The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1980. Oft?* fittilg ilt! COnilfiJH. CO., I'libllxhcr*. li/KNUY H. SNlSTDEK. Prc: tdent and Editor, 1870-1010. MItb". K. M. SNY-DKR. 1't e v i d e n t , 1» 10-1022. JASIUS J. imisooix, I ' i c ' i t c l c i i l and t i o n o r a l Maiuger. · r. C. E D M U N D S O N , Vice-President. .MISS K. A DONliGAN, -er.u-ota.ry and Treasurer. JOHN L. DANS, jUunagLm; Editor. WALTER S. STIMilEI* City Editor. illSS I.YNNK B. KINCELU Society Editor. MEMBER OF A m e r i c a n N e w s p a p e r Publishers Association. B u r e a u ot Civcu'.atlon. Perm s y l v a n la N e w s p a p e r Publisher* Association. " Two c e n t s por copy; soc per month; $3.00 p;r y e a r by mall It paid in Q(I - vnnco, 12c i'er week by e a r r l e t . i Kntc.-vil as second class matter at tha p u s t o f h c o , C o i u i o l l s v l l l e . FJIIDAY EYKMNfi, JAN. 24, 10GO. CO N XKM.SYIl.LK'S S r.Vf JiaTIBM. As -,i i'oint on tho cw i'orh. I'eniriil As .·· [Joint i»n t h " third of tho four Inink l i n o railroad system.* wltioh vorve tii'.s district, CounolUsviHo is h i o u K U l into direct touch with much tn-tltory not covered by the other lines, and also h a s eo-mpoUtivp eerv- ico to many new mnrkot qeuters. The lines ot the New York Central Svsteiu o\U:uding from JJoton and Now York in the East; Montreal and O t t n t v t t'niiuthi, on tho north: over the wMolo of the northorr. half of New York state and both sides o£ the Hudson Kiver V a l l e y ; Buffalo and all point? on the southern shoie of Lak-o Erie, and n o r t h shore throu'-jh tho Province ot Ontario to Detroit ; thence to Ch.onKO by a niunber £ lines and nortlrvanl to Miu-klnaw; w M t w a r d to tbo ii- twlor of Illinois and to Saint I ,oui»-. f-outhv:ird to Cairo. Louisville, Oinciiniati, Columbus and the i n t e r i o r of Ohio and Illinois; together w i t h a lino extending to Charleston, AVest Virgir.ia, where connection is made with Uio Virginian Railway, sivhiR a southern seaport at Norfolk, the New York Central System supplies direct service between nil of the Great Lakes and t h r o e invportunt ?enpor»*, and joveni the i n t e r v e n i n g country ihor- 3tu~hly. We -tern Pennsylvania is pervert by tho Lake Erie, Franklin Clarion Railroad which joins Lake 1'Jrie with tfie Central rcnnaj'lviiuia coal regions, eastward to Wllliamsport and northward to tho main line of the Central in northern New York. Tho Plltshurg La'io E-rlo, one o£ the pre-mlor railroad-; of the country, brings the Now York Central Into Ptttsfburg aiwl as 1'ar ttouth as the Weat Side, Oonnollsville, which in tho point of" connection vvitth tho V/estern Maryland. Kxtending up the luonongahela VaUey to a junction with tlio Monongahela River, lu which n one-third interest has been awarded the Central, carries this system soit'tn- ward to Fairmont, AVest Vlrglna. OVXT this vast expanse of territory, through, allocation of the BJS-ton Albany, Lho Michigan Central, the Cleveland, CUicinuali, Chicago Saint Ijouis Railroad, the Cincinnati Northern. tho Piltsbui-g Lake Erio, tho !'3vun:\illo, Indianapolis . Torre I tail I I tall way, the V i r p i n i a n Hailway and numoi'oiic : mall line? und uu- cllvid'Xl interests in others, Uio Ne\v York Central will 1x more completely itnlflfJ and better erjiiipped for serr- Ing s^ipperr, than at any previous time In Itr history. Shippers at CouiiellsviUc will thn^ bo p i o v i d c d with very rare opportunities (o make a choice of tha linos over whtc'-i to ship to corupotltlyo points, whik' also being afforded facilities for read ing many centers not- hitherto aeceirsi'ble. These are advantages that wiil jrlv-o Coinie-llsvllle outstanding Import; nco ,as ;i shipping center, the vahu of which will he readily apparent to industry in every form. CHANCES TO snow OUR l?f OUK NEIGHBORS. Judging from the attitude expressed by the citizens o£ Layton and vicinity, with respect to iho proposed improved road f r o m Jacobs Creek bridge to Dawf-ou Driving Park, H is evident that they favor measures that contemplate having tho road Included In tho .State System. Th's ought to ho a h i n t to Connolls- N l l l n hootors, who are members of tli: Hoard of Trade, that they join w i t h tlio people in that section of the cmin y in iirvau^hijj the iileps to bo t:iUei \ s ' t h this cud in view. Such a measure of interest w i l l convey to those citizens Iiu'nrnuitlon of tho roadinesai of Conm-llsvlllo to eooper- nto t itli tlieui in securing (heir much desired I»ipro\eme'U. Ass Is noted tho b u i l d i n g ol' tlui PlUsl-»nrt; X. "\\ L*I V i r g i n i a Kaitro.ul wit! ricre.i--.' t i . i O i 1 in tlij.1 s o c l l o i i , .0) tho v e r y ( . ; t ( a » d i i r i r , i b i H t y of i r u ' l l i v i l U - K t l l i i i . ' in t o u c h oa this · ^ i t i o t i . T o bi-Jiis t t u s a b o u t w i l l not '.·equir much, e t f o r t , i\or will it cons mii v o i much t'.tnc. About all that w o u l d Lo necessary to make a it'ir! w o u U i bo tho a p p o i n t u i e n i of r b p y j s . t f u t a t i v t . i j of the. JUiard of Tracln t o P ' . I I \ \ i i h t h e o l i i z , » u s i n tht* i - l C ' l i i ; ' - f ' . ' ' " . ' , " ' . i i o i o n g l i u u - dtT»i i " 1 ,; ui ;i! . . u.-ai-j.L ami tle- . i l i - \u.^'.i ,i p U K i . ' U i to in 1 p u r s u e d SV UMI i l i f n e o p l o of o u t l y i n g sfc- tious maniU' · i i . - . i e to bo afforded l o a d t.iciS;r. k I\!'.!L:I t h e ) c a n como to I ' o u n c l i - vnU* i " t ' M i l : ' iiuiitl'.^i tmvi fi do t h ' i r t!a'! ; nrt, s-'f i i i h ' i . ' - . i · u n u d ain;^.^ ' -J'a" i f 1- ''.ni", a - v.-,. i ,v- a ;;n.'d »p;- TIM itr.. · i t ' ..i ' i i r ;ii»n,' W i t h !!··· '-M 1 1 !- ',('! N '. ,'n n 1 ' Ul«!3 ^ peojjio, Tlert 1 aro t w o u h ( f i a a s i rm\v !»*· or» thu b." I'.'erj · ; r'or.r.cllsvillo--thi · n - J a t r b i ( ' t v ^k rond u n d th« r o r t c w i i i i i a d . If w5 aro HOR- i n t'i l l »3 w « w i l t M V H n o (no niPEOTl!I IX J r I)fA?T CItKKlf TALL MY. IMiat 1 milr-pvemeut ia the order ol h o - d a y iu Uin Indian Creek Valh- cannot ho i'jiubtod. Closely mion Lhr ssurance t ' J u t the 'peo))l aui t o , h a v e ttwo now i pads, from Xorn|;iilvi1I to Mill Run, n dRciiiltjn luV; beui| reached (o Improve (he- i i U t n f . e i i n l p / n p i i t tutd service- of he Laurel J l i l l 'ik»[ituvtit Company. Tho line Isj to h" r o b u i l i and other 1 nprovomcMitH provided t h a i will give tie eiibhi-ilbcrs batter service. This is f\'\ entirely homo ·eulcrprisi and'has bef n b u i l t for th, v - t:onTOUie«c( of tho clti eiM of t!v- Valley. It is- operated bj local people CO ol! whom have becon ^ subscribers. Kffortti vlli bo made i extend tho r.orvlce and add to tho numfo-e-r deriving benefltf the-refrom. The Vail' y IK thus deniouf.tValing k' 110 outbldi Avorld that the 'best way 1 1 hel-p th ir coman-iHtlty io "by ind'uc- i if? tholr own people to foelp each : iher. CHICAGO'S GREATEST CRIME EAT-0 t ; RA«I'0 SCOUT1.NG. fcScottdnli seems to have taken th« first forward stop among tlu town; of this vioinlty lu encouraging tho Scouting activity ninony the hoys o. 1 tho Mil! T vwn. A local h u n k has offered a cish prize to the Scout luin'- iutr the b e s t ethibltton at the community ox'iosftton to he h«M durlnf: tho Scout Annl vcraary Week, Fcbruarj-' 7 to 13. Phi.s ovont Is to )e glvon such lmtK Unco that it will conc'lud-* with a nioe ini; of S-couia, tholr prfj-oiH \ und frk'iitl i at whU'li H Scout orao'c will IKS in e-senl-pil uii'i tho ward of inoril. b.iflf. ';; w i l l b^ ina(U. AVlth i n t ^rost of thU k i n d JiacUn ·, up t!ic tj;(.ilR Jf is not to bo ut th^t KcMttdalo han h^vo troops nnrl that tho boy. a i e aler.t t* their oprn rtunlttcs to u-nroll as vacancies oc ur. It ia to bo rrgrettod that C-annells.- vllle is no; disposed to show the sunn .spirit in In a t t i t u d e t o w a r d Heou'tinf . Tin 1 - small of Pt'rryopolis i) or-gaulzinp throe- troop; and IH pr-opai Ing to ?ei tbelnnil tlicm -vvitfi outlujf-- lavni. Co i ne-llbvillo o u t f i t to have at least 10 ( 'oo!^ find would wort* t h e rirjht khi of oncoimigciutMil t'ortt- coniing, ai'd youns inim w!io arc ooro- l)de)tt to ; erve UR St'outmasteis \\cta svilliug to take i\i the work. 1C the n 'w chief o£ police measurr.-? up to hlf record and reputation he should lo ab!o to mak-o Crmn-pllsvillo a voritaW ·· "walled" city a g a i n s t tlio ovildooitj if \ v u a t f \ o r kind t h a t n m y Rse-k to ruiko, it th-5 beetle of the r operation! . WOMEN WILL NEVER 1 SUCCEED AS EXECUTIVES SAYS ONE OF HER SEX Tho modern American woman, may succeed in p o l i t i u i , ts a, iialenw-omitn, touchfr, a r t i s t , n. loader in women's orKani/ationf), or an ox«eullvo over a i female personnel, but alie will never eucceed as an "xocutive over malo cmployea, in tli opinion of Eistollo Miss Mendelsohn, hers(3l£ a. pioneer a m o n g Chicago bubinese women, anulyzue her BOX In an article appearing in tho c u r r j n L North American Review and llnd:, it lacking- hi the o«- eeiitiul (lUttlitiOH to make woman an ociu;l factor w-ltit man In the buslnotis worhl. "Shu in not p a n u i n o as a bualness leader," uho dec areti. "She yearne t.o be Uopondonl, but aho must IK indc- pendeut. She JH inscppcible to flattwy, but she nuial b) suspicious of every ooinnlliuent that comeu her way. 3ho l« naturally (ioliclfo-us and maternal, hut ahe dare not display softncee. She llkea to gofisip, but small talk is denied her. As a woman she M emotional, intuitive, irrational, impulsive, at! a bueinotie. 1 a«lor she must be reflective, ttiuilytiial, impartial aiwl im- jjersonal." Some Do's and Dont's In Entertaining Tho Pi o Powers at the Txmrtcn Confercuc all express a '-.!llnjni«ni to r-ofiut-e naval «rmaniont«, l,.a n o r o has yet h d tho courage to c-xproha it In terms £ figures. JVrliaps they ax- wiUing Ui it "George do it." Tho di'lupo of f i t a t i H i i i K and information showered upon fji-u-ntenant Colonel 1'iin may CHUMS hhn to w i s h mat flooi prevention rneasurea hi d Inatf Hod in the Youerli before tlio s r '·cently hold he-tore him. No one at tho Ijondou Naval Co i- l' h:'« susgested that llu- "18-day diot" bo employed as a reducing age-it for orer-j rown navies. Operation Stock Exc bnge May By Her nt« CommifU'o Tadflf Bill HUB Jk-o Acted UIOH. [Jnlil By DAVID I.VWKENClH (Copyi filit 11WO by Tho Courier.) WASH! XG't'ON, Jan. 2-1-- An inquiry into the operation o£ the Block exchange o) tho- country is not lllcoly at this tlmo. Jf any investigation Is i'.t- temptect t will voruc after the tariff bill is oil' «£ the Senate, and it. ia ay no meaEi- certain the fiteptj will Him bo taJten. The In presnion 13 conveyed by members ot tho Senate Banking iiad Currency Oommittoe, soma o£ whom openly s;iy they do not think the 10- cont stoci' market cra«h is sufficiently far away to be viewed in perepeetivo and that at Ihe moment tho business situation would not bo aided by an iu- ciuliiltlon. Tho committee has, under conaidoiu- tlon tbrei separ«to me!is\iri5K by Soca- tors C-hus, King and lirookliart rc- spectUelj. It was plannotl that tho Senate e"mnuttee should irivcHtlgf'to tlie relaf loiitihlp of i^edoial lleeei vo credit to ho bank loans on blocks -and bonds ati 1 that legislation would be oifored \\ icroby the use of such ere lit would bo restricted 1'or this purpono Soutim -nt among a m a j o i i t y of tho members o£ the committee in that nothing r hoiild be attempted now because of he agreement t h a t the tariff shall hav i tho a t l ^ n i l o n of tin 1 Senn o; liut Tvlioi tho tat-ii' gets into eonfr-j encf, wh'eh II. Is i \, pctod will ho in about a i tenth, it dot not look as K a i favorabk vote for «ny regtilutcry i logHlatlcu of this kind wenld lio for h - | 1 coming, 'iidgtng by r h e a t i i t u d c ol'! · most oC t ': Sonatora. 1 Tho S uate mukbn; and Curroi cy t'omm'.tti e has r e c e n t l y luvn glimi r-ome iun memhers and the ommit eo | now it, r. iidlliutiMl ns lollowt- ! P p t t r orln'ck of South I X i i j r t n , ' i-halrmoi , an-l Senators P'lipps of ColoTPdo Brookhart of Iowa, GoMs- ' borough of Maryland, T o w n u e n d of I initleo would nvjKo a report, at an early d n i c ; if tho i n t i u i r y were d u a l l y decided upon, slacij the subject, is so oomplicxitc'ri t h a t it would lake considerable time for a tnorough study £ the facto i .Senator!! w o u l d bi^ guided somewhat by the attitude o£ the mombuiK o£ tho Federal Tti\i«rvo Board 'ItbelV und it w not bclloved tlws boaixl wieheh any Biich ameiulmeul of the Federal Iteeerve A c t , believing it already I)oss5ei-«otj tho power to reatrlet the ut=o ol federal Reserve credit for loaiiH on stocks and bondn. Tho difference !)·- tween -a discretionary and a mandatory power would have to bo argued beforo tho committee ami undoxibtedly members of tho Reserve Board hero, as well nfl dlroctora of federal He- serve Banks, \vould wish to bo heard 11 the matter came to an issue. Indications nre that tho Banking and Currency Committee o£ the Senate will have a lot oi' work in tho noxt several months because the preeisuro for a survey o£ branch aiwl chain banking is growing, as -well as tor some regulation of Investment companies that aro closely related to uatlouul bunks. Not all of thofio who want an invefitigatlon aro concerned w i t h a post-mortem on laot year's ^speculative oni, but somo seniiincnt exists for a t x m s t r i i r t i v o i n n n t r y w h i c h will look toward f o u n d e r b a n k i n g conditions and ii better flyfitem of checking banking operation. Ultra Violet ;lays Should Be Used Only on Advi ;e af Physicians, Says Health Service w i t h its flluwlnatiug virtues -will bo enough to tell n« what people win h a p p ly bo b r o u g h t togetiior and what othe, -! mnsf belong to *}lf- iJorent groupe. Abbe Dlrnnet, writing in tho Mentor :\iagaz!no, says, we way ba oroad-miud'Xl enough never to think oi our gt cats' nationality, polities or religion. But the- desire to make everybody comlortable, or the rear of mailing anybody uncomfortable, will remind us that there Is eucb a thing as prejudice lu'-klng in m a n y people. KVOJI some vantles of prohibitionists or antl-prohibi'onistfi caally become irritated by the vicinity of the antagonistic fipcclff and havo Jo be Jceop apart. Tho UHra wish, 'not to make tho dinner a su :ccss, hut to add to our frlonde' happiness, will reconcile ue to llttlo preciutiojiH which otherwise it t.nrsifl'vi'«i M o l c o r t nf C o n n e c t h i u , ' r Ivan In , nd I!' p u i i i u .D s; | "' l - ' l o i i i i i , , uiinri .f Vlr/.iiuu. \V; f'n-H- "' :xnv ' Yor'.:, i! - K 1 - . n K, n i u o n . i . .'u:nu llv ^.. TOJIIU- Brmt"!! o? .S'l'w .',! x(o -. , jj^ Urook o 1 T'Htr.i'baoo, linrtTjrratu ' OK- ' I ' ru ' v ' ^ovt-, itroun.T the !\tpl.'n! u a i no i t h n t tho · would not ba onoiiKh v- if-, . ot ; cant In rf* of m J r a ' n i v j l n f f i j n / i i i i-i- i COLOR SCHEMES APPLIED TO COAL Portable tyliewriterfi are not the only commercial products to bo colored, with a vi'i'w to incroaBlng their a-ttractlveneas to prospective buyers. The scheme i« "HOW being tried with hard coal. Shippers have been trying blue, purple, and red, as colors for tholr anthracite-. Tho latest attempt Is to give tho substance a chemical bath which makes it glitter.a "coal black," A German process IB used, which has «oda tor a baeo. Tho new process destroys the ruttty appearance which coal acquires aEte-r toing stored 1'or u time. This coal color change is duo to sulphites a m l j settling on tho BurtacQ from the wntor In which tho coal i« washed. "Clean coal" is becoming fho primary objective in tlie mining operations, whore onco Iho slogan was j "tonnage." Production has been s u b - j ordinated to Individuality, in an e f f o r t ) of different coal companies to hold i their own markets. When Passengers Thanked Etrpnemara There nre men today who remember a railroad custom of. many'ywirH ago. When the train pulled into the terminal, thg "paaoengei'o stopped on their ·Rny out io apeak to tho engineman. They thanked him for having 'brought them through thelu, Journey safely. I f ] children accompanied t h e travelers,; (hoy W-M-O introduced and spoke their "Thank you" us well. The engiuome)! wa« like a kindly hott of -whom they tcok their leave. The railroad being a novelty iu tlios-- 1 f!nvH, people realized how i:om- p U ' i f l , ' i l i f i r - l a f i n y dopcndorl on tho t ' l i t - n u ' i i i i u i , a n d so t h e y oxproriflO'I UuMr g i ' i i l l t i u l u In i h U p l o n a a n t i n u n - 11C,'. f l i c ·It'j'vppeRi'unro oi' the I'untora It) l u d l c t i t l v t - i *.«£ t h e t m q u O H l l o n l n r c u n t t - · i i n . - o u l i l f h t h o p n h l l i ' nmv pi,!(··. I n '! n l a l l v e n d d w h l e l i Horvi 1 i ' . iiowBo;v)ers, n commenting on the recent ladio I. 'oadcasl of , Hie Un'iled fcitatee Public Health Service,'; to the. 111 j of light In tho t r t a t m e n t oi dlsea e, unfortunately inisquotal the dervi o an condemning the m-;; of laujjia en .tting ultra-violet raya. It w felt that his miss tat era en I nf facts ia moft' unC. rtunato, for ench lamji^ hftco uufjuostt- uably been shown to be of u r o u t value when used under cor!nin condition;], sayp a utalemeiit issued by th«i lleitlt Service. It ib k n o w n that ighl may have a beneficial etfoct in certain disease*. Homn lleeaae reap ad. to light treatment more readily han others. The response alose depi ada upon tho ee- verlly of the dleea«i , tho state ot immunity, and perBor il Idiosyncrasies. Light hfis DIJOII use I- with benefit Iu certain forai'i of am mia; In the treatment of dJae-iaes d n - - to faulty assimilation, In the defici ncy dteoaaes d u e to jack fit' vitamins; in tiiberculosiii £ bo-iio, joinlfi and glf'ide; for the cure of locol condition*, .n ch aa wounds and ulcers; und for tlir relief of deep- icatpd c u u g e j t l o n , n initis and cortain Kkln dise-tisei-. bigh iti of value in the cure and prevention of rickelfl; it pro- jnotea growth; and It ia of valuo in re-storing tone and function during convalescence from Eoyevo infection. Since tho cimnuii' of natural light from tho HIU , und e puclally its ultraviolet niy content, /nriea with tho geographical loeatl n, the «eaaon oE the year, and stich ! wil couditloJW n« tho amount of dust, smoko aud mol«- l.nro iu the atmofli here under eonic conditions, reliance may ho placed ou sources of artificial radiation. Theen sources are jjonoral" / called lamps, or radiators. There are diff-ere it typos of Jaampa u«ed lor the produ tion of artificial light for therapeutl mirposeg; first, thoae that emit, hea , light, and u l t r a violet raya In appro ;lmatoly the eamo proportion aa sunli' lit; second, thoeo lu whleli u l t r a - v i o l r : rays predominate; and third, th 30 that emit light and heal, bul .little ultra-violet ligW. Tho lamps of tl i first typo havo white hot fllamcn 9, or electrodes, which radiate light nd heat, and havo also Incandescent n'jrcury vapor, or a carbon arc, which r- diateo ultra-violet raya. In thfae lainj 3 tho incandescent Abe Martin T.'u rj' l l j - i l t lu I) p« u " n " a l ) 1 ) '' t / v ' 1 ' v 1 AIM f' clvii' pi kin i T t I n a f l c r r' m n n , lull. 1 rtu f ' n l . o v w h n u t t ( * n f l - i H l r l r l l v td h U f t n l u u i i v - H H .1 ' p.5'« h''* 'Jel'fn t" mercury vapor, or tho carbon arc, is shielded from tha person using it by a. globe, or plats,, of n. upeclal Idud of glass which cata off tho very short ultra-violet rays which might be harmful. These lamps aro eo designed that the tiltra-vlolot, light and heat radiations emitted by thorn are combined, as neaily ae possible, in the same proportions es In natural sunlight. Since tho radiation from them Is very similar to sunlight, they may, to a certain extent, be used in place of, or tv* a substitute for, sunlight. If these lamps are to be used i u ' the treatment of any dinoaso or over long continued periods of axpoeure, one ehould have the advice of a coupe tout physician. At all times caution must be observed In exposing one's self to any lamp. When using these lamps it may bs tiocoseary to iiuo goggl«) to protect tho eyes. Tho tsocoiul typo of lamp, Bitch tut tho unscreened mercury vapor, or th« unscreened carbon arc lamp, besMwi light, heat, and antirachite ultraviolet rayu, emits a largo amount of ultra-violet rayo of very short wove length. Such Uimpa should only be used upon the advice and undor the direction of a physician. The large amount of antiraehitdb ultra-violet light omitted by them makes them very useful when operated by tho physician, but dangerotiti when used by thu layman without tho advice of a physician. For tho same reaeou such lamps should never be used without goggl"n to protect Uio eyea. Excessive or improper use ot ultra-violet rays may cam so serious Injury to tho, injury to_ the skin, serious symptoms In persona ·with low blood preusure, and unfavorable effects in persona with early tuborculoete. Exposure to utrci- vlolet radiation may caueo resUesanose and, in ovordo'ses, anemia. Severe burns aro also sometimes experienced. The third type of lamp is similar to tho ordinary Incandescent lamp used in -electric lighting 1 . It emlte 7jot)i light and heat. The very small amount of ultra-volet light emitted by it is of long \vavo length and ia neg- llgiblo In quantity. Tho rays of light and heat from these lamps heat tho Kkin and tho auporilcial tlseues. They have been, found to be useful in tho ·treatment-of rheumatism aud similar troubles. The only danger from them ia that of a burn such an would bo experienced by exposing the skin in front of a hot fire. It will bo evident from thte discussion of tho different typos of lauin.-j in iiho that, a lamp that would bo useful for ono purpose would not bo ueeful for another, and indeed might hrivo a harmful effect. It is evident, that, a person without medical training tihould not select and use a lamp at r a n d o m , but before purchasing and Ufjing a lamp should consult, his physician. might seem to be unworthy of infeUt* gout people. Kindness will jiliio help native tact in MiggpstiiiB how much or how 1111 la g u c b t h should be lett U tlK-mso VCB. Kngllfih hospitality, w h i c h complete freedom tuakPH so d e l i g t l n l , uood . itfi own «;urruinling3 to )r ,w e b . u i i i n K as It often ia and would ner-ni can-less In America. On the oilier hand, : onid American ho«tti, wlih the kindest intentions, overdo )iospi!.illty'io tlir extent of not leaving their guests III erty enough. A few tnontbti ago I met a .New York friend of mine, a rnau of .'!' endowed with plenty of wit and a n a t u r a l i n c l i n a t i o n to .show it. Ho looked pala and dejected. A rich influential per- \ son, much hifi senior, had asked lilin to his country iKnise in Rhode Inland and from a fiheor drsirn to h hospitable and entertaining' had talked down this almost professional tx.l^o* * till 8 o'clock In the niomlng. HOLLYWOOD WARNS AGAINST 18-DAY DIET 1C you ere si ill on thai, 18-day dick, "Hollywood dlot," -or whatever jiaroa you may know It, drop H! Holly vood han dropped It, disowned It, after a bitter experience--And that lias no reference to grapefruit. "Milk Is as popular as graprfruit used to be," miys a photoplay mag iz!n» correspondent. "Many of Iho girls were put ou a baby food diet to oun- toraet the effect n of t h e reducing method. The pounds had fallen oK undor Urn diet, It Is t r u e , but the !©sr o£ten finished up in a hxwpital. "Hollywood physicians have w*.rno4 (holr patlentu'against the diet. Tha vary women who onoo ware incut la favor oC 14. hava warned their fne-uda to lot It alone. And tho restau -anta hav-e thrown out all their menu- describing it." Holly wood still reduces, but no;, that way. Swedish masseuses are as ;iopu- lar as handeoino men. Tho stores havo given, over their host window ditplayn to now vibrators and reducing machines. Many of the girls are- t iking courses of eyBtematlc exorctaes. Many of them aro dieting. But they an doing it undor a dootor'rj care this time. Patronize those who advertise. Paper Fnces Charges VIENNA, Jau, 23-- Within a period of two months nine different ehargpa o£ high treason have beon lodged agtiinst the Vienna communist jiewe- paper, Die Rote Fahne {The Red Flag) tho Austrian press law being so liberal that confiscation even of iiflivapauers which print tvaationabta artloltv, in impossible. Situation Probably the maddest women Jn Missouri recently wus Jha ono who tnolt her hnsbnriii by tho ear and led him o v p r to the piano to show him R new bum he hnd mode on that uselul a f1r»(irati-e ahiV « - ' * You arrive at your shopping engagements on rime, for traffic and parking evils don't make you late. Try the electric cars and see how quickly and conveniently you can arrive for your appointments. ES.aiIw.ays A.t no time would tho car owner more appreciate good, dependable tires than in winter with its seven- cold, BI ow, and slush. Freedom from "tiro trouble" i f , then ii'OBt cQaifoHinjg. You cannot buy bolter tiref. than, tl'ose of the largest and host known manufacturers. .At our sloros you will find only the best knowr brands o1' tires--no unljnown brands, at rldiculoui. prices, which arc high-priced no matter what priori you pa /. Otr prices on these standard brands will be found lower han the samo identical tiro JH sold elsewhere. Maximum volume purchases means lowest possible prices, which advantage we extend to the consumer. Make your winter driving safe with chains. W". carry iheni, together with a full line of other moto · ioH, batteries, .^UKoliiie, oil, grease, etc. P«nn«""Ivn i nl"

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