The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SEC -THE'DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE, PA Uncle Sam's Food Lessons J -(St»cfeU - at Jkirleultnn.)- H START THE DAY RIGHT. 'I. A good-breakfast can be had if ;:Fruit, Cernl, Milk. Thess-make a ;; nourishing, «wy to cook, good, cheap -; meal of foods the govermnenrisks ue ;.to eat ~ 1, - a - * Uie Fruit "'-- Fruit helps to keep your body In la food health and to "prewnt-consUpa- -ilon. ~ _ - ~ ;·· Use fresh trott when possible. ;:; Use pranes, dried apples, dried aprt- i.eotn Seek them in water -over night · : snd cook them loaaj enough to make -~ tkCK tflMrdOT. · -* -'-; Uss dales or ratabw. These axe i;food added to the cereal tea minutes ;i»e*er« taking it from the store. Then ;;yo» wUl not need sngaz. ,:.- Use rtpe bananas with dark skins, ilrlansae* with greenish-yellow sklaa "are hud to digest-anleas cooked. oatmeal, rice, hom- UrJW. These axe nsaen cheaper Af* the breakfast food*. A breakfast food mey r;eiat 16 cents for » Dtf package, bat*If I only. .aBtzaeal are ··aH-cockad. Jfany aalt and *»t Xa conk eonnaal i for five peo- "And that Is?' 1 have dreamed for years of getting married, but not In this way. But I will marry you If--when you return-you will propose to me all over again, and vie con go on a honeymoon and X can be courted and --well, you know, ·rTi% sure 11 ^ __ _ ~"AJlJdght^^he Bald with a smile. "To -be bonest_wHh-yon, dearest, I thought I wss going to escape nil that--but I see ifs no use. I might have known better Eren a war" like this cannot keep a woman from havfhg her own way--especially about a wedding." SCHOOLS AID FOOD CAMPAIGN Uncle Sam's Bureau af Education R«- perls Prompt Response by Pupils to Natioo't Need. The response of many ctty school departments to the need for the production and -conoemirlob of food In the United States ha,i been prompt and efficient, according to Uncle Sam's bureau of education Thirty four city school superintendents have reported a total of 67,388 children engaged In the cultivation of home vegetable gardens. "During the coming year the need for the production of food will be greater than ever, and profiting by our experience, we should train the children under our care to Increase their production and render a greater service to our conntrj." says a bulletin at the boresKL "Daring the period of the war many tndtvldoals and. a«eneBare grvmg voluntarily of both time and _ In the~cempalgn for tbe pro- ducti6n~ and "conservation of food. ~WTth the retnm~of, normal times this voluntary taxation' will be largely ;wiMidrawn. School-directed home- ^Birdening has demonstrated Its economic and edacationa] value. Tbe work sboold be mtenettted and Incorporated as a pert of the school program In every city and town of the United Slates. Gardening under the direction of a PA.- ·It «a*-oa» and one-half cnptoui com- wefl - traln «' teadier returns to the commnuity In mooey many tines the cost of the work. The half of our population that Fives In-dUes should in so far as possible, be taught to grow its own food that in any future crisis that mar come to the United States the lack of knowledge and ability to produce food shall not be a national weakness." 3«Jt (level), Bring salt- 1 to a bofl. 3Ur hi tbe coro- Dont let tt trap. Cook » ntBBtea. It hi better I fsr three' bears, or over- · kN|bh bcOer on the c af Bw sUne or a ftneieea cooker. Mr oatmeal use two iind one-halt roDed oata, two and one-half sott, Uve or atr cupfols (the water to a bad. Stir ;»e nOed oats slowly lnto_the boHlng ; Crater and cookrfur one hour, or over; ': Eat tbe eeneml'wtth mnk or strap '-or batter or batter sntatttnUs. TOD -don't need bread besides. ".. A larze amount of corntneat or oat-, - meal may be cooked at one time. The iinnaed part placed In a jjeased howl " may be kept for a few days m a cool ~ place. Do JOB know how good sliced _ and fried oatmeal Is? .- Instead of breakfast food you ***" take bread--preferably one of tbe war breads.' Corn bread and milk is deli- dons. " Us* MDc. '" Milk is an excellent food. A quart i'tf whole milk gives as much nomrish- ^ ment as one pound of lean meat. jS ^Children especially need It to make Ilbem grow strong and keep wen. It ;is good for grown people, too. Give r each child at least a glass for break: fist. Drink It hot or cold," or nse it -on the cereal,.or make it into cocoa. "Even at « high price milk is a cheap "feed for children. ~y No Coffe* and Tea for Children. : " These are not food. Let tbe grown people have them If tney want them, £at do not give the children even a The chfMranfs ctrin'i la mflk. ·URGES NATURAL ICE HARVEST ;Unole tarn's Fuel Acmbrietratim :' Point. O«* a Way to Sine Mil: . Rone of. Tone of Coal. '". A great hanest of natural ice Is I by Unde Sam's fuel admtn- of saving coal ndBlon tons of coal an osed aiiimallyin American Ice -· .Irrt^ 1 "' and retrigenttng plants. The -- wtotar season manafactorcfl each year, allim illiisiT to- ··, GiBkns~^f '-~toa» of Ice. Host of fhte Is wasted. r Bvery ton of natural Ice which Is I wffl take the place of a ton lee and win cave 600 poonds.o* coaL Bvacy .nuaaihiiMii', storekeeper and .fanaar wno can obtain Ice from nearby rtMC* and ponds and store it for . ua» not summer Is urged to do so. TIM organization of the 5,000 Ice- iiiaalin paute of the country along Una* at tad economy is receiving the attaartton of the foei administration. 1 ~t «* ··.: He leaked at Ids wrist watch. ^ -f - - "WIB yea marry muT he said. She J ,-,.-- bluatwd. | .~ "Tnere Is realty BO, time to lose. Ton r ,,.,^ see. 1 have only 24 boors' notice. I ^ *£* moat report at headquarters tomorrow | i ; :_. at nine.. We salt for France In three CT. 'days. JWI11 yon marry me*" J,.n.. . n don't mind," she add ' Only--I f ' should like to make one condition." To Prevent Old Age Coming too Soon! "Tone poisons in tho blood are thrown out by the kidneys Tho kidneys act as filters for such products If we wish to prevent old age coming too Boon and increase our chances fo~ a. long li^e, TVO should drink plenty of pure water and take a littlo Anuric," aiya the vrorlfl- famed'Dr Pierce of Buffalo, N Y When suffering from "backache, frequent or scanty nnne, rheumatic pama here or there, or tkat constant tired, worn out feeling, tho simple way to overcome these disorders is merely to obtain I a little Anuric (double strength) from your nearest druggist and you frill quickly notice the grand results You fvill find it many times more potent than lithin, and that it dissolves uric acid almost £4 hot water does sugar 'I am pleased to r e c o m m e n d Dr. Pierce J s .Anuno Tablets because of the benefit I received from their use. They have cured me and made a better man of me. Was ivorking for the L. V B. B. at carpentering and was obliged to leave work and go home because of pun, but ' Ainmc 1 has cured that ail ment entirety I am in good health, which the photograph proves."--Bn- TVABD H BANKIS, Tamanend, Pa STZVTAETSTOWK, PA.--"I took Anuno Tablets and find them very good to nen trabxc tho acid an ihe system, I have received more real benefit and comfort from their use than anything I have ever taken. I have been, suffering for years from Brto acid troubles and really believe Dr Pierce's Anune is a specific for snch troubles."--MBS M, E. WIST. Klnlng Always Popular. Kissing was once a dangerous game to play In England. Thus In 1600 we jeaS that Jacob -Marline and "Sarah Jnttle were prosecuted for "setting down~on a cheste togeoier, his arms about her waste and her arms aroond his necke, and continuing in thatsinfnl position about half on hoar in which time be kissed her and she kissed Mm. or they kissed one another, «s ye witnesses testified." Patronise Those Who Advertise Just Over the Bridge Connellsjlllc (nest Side) MONDAY, APRIL s, 191 s. IT Tm -t -t S T C X O E ·· ll/ I I " T T E S v l Willard SERVICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A factory Xmlaed Battery Han. Title and Trust Campant 'cf MICKIE SAYS BUH-\_tEHE SST UP SOrAt OP OP^» JtST V.Htt rf COMESi IM, vsirrMour tAAxas' MO COP-CSCriONS NKB. NOtV»lM\ 5OrAt OP THS tXTfCLLECfUM. UOH-TS ABOO44* -THIS MBHE MECK. O' TMB *OOOS^ LOSE 'THEIR. P-EPV(M\OSS PBtl. Dunbar. LI C Eason for wall paper--Af«r- 2Cmar27i For Itching Torture II There a one remedy that seldom fails to stop itching torture and relieve skm irritabon and that "»afr*« the skin soft^ dear and healthy. Any druggist can 'supply yon with mo^ which generally overcomes all skin AartneK. Acne, eczema, itch, pimples, rashes, blackheads, m most cases give way to zemo. Frequently, minor blemishes cbaappear overnight Itching usually stops instantly. Zemo is a safe, antiseptic liquid, rV*im, easy to use and dependable. It costs only SSc; an extra large bottle, $1.00. It will not stain, 13 not greasy or sbcky and Is positively safe for tender, sensitive skms. Tbe £. W.Boae Co. develud. O PEE IS LIMITED AND FIXED BT LAW It costs no more to have a Corporate Executor than an individual one--the fee is limited and fixed by law Appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Penns 1- vania as your Executor and you have the utmost confidence that every duty in the settlement of your Estate will be faithfully performed. REAL SERVICE For 42 years this bank has endeavored to make its service of vital valne to its patrons Its longe experience facilities and connections are yours to command In caring for and extending your business You are invited to consult its officials about your business and personal financial problems Prompt Loans and Discounts always available upon proper security BRST 120 If. Crawford Are* ConnellrrlUe. "Tic Bank that Does Things lot Ion" Capital and Surplus $300,000. The Voice of Lincoln "We accepted this war for a worthy object, and the war wiRend when that object is attained. Under God, I hope it uaB rtot end until that, time," years ago when many people were asking, as- some are asking to-day, w-hat was the use of the war, Abraham Lrncoin- eepSed in the above Btrrrajg wostfc. The voice of Lincoln-can be heard in America today. His appeal is for us to keep np tfae straggle mail the object of Ac-war is obtained and, the world is macle^safe for democracy. Every person in diis country has a distinct share to do and YOUR share is to buy LIBERTY BONDS to provide" die United States Government with che necessary money for carrying on the war to a successful end. The more Bonds you buy, the quicker wilf the war end and the more American soldiers witt return home safe and sound. These American soldiers are risking theirf fives, but the buyer of LIBERTY BONDS does not even risk his money. When you buy a: LIBERTY BOND, m addition to the satisfaction) of performing your patriotic duty, you get the best investment ii the world--a United States Government Bond, guaranteed by the richest nation in (he world. BUY LIBERTY BONDS And btry them today from any bank LIBERTY LOAN ADVOmSEMENT has been contributed by TTU^ 1V/I«. M l*.~4.i.~ M C*m^ Next Door to West Perm Waiting I he Manhattan Uare Rnnm . c«nneii.v.ii«. as a patriotic contribution towards winning the war A sandy loam viiti plenty of n - e rotted manure Incorporated In tbe soil"' is well adapted to the production o f i nmskmelons The mnskmelon la a heat-1 loving crop, requiring a long growing! season, about four months, and cannot j be planted until tbe ground has be-1 come warm For this ronson it Is useless to attempt to grow the muskmelon in sections where the growing season is not sufficiently long or "where the temperature is not uniformly high The northern portion of tho Unhed States is not suited to tbe growing of this crop for the reasons cited above It is advisable to start the plants In berry boxes, or on soda in the hotbed, transferring these to the open ground after tbe ground has become warm In this way considerable time can be saved and much better results obtained It is a good plan to place plenty of well rotted manure In the hills, which should be about 6 feet apart. Sufficient seed should be planted so that four good strong plants may be had in each hill Another plan Is to sow in drills in rows 6 or 7 feet apart thinning the plants until they are from IS inches to 2 feet apart In the rows. Cultivation'should be frequent and thorough until the vines begin to rrn After this the only cultivation required Is to keep weeds down Muskmelons are liable to be attacked by several diseases and have at least one serious inject enemy For Information on tbe control of Inflects and diseases affecting the muskmelon, re fer to Farmers' Bu letln 856 entitled "Control of Diseases and Insect Ene mies of the Home Vegetable Garden' --TJ. S Department of Agriculture. Bright eyes clear complexion, vim, ·rigor and force, all Indicate perfect health, -wlthou. It you aro handicapped In the ra«o of life Take Hol- llEtor'si Rocky Mountain Tea ouch week and keep up with the livo ones S5c Tea or Tablets Connellsville Drug Co--Adv Public opinion has made Certain-teed a product of international prominence and use. That great force has built up the Cfritun^Uftt business f-om notn- ^S* -^ years ago, to the world's largest roll roofing industry now. Certain-teed mm*mmmHm^mmmmm* mm^umt Roofing and Shingles In ereiy community under the sun, Certain teed Roofing is giving- longer aod better roofing- service, at a lower cost, than other lands of roofing Certmn-teed costs less to buy, less to lay and less to maintain tl an any other type pf roof It is weatherproof, vnter proof, spark proof and fire retarding- It cannot rurt or corrode It cannot melt under the hottest sun It is not affected by gases, acias, fumes, smoke, etc Certain teed is established cTcryvrhere aa the most advantageous and economical roof, for factories, round houses, elcrctors, garngee, warehouses, hotels, farm buildings, stores, oat-buildings, etc. la shingles red or green it la \erypopularIorTcsfdcnccs Certain-teed Roofin.- la Guaranteed 5 10 or 15 yean accord- lot; to thickness It Is sold b; good dealers evc-y\\hcrc Certain-teed Products Corporation MftnufacturarB of Certain-teed Paints--Varnishes--Roofing QCM ·»*· WtufehaiiMa to the Principal Cities of Amaricm Westmoreland Grocery Company ·WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS PETEY DINK--Dieting Worms Wfll Win the War By C. A. VOI6HT - IHIS \S TOI36H V^ORK-- T3UT I'U. STICK TO VT IF IT fcK.C5 ME-- I'M Hoover ow THIS is THE vw/w TO VflW THE V/A1* - I'M To MV "BiT -- IP AH. THE; SAME. To MR HOOVERL AMD ATE CBSS MEAT TOT OLt Bin, on Tke BOM A

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