The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, J A N U A R Y 24, 1330. THJfi DAILiY CO DRIER, CONNELLY VILLE, PA, PAGE NINE. AVOID FREEZING WITHjHJLUTIONS Undiluted Kerosene Used on Cars and Trucks. As a sharp freeze may seriously damage the auto or (rnctor engine, !t Is lilgh ttrne that evory operator be giving attention to p u t t i n g tn some antifreeze that will prevent such damage. Undiluted kerosene Is being used more for antt-freexc In automobiles ami trucks, and seems to give satisfactory results. Kerosene does not transmit heat so rapidly as water, and (here might he some danger of over, heating -where the cur must stand heavy continuous service. Kerosene Antl.Freeze. A car with kerosene antl-freeze should- be watched carefully it It has to pull for a considerable time tn mud or snow, especially tn low gear, There la some smell, but very l i t t l e ihore than with alcohol. There may he sorao danger from fire !«· the case of bad overheating, Itut little or none from the vapor given off. Kerosene Is hard on the rmllator connections, lut thoy ought to be replaced every I'ther year anyway. Honey hrm been used by a good many motorists as an antl-freeze- w i t h dtilte satisfactory results. A m i x t u r e of half water and half horn;y Is brought to a boil for several m i n u t e s f i n d skimmed before being put I n t o the cooling system. This will stand i temperature of 20 below zero ,before freezing and then makes n slushy Ice which does not seem to do any diim- ego. Only water needs to be added to the honey solution. Alcohol Best. Denatured alcohol Is the most common substance to use as It does not h a v e any destructive action on the ·metal or rubber 'hose, nor will It fon-a *ny deposits of foreign matter to choke up radlntoV passages. It tins tho disadvantage t h a t Its boiling point IV lower than water. A 80 per cent solution of alcohol protects to aero. 40 per cent to 20 below, and 50 per cent to 32 below. Reckless. Drivers Must Pay for Violating Laws An Increase In Insurance premiums Is to be levied ai;nln»t auto owners and operators In New York stare who commit serious violations of truffle laws. The traffic violations for which an operator or owner of an automobile must nhow financial responsibility for future accidents are reckless cfdving, where Injury to person or property results therefrom; speeding, T. here injury to person or property results; driving without an operator's H:enso; driving while Intoxicated, and leaving the scene of un accident wlth- cut stopping. Give Transmission Gear Attention It Requires The transmission get^r demands at- !"ntlon as rhuch un thtf Engine, but It i iroly gets It. Evury BOO niiles or so i ii' engine Is given fresh oil, but the t-'iinsmlsslon remains under the floor, fnr;:ot ton. Fine. mctiU particles, which n r c bound to wenr off from, the transmission and axle, gradually change the uroase Into a grinding compound. M u c h longer l i f e from the bearings and Kenrs may be had If the old oil f i n d jrn-ase am removed, the cfiso · \vnfihori out w i t h kerosene, and new, clean grease put in. 'QUIZ ( H o w Many Ciui You A n s w e r ? ) f. How many tioiid of live stock did trucks haul tn I'JiJS? Ans. Data from IT nmrketa show 10 t h a t t!.0(X).000 head were hi.uled. The nvornge haul was 50 miles. Q. Mow many persons are there per motor vehlclo In the United Slates? , Ans, Fot:r and nine-tenths. In China there are 17,000 persons to the motor vehicle. · Q. In w h a t country is the price of giiHolino probably the highest? Ans. Uoilvla has an average cost oi' around flf cents a gallon. United States is lowest w i t h about 18.3 cents a gallon. Q. Mo(v many carloads of automotive freight were tinuled In 1023? Ans. It is e s t i m a t e d that there were 3.000,000 carloads. Good Performance Will Depend on Spark Plugs Spark plug imisv hi- In sjood o.ondl- ton and the f'livtrodc-s must be ad- J n x i o d correctly for not only satisfac- t o r y a l l a r o u n d p e r f o r m a n c e but espe- c i a l l y to relieve strain mi HIP tmttery ami f a c i l i t a t e ons.v H i u r t l n j : , w h i c h Is Sr. I m p o r t a n t d u r i n g the w i n t e r season. A mirprisltiRly Ifirge percentage of pnor performance may be traced and often e l i m i n a t e d by an examination o!' the p a r k pliign. H a r d s t a r t i n g ; mlpslng at low I d l i n g speeds; sluc.clsh HI'.ss and power losa on h i l l s and h a r d .pulls iiro o f t e n traceable to the spark I plug*. This is why car n m n u f i i c t u r e r s recommend t h n t spark plugs he re nnwed every l().0« miles, and Inspected at least t w i c e a year. AUTOMOBILE HINTS *"- tK'A^'jX^^xj'ot-wi-w^i^^^^^'^S^^S^®® K i m I I I I S H sbouHl bo l i g h t e n e d u U t - tltf M l il l l t l l l V * * * Don't i i i t c i t i p l t o t u r n n u t o f r u t s w h i t e c n d e r speed. T h i ' r u r i n i n t : e l e i i r i ' t l w i t b gM f (lit* car r u n be \Vhet! n !..'» n) j m i ' . n d r n a i l a l o r i n f o t f n M l - t o n l n i ' i i i i K ' i h 1 n l tint crossing t l - f i t I s n ' l w h i n on c u l l p u r i f y . 'i * lU'ivntl.v ;i d r i v u r "stopped, looked and listene,!.'" Siiv t h e t r a i n r o m l n j j a n d t h t i m j h i ·' h:i(! t l m « t o s t a r t and i-i · ·;.·). l i e ! ! · : ! : ' ( · :i 'ful JJIIOSR. A f w a y s u ' M , - - t l ' f : i p i ' i · " ' I ' M K r r c i h i t h e benefit oi tli? d o u l ' i . TOWERING HIGH arerha giant leparalorj' ihown above. Thoy lilorally " out" the pure, crystal now-processed "Standard" Gasoline from fhe especially salected heavy oil}--and assure 1.1 uniform measure of smoother powor. NOT YET OBSOLETE but Iho Hugo stills on the right vere quickly removed lo mak» rponi for the no v process cracking colic shown above. oday every motorist who drives up to a "Standard" pump gets a new-processed motor fuel.. . .- quicker starting and pickup .'. .many other extra refinements . . . at O ADVANCE I T is truly a superbly-balanced fuefl Conceived! by the foremosf experts in the petroleum industry. Made possible by a special new cracking process, AND SOLD EVERYWHERE TODAY AT NO ADVANCE IN PRICE. We believe it to be the best popular-priced gasoline on the market. ,. Here are its five major specifications: quicker starting; quicker pickup; less knocking; maximum mileage; smoother power. This is a really all 'round fuel that warrants everything we have said about it"-and everything that thousands of delighted motorists have found in it. We urge you to test its performance as compared to any other popular priced or "non-premium" gasoline now on the market--in any car--in any way you wish. Drive up to the nearest "Standard" pump. Fill your tank full, being careful that there is little or no admixture of ordinary or inferior gasolinos--to""cut"your new power, Then make your own road test. Anywhere. Any roads. Any hiifs. Cold weather or not. City or country driving. It makes no difference. Your car performance will immediately reveal the superiority of the new-processed high-test"Standard"Gasoline, On sale everywhere. At no advance in price. Performance-plus in every single drop. Night '.inct day those "crocking coils'" iurn cHjf endleus tank cars of new. procesiod "Standard" Gasoline tofill ·he ever-growing demand. Hers is .where the heavier oils are removed. G A S GAS GENERATED FROM WOOD RUNS TRUCK Motor Lubrication Is of Great Importer ce Motor luhrlcatton, Important at all f l m e w , Is doubly no d u r i n g wi rm weather when longer trips at htg ter speeds are mndo. nccordlnj; lo 0. W. ''McKlnlpy, reseurch Bngliujdr, x-lio ways: "Oil F m l f n h l e for Hiimtn^r drlriag; however, may riot be suitable' Cor v Inter (Srh'Ing. when n tighter oil nho ild be used In most cases. Consult ch irt nt y o u r survlce station and change oil An a r m y motor t r m !. l i n i n g I'm power the (times generated from a s a c k f u l of broken t e n l poles, pulled n loud of more t h a n thirty-eight tons. A n iijjin.v d r i v e r d u m p e d n suck i t b r o k e n tent polos I n t o t h o (op of the I n v e n t i o n and a torch \vas t h e n l o u c l u d fr Hie hot torn of tho machine. The d r i v e r of t h e rim eh itm for thrisa minutes, u n t i l the. ix wood \verp. forced i n t o a serirm of co the tniek. T h r u (lit- d r i v e r cnmki'd I be engine ns If It were a uasn lino m o t o r n n d the piiKi 1 ''? r o a r e d i t s response. The present eost of one of Ihii m n e l i u i e f i is $-1(1!). The t r u c k in sh urn loaded w i t h sacks of outs, w h i l e Hie new g e n e r a t o r (mil be .een ur.der l l i e truck. n i!mutI crank m t h e KK f r i n n t h e b u r Come to I he Courier "Another Important factor In mi Int n l n l t i R proper l u b r i c a t i o n !g a t t e n t i o n to tho oil (liter. Thla device fl!i ?rs tho oil niul Iteepo It clean. Rut a: tfir K).(KM) niileu the fltterlns u n i t becoi iea filled w l l h dirt tnU«n from tho oil i nd needs',to be RBrTleed. "liy luivlng tho oil filter soi'vlccrj at ·Ki.O(K) inlk-K, by using the proper gr :de oil, arid by f o l l o w i n g the car munuuie- lurer'B rorominendiitlon ns 10 chant "8 oil tho m o t o r i s t fi: nnsured of trou ! lo- free o p e r a t i o n wi' far an I ho a l l - l n i i ort a n t iiuitlor of Inbrli'iiMon la n- corned." Cne Alcohol Uoeful as Substitute for Gasoli%3 l i b I I I ! I l l - ·itH he id i n - THE MOTOR QUIZ (How M n n y Can You AiflnwerT) Q. Whore wns the Unit paved highway tn the United States located nm) when mis it I n f d ? Ans. Betwaen Now S'orit and Boston. It vena ninde of cobblestone and won laid in 1050. Q. Hcnv ninny stntcfl In {he Union hava n four-cent or mere per gallon gasoline lux nnd how does this cotn- pare with 1028? Ana. Twenty-nine. Tn 1028 U7 states had tnsea of three cents or teas while only 18 charged na much 1 as four conld. Q. How docs the atitomoblle induH- ' try r n n k among m n m i f u c t u r l n R In- dnstrlos In the United States? Arm. The ftutomoblle I n d u a t r y outranks n i l other manufacturing In- chmtrloB In the United States, Q. What f u dora contribute to high gnaollno consumption? Ans. 1-- rtdcli.K tho engino while willllng for th« itrecn light. 2 -- Allowing l h « motor to run vrlien stopping to "'.ilsll." fl -- Driving Hi escosslvft 4 -- n r n R R l n d hrakra. fi -- Improper itd.hi.itment buretoc. 'C-- -Spark plugs (n hod condition. SEDAN CAR CAN BE TURNED INTO BOUDOIR PATHOS'ZB HOUIE M v l l t t ' l U M ' S W H O ADVEIJT1SE IN THE CUUKlliJa, ' C n n d n l c i u h n l h a s been i i y i - i l v sonKI H I I C C H K S I n M r r i K l l us n j u i b s f l l T o r R i i H o l t i i e , l l i e y r t c e of \ \ b l c l t fre.'iKerl 'JO per t - p i i l last y i ' f i r . Ti b t i v e s l u i w n I h i i l I b t ; i i l f i ' l m l I s I'hi'ilper f u e l i s t prC'Hdil prlros:. ! i i : l n i l i l " i i ( i b j e i - l l i ' i t . H lo I l s u«i! l i r e ;; J M l l I ; ; u f v u l v e s m i l l !yl l l t l l i ' i ' K . "k!ii lUjf," n i i i n l : e . \ l s i e n s l l y itail I ho I. I K I I | I | I I p u l n i . M i u - h I n i ' e i - f s j t ItoiMi tihmm b i i e l y I n mi a!i:ohol n · t i i r n w h h ' h I ' l i i i i l i u i l c s t h c M 1 [· ·"f. » K l l c h t u i l i l l U o u t t l i:o«t. uu" u n l of car- , The (own nf Montellm'iiry f r n n o o , n v H r n g P s 200 n r r o s l M of apecders a rtn.v, . f ' n e rensoii for t h i s Is Hint t h e If.snl speed Is i)«vpn mill's an h o u r ; i i i d , sfiO(indl-.v. tliff I n w l» p n - fftrt od. * » * T h P n i n v o i i i c i r t l« ^ a i n l i i R A'rouud l o l u i v o t h e mirriR of vtry r o m n n i n i l y p a l i i K M l on somo c o i i s p l w i n u w roof. This w i l l he " gwal. l i o l p lo llu' ino- lorltil struck: b,v a f n s l f r p f g l i t H i t h « U r i t i s h motorists are In rigued b.v i b i s r n n i l i i n i u l m i motor cftr nnd bou- ilolr which la u f e a t u r e of i l i o n n n t i n j M m o r show 111 o i y m p l n , London'a mMinmoth exliibituui h a l l . T i l l s (ivf?-se:iier is r|isli;ned t n m a k e Its owner an couifoi-tiible b.v iil(fh( as hy - I n y m h i s i r l p H i r . n i y h the K n ^ l i s b countryside. The folding bed may be a r r a n g e d in u few second*.

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