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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 26, 1964
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Afte The Civil Service Maft side coherence tuiMi telegram Ha Pita Minister Peersm ask-' lbr '.jMeUng to ductus Croup"! pay increases, which nt Man associations consider tiedequat. irevor bough, a member at 'RATES ARE FAIR' Taeeday 7MU MIT I!a,m BMtT i Tha gaping attendance Mar but, veer shrank a (am! Ottawa Ex weathered a. tfnav iwa and driving 4S niw aalhasv wmds Tuesday aight , kHmr thraa davs. the Ex was 1I.M paid admlashjea ahead of Itcra pee. But Tuesday s tare-put ef K.4IT slashed that gam ta a. snare , at dav mark. ' t CCEA officials remain eea-fident this year' attaadaiica wttt eat aa ail-time record If the, weather For a aeeoad day. CCEA iuiidingt . were Jammed with customers seeking shelter from the T p at. downpour. TuMrfav was called Ladles' fi. mt tha Ex. And six of lent cheouaa for SNI claimed by women match I a I umbers ttven them aa they en tered Lanadowne with those posted m buildings around the ark. Winners ware Cartya Van Mesa. 17 Sterling Avenue; Mrs. Jean St Amour. D1S Heron toad: Mrs. Patricia Smith. mi ' MalUaod Avenue; Mrs. Ales Lesaia. M Hlfwood Drive; I Mrs. lVa Duff, tt Rosabella Avenue, and Mrs. Eva Canuei N Victoria Street, HulL ' Boy Scouts reported "a.alte fa grandmothers" (est among SM persons oa Ladies' pay. Over four days. l.M have . wandered as the scout taat last ', Bee stings continue as St John Ambulance reported treat ing mere than 7e varloa complaints Tuesday. ",? ' th negotiating, committee, said ha hoped the meeting would be within tha next weak. Tha announcement was made after a meeting of tha committee and tha fenaral negotiating asMmbly of the Maft (Ida conference Tuesday afternoon. Earlier la tha day there had ith r on CS Case Confirmed by Cabinet, tha Treasury Board decision on the Civil Service pay latere ait Hands. . There' will ba no further review of protests and complaints that the overage 1.4 per cent boost was "unrealistic"- and (imply ."Just not enough" passible ehaaea aaw el a a y These point were made clear hi statement to tha Commons yesterday by Treasury Beard PraaMaat Mcllrailh, and aader-llnad later hi interviews outside tha Housew . . . . . t - pin Ago Slashes in ! -i-.V 5 dTQlHl WHl " :- I Crowd Gain r jo 6.400 r-vi -l;- ATTENDANCE ; -.i'.,.,:.m ...... iHt JtMajr. With his statement, ha Indi cated, tha case, and the con troversy, are now closed. As prom lead by Prima Min ister Pearson, he related, there had been reconsideration of the' salary increase which provides ts.eos Croup "B" employees clerks, stenos. typists and office administrative personnel. Jt.M of them In the- National Capital with an additional III. MM, DM annually: $ we have reviewed t," re lated Mr. McTlraith. "with par ticular" attention to Grades One and Two.' SATISFIED ' v, We' are satisfied that the rates are fair and equitable and place the Government's salary levels on a basis comparing favorably with other. ear- pteyers."-' . At this point be disclosed that the adequacy of, the increase had been confirmed by the Civil Service Commission's Pay Research Bureaa's find ings an comparability ef rates m Government and private en terprise. . - f .. .-. it Salary levels were batter" in the Federal service to those paid provincial civil servant (a Saskatchewan, who have the power to bargain cot- leetlvetv. ,:'., J Further, be argued, while tne actual raise this time out to M per cent, over the nast two years Group B as a whole had been getting , semh annual , statutory; sacreasas of tM year up to their. e I a ts S3, i-S ' Tan te Page 4 McILKArni Pope - Deplores Arms Race m m w w . - - . CASTEL GANDOLTO, Italy OP) Pope Paul, m a peace) appeal recall! nf the tragedies of two world wars, urged nations today to avoid aa arms mo. The Roman Catholic pontiff said there was a return to the "illusory concept that peace can only ba based on the ter rifying power of extremely homicidal weapons, o -v t t, Speaking to . hi ' regular weekly general audience at his Summer residence just south of Rome. Pop Paul ' ixprisetJ concern at tha "acuta cSsegree- ment. already auined with blood and pregnant with men acing omens, existing , today between various countries.' MENINGITIS OUTBREAK FORT ORD, Calif. (APj Three new case of meningitis were reported at, Fort ' Ord Tuesday aa authorities tight ened restrictions In their fight against the disease. The latest case brought to T3 tha number of persons at this VS. army training poet stricken by men ingitis this year.:; . " The Changing Face ' " - ... :- ,' .: ; ' ' li Of Soviet Asia : i I : Tkt etrnmbliit mesrwe and lh vnxilti MtsUm mmn 0 tw ym ' . tkt eawg fact ft Stvitl Ai. H ' ' " ' ,'(u- i" Jthm Bt$t, OffasM, CtnUiom Prtu car-i rttptJtnt in Mtttw, limit war m trip It Vtbthittan Ithst -mmdtr tkt mtight mnti-rtUtitmt itvtrnmtnt prmfmfnd, ItUm it a dteliming forct in tkt Uni ) Ttritmt. V. ' fit . ;. , t And milk tkt fmancipatimn wtmtn, tktf mrt i phyint mthr rf in tkt industrial and agricultural , itvtlapmtnt wkmt it larflf dtttrt land. " ' ' - Bttt rtfrrtt an what kt,a and ktari durint kit fear tn i ttritt articltt. , Tkt Ihrtt apptart an fait 7 tad.,. : jajxi-jarii ' -inn nnfj"srsjrxnri j t: been hopes of something "better than a rebuff by Privy Council President Mcllraith m ! h e Commons. . ...... f ' ....... What little optimism there had been among staff associations was oases on earner statements by Mr. . Pearson concerning a review of the salary revision. Tuesday morning the confer coca acting chairman, .Frank Staadring. had sent oft a telegram to the Prime Minister erecting , the decision to review and looking forward to "tne ac centanca by your government of the salary rates proposed by the staff side conference which were based (on a detailed analysis ofthepayrtsearch bureaa comparative data and which we consider to be the minimum acceptable in creases." U V f; Jt Such hopes were dashed by Mr, Mcllraith's statement m the afternoon that the ' Increases were considered fair and equit able, and there would be no further reconsideration. If Mr. Pearson agrees to meet the staff side people, tbey will put forward .their proposals, as II as registering . their dis satisfaction at the way the re visions were made. The conference could net make a detailed criticism of the Privy Council president's, state ment in the Commons because It bad not seen a verbatim re port. .? One officer, -Trevor G e u g h. remarked he bad hoped, "am what naively," that Mr. Pear son would make the statement, Right now,, all the lassoeia X can do is bona. . ) - But indications ar that Mr. Pearson) wfH stand firm and that ae changes wiq be made. ston Man Gets Remand $ . : V. ' :". KINGSTON CP) - Michael O'Reilly. 24, central figure in controversy over alleged nolle brutality, was remanded Tuesday until Sept. S for sentence after pleading guilty . to three criminal charge, v His arrest oa Aug. I on the charges, dangerous driving. carrying a concealed weapon nd : assaulting 78-year-old man was followed by charges! from citizen who said be had bee beaten by police during the arrest. ! Kingston Polio Commission is still investigating tha allega tions. John Snook. 78. told Magis trate: A. Y. Win that he had been In a amok shoo Aug. 1 when O'Reilly entered drunk and cursing. H uid O'Reilly left, but returned and grabbed him by the throat In tha Strug. gle, O'Reilly pulled knife Mr. Snook said he disarmed him. getting cut finger In doing SO. I rv- Mr. Snook said O'Reilly turned to the shop a third time and threatened to kill aim. ' Police old O'Reilly we arrested later the same night after a 60-mue-an-bour car chase through the city during which 0'Ri"y drove through eight stop sign. ,.-; Gleo Claws Cuba, Heads i For Florida MIAMI, Flei (AP) Furri- ean Ckw, responsible for at least M. deaths, pounded Cuba during die night and appeared to be beaded for Florida today. ( The storm, which kHIed at least 14 on Guadeloupe and an estimated) M bt Haiti abrupt swing to the norm Tues day, hitting the southwestern Cube it province of Ca maguey Winds diminished to TS miles an hour as th eye crossed over land but were expected to intensify a the hurricane hits the Florida Straits. .'' i. SENATOR'S WTTE DIES BERRYVILLE, Vs. (AP) Mrs, Harry F. Byrd, 77. wife of th Democratic U.S. senator from Virginia died of a heart attack at th family been near hm Tuesday. v V- - V - SUNNYj WARMER WTH YEAR 218 SEVEN CENTS OTTAWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1964 SuariM 117 EOT EOT SIXTY PAGES 741 X f t ' . ' ; - "TT mm m jfP I 'OTA '' JOURNAL JLJIJIJU Jl il.f-tt.VV Inadequate Hike' - CS Goes to PM Hill Rebuff Securities Director's Role Investigated Car Crash; Fishing Trip Ends in Tragedy For Gctineau Men MANIWAKI (Staff) A Northern Quebec fishing trip ended in tragedy Tuesday for a Gracefield businessman and his father-in-law. , The two men were Killed when their car collided with a tractor-trailer on a bush road1 near Ctova, IS miles north of here. Two young Gracefield children were injured In the crash. Deed are the driver, Rene Roy, 47, a Gracefield - service station operator and his father- in-law. Louis Bettard. . 7L of Cheniar, Que. Tttra to Page S TWO TUOMIOJA 'UNCHANGED' GENEVA (Reuters) The condition of the United Ns Uons Cyprus mediator, Sakarl Tuomioja of Finland, who has suffered a cerebral stroke, re mains "unchanged," Tuesday's medical bulletin said. l sa.sbr.rgog rfr - ti a, - -to tin ffimml Syspemidledl Dim Wnimdisi IProbe -.7 rul , ; ; -S f i ' - 'J 1 ? sasawawswjjsa-a-aanma ana s sw g-eaaanaisaaasaaBajaa , SEATS OF CONTENTION UNOCCUPIED , , SeeU assigned to Mississippi's delegation to the -Democratic national convention in Atlantic City were - unoccupied last night just before the start el the convention . second session. ; The t regular : all-white - ssie i " M gas. Two Die! In Negroes Stage Sit-in JACK BROOKS: I (Special at The Jeeraal) , - ATLANTIC CITY t Semilegal Negro delegates' staged a sit-in on the seats of the Mississippi delegation her Tuesday night. ""-?,.,.'' It was the first tirne to history black faces had appeared beneath the Mississippi banner. Masters at arms possibly acting - under.- fake . orders tried to move them but they sat fast just aa they had done m' segregaed lunch counters back home. ' PACK UP FOR HOME . ', Meanwhile th owners of the seats the all-white Mississippi delegation ware pack ing their bags to go home am abandon th convention. la a' staeateat the LUy Wake said: "Mississippi did awT leave th party; it. left But no matter who left' whom It illustrated once again that the South is abandoning its le- , But Isrg number of these samt delegste also felt that th ancient Injustice that have disgraced Mississippi could not b ended or mended by any action on th floor of this convention. Hence their willingness to accept s compromise grew a th rival delegation becam more sullen and bitter delagatioa from Mississippi walked out. ef the co- vention rather than accept a compromise in the fight ', I over -whether it or s competing Negro delegation ' should be seated. , , ' Mississippi Whites Boycott Convention , I, . yeer-old 'tradition of support tor the Democratic Party. r k has supported the Demo crats since Republican President Lincoln' (reed th slaves. Now and Republican Barry Goldwater M counting on ft K Is swinging the other wsy be cause of Democratic support of the QvU Rights Act. Governor Paul Johnson ef Mississippi declared publicly alter Tuesday' events here that be will not support bis w sake m November . presiden tial election. THIRD PARTY THREAT Governor George Wallace of Alabama who entered presiden tial primaries this Spring but later withdrew Is still threaten ing forming third party. Louisiana spokesmen in the delegation, here are talking of supporting , their - fellow , Dixie- crata. And, then are rumblings of revolt, in the other southern Mates, that are keeping tempor arily silent to avoid a party damaging floor fight. -, : . Taeaday sight's sbVia was staged by five members ef the cratie Party which bad challenged she frsdsatlsls ef the malar Mas party. . .The move followed a compromise by tha convention credential committee which satisfied nobody but was still a partial victory for the souther Negro. Th recognition given the Negro in the compromise was what b and his northern white MINOR SKIRMISH ON FRONTIER. OF FREEDOM 1 AWise ;. By MAX FREED MAN w tne wnmj i WASHINGTON Th Demo crat in Atlantic City accepted a : wis but unpleasant com promise in dealing with the two delegations from Missuvl ipo.i.' r : -. j Th emotion and th com victions of many delegates supported the predominately Negro delegation la their protest against their exclusion from th polities of Mtmuf in their quarrel. ilwpect svtn two years ago. ror ine convennotr aw tne great achievement of the Ctvil Right Bill being darkened by What , was M mora than a ---t-t,ft .r-aiai ..a., supporters bad fought for over the south; what three men died for ia bloody Neshoba County three month ago. NOT ENOUGH Yet at. the same time it was recognition that did not go far enough; did not give them full tality with the souther white. Twfls to Pag MISSISSIPPI Togliatti Successor 01 ROME : (Reuters) ' Lutgl Longo, 64, was today elected secretary-general of the Italian CommuniM Party, ' succeeding Palmira Togliatti. Togliatti died but week in Russia and was buried In Rome Tuesday night. , .' Longo, from Piedmont, northwest Italy, previously was deputy secretary of the party I largest to tne West or 18 years. Compromise on Mississidi Seats But Unpl;e'asant Move minor MtirmiMi on the frontier decision in tribute to th moral of freedom. ; " ' ' I fore contained In their nrotast a atum nappen m in mo against the regular delegation. tJonal struggls of this kind. .They war aware of th trait both sides raised their terras Impress ion they had mad on as ' tn controversy continued, the convention; and they Th . challenging delegation wanted to gala their maximum rejected th compromise even advantage. ; In th process though h gsv them much mora they mad ; even sympathetic than they would, ha v dared to delegate feel , that they , were being unreasonsbHi in their de- They refused to hav their minds and wer Indifferent to two leaders seated aa delegate- the welfare of Uie party,' . Yet the convention at-large wasWa rg. king this onprecedented Tura b page COMPROMISE TORONTO (CP) Attorney- -General A. A. Wlshart -announced' TuWsday the indefinite suspension of John H. Campbell, Ontario securities commission director of administration, for suspected dealings in shares of Windfall Oils and Mines Limited. Mr. Wtshart said in announcing the suspension thatMr. Campbell "may have been involved, directly or indirectly. In matters relating to trading in the shares of the company." He told a press conference that Mr. Campbell was "quite thoroughly involved" M the dealings which caused the Windfall shares te skyrocket to IS.7I from M cents early in July and then plunge to M cents later la the month on the Toronto Stock Exchange. ' ' When Mr. Campbell was appointed' I months' ago to tha newly created poet be was described as the chief watchdog of the . Ontario financial community. Hi duties included nulling Initial decisions on Invest-gallons of individual and companies In the securities business and directing the work of tha commission's staff of investiga tors. i ' i JtiL JOHN CAMPBELL ?u Th suspensioa is the first re sult of an tnvestigatioa ordered mt the company by th actor- aey general July 3a. shortly after the market price of th shares Ml. Mr. Wishart said th suspension would remain at effect until "this aspect of th investigation . has bea . com pleted.- .' Mr. Campbell said in aa in terview that his suspensioa was the only action th sSlocasy-gen-eral could have taken' under th circumstances, but added; diet be expects R to ba lifted once the tnvestigatioa ends. . Tura te Page 4 OFFICIAL t i jam '. ' McLarthy Withdraws If, ATLANTIC CITY 0P Sena tor Eugene McCarthy in effect pulM out of the Democratic vice-presidential contest today in favor f hi fellow Minne- sotan. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. 'i .'.- ' v. .. In a telegram to President Johnson, McCarthy did not specifically ay n was out of th race, but a did for your primeri tion" bis Senate coOeagua. He said Humohrev. noaar to'Ttlfn to fit th qualifications Johnson ha set up (or a deeir- aMe rummg mate..' i , Inside The Journal Below th Hill Billy Graham Bridge Classified Ads Comics tt l IB II Crossword ............ SB Editorials Financial t-!! Horoscop '..........'. Bt Kilgatlen II Sports .......... ... 21-37 Ten Me Way ...... ...... 14- TV, Radio 49.M Tb8tFt ' k efa'aeiwa, Your Health v... i

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