The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 191S. THE DAILY COURISR, CONNELLS VILT .E, PA. PAGE SEVBtf, . ) Tfff/fiCW 732A/£ ments which constituted the ordinary insurrocto ^uniform, he mode n practice of wearing orijy one. On chilly nights, or on formal occasions, he That Sick Man From San Antonio. It TV»S port ot the strategy practiced "I imagined I was going to v, ork won- r ders--I thougnt I was going to be a j Florence Nightingale, sincl the men were going to idolize me." I "Don't they?" Jndson demanded. '·No. That Is--not in exactly the , wny I expected." "They all want to marry her," O'Reilly explained. 1 "Insolent bunch I" growled the cr.p- 1 tain. Then he swallowed hard and said, "Bnt for that matter, so do I." "How silly you boys can be!" Norlne · ' laughed. "I dare soy the others are i j joking too, but--" r "Joking?" Olleilly grinned. "Not at j | all. I'm the only single man In camp who Isn't in love with you. When you ; arrived this morning there was a gen-1 ernl stampede lor the river, m bet the fish in this stream will taste of soap j for years to come." As if to point O'Reilly's -words at the moment appeared Colonel Lopez, shaved blood-raw nnd clad in a recently laundered uniform which was still damn. The three Americans rose to salute him, but discipline was lax and by the Cuban leaders to divide their! wore both waistcoat and trousers, but he waved them back to their seats. forces into separate columns for tho at other times he dispensed entirely "We've been talking about food, purpose of raiding the smaller Spanish [ with the latter, and his legs went garrisons and harassing the troops sent } naked. Tniy were naked nqw, as, with to their relief, reassembling the. ~ . . bands only when and -where some I ing blow was to be struck. Leslie Branch advised bis commanding officer. "Miss Evans isn't a burning hese I Hie modesty of complete unconscious- patriot like the rest of us, nnd so of tell- ness, he squatted m the shade, puffing course she can't shure our ravenous ap- fcn,,.kn-,,ii,. n t MC »innt t^m-nnt nelite for beef cooked and eaten on the ; sq: thoughtfully at his ginnt cheroot. When O'Reilly and Branch enlisted j Once Jacket's mind was fastened in the.Army of the Orient they \vere,npon any subject it remained there, assigned to the command of Col. Mig-, and after a time he continued: uel Lopez, nnd it was under his leader- "Did I told you about that battle of ship that they mado their first ac- Pino Bravo? Eh?" He turned his big quaijitance with the peculiar methods' hrown eyes upward to O'Bollly. "Cris- , decent meal lor a wpek." of Cuban warfare. j to i ' i skill more'n a dozen men that | "God be praised! I know where there | There had been, at first, some doubt i day!" '" a B° at Eot tTM 0 leagues away!" said of Branch's fitness to take the fleld at! "It was a hot scrimmage," Judson nt- j tllc colonel. petite for beef cooked and eaten on the hoof." "So?" Lopez's handsome face clouded. "Yon are hungry, then?" Norlne confessed that the was. 'Tra starving!" said she. "I haven't had a all--he had suffered a severe hemor-'tested. "Some of Lnque's niggers, tho=e rhage shortly after his arrival at C u b l - i t n l l . lean, hungry fellows from Snntl- t-Bs--and It was only after a hysterical j aqo, managed te hack their way demonstration on his part that he had through a wire fence and get behind a been accepted as a soldier. He simply detachment of the enemy who had wouli not be left behind. At first tha' mnfie a stand under a hill. They Cubans regarded him with mingled I charged, and for a wonder they got contempt and pity, for certainly no close enough to use their machetes. It less promising volunteer had ever was bloody work--the kind you read taken service with them. · But u p o n ' n h o u t -- n o quarter. Somehow Jacket the occasion of the very first fight all managed to he right In the middle of "But I don't want a goat." Is'ortne complained. "I want--well, pickles, and jam. and sardines, nnd--ranrly, nnd--tooth-powder! Renl hoarding- house luxuries. I'd just like to rob a general store." Lopez furrowed his brows nnd lost himself In thought. Later, while the others were talking, he drew Ramos aside nnd for a while they kept their heads together; then they invited Jud- ill-will disappeared as i£ by magic, for,' the" butchery" He's a bravo kid, all i son ° J° ln their «""icll. although Branch deliberately disobeyed'rlsht. Muynralo!" j When OlRellly joined Jndson f o r , orders, he neverthele: s displayed such ! At that moment Branch approached, I anppcr the latter met him with a brond amazing audacity In the face of the hK long face set in lines of discontent?, j £ rln on llls fnce - "Well," said he, "You j enemy, such a theatrical contempt f or i even fieener than usual. He had been |Oa net ready to saddle up when the bullets, as to stupefy ever., one. More-] wandering about the camp In one of I n 10 "" rises." over, he lived up to h:- · -tation; he! hlq restless 6ts, and now he began: I "What do yon mean J" continued to be lnsacel\ ,-iug, vary-] "Say, what do you think I've been "T" 0 colonel took Miss Evans at her ing his exploits to corre.-pund with his doing! I've been looking up some grub wor(! - We're going to raid Son Antonio moods, with the result that he attained ' for Miss Evans, nnd I can't find any." | de Ios Banos--two hundred of us--to a popularity which was unique, nay, "Can't find any!" , *·'''' her sonje pfkles, ntil jam. and sensational. - "Nothing flt for her to eat You candy, and tooth-powder." O'Reilly alone understood t h e reason f l o n ' t expect h e r t o live o n this infer- « « » · · · · for the fellow's morbid instability, his ' nnl, eternal beef stew." I Certain histories of the Cuban War suicidal recklessness; but when he pri- "PItln't Major Ramos hring anything | for Independence speak erf "The Bat- Iiy told nlons?" O-Reilly asked. Uc of San Antonio dc Ios Bunos." It Is quite a stirring story to rpad and It has hut one fault a fault, by the way. not uncommon in histories--it Is mainly untrue. In tin' first place, the engagement ! [enter one grocery store after imother. ' You will purchase thitt jam, those sar- vately remonstrated he was grufil. to mind his own business. Branch flat-, "He says there's a famine at Cubl- ly refused to modify his conduct; he tas." seemed really bent upon cheating the "We'd better look inro this." Judson disease that made his life a misery. exclaimed, and. finding that hli clothes i But, as usual, fan* was perverse; were dry, he hurriedly began to dress j she refused to humor the sick man's himself. I wn -° ln no spnse n battle, but merely a hope. IVhen, after blindly inviting Together, the three men made an in- I r a ! d - The number of troops engaged death, Leslie had emerged from sev- rpstiratlon of the cmnp'i resources, I was, perhaps, nnc-nrth nf the graori.ui | ernl engagements unscathed, his sur- onlv tn discover that Brunch n a « right. ' totnl "scribed by the historians, and , prise--nnd perhaps a natural relief .nt There was. lndi«d. but little food of Bs tt military maneuver It served no finding himself whole--became tinged any kind, and that little was of the P"rp"=e whatsoever. Nevertheless, with a certain apprehension l?st h e , coarsest. Ordinarily, such a condition j s!nce t h e n£rair had n d!rect bearing survive those deliberately courted dan- of affairs would have occasioned thorn i upon the fortunes of several people gers only to succumb to the 111s and ao surprise, for the men were becoming ! connected with this story, it is, per- prlvations cE camp life. The fellow's · accustomed to a ronre or less chronic S ha PS. w(irll relating. tongue grew ever sharper; his society , scarcity of provisions: but the pros- ; LoiTM ""d his troop approached t h r became intolerable, his gloom oppres-! pncp nf Xorlnn Evans put quite n dif- 'town in the rarly morning. A- they slve and irresistibly contagious, "ivhen. : terent complexion upon the matter, j deployed for the attack the colonel Is- after several weeks of campaigning. They were still discussing the situation i sued Private instructions to certain the column went into camp fur a short, i when Miss Evan-;, having Bnixl ed her 1 members of his command, rest, O'Hellly decided tr«t he would ' afternoon nap. threw open the tlaps of I "O'Reilly, you and Senor Brunch will try to throw off the hurt' -n of Loslle'e 'her tent and stepped out. overwhelming dejection, .-.nd, if pos- When she had listened to the nc- sibie, shift a portion of It upon the count apologetically submitted by her shoulders of Captain Judson. i three friends, she drew her brows to- On the day after their arrival O'Reil- igether. saying, plaintively: "Oh dear! ly and the big artlllerj man took advan-'We've been going short for a week, tage of a pleasant stream to batlw and ! and Major Ramos told me we'fl fare n-ash their clothes: then, while they 'better when we got here. I h a d ' m y 'ay in their hammocks, enjoying tha ' mouth all set for a banquet. CouiUn't .usury of a tattered oil-cloth shelter ! you even find the poor dog a bone?" and waiting for the Min to dry their ' "I'ni afraid the cupboard- Is bare," saraents, O'Reilly spoke what was in j O'Reilly acknowledged. · nis mind. ' "Do yon know what I want for din"I'm getting about f'd UP on Leslie," ' ner?" Norine inquired. "Lamb chops ae declared. "He's tl- e world's chatn- with ureen pen?, some nice white bread, pion crepe-hanger, and he's painted the a ^ntad. and coffee." whole world such a deep, despondent Tlie three men looked at her anxious- slue that I'm completely dismal. You've ' ly. Jndson stirred uneasily. ;ot to take him o/f m-.' hands." f "That's what I want. I don't expect O'Reilly's youthful nssistant, who ttt ' to get it" :he moment was painstakingly imtnu- With n sigh of relief the captain e£- !acturlng a huge, black cigar for him- , claimed, "I thought you were giving *elf ont of oiue purloli.ed tobacco, j your order." * pricked up his ears at the mention of "Oaodncss, no I" With a laugh the Branch's name and now edged closer, | girl seated herself upon her one canipexclaimiDg: irhair, inviting her callers to dispose "Oarunibn: There's a hero for you., themselves on the round about her. Meester Branch is th; bravest man I ; "If you can stand the food, I dare say I ever i,?en. Our peopto call him 'El, can. Now then, tell me what you've Demonio'l" 1 been doing since you left Cubltas. I've dines, and whatever else you t h i n k [ lilss Evans would like. Captain Jud- i son, you and Major Ramos will go to , the apothecary shop--I understand | there is n very good one--and look for ] tooth-powder and candy and the like, I i shall see that the streets are cleared, i then [ shall endeavor to discover some pickles; hut as God is my judge, I I doubt If there is such e thing this side \ i of Habani 1 ,." j Leslie Branch, whosp temper had not j improved with tlie long uight rifle, in-i quired, caustically : "Do you expect us : i to buy tile 1 gr-x-eries? Well, I'm broke, and so is O'Keilly. If you dnr-'t give us , I .'·nme change, colonel, we'll bine to open a charge account In your name." "Cnrambn 1" muttered Lope?,, "I intended to borrow from j o u gentlemen., never mind--we'll roinmnndeei* what we wish In tlie name of the republic." Lopez' attack proved a complete surprise, both to the citizens and to the | garrison of the town. The rebel bugle save the first warning of wlmt was . afoot and before the Ca.stlllan troops ' O'Reilly jerked his heart toward the i been frightened to death that some of I who were loitering off duty could re"Cuban. "You see? He's made the hit , you would be hurt. That's one reason g"ln their quarters, before the citizens If bis life, and yet he resents it. ily i why I've been working night and day! could take cover or the shopkeepers - nerves nre frayed out. I've argued my- | helping to get the hospitals In shape, i close and bar their heavy wooden shut- ( self hoarse, but he misconstrues everything I say. -I wish you'd convince him I can't bear to think of onr boys being | '"re. two hundred ragged horsemen ; that he has a chance to get well; It to what I thought It would be, and I'm might alter his disposition. If some-j so weak anil Ineffective. The medical thing doesn't alter it I'll be court-mar- ' supplies I brought nre nearly all goae. tialed for shooting a min in his sleep-- ' and I've learned what hard work It is and I'll hit him right in the middle, 110 j _ matter how slim he is." O'Reilly com- · uresseri his lips firmly. i The assistant, who bad finished roll- j ing his cigar, now lighted it and re- ! peated: "Yes. sir, Mf ester Branch is the bravest man I ever seen. Yon remember that first battle, eh? Those ' Spaniards seen him corain' and threw | down their guns nnd heat it I laugh i to skill myself that ilav." "Jacket" was at om-e the youngest ( and the most profane member of Colonel Lopez's entire command. The most shocking' oaths fell from his heard- less Hps whenever ^ie opened them to speak English, and O'Reilly's efforts to break the boy of the habit proved quite unavailing. This Camagueyan boy was a character. He was perhaps sixteen, and small for his age--a mere child, in fact. Nevertheless, he was a seasoned veteran, and his American camp-mates had grown exceedingly fond of him.'He was a pretty, graceful youngster; his eyes were Inrge-and soft nnd dark; his face was as sensitive and mobile as that of* a girl; and jet, despite his youth, he had won a reputation for daring a"nd ferocity quite as notable in Its way as was the renown of Leslie Branch. Jf order to expand his knowledge of English--of which, by the way, he was Inordinately prood--Jarket had volunteered to serve as O'Reilly's striker, and th« resnlt had been a fast friend- wounded. Everything is so different I were yelling down the streets. Tlicre followed a typical Cuban cn- gageirent--ten shouts to one shot. There was a mad charge on the heels' "A little every pay-day"is the easy way to pay. It's appreciated not only by the person who is short of feady cash, but also by people with large financial resources. It's the best way to aldd comfort and beauty to the home without feeling the cost. 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As the three horsemen | came clattering in at the front he went j flying out nt the rear, and, although O'Reilly called reassuringly after him, his only answer was the slumming of n back door, followed by swiftly diminishing cries of fright. There was no rime to waste. John- \ nle dismounted nnd, walking to the shelves where some imported canned goods were displayed, he began to select those delicacies Cor which he had bt j en sent The devoted Jficket ijos at his fide. The little Cnban exercised no restraint; he seized whatever was ruopt handy, meanwhile cursing feroctonsly, QS befitted a bloodthirsty bandit Roys are nojural robbers, and at this opportunity for loot Jacket's sout fltttned savagely nnd he swept the shelves bare as he went. * "Hoy, Leslie! Get something te carry this stnfE in," O'Reilly directed over his shoulder. Spurred by O'Reilly's tone and by a lively rattle of rifle-shots outside, Leslie disappeared into the living-quarters at the back of the store. A moment later he emerged with a huge armfal of bedclothes, evidently snatched at I random. Trailing behind him, like a i t - l i t f n ti i i ' i l l i i \ v f l ! Bi«squ!lo-noti 1*1 ·If-pp c o m f o r f n h l e tifter this." Dumping his bunlcn of sli^pts, blank- iH-' nnd b r i l l h m t l y colored cotton quil'S upon tlic llnor, Brunch selected two of the KtoutPc-t nnd began to knot the corners together. He htul scarcely finished wjipq Judson reined In ut the door nnd called to O'Reilly: "We've cleaned out tho Oruff store. Better' gni u mnve on yon, for we nifly ha\e to run any minute. I've p just heard obout some Cnbnn prisoners \ In tho calaboose. Gimme a hand nnd we'll let 'em out." Sharing in the general consternn- * tlon at tlie attack, the j;iil guards hod i disnpptMircd, leaving Lopez* men free j to hreak into the prison. When O'ReH- ly joined them the work \\ns well under wiiy. Seizing whatever Implements thov could find, Judaon nnd O'Reilly wont from eel! to cell, bartering, pry- Ing, smashing, leaving their coinrafles to rescue ths Inmates. ^Vlillo the ( Amerietms smashed lock after lock, j their comrades dragged the ustonished imniites from their kennels, hustled tlipm into the street, aud took them up behind their saddles. The raid wns over, "retretit" ws sounding, when Judaen and O'Reilly ran out of the prison, remounted, and joined their comrades, who were ' streaming bnck toward the pluza. Colonel Lopes galloped up to inquire, O'Reilly Whirled His Horse Into tfte j anxiously, "Did you find those eatables, £7) Grandpa Is £m f ^^ j^L ^^^ ** Sixty-four Today and In tfce best of health. Hale and hearty, with good, red fclood, good appetite and good digestion. Grandpa's nerrw Rre staady, too He takes care of bimsol/ He keeps himself nt. He aeei to It that his nerves airf blood 'are in good shape. 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