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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, April 9, 1918
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uwtt Connellsville's Biggest ajad Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,603 VOL. 16, NO. 127. CONNELLSVTT J.K, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 9, 191S. 'RII EIGHT PAGES- GERMANS BEGIN A HEAVY BOMBARDMENT IN REGION OF LABASSEE CANAL LINE Elsewhere the British Front is Quiet Says .,, Official Report AMERICANS WHIP PATROL Bring Back Body of Man Killed For Identifi- __ cation. PAKLIAMEST ASSE3IBLES liaising of SUUtaiT Age Limit to 51 lears One of Problems Faced, CTais Being Necessitated by Demand for More Troops; late IVar Sews. By Associated Press.- LONDON, April 9.--The German artillery developed. great activity early this morning in the British front on the line from LaBassee canal to south of Armentieres, according to today's war office announcement. The statement reads:-''Early this morning the enemy artillery developed great activity in the iront eitendang from La Bes:-e canal to^uth of Armentieres. Elsewhere on the British front, except for heavy hostile shelling in the neighborhood of Villers-Jireston- neux and ' Merricourt L'Abbc, tiiere was nothing special to report." XKXBEH OF PATROL KttLKD Bt AXEJUCASS WITH THE AMERICAN AILMY IN FRANCE, April 9.--American out- CREWS OF GERMAN SUBMARINES ARE LOSING THEIR NERVE Curse tbe War and IVhh Tliat it Would Come to an Bud; TOdeons- ne9s of System Wearing on Them. By Associated Press. LONDON, AprU 9.--Crews o? the German submarines are downhearted and often extremely nervoiis. British seamen whose vessels have been torpedoed and who have thus had an opportunity to observe the Germans bear testimony to this fact. In the official records of'the submarine war, says the Manchester Guardian, again 'and again the submarine cre'vs are described as "very demised" or "very 'nervous." Here is one description: "Master and crew all agree and were very much struct by the pallid appearance of tb^e officers and crew of the submarine, and by their nervous and excited manner. The captain oC the submarine was continually urging haste and the officer who was placing tbe bombs could hardly hold thm from the condition of nervous tension in which he appeared to be." One o£ the crew who had lived long in England, speaking to the boat's crew, cursed the war and wished it ivas over. In many cases the Germans tried to justify themselves or excuse themselves to their fellow-seamen. Some of these reports show the bideousness of the German fighting system, but they are all mild compared with the classic story of German bestiality, as In the case of tie Belgian Prince, where 'the men ·ff-ere taken on the submarine deck, their lifebelts removed, and then it was 1 submerged. The men of one LOYALTY LEAGUE TO BE FORMED IN CONNELLSYILLE Meeting Called For Friday Evening in High School Auditorium. TO SUPPRESS DISLOYAL I'ublic is Invited to Attend the Conference and Participate in Uie Discussion; Jinny Hero Give Comfort to the JJnemy, is Charge -Hade. Plane Makes Non-stop Flight To England From U. S., Rumor By Associated Press. JLOSDON. April 9.--All London was talking' abont the latent war rumor, the landing in England last night of an Aitif riean airplane after a non-stop flight from Jfeiv York with 12 passengers. The authorities declared there TVBS no basis for the story, but this denial serves merely to give it addition ill currency. According to the popular version this was "the l)ig surprise" which Premier Lloyd George said last week that the Americans would soon girc the Germans. LOAN DRIVE TO BE PLANNED AT MEETING THIS EVENING DAVIDSON AVENUE PETITIONERS PRESS CLAIMS IN COUNCIL Committees Have Been Called Together For 1 That Purpose. Explores the Eternal City and Visits Many Interesting Places. WINS THE ITALIAN EAGLE POMS in the Lorraine sector attack- j three-mastar schooner were left only ed a German patrol this morning and one oar in their DO:U| ni for ^i s ^ master bf.d to beg, the others being thrown overboard. killed one of the enemy party. The Americans dragged the body across No Man's Land into their own trenches for identification. There were no American casualties. JSBftlSH FAKLLUIEXT FACES BIG ISSUES LONDON, April 9.--Parliament reassembled today after the JSaJter recess with two questions of great importance upon its hands. The . first is the new military service bill which raises the a^e limit, eight yesirs and makes those born after a fixed date in GIVEN $600 CHECK Departincr Assistant Pastor Remembered by Catholic KolkM. Rev. "William Merz. who leaves today for a new charge at Avella, Pa., at a farewell reception given in his honor last evening in the Parochial school hall by the congregation of the Immaculate Conception church was the spring of 1867 liable to hear arms. ] presented with a check for more than The second is another and wna t |i600. a gift from the members by Suppression · of seditious acts and utterances and the suppression, it necessary, of anti-Americans of whatever birth, is the object oE the Loyalty League of Connellsville which is to he formed at a meeting called for Fri- day'evening of this week, at S o'clock, in the high school auditorium. According to reports there are some "nests" of anti-Americans in the city and It is expected the league will assume the task of seeing that their activities are ended. Circulars sent out today are self-explanatory. They read: "The undersigned will be .glad to have you and all other good American citizens attend a meeting ia the new high school auditorium, Friday evening, April 12, 1D18, at S o'clock, for the purpose of organizing the Loyalty League of Connellsville, ·whose object and purpose will be the suppression of statements, and the suppression wherever born. "This will he an open meeting. You and your friends are not only wanted in this important work but it is our bounden duty to show our hands now. There are entirely too many persons in and about Connellsvillp giving aid ] and comfort to our enemies, either by . withholding their endorsement of our !^°TM e f cam P '· r I common cause, or refusing to assist in _TM_ _ftf:. *_..'. c . .^ i winning this war. If there be enemies [among us, let's list them today for present and future use. We must not feed or support our enemies at home or abroad. Come to the meeting prepared to take part." The call is signed hv Mavor John Duggan, Rev. J. L. ProudfH, Joseph J. Thompson, John L. Cans, Captain Lloyd Johnstnn. Joseph B. Echard, W. D. McGinnls. Samuel R. Cox. Sani- juel T.- Irvin, Elmer R. McNutt, John iA. Keslar, Thomas R. Cunnlncham. ; Russell Vaughn, Solvadore Desmone, JAV. E. DeBolt and R. S. Cooper. "CASEY" JONES REVELS IN THE SIGHTS, WONDERS AND CLIMATE OF SUNNY ITALY avenue was again brought before council at a meeting held last night, when Frank K. Graham appeared to urge the paving and S. S. Snadur presented a petition signed by property holders who do not wish to pay for paving at the present time, to the Alps we spent three days in Graham and the residents of Chest- I looking around the towns in the nut and Oak street are in favor of a i mountains. I cannot describe their ^finished paved street in piefe:ence to Frank JR. (iruliiim Clmmp-iiini; Caiii-c vi* .,,,,___,,---, ,, _ _ _ » Those Wanting F a ,i n g. S . , ALLOTMENT IS $937,000 bander fliose Opposed. The matter of improving Davidson Included in District Are South Gonncllsville and Townships. FLAGS FOB THE LEADERS beauty. My camera {taking pictures. ·was hot f r o m ' o n l y a graded one with a. temporary base. On the other hand S. S. Snader "Our first impression of Italy was ! gained alter passing through the great !tunnel, 27 miles long, at Modena. "We saw our first Italian city when we came to Turin, another wonder. After j riding in an open hack (we call them The beauties and wonders of Italy, [sea-going backs because they look as they appeal to keenly observing ] ike boats) for. several hours, we en- Americans, are very interestingly described by Boa. C. ("Casey") Jones in a letter "written to his mother, Mrs. B. F. Jones of East Cedar avenue, from an aviation instruction center m southern Italy. The letter bears the seditious acts" and i date ° r February 15 arid is as follows: whenever necessary, "Probably you think 1 am lost, but f anti-Americans, after r °aming around in France tor three months I am at last in sunshine down here. During ray trip I could only drop a card. ' "First, I must tell you something of our wonderful trip. Juiit a brief out- f could write for interesting ox- left our traveling the 15th ruins of hne ns you know ages about the periences and Bights, France, promises to be a strong attempt to deal with the ancient and always contentious problem of government for Ireland. Both issues have been tfirust upon Parliament during the ^V^,*TM, brief recess, the first by the desperate " " German attacks in France which demand al! the men the Allies can muster as quickly as they can be put in the ·whom Rev. Mem was held in the highest esteem. Rev. Merz was assistant to Rev. John T. Bums for nearly 10 years and tomorrow will assume his field and the second by the conclusion of the dering The reception was of a patriotic nature. Seated in a semi-circle on the stage were Rev. Merz. Rev. John T. Burns, Rev. Henry DeVivo, Rev. Tusek. Rev. John J. Regnery. O. S. A.. nTnaThTren- Rev ' CBarhs Branton 0. S. A., both which 3'remier of St - Villanova. Pa., Rev. P. J. Brcn- nan of Dunbar. Rev. William McCashin of Burgettstown, and the church committee. At the closing of a flag drill, in which a number of small children participated. .Masters Jack Soisson and John Edward Koclker ..stance of the government forces H StrnmUtee 'wltT^ "" "" Uoyd George promised would be followed, by legislation. GKKXA3 COSTBOT,. -MOSCOW. April 0.--German as- ators and officers only enjoy over hero. Our route led north and then south and then through the Alps until we crossed the border' into I*:aly. That »ection of France was wonderful. We were allowed stop-over privileges all large cities and places of interst. Coming trained and proceeded to Pisa. Here we saw the famous leaning Lower. "Our next great slop was Rome. 3 was much surprised, during my tour of this city, to learn that,I toad seen three of the seven wonders of the world. They are the Coliseum, St. Peter's Cathedral and the Forum. I and his petitioners ask that no work, be done beyond the laying of a base. Graham Lold the council that every load of coal which has gone up Davidson avenue in the past two years has cost from ?1 to $1.50 more than it should had it not had 1o go up that street. Honors Will Be Awarded lo Districts as They Kcacli or K\cewl Their Quotas; Subscriptions · Coming in at Fair Ikile to t h e Local Banks, Jrd Liberty file will be Preparations for the \ Loan drive iri Connells'i discussed at a meeting of committees tomglit in the Markell hall lodge room, called by E. T. Xorion, head of "About the only thing that ha? not r l h e movei neni in the city. Aimounce- gone up in price is what you propose to leave off," declared Graham. "I've looked into this matter thoroughly and inquired about the price of bricks." "We people who live out that way are getting to the point where we are [meni will probably be made tomor- 'row of the plans for the campaign. Subscriptions continue to come to the banks. The largest amount reported is at tlie Fnst National where at t h e close of business yesterday tbe total was $13,200. The Citizens Xa- rode on the Appian "Way; crossed the desperate," said' Mr. Graham famous bridge of Horatio (restored in , much emphasis. "YOG too, Snader. if century) and explored the tiio great Stadium whore Titanius Silenus, the negro, hmlt the wonderful castle. The Stadium had a seating capacity of 325,000 and was the scene of the chariot races depicted in "Ben Hur" and "Quo Vadis." I went through tho Vatican which con-Jot which council might decide "on",'was tains 1.200 rooms. Oh! It was all too signed by persons holding 2,000 feet wonderfnl to explain. ' " "After eating a wonderful meal we j ieft Rome and proceeded to within a | you lived there, you'd be the same way." "I'm in Cnvor of improvement but I don't want to go the limit," was Snade/s reply.' Graham showed that his petition for a paved street, or concrete, either few miles of Naples, where property, as compared with 3.SGO m Snader's petition. Prices on paving and base material s a w j w i l l be secured '.his week and the Mt. Vesuvius, an eruption of which iiuatier again brought up next council I destroyed the cities of Pompeii and : meeting. C o n t i n u e d or. Paye TWENTY-ONE ARE BELL CONDUIT TAKING TESTS FOR \ ORDINANCE IS MINE FOREMEN BEFORE COUNCIL At Aunual Examination Held in Immaculate Conception School Hall. a commissioner for the Finnish rebel | government. M. Tokoi has mcde the | following statement: "Germany is rapidly investing Finland and plans to take control there, just as iu the Ukraine and then move with the White Guards upon Russia's nortfiern port, thus cutting Russia off from the Arctic and the Baltic. Thirty German warship, transports and supply ships participated in the movement on Hango on April 3 and about 12,000 troops, some cavalry and motor transports were landed. PROCEEDS FORJIED CROSS Local Chapter Mill Benefit From Elks' Minstrel Show. The net proceeds from the Elks' annual minstrel to be held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, April 16 and 17, in the Soisson theatre, and from the booster edition to he published by The Courier, will be turned over to the Connellsville chapter o£ the Red Cross. Xt a meeting of the local lodge last night officers fqr the ensuing year were installed by Past Exalted Ruler . _ . . , ,, , . . , Hill of the Scottdale lodge, assisted Ahead, Beginning TonlgM. · · by Jam ,. s j Kcegan and E E Lewjs The Four-Minute Men have a busy , o f the san,e lodge.- week- ahead of them starting tonight.! The new officers are: Exalted A speaker will appear at ever} thea-i ruler, j. Q. Tippman; esteemed lead- tre every day this week with the ex- ing knight, A. I. Daniels; esteemed SPEAKER PROGRAM FULL Fonr-MJnnfe Men Hare » JInsy Veek ASHE AGAIN aECTED SUPERINTENDENT OF THEJTTY SCHOOLS At Special Session ol School Roard Present Head Is Kf-Kmplojed r'or Four Yrars. | At a special meeting of the school ' Qncstiomi Today Yrt- Intended to De- hoard held this morning Stanley P. , « , i n i , ,- , _, , .Ashe was re-elected superintendent ** rmln(l A nP"c n nl,s' knowledge of l o t the Connellsville school district 1 Hin « Conditions nml Kwintoilcs for for a term of four years. A vote ot Safety of JUcn Employed in JUnes. ' the directors sbowed five votes for and two against the superintendent. j There was no other candidate for the '·position. j Mr. Asbe h;is been superintendent |of the Connellsville schools for seven land one-half years. Previous to his election as superintendent for the first time, fie was a teacher of mathematics m the high school. The Con- nellsvMe schools have prospered under Mr. Ashe, he hems responsible for 'many improvements that have been made here. The only other matter taken up at tbe meeting was the salary or the superintendent which was increased from $2,500 to ?3,000 a year. Under Its Terms Franchise for Use of Streets is jLimitcd to 10 Years. FIRE BOSSES ON FRIDAY;IT MAY BE RENEWED THEN Reimburse City For Cost of Par- CQRYIN GIVEN 12 j TO 15 YEARS FOR l ATTACKING CHILD: Man jDvohed in Automobile Theft fiets M«y Hide*" of Six Months to Jail. i Not loss than 12 years nor more 'han 15 years jn the Western Peni- » Lentiary """as the sentence imposed by Judge Reppert this morning in Uniontown on Monde!] P. Comn, of Sonth Conn-el Isvi lie, wlio was convicted at the March term of court on a charge oT criminally assaulting his 34-year- old daughter. R. B. Summerside of Akron, Ohio, LIBERTY LOA.Y The Liberty Loan Committee of Fayette county is endeavoring to make a record in the inaitej- of display advertising. Tho solicitors m Counellsville :c-a!ize that they have not thoroughly canvassed the field. Any business man who desires to contribute an advertisement to the Third Liberty -Loan may apply to W. L. \Vrigm or J. if. Young, the local solicitors, or to George S. Oonnell, chairman of the publicity council. For the convenience of those who would prefer to place this advertising direct ?rith their newpaper.the publishers have been' provided with proof sheets and will be pleased to quote rates. A most elaborate selection of .Liberty Loan advertisements is available. GEORGE S. CONNELr'L, Chair. Publicity Council.. tional reported 53,600, the 'Yougu Trust between $2,000 and ?3,000. tho Union National $1,900 and the Colqn- ia] National 5950. Fayette county's allotment in the third Liberty Loan drive is $3,986,100, according to unofficial figures given TweJHj-one candidates today took the examinations [or mine foremen ia the parochial school hall. Several otherh had made application but did nol apjiear. The oxa.minatioiii, were in charge o! · dinancc was presented to the coun- P. J. Walsh, mine inspector of the ,, ; iimen "at a recent meeting and after Ninth bituminous district: James Con-1 thoroughly going over it, round 11 other," replied Judge Rcnpert. COKE CONFERENCE ception of the Orphemn tonight, where no talk will be made. jit jthe Arcad? this evening, hoiv- sver. Mayor John Duggan will speaic, with Rev. J. L. Proudflt at the Paramount, and Attorney S. R. Goldsmith ,tt the Sotsson. Tomorrow night Attorney John Duegar, Jr., will speak at the Arcade, S. P. Ashe at tlie Orpheum. B. B. Smith at the Par.ariount and Mayor Dugsan at the So'isson. GETS 30 DATS. loyal knight. M. B. Pryce; esteemed lecturing night, C. P. Rower secretary, J. E. Wallace: treasurer, H. C. Hays; tyler, 'W. B. DeBolt; trustees, F. H. Kj-an, J. :\f. Doyle, J. C. Herwick. MEET MOVIE STARS And Mr. and Mrs. George S. Connell Secure Their Antograplis. An entertainment featured by the j presence of Mary Pickford, Douglas i Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and Marie j Dressier; a parade in which the movie : stars were featured, and the sight of Ben Pikf. arrested last night for be- [nearly 10,000 soldiers under way in ing drunk and disorderly, and point- . heavy marching order were some of ing firearms was given 30 days 'O jail !the things that Mr. and Mrs. George iiy Mayor John Duggan this morning, is. Cornell saw on a four-day antomo- He waj azrested at S.10 o'clock last jbile tiip to \Vashfngton and Baltimore. COUNTY POSTMASTERS To -fleet to Consider 1Var (taring* Stamps and Liberty Bonds. "W. D. McGinnis, central accounUng postmaster of Fayctte county, has issued a call to the postmasters of the county to attend a meeting to be held ia the high, school butldiug at Union- towB, Wednesday, April 17, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of giving further consideration to the sale o£ War Savings Stamps, the sale of Liberty Bonds and other matters. Postmaster Harry Hagan, of Uniontown, will be cl.airman of the meeting. Addresses will be'made by Robert E. Umbel, Unionlown, and Alex Dunbar, cashier, Bank of Pittsburg, t \. A., of Pittsburg. Congressman Bruce F. Sterling' 1 advises he will be present it his duties at, Washington will permit. Postmasters are urged to bring way, represent ng the miners, aod J. W. Greaves, rcprdttentinf; the operators. Quits a uu r tber of applications have been ma/Ie by men for tbe lire boss examinations to be held. The questions given the men taking the examinations this morning follow: 3. What observations should a mine foreman make during his visits through the mine and what should his written report of tie same include? 2. Tbe rubbing surface of «i square air-way 4,000 I'eet long . is 128,000 square fec-t. What if, the area and perimeter of the air-way? Wnat is Lhe velocity of an air current if the volume is .19, 200 cu. ft. per minute? 3. Is an accurate niic.0 map irnport- The revised ordinance designed to permit the Bell Telephone company to place a conduit system under the streets of the city was introduced m ! council last nighl. The revised or-jTo Bo Ht»ld \VilJi a Viovr to Providing" Better Snpply for Foundries. Representatives of the coke producing companies in the Connellsville region, and the by-product plants in Ohio, bave been called to meet in con- 4. Why? When do you consider properly ventilated? 5. What are the legal duties of:-inner? Trip rider? Fan engineer? G. Do you consider the driving of places on sights important? If bo, stale why?, The men. talcing the examination are: Charles Nicholson, Yukon; Jas. Sofarie, Tarr; Joseph Painesky, Yuk- acceptable. Thc telephone corapany wants to gel the ordinance through so that i t j f o r e n c e with the Fuel Administra- cau be laid before Oie Public Service ] t i o n on Thursday. Commission get work started. It ;et work started, expected that it will take at least six weeks to £et action by the commission, and tho quicker the matter is placed before them the sooner tbe work on the conduit system can be Efforts will be made to increase ship- started. Under the new ordinance, after 10 years the Bell company cannot lay a conduit or construct any additional part of ;Jjc system vfKhoul first securing the consent oC the city council. In the first ordinance offered to council there was no such clause and the lack of it was one thing that held up approval of it. la addition the company agrees to j Sm i(hfield ('.. A. JL J'ort So The purpose of the conference is to consider plans for a better di 5 iribu- ;ol thc Perryopolis district; lion of coke to foundries and oUier establishments engaged in producing munitions at points in Northern Ohio. men is of coke to eastern points where there have been shortages of foundry coke due to the eong-esiion on the main line of '-he Pennsylvania railroad cast of Greensbnrg and to lack of motive power and crews u handle the traffic. ASKS CHURCHES TO ACT reimburse Ihe city for tlie cost of i " paving ol 36 inches over its conduits in any street where repaying is done, or in any street where paving be laid over the sunken lines. Able for Memorial Observance. Sueclnl to The Courier. SJIITHFIELD, April 9.--Because 1 of is to j Lhe age of the members and the thin- Tile | ning numbers Jerry Joues Post -\o. company will put in its conduit sys- j 451 of the Grand Army of the Repub- tem on Pittsburg street, between city. South Connellsville and Connellsville, Opper Tyrone. Bullskm, Saltlick and Stewart townships. The Dunbar district. embracing Dunbar township and Dunbar borough is charged with ?42,480. The Dawson district, embracing Dawsou and 1/ower Tyrone township was asked to raise 5.10,624. The first day cf the dnve this community doubled that amount. The allotment of the Vandcrbilt district, embracing Vandcrbilt and Franklin township, is ?2S,143. That of the PerryopolH district, embracing Perryolopis. Star Junction and vicinity, is ?73,3S6. Tbe Boy Scouls will take an active part in the Liberty I» a n campaign in the city during the period between April 24 and May 4. ] n tho second loan the scouts were highly successful in securing subscriptions and they will stra;n__ every effort to increase the total of bonds sold during the last ten days of the present drive. STUDEN^ORGANIZE Red Cross Active in (lie Schools of {'onnelisvinc Tonnshi]). The schools of Connellsville township ha\e organized a Junior Red Cro»s. with a membership of 100 per Teachers were elected officers H. ' J. Williams, -ntt . n l ly and -- r · -ni j o. t?n r T)l5 " rder - ointing a Onn. night when he is alleged threatened to sioot his wife. Cursed ITnittd States. A man giving the name of John. (Srosh of Ccnnellsvllle was arrested havejThey returned last evening. In Washington . they attended a "Ladies' Night" entertainment of the National Press club. Later that eve- resterday r^sr in "a Unioutown ning Jtr. Connell met the movie stars at the club, of which he is a member, and secured- autographs which he jiotel bar for saying-"to Hell -with the prizes highly. ^Mr. and Mrs. Connell I'nifed States." He is being held at | left Washington Sunday morning and ! tue police station. visited CamD Meade. ConueUsville; . . ; George Tal- their postal employes with them and j lentire. Tarr; James P. Hanley, Ade- to be prepared to ask questions. I laide; Robert Phikney, Jr., Duahar; Samuel Yerman, Dunbar; Pranlc C. Descaro, Dunbar; Charles Oswald, .... William Gettamy, TVyano; A. A. I Pcacl1 atreet and Washington avenue. Anderson, Wyano; Prank Santrayer,! and remove ail poles not necessary Ior Mt. Pleasant; John 0. Miller, Yukon; ( C o n t i n u e d on Pa£0 Two.) They Mored Often. John Burchinal of Herbert al works I Adelaide; George Jones, Ml. Pleasant; yesterday began a divorce suit in Cn- | Jonn R - Thomas, Mt Pleasant; John iontown against Helen Burchinal al- panlco, Leiser.ring; Henry Eittenberg- er, Dunfrar;ICharlcs Mclntyre, Uniontown; Amos H. Errett, Madison. leging cruel treatment and adultery. They were married in Pittsburg March 6, 1916, and have since resided, the statement says, at Percy, Youngstown, Lemont, Revert 1 , Hopwood, Connellsville and Herbert. Bender Fined $10.70. J. H. Bender of Havrisburg, a salesman, was taken from a West Penn street car here yesterday for refusing to pay the war tax. He \\as given a hearing before Alderman Fred Munk this morning and fined ?10.70. liiver Rises. The Yough river rose during night from 2.00 to 2.60 feet. WtsaftSacsa" Ftsurecasft Fair tonight aud Wednesday; warmer, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pensylvania. ' CARROLL RE-ELECTED Siiporinlcnilent's Siilnry Fixed $-1,000 1'isr Annum. At a meeting of the school directors of Fayette county in Unioutowii this afternoon John S. Carroll of Dim- bav was rc-eiected s the schools of the county, opposition. The salary was increased to $4,000 a year. lie has asked Uie churches of the tor- ^ follows: President, Miss Grace ough to relieve it of the burden of preparing for the observance of Memorial Day in the future. The churches have appointed co-m- , Bisei of the Poplar Grove school; vice president, Miss Anna Fette of the Washington school; secretary, Miss Helen M u n k of the Narrows "school. treasurer ol itiper.ntendent oE |The Kacii teacher will her own room. The pupils are not only taking up Red Cross work, but engaged in. other \\ork a 0 well. They are buying thrift stamps and in many other ways are , " d o i n B tile:i bit -" Thc Pupils of Convene Hcie ert I- nil.. . Popiar Grove will have war gardens question of Counellsville enter- ' a n d are also knitting wristlets The mittees to meet with a committee of the post. DISOJSS CONVENTION Sundaj Sshool IVorkcrs of Count) Wear Jtooster Jhmblems. To boost the s:tle of Liberty Bonds the women employes of the Wright- Metzlev company store are wearing red, white and blue emblems oil which are Inscribed "Buy a Liberty bond." One large display window is devoted He had no i taming I ho Fayette County Sunday i pupils of the Narrows are also knit- School Association at its next annual i tins wrisilets, while the Hock Rid~e convention i:i Septembei will be co- ' pupils are knitting an ambulance slderod at a meeting of the pastors blanket. Tae schools in the tc-wn- of the city and Sunday school officers | ship ai e Poplar Grove and teachers tomorrow evening at the Baptist church. It will be ConnpllsviUe's turn lo entertain Uie association. - -, Washington, Rock Ridge. Xarrows, Broad Ford and Casparis. A. A Slenart Ingles. Deiid. Stewart Ingles, 72 yeais old. exclusively to boosting the th.rd Lib- widely k n o w n Uniontown inau, died erty this morning of pneumonia Home on Fnrlongh. Tony Renock, of the Machine Gun company, 110th Infantry, stationed at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., is spending a furlough, at his home at Wheeler.

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