The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1930
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

fAGP: TEN 1TFHC DAlLiK C-OCmrETR, CQNN-.ErL.LS PA. TlCflRSDAY, JANUARY £3, 1930. The Paramount Captivating:. Collerjm Moore, her charm heightened by! one ot^the most effective volcu xat Jieard In screen tUalogufr, has scoiod a auccea In-HOT newest tnlldng )lrture, "Footlights and Pools," which opened "Wednesday afternoon at tht Paramount for a lour-dey attraction. Seldom ias Mi*s Moora boon pro- uented in picture offering such a wide ecooc for her talent, and never lias sh given a more finished por- t'ormrmeo. Whother enacting a psoudo- Prenoh actross, with nil attitude and an accent both delightfully Parisian, or impersonating a gold-digging Broadway chorus girl, Colieon if simply splendid, and once more proves herseH as, capable in sorioue drama, as in llglu comofty. The scenarist ot "Footlights and Pools" left the conventional paths of story construction and has provided a plot that is decidedly refreshing. Two loading m«u play opposite Mis* Mooro, Raymond Hackett and STed«rii; March, and tha eventual winner la the romance is not divulged until the final moments o£ the picture. Colieen is intioduced as an American girl, Betty Murphy, who be-comet known to the theatrical world as Fifl d'Auray, an exotic French attrBH, whoso presence in tho "Sins ot i930" Is largely responsible foi its big success. Only a I'ov/ personal frluds ais awaro ot Fid's lea! identity, among thorn a blonde thaw-girl played Vh- glnia Lee Corbin. Colieon has promised to marry a boy she has known for several yoars as toon as he gots a Job, which lie is disinclined to do. Meanwhile a young and poraonable mUHonaUe, playei by tVederic March, makes siege to Jlh's affections with (lowers, no-tea and Invitations, but being entirely in love with tho other man, jj'itt ignores him. This emotional situation changes, however. The program also includes a Vita- phone act, "Pig Skin Troubles," featuring Born and Lawrence, and an all- talklnif serial, "The Ace ot Scotland yard." Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of icxt week, Klchiml Barthelmesc will jo featured in 'Young Nowhcrea." " The Orpheum ^ _! ~ * Ono-of Broadway's favorite comics has become one of Hollywood's dramatic etavB, now proof that laug-he and tear.3 are separately by but A ahoi step. He ia seon in one of h'la bu«i roles as Dan Mai one in "Woiuai Trap," the Paramount all talking plc- turo which is the- foatuie picture a the Orpheum Theatre TIjil Sicolly was taknu W«t to play the part of "Skid" in "The Panco o Life," and like nioet specialty piayou it was thought that tliie would probably TJO his only spe laity part. Before the picture was. completed he wa placed under a long lerm contiact \r Paramount. Skelly's second sw oon role is one purely dramatic. He is the defective brother in the plctiti o adaptation o; Edwin Burke'8 plajlet, "Brotheis,' which Pai amount letitled "Woman Trap." In the roie of the wealcllug younger brothor, a 1 iw breaker, te Chester Morris, yourig stage favorite who scored in the pl ture "Alibi." "Woman Trap" iB trom the atuge ptoy "Brothare" ·whii h is still showing to capacity houo »t wherover presented and it is vry easy to see why tho conflict of brother v«. brothei ·started with the first two brotlters on the face of the earth But it remained for Pat amount to give to the etagc pluy that added lile which Is Jtupoa- fcible to encompass on any stage. It, is a sensational, daring plctuic with n thema that nioveti audiences in perfect rhythm to Its *c£ion The thomo touches your hoart. Tho action moves so swiftly you grasp for breath, tearful of breathing leal you lose a single movement. And tho smashing climax brings you ·'ight out of your seat, for the unusual happens. Tho cflsL Is as neirly perfect us !t is possible to maKo them, they do noi appear ae actors, but rtoro like the- real puppets in tho 'tamle of life. Hnl Skoliy, who lid su h a neat bit in "Tho Dance of Life" agfl-in adds to his laurels. A movietone act, ill talking comedy and sound ncvvs r« ol are also lieing tihown. Go's. Great Off : er To All Who Suffer Stomach Agony, Gas and Indigestion Money Back If One Bottle of DareN Mcnlha Pepsin Doesn't Pn You Moro Doori Than .Anything You E-ver Used. You can be so distressed with gas and fullness and bloating that you think your hoart is going to stop beating. Your stomar h may be so distended that your bioathiny is short and You think perhaps you are suffocating. YQU aro dlszy and pray for quick relief -- what's to bo don v v Just one tablcspoonful of Dare's Mentha 1'epsin and in ten minutes tho gas disappears, the prcslng on the heart ceases and you cuti breathe ' dof-p and naturally ) Oh! What bless tl relief; but why nol, get rid of such attacks altogether? Why have indigestion at all? With this wond r t u l mdlcina you can ovei come indigestion or djspep- sla, or any condition t h a t keeps the stomach in constant rebellion and one bottle will provo t. Ask for and inb! ,t on getting Dare's MMitha Popsiu, · plpasant to take bealth building stomach elixir that regular pliarmac HU anywhere in Amoilca guarante . Union Drug Co. --Advertisement. Year-Around Birds UAKRISBl KCi, Jan 21.-- Bird-life toruiu an attiuctlvo Extture ol I'c-nn- *-lvania'ti out-ol-doofa. Over t w o hundred t h l i t y upoiico, many o£ them jarc-, oicnr l'i tUo Sttito d u r i n g tho of I h i ) year. The moht'dntei- cntiiis t£ thecii arc- those which cpond the jcar roitart with us, or rear their young durini; tho summer n\ return to their anci stral homo f u i t h c r eouth \ v l t h tho advent o£ autumn. The specks which upend the entne joar Ui Pcii'ibylvania are relatively iton-iiiigratov}. 'Ihtee fire haidy biids, u e l l equipp«J with wartn coat? for winter woataor. The femaller rjpocios *ulm3t on ciijeds and beirloi, and doi-- mant Intocts 'during tho winter. Among tliOHij pornitinont residents aro M\oral b i i d i of prey which food upon .in\ll auiintilti and most of otu game b i r d ? The joar-iound icsklent biida of l t iinalv uiiu which should "bo well K n o w n by everyone, aro nts follows: Boli- v, lute. Huffed gioutif. lllng-uecked pheasant j Wild turkey, turkey v u l U u o « h i c l l y soulhcabl^r.i I'oniifiylvaniu.) Sharp b k l m u i t Imv. K. Cooper's nasvK. J i a w k . 1u winter may lo found a tew additional fap-ocios w h i h spend only the cold mouthis with Ufc, and w h i c h return to their inoi , northerly neUnjf- gi oundtt with the coming ot spring Those winter visitants no ab follow H Red-throatod loon (rare.) Herring gull ( u r e g u l a r ; on open waterways ) Merganser duel . · Canvaeback dutlc (in open ·water ) Goldonevo dutl. (in open -water,) Goshawk (nest at high altitude*,,) Hough-legg«l r !ittwk (irregtilai, oc~ cure usually in fc'iver-o wintern ) Gold-e-n eaglo ( are.) Snowy o\\l (i regular; occurs in severe winters,.) Homed lark (irreKUlar.) Kcci crossbill i Irregular.) "VVhito-wiug«l ciossblll (hregular.) Pine eiekin (1 r e g u l a r ) Suowflake (In "gular.) Tree Hparrow. Slate-colored janco, Northern Shril (rare ) Winter 'ivren. H r o w n creep^i. (joldou-crownul kinglet Sp.mow Barn owl Most Men Past 40 Break Down Easy «·»·«« Out of l'«n Arc VlHiins of Ulftild^r 'injtojniicc, I r r l t u l i o i i . Tells !!·}··· ri. Soutlivttu'th'a "Vrniabi" UuJcJ , Aiiiu^liig HrlJcf, Barrod o^vl. Si\^ -\\hcl c\vl Ci o,it ho 'nod owl IJ.ilry \u-oflpcrkei Downy v tXKlpeckor, Plloatod woodiwckcr ( r a t e ) Keil-bellkd isoodpeckei fsoutheast- prn Pennrt -U'ania c h i e f l y ) Piain^ 1 ornetl lark nine ja Haven { are ) Crow. FHh cro.i SS/u Inii' l i i i » ) m n r k a b l o pov\Pi clal pr, -11 i I ( U o i Cailinnl C«!ar w Carolina wren. Wh I to~l» ousted tuul' T u f t o d 1 t i i i '.ii' Overworked, ' ' u j r g i a h 7CIOn«yS and j liladdei tumbles b r l n w in so m,i)iy U|a- i trosMng a n d o d t ' u aciloits a i l m P n t s -- j that e v o r j suft( ror from L. up ones a, i l ' d l n s m LUii It m l down tlno\u,|i sjrolns, Scanty liul l r u i nt sisd bin n l n g L i u i i i - I Hon. CettdiK-JU'i -Xtg 1(3, N B t v o u ) T i i l t t t b i l l l y ot \Vs kno^f,--rlmul 7 tost tho piovcii ·v.ilur- if n t , feoutlnvortli'.f I HATAlld at 01 L C ! I Amii,!ns les.ll uoiiy uf riiv-,iclana and users K i \ i com nnn«" p i o o t ot the I L of XTHAT\TtS--d ipv- succasiifuUv used foi more th.m 10 vi u s In tho p i r a t e pr,io- (Ico ut Ui- II i S o u t h u i u t i A f t f i rn! si l o u , ) j \ - , ' n«e, u aUu tlljtfi- 1m-' p m v e i r c n t is of » n n u t l i - p f l - ls a nuilti. t i u l o 01 -darnili ; s j t n p t o m a begin to i T l n o u f f u sp^c il u r n n K n m n n t s anrt t n i hcimrit liitiqn w i o ir.nnt poi'-iintiUj !-ill 'Hi nip Ooctoi, THATAH.S ( i n ri '. lo i t t n , d f i o n nl n H i i - i , , ' f l i n 1 4 0 0 , 1 , I n t i l l i l r i f K l 1 * nil ll p o i l M h p K U . n a n t o i . r ,, ^uij b a c k OM Ui^-i h \ m u c h n s c d I f :i i l u l y urn i JC 1 f- 0 If ^ t"i i i p f d a rm lit i n n ol i , k l xl' * i \ j r i x A T A a ' - todu , -- A J v P t t i b f m o n l KANSAS GIRL MAKES OS?ERA DEBUT It Lookim for Barpnlns 1 .so, read in mho, n-iii,, i and Saturday eeta Noi. to bo outdone by Missouri, which has its Marian Talley, Kans is ia loud in its praises of Miss Kathleen Karsting, youthful Wichi a song bird, who made her dpbut with the Chicago Civic Opera company, recently. She is above with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hen -y Korsting, after nor debut aa Marcollina in "fr'ideUo." BROTHERS! Yet each iho o liter's on em y! U n u u (rU'Ul hiars 111 A C i i i it Picture! Remember Hkelly u "The Dance of UCe," Chest ^r MorrLs in "Alibi" and Wvpl n R r e n (. in "fnteriercnoi ." Hero's one you'll newer t r-~ gft! Also Our Gang All-Talking Comedy, Colr v *one Revue and Sound News AH-Talking Action-Melodrama HAS. SKELI.V BVtYN BHGMT 111 'm [¥j fa] |aj [¥1 It Pays to Modernize Your Plumbing Electricity In the Modern Kite There seemf no limit to the number of .labor saving machines whioh invade the home and transform housekoeplng 1'roni a IICVPC ending occupation 1o a part time arid plrasanl lu.sK ('un)o lo onr display icorn and lot us tell you of this latest oF tonvonioix-ps, (ho oloc- iric dishwashci "l-'KO-M vn«T*, IT'S i:»5 Sdiidi Hti-eoi. f!TF Ll JL Us FIion ove story as " -hrilling as "Lilac Time." Told with a back- ,;rouncl of music, irth, spectacle color. Hear Colleen Moore sing "If T Can't Have You," "Pilly Pom Pom P3ee" and "You Can't, Believe My Eyes." You won't be able to forget them. You'll be shinned by her marvelous acting--charmed by the golden tones of her 'lovely voice. And when you see the | spectacular color sequences and i With ^in^T^^S I RAYMOND HACKETT SftSSSt 0 ' m0d0rn S ' ;reen i FREDERICK MARCH 7 Z W !»· * * W rf^, « , *+4^+**v**^++++*+++*^^ Virginis JjGo C-'Oi'Din Vitaphone Act--Born and Lawrence in "PIG SKIN TROUBLES" Thurs., Fri., Sat.--Last Chapter, "ACE OF SCOTLAND YARDS" *^ Admission--Matinee lOc and 35c--Nights 15c and 50c Mon., Tues., Wed.^Richard Barthelmess in 'YOUNG NOWHERES' [ay f«j [aj fiil m\m M · n · · · ·MB DOMINANT SET PATEONIZE THOSE WHO jU)VS.STi3El R A D I O A New Pe;dk In Radio Perfortnons A P E X CKKE NEW Starts Saturday See Full Page Ad in Tom o rro w's Paper FniJ- re J/RXE8 Phone W. Crawford Avenue, CouncilsvsHe, Pa. Patronize Those Who Advertise servers If you are afi nU ut bieakinij your -very Ihiost china nni ·whllo wAsiilUK, trj folding a tuilclfh towel'and nutting: It m t!:e bottom ot tile cJIM jjan or sink. iff tor Bargains Read Iho n d \ o r U icmeuta in Th«, Dallj Courior ies CEMENT HAND GRAVEL FLASTE LDIli, ETC. We curry a complete line of high grade building material at all times and boat market prices. BIcCoralelt Aienuc, ConnoUsiIIc, Pa. I'hono 1700. Try Our Want Ada.

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