The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 19

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1964 PLAYING AT RJDEAU 'A Hard Day's Night' Surprises It's Good! By BOB THOMAS , Movies '. designed ,tb rath In It wai therefore Only natural the order of their billing) HOLLYWOOD (AP) "A I on the eurtositv value of head ihi . would annroach ! what they art: Beatles.. naru uay f mgni,- starring I line personalities nave tradi-i... Hardi Rav'e Niaht' .v vail, turn j wci W we j lllllBliy DTVH' llipgn surprise lilm ol the year. The i that have pleased nothing be-surprise is that It Is good. lyond curiosity. GOREN ON BY CHARLES H. GOREN East-West vulnerable. East deals. NORTH 414 AK.lZ OlttT KIT V.EBT EAST i a i 6 J 112 OAKQlli ' Q It 1 1 J 4 1 1 SOUTH -A AKQJ JJ H O Nmm . Ml The bidding: East Seats West 1 0 Double Pass 1 7 Pass 4 Pats I Pass I A ' Pass Psss rasa Opening lead: Deuce of 0 four spades, there wight have been a temptation, to pass. North realized, however, that his partner had a very strong hand, inasmuch as , he had takes time to double first, Instead of merely overcaUIng with (our spades. North felt be safe, so be raised South to five spades. .The latter was sure that the hands would Ut ell end he bid the slam. v v W: . rui nern A1 AIR CONDITIONED niwiNir: arfa atmats sms riaaa Ma, as 'WW, RUSCO Steel Wtaaews In 19 COLOURS bttMrtir, Itg tmm bM) ml mm BRIDGE West opened (he deuce of diamonds. Declarer ruffed away East's queen with the five of spades, and proceeded to draw the outstanding trumps. South observed that the dummy's readily establish-able heart suit should provide him with a comfortable margin of tricks, and be proceeded to cash the act and king of that suit. When West showed out. South was obliged to revtas his estimate for, with the king of clubs as the only remaining entry to the North hand, declarer was no longer in position to develop the hearts profitably. A third round of hearts was Neeth . M, but East was not obliging enough to continue that suit. He shifted back to a diamond, and South ultimately resorted to a finesse in clubs. When West turned up with the queen, a The small sun contract ta j one trick set was registered.. spades reached by North and Iv Declarer was guilty of gross South was' a. sound tmdertak- j carelessness In the manage- , tng. South had the values to ment of his resources. He re-bid game directly, but J j quires only one additional trick was unwilling to rule out more j in the heart suit to take care of , ambitious prospects detptte the I his potential club loser, and fact ''that East had opened .the j should therefore tike measures bidding He therefore made' a to protect hirrwetf tgamst ad-takeout double." ?. :.i "Lwrse distribution. North had a very sound hsndSJnre the dummy has enly and a good suit, ao be property TOjsi&- entry, Soujh should . Jumped ta two hearts. When surrender a heart trick early . South proceeded directly to, to miintain his communications with the North hand. After . cashing the ace of hearts, H is suggested that he continue with smal heart, conceding this I trick to the opposition. When declarer' regains .the lead, he can lead a third heart to the king, and ruff the next round that an 11 trick contract should, Wabltshiiig North's long card In th suit (or his 12th tricks The king of clubs now provides the necessary access to the dummy. Baptists Violence WOLFVILLE. N.S. (CP) -The Baptist Federation of Canada assembly -"Tuesday f submitted resolutions ranging from the condemnation of sex and violence on television, in movies and magannes to disarmament, lotteries, and smoking.'"", .The a s s mbly commended the CBC,and CTV networks (or "many fine programs" but expressed concern for "the exaggerated emphasis on sex and violence so often portrayed in motion pictures, magazines and television programs. "We respectfully urge the CBC and the CTV to act responsibly in setting before the Canadian public program material with Christian standards of morality. ; .t ."We also reoectfully urge Canadian publications to refrain from exploiting vex and violence In their publications." ' FAMOUS COPIES WASHINGTON The Library of Congress here con- .. . . I tains the lirst oraii ana we reading copy of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address. CARtETON VUNIV.ERSITY i V WINTER SESSION; 1964 -1965 TrUertrsciBiite rVwrnrs leading to the degrees' of. Bachelor' of Arte. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor 'of Journalism and Bachelor of Engineering; OerUflcate course in Public Service Studies. . - ; i ' - ' ftrtdmte Cwrfes leading to degrees of Master. Of Arts, Maater of Science. Muter of Engineering; Doctor ol rhuosophy degrees In eerUta fields In Arts. Science and fcn-glnaerlng. Oraduate Diploma and Master of Arts In PubUo AdmlniatraUon; Bachelor of Journalism In one graduate yea. . : : .. . '' atun-rwllt fTtemtnn Crnnn fh a earthly of fields of cul-surai and vocational interest. . Clattii Btgh I Dttrt Crttt, Df mud Evtnint Divitiom, Wtitidoy, . , . . i Stpttmbtr 16. J'-., . .-. ;. ; KEGTSTBATION jJ, ' j,' a ' i.w smits. " i Mat, te an II,. tie ta' -. , twslltjiM ana tin Years 4.1S n.s. . tvmint Vnaartrasnata aaa Sept. IS sn 11. t.H ta v . .TanMMI sinnt' t ' ' la p.m. a . i .! auiornm Slanlv ' 14 ana IS, In- tie rjU at. ja tm le a m. . Sftw staSMttt, Sera4,' SH 1 ana is. I je hi l is nilr aaa reartls. years-, esaan .Ja IS .m. . ataaenu ' - .Sept. u. is-a is. in .,. ' ' lib, trcrtttion wilt b mnA in th , ' cf. f 'tli i'.- ' oreiwlwui rrgtutrattan tlmrtaM. " ' ntwrnlwent SpwKI atiiitenti SaSlrets la w estrisrala at Ike. VecalUM al Aru aaa Seine, aaa ta tka Scwsat M Hklla Aa asaBMratSaa are as mas wM a mtt wlsk la ataay fa? eartttltate, eislswa r eaera. aiaiata tswr kava Ska VMnrtra kaaksrMaa fr tkM takjaeta camaa. e iwrM . tr cant at satnalaetetr caarMS Sa wfcarkj apaaa ss avalUkks. FOR INFORMATION ymrnrin.rt'ATK roraara; omea wt ska Baatstrai, lu-stai' CltAHVATS colisrs; .rarui af OnHtaata etaHUaa, M-a4 pxTrysioK cot B'r: prnea' ar Ike" Heslstrar, IJt-tltl J f, i,' .: " ;- " ; or tnrffe to - - ... v. OrjrrtnHr, CelaMj If Drtn, flflwi 1, Onlati . 1 rv - expect ing little Vore than a Upe rec ording of a Beetle concert; QUALIFIED' But the film shows that the SEAT BELTS ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 19 MUI to metal buckle . lor mat . extra martin ,v - y of ; safety. C.S.A. ' ap-'", .proved. . .. Ingt to satisfy any Beatlema I mac. RAPID CLIP In between the banter character ol Paul s grandfather. , lows the pattern of vintage an over-age raVe played with j Marx Brothers of early Three delicate skill by Wilfrid Bram- j Stooges, though not aa bilari-bell. His mischief-making adds' either. But then, tne ii n born cuartette may be with! to the travails suffered by the Beatles are new at it. us for a long time to come, nut! Beatles at the bands of their i All four register as personali-as freaks but as qualified en- fanatical fans. I ties. Ringo Starr is an ideal tertainers. j The movie opens with a mad I target for abuse because of his Prnducrr Walter S hen son and; scramble by the foursome to 'nose and height? Paul McCart- wrilcr Alun Owen wisely chose to forgo any semblance of a plot. And they , portray John, Phil, George and Ringo (that's escape their following and board Iney is puckish and refreshing. a train. It ends with a television and 'John Lennon and George performance which pours forth Harrison do ' well in the more-1 enough of their twangy chanorless straight roles.- ' i I I BASELINE ROAD AND W00DR0FFE AVE. QUEENS WAY EAST AT BLAIR ROAD a lill kMSVe Ma lai aa . - - . aB taat whaala , I e Caaialatelr aajkst krakaa ta saeara ran eeatrnt , -. e Beaafk mat alwal " kaaruisa v j-'..,-'.'",'.; WET BILL 1 - HIGHWAY DEATHS . , SULPHUR FOUND ... VICTORIA (CPl-The Liquor ROME AP) -- Highway NEW ORLEANS - C r e I Control Board ol B.C. mid tl 17.- deaths in Italy averaged more , drilling lor oil wjere the first f16, ' I22.U worib of wines, spirits ! than one an hour during the 4- at a rapid clip. The wuecracks , M,rih p.,,,,,, Fjly werli ,epmed among the Beatles their han-1 most J33.004.IW0 against profits (killed as thousands travelled to " dlers. grandpa and various by-(last year of 101,000.000. beaches and mountains ' slanders are sometimes loo fast ; What imoels the fhmsv craft and nrrasmnatlv.tnn British 'an along Is the introduction of the ; to comprehend. The comedy fol to discover Uphur along (ha Gull ol Mexico in about 1900. Nebraska has had a unicamer- af legislature since IS47. Ml OPENiO A.M,,T0 1 0 l,M. DAIIY ' SATURDAY 9.30 A.M. TO 10 P. M. NO DOWN PAYMENT! USE YOUR FREIMAN CHARGA-PLATE NO DOWN PAYMI pr TDE1E m CB ffdio nig (uTanav oin a? na? gums mr oag? w w t nio n?aa m mm SUPER-STRENGTH 1 BES THESE TIRES GUARANTEED BY FREIMAN 'S AGAINST ALL ROAD HAZARDS V v SUPER STRENGTH POUND FOR POUND STRONGER THAN STEEL rafasVfMakjaw - .t aajafafsTaMaasTsaBBW'' ' NOT ECONOMY GRADE TIRES: V BUT I, " . FULL 24-MONTH QUALITY GRADE 750, 14 r- ( 4 A Vmim' : i-s FREE 'INSTALLATION 17IIEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIAL 6.43 - HERE'S WHAT WE DO: correct caster and camber adjust toe-in ant! toe-out . adjust front wheel bearings v adjust torsieai bars on ' Chrysler products . - complete safety parts . ( ."" bwpectiosi ' Phone tor brake ar front-end appointment. KaselUM, 723-MM 4 Queens way, 74t-43t7 '" K0 TRADE IN REQUIRED H . Hsaiil mi, sajajtat 2 ic 13.48 2 br 13.48 2 hr 17.48 2 1" 17.48 2 br 19.48. 2 19.48 221.48 a.' a. finest. A blk tube I - 4 TOD Wl I If y Xyv J I L I V NO THADE-IN V . a , """ UQUtKLO - Wkr settle fee aaa . . sat I S A eaalitr sraa. saw ilm rr I AC 1 I sxs. I 'il! V J'. fe', Volkswagen . Hudson I I ' - f " esw If Chrysler Mercavjr . - 1 f Comet ' Nash I Corvair Oldsmobik V Da Soto - Packard ... . ; X V Dodge Plymouth - v v Pontiac Rambler f Jf Valiant ' Studebaker V ftV T ' " AND) SSOST rOBEION MODELS V S N 1 AH iim Black Take-Tre f t IS I life I takalaa. aa Wkllrwalla SMskMr f ,lf I ' , - 4. . rerjMin j wat mma m wmua 4 'eraataataea sMsraata aealasS all raaa kaiar.a larlua-')., ht- atoaa knrto-aaakaa ssssa. aaactaraa,, c .' .'taewalk) scrawtwr aaa Has 'rata 2BsaraawS kMataaaa atalmt artvrta la warkauaskla a far ika Ma at Iks4re tma.' '. 3 0aaraatea laaaraaca Bar 4l't vsntaairr satisfae-a tlaa. BealacMaaal allawaara katre an tke rinUr nun a'Srat le tra4a-la, pra-rala avat lasarti awrlaS " In tka tnaa bmS. ... BRAKE SERVICE SPECIAL ' ' ALL rOUB WHEBLS ' trar Meat Can! 1 - HERE'S WHAT WE DO: a Ckeek 'Srassa tat Utf aass 1 a rkmk all krake tlaat I v aaa erUneere . e Oaaraatea itf kraka k , lor ss,sae aiilaa AIIY SIZE DATTERY SALE CZ2 yiL?v t.- a : $ H EXCHANGE - . Any six or 11 volt sixes 40 Ut all Cbevroista, - ' '-' Pontlaca, Oodtea, - My aioutha, Fords or Mateors, 1M to IM4. New exclusive silver cobalt added for longer life and instant starts. Full 1-year guarantee. , ' InsUlled free in minutes. SPECIAL FOR VOLKS WAGEN 1S.M Kb. exchange. fK; 1 : I MEE TIBE ROtATION'N-- Maaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaiiaasiiii'sasi n . -- a HEAVY DUTY MUFFLER LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE Installed FrM in 15 Mli A8 ' mofners for Ford, Meteor. Chevrolet and Pontiac. IMt to IMS, single , exhaust. Similar savings on ' all mufflers and nine at I ha K-X'.?'iWn Maria. v BUG SCREEN AND GRAVEL GUARD .27 paalllaa treat a pratMUaai aalaat east sail ItrkM ateeaatt kalat tktaeksi a fikrailan streea ss heavy (aasa steal trass a plastic eevertae ao eattacs aaa kratkata a aSlaiU ta tH bim tan ,

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