The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. K-RIUAY, JANUARY ^1 MEXICO SEVERES RELATIONS WITH SOVIET REPUBLIC ( ' " H i n t u n i t y Outrages ami 1'ro- putraudn Uxhmisl Pntloiiefi Oi' G o v e r n m e n t . AGITATORS ' DEPORTED By JOHN n. MORRIS 1 ' i m e t l I M a a s S t a f f C o r r e s p o n d e n t MKXICO CITY, Jau 24.--The first Soviet legation In tho Western Hemisphere was closed here today and in- toreat was centered in tho reaction from Moscow to Mexico's severance of diplomatic relations with Russia. The summary announcement that t h e recent recurrence of Communist attacks on Mexican embassies in Washington. Huonos Aires and Hio Do Janeiro had forced the povtM-nniriit to closo its legation in Moscow and formally break oft' diplomatic relations caused a H u r r y In the. capital. The Mexican government, declared, however, t h a t the attacks, as -well as othr manifestations o£ u n f r i e n d l i n e s s toward Mexico, made It impossible to continue Its policy of tolerance. foreign Minister Estrada, in an oflictul statement, said: "Tho Mexican government k lows perfectly w^ll the propaganda ag-unst our institutions and tho n a t i o n a l revolution has boeu inopare-d and directed from Russli,. "It is al. o Known t h a t Commiuusl groups (dlri'cting propaganda) did not work i n d e p e n d e n t l y every political organization in t h a t country Is subject lo the Soviet government." Kstradc a n n o u n c e d tho Mexican legation in Moscow already had been closed and that only one secretary had been li't't to guard t h e archives. Tho foreign m i n i s t e r declined to Bay whether an ·' action was contemplated reKarclUiK ' h o passports of the- Russian m i n i s or, Dr. Alexander Makar, assuming tho latter lalls to depart v o l u n t a r i l y Dr. Makar declined to comment w h e n seen by tho United Press correspondent. In recent weeks Mexico has deported several K i o u p s of alleged f o r e i g n Communist!- and agitators and imprisoned numovoiib Mexicans on similar cluirKc-s Tho s t a t e m e n t declared tho Mexican g o v e r n m e n t had a t t e m p t e d always t o m a i n t a i n f r i e n d l y r e l a t i o n s toward the Soviet but t h a t thi: \\BK unreciprocated by Russia TVn Sn let aRontb, it asserts, "placed d i f f i c u l t i e s In tlio way oC our nationals, dKsmin.itod p o l i t i c a l pro- pimaudit amonsc our c i t i z e n s and f o r p l y i i o i s M Mexico and c o m m i t t e d I ' l i c r ,11 ts ol discourtesy and iiisDl- ·iicc. ' Special t Tlic C o u r i e r . !)A\VSO.\. Jan. 2t.--Mrs. Goarge R e a l t y of Mast 1 tborty was liostost to tho l.aflios' A u . i l i a r y of the K n y c t t e County ! r hh C a m e P r o t e c t i v e Ai- hoc.latlou on Tuc-sday ovoning at her home at Kasl f / i l m r t y . Fourtron in em- bars wore prpffnl. Mrs, H a r r y Jlich- ter. Mrs. Clrovr Allen and Mrs Ernest Realty wero now mcnnbors adde-cl to th« roll. After ImsincsH a pl-easaut social hour was h p h l Ko- freshm«nts wert sorv-od. Miss Alma Ui'rper, stenographer in Genora! Foreman S. W. Inks' office at the Dickerson liun roundhouse, has returned to hri* work after a f-ow days' visit ot the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Ma's. K. E. Sc/haiblo of Cleveland. Andrew Haas of Vouiigslown, Ohio, Is spending a fi- ,v days at tho homo of hts parents, Mr and Mrs. Otto Haaa in lyower Tyrot e town.nhip. AncH'-ew r e c e n U y u n d e r v cut an operation for appendicitis. Mrs. J. C. Mrfiill was v l h i l i n g friends In Plttsl urg on TlmrHday. Carl II. Buri'I was looking aftor soino business inatteis in Pittaburg on Thursday. The r i t t s b u r - U-ike ISrio shop track hnv-o clo.s-dl down u n t i l Fobruary 1. Just a t few 'Hinployes will bo kept to work up u n t i l that time-. Mr. and Mrs. l^r-pd 1C. "Rurdotto were Pitta burg visito s on Thursday. Mrs, II. C". "U'ilh-ehn of I)lck»rHon K u u IK visiting at 1he honm of h;r sou, Hay Johns at Cleveland. FRICK DIVISIONS WILL HOLD SAFETY RAtLY SATURDAY B a n q u e t Will Be Served a «: O'clock at fllcihodisi K p i s - (Iliurch. MOSES UNABLE TO BE HERE Everson I C a r l i e s t Form of "Pi«" The naiiiy pic p r i i l i n U l y was evolved f r o m t h e French "pjiln." m e n u l n q ln-eSid, and from "pled," meaning feet, for the e a r l y method of cooking a fowl tviK to cover it wltli a dough nud liaJse. l e a v i n g the fuel s t i c k i n g out through the crust to serve as a handle. KVKUSON, . r a n . 2-1---Uovmil services will begin at tbo.lCverhon United Brethren C h u r c ' i on February lli ami continue for several weeks. Hev. Mickey of A l t n m n . a former jjustor, will be tho ev i n g u l w t . Tom Filler, tlio Wind elngpi -of A l t o o n a , w i l l sing. The p u b l i c is i ivited to a t t e n d these serviccH. Andrew Won Ick of Gary, lud , has boeu called by t h o serious illness of his I'at'ier, Simon Worrick, ·\\ho has been a HIIR for several years. G. W. Leister of 1'iUnburK, spent 3'ueediy n i t e r m on here. Mr. an,! Mrs. K. R. Thomas ot Confluence, forme residents of this place, arc spom'ins "-oinplimc- Jipro as the supiits of th -ir Hoim, .lamed, H e n r y and Bert Tjiomis. Mrs. Flota VV'aley of C a l f o r n l a , Pa, a former reskt nt of Kverson, is tho gucfits of relatives" hre. Misfi Mary D'Toole of I M t l K b u r g s-peiif Tueslay I'ero at the hotneior her m o t h e r , Mr4. M try Ct'Tc-olo. Joflppli Mahol.ey, Jr., of N e w p o r t , J C y , is, \ i s k i n K at the- homo of his parents, Mr. and Mrs .Joseph Mahokey. Roy M a l i k lmt- a b o u t r e f i \ o r p d f i o i n ·s. 'I ho inuth a n n u a l s a f e t y laii(|ii«t of the Yotiffh and North lOnd divisions of Iho il C Krick Coko Company will ho served Saturday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the dlnltierooni of the First Methodist K pi sco pal Church lu South (.'overs will be laid for approximately tfiO persons from Lcksonring No, 1, Davidson, Trotter, I/eisonring No. !i, CalunwH, Dorothy, I Ice I A No. I, Mar- R-uurlte, Soutluvosl No. 1, S-taixlavd U n i t e d , iVhtln j }', M a m m o t h and Ilos- tctter Tho ropaat w i l l bo ecr\od by t l u - J. 0. C. C'lass ot Hie c h u r c h . Tlio gucslH w i l l be s u p r v i n t o m l c n l s , in mo for onion and other Mlleiala. H had ibeeii liupcti to havo Thoiruih It. IMosos, president of tlio II. C, K r i c k Coke Couvpauy, ami Clay IT. Jjyucl), genera\ supenut-Mu'ent, ijir-osciU,, but owing to ollwr arrar^enicnls they will not. 'bo able- to attond, acuouling to in- i'oi million received by H a r r y t;. Brown, c h a i r m a n of preparations, .fohu.F. McCrackon, supcrinUMidont of the Marsae-rUf. p l a n t , will servo in the rolo of fonet master. There will 1« niuislc by Kiferle's Orchestra and th» Youg;h Male Quartet. The speakois include' W. C. Hood, U i i l o n t o w n , general au- C. U billion, HcotUKilo, safely iH- m tor. 33. J. Murphy, Mount Pleasant, assistant saloty director. .rohn K. H t r u M c , Conuellsville, com- pa iv m i n e :n;,foc'tor. ,r. ,T. McDonaid, tJrpen.-,burg, staU- mine- inspector. S. S. Hall, Connolls\ illo, elate mine ins pector. 1. F. Hoby, Latrobo, itatc- m i n e m- Scottdale Church Sued for Salary U R K E N S B U R G , Jan. 2 1 -- J. H e n r y Porter oC Scotldale y p t t e r t l a y c n t e r t - d s u i t against t h e Mom ins .Star H a p J h t C h i n r h of S c o t U U l c to secure t h e pay- meat of $5!)2.50. llev. Perry allepos t h a t on September 27, -13H8, he entered I n t o an agnnv- nient with oflicers of the church to solve- as pastor at $100 a m o n t h and noi all the salary has been paid. She H.\d the Proof Asked In con, t 11 slio bad pi*oof of her hnsbiind''5 i ie!ins, Mrs. J. 0. Corwin replied: -'Ves, he's always play- Ing pol;er and always losing." Fevor Closer Schools. STOi'STUWN, J n n . ^1. -- Dr-velop- m e a t of a cabe of bcarlel fever yester- flai ca u.sed I h o local bfhool board to close Iho high school and g i a d e b u i l d - ing u n t i l n e x t Monday. M c a n w h i l t tho e n t i r o school building w i l l bo f u m i g a t ed. The scarlet fever p.uiont is H e t t y Metzgar, i-t ,a f r e b l i n i a n htudeut. I'atronlzo those who advertise. aiul I'onrh Stroots O W K K 1 ) m HOaiK PliOJ'Lt You Are Invited to Attend the Opening of a New Food Store in Connellsville at an old grocery corner, North Pittsburg and Peach Streets --where you can purchase your Groceries at Wholesale Prices. A few of Our Low Prices for Jersey Corn Flakes . 25e Coffee Old Reliable Lb. 38c Spinach--Del Monte Big Can 19c Octagon Powder Big Box 23e jimMimiiHMinnaiM ·imiiiiniiii«iii iniiii«iniiiiiii»»iiiiiiiii»iii»ia««»iiiMii m Baked Beans, med. cans, 3 for 27c Greesn Beans, 2 No. 2 cans ,.23c, Jelly--All flavors, glass 9c Mustard--5 oz. glass , 9c Octagon Soap, 10 Bars 56c Pan Cake Flour Pillsbury--2 packages 25c Calumet Baking Powder Pound can 29c GINGER ALE, Canadian, 3 Btls. 28c Macaroni or Spaghetti HAMS Armour's Star Mild dire, Whole Lb. 27c LARD and itg pure 3 Lbs. 38c California SMALL HAMS Lb. 18® Phone , 889 Phone 890 Specially Priced 1 Here is ti smart dross at a special pried. A buy t h a i is worth your i n t e r e s t md consideration. "Dresses Unit are ntsw and \vitli the stylus of fashion). I n d i v i d u a l i t y is a,u o u t s t a n d i n g feature of t h i s assortment. of Hilic J ' r i n l r d (ropo---with or without collars, flared skirts, a n i l neat or novel trimmings. A dross that will fit the figure a_s if Ihoy were madn to order. In a l l u r i n g colors to brighten and lighten the early spring wardrobes, ' Colors -- Independent blue, navy, red, hacienda, green, dahlia, and a variety of prints. ·o (Trout man's-- Second Floor) Our Largest Selling siery oair Trout man's mi-chased over $150,000 woi th of this hose for women last year. Ju^t this one pr .'e hose-something imag nable. It's a mode -ate price stocking, all pur silk with ;? i n r h lisle top and lisle solo, f u l l f a s h i o i, service weiglit, a n d squ irn (First Flof r) Girls' New Apparel D u r i n g the school days the d a u g h t e r gets tired of wearing a dress all the time--so we suggest to you a-- PJeatecl Plaid Skirt--with white top and black buttons Broadcloth Blouse--in plain colors with novelty trimmings. Made with four pearl button front and QQ-p, fancy collars arid cuffs OOl^ (Troutman's --.Second Floor) Crystal Jewelry A sensational jewelry sale ot" Iho y jav! Crystals in u variety of neck- 1; CCB -- stylus and colors---unusually no\s anrl smart. This sale c o n t a i n s every now jewelry f a s h i o n of npck- \ COB, Pearl norkiaocs ar« inoludfd in the as- sortnicni. Tho selection is worth your at- t e n t i o n when in Troutman's -- Saturday. Jiisl tho item to give your ensemble a tom'li o f smartness. e Regular $1 Values. (Troutinnn's--First Floor) Candy Specials For Saturday JOvpryonc wants candy for over Sunday, K ) Troutman'b have made a choice assort- Milent for you. Delicious chocolate cocoanut cream eggs, chocolate ice cream drops, and chocolate covered marshmallows. Valentine Day it is coming so make your selection early-{ A M ) I K S -- O l i i n n m o i i . Hearts .'... .20c H). Chocolate Henris 10; pa. Valentine Assl. Candies T0c lit. \ A L K X T I N K S Ic to 25c ea. Valentine novelties for tho party or ) ridge game \ o u w i l l be h a v i n g . { T r o u t m a n ' s - I-'frsl. Floor) 1 Tlit« tale s now on--one thai everj. man should take advantage of---a liiv assort tu en t of Pi re Silk Socks. A special purchase a f t e r months of effort to secure the:-:p socks Irom ( h e World's Largest Maker of men's socks. D i s c o n t i n i - M ! and irregular patterns--but every sock guaranteed for satisfactory wear. -\ .splendid variety in browns, tans, blues, grey, green and mary fancy patterns. Rep ilar 7Hc and $1.00 values. \ (Trontmtin's--First Floor) BORAH MASSING FACTS TO FIM DRY Spiintor HxpoctoJ t Lminch Attack lYhcu T n n f f Bill Is Out of Vfa. . NEW YORK WJ LL GET ITS £.HARE C *T*?t M #"* 1^ W* V* I rf"^ i n A *3k B S SP^ * rf 1 ^, RACKEFtSw.B.c.2 Lb.Box29c By I'Atllj n. MAJ. U n i t e d Preua H U f f C o r r WASHINGTON, Jan. 'i ploalva ralno of malarial prohibition onf-oroc-ment l aUcgert frauds la 1)61111? hi in, the private illes of Sonr B. florah ot Idaho, tho c dry leader who charged ' mont personnel was bad " bottom." Since ho mftdo tho chr. tho Ohrletnma colvod mimbevlBHrt chiiriie« naul uJIlduvllH fiv throughout tho country v, httvo porHonul Inl'ormiiUou foro h» !iincli (Uo otiai'Ku tained ovlilonen ooneovnii trlot tiUorncyh UnotiglKUi U'y uml now ho haw bolrit formaUoii with moi'u mate linn boon oblo l (llsftsl. While ho IKIIJ d{*t!lliiod upon any (»C It or lo rovesi ' fiiclH, H If. axpected Dor thlfi luCormatloii (ram the S u i t u l o UB tioou as the (a c o m p l e t e d , pi'oliahlv w l t l i t i I t l H i a f e n l l o n will !)» to J of iionia of lha pvoBant dry a have lii'llculed. l u l P b t 1in'«i'utalioii i t o n i i l l i o n i i at H aj-id some u t p u r a t e e \ i d e n liled regai'dniK c o i u l t l l o i i i o t h e r Milwaukee Maid A. Good One .ON B p o n d e n t . 1, -- A.n ox- concerning axities and klen away tor William netltutional iie entorqe- 'rom top tt) i-go, d u r i n g vnh ha« r»- inul (aloH, in poniOiiK 10 alalm (o Klvou bo- UotviH obi 17 dlw- tho coun- cod t h i n lu- lal than he o comment uiiy ol! hl« h will UHe (lorn 1 of the -\(i h i l l is two wbalw, 'fe removal officials, hia lucentti eu- ttulo, N V , o has lisjfR in a c v o i a l Advice to Girls By AN1YIE LAURIE! TXEAR ANNIEl L A U R I E : ··-' In It proper to attend thesa frea movl« nhown that they havo on tho streota of a small city or town? CURLY AND BLUE EYES. rf^URLY AND BLUE BYES: It ^ all deponclu whether tt Is tomaxy for the youiig ludien of your town to attend such performances and whether your parents approve of thslr daughters patronizing; them. Of course, really nici grlrl-s never congreffntc on the streets, whalovor ths attraction to be found thsro. * * · D EAR ANNIE LAURIE: I turn R g^lrl in my teona. 1 like a felloTr very much and my Iflrl friend tolls me ho aald he liked mo too. But the other day same- thing happened. This boy friend told some othor boys that ho ·wan throug-h with mo forever. I asked him what was tho matter a.nd h« told mo that aome fellow, wild I was about him and I never said a word about thin boy bwjauaa I for him too much. ThU boy that aald I talked about him has grotten my girl friend nnd me In trouble by always tolling HOB on ua and forever botlisHiifr US. Should I talk to him and explain that It la not so7 And how Should I go about UT BAB. AB: Of oourua you should explain to your frlond the true Bhitruo- tar of the boy w h o nmlces It hl» bunt noun lo maUe troublfl, Neither .j-oii nor your frloncj «hat|!d nmwxilnta w i t h him. Toll yaur fplnnd tiiul he nan previously made mlnuhlaf and meddled In tho affairs of your othar frtendii. In any cmio, your f r l o n d should slve you i a ohaneo to eje- plain before so quleikly bollavlng ths aald about you. LULU HUNT PtTt RS,M.Q,AUTWOft Or DltT AMD HtALTH'AND'OItT fOR CHILORCN* u Coji Bus] (J ', ,)au. a I - H " i i i y ' ass ( m T l i u t M l o y « » · i i u l B l i n i i t - I Iv t i H B p e n d i i j H'om t i n 1 pn e f u r c e by ' M i i v n i l . t i t i n v M . C r a u f o i i ( ' l u i n : t s i , i l l ( j R i i i B \ u i a l mi nf i h - j nu-o ol His ninv. t ' a l i l i . !iT^ i . n d t 1 i n ofH i il.j.'H),; cf I 1 c r i ' v l . i l ' f l s * j 11- i)rc.uu.bii Ui- t i l e re fiU. Answers 10 Mothers God cotdd not !« cveryuheie; tliciefoie He mad" mothers, I'rovctbs. "|\/|y tUiUKhter, v ho Is It years old, 1V1 hna been t o l l several tiuie'5 !y 1h« achool doctoi that her tonsils nbould bo remove J. Dr. I'etcra, in this neceusary? j don,'t know of a n y i l l cfffcth they have on her, for slip is seldom sick. I would ho glnd to Know what you think of t h i s tonsil business. "WORRIKD MOTH KR." If you don't I conflrienre In t h e school doctor, there !H no reason why you shouldn't ace Worried Mother. of the toiifllls Lulu Hunt 4; Peters, M. IJ a throat specialist Mere enlargromr nt and adnnotds, w i t h o u t symptoms--In- JVctloiiii, mouth bratlilngr, etc., IB not considered a r a u s ) for removal, for It fa apparently normnl for children to havo larger tonsils and adenoids tlm7i adults, Howover, If tho tonHlls tiro chronically clisoasod. even though t h o y (ipparontly causo no doolded , dlsturb-anco at tho i\mc. they ar« a Bource of danu'or, for thoy may at any ll'iie bucotno acutely Inflainntl Acutply Inflamed 'onslls may bo the forerunner of noiloun iltaturbonfc.i, especially nnutis T huuniatlflm, which la a very serious d'Boado. (They cannot be jemovel wh la thoy nro acutolj inflamed.) · » ".Daar Doctor' J would l!!;o (o k n o w the danger, If any, of weailns 1 a pooit r n a t e r n i l y I'uisct. My docloi f o r h l d a I lie usu f a coiM't of .my k i n d , or l o u m l g a i l a r u . 1 l i m e pur- cliauixl u good r o i b e t uiul It ''itecins p e r f e c t l y c r i i n f o i t n llu. b u t I f j o i l jflvo w o i n u i i \ s l n hits l«|.|) i n t h e l i a l u t nf u o u i i n j j c o i a t t - - u W d l l - f i t t l n g mal e i n l l y u i i j i p u i t . ' ' l i « m u d s i l l i l a s l l o ;(ircil«», coniDijj I n I h o w a l a t , unswor I ' ' I V W e l l . Tilt I o J s t m u l i l bo no p i u b - t i i i i e fnun u l j i i V i i , 'ni t l l i w can ( u . l t a ( l i t l ) I B ( S U , b u t U l O h l l ! ) | H i t » v l l i , l l l l u j t j i v t i i by u. [ i n i j i e i l y nlUiitf n o i u t t m uaiMlly VBI-J g r a t e ul t o t h u p r e ^ t i H n t Y t i i i i i i U i . or u o u r B f , it bhinild mil 61- u i t i t u v ureul pieBuura. Tho n l t i - f d f a h i o n u d n o F f a e t t , " wliinh jam-id down ou l!,o u t e r is=, no anulit did a grent deal ol 1 h a - m , nnd foi tun.atelv these are not used any Ion;;--!-. ( A m i I'm not w o n y m j f in Hie least about t h e i r coming- back g^am.) Hound B a i t e r s h h o u l i l not be worn, IHHMU.M' in order lo li« effective in me a (.food lea.son, I'll (lisrard i t . ··MI is. n." Most rtbaletrk-lans advise, for tho lioldiiifr tl' p slorkln«s up, they must bp t l f j h t e n o u g h fco thai (hey restrict the c i r c u l a t i o n in the Ici^a. Tho one- pifce typo of drrss utul u n d e r n k l r t n should bo worn, for t h e i r i wight in home by the rihouldeia There should bo no w e i g h t on the waist, for that moans constriction anraln. Your doctor has examined you, Mrs. U . ha.'jn't he'' P e r h a p s there Is some reason p e c u l i a r to yourself, w h y you shouldn't wear any support. If j o t i are inteicsteil, we have a list of books on pro- end p o s t - n a t n l care, and nn nrticlo on tho diet during 1 pregnancy and nursing which you can obtain by f o l l o w i n g column rules. * · * Mrs T..--Take vour 'JaiiRlitpr to an orthopedic s p e c i a l i s t . ]t. may br possible) that her p n r n l y y c r l musclen can ho mucli Improved through nmnclo tralnlni? cxerclecs that he will supervise; If theao are ineffoctlvo. perhaps ho will n r l v l H o thn t r a n s p l n n t l i i f f ot a tendon or porttorin of n tendon from ti healthy muBClo to tho para- lyyed onf'i A w p e o l a l l s f n foes vary according to the clrcum-jtancos of tho patlont. [f you u r n In financial straits, you can p i o b a b l y (fet tho Biuno HpoclnllKt'i) servlofH at Homo clinic, froo of charge. I T you w i l l Huff up vour county mi'dli'al fioclnty, t h e y wl¥r glv« you a l l t t of Huch Kurt'cons and clinics. IMlor's Noti", Dt Potora cannot II:i(fnouA nor x\\v itnmnnal advice. Y o u r ( l U O H t l o n i , If of jrrnoral InloroBt, w i l l bn B n n w f r « r t In llm column In t h u t r t u r n . H r - i i n r H t u for nrtlc!n« or p u m p l i l r l H on luun! inu.'it l)f) nccoin- p» tiled bv u f u l l v M c l f - u d i t r n g f i n d , i t l l l l l K - l l ( n \ C l O ] H ) , J l i l l M ( t l t i f ( l l l r ) \ \ | n B ' fiinnll f l u i i u a lu l i f l p c o v e i cost of p r l n l l n t f f l u ! hiindlhii! · f o i ciu'li u i t i u l u \ \ t t n t i - i l , 1! ('mils In i 0111; f o r u u i - h | ) u i i i | l i l i i , I n n e l i l « I n r u n . 't'lin | i u i i i | i h l i ( i i rtui A'rdiic.'n// nnil int»l»i, Iliiiilr'nii n/ \\ttinnii, IL M i i t it «»(( liltnl,lei tlit,J'n A ' l ' l i t c w !r I ' l t i u , ill ( , i i e id t h i n |,n| , . W n ' o U ' i O b i . V , d l l c l I ] , i t f \ t i l t J I J t ) s\ r 1^, Patronize the Home Merchant Who Advertises in The Daily Courier,

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