The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. TtUi DA1L.Y COLKIKR CONNELLSVELLE PA WEDNESDAY APRIL 10 191S. Ht-SRI P SNTDEB. Poundei and tditor M75-191*. TH*. COCKIER COMFA1» Fubllihd*. KJ. XL SKTDER. President. JAS. J DRJSCOLL, faocy and T-eaaurer Business Mana ' JOHN U GAI-S Managing Editor i WALTER S Citj Editor 1«ISS 1/1 NT.E B . , Society Editor. 5- ..-r-MEMBEH OS 1 Associates P«s». Audit Bureau of Circulation Pennsylvania Associated Dallies. Two cents per copy BOc per tnoutt R par year by man U paid in Klvance- Entered as second class matter at tb« posto3Mce t ^ Connellsvllle ^Pa. «· O«rfer'» -·W-HiJAM P SHERMAN ' Hospital Unit L. American Cr neditionftxy Forces Franc-RALPH F SUOER. Comeany H 3mii Infaatry TT S. N A. Caonp !*«. Petersburg. Va- The Associated PreM to ei closively entitled to the use for npublleaUon of all netr» die patcnea-credlted to It or not otberwiae crectlted In tnls papec and ala* tae local new» published herein. - THE PtDKPOSB PJJliHOOT. "Many of us are disposed to chafe ud grow restore -under the Increasing ·bod of annovances precipitated bj this world war In ev«T new regula- tton is something to criticize In every curcailznest an imagined jn- -*ation Taese meatless and wneat fess and heatless days hare tried us sorely Altogether the ceradiaojis S~ .got on oar nerves, says the Liberty Loan Committee, i'Tne cluef trooole about it all is that the great mass of the people doestnot understand vrhy these condi fions exist. \Ve lia*e been a pecuUa- ly favored and indulged people ever Ve have been used t*o plenty and oc tasional ltmir Always w( have been able to get whatever money would bui To find this no longer pos stole is intenselv But we must remember one thing through it ail "· The paramoun^hatlonal purpose to- 4aj is- to wtn this war ' -- r Md these sacrifices are nocessarv |D that'end. .. The responsible federal depart me,nts in "Washington have tried to impress this upon the people They have tried to explain in all i seances of curtailment just »hj they are ffiecossarj Maybe they haven t been explicit enough Maybe a closer L©aff(sn a s m Wain 8 Tnwe By Ldward AIoLt Wootlej Cop right 1018 Aifccncan Society I I 1 BARBERS Q tf One -cads a good deal m the newspapers about the scarcity of labor and we hear serious predictions con ceraing tne difficulty farmer» will iave m planting and harvesting their crops 3 et in traveling about the country--and_ in recent months I have cohered the United States from coaat to coast--r have observed, large numbers of men who seemed to have no occupation a all I believe that many thousands of men. are practically loafing I am JiXormed. In certain factory toTcns that a considerable por cent of young and able-ibodied- men are living- on the earnings of their wives ?nd" women B relatives--and in some on the-nxoney brought home others "Work has been so plentiful for women in these indus trial centers that this class of men consider .it unnecessary to do iny la DOT themselvoo, or at least they prefer to do as little as possible. I have often stood in front oC th« motion picture theaters along about 5 o'-clock in the afternoon, -watching the outcoming throngs of people and hare been amazed at the large proportion of voung men who apparent ly are in sound physical condition. The other daj I asked a nxunicipa* of ftcial m a 'arge industrial connaimitj no-w it happened that these young men were able to spend the whole aftei noon, in a picture shew when u e were read-ing con-tmually about a labor shortage The shortage would be less acute, h« answered, if something could be done to make these men work This community is full of men who are idle by preference and the money they spend at tljp picture theaters and elsewhere is earned by the to I of women who work long hours in the factories Its a homing disgrace thac this sort. of thing stKrald exist and it will be more than, a disgrace if these men are not made to work during th« summer on the farm where labor will be so much in demand Now I do not cite Jus situation with an intention of advocating the conscription of laboi at the present time I dont pretend to say uruether such a law would be feasible or not I do sa that some sort of census ought to be taken in o\erj such com munity giving a reasonably accurate idrea as to the number of men. Trho are shirting the responsibilities of this great war en sis Then having ascertained the facts even moral in fioence should be brought to bearg- if no legal steps could be taken--to make them useful in the new ·emer gency confronting us Moreover I ha-vo made it mv .ask to observe the employes in a large number of confectionary and soda stores and ha\e found that bund-eds of young and husky men are doing work that ought to he Mono at a time like tojs, bv women I ba\e often WAA PCD--WORK. B\ DAY care Courier 81' VAJI.TL.D--KITCHEN GfVL. AT nncx ARLINGTON HOTEL lOaprSt WAT* TED--GfRLS t OR FACTOR'S, work A p p l j TRI STATE CANDY CO WAITED--FIVC SIX OT SEVEN room modern house \ddnsss MRfa LJ- O C care Courier 6apr7 · ANTED--DJSH-W ASHER \.T ONCF \pplv CONEY ISLAND LUNCH Tn State phono |44 9».prU* WANTED--BO\ TO Lies n pop f a r t o i J WASH BOT VTAVTLD--MAID I-OR louseivork \ p p i y 1002 South Pi ts lure: street Supra t WA.NT11D--EL.E'VATOB BO1 MObT be 18 s e-vrs of ase Applv KOBACK ERS IDaprlt W ANTLD -- V^ kitchen glr -Apply "WT^ST PtAS TLA ROOM lOaprStd VA^TL^D--SECOND HAND TTTTE writer Call Bell 13-R or Trl State 98 "W Mount Pleasant- 23febLf WAITED--ONE STEAM HOJSJIG engine 15 to .5 H. F J . TRL1IP Grape alie Belt 571-J Saprfit WAN-TED -- CAR REPAIRMEN painters and laborers Inquire CAR FOREMAN B O Railroad SaprSt WANTL.D--YARD CL.CKX 18 "i EARS - o\cr Vpplj GENERAL T A R D MASTLRS OFFICE B S. O li R ICipHt WAVTED -- F O A D BRAi-EMDN ace IS to 36 A p p l y A H McMCKEP «rain Master Baltimore Ohio rail road, Connell«nille Pa. 4apr7t "WANTED--GIRL FOR GFNTCRAL housework good -wages Apply H L CAR! ENTKR S10 South PlUsburz st-eet, laprtfd The Phonograph Triumph WANTED OOOD GIRL I OR GFN era] ivorL in restaurant .ind conftc tioncri store ipplv O T THOM \S, South Connelkville Pi Saprtfd WAN TED--TO BL T OR LEAS C nail coal opt ration Prefer B . O One ir two c ira per tl ty p-*«e must be reasonable Write \S L Courier of lice 10apr2t w iNT 1 - D--noon STRO:SG BOY n r 1C 3 ear" " learn h a r d w a r e butri «s Yddres in ov.ii h ind writing aling aj?e IIARD'W YRF cire The Courier lOaprlt \\ VVTt D--SEVERAL MUN FOR o\erl lulling and repairing cara Good opportunity 3 h o u r b h i f ^ppl MASTER MECHANIC West Perm Riiil w a j " shop 6j.pr5L Let your ear decide what phonograph you really prefer. Hear them all--test and compare them. We feel your choice will be The Brunswick. You will marvel at its tone and how faithfully it reproduces even the mellowest tones. Tones that other phonographs lose. Then remembei this The Brunsuick plajs all records You are not limited to one make ·with the Brunswick It plays all records--all makes--equally \vell This includes tie famous Pathe Records .The -whole world of music is at out command with The Bruns-« ick Come and hear your favorite selections played on The Brunswick. There's a musical treat in store for you here. Peter WINTED---iNT K!ND OF ingr whether It in a calling card sale bill or the Ilnest engraved weddir £ invitation O- announcement. We prtn an thine--eveo thing--do it promptly and do it rtsrhL Call the man at TH3 COURIER offli-e Both phonca 27-t£ Old Reliable Piano Dealer. £. CnnMoid V^c, PA. Jieart-tD heart touch irith the people wondered what was going on m these ·' ·- · · fellows heads at, they skipper 1 around Would help Ana ma} be the people have ignored Jheir repeated explanations ** In-ony event it is up to cs all to Keep a stiff upper Itp and men every succeeding dtmand with a smile W \VrTD--A. NUMBER OF STRONG o u n ^ men to leart« telephone line Arork Good ^agei to staxt and rapid adv *ncement Apply IT person a-t OFNTRAL DTSTRICT TKLEPHOVK COMPANY S jfflce flf h floor ritle Trust building ConnellRMlle Pa Sapr cod 4* ( eka Thats our bit nght "We must stop ^rumblin^ at inconveniences thatj we really insignificant when the bis ynd at at stake is considered. For this war must be__ yon for Uncle Sam and his allies *~ That is the purpose paramount 3o dont Jorget the coming Libertv IfOOB. XEE DOG LATT. If the owners of dogs understand clearly that tie* canln-es mo.* be secured at night so as to prevent them Jpaving the premises, aad not allowed to go abroad in the day thne with- dut bearing a license tag cr unaccompanied by tae owner or a keeper they mav reot secure in the knowledge that tbeir pets will not fall victims of the dog killer If by an chance a licensed flog is apprehended without its owner or keeper it nui be im pounded by a police officer bat not killed The owner may c'aim the animal and pay the costs of (te..ention ifitJnn 10 days otherwise Che officer iiay 3.eU~.the .dog- or JuU. at and the, owffer will ^e~wttno"uTTecour J e under {Be Taw'"" "~ Lnlicensed dogs found ru-ming at _ to be Dialled by police of- constabibs In fact this is a duty the law enjoins upon hese of- ficex» wich a penaltj for failure to per form it Under the interpreuation ot the law a cinlian does not ba\e the lawful nght to a dog. cither licensed of unlicensed, exceft when ittackiB*g"peraons-_ Hence if fie mangiest unlicensed cur in" your neighborhood teara-up-your carefulU prepar- edrtetfeace or oatou 'bed- you- cannot k4J jt_unlesg jou happen u be a policeman or a high constable If the brute which commits a oe^redatlon dl this sort-dears a license t. z ana is accompanied by i s owner o Keeper you cannot do anything to i even if you are an ofScer much as"3ou may be tempted to do something to 3xUF the dog and Us owner In st-ch cases re ief lies onlj m iction for damages aga nst the owner of the dog The m em of the la^v is o pre^eii. the promifaLioub running at large of dogs that art licensed and f authoi- ize ana req in. the killing ol all lhaL art a IK n t i It : i"icfo*'e becomes tLe d \ o t {. g o\«t.i*s to kep their dog-,b wiciua t « e limit*, of tnur prem- ies, or LLh r A i ^ e under restraint Jr'oi ualit o n»ed doge, no provision is made other than that k IB the dutv of police omcers and cons able^ to ki'l them w h e n found Itoi owne 1 ^ com L Img Vnh Lhe law jj=*t as tho^e ·ftho comply with other Jaws will not be ntolested but their regarl for the nghLs of tlieir neighbors aught to compel -hem t aee that tLeir dogs moUst no one in white aprons making milk snakes and serving chocolate frappcs "^liat we need in this country especially is --ealization of the fact that we are at war and that every roan ought to be ^pending at least part of his time in tne cause As I look at i* tb s problem of get ting men where they can do the most service, is partlj a matter of local community patriotism A great deal can be done to wake men up bj the local press churches public gather in-ga and societies and bj the creation, of that subtle th ng known as com mauutv spirit. The class of men I have been talking about ought to be shamed into doing things more worth while They ought to be drag ged into the limelight. THE PERIL. Once mo~e w«* face the dandelions, and forty rlnc imias" oncd Brj ars ttnowinsr as behold the r a i k weeds ffrowtagr Once more ^ ith kr ves and spadeb and difcg-ers we, buckle d o w n among the cbig-j,en uprooting weeds that keep on th-ivins Ih U simply will not quit surviving Oh there are other dcadh battles than those wli ch w ix ·whcrer- cajinon rattles ^.nd there arc ones T. lo"t more yellow than an\ dad blamed Teuton fellow Through. TV in trv moaths 1 ha\e been 5(,-xrnfn{:r to see the good old spring return ng T prayed for April \\_i*h an ardor that madft the Marqh wiaid howl tne harder with soulful sitjliin s-dandelion*, Jlngs I was hinkmg o/ the roses ivhich clid.rm our winter wcarj noses and *of the buttercup 1 * and lilies whhil shoo aw-\y the dumps and w llief The dandelions £ci forgotten and now thev ire a nuisance -otten Fach da my frau etves, rno- a. v. I^lni^ oecame T "hate the endless dieting 1 Go do \ o u r b t. she sayfe upUfty and make the place look neat and t h r i f t } ouV neiprhbors thore the stately Fyins ha,%e cleared their lawn of dandelions Vrd so with disrer I ^m ·^e^idinc' to sta-t the war that knows no end IR .1 filled the air but I forgot th JVutirc JCSTICFS or ^HS p c \ ( r ARC nereb not ficd that thci ire permitted to send iiatlenLs to the C o u r t j Home ?n! after an in\estii?uii( n b\ one of tl L members of th« Board of i^i'-ectoib ot the Poor aad House of Pm.t loyment Bj O def o* the Bo^ra F L- DAM SON President ^ H RAN KIN Sec rt-tar 20apr3-t of the cttj Votice OF JA.MDS M REID LATC ConnellsirUle i_ount of O unbar Funutce Blo^n. Furnace No 2 of the Vmerican Manganese Manufacturing company at Dunbar has been blown on' toi repairs Fayette c.nd '·tate of Penn-=l-\j.nia de ceased Letters Tebtamer tarj on the ibove n-\mwl e«t*i,e h a v i n g been granted to the u-dersigned notice i 1 * hereby given to a I persons 1r deb ted to ta!d estate 4x jnike immediate payment anS~tb tho^e harrlng claims at,a.lnbt the same to present them properl% au henttcated for settlement \ IN^ILi II- G M VX" Attorney 6ma St wed \\ \\TtD--MUsf- FOREMAN TO tak contract for clrtvinff heatllnpr^ n.t 1 ottom of ne \ ihaft jus sunl b in for tl e I incoln Gaa Coal Co near W i«hlnp on Pi. Machinery and pow t r furnit-hefl BIc new plant- ^ ork fwry oi ST le-ndtd opportunity n«.* company hou-e° R e p s by maJ! w i t h lefrences \ppointmont midc for in tervie-« THE R G TOHNSON CO J104 House Bufldmg PI tiburg Fx FLRVISHED r o o m f f o r men US South Slitt H t r c f t "West -side 9-ipr't- FOR Ri.NT-- THKCE FURNISHFD rooms for llprht house ccpin^ "36 fcis 1 \pple street 10apr3t FOR PL-NT--FRONT OFFICES ON jecond floor of Durn S, Evans build ine InQuira of HARRY DUNN Sjan tfd FOP HL.NT--SI3VTV ROOM HOI SE on Cedar a^en^ie with bath nicr cle tn house i"-) 00 a month Ten room brick house South ConrelNvillc 518 00 a month pood condition t our rooms and bath on Church Place )14 00 raon h JOS A MASON Second Na tlonal Bank Ilnlldinp 9npr t F-or Snle I-On S\I^I -- F L R N E T b R E MR \ S PJ OBST 13 Sost F a n ic A J O a p r f t I - O R S V L , ! - -- S C 'WHITB. L F G H O H \ ncubitor chicks G "W \]b.VV COHFU R D 1 .» ConnUls\tl!e Pa, 9j.p It I* OR SA3 F -- f RtSH CC W \ N D calf THOMVS' BOiL.k nea- M c C J I n tock s op Lenicnrlne' road J a n r - t * r OR SALL-- T3T tV \GON 1 R V S K . DePALL 124 T h i r d street Vr cst Side 4 iprbt* TENANTS, ATTENTION ASK Your landlord if HeTias inquired about our special house-wiring offer. YOUR Family wants the cheapest, safest and most convenient form of illumination. LANDLORD Realizes he would not build a house today that did not provide for electric service. TO Be up to date you should have electric service. WIRE Your landlord if he lives out of town. Phone him if he lives in town. YOUR Home will be much brighter if provision for electric service is made. HOME Is where you spend over half of your time. Why not make it convenient and bright? The Third Libertj Loan Campaign 's now open Ihe allotruent for Fa\ ette,Couim is ap- proumateh $3700000 On 4.piu 12th Lieutenant Pengord of Prance ·«!]! speak a,, the West End Theati-e He is loaned bj the Trench Go%eru- inent to the Liberty Loan XomniiUce he has been decorated six tiLK,-, for bra-\ery in action, and has been wounded four times He has seei much active ser\ice On the ISth there w i l l be a public meeting likelj 01 the Court House lawn Sousas wonderful band of New \ork w i l l be in attendance James Francis Burke of Pittsburgh will be among the speakerb E\ery man woman and chi'd in Favette County should buy a Liberty Bond We believe Lhe Fa\ette County subscriptions will run over fhe iiiUiou dol'ars The L lion Supplv Company aie oftering during thjs en± re week seme % e i j daintj stvles in women s and misses shirt wai=tb and skirts The variety is large the su les aie \ e i \ unique and the prices Reasonable It is the second spnng shipment and the-v ara the choicest stjles w e will have during this season In othei departments such as hosieiv underwear gloves and neckwear we are receiving new stjles dailj The stocks are at their oest--no\ is the right time foi spnng shopping 83 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties fousins Shoes f mac/e iTtftetuySrkj ror women i ^^*m ^ FOR SAT ], -- 40 H P OAKL W D 5 00 3S I-dSt C r a w f o r d u \ t n u c f OR SAL.I --GOOD H \ L L P U A I P OR comprtssor cheup A TAILOR . CO No -11 Soutl Broadw iv fecottdalc Pa 10upr5 · FOR SAI E -- SOOTH COWELLS villa lots Convenient, cheap eaaj terms Inquire at 1KB COURIER OF r f C E t O P SUjI---ONE LARGE DOLB-^L Hat Lop das) light oak n excUlent condltio J h e first $100 offer will tale it Iiiuiro DLCO LI. MB I-R 29ma.rtfd i FOP 'SVL.1, -- 1D1~ T O L R I N G C \ R olectnc l i i , h t t.nd starter Good tires, firM i,iiss contl t i o n n e \ f r j p irticu lar Pi ce 5400 See SCHMITZ West Side Garage lOa-pr* 5 I-OR S\LF--BEAUTirbL B\Y horse S years old weighs 1 I3a pou ids Fine dn\ ei good all pu 1 " pofac horse Harne'jfa and Mi'Henhurff butsry See A. S \V VLTPR Scott Idle PJ. 4aT 3t eod wed FOH S M F- -- O N I H \.L,F INTFRI^ST in tlie ReJ Sti.r Pos Cird studio N-o _1S N o r t h Pi t s b u i s street Other b u t ino^s r e q u i r i n g m a. t e n t l o n If m te-estcd see ^ H HQV, VRD Alder man 9apr6t Don I u ut until vo i sec w h a t it c'oes For others Do something for ourself All the evidence of pi oof j o u \\ant fioni bcottdale poopie Our Bald Head Hair Grower "SVB hl\e he neive to aay ^ hit we do because ^e ha^e Uie gooda that speaks foi itself W. H. FORST, ScolftdaSe's Druggist Classified Ads. One Cent a Word FOP SVL1,--ONI, TEAM BLACK cob horses Weight 1 000 pounds each goo 1 w o r k e r ^ P Ice $100 for team. One brown hor^e w e i g h t 1100 pounds^ Cond all round horbe price S50 ST-VR TLNCTION LIV TR-l ST VBLF Star Junction lOaprSt 3 OR S \j_id--A TR\CT OF Tlfi£Br"R and coil 3a? d situate m "Wha-rton tow nship I^ajette countj Pennsj 1 vania. The co 1 Is the Pi^eport vein Inquire f f the undersigneil as to terms price etc. CHA.RLBS C MIT CHL,LLi Adini"i8trator Annie Adams Fstite Com ells-ville Pa 6 iprGt AT ONCE TWO LINO1YPE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE IIM1 TOLR LOTS 1RO\TI\G 0\ FIRST STREET SOUTH CON NELLSVILLE NEAR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING THESE LOTfa WILL BE SOLD REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE JIBS -VL\EY R PHILLTS DbBOIE PA A d v e r t i s e for it in i fPatrom2e Those Who Advertise YOUGH TRUST COMPANY Anything, Have An^ts-'ing for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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