The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1033. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE THREE. NEWS OF THE COURTS UNIONTOWN, Jan 6 -- Far exceeding the 1037 record, 651 persons were n iturahzed during the year just closed it was revealed m records compiled by Clerk Joseph Matusch ik in the office of the Prothon- growing out o£ a pnteinity else in which he w it. flist convicted Jnd, then, in a second trial acquitted by i juryjv,hn.h heird his bloiy Because of f ulurc to excicibc their franchise within the last tuo-jO.u otary John Biady Total of 353 per- period, 120 person;, in Umontowr ions received then fust papers f o l - j t h i i r t wird, classified m Hie indexes lowing application foi citizenship between A ,ind L, h i \ e been ic- During 1937, 457 men and women I moved fiom the city'b voting list ,md received their naturalisation papers must be re-registered before thej cc-i ballot in the 3B39 elections, The names were stricken off by clerk^ folloumg a check in the icgis- tration bureau of the coutthousc basement whore, before the work is completed, Hrgc numbers are ex- --194 less than during 1938 The number of tax hens filed equalled one-half the rccoid numbei of 2,197 filed in 1937, the report showed During 1938, 1,024 tax liens wore filed with the prothomtary. An important factor in the decrease is the fact the county filed no tax liens during the year just closed Annual icport compiled by Pro- thonotary John Brady reveals that 100 divorces were granted during the last year by the court of common pleas on request of 31 husbinds and 69 wives Four divorce petitions were denied --all bised on charges of husbands and refused on basis of insufficient grounds for legally severing the tics that bind them to their spouses Two men and one woman had a change of heart after filing petitions and discontinued their divorce actions Total ot 139 divorce petitions--51 by men and 88 by vv Ives--were filed during the 12 months ending with Decembei 31 » Total of 9' actions still are pending before the court. Charging desertion, Freda Thompson, Point Marion, filed suit for divorce Thuisday f r o m Carl H Thompson, West Peter street. Uniontown The couple were wed in September, 1923, in Washington, Pa , the husband, it wns set forth deserting his wife and child on June 15, 5928, while they were living in Beaver Falls, The wife charges he sent hei and their child to her home on account of not having sufficient necessities for them He then disappeared, she pectcd to be on the ' black" libt and ineligible to vote under the permanent registration laws unless rc- applicition is made Of the 120 ahcudy removed in the third ward, 52 were Democrats, 60 were Republicans and two were affiliated with other parties says and has never home for them since established a Several liquor violators were sentenced when arraigned on charges preferred by State enforcement agents Julia Holovvich Masontown, prosecuted by Agent D J. Vota, vas directed to pay costs and forfeit 100 to the Commonwealth lor use of the county. In case of failure to pay, Judge H. S. Dumbauld stipulated, the defendant would be incarcerated for three months in county jail The woman was arrested Septem- bei 16 when officer"! confiscated an automobile m which they claim she was transporting seven and one-half gallons of moonshine Tcresi Caravaggio, Republic, v.ho was arrested on June 11 on charges ot transporting and possessing illegal liquor, was sentenced to pay costs at the rate of $5 per month and a fine of S200 on the basis of $10 per month An automobile, in which she allegedly was transporting flve gal- gons of moonshine, was confiscated This was the dcfcndart's second offense, having been arrested on January 8, 1936, for violating the State liquor control laws Appeal to the State Superior Court has been mode by defense attorney in the civil action instituted by James P Shaw against Alex Rendina as the result of an automobile accident. Last April 3, a jury, in the county courts, after hearing the evidence, awarded the plaintiff damages in the amount of 41,000. It is from this verdict the appeal has been taken by the defense. Found guilty at December court term of a charge of larceny from the person, Albert Nabors was sentenced lo scrv e one to two years in Western Penitentiary. The case was the outgrowth of a theft in Church street when the defendant, according to testimony, victimized Martin Roddy The jury recommended extreme mercy of the court in returning its verdict to Judge H S Dumbauld Convicted on a paternity charge, Steve Marimch, Grays Landing, was sentenced Tuesday 'to pay costs, lying-in expenses and the sum of $2 per week until the child is 16 yejrs of age. Bond of $500, to be approved b/ the clerk of courts, was asked by the court, Delbcrt Yaugcr, Masontown, was sentenced to pay costs of $67 91 S.x-boy ranging in ages from 13 to 17 jears will be arraigned in couil, probablj next week, to answer for .1 series of 32 breaking and entering chirges accumulating over the last 12-month period, it was revelled by District Attorney James A Reilly Depiedations of the youths consisted mainly in ptovmg their ability at entering residences and business places with little of value removed from the premises At one pop factory, bottles were taken and sold at one-half cent each to another concern In a garage, 25 pounds ot candy were removed while a tn- eycle was stolen from another building Dan Cupid failed to score during 1938 in Fayette county when mai- nage license records m the office of Register of Wills Biuce F Sterling fuled to equal the total number issued in the years. 1937, 1935 and 1934 During the 12 months just closed, 1,150 couples applied for and ic- ceived legal permit to wed In 1937, total of 1,301 licenses were issued, 1,240 in 1935 and 1,414 m 1834 , However, 1938 topped the total m 1936 when only 1,OC5 licenses were issued in, this county Total of 210 wills were filed during 1938 in the office ot Register Bruce F. Sterling, according to totals re- lea^ed yesterday by attaches Will of Hnrnet Ann Litman, Un- lontown, who died July 17, 1937, \vas probited yesterday with Register Sterling on application ol Samuel Lilman, Jr , this city Real estate is estimated at $1,500, including a house and lot in Madison avenue Ha-ncl Richter, Normalville R D ), probilcd the will of her husb-md, Allen Richter, Saltlick township, who died December 16. Personal estate amounts to $350 and reil estate, $1,200 The latter includes ·» farm of about 28 acres, house and bnrn and about 45 acres of vacant land G Earl Podva, Republic, applied for letters of administration on the $425 estate of Henry Koval, Luzerne township, who died December 13 No survivors were listed. Names of 2,000 citizens, from which will be, drawn.- jurors- -for service at 1939 court sessions, were inserted in the county jury wheel by Jury Commissioner'; Alex Gabler and Mrs John Brownfield and Judge W Russell Carr. Charged with contributing to the delinquency of a mmoi and assault and battery with intent to ravish, Howard Rizer, Mt Sterling, and James McDonough, Adah, both rmr- ned, were sentenced in the ueird marital mix-up which was aired at the December criminal sessions. Both men were acquitted ot a first tount of indecent assault but uere convicted on the two remaining rounts Ru- cr, on the third charge, was directed to pay costs and scrv e siv months in county jail, the term to be computed from October 1 when he v as first incarcerated McDonough, on the second account, was given the costs and one year to county jail with a similar sentence imposed on the third count, the latter to run concurrently with the one year on the other charge The two men were tried on charges growing out of nn Investigation of their conduct with Mabel Hillen in whose home McDonough spent each week-end o£ the last year Hirer and his family live in rooms on the second floor of the Hillen home Sentence was deferred in the case of William Hardin, Hopvvood, convicted in Deccmbei of assault nnd battery, pending disposition of a larceny charge at the March criminal sessions Judge W Russell Carr authorized release of the defendant un- der $500 bond with approval of Assistant Distuct Attorney Arthur A Blown ' I h i v e talked with jour wife the couit s ud to H irdm She seems to think you may be able to stop drinking--but no one else docs " Your honor," returned the defendant, "I have made up my mind to go straight fiom now on--thnt .ncludcs drinking tunning around nnd all thit' I'ardm Mill ficc the couit agim m M u c h when disposition will be mide of both cases now standing igamst him Pleading suilty to making a misstatement of fictb in his application for a learners permit and dnvei s license Wayne HOOK, Markleysburg, prosecuted by Trooper H E R ir g, was sentenced to pay costs and forfeit $21 90 to the county. The coui t stipulated the sum of $15 was to be paid forthwith and the balance within two months, the first payment on the b ilanee to be made February J Charged by Enforcmcent Agent D J Vota with two counts of possession of illegal liquor nnd one chaige of transpoi tation, Tony Constantino, alias Tony Whiskey, Brownsville, was sentenced by Judge II S Dum- bnuld to pay the costs and forfeit $100 to the county 01 serve one month in county jail on the first count Sentence was suspended on the other two charges Connie Picsscy, Agnes Voyachcck nnd Pauline Smith, Shady Grove Park, charged by Enforcement Agent Harry Neal Allen with selling beer without a license was directed by Judge W Russell Carr to my costs and a fine of $100 Mrs Pressoy, it was said misunderstood and accepted as a license the official letter froin Harnsburg icknow lodging receipt of her application and the necessiry amount for a license In an oidei handed down by President Judge Harry A Cottom, appointment was made of Attorney Linn V Phillips to the bar examining boird for a period ot three ye irs Attorney Phillips succeeds the late Attorney Charles W Rush, whose term hid expired In another order, Judge Cottom appointed Attorney Samuel J Feigus to succeed himself for another thicc jears on the public law library committee The Tppoint- ment expires January 1, 1942 On petition of Fraternal Beneficial Association, Leckrone, a rule was issued by Judges Harry A Cottom, H S Dumb-xuld and W Russell Carr on Joseph and Betty Spirko German township, to show cause why they should not remove n fence or other obstruction from a right of way on tracts now in their possess on In the order, the bill of complaint, with injunction bond and affidavit, WTS approved by the eoutt and directed filed The touit then issued the rule on the defendants to show cause, ii they have any, why the fence, gate or obstruction erected by them over 1 the right of v,ay in German township I should not be removed forthwith and I why the right of way should not be j kept open for the free ingress, egress and regress of the association, its members and others using it The rule was made returnable IS days after service is accepted by Attorney J. Russell Smiley, counsel for the defendants The Spirkos own the land adjacent that ot the, plaintiffs The members of the associ ition, in their petition, aver the right of way has existed on and over the tracts in question since September 28, 1917, that the defendants knew thit i right of way existed over the tracts for n long period before the title to the land was conveyed to them, that the defendants had knowledge of the right of way fro-n having lived m the community and knew tint it was used by members ot the association and others Credit of $497 69 was allowed John Hackney, former Luzerne township tax collector, as commissions for taxes levied and assessed during his term of office and subsequently paic to the county treasurer, It was revealed in a resolution adopted on motion of Commissioner John W Rankm and seconded by Commissioner Arthur Uigmbotham The resolution sets forth "Whereas judgment has been entered against John Hackney and his bondsmen for taxes unaccounted for while he \vis collector m Luzerne township, and "Wheicas it appears from the rcc- ord that commissions are due to John Hackrcy for taxes collected while h was in offiec "It is resolved that John Hichney bo given a credit of $49769 on any SANITARY «*EAT MARKET Across From Paramount Theatre We Sell For Cash and Sell For Less! Beef Steaks, 5 Ibs. *1. nnd Tender Fresh Pork Collies For 14V 2 c !b. PORK CHOPS 5 IBs. $1.00 SHARP CHEESE Ib. 24c CHUCK BOAST 15clb. GBOUXD BEEF 2 IBs. 25c KCMP ROAST 5 IBs. $1.00 .FRESH PIG FEET 5 Ibs. 25c SLICED HAMS 2 Slices 35c FBESH Pork Kib 16c ib. I/AUGE WIEJrailS ISclb. SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. 50c The new fllAI.A.V 17 jtvieb. S40 00 * Thn new DICKERS Cunetl la the urtit. $52.30 J. M. KURTZ DIAMONDS AND FINE JEWELRY 131 M. Crawford AAC. Pity the Poor Sailors The trawler Foam arrived in Boston Harbor heavily sheathed in ice after. tracking a high wind that sent torrents of fnind spray flymK over the vessel. (Central Prest) udgments that the county may have against him, that sum being the amount that is owing to him as commissions foi taxes levied and assessed dining his teim of office and :ub«equcntly paid to the county treasurer, and said commissions being unpaid to date " Entered Mint, Treed. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 6--Paul Francis and William Gallagher, 15 orphins, who entered the heavily guarded U S mint here December 29 and left the "burglai proof" building without immediate detection were granted temporary probation by Federal Judge A F St Sue. Senator John Dent Would Take Siate Out Of Liquoi Business HAHRJSBURG, 6--The 939 Legislature will be .isked to take Pcnnijlvanu out of the retail liquor Business and set up a system ol St^te-supeiMSion in its place, United Press leirncd today Senator John H Dent, D , Webt- morclind slid he would sponsoi the new liquor logisiition, patterned ul- tei a bystcm now in opeialion m Hew Yoik He slid the legislative pio- posils arc already being dratted ?nd will be introduced carjy in the session Presently, it appeared the change m the liquor set-up docs not meet with lavoi among Republican majorities ol the House or Senate, nor with the new G C P Administration, ·! for no other icason than because of the income derived from the present liquor enterprise It will provide for the elimination of State liquor stores and would set up i duil wholosale-ictail licensing system, according to Dent He- tailmg would be handled in the large part by retail licensees, who now may sell liquor only by the drink The limit on package sales by re- tnileis would be set at one quart, Dent slid, explaining that larger packngc soles may be made at retail puces by wholesalers $17,068 Per Minute Rate of Spending Hero la Amaxlna Relief for Conditions Duo to Sluggish Bowol* _ tliorouc-. -- !«cD«i*bio relict irom , i npfiU tirtC. Jctlliat when eonsUD*tlG3 - --^2faj box ot NH from yow . . . m , _ L . . L _ . -,_^llfn By United Press. WASHINGTON, Jan 6--Taking" into account the extra day of leap yeai, the Federal Government will be spending at the rate of approximately $17,068 per minute duung the 1940 fiscal year The estimated public debt of $44,458,000,000 at the end of that year will be equivalent to $34198 for every man, woman and child in the United States ut:4U~tr» Diet R« fc 26o box ot NH ITtjm you WltllDUt KISK JnicnUt Make tfco KB--w ir not (tellrted return tn« bot to us. Wo *ll refund tho purcboM ^*MOMi prlcn T h a t · f « l r ^TTC, »1 J Kt MB TaWM» lodw Jjjjlg W ALWAYS CARRY QUICK RELIEF FOR ACID INDIGESTION S A I N T E R ' Q DRESS SHOP u 151 E. 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