The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 9, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAY, APRIL 9, lais THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILL3, PA. PAGE SEYBN. This Corn Will Peel Right Off! "Ctets-If Makes Corns Coma OS Xlie "Banana-Peel" "Way! Why have to flop oa tho floor, squeeze yourself up like the letter ·Z , and with bulging eyes draw your face up into a wrinklj kno while you gougre and pull at the of a tender co-n"* That's Poverty had been common m Jlatan- peculiar blaring notes of a certain cor zas, even before the war, bnt now net which signified that another "Cu- there -were so many beggars la th» b^a coct was about to crow \Yhui In the damp of dewy mornings they heard that bupie they ceased their weaving long enough to cross them selves and whisper a prayer for the souls of those ^ho were on their way to die But this uas the only icspite I they allowed themselves Rosa meditated much upon the con: trast between her present aati her lor mer condition Matanzas was the citj city that nobody undertook to count them. When the refuge* s began to pour in by the thousands and when it became apparent that the govern fflent intended to let them starve the better citizens undertook an effort at relief, but times were hard food wos srarce, and prices high Moreover It soon transpired that the military frowned upon everything like organ Ired charity, and In consequence the t of ber birth and time wns when newcomers were perforce abandoned ^od trod its streets in arrogance and to their own devices These country prtde when sh« had possessed friends people were dumb and terrified at the o v the score among Its rebideats But misfortunes which bad overtaken °* a" 1 these there wns not one to whom thpm, they wandered the streets in **« dared appeal In this, htr hour of aimless bewilderment fearful of what 1 need R ut e ^ en hjtl ^ f e't as'iJCd blow might next befall They were °* meeting sympathy, Lor p-iflr \vft« pure CastlHan arid i t u oulti nev or down She, a \irona TVho^e name wafe t ou« to conjure with, \\hose lineage "was j of the highest' Sho to beg! The I thins was quite impossible One crumb, so taUen, vpou'd ha\e chol ed h**r Rosa preferred to suffer proudh un 1 await tl c hour when hunger or di^rase \\ould it last blot out her immoilts not L^cd to begging and therefore they did not often Itaplou alms but all day long they naked for work for bread, that their little ones ir'tjht live Work, however ^as even ^career than food, and the time aoon came ·when they crouched upon curb** and doorsteps, hopeless beaten silentlv reproachful of those more fortunate tbnn thev Their eves grt-w big and hollow their outstretched hands grew Kaunt find skinny The sound of weeping women and ·'retting babies became a common thing to heir Dog^ and cats became choice articles of diet until they disappeared The pmernrcent d*d supply one quality of 2 or 3 Dropi Applied m » Few Second*-- Thcteano FxuMng or Cutting ' GeU-It" Alw.y, Work.! the old savage way Gets-It tft the modern painless simple way Ixjan over and put two drops oi **Gets-U on the corn, put your stocking; and shjJe r ght on atain. and /orgct the corn, Pii- is eased 'Gels-It ' has revolutionized the treatment of corns. It n e v e r irritates tho true lesh lou II atop limping on the Hide of o u r shoe and do awa with greass salves bundlins bandis-es thick plasters -uid palnTul methods Use 'Gets It It s common sens* *Gets-It" la sold by all druE'Siats (you need paj no more t h n n 2o ccntsj or it will be aent direct by E Lawrence . Co Chicago 111 b t i J i ccune]]H\lll« anil recommcntl fr3 t r o w o i J J s bC7t corn r t m e d j l; I n u i hres ]rji" ( u A A L'u Lc Cun i JfiMl e 1 / u°- CO of happy uuys and end th s nightmare misery Then too, she dreaded any r s o* discovtry b\ Mirio de CIISC.IDO, \viir \-ah a hard, %maicu\e man His part jng words had sho **n her that b*- ·\\ould nes-er focg ve the slight she hsd put upon him, and bhe aid not wish to Ouce Ro 1 - j siv, him on her \\u$ to Im% a fe\\ ceatavos worth of sweet potatoes, he «ra*i hutid'td lu !ns vktona a huge food however at Interval* it distnb ' put his threat 1 - to the tCi-c. uted yucca root* But The«e v ere starch* and almost indigestible rom eating them the children CTCW pi ache.d In limb an£ face, while thcl- abdomen 1 ' bloated hu^elv Matan?-is became peopled with p race of srotesqueh misshapen little f oik** gr omcs wi r 1 ! young bodies but with faces old and rick. Of course disease became epidemic for in the leaky hotels dirt fonred and destitute of any convenience there could be no effort at sanitation Conditions became unspeakable The- chll- r-efi died first, then the aped and. Infine Deaths In the street were not uncommon* nearly ever* 7 im rnine bodies v»ere found beneath th a portales Stanlacr creatures crept to the mar fcet In the hope of beeping i stniy bit of food and some of t'lem lied there between the emptv stalls The death | wagons heavy with the'r dallv freight | rumbled ceaselessly t T irt ugh the j streets adding to tho shmt piles of f unburled corpses outside th · citv Typhoid smnllpor \ell w fever ' raged unchecked The hosritils were crowded and even in them the commonest necessities were lacking It is believed that men have returned frirn the jjfftve but no one oitho Spin!! vtl or Cuban had ever bcpn. known to return from one of these resthouse* and in consequence those wbo were strlcfeen preferred to remain and to "Me among their dear ones Yes Matan?ns was piclfied TVnv Icr's boast was true Jsowhpre In the entire province was a field In cultl- \atlon, nowhere outside the garrl soned towns, was n house l"ft stand in:* Xor was the city of Ma^anzas the only concentration camp there were others dotted th-ouTMh Snrta Clira Habana and Pmar del Rio In them half a million people cn**d for food Truly no rebellious land was ever tin^ pool of scum \ as In the bottoca Vftrr a long scmttnv the K^rl nroae, convipcwl at lust cf hi r brotht r h d lu sioo find \nq;nelv ashnnKti of her own credulity No if e%er thiro hod b a treasure it was hiddea elsewhp ,,!' of value that this well coutnined for KOMI \\at her tnemorv of a happiness departed Of such memorif^ the well, the whole plice was brimful litre, as a child she hod^oinpel *lth C-,te- ban Here as a plrl she hntl dreamed her flr^rc d-eam.s nad here O Rellh her smiling kn!?ht, had found hor lonrf**r ?.$ the- \eri spot whore lie had held htr in his arm 1 * and hepped In - to a^r't the day of his return Well she had waited. But wi« that Kosa Varona who had promised so freely and so confidently this pitLfnl Rosa whose bones protruded thrnngh her rn^s? It could not he Hiipjilness contentment hope-these were fictions, only misery de- spfttr iinil piln «ero retil Rat It htid been u glorious dcenm nt mj rate--a dream which Itoda vowed to cherish sJ ways. TO BE CONT1NLU) WISE PATRIOTISM Everybody knows that patriotism is the highest virtue. Without patriotism life is an empty meaningless waste. The highest form of patriotism in these days is, of course, doing everything possibk to co-operate with the Government in its one great task rtf winning the war and making the world safe for democracy. This means buying LIBERTY BONDS and buying them NOW. Remember that when you buy LIBERTY BONDS you are not only being patriotic, but you are also being wise because you are buying the very finest kind of an investment--United States Government Bonds that pay liberal interest and are guaranteed by die richest nation in the world. Therefore Buy Liberty Bonds And buy tbem now from any bank URBAN FABER MAY BE SAVED TO WHITE SOX bladder of flesh, and- he rnde the stretta deaf to the plaints of starving l children blind to the imstr} of beseeching mothers Rosa shrank into j a doorway and Crew her tattered shawl j doser over her face for fear Don Ma, , , - , .. ... ' rio luigfat recognize in this misshapen more completely pacified than this no boly ^ m ttese piMheJ dlsco!ore(1 people's spirits ever more completely " crashed Into Matanzas, city of beggary and death, came Rosa Varona and ner two negro companions looking lor relief They made the journey without mishap, for tfley were too destitute to warrant plundering, and R j»a's cUs- gnlsc concealed -what charms remained to hi r But once they had entered the city, what an awakemn?' What suf ferins, what poverty, what rags they t»w r The three of tbem grew weak with dismay at the horror of It all; but there was no retreat. Asensio built a makeshift shelter rlo«*e under La Cmnbre--from flt the nuns of the (Juinta de Esteban were risible--and there they settled down to ETC. They had hoped to lose themselves among the other prisoners, and In this they were successful for none of Ofeir miserable neiglibors were in any condition to notice them, and there was nothing sufficiently con- splcoons abont two tattered blacks and their hnnchbacked dacgnter to draw attention from the soloicrs Asensio foraged zealously and at first he managed somehow to secnre features the beauteous blossom he had craved I*or did she forget Colonel Cobo. The man's memory haunted her asleep and awake , of him she was most desperately afraid. "When for the first time "=he saw him riding at the head of tils cut throats she was like to swoon in her tracks, and for a whole day thereafter she cowered in the hut, tiembling at every sound. In these dark hours she recalled the stories of the old Varona treasure and Esteban's, Interesting theory of its whereabouts, but ihe could not bring herself to put much faith In either Ofi course it was barely possible that there was indeed a treasure, and even that Esteban s surmise had been correct. But It n\os ifttle more than a remote possibility Distance lends a rosy UBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by S l"l f^f^ ^^f^^ 9 ^ ILJI1-»C^ C7 4,1^1. « as a patrioiic corrfribution ·towards winning the war v. o ,/ DELAY IS DANGEROUS DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our otfice from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127^ W. Main St., Connellsville, Pa. I t v o u U t \ n tin\ cl i "ic Mrm of f cn i -f (*D not ··xi*"' t I D , t r 1 or it w ou any irt-iln ent f o i If n i s u r f ^*» l o u . d ^ o u r (1 i-t, tn brc t L r-'iro if it l^ tr of i si \ tna. 4 he liua i un L! 1 to m rt ns it ind throve u tnti that t h r o u g h p r o j t u r o muir be iEdert in the | U ( 1 I ri,rr L]\c disease to 'tm-cltf. n rk ou » ncd Thl" L« p n r t ci to discus of t h o ilr is h" nctutls osthmii V» 3iy c?rr thorn o 1 " color to reality to onr moit absurd Imagining; bnt like the hare that tints a far-off landscape it dissolves upon approach. Now that Rosa -was here in sight of the ruined qninta itself her hopes and half beliefs faded More than once she wns tempted to j ^ ^ cc».fide In Evangelina and Astnsio bnt. enough food for Jus little family- One ! she thoueht better of It. Although bhe day the soldiers seized him and put P nt Implicit faith In Bvongelina's dis- ! Mm to -wort on the fortifications along cretion, she knew thit Asensio was not witt a gang of other men who ap- fw sort of fellow to be busted with a penred "strong enongh to stand hard ' secret of Rreat magnitude-- be was labor Asensio was not paid for this,', boastful, talkative excitable. he was but he was allowed one meal a day, J ust tne sort *° bring destruction upon and he succeeded In bringing home I a " of them - Jtoss h!tl3 sufficient mtel- each night a share of his allotment | llgence to realize that e«m Sf i-he -found It is surpnsing how little nourishment will snstaln life. Rosa and her two fnenis had long felt the pinch of hrnnger, bnt now they plumbed new depths of privation, for UK re were days when Asensio and bis fellow conscripts received nothing at alL Aftar a time Evangelism began maliag baskets and weaving palm-leaf hats, T^hlch led Jouraan urst nasemnn mav bp lo^t to tin. tt hltt box in tin new draft hut there s i good clmnc* t!i it Urban / ab( " die p tcher u h o %\on tin, world s pries, iiraj not bo t a k t n until Tune ind poss[bl\ later In that o\cnt T t bpr \sould be saved for sj ii nut^r «Vir the champion 4 , for n good pirt of the American league scli«lule I aber Is In 1 district m which the quota is "aid to liavn been filled Tlie famous hurler miv not be oalleci for se^er^l month*- Jourdan wlio Is sin gle mas not lie so fortui ate In this draft Ills liome Is Nov. Orleans La The \VhltP Sox hive not been r ipppd hard in the raft The r t g n l r r s on the te-uu Hci\e been Iramnne from cill Mo'.t all the worlds champions are mntrled ant! hn\e been placed In class throe oc four Maranvllle Would Fly Unbolt Miramille 1ms umbltlons to qualify ns nil aviator He hopes to get « trnnsfcr from the j p o m u n senlce to ch( flprlnl dtpur^ment Skin Frecdotn at once from the agtmr of Bkmdsea*- Therootliinsr-woah of oils. Try D D D -- II j dlOcrent. «3c «e wxlSllo We erarantec IL hcr r ' lttcr ' s riclies ty "? wcu!(1 «»af *»*« ·»»»*«· ^ a greater men- lce to thc llTes o£ a!l nf tllem Nev «- the ' es3 sho Tlshed to set hcr mlnd at rcst once for " n ToM °8 Evnnsellua wlth her she MTM*^ La Crnnbre one a "T ln ^^ °* roots and T ewtaWc3 Jt turned ont to be a sod erpeneuce {OT both ·"°TMen The negress wept she sold at she cents each. She taught | nolslly at ^ e destruction wrought ty l Bosa the craft, and th(y worl ed from Panl *o Cneto, and Boaa was overcome dawn until dark strlvtag with nimble, br P" 1 ^ memories. Little that -nas tireless fingers to supplement isenslo's rations and postpone starva T ion But by famUiar remained, evidence of Cue-' to's all-devouring greed spoke from the i It was a hopeless task. Other nimble 'pTMn' 1 "!: furro»s his men had dag, flngeri worked as tirelessly as tneirs, from tne naked trees f»W h "1 f e»ed ·ntl the demand for hatg was limited. ana pllo1 In ordcrl7 hea P s . from the Their hut o\erlooked the ro-ad to Sen Severina, that Via Iolorosa on which condemned prisoners were marched out to execution and in time the women learned to reco^ai** the stones and.mortar of the house Itselfc The well remained' although It had been planked o\er bnt It «as par-tally filled up with rubbish, as Rosa discovered when she peered Into it Only a PR. K. W. 3TACIfE\zrE SPECIALIST Chnnir disc ises o£ rion and women DiseaBeB r f the blad der ard kidneys wea tncsff ind OTses su ce^sCullj treated'* of the skin, worn out run derwn or women no m a t t e r w h a t j o u r ailment maj be call it costs you nothing- Free examin ut o^n Here In "V onr Home Tovrn LJACII IV BOA BSD All O\X.\ N B\\ ST \.G HO rrij 114 H PlttHbnr* S* CnnnclN^Ille HourH D A M t o 0 P f l l . moro H k p l U I ! c-irrj Ins" j o j hf rt h f t re v o u r thn Delu\f« ire cii n o t h i n g t be l i r l j ajipllc-ibl pTSHiMje 1 * s u c h chroni cnuf.h^ \ D 151 TMl PPOOF of 0k il ^.nd s b j i i t r o u l d b^ procJiioccl t h i n i r "siilli M a n ptopl in t h H i l c i n 13 rf now I u n d e r i T i ' m e n t -in J ah ar* loud in h i n I priNa. Snnio r* 1 mirk n h r ' ^ u t t i I n j ei^"H s u p p o f e v d LO bi I n f t i r n b l e hn.\-" fi'r- Ld^ been o b t a i n e d N* v\ m e t h o d 0 tho r e ^ u l L of t h f t I itest rpseirch i n SClf-icf. o b t i i n i result 1 ? ^ h rh T, fr-rt i^ivr 1 ! tt,o w o u d m.%o b,«en clas^pcl ·· m i n t "s nisi \srs o- " H r ^TOMACFi A N T r n J R ibM) u l c l j r ^ l l e v (1 ind t i v( l«on-* of i V p ii»t*s.sp coniplettlv c i n i n i t t d f r o u In *-% stem bs t h e n » «n I bet er re itm* 1 H N ^ J n i u r l n i "u.(Uci.Uon. NO P M N M I O P i n \ n \ I i THE VTM7 \ T no icid p r a i " no UT t l c h u r n i i i K nr i x J T f n e n t l n c : ~\rr\( i dis" iici T " t h i i i ind dHense« of iji ··torn tch ·=-!! o'i'sf U h r Tt^d in f i r t a r and a I (Us IMPS t h i t cin be lielp^il or c u r e d NOT! -- p t x t u n t * . n a m ^ H ere p u J lislied b j \\ rltLen. ct nnei t, o n l v a nl t OCT.UP" W f DO C L R I an I PROVF IT v o u rtn no h i ^ f to tultf* ihe u fLien c n t s nf n u r p a d jilt e r t i s i men t* ilc tie foi nn% HI M \BK VBLU CV TLI S Se t ur p n t i t n l « J o r thpni t f l i ^ o u \ n o l h e - i n p o m n t thmp 1 for y n u to k n o w ]* t h i t \ ou «M 1 M VTA^S find Till- T ^ N T T F O SPT Cl MOISTS SOBBCR when % JU CJ.U .I\ ing 1 reliable ser^ let and T H i i l t ^ ind o u ne«sd o n l v ;i ly us ^i j ou fr«t \\ el! Cnnn4-IlHvillc Patient Speak* Fdr three jeirs I had be^n t i o u b ed w i t h ilmrtnp^s of brealh I \""uld ^et so bnd it n i ^ h t 1 could r\pt ·* GCP v i n ? d o w n I v , o u i l havs ^o sit \ip wlUi p i l l o w s b e h i n d mf 1 T fcK ill i\*ak and run dow n find d d not -seem t ha\ o i r t y s t n n«th met n i icr u n t nl mv ige thought mv t i t n o for thl 1 ' v, orld wi i ihoi t J c illod upon Tlif United "Medical Sprcm i^Lu imi i f t c r a m o n t h in 1 i 1 ilf of f i a t m c n t I im EeelinRT fine iiul v o r k l n j , c \ e r v dj,j ( S i ^ n t d ) I »· PATH RSON t Ehsou V\ n u c South C o n n i - l l s v i l l c P i F(M*!« IMffcrrni ^ow t had been -ick f r (ho \pivr 1 - i\ Uh i bid i is oC Btom u h 1 i d n e % and bladder trouble t ^ en to T h e United Specialists for tre it men t ind am nnv. f e e l i n p in first cl iss ih i e (Signed) 1) W ID S P R L I F r R F D 1 u r c c n s b i i r r Pi Ifnri Hc«*» i l t k l* ^ c u r * I or 12 i ears I hid hnen troubled M itli fievrjie ht-ftt aches ji/7ine^s ^ ultl bicivicliG \ e"\ bnd had no ippc l tf a.nd-in btomach \\ is in i 1 i J c n n d i U t n 1 \va** w e a k and -un d i w n crukl n i t sleep p;ood a t l [ j u as a n c VOUH \ v r c L k and could do \ e y l i u l c work 1 had become dl^-couru^c-d -\\h I Ment t) The I nitcd ^tedital Str^. il itt \ for vrr \tmenL Tod iy I £tM st on^ j md w e l l ha\ e g-aincd JO po ndb do all my ov n. T\ ork and al mv fornn-i troubles Jiai e pone ' Sifrned) "MRS MAGGIC JOLliTT F llopv, ood F i l u e s d i j e\(.r\ \ v u e k ^ A "M o 8 P M Baltimore House nc u B O station i join second floor L,\er\ \ e d n o s d a ^ ind S a t u r d a y a Lxitiaii^c Hotel L n i u n t o - \ s n Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are alike! There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately in · · Finer materials in this popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For Gomnelisville Special Beer at Hotels, Cafes, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME

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