The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1918
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL, 8, 1918 THE DALLY COURIER CONNEIjLSVTLLE PA, ·AGE SEVBH. Our Spring Slogan "A Columbia Graf onanola in Every Home" Gra and Columbia Records Everybody Can Own a Columbia Grafanola at These Low Prices and Easy Terms EVEN if you only buy the lowest priced Columbia that there is (the $18.00 model) you'll be able to enjoy all the beautiful life-tone and the perfect expression of Columbia Records--you'll be able to enjoy all the new musical selections, dances and songs as soon as they are out. It will soon be that the home without a phonograph will seem lonesome. Let yours be a Columbia Grafonola and you'll have the best there is. It will demonstrate this fact every time you play it. But be wise--Order now. Transportation difficulties may* soon make the supply unequal to the demand, especially because the demand is increasing tremendously. This Columbia Grafonola Delivered to Your Home on Our Easy d» 1 Q f\f\ Payment Plan for - - - -«plO.UU $1.00 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK. !Xo Interest Charges at the Bapport-Featherman Co. These Cabinets Without Cabinets When jou go to your summer cottage--When jou go camping --When you go canoeing--vou can take jour Columbia ard some of vour favorite records lecords along A gieat man of these models are being placed in schoolrooms for the children to march by In lodge rooms and in mam other public places A few pennies a week from the school children club members or lodge members soon pays for one without the expense being noticed at all This Store is a Real Columbia Service Station. You 11 find us alwajs milling--}es eager to demonstrate to you tlje -emarkable features of the Columbia or to pla-s for vou an\ of the ne-w popular or old favorite Columbia Records Come in as often as you can bring jour friends wuu j o u * This Columbia Grafonola Delivered to Your Home on Our $Qfl f\C\ Easy Payment Plan for - - - - «pOU.UU $1.50 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK N o Interest Charges nt the Bapport-Featherman Co. The Life-Tone of the Columbia --has made this instrument famous The Columbia Grafonola ·was made to play Columbia Records--Columbia Records were made to be played on Columbia Grafonolas, so, to get the best there is it's necessarj to play Columbai Records on Columbia Grafonolas The Columbia library embraces about everything there Is In the musical world and uicludes pieces plajed and Bung by artists of international repute ·who make records for Columbia exclusively SOONER OR LATER YOU'LL HAVE A COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA IN YOUR HOME Wfrv put it off' Why not commence, without another signle day's delay, to enjoy the pleasure tie ownership of this instrument will afford 9 You'll never be at alloss for a way to entertain, your friends You'll never get lonesome Come in, hear this wonderful instrument and we know the result will be-A Columbia Grafonola in Your Home Comparisons Always Prove You'll Do Better at Columbia Grafonola Delivered to Your Home on Our Easy Purchase Plan for - $3.00 CASH, $1.25 A WEEK. Jfo Intcrrst Charges at the Rapport-reathcrman C3. Our Terms Make Everything So Easy Don't get the id^a that the onlv people who enjoy the ad- vintages of our easy payment plan are people who are shon. ol r ady cash Such is far from being so As a matter of fact, the great majority ol people who buj Columbias here could write their checks for the monev but they prefer to use their credit and save their cash which is a ver\ good idea. Then besides, it s just as they sa\ they get things without feeling the cost. Make up YOUR Mind Right Now that jou 11 not let another daj pass without a Columbia Graf- onola m your !iome We'll make prompt deliverj so that tomorrow night when you reach home jou 11 be able to hold joor first home concert, having for performers the greatest artists of the day Only $1.00 is all the Ready Money You Need to Pay Down. Surelj jou v on't let the rnonei consideration stand between vou and such real enjovment as you'll get plajmg your Columbia Grafonola «r^*»k Cormellsvilie's Most TIT f Dependable Furniture Store With a bluntnew not unkind he asked O'Bellly what bad brought him to "Cuba. When O'Beffly explained the reason tor his presence the old fighter nod ded. "So? Ton irlah to go west eh?" "Tea, «ir. I want to Snd Colonel Lope*." "Lopes' Miguel Lopez? the gen «r»l Inquired prickly "Well yon won t hare to look far for him." General Gomez* leathery countenance lightened Into * smile. "He happens to be right lure In Cubitas * Colling Judson to him, he said- "Amlgo, take Mr OTteilly to Colonel Lopez, jon will find him ·oawwbere about. I am sorry we are Dot to ^tare this young fellow for a ·oldler, he looks uke a real man and-quite equal to five qointos. eh?" It was the habit of tin Cubans to refer to their enemies as qnintos-- the fifth part of a mas' With a ware of his hand Gomez returned to his rending Col illguel Lopez, a handsome, animated fellow, took O Reilly's hand In ' « nearly clasp when they were Intro- duced but a moment later his smile Bave way to n frown and his brow darkened "So! Ton are that OBellly from Matanzas " said he "I know you now but--I never expected we would meet "Esteban Varona told you about me, did he not?" The colonel Inclined his head 1 1 m here at last after the devil s own time Ie been trying every way to get through The Spaniards stopped me at Puerto PrinrJpe--they gent me back home, yon know Tre been per fectly crazy I-- Ton--" OKeilly swallowed hard. "Ton know where Esteban Is? Tell me--" "Have you heard nothing?" 'Nothing whatever That la, noth Ing since Rosa, hla sister-- Ton understand, she and I are--engaged--" "Tes yes; Eiteban told me all about you " Something In the Cuban s gravity of manner gave O'Reilly warning A sod den fear assailed him. His Tolce shock- as he asked "What is it? Not bad news?" There, was no need for the officer to answer In Ills averted ga 0 Reilly read confirmation of his slcl est apprehensions 'Tell me' Which one?" lie whls pered "Both'" O Re«IIy recoiled f a spasm distorted his chalky face He began to shake weakly and his fingers plucked aim lessly at each other Loper took him bj the arm Try lo control yourself'* said he Sit heie while I try to tell von wha 1 ttle I know Or would it not be better to wilt awhile until jou are calmer?' I As the young man mufle no answer ex cept to stare at him in a white agony of suspense he sighed "I will tell you all I know--which Isn t much Estetmn Varona came to me soon after he and his sister had fled from their home, he wanted to join my forces, but we were harassed on every side and I didn't dare take the girl--EO woman could have en dured the hardships we suffered. So 1 convinced him that bis first dutv was to her rather than to his countiy and he agreed He w as a fine boy' He hafl spirit He bought some stolen rifles and armed a band of his own-which -nnsnt a bad Idea I used to hear about him Nobody Beared to molest him I can tell you until finally he killed some of the regular troops Then of course they wenr after him Meanwhile he managed to destroy his own plantations, which Cueto had robbed him of You know Cueto' 'Tea." "Well, Esteban jmt an end to him after a while, rode ri^ht up to La Joya one night, broke in the door nnd nmcheted the scoundrel In his bed But there was a mistake of ··orae sort It seems that a body of Cobo s volun tecrs were somewhere close bv, and the two parties met I have never learned all the details f the affair and the stories of that figh- which came, to roe ore too prepostei ous for belief Still Esteban and his men must have like demons, for they killed some Incredible number But they were human--they could not*detent a regiment It seems that only one or two of t ioru escaped" "Esteban' Did he- Colonel I opez nodded then he said gnu elj ' Cobo takes no prisoners I vi is In the Itiibl lulls at the time Bfeht ink hard and it was six weeks before I got baek into Matanras Isaturallj when I heard what happened I tiled to find the gill but TVejIer was con centrating the poplicos by the time and there was nob )dy left in the lu mil i it wis a desert Then you don t know positively that ·she tl it she-- \V-ut I I -e is no doubt thit the boy w i s killed but of Rosas fnte I can only f o r n ra\ own opinion How ever one of Es e b a n s men joined my troops titer ond 1 not onlj learned something about tin gir but also whj Esteban hid been so relentlessly pur sued It was all Cobo s doings lou have heard of the fellow? No? Well you w 11 The spe iker s tone was elo quent of hatred 'He is woise than tlie worst of them--a monster! He liad t,een BUss Va-ona She was n beautiful girl "Go on' whispered the lover "I discovered that she dldn t at first obej Wejlei's edict She and the two negroes--they were former slaies of her father I believe--took refuge In the Pnn de Matanzas Later on Co bos men made a -aid and--killed a great many Some iev? escaped into the high r ^Ines but Miss viirona was not one of them Out of regsud for Esteban I iraue careful search but I could lind no + ince of her" ' A n d jet iou don t know what hap pened 7 O Reilly \enturcd You re not sure?' 'Vo but I tell jon again Cobo s men take no prisoners When I lienrd about thnt raid I save up lool ing for her ' This--Cobo --'the American s voice shook, in spite of his effort lo hold It 6teid%--"I shall hone to meet him some time" "Why Look fa- Ethics In War?" The sudden fury that filled Co'onel Lope? face wos almost hidden by the gloom "Yes Oh yes lie cried I quid Iv and j on are but one of a bun I dred I am another In my command I there Is ti standing order to spare nel i the*- Cobo nor any of his assassins, thes neither crcpeer nor ccehe quir- ter from us Mow companeio '--the Cuban dropped a hand on ORfllly's bow ed jead--"I am sorry tbat I tad to 1 ling jou sueh ?\l\ tidiug c but we are lien--nnd tins is %\ir ""No no' H i s n t w a r -- I t s mercile^^ saMi^er^ io n u i d e r children md to outrige wom^n--wh hat \io'a t es nil the eel cs of warfare ' Ethics the colonel cried bar hh Ethic^ Dell is w i t h o u t ethics "\\ b\ loo! for ethica la w i n \io'eiet'-- i nustioe -- lasanltv -- cmios -- Hint i^ w«r It is m a n s icom--woman s iU*- sp ilr It s i defiance o£ God V T Is without mercj witlloK ! iw it' i-, --well It ib the absence of u l l l a w i I good II was some time be'ore O Heilli spoke then he said quieth I im not going back I am going to sti here ind look for Rosa So' c£Claii=»il tbe colonel "Well why not? So long as w e do not 1 now preciselv whit has happened to he 7 " we can it leus-t hone Bur if I wcri you I woulo ratl er think of her is deid thim n^ a pris-tner in some coi c e n t - i t i o n caci] \ou don t know w h i t iho'-e cimns are like m\ fr end but f o *sow I shall lea\e vou One needs to be i T one it such an hoe''-- eL? Y\ ith a i ressure of his hand Colonel Lopez will ed away inio Hie darkness Judson and his adventurous countn man did no* so* 1 O ReilU thin nigh nor in net dill anvone But HIP ne\t morning hp appe red before Genenl Gome7 He was hippird sick list less The old Porto R ci n h id hear I from I opez In the meantime he was sympithotic I I nil sorry vou came a l the WIT I to heir such b-'d news he «a il I T?ar Is a snrt hopeless business ' But I haven t gh en up hope ' OPellly said I w a n t to stay here and--and fight I 'I Inferred as much from -nhnt Lo pez told me The general nodded his wjiite head 'n ell -\oii 11 mal e a good soldier and we shall be glad to h n \ p \on Us extended his baud and O'Belllj took It gratefullj The city of Matanzas was "pacified," I So ran the boi tfn bando of the cap- tnin uenenl \nA his was no esag- ge-at o i is amoa could see from the numhor of besjirs iliere Of all [ his nnht ir\ opcr itions thii, 'pacifica- j t'on of t]io we^tc-i 1 towns and pro\- mrLS was he most ^ uspicuou^h suc- cs 'ulvii fl tha one whkb gave ''ialeri- I mo ^e\Ior the k « , i = t sntlsfactlonji for low hi n did the rebellion lift its head---'\cept peihips among tha | r ml a of t hose dl«i Tooted men who hid) I in IIP 11 Is \ i t h nothing above them) 1 but the t p n su is for t'le popula-j ti n cr lar^c it wis c irtd oC trcasou'i It 10 loT-or rs s r »d eiea weakly, the4 l i w n f S p i n T h c r i a - o n w a s t h a t l t l a y j (IviiiR \ V ( \ l e o cure V T S simple, effl-j ciclous--it consist",! o£ ene-mi s u i f t in 1 pitilpc" TO BE CONTINUED A p t i l = h o « e r s wash and c'ean old notae 1 arh o r "\\iutu s germs and iminiyupi Ho listci 0 Rock} Moun- taii Tea does t IP same thing for your stomac bo^ e 1 blood--purifies, c ems \ou lii^ough and through a thorough) Snm e, remed-v 35c Tea ! or lableis Conne!!s%ille Drug Co -Ad^ M l o lo ratnmui Those who ad%emse in Tie Daily Courier IF YOU HAD A R1ECK AS LONG AS THI8 FELLtML AND HAD SORE THROAT T O N S I L . N E WOBLOfaiGUYKUEVf IT.

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