The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

i r W?NE?DAy. AUGUST 28, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 11 Batan' Entertainment directory aians at duea. AUMu . MOVQC TIME SCHEDULE " opens pm staru at auafc. Aula sax . raalova-: -Tha Comedy af Terrors" Box oice opens at jn. Show wm tt dusk. ,.. Britannia "A MM Day's Nliht"; "Oun right at Comanche Cmk", Box mca open s( I pm.. FREE TOY SOLDIER TO IVUY CUSTOMER . inNMct mo tmm tu& II to tut. how Capital - Uobtn and lha T Hoods". It S-30 . 44 T OO : B 10. Last ahow 1.05. -.- - . ' - - CarUer ; -xa sabra at la riache", M-t.tO-tM: "Cordon all Voua riau-, a.oo-a is-s jo Cialra -The Masque of tha Bad Dm Ik I 04 10 - 7.03-0 .3d; "Tha pavU'i nana-, iz.ia - too fit show 1 40. . Clania da farts i j. Traflquanta da B 1 a c h a a". 0 1 tsi. "Clna Million Comp-tonT', 121. Last complete ahow at uneala ' . Badllma Itary". 1 JO-1 jl-5 14 T. 41-1.44. Last ahow i-M The TEA WAGON H$ CHMCCD TO M MM SON UMOTHC-I i KSTMMMIT Ptaaaant plana afyllnaa ffax at tha aaraaanl V. IStl Tanas SAT - PM N. hracaasai ( MOnQASBORO aHial Mssa A ajfj Svatljsaas. ' la lp a. PjPJ- GUAimUAN 1f? Wlriaau 3t: ?32 941 6 If (b' Tha Naw Ini 153 . 1 10 . I II S.40. and count if you can tha orgies ot evu ... somewhere among the squirming, teeming terrors la this orgy of evil... is .. the thing, whose vile desire : she most obey... or those r :; " the loves will scream out i I their Rves on a bloodstained , altar of horror! EDGait ALL31r POES W MaSTERPIECC OF THE MacaBRE i THEjvLasQUE . OF THE :; Bed DEara V' , . 1S nPBfiH'"'-! UINPFMT PR1P.F n IIIVbiM a asswea llMJlSriai' 1143 . Uttla (lata "Tha Sliance". IJO 110 IS - 40. Ltadea -Lady and tha Tramp". 1.00. 4 40-1 13: "Donovan's BaaT. 113-4 00-1 JO. Laat ahow 113. r May lair . ' Mouaa err tha Moon". I 53-3 03- 1J5; "Almost Angels". iJHj 1 43. Mil ahowjtUI. "" -Th all of tha Roman plra". t.00 l-U 1-10 Last ahow 00. odeM-Haeeaiwar "Bedtime Blory": -Coma Bep. tern bar". Boa olllce opens at p ro. Show atarta at dusk. I'M "Dinner's N a w Adventure", II 10-1 104 10-1 40; -Gold lor tha Caesars' 1A0-3 00-1 10 Laat ahow 103. BUHa - "righting Baa Baaa". 1.00 -SIS; 'Towards tha Unknown", 1 41 -100: Targrt Zaro", 4 43 10.00. Laat ahow 0.13. "A Hard Day'a Night. MO-gaS- 443-4 .10-1 .10-10 03. lur Top -Wondar World of Brothera Orlmm": "Hootanahny Hoof. Box ortica opens at t p m. Show aurla' at dusk. Saaaaraet i "Bedtlma Story": I JO - S S4 531 - 7.41 . a 44 Laat ahow .M. Oandn( rToor Show CHATEAU , LAUBIER Danclaf nlahtly. anurtainmant at Ban and It p an. - BELLI CLAIRS Entartalnmant from T pm. CHEZ HENRI Mum la tha Baloa d Or. Enurtalnmant. OATINEAU CLUB - Dancing and twa floor anowa pjgaup. nm rt. DUVERM A V Dancing nightly In Rteha- Uaav Lounge and gjieeutlra rant CNTERPROVrNCtAL HOTEL Dining ana darning nightly. OTTAWA HOtf 1 Muair t tha Orul. ST LOUIS HOTEL Dancing STANDISHALL Dancing a antattauunant nightUt. TALISMAN E atartalnaianl ntgniiv. Dancing rrntay .Saturt roap nlghta. tainmam nightly li HL j-!roapl t toa. Era,? a mjm PAI9 OUT TO DATI . Ti77 -j -j w t ",t r i it ... , . CONSISTING OF -$1,900.00 IN CASH . t'-'-'U "ssm utarr jaws.uaag' ,. ENDS TODAY" - U WALT DISNEY'S I - - "LADY AMD THE TRAKP" (color) - itmi M Mm Witm h POROTW IHT (Ukx) rSiti BIG 3 SHOW! LAST TIMES TODAYI All. coLoa bcy8 will be beys, ?2l rWwejr ' AUDIK MUBPHT BOVS . TABZAN . aTrJV M nifaf gg a a. U 3 MtVfirBl laflNfltd "HOUSE U THE HOOr lTbtrt. -auam or tumor I 1 MAI WnH X4L4T ETET THIS IS THE $ Starting S HANOOFTERRORI MiTKWXWm SAVMOtfUKT KJUme JUL TJUT cuotsn w - - DOROTHY KILGALLEN (Dorothy Kiljalleri if on vaca tioci. Her guest eohimniat today h) comedian. Phi! SlWen.) J NEW YORK. By PHIL SILVERS Until dight yean ago, I knew very little about women and even leu about little girfe. wag a confirmed bachelor And, like many bachelor. J waa afraid that if I got too involved with any one female. I'd be forced to give, up the really important thlngi in life the prizefight!, tha racei, the ball garnet. In a genie, I wai like the character I used to play In thote Alice Faye-John Payne movlei. I was Binkie or Blinky or good old Charlie. I had a lot of pals who were big ladies men I fArtie Shaw, in (act, was my roommate. But when it came to romance I was strictly a kibitzer, always good for a laugh when a guy's wife tossed him out or his girl friend went home to Blloxi. Then I met a beautiful tele vision personality named Evelyn Patrick. ' and Blinky vanished like Judge Crater. Suddenly I wanted the whole bit the gin, home m the auDuroi, s pips and slippers and a fam ily. And I got my wish. Boy, did I get my wish! Evelyn has spent most of our marriage wearing maternity clothes. In eight years, we have had five children all girls. After 43 years of being a loner, I suddenly- found myself living in a girls' dormitory. , j I had a lot to learn. The; practical stuff, like mixing a 2 a.m. feeding or diapering an Infant without pinning her to: the crib, cams easy. But ad- justing to the vital personalities of five little girls required a lot of self-education. . .. . I I guess the first thing any father learns is that while all, other kids are alike, his chit- j dren are "different. They're smarter and faster than other kids. They're special. j Take my gang, for Instance. Our first-born was Tracey, who is really. two personalities in one. When strangers are present, she's as gentle and ladylike as her mother. A real princess.' But ' when we're alone, she's got all the inhibitions of Milton Berle at a Friars convention. She's a seven-year-old three-ring circus.' ; Nancy, five, Is the needier. She has aa answer for every thing. Not long ago t found Candfe, one of our twins, hanging from an outside staircase. IS feet in the air. . Once I got my heart out of my mouth and hauled her down. I gave a stem warning: "Never do that again." . ;,v . As soon as my back was turned. Nancy whispered In her sister's sar: "How about Just once more?" - The twins. Cathy and Candle, are three. Cathy is our own Greta Garbo. She, has teamed that a little girl's tears can be s powerful a weapon as the bomb. When Cathy doesn't want to go to bed or doesn't like: her supper or deserves a spank-1 Ing, we know it's time to settle US rrM,,r,tii- lSIsu" UtJvtbbJoa- I U1H.S l-4h.KS0U-l to the hirjMpu. .'wmmicmi 5 M?ri End of Era back. -and watch another, per-j formancB of "CemUle." ' M ' Candie Is on another planet altogether. She wanders around the house, singing and'talklng to people who aren't there., seeing things the rest of us are too earth-bound tq see. She's a sprite. And thanks to her ber man governess;' she's bilingual at a age when most kids don't even speak much English. Our fifth girl, Lorey, Is only seven months old. but she has taught us all a lesson. She's the happiest, warmest. ' most trusting Ittle soul on earth. And because she's So good, every thing comes to her. Just by being herself, she's the centre ui aiicniiua. . . . t Has fatherhood changed me? Of course h has. Before I tret and married Evelyn. I wasi wrapped up in only one thing myself. I had to be "on" all tha time. I needed laughs. Now, other things are import ant. Recently I headed home busting -with good news. The "Top Banana" data in Dallas was shaping tip as a sellout, I'd cinched a deal I'd wanted at the Sahara in Las Betas, and I'd been offered a fat' three picture deal. V ' , Before I could tell Evelyn, she exclaimed: "Wait 'till you bear this! Tracey's first grown up tooth came in today!". Evelyn wag right. That wai big news bigger than the three-picture deal, bigger than a three horse parlay, bigger than the World Series. . BABY and JUNIOR FOOD SAICO OltACGE JUICE NESCAFE ; inSTAIIT COFFEE NESTLTS QUIR CHOCOLATE HEINZ VINEGAR ROLL TOWELS I wouldn't have believed It unless I'd lived through H, but I know: a wife and kids beat luxurious hotel rooms, expensive restaurants and what tne boys can "ireeoom" any day in the week. (Copyright, 19(4) CHEZ HENRI HOTEL Salon d'Or ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTIY 2 4tet Re ' i tz J" .. ii. ku latlN KLEENEX. ASSORTED COLORS rni ncii vci i nri 59' SU9 59' 7t 45' I FRESH) FRUITS AND VECETABLES HEW ' OBtarls No! ir ; ! A . AAfj POTATOES V lUfcZU NEW Ontario No, 1 cella CARROTS 319e large size eiwi-kvif Y fifm. BAHAHAS ZZ5 CnCCCTATIC ri.kksjiviii. PEACHES ARnntniii VHIIUIIIIIL smported RED GRAPES 699' 245' STUDY BLIGHT TORONTO (CP) - A group called the Build Canada Better Committee has been created by the Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards, to aid local real estate boards and municipal authorities in urban renewal. -.'The conn itlee. which will also assist in arresting blight through conservation measures, will seek authority from the association to hire a consultant to gather information on the problems. 1 ' nTwo SvyjY Locations aiiara.i7i; J Ridaaa St. "e. aeaeai "Not Since MY FAIR LADY HAVE WE SEEN SUCH A BEAUTIFULLY STAGED SHOW" LOS ANGELES MANAGER OF THE GREEK THEATRE "VIENNA LIFE" WIENER BlUT OF JOHANN STRAUSS COMPANY OF .65 ORCHESTRA CHORUS CORPS DE BALLET STARS OF VIENNA'S MUSICAL THEATRE TICKETS - 2.80 3.50 sLSO S.OO On Sale at All I DAVIS AGENCY4 STORES NEXT TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ; CAPITOL THEATRE - I JO PJW. LOOK! HAEITmCATEUI .SPECIALS HABITANT -. . PEA SOUP - V 4 79c StABITANV ; VEGETABLE SOUP 479c BABITAJirT - PICKLED BEETS i "'V Mas. 29c HABITANT SWEET PICKLES ia.39c ABIT ANT ' RED CHOW CHOW ;.'. 45c B A BIT ANT . CREEN CHOW CHOW tie. 35C. : HABITANT v , TABLE SYRUP Urn. 49c. CATtXLI SPACHETTi i 4 79c C A TSIXI - READY CUT MACARONI 4 OS 79c CHAMPION DOG FOOD . . Assorted navours ' 4 49r . CiJUUTRIMWCaKlU us. 1.09 wexack 6ia taa , Ha 29C , UDO USORTD BBCOlTt 3eallaa laOO HctOBMkXS AS0STD CAXSIQ U FROZEN FOOD SUYOGEGRi: 4 for 03c Muy t mm Frttt . - - '- SARA LEE CAKES . FREE Sc rebate coupon est ' lea Cream Brick nr ltd or Blee BraM BmI LuB-maff IVswtd Ertry Is MINCED OEEF WILLI . Him iht F mm tut LEPRECHAUN LOUNGE "Canadian Room Fint Food Fcaturt for Thursdiy noast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce). 100 Rooms Tel. 232-3761 Monthly Hjtes Wondtrful facilities for Banquets, Meetings and Luncheons - Private Rooams AvaOabte at No Extra Coat FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 746-4678 i DEUX VERSIONS fHANCAlSES EN TECHNICOLOR "LE SABRE ET LA FLECHE" Ave Brdderlck Crawford Barbara Hale Deaxicme Oroi Sulet .,, , . "CORDON S'lL-VOUS-PLAIT Ave Caatlhflaa et rancoise Brloa Prograavne Peur toute la ramltta Salin cumausee pour Voir Confort! 777-2322 ht&Oti YOUR EXCEL IS A SUPER MARKET THESE PRICES EFFECTIVE AUGUST 27 -28 -29 ONLY AYLMERCHOiqE GREEII PEAS ' HEINZ " ' FRESH FROM OUR BAKERY HAMBURG DUNS pack of 8 AYLMSR CATSUP 3 99 ' Maple Leaf Maple Leaf CO.V. . Troder SKINLESS COTTAGE CIXUTE .SAUSAGE ECU. STEAK . 49c pa. 53c a. -79c QUALITY BRANDED BEEP ONLYt LEAN TENDER ROUND cr ROAST STEAK BONELESS RUMP Ac Vrf "1 1 1 Johnson's I vrx I KLEAR LIQUID Vr I JOHNSON'S I aav KLEAR PASTE TJ 1 -1i-0 v PLAZA A ( ) III f OIA or CINfiFB I V ' S 791 H-tn III ' to lv I S I, it . .X. . I t- VwiaaVajatea'p i m m a. "1

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