The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1930
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

·rriru cooKriiiK, GONNKIj'IJSVIJuL: Q, PA. Yale Professor Wall Receive Edison Medal TOOTS J*TVT fJASPEP Professor Charles P. Scott, ol Yalft, University, will receive the Edisoi^Madal, annual award of the American Institute of Electrical Engineering, during the Winter convention of the institute in New York, January 27-31. Yho award is ono of the most coveted in the engineering profession. SurvSvor of Monittor- Merrimac Battle Old "Cap'n Bill" Fentross. eighty- five years old, recalls that red- letter Any in American histoij when ironclad warships carne into thair own in the battle between the Confederate Merriniac and the Federal Monitor. As a "powder boy." Pentress had brought up loads of explosives to flre the shots which sank the Federal gunboata Congress, Minnesota and Cumberland-within a few days of the encounter with the Monitor. The old ·warrior wa* born in Norfolk^ Yfc. DEAR. N O A H ~ WHEN THE REAL ESTATE ^sS,ENTS r,ive A FRISE- J-UJNCH-OO DEAR N OAB = IF A D £AF CAMNOT cowaoera. HIS »su_eia V X H . K E S ·SRAPB -I V^$ *jr «r \*"r^ DEAR. NOAH » WHAT DOES THE MAN IN THE MOON THt5 DCC, STAK? . _ . . .. ... _ 01-0 ^4cAW-«»^ DOES " "»,MNB .^ BKUi. AuA- HO AM tit IS |f '.TMAT NlAEZ' THfJ SUTTGR.FI.V? 3ENP IM YoUS By JI ' TOOTe AND ! 6OT THE SURPPl-SE Orj O*JS3 L)VEfj WHEN VJE. DROPPED IN AT THAT NEW RvVs.tse.lte TEA ROOM* M!25 MORTIMER. THE FORMER SOCIAL |to THE PRO! ^ETRESS! SHE'S ^01N(dr UNDEP AM THAT'S TOO ITS PRETTY TOU6H rOR, HER. TO HAVE TO FOR A LIVIW6- AFTER ONCE . -30 1 MUCH MONEY- SHE HE RE. AUL RliirHT, BUT THAT HueBAMt» op HER= t5 A RAT! SHE'S L U C W Y I kMQNW'3 VJHO SHE. TO ^ET Rllt Off HIM! / !?'. AUI.THE CC3U6H HE TRIE TO TRIM U SHE HAS LEF T IS EVERYBODY HE!EVER )\ !NVE^TEC IN HER. \ PEALT WITH , AN )N THE VATEA-ROOM 1 ., i HE'S ""^ ENb HE THREW] PLUCWY AMI · i HOPEeHEtV OF IT 1930, King Feature: Syndlfilt, Inc., Greit llrllsln rlfhu rt«trv«d CAN'T HELP BUT THINKS OF MRS. CLAMBY! ONCE "SHE HAt WEALTH, A MANSION. =eRVANT5 AT HER CQMMAMt, ',LIMOUSINES AND WHAT NCTT ANC NOW 'aHE. HA^J Di5T A SMAV.LTEA-ROOM'. iOES MO'CT OF THE COOW)Nir HERSIELF,' IF YOU'VE NEVEO. HAD LUXURIES You ^BUT ITS START ALL OVESL /TV/A3 FURIOUS rr HEW BUT 1 CAN'T 5TAY MAt AT ! WE ONLY OIY MUBPHY LIVE ONCEl AN THERE'S PLENTY OF ROOM IN THE. WORLt ""~ MRS. CUAMBY" LOSE ANY SLEEP WHEKl HER. HUSBAW1 BPQWif, ME/BUT I AIN'T HOLWN6- IT SiQW! FDR. SOME.- ODY EV.WS ANDBVHN ETTA KET'J OUT Ol 1 THEIH ELEMENT! By PAUL ROBINSON f K O , I C SMS. AUONE - LET PEOPLE 1 TPSLtC- C LOVE. TO SHiDOC THEM'TIL rACT I TH!M\C LITT1E WGEL-- V-OCK, IMTO 'SOO'KE UtCE. VM IK ViELL HERE 1 AM RIG BCN- Gl-TTER LATE THAM UKi'Ere-t HAD TOCHW5E I HOPE v iou fcooor ME"? ENEO RASCAL" I V/AS WORRIED ~ I THOUGHT XOU CHANGED MIND.' RIGHT OP HWB.-IF I EVER. GO IH THS fAOV\ES t \VAWT TO BE SO BAD WILL Cur ME" AU OUT/' -QUTNOU MIGHT AS VNELL step TAKIKG pApr OF A LITTLE DBVIL NOT TOOUtKCb ANN13ODX i SEE GIRL DIDN'T cote ALONG TO E/XI2TH - TIM TYLEE I»y TYM YOUNG. / ITS REAOWA6 \ S.OO y so\na 5PUO, DON 1 T TW\S TR\P-LET'S SNAXT UU1\L ROM FLEET HOU LOOK.SPUD TUB AU \tvAETER WE'RE OP soo JROUC\AW ·. WE \NO«T r.\n"D OF MOU DOWT WANT /WLO l'W\ 00 EHOO6\^ FCC? MOU? BIG SISTEE. A )!·' COXFIPENCE Uy LES FOiiU-BAVE. riBOUT TIM BETH U^ITH HER PL AN 5 ON THE H I L L , 5CHOOL LET OLT TURNING BUTCH LOOSE OJORLO /-~| CUALT'TIL T SET i^iy SLED,, ^\ DOPV, AW I'LL so curr'yuw/ I ) rfAY, YCXJ At^T ^6;EN ^AY [ / MP\A/ tSj_ED YET^ t-iAVE.YOH? S ^ A DARB. 1 LOOK AT 'EM RDOfOO I ROM ; ' ^/ - ^ ^ -- : f / I BC IT,'BUTCH ? f IT OFPEtJ A 7r;\^ K .' I KNlOtO Hocoyou S3RR V . A T H t M 3 . / ^ H E K J I tUHATCWA50t(J'( AWYTHtN/6 T'OO (f= HE. j*. - 1030, Ly frcM Atsosiatton. Inc. AN' DEV TRt£O TO 6tT D£ "SLEO BACK- BUT E . ANY VIme A c'w cSiT AHEAD o l " 'ER rre/ IT cv=rT5 A_(_ JE5 LET'E;'R TRY CT.. i'VE (SOT E.PA IT, FELIX THE A'l' y PAT SULMVAN. ouT umy we. S.VAOU.SUCS ?=ot.i_ouj TH\S is IMG !«!'Ji|!iU ! i!J "i' 1 ·!'ti' ,1'! 'i!! 1 ''^'! 1 '!^ ,Vi i' · EtoTi,'' i ( 'i i I.N',' '! ^ MM^'fE^^^r^^ CAP" STITD1SS TVOT'SA USE ANYHOW! By EDW12TA rj^^.p'H^^-r-V ^~^J .^. t TVMNK »T'*.. l-P^NO l . t , i TO . TVMNK O = 1 .' ., NOW THAT you J IT --HETBBE t.T 1^ As L \ \ - Col_O

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