The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 5, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1939
Page 8
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I'AGU K1UHT. THE DAILY COTJTITER. CONNELl.SVTL'LB. PA. THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 1933. ML PLEASANT BOARD TO AID LIBRARY BODY .Will Sponsor Project to Secure Needed Assistance From WPA. WILL USE ROOM IN SCHOOLHOUSE Cause of Goebbels Whipping? Special to The Courier MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 5,-The Mount Pleasant Board of Education will sponsor the Mount Pleasant .· Library Association and has granted it the use of a room m the' First _ Ward school building. This sanction ". was given the venture at'the'Tuos- day night meeting. It has been estimated that S800 " will be necessary to completely equip and furnish n suitable loom. It'was thought, at a prcvious^datc, ' that a WPA grant might be gotten for at least two-thirds of this . amount. In order to obtain the grant - it was necessary that the board, as " owners of the building, sponsor the - movement. ·- Tho association was permanently -'· formed last April and is composed ' of representatives of various civic - groups, and other interested citizens. - Bev. V. O. Barnhart, chairman of - the Library Association, will call a ; meeting at an early date to make ·. preparations to get the opening under way. Compensation insurance for all employes of the school was given the ~ S. C. Stevenson Company. ~ Hussell Myers 1 , secretary of the - board, was authorized to attend the -" Stale convention ot school directors - to be held in Harrisburg February 2, 3 and 4. The WPA sewing project, which contemplated moving from the Church Street building before Janu. ary 10, will be given two different rooms in the building, and will continue to occupy the building for a time at least. Zundell Auxiliary Meets. The auxiliary of James E. Zundell Post, American Legion, meeting Tuesday evening in the Legion rooms, gave a report on the Christmas activities of the unit as follows: Ten baskets given to families whose husbands are under hospitalization; six boxes sent to the Coatesville Hospital; 50 nut cups made by the juniors, sent to the Perrys Point hospital. In adidtion to the standing delegates, Mrs. Edward Grider, Mrs. William Queer and Mrs. Harry Fidler, Mrs. Pearl Thursfbn and Mrs. W. W. Washabau were chosen delegates to the county council meeting to be held Tuesday in Grecnsburg. Tho 35 women present enjoyed a social hour with refreshments after the business meeting. Mrs. Roy Olinger was social chairman. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, February 7. Auxiliary Visits Bakery. Representing the Junior Auxiliary to James E. Zundell Post, 18 girls visited the Mount Pleasant Bakery Wednesday evening, going through the plant and seeing bread in the making from the mixing to the oven. After the trip the guests were served with doughnuts.' With the juniors were Mrs. Harry Fidler and Mrs. William Queer, The juniors will meet at 6:15 o'clock Monday evening to attend the swim class at the Scottdale Y. M. C. A., and at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening for the regular business session. Union Y. I*. Service. The union week of prayer service last evening was held In the United Berthren Church with Rev. J. E. -Hartman, pastor of tho Reunion Presbyterian Church, as speaker. As Sunday evening's service will be at the Church of God, a union .Young People's service will be held , at 6:30 o'clock at the church, with Charles Thompson, president of the ..Church of God Young People's unit, "presiding and Mrs. George L. Bayha of the Methodist Episcopal Church ~«as the speaker. The Ramsay High School sextet will furnish music. ; Entertain Card Club. J Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bergman entertained the card club of which · they are members at their home .Tuesday evening. Two tables of cards were brought into play. Mrs. Edward Gridlcr won first prize. Twin Sons Bom. Twin boys were born at 10:40 o'clock Wednesday night at Frlck SCOTTDALE OFFERS LIEN SETTLEMENT Property Owners May Pay Slow and Avoid Interest Costs. OTHER ITEMS OF IN EREST When friends of Gnstav Froclich, German actor and husband of beautiful Lida Baarova (above), allccedly found Propaganda Minister Joseph, Goebbels in her Berlin apartment, they ore reported to have beaten the Nazi official mercilessly, according to stories from abroad. Froclich was thrown into a concentration camp last October after challenging Gocbbcla to a duel because of his attentions to the octrcsa. Size of Pocket Knives Would Be Restricted By A l l e g h e n y P r o s e c u t o r International News Service. PITTSBURGH, Jan. 5.--If District Attorney Andrew T. Park has his way, the State Legislature may be called upon in the near future to limit the size of pocket knives carried by John Q. Citizen in Pennsylvania. The Idea was first advanced by Howard C. McKinney, director 6f the Pittsburgh Police Department's 'friendly service bureau for crime protection," who pointed out that overgrown pocket knives were the weapons most frequently - used in attacks and cuttings. Park promised to do what he could to bring the matter to_the" attention of the lawmakers. His request will be that the solons limit the size ot any pocket knife to nboul three inches--more than the sbc of any ordinary picket knife--and that any' thing over that be classified as a dangerous and concealed weapon. The only leeway permissible, under the law he contemplates, would be for hunters and sportsmen, who would be allowed to carry* larger knives if they had their hunting licenses with them. The law would ban the sale of stilettoes completely. Thus, Park and McKinney hope to eliminate j many minor crimes by nipping them at their source, by outlawing the favored weapon. Expelled Broker Memorial Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zavatsky of Southwest. The mother and both sons are getting along nicely. Joseph A. Sisto, hcnd of the brokerage firm bearing hu name, was expelled as a member of the New York Stock Exchange following charges of improper dealings with the Sisto Financial Corp., of which he "Ns'as president. The Sisto brokerage firm was suspended from the Exchange ia 1930 after he filed a petition of insolvency. Colgate Boosts Ovmanskl, HAMILTON, N. Y., Jan. 5.--Twcn iy-fivc of the 26 Colgate footbal players who got into the Holy Cros game picked Bill Osmanski on thei all-opponent team. I. C Hi-Lites Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Jan. 5.--Beginning lis week property owners against ·horn the borough holds liens for aving and other improvements have n opportunity to make settlement or the int. btcdncss without paying merest thereon, if paid within six lonths after January 1. In all 22 persons arc involved and may settle their respective amounts t face plus the costs. The total interest on all amounts about 53,000. The amount out- tanding in liens is $6,100. Memorial Service. The Scottdale Volunteer Fire De- jartment will hold its annual memorial service at 3 o'clock Sun- ay, January 5, at the St. John the Baptist Church. An interesting pro;ram lias been arranged. The spcak- ir will be Rev. P. J. Graney, rector i£ the church. Union Service Speaker. Rev. D. A. Miller, pastor of the Evangelical Church, was speaker at he union service held Wednesday evening at the First Baptist Church. T iis evening's meeting will be held n the Evangelical Church with Rev. E. Luiz, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as speaker. Merchants Meet Jan. 19. The next regular meeting o£ the Merchants' Association will be held January 19. It Is the aim of the merchants to work in conjunction with the town's various civic organizations. Baptist Communion. A communion service will be observed at the First Baptist Church Sunday. Election Dates Fixed. Election dates for various organizations in Scottdale have been set as 'ollows: Lincoln Coal and Coke Company Tuesday, January 10 at 11 o'clock in the morning; First National Bank stockholders between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, January 10, in the banking rooms; Scottdale Cemetery Association at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, January 14; and Scottdale Savings and Trust Company, between the hours of 2 School Resumes. After an enjoyable vacation the students came back to school Tuesday morning. Classes were immediately resumed where they hnd been discontinued for the holidays. Prepare for E\amlnations. Tho boys and gnls of the high school arc busily preparing for the mid-year examinations hincc reading notices on the bulletin boaids. The notices btatcd that examinations be."Ii. Januuiy 24 and end January 27. Junior Pictures Taken. The junior class had its picture taken for the publication of the Immaculnta. They were "shot" on the fiont steps of the convent by Florentine Pistillcu North Union Beats I. C. The North Union quintet defeated the I. C. team, 39-20, Tuesday evening m the North Union High School gymnasium. I. C. plays Friday at Georges township. Seniors Study Letter Writing. The senior English class is now studying letter writing. As many will soon be writing applications for work and entrance into schools, the English teachers think it advisable to place special stress on the subject. Freshmen Receive T. 15. Tests. The freshmen class took the tuberculin test Wednesday moming. Friday the doctor will return to examine their arms. Hcsumc Dissections. Members of the biology class dissected a fish as its first after-Chiist- mas experiment. They like these operations very much, but express the hope that the entire process o dissection will be omitted in the midyear examinations. Sociology Class Reviews Stale. Although an extensive study ha: already been made on the State, a review on the subject has been ordered. and 18. 3 o'clock, Wednesday, January Mrs. Evans' Tuncral. The funeral service for Mrs, Eliza both M. Evans, wife of J. J. Evans merchant of South Conncllsville, wa held Tuesday afternoon at the rcsi dence, corner of Allegheny avenu and Second street, South Connells ville, with Rev. J. S. Biownlee pastor of Firit Baptist Church, of flciating. Burial was made m Hi! Grove Cemetery. Pallbcarc.'s wer Kenneth Long, Charles Miller, J. D Bealty, Charles Landefelt, Bernar Wilhclm and Clair Brocious. Mrs. Evans was born July 4, 186' at Morriston, Wales. She was mar ricd September 2G, 1889, at Swansee Wales and came with her husban to this country September 6, 189E Settling Jlrst at Pittsburgh the Evan family moved to South Connellsvill the following year where Mrs. Evan had since resided. She was a mem ber of the First Baptist Church. Named Administrator. William Ferguson has been named administrator of the Naura Achcffl estate, and the contents of the store in which he was fatally injured, about midnight, December 13, will be offered for sale. It was stated Wednesday by officers who contacted members of the State police working on the case that at present they have not apprehended the guilty parties, nor do they have any definite clues. Junior Red Cross Gains. Tlie Junior Fed Cross in Scottdale shows an enrollment of 365 members, 20 over that of 1937 and with activities which far exceed those of any other year since its organization. Personals. Among Scottdale students returned to studies in different colleges are: Dclorsa Snyder, California State Teachers College; Helen Smith, Indiana Teachers College; Frances Henderson, Seton Hill; Jean Schild- kamp. Set on Hill; Jean Sturgis, Bethany. Asks for Library Gift. GREENSBUr.G, Jan. 5 --A plea fo an appropriation by Council fo Grccnsburg City Library was mac! by Thomas S. Connor, who said th Library must raise $7,000 this year i it is to continue activity. Valuable Bible Stolen. COVINGTON, Ky., Jan. 5.--Mr George Kirkland, returned from four-month vacation, reported to po lice that $1,000 worth of valuable including a 300-year-old Gcrma hymnal and Bible, had been stolen Spanish War Costlier To StaSy Than Ethiopia Called "Fingetman" United Press. LONDON, Jan. 5.--The Daily :erald, organ of the Labor' party, bscrtcd Wednesday that the civil ar in Spam has cost Italy more in roops and money than did the con- ucst of Ethiopia, The Herald said Italy lost 2,313 illed in Ethiopia and 2,857 killed in he civil war up to last October. As cgards money, the newspaper csti- inted the cost ot the Ethiopian con- uest at $600,000,000 and the cost ot talian participation in the civil war to date at $1,000,000,000. Michncl Pictrclln, 40, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was arrested by federal acents, who described him as the "fmgcrman" who tipped off nt least seven persons that F. Donald Coster, late McKesson Robbins head, was actually Philip Musica, prewar swindler. Pictrcllawnschargcd with extortion under tho Lindbergh Law. Mill Run MILL RUN, Jan. 5.--Miss Rclla Mae Work was feted at a birthday party at her home Friday. The evening was spent in playing games after which a delicious lunch was served by the honoree's mother, Mrs Grovcr Work, aided by Mrs. John Arzbacher. Miss Work was recipien of many gifts. Sidney Prlnkcy Honored. A birthday party was held in honor of Sidney Prinkey at his home Wednesday. During tho cvenini games were enjoyed and at a late hour lunch was served by Mrs Smith Prinkey. Mr. Prinkey re ceivcd many gifts. Personals. Miss Fern Colborn of Phlladclphi; spent several days last week visitini her mother, Mrs. W. C. Colborn. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Mountain wer shoppers in Connellsville Friday. Miises Sarah Etta and Samanth Stickel and Donald Dahl of Connells ville attended a birthday party i honor of Miss Relia Mae Work Fri day evening. Mrs. David Marietta, Francis an Misses Florence and Jcannette Marl cttn were callers in Connellsvill Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stickel o Uniontown visited the former's par cnts, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Sticke Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Galiardi an small daughter of Uniontown \jisitc at Mrs. Galiardi's home Friday. Mr. and Mrs, Ray O'Cock o Somerset visited the lattcr's brother in-!aw and sister, Mr. and Mr Irwin Mountain Monday. Ity Begins Fifth Year in Row Without Motor Fatality Conncllsville today was on its way award a better highway safety ecord. Sunday morning found the city ompleting four consecutive years without a single auomobile fatality. The last death as a result of n crash n the city limits occurred on January 1, 1935. Authorities were hopeful that motorists and pedestrians alike would exercise caution in the hope that the city's safety record would be pro- onged. DOVT SLEEP WHEN GAS PKESSLS HEART If you can't eat or sleep because sas bloats you up try Adlcrlka. One dosu usually relieves fctomnch caa pressing on heart. Adlcrlka cleans out BOTH upper and lower bowels. Union Drug Company, Burns Drug Company.--Advertisement. FROSTED FOODS THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS! Mackerel Fillets, II). 21c Haddock Fillets, lb. 21c Lima Beans, box 2.'{c Strawberries, )ox 2"c Chopped Steak, 1) 35c Broccoli, )ox 23c Scallops, )jox 33c SPECIAL--Sunlirito Cleanser, 3 cans 13c ROBERT BOBBINS 800 West Crawford Avenue. Phone 457-458 Conncllsville, Pa. Our Drivers put your in the coal bin --not on t the lawn. Our driveis have lawns of their own. They realize liow annoying it is to the average coal buyer to have a careless driver spill coal all over the lawn. WORK Plione 15 South Arcli Street. Phono 1700 3roCormi«;k Avenue. --a service Advertising renders an important service by bringing to you the show windows and price tags of the nation. In the columns of this newspaper all through the year, you can discover and consider the things you want to buy. , Thus you need not search through a hundred shops or pay more'than you should. The rule of advertising is simple. The more people know about the merit of a product, the more people buy it. The greater the volume of sales, the less it costs to manufacture.- Savings in producing mean either lower prices to the consumer or an even greater value the next time you buy. This saves you money. So advertising is more than a means for selling goods- it's a service to you! 50c Tek Tooth Brush 60c Italian IJnlni 2.KJ Fitch Shampoo Jloth for Beautiful 2-Cell Flashlight free l»y purchasing the first set of batteries and. Imll) at tho regular retail price of 80c $1.25 Potrolacar 75c Noxzcma 49c 7Sc Listerine 59c Citrocarbon- ato 51.00 size ..79c ¥1.50 size 1.19 $2.25 size 1.S3 KOc Alka- Self/cr Sl.OO Wampolo's Preparation $2.00 S. S. S SI.67 $1.25 S. S. S. 99c Sl.OO Cod Liver Oil, pint $1.00 Halibut · Liver Oil Capsules. 50c Pefoeco Tooth Paste, Silver Spoon Vrcc, $1.50 Agarol .... Listerine Tooth Paste T0c DuAVltfs Kidney Pills. S1.00 JfcrvJne 83c 10c Copper Pot Cleaners 50c Phillips Milk Magnesia $1.25 Father John's 83c 51.25 Scott's Emulsion $1.00 Beef, Wine and Iron, pint Electric Light Bulbs 50c Pepsodent Antiseptic 10e Bandage 2 in. x 10 yds. 4c 40, 50. 75 Watt. American Made. Calendars For 19119. Ash for Them!

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