The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1918
Page 2
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TH'Bi rjAUuY- COURIER,- CONNELESVUiLBj PA. MONDAY, AFBJLLi 5, isxo. The. supplies for tie^Woman's Liberty Loanydrlye .hartm:. lalJed~lto^arr: rtre, Mrs. "S. R; ' Goldsmith, chairman at the Woman's Library committee of · the Council of National Defense, is. as yet unable to announce any definite - plan* a«- to- how "-tie campaign will b« conducted. The Liberty 'Loan. head- qniher» ; £-'room No. 413 li tie Title ft Triut buildini opened this after- non and will continue to be opened throughout the ca'nrpaign from 2 to 5 and from 7:to Sj..Tn'£ : wltb. Mrs. Gold- JT.srjilth. in 'cliSrgcC.'CH'-' " '. .- "-Saturdiy'aftemotra Jlrs. Goldsmith attended ,,'aii ''enthusiastic .luncheon, givin. atTBe TortTKOC-hotel, Pittsburg, at the -opening ot thV.woin;in's drive in Allegheny county,- It is estimated thai- about 15,008"- "women ·; -attended.. '.Mnr Antoinette °Fnnk of.Chlcogo, suffrage wo?ker;;and : p^tripjt,., who has been ",»tga»ttyjec;ojmlre*:Jby;.the government '. 'D'ttanier·.oF^Jtia-:. -executive ability, gave'. aji.';.:excelleht address, dwelling al'Ie'nthVppntine particular duty" of" the'^A'mericari people to support the Liberty Xoan."~Mrs.' Goldsmith ; '- uk's-thfr hearty coroperatidii of every · -patriotic- .woman--!!! -"· ConDeUs-vHie" in ; Making^ the -Woman's LEbertr -Loan ..,!.6/rlye_here^_a-jguoeess. Every -Liberty ; Bond sold will help win' the war. The Monthly meeting of th'e board . of trustees'of the First Baptist church '._ will be" held Tuesdajr evening in the · church. \^ . (Mrs. WUbiir Nelson's clz-is ol the ..First Baptist Sunday school will meet ; Thursday night at 7.3p o'clock at the in'Will's' ro»d.- " · - " - - · -~ ': " The weekly meeting of tie Business ; 'Women's Christian association will be hoUt Thursday night in Odil Fellows' hall.' . The Woman's Foreign Missionary ' Society; of the · Cochrmn Memorial Methodist church at Tiawson will meet · Thundajr-*riaixf. at; 8 o'clock in the ,. church..- v 7 _-···-· .; '.. · .c' The community prayer .service of the Da,w*on-chHTch«i will be" lie!d W«dntwiay eventag' at 7.30 o' I the church. The regular meeting of the Ladies' Circle No. 100 to the William F. Kurtz Post No. .IM Grand Army at th« Republic, -will be held Thursday afternoon in Odd Felknra' halt.-' ' ·." /The G._I. A. Unit to the Charleston Comfort* Branch of the Navy League will meel Thursday evening at the homr of Mrs. John .Lajtou in Intton avenue. Wash- Th» Grand International '- auxiliary · to"the Brotherhood ,of~Locbiaotive Engineers will meet Wednesday- afternoon In, Odd Fellows hail. ' The T. J. Hooper-BtBe class of the First Pre»bjter;|a]i,jdiurch will meet toni^U'in .th.e:radteB'..^arl6r_- of · the* churelt The committee inTcharge is comii6»»d'at.:3Jl»- W.:N." Leche. Mrs. Aline ^Jklmioh;: MM. ; W; O).: licGin- nia, MriL Cljid* Hui« r Mnk " ·; . In Markell hs.ll. ... ' The Christian Endaavpr society oC .: tbe MetlK/uist Protestant ciiurch Trill' ,: · me«t Friday -evening- at the -home of Jtev. and Mrs. J. H. LamterUon In ' -EM*..Apple street. . ... ····;· ", The Business Women's Christian -. AMociation tonight at the '· B»d Cross rooms to : sew for'the'sol- .'- dieri,--.All business women are- ur- ·'· *enUy-rep.ue»tedjto attend these-sew- · · · linga wbiciT- are held on each -Monday '· i«ht ' " ;; :. Otraccouof-of the mission, :; MwuHTConducted'lH' the : Immaculate " '. Conception.churcJi, the · election' of " :offlc*t*.ot:thea,. C. JB.-A.' has been jCBtpaftecl M. to Wednesday evening, '; ; The Daufhters of Istcbelln will meet ·': .tomorrow night in the Parochial .; school auditorium. :;.'·' Tb« Knit and Win unit td the Char:; :lwton Comforts ;branch:ot. the Navy. '·'· Leatue will meet tonight at. the home ". of Miu Lynne Kincell in South Eighth '- iitrett, Gr»«nwood. 'All: tn liters who : - are'iot mcnibera ifeiUo inTlted. . . ..... JRrf-Cross, ; Entertainment. . ·- : entert»k»^-4fie 'IXII -clnb Thursday.' ~ CJaf "entertainment, .nnder ' ..the: au" ' ' - will entertain; -urday reVening, April. 20. -.T'.'i'V the Crt'.Wrls'^chi.b-Friday'i'ight-'-'- "·'*"£::.." ' L ' : " ; """' ' "^--Tmmderbnt -Class Meets. . . ^ tain the Silver Thimhle club.Wednes-. dpy afterndbnl at her homo K "in yiDe. »(6f«iit:::".'.'."r···:.,.. -;.v · · ; . · . . · . - · . · · ' · · ' · ; ' '· The Mission band of the Christian church will-iive an. entertainment - F?tda.v'-'nigEr"in the thurch: Tor, 2he benefit of miision-"wo»k conducted In Tokio, Japan^~by "iRev7 W.'D. 1 'Cun4" ningham. PERSONAL. . . The condition of Mrs. T. Scott Dunn who has been ill at her home in Eighth street, Greenwood, is very Children XUSHKOOK TTFE ATTEABS ^~ T DtTHE; SPKIHCi The_. mushroom- tyje_of hat, that .. hats, .the coolie boatmen'-of the Chinese, rivers wear, is back again in style. This smart · hat is fashioned of flame- colored straw.. Toe brtm'is set low in fronV aid-tilted -high; on' the crown in the.l-ack.; ..... .-.-- --".'·..:.·..· · critical.' Her daughter, Mrs.. Jesse* Arnold of Philadelphia, arrived Saturday night. . . .-.For. the be*t and cheapest repairs w that roof,-conductor or spouting, see F. T. Evans Estate.--Adr. · The best place to shop after all. Browneil Shoe Co.--Adv. ' . Our point stock is complete. We have paint for every purpose. Come to our special demonstration /this week on art'grairiing and bring troiir paint troubles with youi Anderson- Lpucks Hardware Co.--Ady-8-2t. "Mr. and-Mrs; John Falls aBd son, Mr. and Mrs.; 1 Paul Hicke; and dangh- *r of Wllllamsburg are visiting G..R. Carothers of Sycamore, street. ;.·_;.' If Uncle Sam is "not.furnishing you with that new spring suit you had better let me make you one. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. '- Mrs. J. G. Percy is spending the day in Pittsburg. Have just received- smother shipment of tan low cuts, together with a lot of womens gray and brown boots. Thes« are the bi|r sellers. Try and get in before they are all gone again. Downs' Shoe Store.--Adrr-8-4ti Mrs. J ; .J. Draper, of South-Arch street went to Duquesne today.' " · Now is the time .to clean up and paint up, when you paint us* Law.- rence*s, the best paint on the market Andargon-LoudBj have it.--Adv-8-2t. ...Mrs. S. C. Truby 'and daughter. Miss Alice Truby, of Clearfleld, Pa., were week-end guests of Mrs. Aline Atkinson'of W«st Apple street. SCHOOL FLAG -'TJbatyrHM'-, Former" .Students oon; April-5, /a- ser-, the' East GEORGE W.M'CARTNEY VETERAN CLAIMED BY DEATH E»4 Came Unexpectedly TU» MonOng at His Fairriew Avenne Home; Had JIany Experiences. George" Washington McCartney, 69 years old, a widely known retired Baltimore Ohio railroad engineer, died tliis morning at 6.30 o'clock at his home 210 East Fairview avenue. Although Mr. McCartney had been failing in : health' for the past two years hla death was unexpected. He was out in the yard of his home on Saturday afternoon 'and apparently was in.his usual health'.up until yesterday afternoon when .hls^condition became cHticall A year ago this winter "Mr. 'McCartney, accompanied by Jlrs. McCartney, spent the-winter in Pineland,-Fia., deriving much benefit from the trip. · Notice of funeral later. Mr. McCartney was bprn in Pittsburg, February 23, 1840; a son ol the late Mr. and Mrs. William McCartney. A Dart of his early life was spent in Pittsburg.- In 18.72 he came to Con- nellsviHe, where he had since "resided. Mr. McCartney was in the service of the'Baltimore Ohio railroad.for about'35 years.- He entered as a flre- man-'and was later promoted to an engineer, having passenger runs for a number of years. He ran the-first train ouf'of ConnellsvtHe over the Fairmont branch and for many years on passenger trains Kos. 50 and 51, running from Connellsville to Fairmont. Mr. McCartney was injured in several railroaci wrecks" and at'one time had a .miraculous escape from death when his engine went over a 160-foot embankment at the Pinkerton tunnel at Ursina. The' fireman was killed and Mr. McCartney was confined to his home for several weeks. He retired from the service about six years ago and was placed'on the company's pension list. Deceased was a. life member"of the Duquesne lodge of Ma-. [sons'and.also'-a member ot the Brotherhood of Locomotive · Engineers. home-~ta-:-Ea*t~-GreeniWefi£oi;tKS Vand'erbilt braichlof the Thirty-eight years ago he married " "time appropriate " exercises were held. ' On the flag are. 20 stars, in honor of the boy's who at-one time »ere-members of the school, but .have entered the service and are now in France or some cantonment. The boys are: Allen Edwards, 'Jesse Harfcaugh, Jesse Pratt, some- .where ia France; George Jolliffe, Ray Johns, Herman Arisen, Wilbur Stoner, Ira Riser, Emery Pratt,- Harry Kess- l^r.' William Jacobs, Clarence Durbin, William.; JBrown, Harry. Glllespie, James Gillesple, Emmett 'Addis, Walter McCune, Dave Carothers, Roy Ler- ergood and-Lewis Colbert,' who are at Hancock-and Camp Lee.. Prof. A., M. Snyder has received a letter from the captain of Company I, 3lkh Infantry-at Camp Lee, Peters- ibnxg, "Va., thanking-the pnpils and teachers of the Bast Liberty school for. die ambulance robe 'which- -wae sent;,U Company. L .. . _ . H»T« full Enrollment Two more rooms in the grade schools have reported 100 per cent .the.. Junior. Red Cross. They' are ' No'. 6 : in' 'the South Side school, taught by .Miss Belle :Bowden, and No. .6. in "the. Third ward school, taught.'by Miss-afaVgaret Wood. a; o Week ·J Announcin craft Wee Home- Aprils to 13 O D D ·'In order to keep up with.the National Home Week movement we are putting on sale today goods we carry pertaining to one's home. Home Craft Week has always been a big week with the E. Dunn Store, owing to the fact that we carry a large line of draperies, curtains, carpets, rugs and homefurnishings. Curtain Specials 50,pairs good quality Scrim Curtains $1.25 50 pairs good quality Scrim Curtains $1.50 25 'pairs good quality Scrim Burtains $1.75 50 pairs good quality.Lace Curtains 81.50 75 pairs good quality Lace Curtains -- $1.75 20 pairs goo dquality Lace Curtains -- $2.00 20 pairs gdod quality Lace Curtains -- $2.50 Other Lace Curtains range from' $3 to $8.00 Rugs Our Rug stock is complete in. every detail and is ready for your inspection. We have about 50 9x12 Rugs at last year's .prices and they are worth 30 per cent more today, but we are still selling th«m at the old prices. . ' . Rugs are very scarce today and if you intend to buy a Rug you had better buy it in the near future. Draperies and Cretonnes ' Onr draperies range in price from 50c to $1.50, and can be found in all the leading shades and materials and are all greaA- values. Our Cretonues rang in price from 25e to 75c.and can be found in handsome patterns and shades. They are all good values. Draperies always help to improve ones home and add a touch of daintiness to-the interior decoration of ones home. Scrims and Laces Our Scrims by the yard range in price from ISc to 75c per yard and can be used for making beautiful Curtains. Our all over lace' by v.he yard can -be used to the same good advantage as scrim. These two articles nil the unfilled want o*?. the people who. like to make their Curtains. own- Window Blinds See our Special Blinds at 50c, 60c, 75c to $2.00 depending on the size. ek THIS ITOESE AU3SA1D)' Home Craft Week April 8th to 13th BIT! PATTEMWI a - - - - ~ t~^-~HEL~::~r-~~ : ' r ^^ Ella' Graft, a. daughter of the byCeriari church at ' ; that place.'.dh Sat- lat'?- Samuel 'and Mary Graft, of Con- __,.._. ._. .__. . _ _ _ _ ,, --of 'the Presbyterian. Sunday; school','':yander- bilt, entertained'.'this evening ncllsville. To the union four children ORGANIZATION ' FOR PREVENTION LAUNCHED HERE Continued .from Paie One. vious to the session part of them joined in an automobile parade over the town. The committee is thankful for this aid on the part . of ths cars loaned. Following a brief business session at which matters of minor interest were disposed of President W. E. DeBolt relinquished the chair 1o Mayor John Duggan who presided the remainder oV the evening^ Mr. Duggan introduced Attorney S. R. Goldsmith ai; the first speaker of the evening. · Recalling'words in an address he delivered" at the Moose flag raising last summer that, the 'United States never yet tackled a job too big, for It Mr. Goldsmith said he still believed it and called upon the firemen to support the country's cause to ttu last ditch. J: W. Morgan, ' representative of Governor Brumbaugh and the State fire marshal,, spoke briefly ' oil 'the need of fire prevention to cut down Iho normal losses by flre and the abnormal due to pro-German incendiar- ism. Firemen have .always been first to .respond when the nation, became Involved In war, he said. . He recalled the Revolution, when the Civil war and lastly the Spanish war. There is a general movement on now at the instance of the state fire marshal's office, he said, to bring about a reduction in last year's 23,i00,000 loss in the state. Communications have been sent to the 2530 districts, including 965 borough and cities, in the state and replies are being received from a.large percentage of them, he said. In his closing words .Mr, Morgan called on the firemen to do all in their power to make Pennsylvania "fireproof a'nd clean." After Mr.. Morgan, Mr. Pryce pro-, sented an outline of what the fire prer vention /organization contemplates.: During the 'discussion of th'e proposal Secretary W. H. Sharah was'intro- duced by Mayor Dnggan and made an impassioned speech. Lunch was served following the convention. '· · ' were-born, .three surviving as- fol- j 'Thirty-seven towns were reprelows: Mrs. Edwin Sellers and Mrs. J. i sented, it being the same as at the Howard Henderson ...of Connellsville, i first meeting of the Westers Penn- and Harold G. McCartney, who is in tile aviation Houston, Tex. ney of East Liberty. at the'tonuroi "Miss" Georgia McBur- In -«IliQTM to bis widow and children · -- -- iMiv McCartney '.is .survived,;by .one brother, WSHiam'McCartney of Omaha, Neb., and one grandson, Billie Henderson. Previous to entering the em- road 3fr. McCartney ran oh the Panhandle, railroad.- · -- ^ " ' Hobliiris Improves." - The condition- of -Lewis SJRobbrris, nia*.at his home .in . ; South Eighth street, Greenwood, is improved today. Xlss Cocliran 111; · .Miss Ada Cochran, teacher of Grade 3 in the West Side schools, is -on duty on. account of illness. Miss Myra Conway !s.substituting.for .her. It You Are llnntlBK Bargalni Read the adyertiseing columns of The Daily Courier. You"wiU;find.them. - OFFICERS ELECTED. Trinitr Reformed Snnday School Chooses Officials. :.:OfBceTs- EOT.Trinity Reformed Sunday School, were elected yesterday-as follows: 'Superintendent, C. A. Piir- baugh;.'. assistant,; Solomon Lepley; secreta'iv; Thomas vMenefee; assist-' ant. Miss .Mary Zeirfoss; treasurer, -Eugene":'."W"4gnerT"jlibrarians, -'Milfred Paline'r, .P.orcival .-Wagner. .aiJd : Winiam sylvania Firemen's association. NEW DOG LAW IS NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD , BY MANY PERSONS Continued from Pasrp One. son, or when engaged tn lawful bunt- lag, accompanied by tbe 'owner or handler." If licensed dogs are found beyond the premises of the owner, and unaccompanied by the owner or keeper, "it shall be the duty of every police officer to seize and detain such dog or dogs," and notify the owner. If the costs of detention are not paid within 10 days the officer detaining the dog may sell it or destroy it "m'sorae hu- nrnne manner." It is the duty of every police officer to kill every dog found running at large without a license tag. Failure to perform this duiy subjects, the officer to a fine.of $2.00 for each offense Under an interpretation of the law by the attorney general of tbe state no persons, except those named in the act, are-authorised to kin dogs or to collect tbe fee of $1.00 which the law prescribes .ahall be paid. It would, thus appear that the employment of civilians for this purpose is contrary to the intent and meaning of the law. Any person who sees a dog, whether licensed,nr not, in tho act of pursuing, worrying or. wounding any livestock or attacking liuman beings, may kill them, and without liability for damage to tbe owner of the dog. According to the interpretations of the law these are the only instances in which any person, other than a police officer or high constable can lawfully kill a dog, licensed or unlicensed. TO ALL STOMACH SUFFERERS Takes Over Yongh Itestannmt. . Mrs. C. J. Armstrong, formerly proprietress of tie Railroad restaurant on water street, today took over the Tough House restaurant, of which she will have complete charge. The .Water street .house' has been closed. The Yough.House restaurant had been run. by S. M. Goodman. Ho Arrests Over Sight, No arrests were made by the police over night I use this means to reach all those who have been suffering with stomach trouble; I have been cured and I want to give you the benefit o£ my experience; I suffered with stomach troubles for seven years; during that time I doctored with some o£ the best stomach spoclalties, tried Christian Science, physical culture, a hundred odd family remedies, all the patent medicines I saw advertised to cure indigestion, and took everything anybody .would suggest, but with no relief. At last I found a euro; the first dose gave me instant relief; I could hardly .believe it would continue to | give ine relief, but it lias now been ! two years since I have been cured of j stomach trouble; ail my friends who j have used the- medicine have been ow of any oC your friends who suffering, write me, inclosing I Tike Safsm MRS. NORA WEAVER HUBBS. 'JMrs. Nora Weaver Hubbs, wife o£ Walter Hubbs, proprietor of the St. Charles hotel. South Brownsville, died yesterday afternoon at her home following a lingering illness. Funeral services .from the Hubbs home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock with interment in Redstone cemetery. Deceased was the daughter of Mr. 'and JCrs. John Weaver of Scottdale. She was born September 29, 1S79, and united in marriage to Mr. Hubis April 22, 3890. Jfrs. Hubbs is survived by i her husband, four children, Jesse, | Harry, Leona and Mildred Hubbs, her I parents, and one sister, Mrs. John j Murray of Scottdale. ; MRS. GRACE B. LORENTZ. ^ JfEYERSDALB, April 8. --Word was I so I can, honse worfc"w1thoutiany received here Saturday of the death i T2 cn 15 r ' . I ^vi 5 ^ any woman who is of .Mrs. Grace Burston Lorenlz which: ??H?~i w iS 1 /? ma ! e Doubles to occurred in Pittsburg. She was a __ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Liv-| therm"--"M^MAra^BorD, "iffiT 5th engood, former well known residents' St.. N". E., Canton, Ohio, of Meyersdale. Her mother died a; Sometimes there are serious Condi- number of years ago. She is surviv-i :J°, ns ?. here * hospital operation is the HOW MRS. BOYD ; AVOIDED AN OPERATION Canton, Ohio. -- "I suffered from a female trouble which caused me much suffering, and two doctors decided that I would have to go througH an operation before I could get well. ' ' My mother, who had been helped by LydiaE-Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, advised me to try it before submitting to an opera- , rentz of Pittsburg. I Pmkham's Vegetable Compound, after · doctors have said that an operation was necessary -- every woman who want! to avoid an operation should give it MBS. MARY DUIiANEY. Largely attended was die funeral of Mrs. Mary Dulauey held yesterday afternoon la ths .Methodist Episcopal church at Smithfield, Rev. Ralph Bell, f . -;-- "« «[.v-i«wwji DUUU1U £1V*2 I k K air tnal before sabmittine- to such a trying ordeal. If complications exist, write'to Lydia . , E-PrnkhamMedicine Co., Lynn, Mass., pastor of the Methodist . Episcopal i for advice. The result of many years churcc officiating. The. pallbearers' i ex P erie Pce is at your service. were C. B. Crow, CharJ«s Dunn, W. S. Leech, A. Howard, Curtis Show and R. S. Burchinal. GEORGE S. PASTOR10US. George S. Pastorious, 41 years old, died yesterday morning at his home at Thompson No. 2, where, he was yard boss for the .past two years. His widow and seven children survive. MRS. CLARK K. SPROAT. .Mrs. Clark K. Sproat, 26 years old, died Saturday morning at her home at Revere following an illness of pnuemonia. Funeral services were ·held this morning from the Cochran Memorial church at Pawson. Deceased is survived by her husband James Sproat and one child. Patronize tfooae who advertise. COUGHS WASTE ENERGY Careful physicians always point After Baby's Bafii 10,000 nurses will tell you thai nothing Keeps the km so free from soreness as Sykes Ccmfcri Powder Its ectraordinary healing and soothite power 19 noticeable on first application. ·, - TLV? .yS 0 ' /"^""^drua "tore. I he Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass. TRIPLE FUNERAL Deatli in Colored I'amily Today Third 8 Since Friday. Since Friday afternoon death -has three times entered tie · lamilyf af Joseph Betters, a well known colored resident of lllh street. West Side. MTiile the body of Mr. Betters, daughter-in-law, Mrs. George Betters, was awaiting burial, his son, Joseph Betters, 29 years old, died. Today at 10 o'clock the end came to the father.' Triple funeral sen-ices will be held tomorrow at 2:30 at the A. M. E. cojored church in the West Side, with t in Hill Grove cemetery. and stamped envelope and I will tell you i resistive powers. The reason how to get this 'medicine; this is no | patent medicine advertisement, b u t j is the only way I can reach those who ! want to be relieved of the' terrible i stomach misery. P. D., 325 N. Craig I St, Pittsburg, Penna.-- Adv. ( CCQTT" ./EMULSION, G R O U P · Spasraodic'/eronp ,J» iuiuilly rdwrcd with application of-- ,I)rai't(tps Heard From. Word has been received from Lewis ( Marotti, who with Edward Strickler. j and W. A. Reed, drove from Vander] oilt to Camp Lee, leaving Wednesday I morning at 7 o'clock. They arrived, i m Washington, D. C., on Wednesday I afternoon at 5 o'clock, a distance of : 225. miles, making an. average of 32% JInlac Out Again. : j s always Tsest for coughs is that! mi i os an hour. They made J9 miles Robert Mulac oE the West Side, a it peculiarly soothes the tender' 0 " a sall °' 1 of sasollne,- and arrived .,, .,,..-,,. .-,, ,,,,,,, ·,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. ,,., . meintealjts wMe it j rich 1 at C^P Lee at 4 P. M. on Thursday. · creamy food rebuilds the tissues to avert, bronchitis and lung trouble. No alcohol--just food. j mail carrier is back on his route 1 day after being confined to his home for. a- week witfaii attack' of-grip. : V ' ::; ; :'',ls Sieripusiy'fflL '..:' ., ,: ; ';.; Wed in Cnmlierland. , Rciert Roy Fresh and Rosa Ivcia'el of Jieyersdale.-ivere granted a license to wed' Buy a Liberty Bond Saturday.

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