The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 14
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 14
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14 Zcll Me There sre to many new yn-tbetic fiber on lh market that you probably wouldn't van ba abla taname thpwjalrl But tb beit yfcnown am) the fint of Um truf .yfrthtie flberi was nylon. 1 1 Invention jwa Announced to the world ft .11)1. Nylon It mod from four 'common elemenisr cvbon, hydrogen, nitrogen. 10 okygeil Tbes are all found? hi nature, free H combined. For example, there I it hydrogen and carbon In coal, nitroien and oxygen In air, and hydrogen In water.. The beile material! in nylon SHEAFFER EcwtOfT' Shehif2t: i quali)yin$ mm ..: : ,. .'v ' ;- -T ! tunotn- earfoldttlpU h tnolnBtrBd to - tol)ranc or . ? 110,000 of an t ; Inch to onsuro '.V; VttettRrolU-Cr SHEAFFER Is ' tour Shtmfltr ftn Deafer THE DAVIS AGENCY! ' tM Spark Stmt , ' Cartlareeeel Plaxa : "- . aa4 ;:; Btntap Bridge fUxa DESMARAIS& ROSITAIUE LIMITED IM Bldeaa ft SU-TtM EYANS & KERT LIMITED Itt Queen Street BOUngs Bridge Plan v i XU-I7BI ROBERTSON j! stationerVI Iil'we0lnfto " J . TM B8W . What Is Nylon? Hi tht IS-volume Britannic Junior Kncyclopedta or Mckool and home.' Send your qutttlont, namt. agt, tddrtu to "Tett Me Wh$r ear of Th Ottawa Journak In cat o duplicate quettiont, th author will decide tht winner. Today" wtnntr It: Otorg Lenbart. IS, Warrou), Ontario. By A. LEOKUM are found in natural "gas. petroleum, oat null, and corn cob. Th element oxygen and oarban will-.combine to form bNnce known a', compounds. Compqund r mda ol group ol owment'. celled molecules, y ; .'. ; ' .-"Nylon It 'Armed by hooking, two , different kind oi- mole cule together1 jo form larger, larger . raolecale. ;,Th - mole cule iued to make nylon are called "adiplc, acid" and "hex- amethylene diamine." Tket two chemical unite to form a material called "nylon alt." When nylon alt I heated in a large pressure . cooker, the molecule of th al hook to gether to form a long.dhatn of morecate called .a "polymer, TJif potymer U whit solid .t roonr .temperature' bpi. melte to Vjhlrfk llauid wh4 hilA ' Nylon' fiber rtttV bv.Thrd-TC uav Miiaxf nyw J, H I through jny IMpri Mt '..W 41k.pekdlk'l iilf -, spirt. nafet.'Ae the -liwrAiti' dr tfnv nsfettheYre.fcrS- WoJM'jtnd itlkWUiiaV har4 Tkt7l. III. not ready .'for me. .Ji mu'it e tretcnea tnree or original v length to give H (tretgttt. and.elaiticlry. That trtngm Mi nylon mean that iraffrici mad from It don't wear out eiwilfcY.' :-. , Nylon fabric, era alio eailte lwaihed and, dry out .Quickly. rryion t ined M 'evt'ytwr from uit and dreM to parachute and locking. u tj.t ,;--; ...;:':' '.' ruN:ToE ; , Tk Chackle B i Mom: Billy, did you lake a bath? ; Vv Billy:- No, MomVb there one toii? . . y. ;Jack:;om,;faii,.i: bay ; an k Mooir' Yoa hnt ata kmch 'j Jacki I know, but an apple a day keepa the dootneveiiray ; and I JUtv bieTllrivwmdew,. Win a' Britannica Junior tor Writing About j , "lee Year From New' THE WORLD , OF TOMORROW What do you ihtnk life will be Ilka IN years from now? Write it, short letter about ft and you may win 4 II .- volume set of Britannica ' Junior Encyclopae dia, Important entile mutt be addressed "100 Year" Tell Me Why, and give your name, age. and address, 1 ' , V Win th tritannle World Atla or Tear boo 0 Mvnt$. tnd tour riddle, foktt to: Ktddl, Joke. TU. M Whit"-. Today" winner it: Dtmttrla Crow. IJ, Decatur, Alabama q : ., tilleyfield iM ? it & W Team Play Japan Today' WnXIAMSFOBT. Pa, (AP Monterrey, Mas, and Me bn,- AUh won ' opening-round rlctari la th annual Utile League World Sorted Tuesday. ., . , Mooterrey defeated Bartlee We, Okla. 7-1, and Mobile downed Upaante, Calif, S-l. Tb winner wID meat Tbw day hi the semi-final af the slngia . elimination) toum. aseac -'i r.t A ,.'; . Canada' rprenlatl b ' th aighMaam Iwim assent, VaDeyfMd. Quo, plays ks first gam today, aMetmg FREE bus V' Servicslo-f " Track, Leaving . olillM Intel Pme' CetU ' .ItntllaWttVitt ' -lk It t Hera i . v.., ,Tet l Nefel Oelw fWeftx' treated like peasants v , f mki THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 19M Queen's Drivers Quit LONDON (Reutera) Two chauffeur have walked out od Queen Elitabetk on holt-day hi Scotland, alleging " dieval hour and condition. '' They resigned - While ' tb royal family' wai holidaying at It Scottkh bom. Balmoral, and returned to Buckingham Palace, London, to work out their" two weeks' notice. j : ' ' When they tOrned up at lha palace Monday. they were told they were flrf. V One of the chauffeur. Sidney Baker, iV said Monday night: "We resigned from our Jobs a royal "thauf fours, second, clan, because, we were. .1 treated mor like secondtaaa peaaanu. "For bade wage of Cll .) ;,eek" with board and acceimmodation, piu U shilling (U.TS) fixed overtime w had to work up to M hoars a week.' he said be and th other driver agreed te -work out their notices at Balmoral but changed their mmds wherl Junior chauffeur tea sent tn pick up Princ Charle at the station. ' Baker said: "I was sent to pick up the Queen' Mother's lucgage nnd the other driver was put on picking up tbe groceries. 1 do not mmd whether. I'm driving royalty ' v..-: I 1 It V ' I v i-.-.i tv.rr? i! .' tls .1 i , ) , I it 1 favi. .,r V. . : 1 V.i'i ' k ' no-su'. jr Kjit tinnl.. .' c x. . - y ' 1 t ' . I her thirst crave ny:,..r 1 that's c .i ' J wet. But if you wanr l.rr to have U l energy she needs '1 l,r'ng home the-, kind with iugr. , 1 : . . or hones. But 1 working " for royalty I, baaed on protocol,, Te maintain your posltloa you iinut und by it . 1 A palace official said: ""the Queen la at Balmoral, and that I where the chauffeur were needed to. by leaving, they in effect sacked (fired) themselves."" ' ' : , - ' . FIBB AT SAHARA US VECASv Net. (AP)-Fir Tuesday, damaged! the caeino and, show lounge of ihe Sahara Hotel, on of thll desert resort' howplace. ' SotM M . firemen fought the blax wblch one U-mat said ', may 1 have caused II.MA.OM damage. No Injuries V V Queensway Crash Injures Three Tare Ottawa teens ear were treated at the Clvle Hospital Tuesday night when they ware injured m two car crash la th wast-bound lane of tbe Queeniwny - near jh Parkdalt Avnu Mterchange.v " - . f ' - Keieaaeo lotwwtng treatment for minor injuries were J ai3 little Jatl A 42 queline FUh. U. ISU Kildonan Avenue: Cathy Carioto. II, lzS Percy Street and David Wajn- wright, IS, JMJ Cheshire Road Battleship' of th U.S. Navy ar named for th states. F. W. ARGUE ustrrao Z TuH Merchant . , N City Centre HM7T7 FIRST SETTLERS:' PROVlbENCE - First settle ment' ks Rhode lafand wa madft mm -1 FIRST STATE ALBANY NewcW rgpk first In tb production of' file by Roger Williams, jfr ltjfc 4"! lypwi". I 1 ' BIB B I If If ( 1 V I U V- mS W Jbs W .4 40 f vi' aw vs ww iu 4 tj ar vw -t i. v. 'a, Bonk Str.Bt hon jC(Sr65S0 Lallan's capital;esc;3Hd :fi VTW wfiei n iti'Riv;TnftR t ,- v.j JtUHIIUI; I Mil IVHIIU VIA AIR , "SEPf . 3rd VIA AIR AND OCT. 9th v .f.S buovi rm wofv ir nsDtr v 'A ALUN'S TRAVEL SERVICE LOTED; U Sparka SU OtUwa ' 2114734; if Teoif1 txperience ,in Ntw YorK ?ors . '. 'ir( - - " 4 -.ji -x " ' ' 4 :.:.';ii:iLcii' let ... -....;-?: r 5m 4 ..-occue'uio C. CiLaeedtotheswiie: s ibr b obby pins. Now she lioni: Irom dahcin jump.on. (Tetcusm-in eel JsXXvVI.V ,MJL Shouldn-tsne chiT fHiiri Irc7 food energy in a well-planned diet 3 i-.,l 'ft r . V" 7'- ' t SAf' ' 't 1,' , 1 9- it ' " i .'.''-'.if";", '. .',f ,r,fc i,; .'tt ft 1 .1 Suar. Qtiick food eniergyi j tiung to hop .8 lanand -v emm, ft m,i,..- J t 4 Sugar more than sweietaessj j It 0 an important source of 7 i i 1 "l ' "1 . . JS GOT WHAT IT.TAICES otic pcrteaspoon-andJfs aUJoodJ&i$rg$ !,!,. Suftsr Information, Inc.-Canad 7 ll . 7 H V. h

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