The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILL-K, PA, ·WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1918. IMasicai talent from Conneltsvillc-, Cniozitown. Confluence, Pittsburg and Add-on will: appear in a concert -to be given-Friday,evening in;the;Methodist Episcopal church at Adiisc-n- for the 1'eneflt ot .the Addison Red Cross j chapter. The. program contains a wealth of musical selections of high calibre and a stirring patriotic .ad- {. dress by Judge R- E. Umbel of UniOH- towii. In ^addition to musicians, front Addison, Miss Mary Milhonand.'-Mc- . Council 'of this city. Miss .Olive Fred- j ericlc, Mrs. Elizabeth '.Brooke- Jeffrey. I.' Rev. J. Ma"nd«ville "Barker'and Robert\ H. Hook of "Omontowiv M'fss Esther ; Black-- £ - Conflttencer-'' Mrs, - 'Susan i- Brooke Rutherford of Pittsburg and j Dr. .M.. M, .-Brooke of Artdison, w i l l ' participate ia the program. At 5 | o'clock a tea will b« Riven for the p«r- fortners at the home of Mr. and Mrs. | Robert Stoughton, -who recently moved hack to-Addison from Connells- villo. .At the Bush hotel a- chicken and waffle supper will be held for Uie motorists attending the affair. Fol; losing the -concert a- special supper wil I be held tor the performers. Motor parties from Conneilsviile, Confluence, Uniontown, Johnstown and Somerset art- being formed. TTIDOTV BT THE 1VAR,'" : "SJfij-SEKVES AS XURSE. Miss Helen. Curler, daughter of James Curley ol Braddock, and "William Pelkefor of Homeville, Pa., were married this morning in the Catholic church at Braddock. The bride was attended by her cousin. Miss-. Ellen IK'Intyre ot Leisenring No. 1, as maid of honor. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served in'the home of the bride. Mrs. Pelkefer has frequently visited -at the Mcliiryre home and has friends here. Miss Aan« .Mclniyre, was also a guest at the wedding. Mrs. Edna Johnston Brendel will- entertain at a chain party Friday a£- ternoon at her tome in South Jltts- burg street Jor the beneat of the Trin- iiy Episcopal church. Similar parties -were held last evenlns at the homes of -Mrs. V,'. R. Smitn, Eighth street. Greenwood, Miss Esther Towzey and ;Urs._ Paul Gerke. .The "Woman's Christian Temperance Union, of South ConneSlsvilSe wiv. meet tomorrow' afteniooa at the aome of Mrs.'Julia Collins in Pittsburg street. la the absence of Mrs. Ida Seaman, Mrs. Pearl Stewart will have charge. Splnncli thrives in a rather cool climate and attains Its best development in the middle South, where It can be grown in the open ground during the winter. Farther north it Is necessary, to "protect the plants during the winter with a mulch of straw or leaves. To produce good spinach a rich loam which will give the plants a quick growth is required. Fall planting Is to be recommended wherever this is possible, as the tall-planted spinach is not as much Inclined to go to seed as that planted in tlie spring. One ounce of seed is sufficient for a 100-foot row, and this crop may be gown in drills about 1 foot apart. Spinach Is an easily grown garden cropland there Is perhaps no other of Its kind thnt, will give as good satisfaction. -In gathering spinach the en- TRIPLE FUNERAL HELD Last Kites Are Solemnized l ; or 3Iem-. bers of Betters Family. · Triple funeral services were held yesterday afteraoon.from the A. 11. E. colored church in the West Side for Joseph Betters, Sr., his son Joseph, and his daughter-in-law, Mrs. George Betters. The funeral was the largest held in the church in recent years. \ Rev. Allen, the pastor officiated. Tble Interment was made in separate graves in Hili Grove cemetery. TO ALL STOMACH SUFFERERS I use this meaus to reach all those who have been suffering with stomach trouble; I have been cured and X want to give you the benefit of my experience; I suffered 'with stomach troubles-for seven years; -during that time I doctored with some of the bost stomach specialties, tried Christian Science, physical culture, a hundred _______ _ ^ _____ ________ ________ tire plant Is removed rather than mere- | od( j f am ji y remedies,- all the patent ly cutting oft the leaves. The larger mc di c j nes t sa. w advertised to cure plants are" selected first, and the smaller ones are thus given a chance to develop.--U. S. Department of Agriculture. · Working in the same cause which her husband gave his life on the battlefields of France, Lady Elcho is now serving as a nurse in Rutland, England. Lord Elcho, -who was heir to his.father, the eleventh earl of "Wemyss. was named among the dead in the British- casualty list of May 2, 1916. Lady Elcho before her marriage was Lady Violet Catharine Manners. She is the second daughter^ of the eighth duke of Rutland. this morning left for Columbus. O. H. "W. Lessis has returned home after spending a week visiting relatives in Canton, 0. The cauliflower requires a rich, moist soil, and thrives best under irri* gallon. It will not withstand as much frost as cabbage, but la -very sensitive to hot weather. To make a success ot the crop It is best to plant it about the time of the last killing frost In spring, using plants grown In the hotbed or window box. This gives It time to mature before hot weather comes. The rows need not be more than 2% to 3 feet apart (or horse cultivation, or 24 to 30 Inches apart for hand work. The plants should be from 14 to 18 Inches apart In rows. The culture is the same as for cabbage until tho heads begin to develop, after which the leaves may be tied together over the heads to eidude ths light and keep heads white. This crop is one of the aristocrats of the garden. If yon succeed In growing high-grade cauliflower you will qualify as a good gardener.--tJ. S. Deportment of Agriculture. Indigestion, and took everything anybody would suggest, hat with no relief. At last I found a cure; the first dose gave rac instant relief; I could hardly believe it would continue to give mt relief, but it has now been two yeafs since I have teim cured of stomach trotLble: all tny friends who have used the medicine have been cured; if you have had my experience or know of any of your friunds wun arc suffering, write me, Inclosing stamped envelope and I will tell you how to get. this medicine; this is no patient medicine advertisement), but is the only way I can reach those who want to be relieved of tho terrible stomach misery. F. D., 225 K. Craig St, Plttsbnrg. Pcnna. -- Adv. QUOTAS FIXED Continued f-om Pncc Oua. be sent to New-port News, Va., when he can arrange for his transfer by the local draft board. FUKS'EY LAMBERT LX lULLOOX JCTACJIXEXT In a letter to his parents, Furney T. Lambert, who is. at Kelly Field, San Antonio, Tex., writes that- he has been Mr. and ifrs. "Warren L. "Wright will entertain the South Side Eochre club tomorrow evening at their home in South Plttsirarg street. : --- ! ^ special detachment bound fr.r For- In yesterday's report of the knitted : tress Monroe, Va. He was o-_. of 33 articles completed by the Red Cross, j clerks chosen to go. Mrs. Anna M. Neff was credited with' | ··£, gji for tie Red Cross, the V". It assigned to Balloon Detachment. ki. 1, donating a pair of -wristlets. It should have read Mrs. Lillian Kesyer. The Daughters of Ruth Bib.'e class ot the Trinity" Lutheran church met last evening at the home of Mbjs Mar- SAVESHBPENNIES Italian Hoy First to Buy Third Ub- if-rty Loan Ikmd. The first bond ia tbe i£ird Liberty Loan, in Connell^iHe was purchased by Antonio Ernest Chidettl LaClair, a little Italian boy about six years old. Declaring that he wanted the people to kno-v,- that the Italians vrere for the United Slates, he walked iuto the First National Bank early in March, accompanied by hifi mother, to start. ILQ account so he could purchase the first bond in the TMrd Libert}- Jjoan. The_ boy ha.-; saved all his money to put into a bond. S.VL.UUES Watch the Papers for Our Big A It .Will Save You Money. The E. Dunn Store's Anniversary Sale Starts Friday, April 12, 1918. HI-: STOKE AHEAD." Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE fe9 to 133 N PITTSBURG St.; CONNELLSVILLE. 1SUTXEMICK 1'AXTKIIXS. By Twenty Churches In Itedstone Prcsbjtcrr, $100 to ?.".IX). Twenty churches in the Kodstone Presbytery have increased the salaries of pastors from 510U to $500 per year. ] The increases were approved at the j mooting ot presbytery 3: -McKeesport Monday. Among them is that of thn Kirst church. Conneiisville, where the salary of Rev. ProudtH was S400. SHE SUFFERED FIVE YEARS Finally Restored to Health, by Lydia E. Pinkham's ! Vegetable Compound. * | finmmer ^formal. There will be a live Summer School at South ConnellsvUle- Pa. Tho session will opea May C, and j continue six weeks, closing with county examination for u-achers. : All common branches, voice culture,! and vocal music, etc., will be taught. ! A class in methods at teaching will | receive especial attention. We can Joan books to a limited ntim-1 housework. I her who attend in Is school. For fur- about it."-»-Mrs. tlier information address J. C. Seahm, A. .\f., Princlal, Connell.wiHe, Pa.-Adv. 13 wed. a. Ktj West, Fla.--"For five rears 1 suffered from irregularities, with ter* rible pains and an awful weakness in my back. The doc- ; tor g-ave me diff- ' erent medicines but ' they_ did me no good. Afriend asked motet try Lydia E. Pink- . barn's V e g e t a b l e C o m p o u n d a n d I , found it to be tha best medicine J ever b e c a u s e i t made me well, and I can now do my am telling my friends · J. M. CAMUS, 72S . C. A. and K. of C. you can," he tells his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Wil- j liam Lambert of Gibson avenue. The I organizations cannot be spoken of with too much praise, for without tieir aid gaj-et Carson in South Connellsvilie. Despite the inclement weather there was a large attendance and the raeetr 5ng- was · one of interest. A box o£ j edibles was packed for Sergeants camp life would become unendurable, says he, Sheetz. and C.'.A.- McConnick, of the 110th, Regiment-HpsBital. corps, stationed at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. Refreshments, were served at the conclusion of the business meeting. . The regular meeting of tbe 'Woman's Home--and -Foreign Missionary" societies ot 'the Trinity Lutheran chTurch, wtvic'u was'-to have been held tomorrow evening at the homu of Mrs. Samuel Balsley, win be held at the home o! Mrs. Ellis B. Burgess in Vine street instead. Miss Ruby Dull was hostess at a ·very enjoyable meeting of th' T. C. T. Fancywork club last evening at her home on South I*Ktsburg street. Knit- tins, fancywork. fortune telling and dancing were the amusements. A dainty luncheon was-served.. Miss £wire" of- DuboiB- was-a guent. The nejt-meeiiog-will be held Tuesday evening,--AppiI SS-.-ai-tbe home- of-Miss TVSnifred-r.Durnell in -Patterson ave- PHRSONAL. ·Mrs..A. A. Wetherell was Uie guest of her sisters, the Misses Smith o£ Dawsoa- yesterday aKemoon. Mr. and-Mrs.'B.'B." Evans at Lincoln avenue, are-home from Si Petersburg, Fla. .·.·;- ·'. . . . : · ; ·-The bef.t- place to shop after all. Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. ..-Mrs.- Auna-M, Neff,, ot the W"est Side ts~sieniiing the day in Pittsburg. Miss Josephine-Newcomer, of Dawson is the guest of her siiter, Miss Haze! N'ewcomer. Wanted--A b;;nk account is good to :. have but a suit made here is a thing of- beauty and a joy forever. 'Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. Dave ·Mrs, R. S, McKee of Greenwood, has STICKEL, KAUHR TO "EXIOST William Stickel, son ot the late Pred'SUckel and a nephew ot A. C. Stickol,-".is a true and loyal patriot, xhis being showii by his eagerness to enlist. Stickel went to Pittsiarg Saturday to enlist and lacked one day ol being IS years old. He remained until Monday when he had attained the enlistment age, volunteered, again and was accented. This morning he left for Columbus, 0., .to receive training in the radio service. TO I'OHT OGLETKORPE. - Charles Carson, a high school stn- dent who enlisted in the medical department of the army, has been transferred to Fort Oglethorpc. He had been located at tlie Columbus racks. bar- ELETB.V 3IKMBEKS OF BAR Df THK SEHT1CE. "With- the departure Thursday for CQlumbus, Ohio.-of Attorney Nicholas .'Wi'Hosenherg'of Uniootc-wn, 11 young members of the 'Payette coonty bar I win" have entered the service.. LECTURE AT DAWSON j 3lan Home Prom nnssla Will Tell of { Conditions There. j H. A. McConnaughy who has heen | in Russia in the interest of the Y. M. | C. A. will deliver a lecture on conni- | lions in Russia this evening at the Presbyterian church at Dawson, beginning at 7,30 o'clock. " The lecture is under tho auspices of the Dickerson Kim Y, M: C. A. Infant Hoc-;. Jamos CalULb,an, 16 days old, a twin child of Thomas and Kathcrine CaJla- han of Dunbftr, dted this morning ai 1.30 o'clock. Funeral frotn the house on Spctr's hill tomorrow afternoon at ·i o'clocfc. The other twin, a ',title girl is critically i!L ^ ^ j OrodMr. re- ccivcd -, VOTd this mornir.g of the a.r- r)val or a son ye »tertlaT morning at (he home of thoir son-jn-jai, aa d daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Uuby of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Caroline St., Key West, Florida; Many women at some period in their life suffer from ailments peculiar to their sex and which ia most cases may be j readily relieved by ^hjs famous root and -, herb medicine, Lydia E. Pinkham'a j Vegetable Compound, just aa Mrs. i Camus found it helped her aftxr suffer- i ing for years and trying everything else j in vairu I If you hove any annoying symptoms ! yoa fail t; understand, write Lydia E, ' Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass, i The results of their 40 years experience i in advising women on this subject ia at i your service. ! Bright eyes, clear complexion, vim, vigor and force, all indicate perfect health; without It you are handicapped in the race of life. Take Hol- liater's Rocky Mountain Tea each week, and keep up with the live ones. 36c. Tea or Tablets. Connollsville Drug Co.--Adv. Your CMJd's Skin wIJI be fice from chafing, scalding eruptions and all soreness if you ust Sykes Comfort Powder For more than 25 years it has been healing ·nd preventing akin aoreness. 2Bc at the Vlnol and other drug stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Ma53. KorlCK Jlane Conncilraan. it. J. Rorke, formerly superintendent of the Smithton brewery and w ho has many friends in Connellsvilie, was on Monday night elected a member of council at JeanneUe where he has been Jiving for some time. TO ATTEKJI FATHER'S FUNERAL Harold: G, McCartney, who is in the aviation service,, will-arrive-home tonight from Houston,-Tex.?-to attend the funeral, of his fattier, George "Washington McCartney. ' IVas Accidental List Sajs. · : v7heu called fcr sentence in Union- tc-wn .yesterday .c.n a charge at breaking a plate glass window in tho store of the Conuellsvillc Drug company, William Lint pleaded it was an accident aid thu case was held over. MRS. AUGUSTA STASSEL. Pollowing an illnoas of a few months. Mrs. Augusta Stasscl, 67 years SANDCnV GRODZLN. SandoTv Grodxin, 26 years old, son oi Mr. ami Mrs, Jacob Grodzin, died Monday at the \vuite Haven sani- old, died this morning at 1.35 o'clock j lanum, following a lingering illness, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. j Mr. Grodzln had been In poor health R. Haucfc, No. 1220 Sycamore street, j Cor Ihe paai seven years ami liad been Tbe funeral will he Friday afternoon ! a patient :tl ihe sanitarium for :hc at 2 o'clock from the Haiick residence, past year. Tlio funeral was held res- wiLh Rev. KHis B. Burgess, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran church, officiating. Intennent will he in Chestnut H31! cemetery. The deceased was born in Germany, her maiden name boing Augusta Guest. She came to this country about 40 years ago, and , since (.hen had spent most of hor life at Ktna, AUegheuy county, Fnr the past 35 years she had resided here, with her daughter, Mrs. Hauck. in addition to Mrs. Hauck, a son, Frederick Stassel of Youngsiown, Ohio, .V. S. BONDS A3fD BA.YKLYG. Govorntncnt Bonds Play, a Part as Bail).' T/nnn Securities. Witen 'you oivn government bonds you can placq, them as security for a bank loan. In this way the bonds can be made an asset, which is available in the way of security. The Third Liberty Loan Bonds are now on sale returned home from Camp Hancock, | at Tn ^ Citizens National Bank,. This Augusta. Ga., -where she visited h e r j l 5 S U B V.-JH De the last until late in the husband. Major R. S. McKee, of the ' 110th Regiment Hospital corps. Have just received another shipment of tan low cuts, together with a lot of womeus gray and brown boots. These are the big seller.*-. Try and get in before they are a-U gone again. Downs' Shoe Store.--Adv-S-4t. The senior clays of the high school gavt- a party last night a", the Colonial Ian in honor of WillUm Stickel, Autumn. Now is the time to buy. Call at-the bank and'arrange for your bonds. The bank is at 138 North Pitcsburg street.--Adv. Takes $Sii.OOO,000 Liberty Bonds. The United Steles Steel Corporation has subscribed for 525,000,000 of tha third Liberty loan on its own ac- ount and for 510,000,000 additional to be offered to em.ployes on the installment plan. XRS..GEORG1E ROE.- L'erday at WHikcs-Barrp. Deceased was mtiTiarricil and in addition to his parents is survived by tbe following brothers acid sisters: Ju;ius Grodxiu ot South Africa; Morris Grodzin and Mrs. Isaac Ruby, bolh of Tulsa, Oklahoma; -Mrs. A. Silver man of Connells- vilie, and Kuth, Etbel and Rhea Grod- fcin a 1 - home, MRS. SUSAN HIXEX. The funeral of -Mrs. S\isau Hixen, 56 ypar.-' oici, w i l l take place froiTi iho residence of her flaughter, 3rs. Mildred E. Hannen at Dunbar tomorrow afternoon at 1.30 o'clock and from ihe Sofdter-'s offering to fis's sweet- is naturally the sweetmeat that say© him most refreshment and greatest efiJOFfnenf when on duty. Mrs. Georgia Roe. .suiored, -12 years '.Methodist Protestant church lit 2 old, wife at James B, Roe, died yestor-: o'clock, with Rev. Theodore Darnell, day s.: her home at Trotter, following the pastor, assisted by Rov. \\~. H. Mean iilnDss of pneumonia. Funeral Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the house and at 2 o'clock from the Mount Zion Baptist church, with Rev. R. D. Bpps officiating. Interment in Hill Grove cemetery. Deceased ' was a daughter of tho late Mr. and Mrs. i Klveen, of the Baptist church, and ' Rov. p. K. Minerd of tbe Mnrhodist | Protestant church at Mount JJraddock. officiating. 1-or Ciimp Slielhy. Miss Margaret Amman, who on-JArcliIo Brooks and was twice married, i 1 a n of Lambert, daughter ot 1 listed as a Red Cross nurse for war ner fll . st .h us t,and's .death occurring Alice Goe-spman of Uniontown, am 30 years ago. She !s survived by her second husband, two childrci:, Fred and Rosie Reynolds, two brother?, John Brooks of Hvnnston, 111., and work, left this afternoon for Camp Shelby, near Hattiesburg, Miss. Granted Marriage IJcensp. Walter C. "Wilson of Preeport ind Agnes C. Pat-fit of Scottdale, were granted a license to wed in Greensburg. MHS. W1IJ-LUI .MONAGHAN. Mrs, ^Wiiiiam Grjoseman Monag- I Mrs. j .d a i sister of Mrs. hiGX Price of Leisen- j ring, died Sunday evening u.t ihe Uniontown hospital following a brief illness. Funeral services \s-ere held this William, and a sister, Ida Brooks, of.| afternoon w i t h interment at New I Augusta, Ga. j S a!em. SOLDIERS IN CAMP Discharged From Hospital. Miss Florence Brooks has returned ,^ home after undergoing a slight opera-' Ine abrupt C h a n g e f r o m I lion at thi! Cottage Stale hospital. home comforts to camp life may be' G-EOIWJK WASHINGTON M'C'AHT.N'EY The funeral of G-eorgc Washington JlcCartnoy will bo held tomorrow af-. · ternor.ii at 2 o'clock from the family | residonce in East Fairview avenut-, j with Rev. G. L. C. Richardson, pastor America'^ Choice Used by the Army and Navy. The shine that stands the weather. Preserves and softens leather. Send one to your soldier boy to dtist and polish his shoes. Ask Nearest Store BLACK-TAN-WHITE-RED HOME SET Takes Xi-w Position. J. J. .Evans, a roller and mill foreman at tlie American Shoot and Tin j Plate plant at Parrell for a number of · years, resigned to take a- nosition at j ths McKeesport'tin plato-mill.- Mr. Baker 111. ·trying on your boy's health, but if he ^fiiss uimci III, ... , | , i - L I - *J / J ' '-mn'-ii itlss Margaret Baker, teacher of will only take thenchliquid-ioodin j Grove ceme iory. English in the high school, is ill with j the grip. the First Methodist Kpiscopai clt ofiiciatir.g. Interment in 1-Uli Stop Itching Eczema wbo enlis'.ed in the radio service and I Ei'ans was employed at the- old Humbert tin Souih ConneUs;. CASTORIA For Infants and. Children ville for 11 years'. If Too Are Hnntlng Biurgains Read the advertiseirig columns of The 'Daily Courier. You will Bad them. Xiitice to Members. Of B. of L. E. The funeral of j Urother George Tv r . McCartney will he In Use POT Over 3O Years ;held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock i Always bears of ROUP Spasmodic croup Is usually relieved with SCOTTS JULIUS Julius Shipley, SHIP LEV. years old, i _ , Never roincl how oftea you have tried . j and failed, yoa can stop bumizig, itching ! eczema quickly by applying a little zerr.o '. ' furnished by any druggist for 35c. Extra ' ] large bottle, $1.00. Healing begins the i STOP--LOOK--HEAD BENNETT BROTHERS Automobile Wreckers Highest Prices Paid for All flukes Cars tabiish body-warmth and fortify hia lungs and throat. Thousands o: soldier all over the world- tafo Svatt's Emulsion, It is sxictly what they need. ; Scott s, fcowac, Bliwnfield. X. J. t7-30 for interment. EL1A3 MILLER. Elias M-iller, 7-f years old, a mem- bw ot the William P. Stewart Post of tac G. A. R., Uniontown, died Monday afternoon at the home of his penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It is not a greasy salve and it does not stain. "When others fail it is-the ona dependable treatment for skin troubles of all kinds. The E. V/.Eo5oCo.,C.'cvc!aj4O. Hunting riarfmins 3 sister, I You will find them in our ad. columns. Cornel Hoss and Water Streets PITTSBURGH, P.\. Bell Theme Court 3252. /atronize Those Who Advertise.

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