The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 12
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. all TWELVE. THIS DAILY COtmnDR, CONNT3UL 3VILLE, PA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1930. Fashi Belted Suit W i t h Purposes or Design By FRA NfCES FAOBT (Copyright. IS.'if), by Style Sources) NEW YOBK, Jan. 24--Spring suits .ire of all concerned with flares, these dsiaoied ot, the next point in. ouo'itlon concerns the -exact definition ot the walatllno In the suit jacket. The ntfl-ln and ev«i the molded effect claim attention and a youthful att'jre but possibly tho belted eult will out- ruimber Ha fitted ilvala since It gl-v«s tho accented Una at waist and Is still much more easily adjusted to the aver- HK3 figure than the suit cut on shaped lines. The variations of tha belted eult ami f h ^ variations in the bolts tharn- aoJvee give wicio opportunity to exploit this silhouette in suits for spring- with typos to satisfy n variegated clientele. The longer suit coat on nearly straight itnra may be bfltod to a better line for tho larger figure, while the jaunty flared jackets accent the top ot the flarod section -with, a belt and this is an important silhouette for your younger customers Some ot the belted jackets are eo short that the little section below the belt !»} ahnottt like a rufflo, others are io long that T hey are practically in the miserable Uacs, and with them latter, the belt ts a keep it or leave it piopostltion w i t h a separata belt. Tho jackets which introduce tlio belted walstllno dt « motit of design and cut with etitehe i |oi in«et effect worked out in decorative treatment have greater ntyle in forest than, those which are juat casually belted. Any women who i-, firm u tho question of being nnbell*d tan have her own way through a model with, self adjustable belt but sho may regret her obstinacy as th re It. no doubt that the belted jaoke* giw« the eprlnR suit a much amartei apeiuiraneo thib year. lakes Indigestion Stop at Once W i t h A!! tho amti/l is stiUloa made by modern inftriictU P t i n a r o In c o m b n l U n K aiBoano. no b o t t t r cmcily had ovei been discovered !f\ q u i c k l y stopping- I n d i g e s t i o n tlian p 1 xtn o l d - f a s h i o n e d Blsurated Magrno'ila, - n h i r h Is just a') B f E o c l l v a and p o p u l a totlai as w h o n It I was f l i a t offered m ny yran) asro. U ' i s used today by thousands ol f o r m e r stomach B u K e r e r s v 1th never f a l l i n g HUCCOSB. Blsurated Tagneala treats Ind l f f e - t t o n In the on v loglr-al way, by i n s t a n t l y n o u t t a l U I n f ? exooss htonuich acid, p r e v e n t i n g aiMirnesa and f e r - m e n t a t i o n and heat! ip and n t r a n g t h e n - t n R the interned st( miicli llnlns, w h i c h ·icon becomes hoi I t h y and s t r o n p Hlburatccl M n s n o s l a la soUl In botli tab- lot ami i v o w r t o r fo in by tlruKKl'-ls ovci ysvhere, w h o 'homsnlvc". n i o m 1 mend It a an u n ! i l l l n i t l e l l o v o i of aeid-causeil diseiitK e t r o u b l e s -- A d v o i - t l i i t m i n t In Naod of Something S Then nso our classified Column? Sheep-Lined Coats, Black Only Sizes 8 to 20 180 North rittshnrg Street. Phone 1216 Sold at Cost Than Cost Sub-Zero Weather Comingl Several months to wear u winter coat! This in itself should Interest you in the most stupendous coiit values offered this season. Just imagine buying na^y chinchilla coats, sixes 14 to 41), - c or $KS3. Flue broadcloth co,»ts that sold to $82.50 for $14.S5. Then come to Davidson's and ee oer 125 Winter (,'oats reduced to cost and loss than cost! Coats Formerly to $12.95, Now $ 4.85 Coats Formerly to $22.95, Now $ 9.85 Coats Formerly to $32.50, Now $14.85 Coa.ts Formerly to $42.50, Now $19.85 Coats Formerly to $55.00, Nov.- $29.95 NEW FEU Pastels. AH Headsiizc^. Davidson's luwe til* 1 largest h a t stocH in ttmn. ' $5.95.Girls' Dresses, Silks, Velvets ...$3.95 "So^ sprint? silhouettes. Sixes IS to 10--1(5 to 42--40 to "(}. 'on Tans--]Sw Blues -- 'o^ Jieds -- !s r m\ frn-oii.s--Ninv Odd rnstcl Sluiries -- ?f i n r St.yliug -Priced very Ion in three uroups--100 Drehsoft to .select from. Worth to $7.!K". 'J DIT.SSCS I'or $!).00. ·2 l) for $H.OO. \ \ u i - i h to iiiil'J.rjO, resses for $'25.00 Special Selling: I R L B S3 a utea rly sold to S(".}).". t'hin- s. Sports t'nork'i, Irtv,s ( oats-. !sixo«i .'$ io 1C., at Davidson's. All Other Coats Reduced l / and Less! 1 The Paramount Presenting Oonieen Moors^ \n Toch- nicolor for tho flinst lime "jlnto an o£ "Ireno" several yrars ago, hta and FooN," which in ; at Paramount Theatre, is said (o offer tho tnobt perfect oolor photo- praphy ypt achieved for moUon pictures. Threw clalxrato scciuoncpti of ttiis comcd-v-drama are ahovni enliidy in natural coloi^s, onhancing the ibeaitly ot the brilllnat stage episodes oi! tho btot-qy. Miss Mooro gorgeoualy ros- tumed, is soon in a ·series of ·strilrlTiK'- ly heautiful gowns, with a colorful 011- seiMble of 72 chorus girls and men Danro numbers Ijy th1» huge array of players rnwk-o thos-o scenes of "I\iot- li?his and Fools" all live tnoro spectacular. An able cast was selected to o.pp^ar in MiH'i Mooro'H support 1n "FtHtligh(5 and Fools," Raymond Hnckott and Fredoi ic March playiag opposlto tho star, while Virginia Loe Coi-hin, Kd- wartl Martindol, Mickey Bennett, Artrlonno d'Amf)rlconrt, Frederic TI/ow- .ird, Clevo Moore and Andy Hlce, Jr., are others of promiTieiK'o iti Uic cnit. \\MUion A. Seller directed thi» First National picture. GIVE BABY HIS CHANCE TO GROW fllothers Must Builcl Up Strength of Body. Their It (lofB, the some o t h o r psu vt", p l a i n wlio CXJUH t-% ICvcry batoy hag a right ol be well born. It has «. r i g h t to a hualthy p a r e n t No woman has tho privilege of neslcctlng- lir own body jnul ppr- mlttijis 'icr blooil to be polluted b\ tho absorption of wii.Hl.ri jnothiiHs. PHe bhouil be clean Inulilo at, wi-Il as out No person la clean who "differs fi in const patlon. Tho wastn produotn o£ tho t ody must !lnd flomo way of prot- tlnsc out 1C the tiatura' ( h a n n o t 1ft c!5el tho H k i n , I t i n t r v Jm1 k l d n o y n arc all o / c r w o i k « l F \ f n thi^n tiia blootl bocoi i"» f o u l W h e n slom u-h KlVcs T v n y , nr p i n t Of (li« bri)y A bad s i t u a t i o n spedl Ing i ; v p i n to I) -como a motlioi hhoiild hav* t w o or t'ireo jiorron! bowel movements «% dn\ Bo stiaiili) e \ ( i y o : u ' I - I H P K « t i i i f i = \ t v - l i i l i - n d p d that \ v i M t n m a l l n r s h o u l d r « m i i r i In tiio bod} to be re*)- finrb 'il i h t o tho blood itream, .iml N a t u r e punliht'c ( M e r j b o O x who ,u- lows that c o n d l t t ' m tn e.iMt Most r O n v t l p a t l o n !" taliu'rbi! In bar ictor Oft^ i !· l« oauM i| l i \ t a l n r r h , sotnotlmph II caviars c a t a s r l i No iirnount ot vlolorit iiiirttos will rp- l l f v c this ca tart luil condition Tbf} o n l j uKRTavato It A li'ftatnient of Uio o i i t l ' n syBtotn BO that N a t u r e biTScK can overcome Ibn tronfalp ii t h n rlR;ht «a.i That Is one of Sim n a s o n i w h y sn miilj pi'opln sav "\Vorl/l'' Tonic w o r k s v.nnfl(.rs in ( a u i of t n i t l p a t l o n Tt r o t only r f l f ^ v o H pratniitt% r In ma«t i-ii( s, but It I) Pip ft S'atuia to r»mo\ c. Ibc t a t i s f of lhi t r o u b l o I j x p o c l a n t mothors ran tnlta Wr»rl3'« Torlc w i t h o u t datiffar, «nd It is Int e u i l f f l to help p n r l f v th^ blood r"- t n o \ o oatarrlial m a n l f p s t a t l n i i H ami nf'l thf k l d n o y a In tbro"\lnt; off p o i a j n s Whri theflp n r e I ti t!to bain li.m m a n y more rhuncf ') of lipallti tb in It can ba-vo w b o n t b c m o t h e r herBi"lf is dim aHcd Giro tin 1 ·*oun(rstrr i » t b p l r olio nee by mlngr World'i Tunlf, which can be obtained at Conriolls\ I t l n Co. or any other Brat class d i u « B (A-2) -- ArtvertlBemont The Orphomn Ttio ad-vent o! tho tallclos b -W no fears for Kvolyn Brcnf Altlioti?h eho- did noi start on thcjstnge, but in tho movies, fihe htis had plenty o Mtes Brent wsa n»j)~n in /'ampo, Florida, and 3ior chief amloitl n waH to bo a teacher and with this i i mind a/ttonded normal echoul. AH a. school dny larlc she journrd tci Fort 1 ee and obtaiinKl work ae an oxtra. H ire sho mot Prisc'llla Dc-an ami they Iccided to scalo the heights to cinma tardom together. Attpr a t t a i n i n g sonic drgroo of HUC- C68H Hho w?nt to Buropo on . i Ipa^ure trip. Here eho ^/aw Induced to Appear on tho London stap,e, v/hero s! p played for tour years. Returning to tho fftoteis sho intended to remain in Now Yorlr f r three but this changftl tc Beven She was aigned up te appear opposite Monto Blue nnd fr m then on her rieo hn« bocn steady. 3ho hoa been a. paramount featured pi t^er for some time. The lat-est all talking pic ure in Which Mies Brent appears is Wonmn Trap" hi which are also featt red Hal Skelly find Cheater Morris, b th well known «tuga 'itiiria. Thlis' ^ ory of brother va. brother la tho fqi tur at- tmctioii at tho Orphettni file tro. ABANDONMENT OF RICES tANDINC FERRY PROTESTED WAYNI3SIHTHG Jan. M. -Opposition to abandonment ot a for y across the MononRHheld. Km r \t Rl os N u n d - inR liae de\n!pxl from trV county commleskmerK, wsiilentH · f Illcns Landing anl owners of tio !· ry. Work now under vr«j by tho K«V«I iniMit In lengthening flu* lock .vail ma / uiAio it ImpwHHlble tt continue opei ition for vehicular an well as pedcutrl n traffic At a oontemiro butweti 1 teutonnnt Colonel Jiirivs ,J. Bain, Arinj engineer nt PltMninc. P.utl ]«Uolt md .1 N Hcott of tho c o i i n l y romn iealonerH, and othor«, an t n f o j m il pr ite#t was of TV and 4-SG In 1920, fi M 1 * Love story as hrilling as "Lilac Time." Told with a background of music, mirth, spectacle and color. UNIONTOWN PEOPLE SUE PENNSYLVANIA ROAD FOR DAMAGES PITTSBURG, Jan. 24 --Damages ng- giefratiriff $55,000 COT p v rHna! iJijurl^s fir' ;iflke! of the Pwuisylvanla Huil- ro id Company In suit? illed la common pl-j-as court ty Holon Shceriu aucl M'fl. Voronca Sillman cC Unlotitown. An automobile driven by M!BB Shoarin, in which Mra. Sillman. vra a passenger, praceetllng along tha road between Unlontown and ConnellBvillo October 24, was struct by a gaeollno driven ear o£ the railroad at a grade i'i oseing near Uuiontown, th« auitn al- legp-d Miss Shoarin suffered the loaa of her left eye and of her sertoufl in- liirlee, awl Mrs. Sillnian, widow w i t h tliroe minoi children, suffered «eriou« i n j u r J n s , niay avoived. DIVORCE AMONG NATIVE FRENCHMEN DECREASING I i v I u l t f r rt ·!·- PAIUK. ,r,\n. .!4--The dh rca mills of Franco, ^ t i i f h t rlnrt «« smoothly for Ainorii a n an' not po ular with tho Fre-neh i e t « * n t !ivorr' etatiaticn i p v e a l D n r l T K tlio first n "« months of 192') t h o r n ivero 4,!)2f divorwH jfrantpil in Prancee acrorc IHR to the tiKint^? of tho general statistical j bureau of Pjanco, Instea 1 ot being i an incronfin ov,r t u tuirni period in 192S, it rt'pre-sCMits u h«iKr r decrease. { This n u m b e r also inclm »s e large number of ^nnrican and Britlah dl- vorcen Although the f ircign dl- vorcen are not lletc-U sej uraloly it would bo sate to e-itiiuato hat nearly 1,000 woro r i a n k M i to fo ivlsuors, of which Anu'iicana hcodwl t 10 Jifi.t. Tho iininiwr of tvorrre ts parti^u- larly h t r S k i n ? wliea coin arpd w i t h the tofftl iiuitiijor of iti,trri g«, tluring tho parno nlnr-inonth p c t l i fl For tho first «ine i n o n i h a of 132) there wore f!2,817 man i,vg«j ct lobrate in France, an Incroase of more thai 2,000 over thu corro'ipomling period if 1028. Hear Colleen Moore sing "If I Cau't Have You," "Filly Pom Pom Plee" and "You Can't Bo- lieve My Byea." You won't bo able to forget them. ·f+f-e-***-* i; Yon'll hf stunned by her tnar- ;i velous acting--charmed by the golden tones of her lovely voice. And when you see the spectacular color sequences ,nd whirlwind daaclng choruses, you'll k n o w t n c greater achievements of modern screen entertainment. With RAYMOND HACKETT FREDERICK MARCH Virginia Lee Corbin a Vilaphone Act--Born and Lawrence in "PIG SKIN TROUBLES" Thurs., Fri., Safe.--Last Chapter, "ACE OF SCOTLAND YARDS" *t*-fffr+f*-+fr*rffnr*rf+f*- Admission--Matinee lOc and 35c--Nights 15c and 50c Mon., Tnes., Wed.-- Richard Barthelmess in 'YOUNG NOWHERES' Worthie«anes» of L reama Keeping a reconl of rtr; ami is per- hups us ralaaWe isa keep! t« n reeorfl of the vajforien of the JtM ipnfed For drsntna are but the tnvr untnry ab- aence of reaaon. Only Frf jd attomptH to mnkp n "sflonrn" of tt -- AB Dorr Get* Life Old Mayan City To Be Duplicated NEW ORLEANS, Jail. 24--Prauo t'loui, head of the Sllddle-Ainerican liee^arch Department of TuUne Uni- ·veraity, will head an expedition into tho province of Yutatan to obtain data f o r the b u i l d i n g of a complete Mayan City tor tho Chicago World'a Ftxlr IE 39;!3. The expedition will leave In Feh- i uary uud w i l l bo i?ono about four mouths. More than ? 100,000 will be nnonl o-u the project. The expedition will he equipped with toiw of. pittter of paris in oidar that ' t«(r, may bi made of sculpture, haw- eiiolB and hloioglypHlee. The hulifJ- ntf« choaea foe u t w d j tiro the MOIIJUH roup al Uxinul in [lift piovlrico of Yucataji. Tiiey w i l l In 1 l e p t o d u c e d in thoir original form UH a quadrangle in t h e i i n i u u r a l yl/o ut Chlciigo Profe.suor Blom ( o n t e n d h that the sel-btink form ol architecture now beint,' employwi in Uu 1 erection ul t.kyhcrayere was originally Mayan Hi- oxpoc'ts to prove that tho modem a i c h i t c c t i u e is merely a d i H t i t i e t t v e and udviinccd form of the Mayan art by lite exnoHUion at the fail. Ht«'vc Kl'ig. Soiiprhf in THoublo Killing. IMTTSBUiK!, Jan 23 - Oii 20, tin* man w h o m , !»{» Noithsi(ii rum vlsitijiif H h n MonasliiK) shot to death at Ht Juliu's l.ibt biunmei, lb being htld by police in coniiecrtiou with the double h l a j i n g that, nun red a w-cdrilug telubratHiu in HaU on UK Nortlibli« lad UtM lilglil S la S S B [i S B a Q c« 8 Ilesolve uow to have no money worries during J930. fay all yoar outstamllng chUgatlons with nn eaay-to-get, oonfldcntial loan obtained here. Ton can borrow up to $300.00 on your ovvn personal responsibility without outside signrra. Pay UB back in omall casy-ti-moct I'aymcnte fitted to your income. Si-art the New Vear right. Let »s tell yon about our dignified loaning plan without obligation a:td our service which extends OT«T 39 yo»T8 In Greensburg. Inquire about our Bonus Flan. Call, Write or PHONK 1-3-1-3 ^d liy the State a to fiirto--BUI. B to o. First National B»n'-% Btrlg. Room 304 -- · Second Floor, GREENSBURG, Tomorrow Yet each the olher'f enemy! oiars m A Picture! Remember Skelly in "Tha Dance of Life," Chester Morris in "Alibi" and Bvolyn B r P n t in "Interference." Here's one you'll never forget! Also Our Ciang All-Talking Comedy, Co!'-"'-"fie Revue and Sound News Apparently jelieved at the verdict, Samuel H. Dorr Chicago ins u r n n c Q flnlesman, j iven a 3ifo sentence for the s!a -ing of William O'Brien, ia relaxed although uninihng. Mrs. Gcno- vievc 1 O'Hrlcri, vidov of O'Brien, and Dorr's alleged s\ eotlieart, re- iCubfti to testify a#a nst her barui'a ila: OK. PJ5KRYOPUS, Jan :T l l i u i Se- chi'ist, principal o£ tho W h i t h e t t btliool who has been H e i l o u h l y ill at his hoan near Victoria, io tilovsly I m p i o v u i K Mi and M i s .i V U l d e i n u n iiinl MihS Kloreneu IjaudiMi, \\ hll( umtoi 1111, Io UiMitleyville 1 a buskeUjull ,,.11(10 'I'liewlay oveniiiK u\i'l w n l i .in «iutn ,1.1 i l(!(+nl No one, ! i u i ( '('he (in 1 lie l o n g i n g to Sit KldoiKiui H A S t . i k p u a aoni by gaiugf f t i r e p a i t M (.'hat IBM T l i r u h l i e i « ho w,it i i d i w l loi j u r y nei'Vicc thin iu'k u,ui i n i . i h J n t o a t t e n d o w i n g to the H!,ih ol )DI l u ' i i l l h TIH» youiif? p p ) | i l f - [ i i a y e i J.KHIII ni»l Woiineadwy C V C I I I I I K al l l i u M i t l i o ( l i s t 10pit,copal r h u i i l i 'I'liti n i f f i l u ; ; wttb no I vety l . u u t i l v a l i ^ n d t ^ i mi ,u Lounl of tlie tiikl \\ e a t h c i , I)iil i \ «i v tine program w.ib c . u i u i d out The Parry U U e C i u h h i - l i l a « I . H H i I i b H a l l ^ i - d i u v l . i v i n t ' i i l n - ? our ultihbitutil tihwU.joiuciJ.tM. All-Talking Action-Melodrami wrrn RAL SKEJ.LY EVSIYN B BE NT CHESTER MORRIS 2 f fi S B B fi B- Bi Hi B| C'i c« Q 0! r« Dicker.fon Rim , DICKIOilSO.N i!l N, .Iftii J 4 ~ M i aixl , . W i n O i-i O K l o V t ' l * l l ) f t T l l l l l h i l l l V 1)10111-' H1|A i l l l H l M l t i O , \\ Hll., WlU'Ki HUM' W \ If^il iiitjliU li)t ! ! H n e x t t u o \\o-fthH cnllor h f i e Wednesday. Mrs George Luckoy was shoppmi in Connollaviile V\'r«dnoFiay evoalng MtesoB Ida an[ Anna Siott of PKts , burg are spending t h h week here a , the KH«5( of frieuds. \V S S m i t h , P \. K shop f ne man is ( o n f l n p i to !t,s horao at D. vv I l i u m ) lani ivoiilii{ aitin Hpi'iullng the bui) w i t h JHnpi^B [MM w m U \ l h l i l i t 4 h i i M K i i l i , , Mr. Mrn .1 C. Sticks WHS the guwi · mil M u )»'n! Ti m h h n .it Nc\\ K e n - Uawson I r i e n d i hint n v A n i n g . ii a C'ant on, Ohio pott fry firm ws n , mllftr beie \S i l l ui u i !· ii n t In i , D |iu(.lui ol

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