The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 5
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,, V 'I -f 4, A if to V V VV, y WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2y 1964 , THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Authorized t MOOB4 km mtfl. pott Otne. Ciraar'jmnt. Cum and for payment ol putua in ruo Tron. Page One j WEATHER From Page One -A- if ---Vr; s Mississippi Th row between the Negro and whit delegation! (ram Mississippi bed boiled here since delegates began arriving last week. After lour days of backing tod filling the committee came p with this compromise: t. Momben of the white delegation would nave to sign an oath of loyalty to the national jonveatson's presidential and vke-presidential nomineea. 2. Slates -would be told not to practice any tort of discrimination in (electing delegates to the IMS convention and undertake to tupport the national party nomineea. 3. A watch dog committee to ensure the stale parties meet (heat requirements la to be set up. - 4. Sixty-sis of the ft Mississippi freedom delegation would be allowed In she convention as honored guests. , , ' v f. The remaining two Negro Dr. Aaron Henry and white Rev. Edwin King would be accorded full delegate status under new title as delegates aV large. This gave them both seat ana vote. ORDEBS FROM LBJ ; - The compitHmse as rammed through by the combined efforts of Senator Hubert Humphrey, popular favorite for the vice-presidential spot, and Walter Reutber. president of the United Auto workers. . r ' Both , were understood to be acting on direct orders from President Johnson striving to create a picture of harmony and WUlf But ae sooner waa the eees premise agreed ea la eemm It-tee tbaa the balleoa went up. The Freedom Democrats rejected it as too IHtla and too late. They wanted at least equal representation with the whites; Anything less was unthinkable. Governor Johnson of Missis sippi telegraphed his delegation that he waa not going to sup port his namesake for the presi dency and they could go home. He called the compromise a da-vice to tame the party bfj the spot because It would not face a , showdown. The delegation caucused.' Three of them defected and agreed to sign the loyally undertaking. The rest packed to go home. Spokesman Jack Pitman call ed the compromise ridiculous kowtowing to outside pressure groupe and in unlawful proce dure.' r ' -.. ...V"t He and ethers refused to say wfitt had gone on to. the caucus but it -was generally accepted the delegates were acting ea ordtra from hontfe " LIKE list STATE ' ' ' They said the compromise was the equal of creating list elate. The decision came four hours before the second session of the convention was due to begin. The row had-begun when two rtvat delegations from 'Mississippi arrived here to take pert la the convention. The official delegation whites were elected at an official state coo vent ion lest month. The ' seme convention also promised to put on the ballot a the November election the presidential and vice - presl dentfel nominees adopted by the national parry. This complied with a key rule ef the national convention. But the Mississippi party already quarrelling with President Johnson ever civil rights left Itself a loop hole. Instead of" adjourning it recessed to Sept a. This leaves the way open to Mississippi to go back oa its pledgee; keep Johnson and his running net off the ballots hi the state and leave the door wide open to Republican Barry Geidwater. t. i..'- Sswa a aseve what the atlswal party fears sad Barry Geidwater reHes ea. But on to the scene marched e Freedom Party delegation M Negroes, four whites. They claimed the official delegation was Illegal because Negroes were excluded from party activities hi the state. IMPASSIONED CASE . V They presented aa Impassioned case which demanded they he seated snore ea .moral than legal grounds. , . For under the complicate d state election laws it was doubt, fu! that the Freedom delegation was legally constituted. I . jo:iiiso:i v r.:oTons tlalt$ smef Strvit LakefMd Beeta Tborae's eats Sanmg Dtnghyt , and rtttmaa f. Gator Trailers Rew Bostta U ta IS ft. s Lawa-Boy LawausosrefS Ptoaeer Ckala Saws . Cr.IEil VALLEY ui:er LTD. tee) MoatraeJ Rd. 4Ms Party leaders from President Johnson down suggested compromise after compromise each of which was rejected by one side or the other. ' v Jehnsea's aula elm was la healt a split which threatened to take the state eut ef the party completely -pes s I h I y carrying ether eeulhera stales with It. fit had haooened before la IMS 'when the Dixiecrat Party was formed by four souths r n states following ' adoption, of a tough civil rights plank by the national party.) Lights burned alt night In the pageant motel here, headquar ters of the White House staff. Senator ... Humphrey. who piloted; . the civil rights set through the Senate filibuster, was called la as the great com promisor. -- But he got no further than did anybody else. Only the unsatis factory deal in which there waa no real winner and no real los er. except the party as whole could be agreed on. FANTASTIC SCENE And the nation was treated to the fantastic scene of three white men from a delegation of CS taking their seats. The three retreating before the advance or five Negroes ("We didn't want to cause un- gentlementy scenes," they said). ins live negroes linking arms to prevent being thrown out of e free democratic party. Meanwhile to the seats ef the Alabama delegatlea all waa peace. . ' ' The Alabama delegation had been found guilty of violating the rule with which Mississippi had complied: that stales must give an assurance that the national parties nominees wilt ap pear on ine oauots. Monday delegates were order ed to sign a declaration ef support or turn hi their credentials. Thirteen of II delegates and alternates signed up. The rest refused. VOICE VOTES But most i of them took their seals anyway and voted la voice votes.. .. Convention officials refused to throw them eut In absence of official protests from ether delegations. And In the Interests ef har mony on the TV screen there were oo objections. :t , . For the same reason a minority report from the credentials committee which would have given the Negroes more of . their demands never ma terialized. Just as it we when the Re publicans met a continent away last month, the slogen for 'S4 is unity. And if you don't have H. sou can always look as though you oo aave nv . GET VA LOAN KARACHI, Pakistan (AP The VS. government announced Tuesday a loan of 114.000.000 to Pakistan to build 58 miles of all-weather, two-lane highway between Decca.and Fdlcha, a town in East Pakistan. There will be IS bridges m the highway to overcome difficulties during heavy monsoon rains. ; BRIGHT ALLOY PITTSBURGH Aa alloy con-slsting of tin and copper has the appearance of sliver when it is used to Plata meiala. Announcing The Winners tacky Number s i'.. Prefram "Cdpleii'l rii(ht v Into Fashion'' GRANDSTAND 'Ottawa Exhibitloa ' Ladies' Day Tuesday, August 17 - FIRST PRIZE ' $250Cpl.n Gift Cortiflcdts t SECOND PRIZE $100 Caplan Gift Certifkatt THIRD TO TWELFTH ..; PRIZES Caplari Gift Certifkatei1 to tha Valua of $23 Each ' FIRST PRIZE let NtvSSS , Mrs, Louis Charboruiaaa , lad He. 14tS Mr. - ptUMter- ' . Ird We. II SI Mrs. - a, Sern 4Ui sre, Jul Mr. m. Tkraias Sik we, lies atrs, -McCaaa atk No, sms Ilk No. IMS Mrs. A aealoaa as Km. sits Mrs. J. Olrclaxl Sik N. ISSS Mlaj Us OmS ink No. if Mm sasae nia Sjsi . y . . .-i na Me. sua J r . MCaptoV,.itSl.lJ swasL !! aas '' W -aww'.i mm b I it. .at . - . - - ; i, a V"- '''' - .: . y w j !T3 L j ., j-w.esoaaaoMjSVM ii tnwa m Low last night and high Tuesday at: Dawson, 4, 62; Vancouver, M. 68; Victoria, 53, 66; Edmonton, 48. 68; Calgary, 54, 71; Saskatoon, 50, 76; Regina, 51, 75; Winnipeg. 48, 68; Churchill. 42, 53; North Bay. 52. 66; Sudbury. 48. 67; Windsor, SO. 79; Toronto. 55. 81; Ottawa, B2, a; Montreal. 59, 80; Quebec 62, 77; Halifax. 56, 78; St John's, 48, 58; Chicago, 41, CANCEL OPERA SEASON SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The San Francisco Opera Association cancelled its 1964 -sea son Tuesday, 17 days before It was scheduled to open. Asso ciation president Robert Watt Miller blamed "failure In the negotiations for a labor con tract" with Musicians'' Union Local 6. 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No such dexterity not appease Miewippi at the permitted them in 1968. risk of losing the rest of the ' country. pan A.m Strikers How important is , the con- j vention's decision to hold Mis- j ggr;( of Work sissippi to s new and better) , code of conduct for the 1968 : WASHINGTON ( Trans-convention? - No one st the con- port workers returned today to. vention can have the slightest their jobs st Psn American knowledge of what the next! Airways following a strike-four years will bring ending agreement on a new. The convention has raised a labo'' contract which one union standard of equal citizenship; official caljed the best ever ne-it remsins to be seen what Mis- gotiated in the industry, sissippi will do about it. The strike of AFL-CIO Trsns- One must have an incredible J port Workera Union members smount of optimism to believe ; lasted less than 24 hours but that the Negro will at last re ceive fair and equal treatment in the political life of Missis sippi. 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