The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 9, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1918
Page 4
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..PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVIIiE, PA. TUESDAY, APRIL 9, ISIS. (Emorier. HEXUY P. SNYDEB. Founder a.nd Uditor. 1879-191*. THE COCBIBR COMPANY, £. 3L S.fYDEB, ' President. JAS. J. iDRISCOli, Sec'y and Tre.Tsuner. Business JOHN1 L. CANS. MauiBinc Editor. WALTER S. STIMilEI* City Editor. ViSS LY.N'NE B. KINCEU^ Scvciety Editor. , MEMBSR OP: Apfoclatud Press. ~ A u d i t Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Two cents per copy, 50c per month; Sa per year by mai: If paid in advance. Entered sis second class matter at tne . ConnellavilJe, Pa. TEESBAY-ETESISC? JJTBII. 9, 191S. -----"~~ *·***·* T»« Cmtei** Service Flag. J " "WTfjLlAM P. SHEKMAK. ; Hospital Dnit L. American El- tjonary Forces, Frarwi*, RALPH F. SLIGER, f H. 319th Infantry. U. a N. A.. Camp I^ee, Petersburg. Ta. jjjjjjjjj-rrrrr - c -? grow food producijs must than ever; we must all aid ill the s ins of foods, and! especially wheat, meats, and sugar;'and all of us can, though it may necessitate some bacri- flce, must buy thesb new Libert} Bonds. Properly carried through, these three great duties wall prove the overbalancing power" in the winning of the war, beyond a doulit. The growing of great crops and the conservation. oC food, and the buying o£ Liberty Bonds quickly, mean enough food for our soldiers and our Allies, and enough ships to carry it. evitable. r ALL CONTRACTS MAY ! BE CANCELLED BY THE ' FUEL ADMINISTRATION, CouKideraUim Bolag tthen to Flan That ttould Pliiee Hit; Entire C'oai Output Littler i'edorai Control. The United States Fuel Admmtstra- Uou is considering recommenciatioas that ail contracts for the delivery o£ coai by producers be cancelled as ol Apri) 1. Throughout* the past Tranter If we fail in this, tlie r^ie of destiny j the Fuel Adnt.uistrution has allowed is quite lifeely-ko fail with its s-kuli- i a^ coai co:ilr.icts to stand, although and-crossbonos upward lor us. 1C ! the administration, has the authority wo do not fail, then Democracy andi 1 0 invalidate .he agreements. Liberty -will come out oC the crucitile I Despite the fact that with prac- corered with glory. The result is in- j tically tne in lire output under cou- 1 tract tne Fuel Administration found it difficult during the winter to secure "free" coal for general distribution. the contracts were no! canceled. Owe Cent a Word. No advertisements for I^esa Than 16 Cents. Classified columns close at uoon. Advertisements of wante, Bale*, etc.. received nfter that hour will not aot^ear until tho day Collowmc. WANTED -- TOUH BAjiBERING business. RENDINE'S. t£ WASTED--WOHK BY DAY. XYZ, care Count- 2t* "WANTED--GIRLS, FOI: FACTORY work. ApjJjy Tlll-SpATJi. CANDY CO. FQK SALE--TOP W A G O N F K A X K DcfAL'L., l i t Third Mrcet. Wcsi Strtu 1 -J.iprGt* TOR SAL.J:-- PARAMOUNT .NEWS Si.iuli. I i M i u i r a Jj Ij. 33KGGS or at bland SUmartf WANTJdD--CHAilllKHMAlD AN dishwasher A p p l y kMITil II OUSTS. The German papers are c^uite rtg'ht in saying, "We can no longer con- It was felt that the "Fuel Adm mis- In one county In "Wisconsin 60 citi- Tb« Associated Presa Is KL- clasi-v-elr entitled to the use EOF republication of all news dis- patchea orellt«d to It or not -otherwise credltedl tn tMa paper ah'3 also tbo local news published SKKTIC£ TOE BIG '" Tfce actkm tlia national teca of the ^mericaai Red Ccosa finds tt necessary to taa in connection -witli a. consolidatioa of the chapters o£ ·Fay^te county confirms tfar state-menu made vhen the pkm was ,:aQy poctposed. that such, a mo 'Is T»di defiirable and necessary in order to better attaunistar tlio affairs of this organization. -" TJie chapters of the county bavins tailed to agree upon, a voluntary merger headquarters has been, -obliged to exercise its authority "by directing the consolidation to ho made. It ,_ unfortunate that an agreenmnt upon " this pro-position was not reached ., 'wtiea thseveral chapters had the op" portunity of settling the,- duestion ' ttteiaselrves. Now that action Is mandatory, it Vill be BO part of any chap- -ter's.privilege to interpose objections. Under all the circumstancei., and in vte.w oi the necessity for consolidation which the situation demands, there should be no objection. Certain details of the county organiz-iiioa will be worked out by representatives "from the four chapters, bun on the proposition as a whole they will have no choice whatever but to ,-iccede to the demand of headquarters, - This being war-time clvJ r ians Jess than, soldiers are undtr certarn orders. The members of the Hed Cross are not exempt in tb.U particular, and we believe they do not wish to be, out in a true spirit of patriotism they Trill accept the conditions imposed and go ahead with. tfce£r worK with renewed energy and zeal Instead of permitting either to suffer any abatement because of the / loss of the identity of thsir local nnib in the great organization which is doing so mnch to help win the war for humanity. - Service is tbe big thing now. ilat- injp the JTayette county Red Cross organization "bigger oisglrt simply to make larger its contributions to the great canse it is serving. OtJS DAIS OF FREEDOM. To the Boys o£ '61 today, Appomattox Day, ia-an creat second only in importance to the Fourth of July. To than, and in fact to our Trhole nation, this "was a second Day of Freedom. As ibe tow remaining memt-ers oC tho Gxsnd Army of the Republic gather to -celebrate the 53rd anniversary of thte event, It -will be a truly memorable occasion. CoroJns closely trpon-iio anniversary of oar entry into tha ;rrentest of aQ, wars It vUl arouse the spirit of patriotism, anew in. the Dostras of the orfeetttod -veterans. The hearts of all truly loyal citizens should thvob in onteon wtfti theirs and all thotild join Jn the fervent wish and prayer that "the boys *Kho once saved oar nation be spared the ^tnmgth and of days to witness tha return to home and kindred of their sons and jxaadsDzis Trio are fighting to insure our third Day if Freedom. PEIOCEACX IS TTTK C31DOBLE. By Hausbtrrs Llfibe. Democracy and Liberty are not a!- vzjs "srnojmOBS, perhaps, but they mean tho same to us now, certainly. A mflitary autocracy, after more than feity years of thorough and cunning preparation, a great part oJ it by means of -weapons of onr OTVE invention, has thrnst our Democracy and oar IJberty into tho crnafle to test it ont. to see -whether tt -j-ould hold good. They did not belicio it would hold good, those Prussian -ailita-rista; they do not believe it yet We wliart' It »U1, but our belief has been made up heretofore largely of e;otism and Democracy and Liberty, :he world's ·with our own, is now undiTSOing the supreme test. Of course there 1= dross, and it i^ coming .to the top rap- idiy. Tnere is inefficiency mismanagement, grave mistakes'that even our National leaders have made; there has been some graft, no rtnM, there has been some playing of politic 1 ;: th,Te bcCT profiteeri-'s;--'out all tbi4 [4 oiT'y the dross Coating to thi. tcp at the crucible, ^Vc rer«t never a military .cation, you Rrow. Tlic biggest of our'mjafakes. 1 tniak, was In our s.hip-bui!diag programme; but ·we were never a siup-bui! ing nation, either. However,-this dro;s is all be- in^ cleared away. Fully sixty per cent of 'be winning of this war _c!cc£nis upon us here at home. We have threo great duties upon us nmv as we neve- had them npoa us In. f ere--those of is who can elude peace on terms which ·we were ready to acLepi a week aso." "When tbe time for a real pence comes tho Huna tration should allow the contracts to ·w-ill nave very little to say about the continue pending the organization, of "TM'".., l" s " a TM i'l!!.. 1 *" 1 ' 1 merely b o j a complete F.-doral plan ot distribution, which has now been developed and which became effocthe April 1. zens nc American descent, whose ' By far the larger percentage of the fathers were born In G.-oncuiy. were contracts now outstanding expired fonncl on draft examination to k n o w i ^ ^ .. , . .. , no lanKuace other than the German. ^^ the beginning Of the new coal Does not this, and sonflar Incidents, in- I . v "ar on April 1. The small percen*.- dicate that It is about time to bo stok-j age remaining affects but a small U S rea!i nr meta! r "" moltl ° e '' ot """'| part ot the country's coal output. A m _ I pan of these will bo automatically The Bremen are determined to keen I cancelled by the limitations Placed WANTED--TWO G I R L S AT CO-N'TJi: STKAM L A U N D R Y . WANTED--BOY TO W A H H BOT- t.'es in ;JOP /.icioiy. J. 13. A1JJ,LXR1. FOR SAIA; -- lil J, i3J 33ast P T ' OAKLAND, Lord uveniio. j 5uprCt' F O I L SAljE -- 3.10DIS11N B1UCK d u e l l i n g un iaouth Side. fr5«vcn i ooma, i c r e p t ' n n li.ill and b^Lh, hot wj.tcr he it F'. O. ]ox J76, City. Saprat FOH KALI:--oxr; IDH OV^RJJANU t o u r i n g ea- , all goad Urcs. \\ il 1 soli cJu'.Tp Address or c t i l ^LL.)5 MJFA 1 ,- IjliNBlliKJEIl, OM-ensdalo, P - . WANTJ-ID--Si V D KU. 1 : GJ3.NKJIAL. houicwork. A p p l y 1002 S o u t h Puts- ·WANT13D---FIVK SIX OR S E V K S room modern hou^. Addrv«R MLIS LEO C., Courier f,;tpr7l* W A N T I 5 1 J -- THltni-J rooms :i.£Ler A p r i l 1 H o u t h Second .it: col Atidr*. ·"i 11G -'Jm i r t f d tho fires at homo from beiDg atart«dL Th Third Liberty Loan drive Is S»Q- iner made In solid formation hy the Ajncrican people, but tt will reach Its objective jriOiout any casualties. Tn on the movement of coal by the new zone system of distribution of bituminous coal. The cancellation of these contracts would place the entire coal output of that respect it will differ from the j the counirv directly under the control SSSSSSSVl'^taS* "«»"« "£ ° f t ?°.^" cl J»*W»tatraOon. Uuder drl-vine business. : regulations already issued hy tho Fuel Administration all new contracts for Hero's hoptnc the comb the draft anthoritles -will apply to tins draft lists will be fino enough to permit no jrtacfc- cr to escape. tn delivery of coal must bo made at the prices proscribed by the government. Many of the contracts now in force were mado at a time when prices "wcro abnormally high. Tho cancellation of these old contracts In merLlcunK^hte would bring- the irliolc coal French and American cannon. merit prices and nnder governmental Tho appeal of tho Red Ores* ,for i regulation of distribution. women workers in Prance finds · an«-' wer tn ConnellsvllJc Jut afl does overy ! appeal for aid In winning the WANTKD--J1OY TO ACT AS TOR- ter anrt w o r k In O r u e htore, I n t i u i r c J C. MOOHjI. a7ir.arLtd l-X»Il bAUi:--CMC IiAUGE DOLBLI-: flat -.op d e ^ U . H^JiL QU.K. in x u t l l c n t c o n d U i n n The fir^t SI')0 offer v. ill t ike it l n q u i i o D b L C O L U M B I ^ K COMl'AXY. 'JSmurlftl FOU y V L K -- t O Ai-'H'Jfa I.AM3 8 room n "u hini«-o f hou^y cuuM .nut bo bu I t for j:i i j u j . I M P I I , ^0 p«-ach tr o.-. Sft p inn trt s\ 1U i pp!t- tr*»cs o po.u ITLH' ;, ?J 11, j, i u_ "-i!e '"rom city. See A. i;. Wu^rjnfr C ., Tri-at.iLP 8^S-X I WANTED--DIUWASUKU AT O M ' I i ' Ap])ly CONKT ISi*.VNI Lrxcn. Trl- St^te pnono 544. i h i p r i i * ' WANTED--SECOND H A N D T V P E - w r i t e r Call Bell 13-R, or Tr!-St.iLe O S - W . Mourn Plf-asant. 23Cobtf FOU SAJjiS--A TIIAC'T OP T J V H i : i t .t itl coai 1 fid b i i u . i c in WVi i r ' o n ;/H nh'h p l~j.yctt wniny, ivmiaj J\ MIi,i. The cu.-l is Llic l-'reupu-l vein lnf,u\rr f t\\f- undersiKni 1 a 1 - to terms p~!'p etc. f K A K L K S ' C MIT' ' i n c h f ^ \dm!niHt:*;iHir A n n i o Adur-b WANTKD--ONJC ST1IAM I J O 1 S T 1 N O ' ^nsnio. 15 ic. 2 » H. P. J. N. T K l ' M l ' . j [rflpt- a J l r y Bell 571-J, SanrSt t Has a **3ubstttot*" for men unwlo in Germany that Hlndt soSers ^"foddor* for the EneUsh, I , - ' " " , '"^ I'T'" "T" *""""'' , **· " j tion into tho market at the snrern- It will presently bn known ofjadaJly as tho Fayette county chapter of the Red Cross, but it will still bo m,ide up of four frroupe of loyal workers who will cont3nu(f to labor In behalf of tho cn,aso with the same seaj and faithfulness ojs heretofore. Meyersdale. Tie £tw3on Tv-ould not Tcei rij^ht In tho Uberty Ixian campaign w i t h o u t being at tho hc^.d of the procession, and the rest of the county -would not bf dnlnp rtpht If it did not wlHlnKly and pi wily accord thjs honor to the bu^iHnp- and patriotic borough on th.o banks of tMr Yt)tt£h. Undo Sam is Elizabeth Herald. Since Uncle Stun has txJcen ovo r th* railroads ho can synv)a.thtaf with Lho fellow who buys a Becond-hand car. It'g not in the original cost. lt in the Has Another Job. Johmrto-wn Democrat. "Wlutt has become of the old faph- loned man -who aped to fro ovt about this soason of the y*».ir In search of "shpep Borrol" for t^^ earlVvrt spring tart? By "Wali SFSCTC IS" GBJ13U3T- In Germsuiy the wren onl ffparrow are atng-iKg- srprlft£tim« ditties now; but no mnja pliec the drill or harrow, and none ffets bnsy with the plow. Th« kaiser's needing all the horgoa, which should b« plowing up the loam, to STathor ta hJs crop of eorstts--A piiastjy aort of Harvest Home. By stalwart men so nelda are seeded, thongii epurtt and pmnoa are needed mac*h, for .all uhe. men and sptitfeB are noed*xi for dig'irlTiE' trendies, graves and sncn. The raine don't cheer the German farmer, he has no eye for nun or clomls. for "on with Gott" hf ?ocs tn. armor, to boost tbe prlr? of biers and shrotids. The rtarvlnc CJerman cows o reeling down to the brook to drink their till; the rawbonod boss ilTrays snucaling, and sip a substitute for ffwDJ. Then; Is no ^rab that's worth tho eating, there Is no kraut or wursfc In kegs; tho hungry calves and Jamhs are bleirtinff, the bens ]aj- ffub- ''tituteg for ffrB 1 *. Since Germans took up -warrTko la-bors they've found--and they are sonicwliat bored--'they'C make Wienerwurst with sabrvH. or carve Kood pretzels with a sword. Oh. spring 1 In German y'a for h £dd in %. a time of stre*a and "want and groans: so Kalsor "Wini*lm. quit your killing and harvest hay instead of bonou. THE It started In the usual way. Ho grot up out o* sorts o-na day, An' somethin* tiffly that he Kc-id Jus' ect hor cheeka to n.vrnin' red An' she replied, as trwiu-n will. I've never knovrn one t' k.eep still x "Whon keepin' atlll would ,-,JL\U a row; They've got to Itave Jt out somehow. An' sho is f u l l o 1 Sre an fight An' went at him with all her mipht. It wasn't much to Mart with, but Sinco neither oC their mouths stayed shut First thins w e knew an A-l fuss Was under -way, involvm' us. She said T was an old giLloot Ttiat never owned a dece-tt suit An' with the venom born of it-rath Allowed 1 npvcr took a bath. That done she jumped on ita, an.' ?atd Somp rhlnsrs? tha,t went rig-ht, to his head A n* he came back then grood an' stronK - ' ' b o u t her brother who went irronR. An* told her sei oral things he knev About lior married sister, too They Sung t^eir ch.ii pes roJnd thi! Place A o o u t f a m i l y a di^yracp, Till site juat up .in' itnt, an' he, Cn;ne home an' told h . j woej; to me. Ono thin,-; I've lenrned In sixty years, !· ht-'s a fool who I n t r r f e r r p Tn rov.-s like that. PO all I said When he had tild his talc, ·'.ras "Ed, - Two fools can m-ike an awful row From nothin' just forget it now. I'm not a-proin" to spoil y o u r life By takin* SIde^ aTMainst your wifr. Go home an* ki-^? ner, an' be Rooil!" K c irrmned a htr, an* eaicl ho would, Ai' H-IC-I he r.'.iched heir litilo shack He her folks had sent her back. You sec they had to learn just how To havu a l i t t l e Cjimilj row. JEBYE1ESDA.LD. Apnl Ladies' Aid ocmty o' Zion ca] LoOiera-r. church t^ivo thnr regular monthly boulol last Thursd-iy evening, but Ui:s one was on a little larger =calp than iisuai. It was a White ijlopbont partj- and overy one there had a good tLnio, Wlitn in\nod you vrcn- told to bring with you aomeUilng that y^u con.iidorcA a "vnhc cJep'tone" ou x»ur h.-mtia. Cvory ono i-ame with ihelr package. i A niuslcai prog-nun cons*EUug of vocal 1 solos bv li. S. Ru-U, Karl LoiUi and -Mr;*, j. LiiUtor Prauu, were rendered after "which Mrs. r. I. Tliomas, prc*«,i- . dent of the Aid Society announced thai i every one was to exchange packages - and afojr ttikin^ a p*icp ai **-hat you · got, 1C you did no: like it, cxchanRt 1 | again, and. tho ore making the most , i-xrh.uiscs woald rocoi\c a prize. I Kveryiwwly thorouglilr onjoyrd thiK and after all had quit exchan.gin£ nad f ajid it was found that .Mrs. JL D. j-^w- , ler had won tho pri;-.o, sho h;iv!u^ raadf 75 cifhan^oa. The guests 'Jicn, to the min'bcr ot 150. wero servd i with roCrcshmonta. , Lai,t Thursday evening the mon's t Bible clas,j rf Amity Reformed church t gave a reception to tho ratn's Bibk ! classes of 8al(.sfaury and Keim Ro' formed congregations and it proved to IK? a very enjoraitfp affair. Aiiout 100 wore present. A business ineu- ing of the -Meycrsdalo class was held before ihe rescepUon at which Ht»v. A. B, Truial presided. Thia was add in tho Sunoay school room, Tbon they j "went to the banquet room which wa f very prettiir decorated for the occa:- I ion. A nuiabcr of the ladies of Uu i congregation prepared thft nu^I, Im; it was sened by several of tHo rn«n wao did ft m excellent frj.j*K. Pro/. \\". H. Krctch-niao was toastinaster, Rt,\ J. C. Wilson of Keim asJcod the hitting; ROT. L. P. Young of Salibui; was the speaker of tho evening, hut several abort talks were givon In otters. C. X. Tnisal is teacher ot tin class. Serg. George Foy of Company ( HOth Infantry at. Camp Hancock. Augusta, C., is spend:ny a 10-da\ furioug-ft tiero with his parc-oL 4 --, Mr and Mrs. Pamiiul Foy S«rgi Toy i., Jookjng fine and says camp life :: greaL He sayn all the boys arc getting anxious to go over to France and says they are ready to fight Mr. atid Mrs. J. .XUlton Black, ddiigli tor Miss Mary, and Mrs. Xaimie iJen- ncr motorrd to Baltimore last Pridaj aad rtunied Saturday acconipu.nieti, by their son, Lieut. George Black, of Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., who v, r dl spend , a short lurlough here. . FOR G H N ' S R A r , housework. MRS EDWAlin D L O C A N . .01 South Elclith street, \V«at b.ilf U p r t f WANTED -- CAR RHT V I P.MKN. ' painters and laborer'' I n q u i r e ' '.\ H KORKMAX, U i O. IM.lroa*!. W-L.VTEP -- r O v D % B R A K B . M B X . age IS to 3G A p p l y A. K. i!c\ H ' K K H . TraJn Miurtijr. IlaUtmor* ^ Ohio r a i l road, CVmnelim i.le, I'a. 4apr7t | W A N T E t -- C 5 l K I . FCU G U X K P . A U ' houpvwflrit. Kood wanes A;i£»i) fl f- il,' S10 So 1th 1 ' i t l - b u r K l.iprtf J AT ONCE T'.VO UNOTYTi; OPERATORS AT THK DAILY COURII:R OFFICE w A XT no--C"Oi' oJ;iL run GI:Nur-U w o r k tn r e * * t A u n i - . t a'K'i conft'O- tloBt-ry fatorc. ADPb « ' !·"· TH'j.M \S .Sou.h C o t i n * ll«vi!lo, I ' u*n£ii \VAS~TKD~faL VISU M I I N F"'( pportunU* : S - b t i u r t h t f t \ p p . y A^'K UirKClI V M C , \\'*sl P- nr. a.\4 whop. C.ipr.'it T»'ANTKI~-ANY K I N ' n Ob' i'iil.' t - !nn; f whether it ia t cnllinEf curd. H.UP b j J j or thy nnent wetlili.'.? I n v i t a t i o n or »t:nouncert-*nL- W^ pri'Jl ar.rthlcp--everj thlriff--· i l lirom'.i'y .tntl do (r rl«»it. CaJl U)w n-un nl THS FOI'H LOTS FRONTING ON FIRST KTRKKT. ?O\ TH CON- XI:.\R HIGJL BUILDINO THCSK LOT® VHI.L UIC SOLD REASONABLE TO ( J X ^ n ESTATi: .MRS. .VAJIV K, FJ-HLLIPS, DuBOIS, PA, The Third Liberty Loan C'?.mpaicn is now open. The allotment i'or Fayeito County is approximately -.3.700000. On April l^ih Lieutenant Perigord of France w i l l speak at ii)e West End Theaire. He is loaned by the French Government to the Liberty Loan Committee; he has been decorated six tunes for bravery In action, and has been wounded four times. He has seen much active service. On the ISth there will be a public meeting, likciy on the Court House kiwn, Sousa's \\ouderiiil band of New York will be in a t t e n d a n c e ; Jaiyes Francis Burke of Pittsburgh will be among the speakers. Every man, woman and child in Fayetie County should buy a Liberty Bond. We believe the Fayette County subscriptions will run over five million dollars. The Union Supply Company are offering during this entire week some very dainty styles in women's and misses' shirt waists and skirts. The variety is large, the st \ IPS are very unique, and the pncf-s re*«*onaJj]e. It i? the second spring shipment and they are the cho.cest styles we w i l J have d u r i n g this scaron. In other departments such as hosiery, underwear, gloves and neckwear, we are receiving new styles daily. The stocks are at their best--now is the right time for spring shopping. Supply 63 Larg'e Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland' and Allegheny Counties. r.Kvr-- AP.VI; MKvrs- INF: S.ML r;'. :arr;fi! FOP- nKN'T- TWO Call 121 r.:i.rt nir.? Tor men -TWO i--rKvisin:r U S Smith s -.ih itrn. ·_ KOH HUNT--OSK Dl'SI KA11LC ·ilore room Tor:itcr] ocrup'eti b- M- ,\.n* Murphy Imiulro K L O R E N C B SMUTi FOR m;.N"t-- rtifiNT OITIC-ES ox second rtonr of lunn t b j i l f i - HiK. Inyu'.re ct UAKF.Y UL.N'N i S ) a n - t M i I K^n AKNT- si-:vi:x ROOM Hor'-n nn CUiar .I'.TIUI* v i t l i h a r h n ' · t - i f i r : t o i i X f . I J 5 ..0 a - i n n - H T n r'r.tni i.r'i-k 1 iou«« Soufh ''' n n u l l - i : i l t . J I X " " ^ i t i n n t h . irooil n u I . ' H M i Tour r^'"T - uirt bath ' n f;ii'.-fn r'I,Tc.\ r I OC ! m o n t h JOS. .V. MAW'.V. S.,".r:ri .Vi- , t* .n-il Bank Bt:'l'!ir:p. ?.irrCl ' Jt IX 1, 0- K -- ^ C l V ) i I T K r , K U H O ] { . h i i j k t O *»V" N l v W f ' J M I O i l tiiu'M '·- ,11". P:u 9 . . p ; 2 t COAL SALES IN GREENE A Xomher of Tracts Change Hands; the Shuriif Executes .Several Dood?. J. E. Dtholt and wife, of Waynoa- burg, hav; 1 sold to the H. C.'Frlck Coke Comnany 33.170 acres oC Pittb- burg coal m Monongahela township, Greene c o i n t y ; consideration ?1. J. F. Lulz. of Jcannette, has sold to John Parachino, of Smithton, Pa., an interest equal to 41 acres in n "block of coal m llirLliill township; G. M. Mitchell, of Monessen. has sold to tho Monessen Improvement I Company an interest in a block of '4,144 icriis, located m East Fmley and Morris townships, ^WaBhington county and Morris township, Greene county; consideration, $14,005. i Dcnnir. Smith and wife, of "Way- [acsburs; John "ft". Smith and wife, of D."gonal, Iowa, ?.nd Jennie Croxton ! and hiicbaadj of PowhELtan, Kaa., have ; couTcyod Ly o_u.t claim deed to J. V. Thompson, 38 acres, (IS perciies of Pitislxirg vein coal in Jefferson town- 1 ;ship; consideration ?-!. | Shc t- iJT J, E. Adainscm has execu- f i ted deeds for the following- tracts of coal: ! One-filth interest. ~.n t\\'o tracts of) coal in .Jefferson to^nshi^ to Harold i ] T. Clark, of Cleveland, O., sold as the! j property of F. M. Semans, Jr., con- j i sideraiion $12,010.50. ' l you su.i-:-,M sr HK-. K I V K U r \ u loatl i-,.lih.-r , i n f l u x . 1. - .unl 3 ; u \ i U o « ' u t Mi-'.uv.! r r o r n r fun f 1 .". to 3,' '.() p' r r - l i U" I, W H H ' K i"i , 201 N ' n i . s ! * c t I \\ .-. t Siil,- :i.ipr3I-. ..U Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Oress and Good Looks PEOPLE N E G L I G E N T IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powar- fiii To Save tho Teeth and Prevent Diseases "All "fl-osscd up tvitli a holo Sn hla Ohoo," ^ as u. lift of fcarcuiarr. ft yJri .flunff at H yours man friend »hoau on- ittrojfoutfit \\oa new axc«pL his pur.o- |t\ir"d P loc-i. IllBltt (-nough. too.' [Either 1 , to or womin a shabby pair (ofjchooi, -nojld spoil tha appearance IpC the inc" 1 . e.evjtjit £t'rnat.:u ever \ ; or":.. ___\ T ."hRt nbout Hit 1 t c r t h " Drc"i- In =H ncr:' s o u r. ! oasc IT von f^n n o J r inbuth exBO^jn,,- a «C(M ed JIB: of teeth i o ,'ht roit KM.I-: -- O.\K iiAi-r ..VTKKiisr n t i l t ! l ( d K' t r po 'I Card ^ u n l j o . N', ' I S ( N r j r t, I 1 i 1 ' u rr - l - e r - i Otli"- 1» '- nc-h -.'qu rit , -i'v a t l L - ' i t i . ' i i 1C i n - unMluU M I ^ H. H O W A K i ). .Md.-M- HEAVY. The Professor--In ancient tinits thfy wrote on bricks. j The Absent-Minded Stan--Gee! I J bit no man ever forgot to mail fc' wife's letter then. ' I . . jTha't'3 i- in la in. tho ^.oo lur uu. fTMi'upp'Ies both to nmn tsnd worn* n. Oit.,, -i d IUUP,' rn'-n, you lost h.ilf tho ndmj-..t](,n wliJ^-h woiJd br directed towsi.d j u u II j v. i l.-ivo bad tocth. You c*jr. l be pio uing wilb. a ir.n li'-hi-i of dccij You can't Ijt- i ujJthy citlicr Tne condiiiun of tlio U i-th have t U '1 nc ln- Hucnco nn t't.i«r nn; of :fie fiodv. 3j«.tl tet-tji altc^i. tiiti l;ite«t.ncc, t.wn- nch, hear*., and evon tii'i ejeh llcdl- CaJ iicirco Kbutfa that b-id leeth.-jiro- d j c a uiii,tiLlLti conci.Lioris. till uver th» ^)0(i/. ·\VllJi Senrofo Tot th IMs'.e r.t your sorvico -- a. icicntintu.iiy prutareJ. pie- iv an live of Pvorrhva -- iVnjro'0 no need of f allies a yroy to ihcbc ills. No noed of havint: a mnutii/ul of decoyed [teeth. Ljhcd re ; jiui L.. on a utL o£ Brood teet.') tin- douUly K^rujs have little ,ch-n( e HJ cnier I* thev should cnte- jtl'cy cun't e.,iht lo^q .nuer lib thorough cleans. ii£ properUcs. Ao a ckaniicr and pr*'% rniv oC cLfaease of tha teeth It is posHlvcl reliable. ''-d cases ahould bo tieated by your den tic L L n ~o Eeiircco Tooth Paste as a pre- tTrnuiUve. Abk j o u r dcntlat Jf you should not puy all attention to your Teo^h Of course ive won't say our Tooth Paste wlii cure Fyorrheu, If yo J already Imvo it, your dentist Is tho doctor H v f n if you are aTllc'eJ ivfth h!E terrible di'jc.isa Sen- ]roco Tooth Pasta will help o u to sec irid of JL, with your dentist s assibt- f ajice. Hut v.o don't you to con- jtracc anv nil men t of tho moutli and Iteoth, nor doc3 our dental doctor. A Tr.U'n'h'e K f t " "ucUer than to have tu ,"0 tlrnui-h the trJala of a euro. y^vc j o u r tcii-h bj Siiiircco Tooth J-'asto unfl inf probabHly is that you ."won't hive lu deal with foul and pln- iul eiscafirs. By tikins 1 excellent euro 'of your teeth you ma.v save fitD.nach, intestinal, heart and c 1 . Q troub'es. TfUte all precaution to l:ecp the teeth clean and do i w! th H en re LO Tooth (Pasio, til' latest ai'in-overy of (SentaS ·science. b.i-nple of S^'ireco free if you wi^h It Ssr.reco Tooth Pa^te, Clncln- naU. .Ohio. ® ssad! Eisi hra^r Fisgudi S£©E.a3 Don't wait until you see what it docs for oilicrs. Do something for yourself. All U:f eridence of proof yoj ivan!. from SooUdale people. Our Bald Head Hair Grower , We bare the nerve to say n'iiat we do because we have the goods that speaks for itself. W. H. FGH5T, ScottdaJe's Druggist YOUGH TRUST COMPANY Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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