The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1918
Page 4
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? Mty iSatj totnwr. , HEKRY P. Founder and. Editor. l»7S-ttt«. City Editor. ;· LTNNE E. KINCEIi, Society Editor. ie»nii3yHfixnJi Aasoclajed .vDafll P. SHM31AJ!..,, ttett lv.Anxrkca.Ei- (MUM t» tb* TIM tot of 01 new* di»- t. K -or not eradttid li" ttitt '»·»« THE DAILY COURIER; CONNELLSVILLB, PA. MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1918. dent "Wilson expressed .la .Sis BftHi- more speech Satuttojr nigibit vtxa. saying; · "force, tone without sttat or.lkntt, rigtiieons and trJumjihant lares which, shall make right the l»w ot the irorM." :. This, and tnis «i^R3».fl«fli(u*^irp(m- irMeh Germiny »nUogotinte jjiesce. - XV00CUBXB6 THE SLACKEBS. tl» dnrft lesnlatjoos, just as ^ regnlatkois "'and laws to meet Dottier' naw" conditions, It 'has io» been to jH-orida in advance lor canUngeiMsr. Selective service, TIGHTS AT BOXE, SAT L By Hotalnd" 5. TJaher. .'Wa-eanapt fisirt a ·»«· and still do. lUBinesfi ·fl.iusziaL-:- Thift ro6*ns you. and not ater people. You might "as ·well come to .it fli»t,as.'Iast. .The var ia nnnaual and Ve shatl ibarexto hava unviguaV Irasiness-'to *d«al-%ith'" it.' " Th-e gist ot. it-is this'::".. The.nitkra. baa just "so many hands'and jnst so mitch eaergy^Jnst tio much, rair ma- tertaT,j"and labor.. There axe only threei 'bondced Birtj^fiveVdaTs initne v^ reari,: "WV. can" mikVTooly JtT many '7TM^- -faaoge.'^n-i^'glTeir-'tiia.e 'withla'^n ' " supply .ot .time* amt -maJteriali ·'·' It "we make "·bm« ;'thi£gB we cannot'make others.. If T»e put sugar into candy to stuff idle ·women we cannot have. jam- to ;Ieed .the soldiers. If Te make, antes for pleasure only, ire cannot use the material, labor, and energy for tanks and aeroplanes. It we born the gasoiine on Sundays, the boys in France cannot use it in battle. The whole truth is that we must atop business "as nsuai- And--thb» is 'where' yon coma in--yoTi imiat stop upending as Casual. Do it now. .Put yonr'money'into gunpowder and not face powder; into tanks, and not Hmoosinee; into food for th'e.trench- es-instead ;of pending it ia hotels sad leetvmuttc. Bat yon cannot buy directly, for -the army. The gorern- ment must do it. Give the gorernmcQt.the money and buy a liberty Bond. ;·» 'It Ij now Owing applied, has been dercJofraHjnt which started with "c«rt»la timdaiaratad principles and 7i«f. broadened, amplified and been |nodtfl«a'to meet many condiHbos, bit S'tt* sjtrtem is not. yet perfect 'i It early developed that there were loop-tolas permitting the of men irhp are lacking Jn pat- ^jTrtOtism to aerre tielr country tts sol" -aMtrs and equallr unwilling. to ; serve ;«*:-waricers_iiL some line ot useful en- ·.itettror. Different staj* have been .Claken. to . maki_ it ..more .difficult .for ih» uiipatilotic dtben To'iToid shar- ·tof witi : M» mote' 'patriotic brothers ;ih» durjes;aad c*Ugation» ot military . ^errlce,.and ol others to- avoid takteg ' . :tht-lr pan Jn indnstrka sen'lce: '· ^cogniiin J that tile regulations nave ; : -}esn inadeguate' r ln these particulars -lh-s draft a«ta»rities latre determined a drastic .modification . in . the .classification lists in _o$der_to remove "ffttm the*aef«Tea"cl;iSses"'tncs : e who ·re not engaged.In any productive industry. This wilL.toclnde those who hara taken unfair' Sdraatage of their deferment under, the mistaken belief that sncJi deferfnent is a legal eight, not a privilege which can'-be revoked »t »ny time for Its abase. : The effort of su«h re-classification mil be to'indncf into the military or Industrial-, service: many, men engaged J.:-' in occupations'undesirable Hr.4;- or harmtui; , This ought to prove an TM"'""" ·Kectlve means of reaching the slack- era who are -of. draft age; but unfortunately it will not reach those over the age lnits prescribed. These form an .army thai-la subsisting ' oft the labors' of others, and contributing ; In BO way-whatever to winning the war Brery comoraiity has.itB qnota.. ot ·idlers and loafers'-"woo are" "subject to no draft^re"jju7atlon3,*. intT'whose r HJJ. i*t*hce"ls-iiotMng loss than.a.burden Upon .the- economic resources of the country. 1 ..'... i"". ' .' ·'·· " Tiree nearby elates. West.Virginia Get Out of the Amen Corner. A'p^lp . let iw renrlnif ycvn that shoatfn*: Am«n! to the other fellows ettort5 r Isn't (loins - your own part. You want to do some tiitnps that will command a f fellow. Ainens 1 . from the other Tke Happiest KoOer in C«rmny. K«w ToT-k Herald. Whea mothers' day rolls aroand som« German -women ara snre to recall the significant fact that the Kalserln Is the only mother in all Gormany ahle to boajn; the possegsion of Bix »onc. strong aud husky--and urrtotiched. . Can Finish Second Chuoc Sow. Indianapolis News. Alao, under the new daylight schedule, there \rtll not be so much danger of the Ereoond ^ame boinc called on account of darkness,- irasa© Hich man, poor man, "beggar man; thief, what do they eat lor their din- .ner?-. /-One m»y eat -terrapin, while the tfther eats .onion, yet each one of these -men migW quite readiiy cut a sJtee of bread from exactly the samij loaf. ~ ' : Let the rich man continue to eat Ms terrain and the poor'-man continue to eat bis onion a£ he can afford it, but let the rich "man, poor man, beggar-man and thief all know that there ia one thing"which none of them can afford--that, is to waste wen. so much as a cruntb of bread. We all'must respect this Iqal ot "bread..Not .a'bit of it must be wasted. . Here- in America where for yeare there has been plenty and to spare in foodstuffs, a'Vmgle slice of bread seemed an' unimportant thing. . · But now America is united with England^ France, .-Italy,.. Serbia . and the other. Allies;, in a great moral .war, and what is-a sin. for (hem is a sin for "ns.- In. Serbia -not o very long ago a string of pearls -would riot buy a loaf o f "bread. ·'.-. ' . . . " A Serbian lady of rank and great wealth was aznong the nren, women and. children, fleeing before-the-(Jer- Her money and jewels had been stolen, all except a pearl necklace worth hundreds of doliars; this she had hidden, beneath her dress. She tried in vain to exchange this necklace 'for. eren a loaf of-bread. But.bread could not be had-at any price, · ,- ." . . . - · ' itogland to throw away a piece of bread "is a'CTime..punishable ."by the. law-' Late las.t .summer a police officer found, in. "an ash can. of a prosperous English, woman a piece of bread. He reported this to the 'officials nn'tf "ste iris fined- twenty shillings. - - " Another story of-the same kind is_ ot a restaurant deeper who .threw* ·ISO pounds of stale cake. The proprietor was called before the judge and fined {100. 7: ..Certainly a'.crime;in, Bngi laiid is wrong in America. The law may not punih the individual in this' ·but for '-that very reason: there is and should be a more severe pmtishment --ineted-· oiit to- 'each, and «reryone of.-us by that most highly moral of all judges--onf conscience, "When, we throw away a slice ot bread, a half slice of bread or even' a crust of .bread, we are directly tak- *«r*loping a keen puhlic_;seiitfaii«it- -ffig-if-froin. the plate at 'cue. of the ·which attaches: a real ^Irejqrjtp usefui/ :-jiurigryX£ffie».' The 'bread we waste - '" Jr to -is'causittg some one, to", go.-hungry, and we »re- failing "m- our. duty ta'dur country and 1o thVworlft. ".'.:' " ' . ' '. and.New. Jersey, have taken «teps to raeet-the prablem.of putttog lux end. to idleness and . forcing the itaeker to- engage in- some useful . occupation. Throogh lairs ,enacted .by tk» rt»te legislatures every ^able -body . man iwtttin the.lbalte trf these, com- loonwealllii ie oWiged to ., spend .a specified ntonber. of'. hoars la . -real labor - «»ery'.'ireefc -.The enforcement « 1b» tovs i« meeting opposition'Irom cectalf clacoea, as'-wonld be ejected, let .^Uks-snain fliey are-accempliati- tag th« · purpose where they do not . lacira ther effect of driving the loafers ~T*H! need tor. every pair of bands to Ilk wicagcd is at-this., time Oat tSe example" ot our neighboring tfatea ·boold be iollowed by. .every ·Kmnomrealth of -the union.. Clearly " "1 public disapproval of idle- shame this ]|e«n] an4 read ranch concerning the 8g*ity of H*or, but there has been .00 Httio manifestation of a real' iMlitiu -for_th«_joaiL---vrlia. cana -his bre»3"Sr'the «weat of ils face. Until w* h«r»'»T«r't5iunjrfll' meet the situ- «lici-a«''»tntr'»(ate8 are meeting .it, ; w» can at lea* ito tonKthfng in that *r«ction. and help win the war, br ' occupation Ml«n«*s. fHE OXLT:T.4S1S OF PEACE. Til* Kaiser and fals aUj^ the -eai- l«Tor of Austro-Hungary, caQ^.Q,o, : longer liave ctopbts as to "what "toreacf ·. ptct feefore a peace is concludaJ, "oi; "" -what must "be iU 'basis when concliid- eit Having ciiallengod the "world; oti: : ,the issu^ C autocracy against .desnoc-' Vracy, and.devotod their eveiy' energy ;to the extension trf Frus5ian.siB.iLS.,the :. dominant force in government, 'America has given answer t3-that challenge, not alono in the Third-.LEberty -loan drive novr under way and the · calling of still more men to thejcolors, ^^ hut ia the adaptation of IndnstrjVbtisi- ·£'..ness and resources of ojir w^Tpitryiib 'tbfe' harness' of jvrinnl-ug^.tti'e-SrkT. Ttie - P: dW(frralaation f the people' and,the t/uAtton to.elt.miaate Pnisslaiusra-from' world* .mod Jo maintain pur ideals ?vt political .liberty,. | »troas a* ,JKW^ To wag .never' .so sfve this ; deter- to the Monoagahefo, then to' the Ohio and the Mississippi. A hottM Is n-ect*d on the boat -watb nil neetunry accojomodations lor blmself, his wife and. four children. JoOrn Townsend, 84 years old .dies after *-strbke of paraj«l^at bj»-home In Ktatvoods. Mrs. Jane StUlwagon, wils of Craw-^ lord Stni3Kigon.di«»-»t bar homt in East M«±n street.. Bhe wu ft y»ar« old. . " ' ' . Mrs. Jano Berets, widow of Major JoJm "St. Eoyeia of Franh-TIn township dies at the horn*-of ner eon, Robert S. Beyers. She was 76.yeaxs old. - KOM Ttesu«. 50 years old,.- die» at hi» rueuleiico lii Stowaxt toonahlpi Boss Tlco, 60 yean. dle» of pneumonia, at Eaar Kun. Thomas Vance, 84 yeu old. is dead at VHOCM Mills. . '·-.: · . Henry C. Mller, a Sttrinsrfield township, farroor, .laJla troro the haymow of hia bam, sustainlnfe- Injuries to the spine, · · ran "Way, a noted character, · di«s fit hie residence-in Bullak'In township. Forest. firaa - do heavy damage to tfrabor of O. P. Shupe and Keim Broth- era and the keepers near Laurelville. --William P. K«rt» Post, No. 104.ol the Grand Array. o the RepubHo obfitrrvea the 23rd annlTersarr of the surrender of Lea «t .a oMapCre imd beanbake. Addresses arc dotlvered by Kev. VT. A. Edle, Major B." A. Montooth of Pitts; bure. awl Colonel John A. Dunks. _', -VPRlt B, 1S88. Detailed report of the Connll8vHl« coke trade for tb* ireek ending April 2, showed a total of 18.608 oyens In the r«gion ot which 16,tnO were in blast and 3,58*. Idle .Trith a total estimated production of 156,*H tons. Shipments fof the ·w*«k agprceated 8,191, cara distributed as Hollows: To Pittabure, 1,757 caza; to points west, 3.3S6 carsi to -potottf «a«rt. 1.49S oara; a decrae of 25 cars as comparefl with the previous week. Theodore Gre'fte. hetter Itnowri-as "Dorry" dies suddenly ot heart-disease at- the Baltimore House, while Bitting In .a chair. He was employed aa a fireman bj- the Baltimore Ohio railroad. Special District Deputy Grand Master. Johnathan I*. Moore installs the foUowinff officers of the General Wortb Lodge of Odd Fe-IIorwa; No})]o wrand, Georee B. Beafcty; vice prand, Norman secretary, E*win Towzor; fttianchfcl ffocretary. L C. Shaw-; treaa- urer. Henry GoldEmlth; conductor; C. R. Jons; warden, G«orse B. Brown; o«t- rfdfl gTiordian, Bernard "Wrtker; Inside ffliardton, S. 3C TonnehUl; rigiit supporter to the noble ip^ind, "W. A- Artis; left supporter to the noble grand, ^. P. rlpht RupporteT to the vice crand, H. W. Emery: left supporter to th« -ric^'irrand, Jacob "Welty. Company D, Georg'e A, "Mtmson captain. IB ready to respond to the call for service Vn Cuba. Karrirugr* licenses are granted In Uaiontovrn as follows: "WaitrT "Wheol- er,' Dunb*r. and Maud Guy of Morr»n; Thomas Stafford, ConnHsvUlB, and Maud Palmer: John SeUern, Unlontown, and ImeUa. Eberhart, New Haven; PYwd G. Lalffhty am] Bertha M. Critchfleld both ot Vanderbilt: Frank SCehle, Con- Adelaide; Clifton D. Moore, Vandertilt and Suaan G. Prlnkey. MIH Kun. Cyrus Echard- is home from a trip to Heading and Philadelphia. While In the latter city he visited his son Tom who a a medical student in the University of Pennsylvania. Frank Sechrist and Thomas Cun- Qlng-ham g-o to "Wafihingrton and Join the navy. A numDer of the memy Shaw famllle* In. the town called a, meeting In Prltch- arUs "^rall to formulate plans to fft possession of their share of the $4,000,- OOOT estate left by Jacob Baker, who died In Holland more than 100 years aftoi .and of. whom the Shaw's claim to be dr.scendants. . THURSDAY, AmiX », 390R. Detaned report of the ConnollsvIUe coke trade for the week ending April 4, rfiows a total of 37,580 ovens in the region of which. 14,103 are in bfast. and 23,430 IdJe with a total estimated production of 132,418 tons. Shipments for the week aggregated 5,780 cars distributed as follows: To Pittsbunj. 1.987 earn; to pofnts wetrt. 3,402 oars; to points fust, 391-*cars; to points -west, 3,102 cars;' to points east. 391 cars, a decrease of 402 cars as compared with the previous week. The Baltimore Ohio test passenger train No. 3 hits a rock at Laurel Run, \VKSI of Connellsville and pushes it for 150 yards before the train Is broupUt to a standstill. The engine and cars remain on tha track. 'Tiiu store of Miller' Brothers at Scottdalo is gutted by fire wltb. a loss estimated at 365,000. Edward H. Klntxer. of ConnellsvIIls, and Mips Jessffl Kyio of Clarksburg:, W. VCL. are married. TYnfy; H, Echard, who has been making actlvfl canvass . . f o r Republican nomination for asBerrrbly In the second district announces his withdrawal.- · 3Trff. James Shearer, 27 years old, dies at L'ayton. ]ir, Kirby MelUns«r. 38 years old. dies of typhoid fever'at Porryopolis. Thomas Flanfgan, 54 ycara old. resident of Confluence ia killed by the Duquesne-Limited at Huston. The engagement of-Miss "Rebecca RIcCullouph of Scottdiale and J. Clyflc "Wliitcley of Connellsvflle is announced. Barnett C. Stouffer, 61 y.ears old, a resident of this city, dies in the Mercy Hospital,. Ptttsburs, foil owing* a.n operation. A Bis room dwe!ling house on Eleventh .fftreet, New Haven, owned by Tony Passon, and occupied by Mrs. Anna McMullen H destroyed by fire. , Mrs. .Harry Stcarney, -to years old. drops dead In the yard of her home at Liberty. John T. Tomhley of South Connella- ville arid Mrs. Mary 13. Brown of Mc- Keeaport. are married. · . Andrew Wishart, 66 years old, dies of pneumonia at Dunbar. "Vyord ia received at the death of Mrs. Bell Bute McMullan at her home at Grand Ridge, 111. She -was a daughter of Joseph Bute-of Pranklln. township. ·'' Th"e -xBaptlst 'CHttrch i»f -FJattt'oods, Rev. James S. Jewell, pastor, observes tha elg-hth- anniversary of the pastor; Oiic Cent a Word. · No advertisements for T^eai Than IS Cants. Clauined column* close at noon. Advnrtisementa of wanta, aalfts, ·tc- received after that hour will not ttpnear until the day following. WANTED -- "VOUS business. E-ENDINE'S. BABBERING U WANTED--CHAMBERMAID AT B. O. RESTAURANT. 5a.pr3t WANTED--arRLS FOR FACTORY work. Apply TKl-STAl'E CANDY CO. '-laprtfd "VTANTED--TO BUY SECOND HAXD piano, must be In good condition. Apply "C," care Courier . 6apr2t · News of the- Fsf Con-. ' " f r o m .the- Fll«».pf AJTBIL 13, 1SSS, ; C6ke trade ·continues 1 'flat and pro- fltless.- Price has,nettled down to $l"a Ion';' ; ;;^",.' ," · . ^ / '.; -. ."?," . B. O'Connor's now- hotel on · the LeisenrlnK-foad'Is under roof.. South "Sitters, complain that the'" Connell Ruru-bridg-e has teen lost in the Carda*.are'.'out for the' marriage of ·nnm M4nnItt."CraveV"- ol. Somerset, a former teacher in - t h e ; ConneHavflle schools and "WllUam I*.'! Gould;of Philadelphia. · L ' ' . . , ' . ·-, · "W"ilUam,Keller.of. Iawson.leaves that . . , borough .in a.lwge flatboat'Of^his own WANTED--CHAMBERMAID AKb Qishwasher. Apply SMITH HOUSE. 3ajn-2t -WANTED--TWO GIRLS AT CON"- NELLSVIliE STEAK LACNDRY. Sapr^t FOR SALE--TOP WAGON. FUANK DoPAUL., 124 Third street. West Side. 4apr6t* FOR SiUjB-- PARAMOUNT NEWS Stand. Inquire E. L. B1SGGS or at stand. ' SOmartf 'FOE SALE--CARLOAD OF 3, 4 AND 6 inch KCU'er pipe just received. W. L. .. · 5apr3t FOR KALE--!0 H. P. OAKLAND. S200. 433 Bast CrawCord avenue. SaprOt' 3TOH SALE--ONE QOLDKN OAK bedroom suite, good aa nev;; wUl selj « chuuip. 229 Ninth street, "West Side, * Trl-SlELto -SSI-TV. ' 6apr3t" ·WANTED--FIVE, SIX OR SEVEN room modern house. Address LEO C., care Courier. 6apr2 ·WANTED--TEREK -UNFURNISHED rooms' after April 15. .Address j l 6 South Second street. SSmartfd FOR SALE --MODERN BRICK dwelling on South Side. Seven rooms, reception hall and bath, hot water heuL P. O. Box 276, City. 6apr3t WANTED--BOY TO ACT AS POR- ter and-work in drug store. Inquire J.. C. MOORE. , - STmartftl' WANTED--SECOND HAND TTPE- wrlter. Call Bell 13-P- or Tri-State 98-W, Mount Pleasant 23febtf TVAWTBD--ONE" STEAM HOISTING engine, .15 to 25 E. P.' J. K TRUMP, Grape'alley. Bell 571-J. , 5apr6t WANTED--MAID FOB GENERAL housework. MRS. EDWARD DUGGAN. 201 South Eighth street, West Slue. 4aprtf WAMTED -- CAK REPAIRMEN, painters and laborers. Inquire CAR FOREMAN. B. O. Railroad. 8apr3t TV ANTED -- KOAJD BKAKEWEN. age 18 to 36. Apply A, E- McVICKER. Tmtn Master, Baltimore . Ohio 'railroad, Connell»rtile, Pa. 4apr?t . WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 16 years of ago. Paid while learning. CONNELLSVILLE SILK KTILL. 2apr6t WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL houjrework. good wagon. Apply H. L. CAIUTSNTEK.' 810 Sonth Pittsbirrs street. laprtfd WANTED--GOOD GIRL FOR GEN- · in restaurant and confectionery store. Apoly O. P. THOMAS, South Connellsrille. Pa. Saprtfd W^VNTED--SHT\ T ERAL MEN FOR overhauling and repairing cars. Good opportunity; 3-hour shift. Apply MASTE BMECHANIC, West Penn Railways shop. · 6-o.prSt WANTED--AJTY -KIND OF PRIM'I 1 - InF. whether It is a culling card, suie bill or the flneBt engraYed weddins; invitation or announcement. We print anything--everything--do it prom.cUy. and do U right. Call the man at THS COUHISR otnce. Both phonea, 27-ti ·WANTED--A NUMBER OF STRO.VG young men to learn telephone l i n e work. Good cages' to start and rapid advancement- Apply in person at CENTRAL DISTRICT TELKl'HONB COMPANY'S office, firth. floor Title £· Trust building, Connellsvllle. Pa. 8ttpr-oou-4 creeks For nut. FOR RENT--APAaT.MErrrS. IN- qulre FLOP.ENCE SMUTZ. Saprtfa FOH rooms. RENT--TWO UNFURNISHED Call 221 East Peacli street. CnprSt FOR REN'T--TWO FURNISHED room." for light, housekeeping. Inquire 245,North Arch. 6.ipr2t* FOR SALE--"WHITE IRON BED. springs and mattress, library table. boK couch, small gaa stove. 403 SouUi Biffhth strcst. FORD APARTMENTS 8:iprlt' FOR SALE--ONE LARGE DOUBLE flat top desk, light oak, in excellent condition. The flrst $100 offer will take H. Inquire DELCO LUMBER COMPANY. 20martfi3 FOR SALE--STABLE 9GX19, LOCAT- ed on lot 106x165 .corner of Meadow Lane and Church Place. Also three double houses on same lot. Inquire JOS. L. .« ADER. 22roartfd FOR SALE--1»4 TON REPUBLIC truck, good coal bed, splendid - r u n - ning condition, J700. 1913 Studebaker Roadster, good running condition, good tires, 5100. See SCHMr.rZ, West Side Garage. . 5apr3t" FOR SALB--40 ACHES LAND, 8 room now house. Chouse could not be b u i l t for $3.000), barn, 40 peach trees, 80 plum trees. 40 apple trees, 5 pea.r trees, J2.400. 1 £ mile See A. E. Wagoner CO.. Tri-State S25-X.| 6apr3t FOIt SALB--MACHINERY. ONE 15 H. P. motor, one 4 H. P. motor, one 8-ton Ice machine, one Pet double type comtenscrs, ammonia pipe, from ^4 inch Indies, pulleys, -shafting and . Address 'MACHINERY," belting. euro Courier, 6apr21 FOR SALE--A TRACT OP TIMBER and coal land situate in "Wharton i-owmshtp, Fayette county. Pennsylvania. The coai is "the Frcnport vein. Inquire of iho undcraiffnnd as to tornii', price, etc. CHARLES C. MITCHELL. Aamlnistrator Annie Adams Cotuiellsvilie, Pa. Gapr«t toil. LOST -- BETWEEN FITT'SB'URG street and West Penn -waiting room an Klgin watch, nickel case.. Reward if returned to this office. Saprlt* Tonc In Conneibrvine. WE ARE PREPARED TO DO HEM- stitchlng and Picot Edge work In Conellsviile. "We have our own machine operated by an expert operator! Work neatly and quickly done. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO.. 109 East Crawford avenue. 2apr5t FOR RENT--ONE DESIRABLE store room formerly occupied by Means Murphy. Inq'ulre FLORENCE SMUTZ. ESfebtfd 'AT OSCE TWO LINOTYPE OPERATORS AT'THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE The Third Liberty Loan Campaign is now open. The allotment for Payette County is approximately $3,700,000. On April 12th Lieuten-ant Perigord of France will speak at the Wast End Theatre. ,He is loaned by the French Government to the Liberty Loan Committee; he has been decorated six times for bravery in action, and has been wounded four times. He has seen, much active service. On the IStli there will be a public meeting, likely on the Court House 'lawn; Sousa's wonderful band ol New York will be in attendance; James Francis Burke of Pittsburgh will be among the speakers. Every man, woman and child in Fayette County should buy . a Liberty Bond. We believe the Fayette County subscriptions will run over five million dollars. The Union Supply Company are offering during this entire week some very dainty styles in women's and misses' shirt waists and skirts. The variety is large, the styles are very unique, and the prices reasonable. It is the second spring shipment and they are the choicest styles we will have during this season. In other* departments, such as hosiery, underwear, gloves and neckwear, we are receiving new styles daily. The stocks are at their best--now is the right time for spring shopping. . ' S3 Large Department Stores* Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. FOR RKNT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor of Dunn A Kvans bulld- Ine. Inquire ot HABEY DDNN. SJnn-tfd Advertise for it in these columns FOUR LOTS i'RONTIMG ON FIRST STREET, SOUTH CON- NEULSVILLE, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. THESE LOTS WIIi.Ba SOLO REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MRS. MARY H. PHILLIPS, DUBOIS, PA. STATEMENT OF i State of Pennsylvania, County of Fay- otte, SB; . . Before me, the subscriber, a Notary Public within and for Bald County'and State, personally .appeared J, "Write DriEcolli who being 1 duly sworn'accord- ing-to-laur, did depose and.say:! That he Is Assistant Manager oC Circulation of- The -Courier, a daily newspaper published In Connellsville. pa,, and that the number of papers* printed during the- week ending Saturday, April $, 1018, wag as follows: April- 1.....6J70-1' April 4 6,632 April 2 6,694 ApJrII 5 G.70S ApltU 3 R,C29 April' G. 6/TS2 Total .-.'.-..." 40.019 Daily average ;..., ...-..'... G,GOS /That the daily circulation by months for, thei year 131S .to. date was ak -followa: ·" ."- , ' . ·:. - 1918 - . Month. DaHy Av. January. .....'...176,968 6,520 February, ,.,'.. i.... .15C,1G5 6,607 That the'"dallyctrculation by months for 'the year 1917 to date was as follows: ' · '' 1917 · aiontli. Dally Av.' January 1..157,261 . 5.821 February '...130.552 . fi.-*5a 3farch .;.;,:. ....A .140,431 ' 5,534 April '. .130;180 5,6*7 May : -.:. ·..-:. 149;1G2 s,5i'4 June. ...;....,; 141.596 6,4*6 July -. -; 153.575 6,143 August, ........v.l 65,595 . 6,133 September ·; :-. : il". ;; .'.154,193, «,16? October ..........'..'.. .166,233 ' 6,156 November ...."..'..-.. .153,192 6.127 ·December v*... 155,848 (.234 · Total ...., ..'. .151,343 " 6.8S9 i And further sayeth not. · . ' . . \ , .: . ' : J. WYJuTE DRISCOLL.'' i Svrbrn. to · and subsarEhed^'before, nic! Moving and Heavy Hauling TO ALL PARTS Coal Loading. Coke and Coal for Sale. FAST SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT. Get Rates. -·, Work Carefully Done. P, B.KESSLER, 613 McCormick Ave. Call Bell Phone 234 Don't wait until you see what it does for others. Do something 'for yourself. All the evidence ol proof you want from ScoUdale people. ^ Our Bald Head Hair Grower "We have the nerve to say what we do because we have the goods tiat speaks for itself. . . W. H. FORST, Scottdale's Druggist fousins Shoes ^~~*' £. mode infreniyork; lor women ' IOCA1 AJTD X05G DISTANCE MOTINOS. Boll SiS. . . . " . - " - . " . ; W m rt r t jffft v BcsWence 101 Haas ATC, Tri-State 573. If 1U. WlUUCliy COILS-ELLSYILLE, PA. SAVE and INVEST IN THE . SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY -B0r-- w.s.s. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government HAECH, I91S. JAN. I, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUSTCOMPANY CONNELLSVILLE, PA. r, IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One CeintaWord. They Bring Results.

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