The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1930
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1LKJO. THE DAILY COTJRIKR, CQNNE .LSVILLE, PA. PAGE THIRTJSIiiN. Lines ah System as In Its arrangement c«f railroads in a series o£ trunk linos the Interstate Commerce Commission has awarded lo th-e New York Central System lines lliat -will onablo it to more thoroughly tover Its own' and adjacent territory. Through the Boston Albany Now England is etfx:tively covered, with Boston ns a seaport. Tho Rutlan'd bring New Hampshire and the northern Hudifion River Valley in touch with tho main system. N«rthein New York, to Ottawa ami Montreal, Can., already lira wlWfiin reach of the Central's own and associated line:. The southern slioro o£ Lake Ontario is traversed by four lines and I^ilco Krie Is sldrtetl on both butylcs by tho Contra I and tho Michigan Central, tho latter runtilnq; through the Province o-C Ontario, Can. Is srvwl by a line ruu- iiinp; n o r t h and south and by a not work of lines runniiiA rast and went the loulhc-rn jvart of tho Suite Tho Hlates of Ohio and Indiajia a ~e mde I r J l n U a r y in all seel ons lyyi tho Nloklw Plato, t h e (Chicago Attic-j! Southern, and tlvo Cincinnati NorlhJ am. Through the foi nwr a ieas is had is far wost as Saint Ixnif . Southoin Wfst V tin dei New York C$i rginiia. is »roufylrt tral in flue 'ce and tin-other seaport, Norfolk, is ivachod over the Virginian Hallway. New York City, tho heart of tho system, pro- videa a Miird Boaport. "WoS'Lwn and Central Petmiyylvniiia will rpcoivo Niw York Central service, through the PiUsbiirff I.ak-o, Ojiie- tlvlrd interest in the MoiKeeaport Con- necting), one-hull interest In Hie oy Railroad, one-halt inter-eat PittsburK, -Charlie 1 I B · Yough- or Val in tho ioghcny, and one-third interest, in tho Monongahela Hallway. The remaining; Iwo-thiirds o£ (ho 'latter nr« diirided equally between Wie- BalU'iioro · Ohii) and tho Pennsylvania Is a, polnl on Ibis Isirifor by,stem In lhal H i-s 1ho south 01 n U ' i m i n u H oil tli-o Wont Sid v of tho 1'HUIiurs Lake Eric and junction i x j i n l of that ron-d -with tho W. IU. K. R Oie of tho accompanying map in through the courtesy of tho Unltc-d Daily, Wasliinglon, P. C. S Y S T E M NO. 3 NEW YORK CENTRAL Tho NPW York Central Railroad CouiiMn. I n c l u d i n g ' Boston and Albany Hallroad. Tho Michigan Central Kailrond Company. The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago St. , LouU Railroad Company. Tho Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company. Tho I'lttsburs L,ake Erie Railroad Company. ' Kvan'tville, Indianapolis Tone Haute Railway Company. nnd: Tho Virginia Hallway Company. I, Tho Vlater Delaware Railroad Company. Hutland Railroad Company, except O. L. Division. Tioyno City, Gaylord Alpetia Hallroad Company. Iirlstol Railroad Company. ' 'he Claroudon Plttsford Railroad Company ( u n d i v i d e d one-half interest), "ration fc Upton Railroad Company. Chicago, Attica Southern Railroad Company, Tho Federal Valley Railroad Company. Konda, Johnstown Gloversville Railroad Company. Glenflold · Western Railroad Company. Ovtisso River Railroad Corporation. Lake Erin.* Franklin Clarion Railroad Company. Tho Lakoslde Marblehoad Railroad Com- panv The Li\wiUe Beaver Railroad Company. Tho MarcoUus * Otisco Company, Inc. Norwood St Lawrence Railroad Company. Skaneatcica Railroad Company. Dexter Northern Railroad Campbell's Creek Railroad Company. Jjelley's Creek Northwestern Railroad Company Kelley's Creek Railroad Company. The I,o7-aln Southorji Railroad Company, 'niton Chain Railway Company. Cambria Indiana Railroad Company (undivided one-third Interest). Central Indiana Railway Company (undivided one-half interest^. Cherry Tree, DlxonviUa Railroad Company (undivided one-halt interest). The Falrport, PaincMvill.j Eastoru Railroad Company CundiviUod one-third intproflt). Wyoming Railroad Company f u n - dividcd oiK'-liflli interest). Kri? Pittsburg Rnilwa^ Company (undivided one-half interest). , Tlie Lake Terminal Railroad Company ( u n d i vided one-fourth intercut) Western Jiailroarl Compaiy ( u n d i vided one-third interest). JtcKr-oKport Connecting Railroad Company (undivided one-third interest). l-caver Valloy Ratlroafl Company (undivldo'l one-halt! int-prest). I n d i a n p , N o i t h c r n Railway Company (undivided one-fourth interest). 'I he Lake Erie I'^ort Wayne Railroad Company f u n d i v i d e d one-third interest). 5-outh Buffalo Railway Company (undivided one-sixth I n t e r e s t ) . 1 roy t'nfon Railroad Company ( u n d i v i d e d ono- thlril 1nlere«t). ') he Owasco River Railway. The Monongahela Railway Company (undivided one-third interest). 1 itlsb'irg, Chartlers Youghiogheny Railway Cdinpany (undivided one-half interest). i alt Interest in line of Virginian between Gil- f Wort and Mullens, W, Va. --J Copyright IfMO by "Jhc United States Dally rubllshlnorCoi-poiMtlon. I.. C. AtecJilLlic. S'SSffissaiiaBKiiEafe I K. 1 Xeiu-Iy, !U, 4M. fee. O. K. W, FAYETTE ENGINEERING COMPANY Chll, and Consulting Englneors !!!·« and Innd ·nrven I'lnon, ««tSmat«r, and SBperlntiMiiSvnc* of ra»rruollon at oami'jrte co»t nnd cokt»K plant*. railroad*, n n f i r »«rkn, c l y iinvlnif vaa ·everaice etc. l£xaniluallun nnd i c p o r t e OK co»l load* DBt uHnlaa pruiirrtle*. Vnluntiuu*. ' SPECIALTIES: C04JL AKD COKE PLANTS. BkBCTPIC BLUfii PRIJiT UEfAllT.IIKAT. (301 -8 Flrat Notional Bank nidc. B*ll and Trt-3t»t» Vbour, Ma, U N I O N T O W N , I'A, 30 £fao£? Vk*U J ***m,lU CIVIL and MINING ENGINEER 625 and 027 Fnyette Title Trust BIdg., Inlontonn, I'n. CnnsJructlon uf Oonl nnd Coke 1'lnntn. IGxninlna- llou »nil report" on conl propiTUfi. Valuallonn, aupcriutfiidfuvr, tilnuc, r-xtlnintc-i. J l i i i o :iud [irupcrty aurvcy.i. for 40 lodepcncleut couipnule* In I'eiinij I v n u l u and We»i Y p trtfliUu. Ctui!uuouM blue print macliiuc lifted lu vlcctrU 1 yriutlna; dc- partmcat* 58 YEARS OF SERVICE --By--. Eureka Fire Brick Works. C«ko 0*cu, Glass House, and Mil] Operators Know the Meaning of "EUREKA " 1507 First Jmtional Bank Building-, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mt. Braddock, Pa., Phone 40 Duolm'. THE NEW % 6000 Series Piston Mine Gathering Pump Jiroiize Valves. operating 1 lilco Our Old "Sqnar Valves," all on one level and readily aenesslhli, Doublr ·StufiliiK' Box with Self A l i f f n i n g (Jlands. Sue- lion and B-Ischarise Openings from W a f e r ( Chest and Air C h a m b e r separate castings. LA. JI. »I. COCIIUAJi. Prcaldcnt. E. STUAWJV, Vice I'i caldent. JOS. H. 3TRAWN, Secre«ary-Tr C 0«nT«r. General Office, DAWSON, FAYETTE COUNTY, PA. 6,0QO Tons Dully Capacity. Youghiogheny Coal Steam Gas Coking Connellsville Coke Furnace and Foundry Low Sulphur Hard Structure Shipments via B. 0. It. R. and P. L. E. II. R. and Connections. N. 1*. Hyndnmn, Sales Agent, 511 Wood Street, Pittstmrg, Pa. the widespread recognition of p a t e n t ' lights. Funds for planl extensions and betterments are b-Jng budgeted, j In Instances is far ahead as threo I years LarRC suma have beon nppro- 1 priatod tor a d v e U i h l n g and publicity. i C'onHimieiit retiuiromciits are being 1 toriM dst Finance ie indeed Lnnpirinr; tileol wuh a new management, bellov- od by Home- to bo tho mobt intolligont ', in neveial decades. to aij aiinouiK'oini'iU by C. M. civil service uonunlrisloiior. Steel Industry Is" T" 1* 17C£ f Feeling Effects or N A Klew Leadership l TM^ "^ S J"""""" 1 " " U *' 1 ' l m l i l » ( 1 '!'· ' '- ""t a i h - n i l i t I»R i« H t t p j i K t i n - n iu position «.i.-ini: ful-l I i d i c n ' l o n i ' ' M* !n *' 1 , l t , o n . ' l 1. , ! h » l t L l M d l t l S l I l l i B J H ' f i l ^ It !' 0!lii' . J 11 r i!' b o u n i t r - " R s s p - H t r ' i i l i o t \ l t - o o « I » n l ^ n n . ' te -,1fc - n o B t v n H a TT !,T 1 - n n l l u.. f n m Manitoba Will 1 Exclude Married Women Workers '11 he I i U . - i « i ' h l n Hx-. i ^ i ' K x 1\ · 'if M . i n l . n h . i j i r o " n m o n t '·" i c m o v t * [unn pt i - l i 1'in/i !\ ' 1 t n n y i l r f | i t d « M ) n i n ! ( a r i ' s nfr-nri'MnK . I n n u a r y I , au ame was, adoptod by tho cabinet Ijrovinct- ordering ul! govoi'nrn parlmouts to co.ito crajiioyiiiK i womou whoso husbandij urii oarners ICxt- isiou of m u r i l o d womon not nred work ironi goveiumoi tloiib is cxpertpd to re-hove f. extent t l i p prti^erit u n p i n p l o y n i ' u n ' i o n . Mi C ' a n n f, il! cCann, dinent f tho nt de- wuge- vlxs do t poii- some n ! H i t - Furnace and Foundry Oi'ders Solicited Branch O f l i o e : !5«H Frit-k Annex, J'itthbiirprh, Ta. auto A Japan's Rail Tunnel Nearing Compii lion , soon Tite lenelth will be 31,831.8 "flifiku," which Is a p p r o x i - mately oqua! to !x niik N b. Only a f e w foot re-maiiw to ho hoicd, hei'ore the two c o n s t r m - t i o n giuig^ met at the conlei of the t u n n e l . When e v e r y t h i n g Is set for th-e UM lj ant, Di Yoiiu LOgl M i n i a t o i of Rail- | ways, w i l l t u i n on the electric switch i in hin ofllw in tin- R a i l w a y J ) o p d r t - ipeiii nnildiiu'; In To)! MI ( o i i i i c c l i - ' i to tin 1 m i m e ! :i]ioul H/i milc-s , i w . » . . m i l , s \plndv llu- i l i a i ; o | A b n n i "UJ « i»i li l - h . t \ e lit iir; i n t h e t i i i i n t ' l i t r t l i c li)-.t 'I'M" l u l l o-i i · -' n..101! r.i (tin),COO Sales Agents ·Company Pig Iron Coke Coal I h t n b a r , Pa.' I (115 O l i i i ' r I'ldg., I M t t s l j u r f t h , Pu. 1'lioue; A l l . 22JSO. ninwwMr-v^i«rnMmM«r« --" - * .r.. \ I *i r \i ' [;n ' ' f - t i v ' r nn PHI i i i ' l wn \ u n i i c ( i ' h ' pc !r- hi f-i '·' ( i i u r 13 v i u ^ h l r l i n ' l l l i » I'T» l,u r""-l °' I n tho M - n r l r i w i l l h ro-m ani 1 :;-r;:rs;;, m ;;;'' lpATRON][ZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE IN THE DAILY COURIER d l m i n l i = ! i Tokyo fin

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