew, won the top prite in the Gatineau River Yacht Club Regatta on the weekend. : Rodger Wright and S. Slat-tery were runnera-up for the top prize, decided on the baaia of five races held on the Gatineau River near Kirk'a Terry. rtret race t. iarry iaekaon. ShalU iaekaon. IBA No. 1); 3. Bndier Wrlfhl. 8 8latlry; I. Douf Wright. Jane HUlyard. Sacone race I. Booker Wrlfbl. B. a lattery 14301; t Bes Brawn. Wayne . snider 3. Jim Draeake. Bicky McCandlaas. Third race 1. Berry Jtfiery. Muriel Jellery (Of lit; 3. Bes Brown. Wayne Snider. 3. Rodger Wright. 3 aittUry. Fourth raca I. Barry Jeff cry. Muriel Jeftery (CP 141: f- Barry Jackaoa, Sheila Jackaonr 3. Dave canrman, EdlUl MarMorril. PHth race 1. Barry Jerkaon. Shalle Jackaoa IBA No." Ik 3. John WtnlleM: 3. Dave Norman. Bdlth MacMonia. - WARREN K. COOK CLOTHES ; Ne. 4 ELGIN ST. PHONE 133-4437 I Send. In your application to-iay. G.EJIL ,u Jirs easy to join , . . GEM Is an exclusive Department Store ;';vfbr;':'jfyouara-. . members only. With ''i "closed "door" AnciivB or retired employee or : policy G.E.M. Is able to blty in quantity . . an elected ojjppointed official of: exactly what" Its ineniberswant."This Municipal Governments & Public Services. concentrated lSpyinipower andjthe ell- .,Provlnclardoverninents and Corporate minationT of :wa$te "enables ; G.E.M."r to Bodies. ' v V- r pass' tremendous) livings "Ion (tov its t members."' ; GE.M offers Its : Members top quality - merchandise IncludinV-' Canada's most famous ta. most wanted brands. b.E.M. Is, a .complete Department, Store. Federal Government and Crown Corpora ' Mions., ; l" -'?; Any School, College or University. 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The team standings (fours. pairs and ainglea recorda in that order followed by team points): 1 " Ontario, 5-0. 4-1, 4-1 26; Quebec, 3-2. 2-3. 5-020: BC, 3-2. 2-3. 4-118: Manitoba, 3-3. 2-3. 2-314; Saskatchewan. 2-3. 3-2. 2-414: Alberta, 2-3. 4-2. 0-512; Nova Scotia, 0-5. 1-4. 1-44. I Henderson upset Houaton 21-13 in the fifth round, then had a little trouble with Manl-toba'a Stanley Townsend, beating him 2-1 lnrthe aixth round. He broke Houston's streak of consecutive Canadian championship wins at eight games. rol'KTIt BOUND s tlailea John Henderton. Montreal, defeated Edward Downey. Halifax, 31-11 Karl Beacon. Scernoroufh. Ont., defeated Jim Crannay. Baakalooa. ai-u. - Pairs - Ron LaPlente and Art Adams. Satkaloon. defeated Howie Gorman and Jerry Garroway. Hall-fax. 15-11. Bill Mcrarren and John Oavln. Vancouver, defeated Peler Wilton and SUn HolUngahcad, Monlraal. roora Alberta defeated Manitoba M-ia British Columbia defeated Quebec 13-14. r n 123456789 RACES TEACH NIGHT ' Here's how you join ... 'It's aoiy I Simply fill out tha Rtglstra-tien Application below and sand, or bring, It with your $2.00 to G.E.M. You will tacaivo a beautiful plastic LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP CARD. ' BUT HURRY I This eHer It being tenting era tAort time only I! ' , ' f :. -, ;.; . ' G.E.M. HAS 2 CREDIT PLANS ... REVOLVING CHARGE , LONG TERM CREDIT PLUS ... no interest charges for accounts paid within 30 days. , , ; . . The G.E.M. Guarantee is second to . none. If you are not satisfied FOR ANY v REASON with anything you buy at G.E.M. . return it and your money will be refunded ., without question. " .$ .fx . Ontario defeated Saasalrhawan 31-11. r-IPTB BOUND . Sktarel Quaftee. ft; Brtliah Cetumbit 13. Onlano 11: AlherU in Manlloba, 31: Baakalchewaa. 1 Palt. AlherU. 14 baakalchewan. 11. Manlloba. 10: Nova &cotia. 11 Quebec. 10. Ontario, ia Panra Saakatchewan, It: Nova Scotia. 'CHARGE IT THE DOVERWAY" 87 BANK STREET I Manitoba. 30. Quenae 11 BC. 34: Alberta. 1 aiXTM BOUND aiaujlat Otunt. 11: Nova Soot la, a. Quebec. 11: Manitoba, a. - Bruiah CehunbU. 11. Saakatcbt' wan. 17 . Palrt BC. 11. Maniloba. 14 Saakatchewan. la. Quebec. IS. OnUrlo. ia. Atnerte. II Peurt Ontario. !: Alberta. 11 Quebec. 18: Saakelchewan. t Manitoba. 11, Nova 3eotla. T. I!. ., ' ! . i RICHEST COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE - Harvard has tha largest eridowrunent of any of the U.S. universities. EARL McNEELY ABB Cat IntMNinCM th OtttnUlf Of hit BARBER SHOP) 397 RICHMOND ROAD a. the farmer Mel McNeely I Hair CatUni at 171 Rlckaeea Rd. (where ke hat Sees eeipieyad, kal SLACKS At A VERY SPECIAL PRICE featuring DOVER'S all wool WORSTED FLANNELS with permanent crease wJ V. Aba) 1 pars for -J Vw. 27.00 REGULAR VALUES from 17.0S to 22.9S SIZES 30 to 46 . . . 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