The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1939
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT. UAIL/V (JUUH1KK. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY G, 1939. ON THE AIR Radio Information At a Glance WCAE--1221 KC. l:00--Stardust. , J:15--Evening News. 6:25--Spoils. (i:30--Muted Music. C:45--News tf the Road. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Jimmy Fidler. 7:30--Round Up. 8:00--Lucille Manners. 0:00--Waltz Time. 9:30--Death Valley Days. 10:00--Guy Lombardo's Orch. 10:30--Uncle. Ezra. 10:45--Johnny Duffy. 11:00--News Parade. 11.10--Ray Herbeck's Orch. 11:30--Russ Morgan's Orch. 12:00--Sammy Knye's Orch. 19:30--Jan Garbcr's Orch. 1:00--Little Jackie Heller's Orch. TONIGHT KDKA--080 EC. 6:00--News; sports; weather. 6:15--Your Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:30--Evening Serenade. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Romance and Rhythm. 7:30--Trio Time. i:45--Duquesnc Quartet. 8:00--Warden Lawes. 8:30--Jnmborce. 9:00--Plantation Parly. 9:30--Houe and Buggy Days. 10:00--Boxing Match. 11:00--News; weather; temperature. 11:07--A. A. A. Weck-^nd Tour. 11:15--The Music You Want, 12:00--Nixon Onto Orch. 12:15--New Penn Orch. 12:30--Fletcher Henderson's Orch. WJAS--1280 KC. G:15--News ot the world, 6:30--Bob Trout. 6:-15--Talk of the Town. 7:00--County Scat. 7:15--Lum and Abncr. 7:30--History Spttiks. 7:45--Benny Burton's Orch. 8:00--First Nlshter. 8:30--Burm and Allen. 9:00--Orson WeLlcs. 10:00--Grand Central Station. 10:30--Barry Wood and Orch, 10:45--American Viewpoint. 11:00--News of the world. 11:15--Tommy Dorsey's Orch. 11:30--Tommy Dorsey's Orch. 11:15--Abe I.ynum'.s Orch. 12:00--Abe Lymar's Orch. SATURDAY WCAE 7:00 -- Program Resume. 7:00 -- Morning Express. 8:00 -- News. 8:15-- Charlie Cook Entertains. 8:30~Musical Tete a Tetc. 9:00-- Musical Interlude. - 9:05-- The Wise Man. 9:15-- Music Internationale. 9:45-- F. H. A. Talk. 10:00 -- Jr. Crime Prevention Bureau. 10:30 -- Jungle Jim. 10:45 -- Florence Kale's Radio Forum. Moore. 11:30 -- Milestones in Music. 12:00 -- Studio Time Signal. 12:00 -- News. 12:10 -- Norman Cloutier's Orch. 12:30"-- Call to Youth. 12:45 -- Along Gypsy Trails. - 1:00 -- Front Page Drama. ~1:15 -- America Presents. 1:30 -- Campus Campers. 1:55 -- Metropolitan Opera. 5:00 -- Sammy Kayc's Orch. 5:30 -- Swingology. 6:00 -- Song Sampler. 6:15 -- Evening News. 6:25 -- Musicale Interlude. 6:30 -- Saturday Review. " 6:45 -- Goodwill Mission of tic Air. 7:00 -- Avalon Time. 7:30 -- Rollini Trio. 7:45 -- Inside of Sports. 8:00 -- Tommy Riggs and Betty. 8:30 -- Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians '3:00 -- Vox Pop 3:30-- Hall of Fun. 10:00 -- Ray Herbeck's Orch. 10:30 -- To be announced. 11:00 -- News Parade. 11:10 -- Francis Craig's Orch. 11:30 -- Horace Heidi's Orch. 12:00-- IJtUe Jackie Heller's Orch. 12:30-- Jan Garbcr's Orch. 1:00 -- Shep Field's Orch. 1:30 -- Clyde Lucas' Orch. KDKA 6:45--Farm Markets. 7:00--Musical Clock. 7:15--The Family Altar. 7:30--Russell Pratt. 7:45_Musical Clock. 0:00--Xews. 8:05--Musical Clock. 0:00--Breakfast Club; News. 9:45--Gospel Singer. 10:00--The Smile Parade. 10:30--The Child Grows Up. 10:45--Swing Serenade. 11:00--Junior Safety Patrol. 11:15--D. A. R. Program. 11:30--Music. 11:45--News, Weather; Temperature. 12:00--News. 12:05--Man on the Farm. 12:30--National Farm Home Hour, l:30^-Hotel Lexington Orch. 2:00--Henry Busse's Orch. 2:30--Bill Krcnz' Orch. 2:45--From Home of Muses. 3:00--Rakov's Orch. 3:15--Four of Us. 3:20--Dale McFcattcra. 3:30--Al Roth's Orch. 4:00--Club Matinee. 5:00--To be announced. 5:30--Eddie Roger's Orch. 6:00--News: Sports: Weather; Temperature. 6:15--Your Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:30--Russ Brown's Orch. 6:45--Don Hirsch, news. 7:00--Message ot Israel, 7:30--Question Bee. 8:00--Al Donahue's Orch. 8:30--Original Drama. 9:00--National Barn Dance. 10:00--Symphony Concert. 11:30--News: Weather: Tempcrtaurc. 11:45--The Music You Want 12:00--Dance Orcheslra. 12:30--Far North Broadcast. WJAS 7:30--Musicale. 8:00--News 8:15--Time Again. 8:30--Musical Revue. 8:45--Cheerio Melodies. 9:00--St. Patrick's Church. 9:30--Fiddler's Fancy. 10:00--Pappy Chesirc. 10:30--Four Corner's Theatre. 11:00--Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. 12:00--Kale Sniith Speaks. 12:15--Musicale. 12:30--News of the World. 12:45--Enoch Lights' Orch. 1:00--All Hands on Deck. 1:30--Modem Music. 2:00--Romany Trail. 2:30--Butl.ilo Preicnts. 3:00--Merrymakers. 3:30--Poetic Strings. 4:00--Charles Paul. 4:30--Dnncepators. 5:00--To be announced. 5:30--Eddie Duchin's Orch. 6:00--Musicale. 6:05--Leighton Noble's Orch. 6:15--News of the World. 6:30--Baron Elliott's Orch. 7:30--Joe E. Brown. 8:00--Johnny Presents. 8:30--Professor Quiz. 9:00--Saturday Night Scrcnndcrs. 9:30--President Roosevelt. 10:00--Your Hit Parade. 10:45--Barry Wood's Orch. 11:15--Brown Miller's Orch. 11:30--Charles B;ium's Orch. WPA ROLLS IN REGION DECLINING Rolls o£ the Woiks Progress Administration in I'aycttc, Washington and Greene counties are bcinK reduced gradually wcok to week through employes icturring to private industry and curtailment of projects through diminishing funds. The layoffs are in line wilh similar activities ot the WPA throughout the State and Nation. The private employment figures disclose thyt more of those who have resigned to go into private industry have been absorbed in coal mines, steel work and other heavy job categories. The private employment, it was said, has cftccted particularly noticeable reductions in dirt load projects. With the more favorable business trend in this territory, WPA officials txpcct ordered reductions in i WPA personnel to be clTeclcd with a minimum oC hardship to work relief recipients. A large 'percentage of. those leaving the WPA rolls have resigned of their own choosing to cn- tor private job- work, it was disclosed. The average turnover of WPA workers in this area is about seven per cent monthly. In order to keep the forced layoffs lo a minimum without placing a hardship on the work relief recipients, the policy has been adopted ot not replacing the jobs that have been vacated. In other words if a man or woman worker rengns, no new cae from the relief rolls is assigned to tnat vacant job. Several persons, including men end women, eligible for Old Age Pensions, Mothers' Assistance and kindred forms of public aid, are being taken from the diminishing WPA rolh. Definite employment figures for the tri-countirs area will be available within the next d.iys, according lo WP. officials. Nlncty-fcvon per cent of WPA workers arc from relief rolls. The remainder nrc non-rcllcf employes. As a result, for every 97 relief workers dropped, the supervision drops in like r.itJO of 97 to three. Fads Abou) 1940 Federal Budget Doctor Can Tell Man. Past 40 At What Age He Will Pass On By International News Service. DETROIT, Jan. C.--1£ a doctor should look you in the eye alter the ago of. 40 and tell you at what age to expect the Grim Hcaper, don't BCOfT. Dr. Felix Bernstein, prolessor ot biometrics at New York University, told members ot the American Statistical Association that the age a person may expect death can now bo determined with reasonable accuracy alter the age o£ 40. Thirty years of, experimentation, the prolessor said, has given hjm a formula whereby the amount o£ dehydration in the blood vessels of the eye is determined. Dr. Bernstein explained that the dehydration is an accurate indicator of the aging rate of an individual. "Some people," he said, "age much faster than others and, other things being equal, will die sooner. Artcrio- echlerosis, the cause of half the deaths a£tcr 50, is apparent first in the eye." The professor made two exceptions Rule Issued Against "Whereas" In House By International News Service. WASHINGTON, Jan. G.--Speaker Bankhead served notice on the House that the "whcreascs" and other "preambles" on bills introduced for consideration are "out." "The law must state the law only," said Bankhcad in announcing that if any bills are proposed carrying "whcrcases" they will be dumped into the wastebaskct. EyesiRht Effective. KENTON. Ohio, Jan. 6.--Police have warned James Hastings, 83, to give up hunting because of falling eyesight but he went hunting any way. He Orcd 25 shotgun shells and returned with 17 mudhcns. to his formula. These were for accidental death and suddenly contracted disease. Connellsville Fruit Mkt. 13G North Wttsburjj Street PJione IOC. Week-End Specials! Fancy Strawberries 2 pinfs 35c Tangerines 3 doz. 25c Indian River Oranges (tree ripened). dozen .». 19c Seedless Grapefruit each 5c Srayman's Winesap Apples 6 Ibs. 25c Imported Chestnuts 2 Ibs. 19c Fancy Tomatoes Ib. 15c Imperial Valley Iceberg Lettuce (New crop-they are better) 2 heads -15c Carrots ~ bunch 5c Beets bunch 5c New Potatoes 5 Ibs. 25c Brussei Sprouts quart 15c Pascal Celery Hearts bunch 15c Also--Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Rndislics, Green Onions, Parsley, Cucumbers. Ithnlmrh and many others. SEE OUJR DISPLAY BEFOK YOU BUY! YTe Deliver. Phone IOC. Insurance Man Jailed. NEW YORK. Jan. (S--J.imct. Gibbs, 5B, foimcr president of the Excess Insurance Company o£ America, was sentenced to from two and n hall to five years In Sins Sine Prison on a charge of grand larceny. He was convicted of stealing $5,300 from his company. Dy United Tress. WASHINGTON. Jim. G--Little facts about big figures in the 1940 budget: Spending down slightly--$8,095,663.200 iiRr.imt 59,192,329,000 in the previous Income up a trifle--$5,009,320,000 compared to $5,520,070,000, In the red, not so deep--deficit, $3.4C2,343,:00 dgainst $4,072.259.000. Public debt boominc--$44,458,000,- OOO iiRainst $41,132,000,000. Recovery-relief spcndinc sl.nj.hcd-- $2,206,105,000, about Jl.000,000,000 lower. National defense at new peace-time altitude--$2,000,000,000, up $1,000,000,000. Taxes up another rune, maybe-President wants $422,000,000 new levies for army and farm programs. After Inventory Reductions Odd lots from our regular suits of much finer quality. Single and double breasted. Mostly all sixes. A real value. Men's" Heavy Wool Socks 25c and 50c · Headlight Work Shirts 95c Value, 79c Wool Gloves Regular $1.00 Value 65c Men's Hats Styled for the Young Fellows $1.95 Get Acquainted Sale Bostonian SHOES Prices talce a holiday in this sale or Bostonian Shoes, Every pair included . . . wing tips, straight tips, plain toes in rugged or smooth so£t-feelhig leathers . . . at get acquainted savings. $7.50 now $6.35 $8.50 now $7.35 Mansfield Shoes, regular 5.50 value Now $4.85 Oppenheim's FASHIONS FOR MEN 117 Xortli Pittslnirir Street. Phone 20SI New Things for a New Mood Come Into View at Fresh Fashion Viewpoint in'these new Modern Miss Dresses $7.95 Does your wardrobe have the in-between-season, "blues"? If yon're weary of wearing winter modes, perk up with these dresses that whisper oC Spring! Dresses with jackets . . . dresses with print front sections . . . dresses in the glorious new shades. for a limited time S A L E OF F L E X E E S CniiiliimitioiiN A: (Jinlles at 20% OFF A IK;\V figure for it now year at savings of 20',' ! Kresli, new stock . . . not soiled, nmrkdown merchandise. Profit now by this saving. Advance Spring H a t s . . . $1.00 Flattering new hats for tlie Spring touch to winter coats. Fabrics with straw trim, and -others. Some with veils. Breath of Spring in these New Sweaters $1.00 Those soft knits you love so well. Now in the dainty Spring pastel shades. Short sleeves, boat neck. Quite a "find." 'Fresh, Sparkling Array of Wayne Maid and Jane Reed Daytime Fashions Spring $ Styles * If you're looking for something new and different, come to our Cotton Frock Dept. -- it's blooming with clever new frocks of perma 'I spun and i!ax spun. They'll brighten your Winter home, and be just as lovely next Summer. 14 to -16 sizes. Shop Sat for these CLEARANCE SPECIALS Women's Winter Coats, Greatly Reduced $12.84, $16.84, $29.94 All Girls' Snow Suits and Coats, now 7 A off Girls'7 to 16yr. Silk and Wool Dresses !4 off Misses'?10.95 Reversible All Weather Coats . . . $7.84 Women's $2.50 $3.50 Real Kid Gloves Vz off Women's $1.79 Capeskin Gloves ." $1.00 $1.00 Chiffon Hose, pr 85c $6.50 Red Cross Shoes $4.75 $1.00 Women's Slippers 77c $1.98 Women's Slippers ....$1.32 Tots'$1.00 to $1.98 Bath Robes !4 off Girls' Rain Coats Capes ...Vs off 15cand 19c Children's Long Stockings 2 prs. 25c Men's Soiled $1.49 White Shirts $1.19 Hundreds of Specials in Our Sweeping Turkish Towels 4 for $1.00 Large Cannon towels in 4 most attractive styles. 6 for $1.00 20x40 size; w h i t e with colored border. 1 Oc Wash CIoths-3 for 23c Poplar Pillow Cases, special, ea 14c 381/2 in. Poplar Unbleached Muslin, 2 yds. 15c 72x90 Quilt Size Sheet China Cotton 44c $2.69 Chenille Bath Rugs, 24x48 $1.88 Rustique, a Spring fabric, yd... 59c A washable rayon and linen type fabric in lovely new Spring shades. 49c Slip Fabric ... 37c Table Cloths 59c 52x52 in. good wearing cotton crash cloths with colored stripes. Fringed Colonial Table Cloths $1.00 A heavy cotton weave with block pattern in array of colors. 25c Linen Tea Towels 19c Fancy Pillow Cases, pr $1.00 Embroidered hemstitched cases. All white. Girls' Undies 8!±! 34c At this special price are: rayon vests, p a n t i e s , bloomers; Fruit - of-the- Loom built up slips; rayon taffeta slips. S to 16 yrs. H ' D K F SALE Women's 23c White q for CA- Linens '' OUC lOc White Linens r Cottou. Prints OC White A for -1 A Cottons __ 4 lUC

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