The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, *vPRIL 10 191b THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELiSVHJLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Henrj Derow, Aged 61, j JDies at His Home at j Parfittown. VINOL REMOVES THE CAUSE OF HVMVWMMV SENSATIONAL, SPRING RECITAL AT INSTITUTE FRIDAY A Constitutional Remedy That We Guarantee Lagrange, N C--"For years I suffered with a chronic cough, so I coula not sleep nights and continued to lose flesh My druggist asked me to try VinoL It cured my cough, I can sleep nights and have gamed - twelve pounds. Virol is the best Sprelat to Ti» Courier: tcmc and tissue buildtr I have ever, ""IT PLEASANT ipr 1 10--Funeial taken'--W D Ren Lagrange N C Cervices were held i-eaterdai after W^ guarantee Vinol for chronic noon a* 230 o clock at the Lutheran coughs, colds and bronchitis Not a - ' CQUrch for Henrj Der w aged 61 patent medicine Formula on every President 01 (.onncil lakes Borough Helm in Vhsencc From Ilntj ol Bor R«i 1i lio i« 111; Red ( ross Benefit at Oura House Tuisdij, Ifnj "th jcars who died at Ms Parftttovvn borne- Tl-c services w e r e in charge o' tne pa^o- the Rev R L weather man and tne interment was made tn the \p Pleasant cemeUrj _ Presides at Polici Court. Burscss Stevens is unable to a te-d to his duties at his office ard Blame ,B Coldsitii h president of council conduct 1 -! the police coin last even ing Institute Kecltal .Miss Lena Morev assisted by Miss Gladjs Zimmerman Robertson soprano will give a piano recital at the bottle Your money bade if it Jails, Laughrev Drug "o Connellsvilte David C Eason Dunbar and at the best drug btore in e\erj town cuv in tlie country ^ Stock Curtains, Scrims, Cretonnes, Including Manufacturers' Immense Si tains. Beginning Thursday, April Freshen Up! Your Home Now--Or Buy for Later Use--Sensational Savings the Main Attraction A most important event--coming as it does just when every housewite is busv cleaning house and whan ever} home -will need r e w Cnr- tains or bright draperies Home loving housewives should profit by this opportunity to secure new Curtains and Drapenes at a saving of l^ r ,o and even more Friday eveaia. ipnl 12 8 ID o clock Laptuin /uudell Home. soldier H** is survived bj the widow and the following childico Jectnnette Issabella Came ^ Mr** Mabel King Ira Udmond ard Ralp \ e i n o n all at home Absalom a ioldioi D! the National \rm\ at Camp I^aurel Md and Mrs C C Klink of Rockwood and also bj oie giindclilld Mai fire t Jane Xing Mr Steyer Special--2 500 yards of Curtain Sc-m 26 Inches wide in. ^ h i t e crcim or beige heinmed loidcrs S^c a. yard COo Sunfast 36 inches wide sanf^ t drapers r ch patterns in bliif rose blown and green -- a genuine 60c q j a l i t y at 49c a yard Extra Special Salesman's Curtain Samples 29c Captair Jameo /iundel Company E ing fnenda lest men her of the M i l l Iluu C range I ISO 1109 Tne fune-a! w a s held at he home Sundae at 2 ocloc-t Rev Includes finest "Nottingham, Fillet and Cable \ct Corfains. Alanj matched pairs in the Yalues up to $5.00 the pair--at only 29c f l i c strip. Scrim Curtains . $1.19 ! lit) h Kesiment .s here Red Cro«, Concert. Tne Institute Orcheot al and CTor a' Clubs will gue a coi ee-t m the Grand Opera House \Ia\ 7th the pro 26m,u27t ceeds are for the local Bed Cross Chapter 4.ranpementB are being hade to present some s, ecial noveitv featu-es Frank "\\ortman officiating Dunbar. D C Eason for wall paper---Vd\ -- Special reductions ou attracts e fllet Net Cumins made 2'4 vards long-white, cream or beige-- n rich all over patterns trimmed with clunv ace PERRY VERY ACTIVE Teachers and Pupils 01 school llomp tcrdav Their Bit Toward War. The report of the Peirv township schools for the month of March show s . the average attendance clunng t h e 1 month to have been Bovs 89 per cent girls S~ per cent ind the aver age attendance during the term boys 90 per cent girls 8S per cent Junior Red Cross auxiliaries have been organized ar Ferr onolis Slat · Junction Jalkson Virg n Run and Lav ton schools and a gotd start nnde l in the v.ork TXccllei t programs 1 were rendered at the community meetings hffld at Summi rhill \irgtn Run and Pleasant Grove duurg the week The eighth gradi pupils w i l l meet at the hit;h school building foi their woik on Thnrsda\ County Superintendent Carroll -visited all the schools in the tow nship i recentlv except two and stated that I f!= he had never seen the schools m so good a condition befoie Community meetings were h^gun aboat two jears ago foi community development and the dissemination of progressw e educational propaganda and 20 of these meeun s had been he'd at different community centers over the township In al these mee ings the houses were pa ^ed and in terest excellent Since the first of the jear the meetings have been con tinned under the ajspice 1 - of the com mittee on public safetv The salr of "V ar Savings stamps wr-s placed in the schools- the first of tfe year by Supervising Principal V- H Martin who is chairman of Four Minute Men and every teacher was stppued with the bulletin pertaining th^rf and was appo nted a Four Minute speaker Granted Man-use 1 liensi , Joseph ^ F~chler and a U!a D Mills both ot \anilcrJlU aid Marun Rojk} of L'omellsvil e and Katb r me "ttofe of Coalb ooi wen granted marriage 1 cei ses in bnioBlovn es 54cl Bring results AS LONG AS THIS FELLOW. AND HAD SORE THROAT T O N S f U N E WOOID HUIOUT RELIEVE IT. J5«. tot SOe H.Jllal »n, Jl. AU. OHUCCJ9T* 50C Curtain Madras ---- ~ 35 mcl f s wide supenoi gradp Cretonne in nob patterns--39c ard Worth Millie Savings On Nottingham Lace Curtains fl-50 Fillet Curtains _ \\,. w 11 plai-e on s^le large quan- t ties of super fine Nott nghim Cur- tai is in beiiittful new patterns in w h i t e cream and beige from 2^4 to 3 v ii ds long Curtiiin'. $1^5 value Size "is.6 ft Columb i Shiidos Guaranteed roller com- pir-ti w i t h stick and fixtures 54c 25c Curtain So rim s Curtains, $1.75 n l u e 11 i m h vride urtain Scrim m w h i t e cream or beige--pretty leno borders-Special 2 j j i c vard Special h 1 riwd np to $W)0 tin Pair Cost only Ic a word IF YOU HAD MECK 68c to Serin* Curtains* (2 1-4 «-K ^ale of piplt bcrim Curtains that are suiable for \o\ir bedroom Made 2 1 4 \aids Jong \\ith lace edse or insertion. 1 o r d e i -- w h i t e onK--lSc pair 35c 25c Cretonnes Special . _ A tractive new Cretonnes latest dcsigus and flowered patterns foi overdrapet fancvwork etc 5fc Cretonnes ,, 36 inch Curta n Madras in Trh te ere Lin or beige in beautiful allvtr patterns it Sic ird (.nrtain Strim Fine qualifr rtirtain Srnm i6 in clies w i d e in w h i t e o c cam ribbon edge 69c «.1.00 Sunfast .Madras "3G inches TV de sunfast draperv beaut ft 1 L. lover designs u rose blue brown and green MRLSI ^'LIlT\L^^. Prettj Scrim Curtains with lace edge or insertion border 2^, to 3 jards long $1.25 -values 9Sc $2.25 sines . $1.90 49c 6"c Fillet Net, j ard Prp'tv Fllet Net Curtain materia s al over pattern 1 * in white creim and be go Also 7 e Fillet Curtain et c *illet Curtain Js . 69c Look For The Table Display Auto Transfer Ml Kinds 01 Hunlinc ( n n l and f-olip F r ^alo Bell Phone 1"16 n "West Side Transfer Office at 106 South fou-th St. \\LST SIDI FAMILIAR FIGURE GONE FliMli Poter Sfejer ^las Well K n o w n to Manv I ocul Piopte. In the deith la^t ·week at his hoiie in Springfield town^hij of Elijah Peter Steyer there passt d from the co^rnunit ? man ^ ho t' r jear-. has been a lamilia' 1 ** figure n Conncilc \ille Jjspeciallv d u n n g the che-jt nut sea^nn \%ns he in evidence hi bai? 01 ballet of che tnuts v,ltn which he went the rounds of the city Elijah Peter Stever ?/as born Jul 2o "IS45 and died at 6 A. M \pnl 3 191S tged ~2 \ears eight months and eight da*s "Mr Stejer was a raembei oJ the New Salem Lutheran church with which he \va« united Maj 5 186" He was uni ed in holj raatricnony \wth MH-. \s;neb Sloan bv Re^ Mclven^ic at rroitburg Md Juh 5 1877 Elijah Peter Steyei was the seventh "on and last surviving of 12 children o£ \h- ?a1om Steer who i\as a \eteran of the war of 1S12 and ,,randson of John Tobias Stejer a Revolutionary Hill Puont 4' t O 21^ N Gtli T R A N S F E R COMPANY General Light and Hea\v^Iai! ing Local and Long Distance Movt g JAMES W STRANGE ( oul and ( oke t tnn^tlbnlli* J. N. Trump [IT£ LIN TRANSFER M O V I N G A ^ D H O i S i t G P I A N O S A bfECIAI-TY, ·Itr f* R. fU Hrp tt U»tli Thelron WsnOt History, Cromwell wis »"id to rule with an iron hand Hio ' loundheads" were no more heroes nor .briver men than are 'our boys todaj lighting in France for countrv and freedom Men with dauntless spirits -- men ot red bloou courage, encr- gv, \im and vigor are needed every day behind the lines as r,-v \ ^ ell as behind the \ ) [i \ ffuns lou need iron \ I II \ m the blood' Every hea!th man or woman should have about as much iron n his or her body as there is in in ordinary " tenpenny" nail To gam this iron, the b^t w aj is to take aa iron tonic; called "Iron-be," a combination of uon in its most soluble form, ill-covered fay Dr Pierce and experinu nted with by his physicians at the Sargical Inst tute in Buffalo "Iron tic" is a form of iron readily- taken up by the blood, the blood-cells get round, rich - red in color, the cheeks are pnk the appetite improves, and o"e feels fu'l of ' snap" -- " pep ' -- "\ i^or " -- instead of tired before the day is half done The ees taks on a lus'er and the body feels that tingle which one gets from a cold bath If -vou want to try this new 'Iron tic" tablet send TO cents to t e Surgical Institute in Buffalo N Y and obtain a trial paeluige ^his 2Utn century Iron tome is si " to oo o. "ood Drug gists sd 1 ' *~ - "· ' io* «· xty cents --ion\.\-- B I I F B I R D P R L S L V T S "HUNGRY EYES" WITH i-N \il SI \R CAST I\ o ACTS V GOOD COULD} IN 2 A.CTS T 0 31 0 E E 0 \T ·WTUI1.M. \ BRAD\ IRbStATb Al ICi BRADT IN "THE SP,URS OF SYBIL" WORLD PRODLCTION [\ 5 ACTS \LSO f T R R J N T L \ L N T S SHOWING A.LL THE I -VTEST NTTR S MAW »nl win n -- R«l frff In «oi D DT nncGoiirr P n r e l P o . t i f c,tr,i- Pries tt or 3 )THE FVAISS CHEMICAUCO cm o 3 d*ri .. tj a 10I)A\ "S\i]hin Tox Presents TOM \II\ m "SIX SHOOTFJl V N D 1 TM Alto The Mutual Wceklj \ --TOUOIiROlT-- Scrjamm Chapm m tho Mother tJ« First of the Scries 'Till SON OF DMIOtBVCT" And Chirmmc iCAR-V MILES MTNTBR n "POfl FRS THAT PKET." SOISSON THEATRE THREF D VYS-- ST 1BTISG 2ftODA1 MATIEE J. Tt . Borman Presents CHESTER BISHOP PLAYERS In a A em Scenic Production of the Bnrul Comedy "The Minister's Wife" By Margaret Strayer Jones. tfATIJTEES M05.DAT, ^-EDXESDAY AiD SAIUKDAI. PBICES: ^, lOc and 20c. lights, 35c, 2.jc and 35c. THREE DATS-- STARTING THURSDAr SIGHT Bertha 31. Clay's Greatest Lov« Storj- "COB-A THOESE" The Sweetest Story Er«r ToW. t PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS i WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBLIC AMD HEAL ESTATE. M*. * ««uth Hudmt oaocoooccx3ocx»oooooocooooa "CAP"STUBBS "CAP" SURRFN1MEKS By EDTTBTA

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