Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 20, 1975 · Page 113
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 113

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 20, 1975
Page 113
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Page 113 article text (OCR)

Want the facts? Want to learn the truth about prominent personalities? Want informed opinion? Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave., New Vork, N.Y. 10017. Your full name will be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies impossible. Q. Whafs happened to Rose Mary Woods who was Richard Nixon's persona/* secretary? Why doesn't Nixon have her vvith him in San C/emente especially after she took the rap for that 18'/i-minute tape erasure?--Louise '5., San /uan Capistrano, Ca/. A. Rose Mary Woods works in the office of the former U.S. President in Washington, D.C., at $36,000 a year. Nixon insisted that she be placed on the government payroll at that figure. Miss Woods will have accrued 20 years of government service and will retire before this year is out Her annual pension will approximate $27,500. She will then return to work for Richard Nixon on a consultation basis. Q. How old is Bing Crosby? How old is Irving Berlin? Why won't either sell his life story to the movies? --)ayne McCarthy, Pa/o Alto, Calif. A. Crosby is 74. Berlin is 87. Crosby is willing to sell his life story to Hollywood, but Berlin, one of the world's wealthiest composers, is not He considers it an invasion of his privacy. Perhaps after his death Hollywood will get around to filming it Berlin's life should make a great motion picture, involving as it does the Horatio Alger legend and a classic love story. Q. Is it a fact that the Dutch royal family is unable to produce any male heirs to the throne?--}. Van Horn, /thaca,N.Y. A. Not true. Princess Margrjev third daughter of Queen Juliana, recently gave birth to a fourth son. Queen Juliana now has 11 grandchildren, nine boys and two girls. There are plenty of heirs to the Dutch throne. Q. What is the true reason why /u/ie Nixon Eisenhower is quitting the Saturday Evening Post?--Car/a Wilson, Washington, D.C. A. Julie is not leaving but has changed her status, from assistant managing editor to consulting editor. Q. Can you tell me whafs happened to EHiott Roosevelt, one of the sons of the /ate President Frank/in D. Roosevelt? Also is it true that young Roosevelt has been married seven times?--Paula Bracamonte, Los Angeles. A. "Young Roosevelt" is 64, has been married five, not seven times. Author of 'The Roosevelts of Hyde pirk--An Untold Story," he recently rented in England the home of former Paymaster-General Maurice Macmillan in Gloucestershire for $375 a week. "I plan," he explains, "to enjoy some peace and quiet and write a series of boob." Q. Is it a fact that Barbra Streisand realizes she cannot act which is why she has enrolled as a student in Lee Strasfaerg's Actors Studioc/asses?--Ken Marsden, Hollywood, Calif. A. Miss Streisand started out in life as a singer, became a Hollywood superstar, would now like to leam some of the finer points of her profession.^ At 33 her desire for irrh provement and perfection still remains strong, hence her enrollment in Actors Studio West Q. President Nixon pardoned /immy HorYa, convicted head of the Teamsters Union. Now / understand President ford has quiet/y pardoned Dave Beck, Hoffa's convicted predecessor as head of the. Teamsters Union. Does the Teamsters Union own the Whjte House?--K. F., Ya/cima, Wash. A. President Gerald Ford has granted a full and unV conditional pardon to former Teamsters Union President Dave Beck, who was convicted in.1.959 of helping to prepare false union income tax returns. Beck served 2Vz yearsjof a 5-year prison term, now lives '· Seattle, Wash. The Teamsters Union does not "own" the White House, but its lobbyists have considerable influenced Washington, D.C Q. Avenue Foch in Paris was for years one of the most exclusive, and expensive streets in that city. Onassis lived there, Grace Kelly lived there, Maria Callas lived there. Now / understand everyone is moving out because the girls of the night have taken over. Is that correct?--Mrs. Diane /ohnson, Germantown, Pa. ... A. Avenue Foch, once known as Millionaire's Row in Paris, elegantly and conveniently located near the Bois de Boulogne, has become an accosting area for young women who sell their favors. The girls go where the money is. Q. Recently I returned from Europe where I heard the rumor that the plane crash which killed Aristotle Onassis' son, Alexander, was murder rather than an accident. Can this be true?-- K. Leonidas, New York City. A. A private detective in Athens, Dimitrios Chalkia- dakis, had been assigned to the case by Onassis last year. Chalkiadakis was investigating all aspects of the. plane crash when he himself was killed in a car accident in April. Says Mrs. Chalkiadakis: "My husband was deathly afraid of being murdered." Prior to his death, Onassis offered a large reward to anyone who could prove that his son's death was other than accidental. No one to date has applied for the reward. Q. How many speechwriters does President Ford employ? Why is it that the President mispronounces the word, "judgment" as "judg-uh-ment?" And why, if he can't help himself, don't his speechwriters keep that word out of his speeches?-- Henry Hi//s, Phoenix, . . A. President Ford employs six speechwriters. They all know that without a very special effort he cannot correctly pronounce the word, "judgment" They make it a point to omit that word from all Ford speeches. During press conferences, however, Ford is compelled to use that word in his exchange with inquiring reporters. Ford also pronounces the word "guarantee" as "gahrahntee." PRBIDENT FORD AT A PRESS CONFERENCE THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE chairman of the board, ARTHUR H.MOTIEY president, JAMES McAUISTER editor, IBS GORHN editor at Urge, U.OYD SHEARER senior editors, HERREKT KUPFERRERG, DAVID PALEY v »rt director, ANTHONYlA ROTONDA associate editors, JONATHAN MAUN, MARY ANN CAVUN, UNDA GUTSTHN, NOEL HUMPHREYS, ~ aleea " 015 ' KMPRoaOR, IOHN C. ROGERS, ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN, ROKRT WAITERS assistant art director, ROiERT I. PETERSON art associates, CANDICE CUUERT, AITROIANI assistant to the editor, MARION LONG editorial assistants, DORIS SCHORTMAN, IEBE W1UOUCHIY home economics, DEMETRIA TAYLOR fashion; VIRGINIA POPE cartoon editor, LAWRENCE LARIAR Washington, bureau chief, JACK ANDERSON; FRED RUMENTHAL, OPAL GINN West coast bureau, CHARLES PETERSON europe, CONNECTICUT WALKER australia, PATRICIA ANGIY fr\ W Parade Publications^, 733 Third Ave New York, N.Y. 10017 ^All .^hB «er^ V$i/ Copyright Conventions. Reproduction in whole or in part of any article without permission publisher, WARREN JULY 20,1975 , Please address editorial contributions to: Articles, Parade, 733 Third Ave, New York, N.Y. 10017.'Although reasonable care will be taken, Parade is not responsible for unsolicited matenal.

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