The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. uoumr-m, JL'A. FRlDA.y, JANUAIV? :» SC01TDALE GAME WARDEN CALLS FOR AID FEEDING BIRDS Tinbbits Also in Need of Assist- mice "While Snow CoTors flround, Ho Says. SERVICE SUNDAY FOR THE YOUNG ppeilal 'o The Courier. SCOTTDALK, Jan. 21 -- Deputy Ci.imc 'Warden C. 0. Brown lias feed for the game In the community. Any jieison who wishes to fexl -wild life may get feed b / calling on him. With thK, weather birds mid rabbits neel m u o h food Tho ground being covered with BIIO-W it in Impossible for the game to get food. Mi llrown. has been u u - t t f a i t h f u l c u r i n g the post winter In I ceding thf K'inie. l i e has been assisted by friends, wlilli Boy Seoute hiivo t a k e n an unutiiuil interest In this w ork. l o u n c r Toople's Sericp«. Young people's !ay will be obeeived i t T r i n i t y Kof rtuod Church on Sun- (iu e v e n i n g . The entire- service will he In the interest of y u u n g people's w i n k . The m e e t i n g will open at 7 30 0 clod The piogram has lieen p l a n n e d In H v. A S. Lena art, the p.ibtor, and \\ ,11 be based on "Shar- Inir." H. M e i l o W m g a m a n w i l t preside. There \ \ i l i be music by iho organist, Mi*-. Flo-tuite- n a b a u i i h , processional l i v i n u , responsive h.Miin, nuiIc by the dioir; org'm uul piano duo, Mrs Floie-mo C l a l a u g h nad Mi ·!.·» IClolse Hater, S u l p t u ' o reading, Mail; Lenh a i I and C h a i l e s Plulolt, prayer, S. M e - i l e W . t i ' g T n w n ; u'sponsivo h y m n , "Oh Jc'Diit-i, 1 H a \ e 1 romlsed"; -olo, Robert U l U - c l a i d ; jjiano vlo, Mlts Kloloo I l a f r r ; reading, Mu,s Huth I x u u k s ; "vocal solo, Thrlma Stouer; organ and pi no duo, Mrs Clo/baugh and Mk a 1 ' a l e r ; mldin-H, S. M. W a n g a m a n , leee^ional h y m n ; bene- d i c t i o n , Pvev. I.onSuut. Slwpers Show Decline. Xo an'.-ti luive been made ior [fv- e-i al day. 15ut one hearing has been he-Id by Burj, ··ss C. J 1 " 1 . Lew it- since he \vas fewoin in The w e a t h e r haa been u n u s u a l l y cold for several daje but t h e u s u a l run of lodgero, or sleeper*, hc'ri t h i n n e d - c u t u n t i l it is a rarity for one to a p p l y tor lodging. The rigid sj stern ot checking lodgeit? may bo (ifo of t h e itMtons why Stottdalo irf losing out in popularity. A lodger at 1 he boiou?h building must g h e a complete l u s ' o r y -- h i - i name, address, UP. u ho re liorn. w h o m to notify In a«io ol i l l n c m or death, and whore 10 Is going Hclirlii'^ Policemen Speak, Mv inbers (t tlto police loroe who w i l ! leave t h x Jioioitgh employ a we-clc Mom today a i o .Samuel Hazlott nnd Ueuben IJau-iC, who have issued the l o i l o w i i i g .statement to their friends: "Wo, the outgoing policemen of ·U'utld.ilj'. n sit to exfond our thanks o t h e many triends for their k i n d n e s s And i-ourtpo'u, t i o a t m e n t given us fthilo in Scotklale. We caino w i t h o u t ( u i v i i i g h a n d , tied and a t e leaving the ·amo w a y \\ e fee! tiiat wo have- given ht- town in · lct,t w ^ have to glvo in » a y of set \ i c c - and t h i n k the meet of. !u people of Sutttdalo k n o w it." At ilic Hosi)i(;i!. .Mis M a i ) Lou Dan/iger of Car- neglc, d a u g h t e r of Mantoul Irfjng of f ' i ' K h u i v : ' L ' i - o t , u n d e r w e n t a n opeia- lou at t h e M e m o i l a l Hospital at M o u n t Plea ant yi^terdjy. Mrs. JEJta Millar Kei iiul of A i t h u r avenue i i i d e i w e n l in operation at the same hospital, vv'nlo- Kugene Xfswonge-r u n d e r w e n t i - i opeiaiioti f o r appendl- it -, On HIPS ol' Half it Pros-ram. The Uann's of M a l t a Lodge held its i f ^ i i t a i n i p - f i f u ; in Mooso Hall last · v e i l i n g 'j ho (-mnimtlce in ch«rgo w a s m a d e up of Mtfe Emma Beogle, Mi K n t h -?li-w and Mrs. Loietta O t l m i Th - f o l l o w i n g progunn was l i r c n e i i k d H e a d i n g , Mis's Kthol H i v u , ],i i no d u c t , Mu,. Mary W a l k e r u,( M i s . I f . i n Moms, piano -lOio, Mi^-ti Muii\ Shuu ; reading, Mift. l!a Jlomc'i , piai.o .soki, Mis-, lolores neogio, h o n « ai,,l danco r^iecialtie/,, M K s : to rot i\ J V o I c . At tho close of ho prom am lum h wa*, t-c-ivpd. nut all cot llui S. 0. C C ' l i u r i h at sen iat nnH" Ut-v. and tamod t h e (t T r i u l l j lion e on present u S. M. \Vflu Pboi and Custodian of Schi oeder and Lover ~® Printed Silk Addresses Leagu a Ohiopylc II. Martin Lee, Lawrence! County Detective, Son o£ Hiuii- berl 3HI1 Emploje. WAS SCOTTDALE ATHLETIC STAR tlio By SIME LJ81!B'J'n P RINTS promis \ to bo as popular this spring ft they lm\e been the past few sedMirts. Chattnlngly sa blends fashion tho majority of tho informal frocks that nro %vorri at sou*hern reaortB. The Irock pictured i i .in example, in printed pussy iv.ilow In teat motif. The long-er skitt, hijrher waist and capo effect are t h e salient features that will bo repeated In *he styles for eprine auii aurnuier. ·ipll 1 lock on bury of Clicwt- \ a s hoi, ki^t eve-ning to . (Ma?!, of tlio Presbyterian its regular Imshitcs and I Sheriff Gets Peace In His Jail Through Rise of a Glass Eye ci vcd. H. .1 Si OMiw X Mr*,. A. S. LPiihart pnler- membeu-, of the eonsistory Hefoimed C h u r c h at their Jfonday o\en!ng Those re John C!, C. J. Jxnicks, ,-a:naii, Clayton Uber, Lloyd · a u l K i c t f c , Follow uu' tho U'Odng lelit'fchmontts \\lut l i l t i K r - i . louil o I'ltt^hui-c: whoro ho will ( i h s ( n a t i o n at a hospital. tituui Wh.iley ot Calitoniui ttliM tiiwnli-. hero Alia. IK a louiUM- ic-suloiit oC thLs By Ui Hod I'rcfa 1 !. TIFFIN, 0 , Ja u 2 i--Tho little matter of a glass }'' haa restoictl peace in the neighborhi ocl ot Seneca county's jail. Tlio eye h s proved a timo and trouble saver I, - h ! iff George Bur- ke-lt. And the u glas-e eye dow not oxIuSt as ia :it Soneca county'.'! prisonoie are aw tre Therein lies t h e ' story of an luge iluous bhoilff and the- gullibility of u!-,norwctiiig prisoners i Sheriff Bnrkt t's county charges wouldn't behave Meek as lambs and docile In his prei once they resorted to boisterous f r o l i c as soon a'S hfo w a t c h - ful ey-o was tin led. Tho sheriff ki ow this. From hie residence aciost the jail yaid, he could hear the Inmates creating turmoil which declined to a meek and innocent t r a n q u i l ty 4 as coon as he stalked -wraUifully 'tlirotigh the outr iron door. Ills peace was dlsturtod. The neighbors complained. What was needed was an omnipresent eyo. To the amuse rn-ent. of the Inmates, tho sheriff drllli d a long line of small holes complete^ across an outer wall of the Jail. Twenty-four uours after tho last 5 h a \ i n g was gouged thiough tho last diminutive poil hole, the chucklen of Seneca county'^ prisoners faded. They were replaced ni iiipid succession by .mp'itl-eiU'C', difif list and finally cnn- bternatlon. Their uvery action was now being v, ati lied by a Icorltig, belligerent eye-. ') ho elieiiff was first at one hole, then a 1 another--alwny.s with t h a t same mal volent stare. Inmates (.hated undei tlio almost constant .surveillance. Thcv murmured , talk of boycotts, protw ts, netltions, appeals ami the otticre which they could ro- tuember having heard In courla. But their complaint i wcr-o always regtfcter- ed sotto-voipo Th-cr-e weie no more tumiilttius uols -s emanating from the Soneca county jail. Meanwhile- Sheriff Burkett woars a smile conllnuously. Several times each day, he all i« from hih room. Fiom a 6mall iccees In the w a l l , ho lifts a small, gleamhi? object and restores it to another hole turther down the line. And thi hapless piiKoners on the oppctiitp i sdc- wrltho but w r i t h e i]ulcH,\ Uy J O H N JT A V U O n i C A young man who first Haw daj llghl 2S years ago in Conne-Usville and who during his schola«tic career at Scottdiilo became renowned for Ills athleti^. prowess in one of aiilhontkM who Is responsible for sato dt livery of Mrs. I r e n e Ft, tli-e "blond trigger w o m a n , " and her lover, W, Glenn Dagne, West Virginia couple to New Cain tip for thoir ar- ralgnnieut in the- Lawrence county courts to fare charges of m u r d f r i n g Corporal Brady Paul of the State Highway Patrol. This young officer who was born on tho iJouth Side, Connel!s\llle, nnd who was graduated from tlio Kcottdale High School «nd who today shares an assignment that Is ucing w a t c h e d by thousf.ridfi throughout tho Nation, is H. M a r t i n Lee, better I t n o w n as "Peck " who holds the office of county detective- of Lawrence ( o u n t v having born appointed by tho now a f l n i l i J l u t r a - llon v hlch went into office on Jniiuaiy 1, last II. M n r t i n bee ie the .son of Mr and and Mrs. Henry B. bee w h o now te- aido i e»r Now Castle 1 hi parents of tho o u n g oftlci'T t a m o t-o C'onnoUo- vlllo from lloanolcc, Va , e t t l l n g on tho ^ o u t h Hide, w h e i o Mai tin was born. Ills f a t h e r waa for a time t,m- ployeil by the Slaymaher-Barry I-ock Works at South Connollsvillo- and then became an employe at tho Humbert tin plato m i l l , also at South Oonnelh,- vlllo. Tho detective's father w«w nt- tectlonately known to hli many friends as "Peck" and hm n i c k n a m e was handed dos\n to tho sou who greatly resembles bit, m a l e paiont. The lather wis a great 1oobter o£ a t h - letic. 1 - aud advocated ko« x n bai-eball coin] etitlon. About 1910 tho f a m i l y moved (u Scot.lale For «omc t i m e tho LOCH ro- sldetl in N o i l h Hroadway. Soven eara ago tliey w e n t to Lawienco county. Uliile in Seottdalo, Martin or "Young I'ecl'" a« his frienda callt'd him, p a i - tlclpated lu basketball and football tor tho Mill Town High School He w a s a graduate of the Clas« ot 1022 a f t e r a hectic career in ?porte and a gooJ e c h f l a s t l c iccord. I-ioc, together w i t h thf .herlff of L a w r e n c e c o u n t y , the Now c'us-llo jail polioo woman, Ktato 1'olUu and } J rhatd Ernest Moore, a highway patrolman who was wounded In the shooting ·when Corporal Paul was muidercd, journeyed to Phoenix, Arts-., where Mrs Schroedcr, Daguo and a third man, a Texas ex-convict, had lieen captured a f t e r an old-lash- ionul AVild Wett shooting After taking the couple wanted in Pennsylvania, Lee was Informed that Mis. Schroedor's brother i\ ho !e also sought in connection with Iho N'ow Castle killing might attempt to cffuct a rescue, to which the former Con- nellfcvllllan smilingly r e p l i e d : "Well, we're prepared for anything." POLICE LOCATE MOONSHINE STILL IN MINE WORKINGS 1 omOPV«LK, Jan 21 -Mi 1 , and Mrs j If red RafEerty, who spent .1 few days at the foimor'a home II.MP-, liuve ret u r n e d to their homo in Connolltiville. I Mrs. Ira P a h s n v n n l H t i l l s place iet'elvert w o i d ttt the d e a t h ot her Ernpst II. Cherrington, nb ve, of Wester-villa, 0., geneial se- rotary of the World League Agai ist Alcoholism, is one of the lead rs and speakers at the Atui Saloon League 1 convention at De roit. Homes I Everyday you w i l l find hr ne» and homo sites adverilBe-d In ou · claesi- flod columns--read thorn ovai Summit \ M M ( Ii i! ! s ht"' u r O f Y v f i t f u l M I a i n - n i l s |u'K s f o i d r i ) Ko\ a i l M i s i'anl S f o n e ^ ' f e r a n d *- o t l Hi- \ ]!.ai l u n a i i H i ' a i f i t t , \ I v i-s T i i i . . . n-d A m u Knont/. a n d U i u 1 j H i ! ! M I . \ H ui M o u n t P l t a s a n t a ' l )·!. ! In . a u f i k ' . ' u t s'uuier |Ivo-n Victor Radios M o n t h l y GEO. W. CARROLL S U M M I T , ,t n 2 1 -- A b o u t 20 persons Ironi thi' place attended the funeral of Mrs Albortina Westcibcrg near I,oisenrii c. Om.i Khode 1 - a tic' son. K i n e s t , Mrs. OH\L- l l a u g h t U M i s o n t o \ \ n and M i s K i l w a i d H a n S t · and "-on, l ^ d n a r d , Jr , ol' C O ' i U n e n t a No ! w o r e culling at the home ol M i . and Mi C P L'plun Mrs Haro 1 H o j d of Norwood, Ohio, WHS lie; o i i l ' i n g on Kllza- Ijetli Vp'on C Van F 1 o 1 - purkers w tic! pounds. Tin b u t c h e i i a g th some. M M \ lai season Mr and M calline; on tl W i l l ' a m Mori \ii-s i;n/ati UNIONTOWN, Jan. 2-i.--He-aded by County Detectivo A. A. Downing, Uie re-organized detective fores of tho district attorney's ofllce, made its Initial raid early Thursday morning:, cleaning out a distillery se-t up in an abandoned clay mine at Coolspriug. Thobc arrested w e i o Albert 0. Nedrow, JE. r. Fields, William Bobley and Ctyilb Luckey. Nedrow lu a statement to tho offl- cers is suid to have admitted ownei- ship oE a 10-galiou still found in operation. Tho ofiicers seized and da- htioyed four 50-gallon containers of ryo mash and -ftvo empty GO-gallon barrels. In aiioiher part of the mine a dismantled 15-gallon still was also dl'icovcred. Entiauce to the mine was through a hole in w h i c h only one person at a tnno could make, their way. There wc-ie- at least four eilts, liowover, aad tho oflicers were ablo to catch only Fields and Lackey In ono of tho passages. N e d r o w and Uosloy were aire.sted at then hompb Idler. The still was localul opposite the homo of Luckey and u b o u t ,JO feet, und c r g r o u n t l With Downing wet e Special Investigator Walker and PvivateH ildima ami Muurer ol tho Slate Police. I n f o r m a t i o n has been made before A l d e r m a n Robert B. Collins and hear- i n g on a charge of violation of tho liquor laws will be held next Monday n ght at 8 o'clocli. Tbrea of the- men w e r e hold in the i-onnly jail I R d e f a u l t o! $1,000 bail each. Fields obuuncd b j n d and was released, authorities import. ton n. has butcliered his four j i ^ ' d e d him about 825 Is Mr FiDht's second s season lie butchered 40 imkers early in the ·!. Jarob l l a i f o r t l w e r e i former's bister, Mrs « cf no u Kim ('rove. i ' i I U t O I I S U M t l l i g ht'l .Ihoili -, ,it M.tsou- Placo n, sheet of waxod rapcr ender the liu!^ child 3 ,,l a to at »ho Jmrur tnhlp. It is li,ii f j| y % ( n t hie. arid w i l l ^ a \ t man snota on Uve mother at Beaver Falls. The Mission Circle ot the Baptist Church will be e u t e r U i i ed nt home of Mrs (.'. W. D u p p s t o d t e v e n i n g Mi and Mrs. J 1L S OuieCpr left Wednesday to b p e n d a tow weeks w l t l i their soi{, lirynon Sch,iefr of Ghar- K v H n c Davis of Detroit id the i v l s l t l i i k i'rieiifls here, this j Mrs. F. K. Uailoy has r e l u m e d to hei lionio h o l e after siionding a fsw daj-s w lib I r i o n d i in Save money--read the ads. iodajr. Concrete Blocks il. C. i'KII'K CO Hi; COi Unusual money-saving specials are listed on this Sale Bulletin. Visit your Keystone Store this week and . take advantage of this chance to save on your grocery bill. PLIVJORY We have revontly purchased foncrclo lock plant from H. ~M. Gi 1mm, located on Motison 8. reel, West Side, Conncll: ville, Pu., and can f u r n i s h high grade, ai3 .sixes coj crcte building blocks . Supply Company I'hone 1700. 'J\ '\t-ra cut ousi a Sltos Factoi y Sites 1'jinn Lands Used MucJiiuery, tjiioji Tools, U u i l d l n g and Miue .S Much ol the p r o p e r t y I. r sale la advantageously located ' Ith re- apuct to WJ.UH p' eupplies, sldlnga and paved road i. For E u l l information lu 'egard to pric-es autl lerms, apply o Supur- Inieutleni of ueaicst Minw or acott- dale Oliice 11. C. l''rick Coke Cooopanj, Scotttlale, l j enn i. 31 3--136 H, Pittsburg Street, Connellsville, Penna. I Tf yon Ji trcn't tried Koystonc Qiuility Moats lately there's a ^einihio irnii In store for you. Our Mont buyer is a crank on quality and mj assure you that otir t j) quality line of government in- spooled neats rnll pleiise t h « most particular. Should i o n not he watisiied witli a imrcliasc, return it and your money u i l J be cheerfully refunded. EAT KEYSTONE MI3.V.T FOR HEALTH A N I J EiVEKttY! Ver. Flarorful! Full of sirenq-th-ljnifdins?- iiourislimcnt. f o r r substantial, good-tasting breakfast! For gem ine goodness and n satisfying meal try our loin roast! 0 n 0 Along iuth its delicate nnd lemjiting flavor, this w h o l e s o m e and nonrishiim: lamb is very easily digested! ), meat) cliickcns -- Just ritrht for fr -ing or roasting! N o t h i n g tastier than good bacon i uch as this! Center out 1 --lean and tender. M r n n l f -- l e a n , ' Keep one on iiaud for (jiiic lias file good old-fas]iioned home-marie taste! s,

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