The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1918
Page 8
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|£;.rAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. AY, APRIL S, 1918. ^GENERALS FOCH AND PERSHING TOGETHER !? i- ... . G Tenth Regiment, Camp Hancock, GaG., who vras home on a five-day furlough to btd his- mother and other ·friends "goodiby"' before he leaves for Prance, retiimed,to camp Friday..Mrs. Frederick Czani and son o! ML Bradd-oe:c wore down visiting the Iic-me oE the former's .mother, Mrs. BUSS Allen Lyons of Hillfarm. The latter j uic only has gone to the borne for peusionerl widows at Harrisburg, both he:; sons having been drafted'and are at camp, leaving her entirely alone. She Jos N A T I V E H E R B TABLETS Mr. E. H. Brush, of Ca.Ufarn.ia, says he fcas often "been relieved of KIDNEY TROUBLE by takinff Bliss Native Herb Tablets, standard herb ^^^ remedy. He a son in lac Spanish American war. j Guaranteed Her husband, ako deceased, was a|TM° ne ,^M?. fu soldier in the Civil War. If all communities had .been as thoroughly strip-ped of young men for ·war purposes as Dunbar and vicinity, the army of [}nc:o Sair: v/ouJd ·ber many millions. Practically every able-ibotlried young man in this sec.- tion lias been taken. '^Kidney and Live|- Regulator Ive satisfaction oded. Bvorj- g-onu- x-x contains this trade \JOJ m a r k , ^"^ Price Jl.OO Per box of 200 tablets. Sold by A. A. Clarke and local agents everywhere. If \"on Want Something Advertise for it in our 'classified column. One cent a weird. --TO DAT-- f? ","WM» moat unusual and striMng photograph shows General Foch, the ^FMMJiUiraimo of all the allied armies, and General Pershing, commander Kln'-chUt .of the American expeditionary forces, both .wearing' the smiles '-'ft victory. ' . · .WEAVER OP DREAMS."-part Metro, feature in which Dm, the winsome star has a ·; yymfftbitic and appealing rola in a ptUurluUion of Myrtle Reed's novel. |i»jkH»* preeenied today. Her role of 4' Jottft Sylvester is. a simple and ]ov- t«M* eonstrr EM like in "Bine Jeans," br Miss Dana, :ind the part j In limiUr in its appeal and human |l4t*NMt.' "Weaver of Dreams" is a · vtorr of the heart, and. Miss Dana «-. I- 1 e«i»~ In her characterization. The ac; Uon .takes place in a rural community fin»d with quaint types of humanity, lrt«re among simple surroundings a drmmi of "the human heart is played. f THW who hare read the story will be · djeiigbted to see- it reproduced on the iiereea. Miss Dana is supported b; a .'joist.: of favorita players. Her lead- tnt man is Clifford Brace, who has jrapported the star in ether productions. Tomorrow 'William Desmond wlll'be seen in "Captain of His Soul." "Wednesday Bluebird -presents "Hnn- ''fft Eyes." On Thursday Alien Brady .Trill be starred in "The Spurs of Sjbll," *nd 'on, Friday and Saturday ;JJonaa Talmadge will appear in "The ' Secret of the Storm Country." positive hit Charlie Chaplin -Trill be on the screen today and tomorrow. Pechin. OBPHSOI THEATRE. vJ-,"INTOLERAXCE."-- D. W. Grif- '·'th'3 "Intolerance," which the leading ."dramatic critics of this country have the most stupendous as aa the most magnificent spectacle produced, is shown at the Or- theatre today and tomorrow. PBCHEJ, April .8.--J. A. Lehman of Keffers station -whose finger was accidentally mashed by a heavy brick, iocn he was handling slipping last Wednesday, is able for duty again. ..Thomas Marsden. ot Ferguson has purchased tie old James R. -McDowell ' farm at Hillfarm Irom 'A. K. Knotts of Uniontown, and' will occupy the same the last, of the week. This was. formerly one. of the very "best farm in this section, but of late years .has been much damaged by oven smoke. The discontinuance of the ovens at Mahoning and Hillfarm removed that nuisance and the farm is now regaining its former fertility. CMr. Marsden. and his son-in-law, Martin. 0. Maust and family, will occupy the big farm mansion and cultivate the Tarm. Not in the recollection of the oldest inhabitants has there been such a generally fine March as the one just closed. There was an entire absence of the blustery weather, high winds and disagreeable rains and snows. "Willie there was .some pretty cold weather there was a sameness of I snnny days unusual indeed in wild j stormy March. It came in like a lamp and went out still more iamb- lijce, with bursting (buds, green.lawns and" numerr.- lov/crs. . Edward '-. . j, who was successful in securing the position as teamster for George W. Smiley after the resignation ot Guie McGown, *-as also resigned his position in order to take tip a position as coal miner. Private Grant Tressler of Company A ' H K A R T DRAMA OF COMPELLING, SWEEmGSS IS "WEAVER OF DREAMS'* A u ACT MtTTRO SCREEN" ROMAMCE OF LOVE AND RENTJNCIA- TION STARIUNG ADORABLE V1OI..A DANA ALSO A KEYSTONE COiCEDY IN 2 ACTS. T 0 Iff O B E 0 Tf THOS. H. 1NCB PRESENTS 'WILLIAM DESMOND IN "CAPTAIN OF HIS SOUL" TRIANGLE PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A SELECTED COKEDT. SOISSON THEATRE THJKEE BATS--STAETISG MONDAY MATDTEE tt E. "W. Borman' Presents CHESTER BISHOP PLAYERS In a IX'ew Seeaic Production of the Knral Comedy Ihe Minister's Wife" 1 By'Margaret Straycr Jones. MATEfEES MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. PEICES: Matinees, lOc and 20c. . Nights, 15c, 25c and 35c. THEEE DAYS--STARTING THURSDAY NIGHT Bertha 31. Clay's Greatest Lore Story "DORA THOIiNE" The Sweetest Story Ever Told. '-JThe theme of this latest achievement. ''.Trhicli it is stated sets a standard of -colossal production which even Mr. ;.Brifflth. may never be able to excel, is Jtoire's struggle throughout the ages. iSThV scenes are laid in four ages ot ·j,i»- world's" development; ancient iJBibylon, the Nazarene's Jud'ia, Med- flrfal "Paris, and a modern America!* i'ieity.' '"Intolerance" is the successor fofMr; : Griffith's "The" Birth of a Na- 33tHfc" · It Is said to have cost two 5 million dollars and I25JOOO people, £7,5*0 -horses and 1,500 chariots too^ Sljwrt in it. Among the aim favorites llUiving. its principal roles are: Maa SJtarso, ' iliriam Cooper, Constance i Talmadge, Seena Owen, Bessie Love, jjKMmiKerr "."Wilson, Lillian Gisli, Eobert gHirron, Alfred .Paget, "Walter Long V*id Bfoier Clifton. SOISSOS THEATRE. £y~.^THE MINISTISR'S "WTFE.'TTor the jjtcoaA week of their stay the Chester ^·BjiKop PJayers . will present tie '"-'"" 1 comedy, "The Minister's wife." "delightful. comedy was ysed by s Mildred Holland for several' sea- |£»ons.^.Miss Duncan will bu seen in $*£· character of Avis Merrill, created pfcjjlBw Holland. Mr. Bia-hop will 3pMi*3 r - the Tillage parson who wins the |.;Joie:.'o.t the great* violinist, who has SVim counted by_tte royalty of Europe. |jHsfs~Aub'rey will'play another dif- llerent part, that of a. village gossip, Sj^II«.^WSll LeRoss will have the Quidiag comedy part... Thr Chester ' Players' are growing in popu- j : eveiy day by their splendid! 3 and delightful perform- Jf*nces. The usual raatinej will be jajttren Monday, Wednesday and Sat- TODAY AND TOMORROW ORPHEUM THEATRE D. W. GRIFFITH'S COLOSSAL SPECTACLE "INTOLERANC Or Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages See 7 Big Stars in One Show Mae Marsh : Seena Owen Constance Talmadge · Robert Herron Bessie Love Marjorie' Wilson Lillian Gish THE f^Arcade patrons will no doubt re- *ittemDer the appearance o[ Merser- MNra Brothers'-Mile-a-Minuie show in ^October. It was one of the best shows frihat ever played the bouse. Opening Jtoday in. "Election Day in Spiivens- . is .another Marereau show. Submarine Girls." but featuring »principal comedian wit^i the other Simmig Myers, ivho is some ian. Reports of th- show arc fj»ood. Both the Mersereau shows are ''·""-'·I.eomedy and singing organiza- k The special featu-es of this !J»hpw are Wally Merserenu, the big Vand Minnie Mersereau. jusi Uts, a classy bahnonj pair; the lot Sisters, blue, ribbon singers jpBMTdamcors; Larry Powers, tlie comic Ad the two clever comedians, : : Morse and Jesse. "Simmie" irs. that simple.. kill. Another 1 feature is the Paramount Com- .Four, which is always a 125,000 People, 7,000 Horses, 1,000 Chariots Don't Miss This Opportunity of Seeing This Astounding Creation. Here For the First Time--and at War-Time Bargain Prices. SPECIAL ORCHESTRA Three Shows Daily Matinees, 1.15. and 3.15 Evening, One Show Only, 8.15 Matinee, Adults °5c, Children 15. Night, Adults 50c-75c. Children 25c _ All seajts reserved for evening performance. Buy Liberty Bonds Liberty Boys and J .i'berty Bonds will help make this world a more decent place to live in. Every week or so we see American troops march away--and not all of them will return. Just how many DO return depends in a. large measure upon the Bonds' we buy to support them. See That Every Member of Your Family Owns at Least One Bond Stout Women Can Wear Fashionable Apparel A welcome assertion to those who have not yet learned that we .specialize in scientifically designed appare] for stout women. Every garment is made on correct proportioned-measurements, incorporating evury fashion departure that is adaptable to full figures. Many stout women are experiencing a new satisfaction in dress since wearing Wright-Metzler stylish stout apparel. New Wool Dress Goods for Dresses, Suits and Coats Fashion calls for simple lines. So beauty and distinction must come from the fabric. We had this in mind when choosing our Dress Goods. Color can lend distinction. So can quality. So can design. If these are wroug, nothing can make the dress right. But they are'not wrong here. No fabric or color is.missing that fashion demands. No price is missing for inexpensive or costly wear. Many Attractive New Styles in Choice of Silk or Wool Women's Sweaters were never more delightfully attractive--more beautifully fashioned-nor shown in such artistic color combinations. This is the time when every woman and girl needs one the most--and we don't believe anyone will be without one who sees this charm. ing collection and realizes how surprisingly reasonable prices are. Betty Wales Dresses for Misses and Women A Beautiful Showing at 519.75 to $35 Women informed on fashions "will need no introduction to these famous Dresses which became so popular for young girls that mothers and older sisters demanded similar styles for themselves--and got them. Betty Wales Dresses are shown in a variety of smart and seasonable materials, prettily trimmed, and in just the right shades. If you haven't seen this collection, do so at once, for we've already found it necessary to re-order on certain of the most popular models. Styles You'll Like Prices You'll Like --The famous "Wirthmore" and "Wei- worth" Waists in organdy and voile, plain and fancy trimmed, at $1.00 and $2.00. --White Voile Waists with, neat lace trimmings, at $2.50 to $S-9S. --Plain and barred Taffetas, in all new novelty shades, at $3.75 and $3.95. --Exquisite style in georgette crepe in. plain white and novelty shades--both light and dark. Some have very smart beaded trimmings and are fashioned with convertible collars, while others are quite plain. Prices $3.75 to $19.75. Collars and Sets--The Choice of Fashionable Women --Dainty Vestees of net, trimmed with val lace, at $1.00 to $2.50. --Satin Collars of extra' quality in new- shapes and shades for suits and coats at $1.25 to $4.0(1. --Collars and Sets of imported Swiss, in 3. choice selection of new styles. Collars at 50c to $3.50. Sets at 50c to $5.50. --Pique Collar and Cuff Sets for Tailored Suits, at "5c to $1.50. --Pique Collar and Cuff .Sets for tailored Suits, at 75e to $1.50. --New Filet Collars, at 75c to $1.50. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Big 15e Matinee Daily at 2:30. ' Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. ALL THIS WEEK -ANOTHE TUATCHDTG. BMe Finnegan "The Submarine Girls Ireland's Own Comedian Simmie Meyers Conuellsville's Own Musical Cuss In the pretty, tuneful Musical Comedies, "Election Day at Splivensille." "Hotel De Royal" and "A Night of Delight" TRY OUR CLASSIFIED MOVE BY AUTO TRUOtS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. »«»Wlrt«VW««W*WMWWW«(WH»6WS^ S TJCTTT.A'K WT'n'WWV.Ci -R/TK- a.ft.1 K WEAK KIDNEYS MEAN A WEAK BODY Don't Delay. If in Tronhlo Best Call and ConsaH Sncoinl, Vrlvnte. and Chronic DiK«.-««r» o( Men and AVomen An FOii BACKACHE. KIDKET UL.HIDKK TJtOCBLK. "VVhctlK-r A-ca((r or Chronic. RbpomntlHi,,, Concc«tlon of hc Kld- nryn, InnonimutSon of the Bladder. (.'ravel and Urimiry TroubleH. CALL AXD CONsrLT ME. Here in Your Home Town EACH WEUMSXUAY --AT-- .VliW .STAC IHITKL. I l l S. IMItnljnrit St., Connrllm-tUc. !·«. . HOUIUJ S A. .11. (o 0 I. JI.

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