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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 7
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i. WEDNESDAY, AUOUST 26. 19M f ;:' . :'''.' THEOTTAWA JOURNAL SPOTLIGHT ON UZBEKISTAN (1) - . 1 '.j-Ruining avBeautyr Spot . . ;'. Sirs: Jo the, days of,o acceis to th thorn called progress and jntnts, one often recall! the W by Lord Byron. In The Ocean. ' ' , . f'Man mark the earth with ' 'ruin. Hii, , control itop at thy '.shores." .-This ii to true oi the NCC jDrtvcway between Britannia and Churchill Avenue, along Ike, Ottawa River.) Her until recently we people In thi raa had one of the last r- ' reaming beauty satts when a law members of tbw Lost , .w ,;u riba .of-Walker enjoyed andermi. hn. ' natural rvwy,whlc(t7Uowed easy ! Tribe f wandering driveway in' 1 1 i v ' - jrvS'li 1 recent yea a ..disease known at die-back hat - ll -' ..fceen ravaging the maple " trees hv.thts country. It is " marked by browning of the leaves and dying back from the outer branches to the 'trunk. Henca the name. bni lima lin a lead article to. mmtMMtr :f. dealt with the chances for.-t . " ? ,m " survival of this tree, a national emblem. In my limited travels about Ontario, I i.ava observed a great man diseased, dying and dead maples along the streets ind highways. Many have been cut down. If the maple Is indeed destined to go the way of th -. elm, the American chestnut . and other apparently doomed natlv trees, it would seem , unwise to assign to it a position of primary Importance m our flag. 'However. I feel tt should be Included along with .symbols of our etoried ,pat and heritage. Pertupt a Pa'r-. liamentary Investigating com-, irUttee could serve a-useful . purpose Ja this cimncctioa, Fnr.Aft u : rsuawptJ Richmond HJtl, Ontv f mum Afraid Of the By GORDON DEWAR el The Journal rvrn-puruT sm uu -7 ''"' through the Centre Block Jol- towing th eepositof "bnao-nomb" on the noor of the Common Monday. ..- But sober reflection brought' ' nil levels of the House to agreement on th idea that such Incidents, are, rare and - that there really I. little , to i fear from members ien ok the t public. laid Lt. Col. D. V. Currie, Sergeant-at-Arms: "I don't see that we have any problem." He explained that what he 'meant was that during the many long year of the tc-the-public" nature of t h Commons, nobody has tried tq inflict physical damage Of a - member. . t 4 H pointed out thal. tteV ;v, biood-comber had deliberate- . , y avoided, hurtin. anvb o d v . . and pointed to the past as ., tne nest in raci , ,nat noeoay in caaaae wttnet",' - t, .fa nun ine electee represenia-, live. , ' WHERE ARE WE ANY. . WAY Canada nr.. Russia." '.'.CoL, Currie siiMiVMUylCiMat paper, hath soap. shav have no concern." - hig cream, razor blades, sink "Thi. Is only the second In- hathtuh . plug. tothptt id,t .inc. I cm. here. The Md " ; 1 ;' : other was leaflet. but those www involved were just school y JVfT TO TOP IT OFF, the . regardiet of what the tna-klds." ' department recommend: ' jority of Canadians want. H H suitested that If, real would probably be ad- - u M -desperate to keep his . troubt evolved, there would' he "only two choke clot th Hows or leave h open," ' Unlet th country was in ?t"aboiut turmoil, he tid, th House would remain open , Jn the galleries. Members of the House agreed with him. From ail . political parties cam sssur-- I ances that they nelieved the, neonl of Canedfeior by and larg, law - abiding and eerlence." said Hon. J. Waldo non-violent. Member do not Montelth (C Perth). "Thy want to deny entrance to the may not have aU the c o n-gallerie. .A.ii'PrJVA f,"5vehl4nce'WT use to, but , sew one: "This Hous UiicemepiroiiportunMyv to learn to know ting for almost 100 y or ' th Czecboslovakian and Rot- tint and nobody has been hart there yet. I don't tntiut any-'body eve? win .": ' emk Industry Not History of the , Ottawa. Today all itreete leading to the new Driveway and the river art blocked with tone of fill to create roads five or six laet high above our former natural road. Where or low can we walk along the river or get to it now? Her worship, . the . mayor, hat don much to preserve old trees on some of our busy streets. We wonder what will happen -to. the beautiful old vvn n0 "V attractive 'rauD 01 " onet along r,ch " " Drtyeway. ... 7. " r'U . ; . ,Ut u that even yet wUI- ;?" Jf of th taff WWtr of one of our "dallies" Recently called, ; ''The Lost " - NORA L.' MARSHALL, " 0 Byron Avenue, Ottawa. Nothing More Sin: Sincere congratula-loont to Mr. D. A. J. Millar howing how a true Canadian .1 , . . . . wmuia IBM BDOUt B fllSt BCilvs. ' n a ocauuiui country tike . ours, to spend so much Mm and mo-IT i. ..,.- .. j .,. . aometh In mm kfl.iM k.u. w.j ' a kin time an. ' huim long ttm through war or peac every- one in this country would have, been proud to be represented ' as .Canadian, not a foreigner " under somebody else't ban-' ner. I think Mr. Pearson should put hie foot down heavily on flowing out of White Lake, wt lof affluence can be ad-thit matter, and teH those who ;" used for power ' by js many ndrtd. The mteerly increase shipped their starved bodies f as four awnfilla at on, tint.:) given to the clerk and typ-.over hate and lrt-heirJiMrti , t ,mn u. . in Zi. .. r and eoul abroed. laio hKk.I 117 ZZTZrZZ and. loia them togehter. - and leave tru Canadians live in peace at fe big family calling ack other not French-Canadian, English-Canadian Irish-Canadian and to on, but noth-11 more than Canadian, v A TRUE CANADIAN. V Corp. Ont. T ' Big Bad Wolf SPEAKING OF COMMONS MEMBERS, II of them will Iwvl Sept. I for a the e- f week tour of Cshchoslovaltia and Russia.. -i ' i No such body .rated Iron Curtain f.r Z LZ "tZZZ ttlUonTtTe! 'f-""--' vided tke answer. - For in- stance: , ' The weather will be tike that in Ottawa In September, so tweed Jacket and light topcoats are t order, - 1 Laundering and dry-c leaning in the USSR "Is slow end not particularly good," no wash-and-wear clothing It recommended; Prescription drags will not be availabl land it also I M co late along a more oi tn w.ter tt sai. m a 1 1 y prove"- . eWlln 10 mach." Tbu. H Is recommended that mem bers take along a supply of n - r - r v.' " 7 'fo, y -.- diarrhea. .Altt recommended v f o r transport front 'Canada' for ' us behind The Curtain ("un available locally of the anal- ,it u mhtr . doubtful") are w - cut before departure." A grain of salt was not large enough but also too big for the MPs involve?., v . Shaken though they- wer by th Instruction, they Mood strongly lis tavof of th Jour- ney. both, for H novelty and for the imnrovement In Inter- national relations which could VOUfv r ;i "It, shoal be' a treat e this is (oins to lv n tlmv . tian people and, perhaps more - ' - f " v ; , : , V , ' Importantly, give - them a 1 chance to gat to know os." ;l ... :-'.:. '-. t,"... Logger Replies Sirs: - With' reference to a letter from Mr. V. H. Wick-ham published in your newt-paper Aug. . Is a ioaf In the White Lak area I wish to dissociate myself f.rom the anonymous letter which he received and which ha attributes- to a logger wl,n guilty ' conscience.' My eon-science hat bothered me at various si met for various tea-tont but 1 have never felt any responsibility for the, weather which is the prime factor governing the water level in White Lake at ; the present time. .- -t ' ' I 'lees' toai oram ,'" Wlckh,m.f allegation' should l coirted. I atiU not uka eic,p,ion W us of the "J. ...m.u. m,liu1l. I -feel' that certain of .Mr, word "small" and Mmslinlfr- I cant In connictioaf with Hi '- logging in-this; area a these are relative terms and to one coming from OtUwa no doubt these are the proper terms., . He says that the water level dropped 12 inches- in one week.. The maximum variation in White Lake for' which I have record -it tour feet. This Is from $ high usually mis ia IIVU HIU VMM u . .u- I April to a, low reached at times varvln from November c . , ' ,, u lh ? F1ebru,r5r. It I obyiou that U the water falls II Inches , . . . . u on available. water would not last long. At a mailer of interest the water level on Aug. 2. 1X2. was' three-quarters of an inch higher than at the present date. For approximately ' lot year th water ,1a the Waba Creek., which It the stream by my firm, dlscosinjtued nst big water power.' As result the-water In Whit Lake has' not" been drawn down m th Fall as much as ; in former years. However it Is a distinct possibility that some us will be made again, by us of the water power kf order te make' possible a by-product manufacturing process which would not be feasible without power cheaper .than' Hydro. Whatever happen Mr. Wlcfc. ham can rest assured that the loggers; using the lak will conduct then, operations with a regard- th all users, ef the lak and lit water. ' ' D. E. STEWART. RR 1. Amprior,' Ont. Lower Age Limit Sin: 1 amiiJ tiki, 42. k what th Government expects urn ex . larmetv laborer and , o live ' . . i Meii wbe have bad Ui work MPs who have nearly doubted ' BV uZT'ltWrMMm. .nviTmM far tki. h. A. ed In our present flag. One compromise hat been tuggested in the press, a study by a committee of Parliament. 'T ?":n""r.," tubmlttedl and designs which would satisfy those who value 1 our British . connection and also those who want a distinc- lively Canadian' flag, i - For me. IV would, be the Union Jack and a maple' Jeaf, on tne one nag, S.L.H. Kemptville;- Ont. Economic Injustice j Sirs: Thrift it an old-fashioned virtue that even In an Z9 rMf .M " fleet the type y thrift that should be b'lled as .fW nomic mhtstlce.f These jower grades of the Civil Service, neglected during the last In-. , crease, often have families to " support, $7.50 . a month," less :tai. doe -hot ; go far when -you consider Ui fact that Ot-tawa's stores will. In alt liketi-' hood, raise their price. The "have - sots'; may,- in,,effct, , have leu. : Professionals should of course, get' bigger Increases but it seems that many in th higher echelons are getting a luxury increment The Idea of. giving increases en proportion to th present salary is not meeting the harsh economic realities of th situation. Th disparity hi even more aggravated when you consider the-situation of low er- grade clerk doing work Vth ' cWegorlted for higher, ;r rrTT." Z. :?S t OtUwa. .if. : Aug.ZOU Journal says Is that . SO" to m hvoT 01 "' "U party's, divine right to filibuster. If hi fantastic meandering verbosity is typical of . the filibustering now in process, it it no wonder that there are so few Member listening. , What, b 'oralis is that for years it has been th standard practice in the United Kingdom House of Commons to, Umil the extent and time 7ot debet on ahymatwr be,. fore it fat brought to th floor. (And the UK ha. the repute - 1 " country in tne wunt to th fundamental right of free speech.) II h , were, not tor partisan bigotry -.-and Mr. ChurchllJ would pper to fall mio inis category - inn prw- c www nn mt nevn inuwuns uw vur nw of Commons. . We have at last got a Prim Minister who ha seen clearly that the only way out of nearly 100 year of indecision on the flag wat to make a decision and to submit it to Parliament This It the only repeat, only correct. method of obtaining approval, for anything In our system of Government - Parliament must decide,1 1 I t; . , At this poujl, nil this talk of plebiscites, committee etc. etc. Is sheer and (beer and utter tmokscrrW ' O ' ; Only when the tiefenbker , party Is prepared to allow ' Parliament to decide will I. (or on. bflv that rhay art worth oholdert of the Urnort IjocK nd . itt traditions, or, really interested in the conn- try JOHN R- N. PALME R Kemptville, Ont. , - of ' - V ( ' ;who has reached 10 or ever- -'''- trt?: Parliament's Decision I would like to see Mr. Sirs: What th Hon, Gor-Pearson or any ether member on Churchill's letter In the ma. LZL v" members can take' week and us up thousands of to "lit- tie fellows'". dollars over the flag debate which should never have come up in the first plce. . If the Government - would lower the age limit for. the ' -old ag pen ion to U b-' l stead of paying out so much-J, In unemployment Insurance to young men it would make for a mora contented Canada. f- "JUST AN ORDINARY .is, TAXPAYER. '" " Richmond Ont., That Awful Flan . Sirs: Considering tb Journal atMl the Clrtzen are so pro Liberal 1 would Ilk yon' to print my Wrong objection along witn many . nyj with friend to that' awful hag (and I us the word loosely). Mr. Pearson ia auahlne thrnuah. siigm mamiy wnicn pram diy aH comes from Quebec that he'll do anything to a. sure him of remaining In power, r - t Ohd my many many frind would Ilk to see It i;com to an election and your Mr. Pearson and his French friends would have a shock. I have visited many cfttes this Summer and I haven't met t anyone who like th Pearson flag. If on- account of th necessity of pleasing Quebec if that U' possible, and w can't keep our beautiful Red Ensign, their pleas . let us liivf soma kind, of a design wo can b proud of. ... - NC 2U Somerset Street West, -Ottawa. . '! .... . . J J . Toward Compromise Sirs: Regarding your editorial, Wednesday, Aug.., If, "Concession No Surrender:!' I follow your reasoning to the beginning of the last sentence. But there you hold the party leaders "largely responsible" for the impaste In negotiations for compromise. Now that it all right if apeed in settle-. ment is the important thing. But It it .not. I lake it that the burden of initiating compromise rests on th Prim Minister. If he had heed wiser before the . last election, he could have promised to bring up the matter, -not to win through with it. He could have promised to find out th feeling of th country, before trying to take away all the historical and spiritual meaning that it vest- Utbekitlan, a Soviet republic in West-Central Asia, kat through th centuries been overrun by armies of tome of ike great couauerort. Today, while frond of ill kitlorie pat I, it it ttrettint modern industry and farm development. In I kit story. Jokn Bett, Canadian Frets corretpondeut In Motcow, report on the blend of past and present at seen on a re-porting lour of tke region. By JOHN BEST TASHKENT (CP) - The fa bled past and the restlea pres ent live together in a kind of peaceful coexistence in the So viet republic of Uzbekistan. With 10.900fbo0 people, Uzbe-J kistan is the most populous of the four Soviet republics of VAHtMl A.I. T.'.vtr to th west. Tadjikistan ural rated Decision & of historfs giants have figured In Itt past: Alexander Macedon. Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes, and Timur, commonly known as Tamer- ln Most ' of the conquerors who have come here, over the cen turies are regarded as mere plunderers, by contempo rary Uzbek leaders who em. phasize that central Asia had a I iy JAMES KESTON CO ISSt rm Tart Xtmm shea Sarrln WASHINGTON No presidential decision in the his-today of the nation has proved to be more important, or underrated, than-the selection of the vice president, and ' th( reason Is fairly clear- ' ' Few men like to anticipate their , own . illness or death, and fewer still like -to choose a successor who it ' clearly qualified to succeed them- This is a true of schoolmaster as It is of bishop and ft ia particularly tru of presidents and prime ministers, as the records of Franklin Roosevelt and Charles d Gaulle demonstrate. Yet we have reached that melancholy point -in history again anr this time the de- cision - must be jnade by President Johnson ' when - he is in full vigor physically . and riding high.politically K Thi it a painful subject, even to writ about, but such evidence at we have indicates that th president, like many of hi predecei-' sors, is agonizing and temporizing about .it. so the issue has to be faced. Most of the time, appar-; ently. he teems willing to " go along with th predomf- view of hi party. That C. ti..L . u L cii. nvn v ninpnicy tiandt out above all others now in contention as th on T h e Lo u Is Oh Them WELLINGTON (CP) The inmiai Revenue Department, New Zealand's 'ax-collector, ; has embarked upon a deter- mined campaign to Improve U relationship With the pub- iC. jaxpayer. have found a remarkable increase in cor- diality, in interviews with . we oepartment and some say ui Becoming almost a pie- ure to visit the tax man. One indication ' of the change I that the department now even tell Joke about itself. Itt latest information bulletin quotes several howlers perpetrated by members df its staff in the 'past i)' A farmer had a claim for depreciation on a topdresser (for spreading fertilizer) dis-sl lowed on the grounds that "thi act doe not allow depreciation on private fund-' turn;' " Til BEST fSOM TH! 6MWIT tttBCMOS SKUtl TSS ..U4-5022"-"l ..45 J t ; xlnE Under - ' 4 highly developed culture even before the arrive:! of Alexander in the atb century B.C. But th lin on the mighty Tamerlane I different. Official tourist "literature says he raised this area anew to "glory and fame" through his vast Asiatic conquests in the 14th century AD. And Tamerlane was a na tive tee, born M miles south of Samarkand. MOSTLY DESERT Though M per' cent of Uzbe kistan is desert, semi-desert or arid mountain, It encloses por tions of two great river sys tems, Syr Darya and Amu Darya, which irrigate the region. Its principal crop is cotton. It produces two-thirds of the cot ton grows) in th USSR . and likes to. call itself "the republic of th whit gold." . ' It alse produces -silk. Jute, frflit and vegetables 4 in abun dance, along with ferrous 'and non-ferrous metal t. It has . wide ataortmenr'of industrial enterprises, . Including a' huge textile factory here and net' gas works at Bukhara.- tt if in the ancient, cities of Samarkand (Tlmur's capital) and Bukhara, with their rich store of antiquities, that history encroaches most noticeably on the present. Her in Tashkent, hub of the republic and its industrial cen tre, emphasis is definitely on contemporary mattertu. Everything Is being changed, local Communist party officials say. pointing to In scores or new apartment buildings being man who has both earned the ' appointment and h) qualified to be president But at other moments or so we are told Mte thinks about putting Sen. Mike Mansfield of Montana in the Job and replace tag hum at Senate majority leader with Humphrey. Either way. President Johnson is not likely to be accused of being as casual .about the' decision as Barry Goldwaler " wa when be picked Congressman Bill Miller a the Republican vice presidential nominee, but -Mike Mansfield would be the first to proclaim he has done so many times that nobody now In th field is as well qualified for th vie presidency as Humphrey. Everything depends on th president's approach to the decision. If he assumes that he will continue to enjoy good health and avoid ad accidents. Sen. Mansfield can clearly fill the Job with distinction. He is thoughtful and experienced man who has , won - respect end affection wherever he has gone. But If me presiueni reels inai nc dare not. make the assumption of vigorous good health, th problem it quit different. For Sen. Mansfield, who is a modest, sensitive and aeif-effacing man, ha been wondering for a long tune, not bout taking on larger responsibilities at 61. but shout giving up his responsibilities as majority leader and even about retiring from the senate to teach. . , The argument for choosing Mansfield ia clear enough. The president still thinks with a congressional mind. He want the most energetic majority leader he can get and Humphrey it probably th only man alive who can. keep tip with him 18 hour, a day. II m er irmrrv-: 11 mm !-,. -.- U 11 a.aesi I Jt for Change thrown up, 'the huge construe-, tion cranes. ..the concrete tlabtlbroidered beanies called tyu piled next to mud walied huts marked for extinction. j The 32-yeer-otd mayor, Hus-mudm Asamov. a building en gineer be lore going into full- time party and .municipal work, says Tashkent now has more than N industries and its exports go to more than M countries. ' Ten thousand apartments ai marked . for completion ttut year, be says.- with many residential blocks to open in Octo ber- when the 40th anniversary of. the Uzbek - republic la cele brated. Tashkent is a cosmopolitan city and an Asiatic crossroads Plants land her en rout from Afghanistan, and India to Mo-? It tries, to look' like a city on the move. Yet tt Is also a re laxed place. ' ' . ? MARKET ATMOSPHERE ' "I think it is much more hu morous than Moscow, said a visiting French reporter. . He meant that Tashkent, for all its buoyant energy, doesn't teem to take itself so-seriously. Whereas Moscow tends to be brooding and introspective, Tashkent has more the outgoing flavor of a busy market place: The people are rather casual and they move about at an unhurried pace, at this time of the year perhaps in deference to .the 100-degree summer temperatures. Colorful garments, including flamboyant loose-fitting dresses Therefore, it might seem a tidy solution to make Mansfield vice-president and Hum-, phrey majority - leader, but thi would mean elevating Mansfield at II and passing over Humphrey at S3 on the ironical ground that Humphrey would be a more effective majority leader, on th presumption-, that all would be well with, the president for the next four year. , History cert inly doe not recommend that we make too many optimistic assumption in this field. Two of the test four presidents (Roosevelt and'' Kennedy) have died in office and the third (Eisenhower) wis out of commission for while with two serious illness. There are. of course, great many Americans who dont want Humphrey orMansfield or McCarthy or any other Democrat, and there are many Onnocrats who think Humphrey ia too progressive and--Mansfield is too tired, hut this ia not question for the people at the moment but for the president ' He alone wui mane the recommendation to the convention m 'Atlantic City. '. He i compatible with both Humphrey and Mansfield, and he alone must decide whether he is picking a vice-president to preside over the senate or vice-president who I sthe man best able to take on a well, if necessary, the terrible burden of the presidency. , REtlTAL I worn by Uzbek women 'and em beteikat worn by the men. re mind the visitor that he it in Asia. But with all the emphasis on Industry, there is evidence that Tashkent iseally not so far removed from the past after all. Though the younger genera tion of women is well dressed and thoroughly emancipated, older women still go about heavily shrouded . In whit headdress, a relic of the pre-revolu-tionary . past when Uzbekistan was strongly M o s 1 4 m and women kept their faces hidden In public. I 1 And when Mayor Asamov himself boasts that Tashkent has 30,000 motor vehicles, he reveals a sutistic that Indicates th city has a. long way to go -in mechanization. It m a n s there is one vehicle for every 34 persons: .- And most of the motor- vehicles are state-owned trucks. srrew: Islam Is declining force in Soviet Asia. FURIIITURE W. rant - chesterfield suites; bedroom suite; dining room milt! folding Chairs; tables; television: refrigerators; cribs; office furniture; complete household furnlsh- IY THE DAY IY THE MONTH -. 'IY THE WEEK IY THE YEAR I W mmtom W pkk ap ' W. supply eempiete service to th merchandise whue ' on rental. , ,1. Mtal Bu tsar a eMivert s kaiesw staa. ' '' : . I Far Uw natal mt aww raniHan, mwpmmmm MttMsn - I peak stmt star at IS! saaa, bmi. .aassssat. Iit-UM. -' Tmr at ttstal a tratt-t tarwltam, tttiM " 1 Marru tfMt sura at ,111 Mam, swar IMUvMssa, MS-SHI. - 6. I J01I11S0.TS FURIIITURE LTD. p ' - fret PMVnhJ PHYSICIST OR ENGINEER ; . udbsotok mmn odki m urm ' H. I I aorn w.i j K - ' ' UP TO $8760 ) Th. Radiation Preteetlon Dtvknon ot th Department of '-National Health and Welfare eequlre a radtaUoo sctsntlat , ta Ottawa t unoerUk laoeratory and oontuluuv r- , sponttbiUtlet m onnecUon with th tat oat ot radioisotope -. : tn commeretal and mduslrUI ppUoattont. Th Successful applicant will aupervtse apeatsl field studies, will saseet pee. posed nets of radioisotopes and will be oencerned with tne - review ot standard and preparation of technical material . oeaung with radiauon aafetp. ... ". -.- ;-; 5 ' Eaarmearte phnka graJeeasa. wUh' esawteat. ta' ' radlslatleaf hemHh ate mviied to aeery. eewUag ' rsferear 04-1MI to CI VII. tCRytCK COstMl.-' ion or CAnuiaaiTawa , - ... - . ' I - .,siiaii' ' " ininew)je'iii As4sja) tJWs''; 9mmamummmdSMmtfdsM jmn n , Amm,0tm iaiia a. i A ii 11 a a a ..aiei - - - A.

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